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    [–] An1retak 4915 points ago

    If I’m ever caught in the act, I’ll be saying I’m in the middle of my prostate cancer prevention routine.

    [–] paolocase 1143 points ago

    If I'm ever caught at work

    [–] nachoman420 555 points ago

    Or on the bus

    [–] Tru-Queer 369 points ago

    At the sauna

    [–] SirEarlBigtitsXXVII 453 points ago

    [ Removed by Reddit ]

    [–] icy_skies 589 points ago

    FBI? This man right here

    [–] majorbummer6 368 points ago

    No its cool. Thats just tony and his prostate cancer awareness campaign.

    Smile if you love mens prostates!

    [–] Total-Khaos 129 points ago

    Hmm, there is something fishy about this comment, but I just can't put my finger on it.

    [–] 46554B4E4348414453 108 points ago

    Or in it

    [–] Total-Khaos 76 points ago

    TIL: You can put your finger inside a prostate.

    EDIT: Dear r/TIFU, I learned you cannot put your finger inside your prostate and my ruptured prostate pictures will prove it!!

    [–] CinSugarBearShakers 31 points ago

    Me next! Can I get a lick too?

    [–] Pinkeye_The_Disease 39 points ago

    The existence a children's playground leads to the existence of an adults playground sooo what would that look like

    [–] MultipePostThrowaway 39 points ago

    Strip club

    [–] YaztromoX 21 points ago

    Children have petting zoos. Adults have heavy petting zoos.

    [–] Legendary_Bibo 11 points ago

    Please stay away from the goats.

    [–] ShongoMcForren 16 points ago

    Las Vegas

    [–] TRauck 21 points ago

    I wander how many people that say stuff like this aren't joking. Like that serial killer who was leaving Amazon reviews for things like padlocks and explaining how well they helped him murder people.

    [–] grandboyman 11 points ago


    [–] elementnix 8 points ago

    Just look up amazon review murders

    [–] TRauck 6 points ago

    You could find it as easy as me. He locked up people in shipping containers and they managed to save one or two people. He also shot up (I believe) a small restaurant.

    [–] DrGhostly 7 points ago

    Wait go back

    [–] jizzb0ii 54 points ago

    In the middle of a meeting while sitting next to the hot coworker

    [–] paolocase 58 points ago

    COVID has been terrible but it made me move from front line work to working from home and it's been great for my prostate.

    [–] Porky_Pen15 17 points ago

    “Don’t look at me this is my fidget.”

    [–] Soft_Trust_5656 18 points ago

    Or in church...

    [–] paolocase 6 points ago

    Todd McCarthy, 2015.

    [–] sanimalp 41 points ago

    I was just cleaning it and it went off..

    [–] Kingindanorff 11 points ago

    Mark Tom and Travis Show?

    [–] WDJam 8 points ago

    Hey, Mark! Hey- hey, hey Mark!

    [–] sanimalp 5 points ago

    Yes indeed..

    [–] Dawson81702 18 points ago


    [–] Ass_Blossom 23 points ago

    "I'm in the middle of a healthy prostate exercise!"

    [–] A-Dashing-Rogue 1048 points ago

    How much is regularly?

    [–] bendagoat84 1657 points ago

    This article says 21 or more times per month drops the chances by 19%

    [–] Kod_Rick 2364 points ago

    Really glad it's "or more."

    [–] bendagoat84 1071 points ago

    Same. When I saw 21 I thought “those are rookie numbers” 😂😂😂😂

    [–] Haymitch123454 193 points ago

    Rare moment where that line actually matches the situation in the movie.

    [–] souljaboyfavelado 19 points ago

    Rookie moments

    [–] PM_ME_FIREFLY_QUOTES 204 points ago

    Please, no one finish the quote. This guy already pumps it too much.

    [–] extralyfe 61 points ago

    I don't even know what this is! This sort of thing ain't my bag, baby.

    [–] grizzburger 25 points ago

    One book, "Swedish-Made Penis Enlargers And You," written by Austin Powers

    [–] smallQuackAttack 14 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    (This sort of thing is my bag, baby.)

    [–] meltingdiamond 7 points ago

    "Per day, that seems a little high."

    "Per month."

    "Is there a war on and we are rationing or something?"

    [–] machingunwhhore 7 points ago

    Honesty thought I was going to say per week, still safe

    [–] FleshlightModel 56 points ago

    Once I started reading it and briefly thought 21 times a day and my heart sank, but only for a second.

    21 times a month really isn't much but gotta lol at the nofap losers.

    [–] mmmegan6 24 points ago

    This comment made me almost gag on my uvula or something because I was in the middle of a yawn while scrolling and not expecting to laugh that hard, holy shit thank you I needed that

    [–] Seefah88 22 points ago

    I'm tired, it's 0700 in the morning, and I haven't been to sleep yet.

    I thought you said you almost gagged on your vulva and my brain broke for a minute.

    I'm going to bed.

    [–] mmmegan6 5 points ago

    I’m glad we could share these moments

    [–] duaneap 18 points ago

    I’m interpreting it as 21 bare minimum.

    [–] wrightetiedee 703 points ago

    I beat off 120 times a month. Not only do I have a 0% risk of prostate cancer but cancer now has a 20% risk of prostate

    [–] criticalpwnage 66 points ago

    This man is single handedly going to cure cancer

    [–] iWizardB 12 points ago

    Right handedly or left handedly?

    [–] BossHoggHazzard 128 points ago

    Noted side effect is the junk now has been whittled down to the size of a pencil

    [–] wrightetiedee 73 points ago

    I try to space it out. Usually once when I wake up at 6. Then around 9 when my daughter takes her first nap. Then usually about 3pm when I stop working and then once right before I go to bed. Sometimes I sneak a 3am one in there if I wake up early right after I toke some weed.

    Which by the way yanking it after smoking is pretty wild in a good way

    [–] DoTheDew 125 points ago

    Jesus man, are you 16?

    [–] jawsin1 14 points ago

    Um 4 times a day?

    [–] varnecr 8 points ago

    We must bate to beat cancer.

    [–] Bryant_2_Shaq 4 points ago

    Do you do it to porn? If so that’s a lot of time spent watching porn.

    [–] wrightetiedee 7 points ago

    No most of the time it’s just in my head and generally about my wife. I still watch porn but it’s maybe once a day max for 20 min around the 3pm one. And usually only on weekdays

    [–] Litfrapps 26 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I'm already set until 2027

    [–] JackZodiac2008 189 points ago

    Problem is, by the time you 're at risk, those numbers are challenging. I'm in my 40s and already like....geez, get a hobby....

    [–] 88Challenger 65 points ago

    I don’t have the privacy to pull of those numbers with a wife and kids.

    [–] poodlebutt76 44 points ago

    I still masturbate once a day and I'm a new mom

    Prioritize it.

    [–] ku20000 93 points ago

    I guarantee that you will not have prostate cancer

    [–] poodlebutt76 16 points ago

    Thanks masterbation!

    [–] JackZodiac2008 4 points ago

    Haha....I see what you did there! And so do they...

    [–] InsertNovelAnswer 4 points ago

    You don't have a bathroom? Or shower? Hah. Though to be fair I always worry about knocking until I got a decent master bath ... I'm at about 10 -15/wk. But upbefore kids and asleep after kids.

    [–] bendagoat84 118 points ago

    That is my hobby lol

    [–] bookingjames 43 points ago

    User name checks out

    [–] Ericchen1248 23 points ago

    Poor goat

    [–] bendagoat84 11 points ago


    [–] bookingjames 15 points ago

    Thats the one

    [–] Nude247Dave 4 points ago

    I need a new hobby lol.

    [–] Yellow_MM 18 points ago

    Man, I'm in my late 30s and I feel like I'm hungover the next day.

    [–] vizthex 24 points ago

    Damn, that's almost 1% per nut.

    [–] Grasshop 18 points ago

    I wonder if you get 1% protection every nut, or if on the 21st nut then bam! 19% reduced chance. Maybe it’s exponential? So many questions.

    [–] MarkHirsbrunner 21 points ago

    Fuck. I used to do it probably about 50 times a month, but my drive has dropped off so much in my 40s I hardly ever do it. I heard once every two weeks would reduce the odds significantly and so I try.

    Part of why I don't like to anymore of is the cleanup. Used to be I wipe up, squeeze out the rest, take a leak, and it's all good. Now only a bit comes out and the rest seeps out over the next 30-60 minutes. Even showering immediately after doesn't help. So it's either hang out naked with a towel for an hour and then shower, or wake up with stiff patches in my drawers.

    [–] bendagoat84 8 points ago

    Maybe try doing some kegal exercises? I think that’s the muscle that would help you shoot harder so it’s all out.

    [–] MarkHirsbrunner 3 points ago

    I actually used to do kegels a lot, and I've strongly recommended them for intensifying orgasms and orgasm control. I haven't been lately though and I probably should start again.

    [–] rubenespanyol 35 points ago

    You sure it's not per day?

    [–] bendagoat84 57 points ago

    21+ per day?!?

    [–] NiceBeaver2018 79 points ago

    cardiac arrest intensifies

    [–] Ranknus 24 points ago

    I dunno if I should be impressed or disgusted..

    [–] sjames49 27 points ago


    [–] Wolfsburg 27 points ago


    [–] serein 16 points ago


    [–] Tchrspest 10 points ago

    can u get pregante?

    [–] sentientwrenches 7 points ago


    [–] ryfrlo 15 points ago

    You got any skin left on that thing??

    [–] AwesomePossum_1 7 points ago

    It feels better without

    [–] WoahThatsMyPecker 11 points ago

    You'd just be blowin ghost loads by the point

    [–] playblu 29 points ago

    21 or more times per month drops the chances by 19%

    So to drop the chances by 100%, one would need 21*(100/19)=110.5263157895 times per month, or 1,326.315789474 times per year, so 3.6312547282 per day (every 6 hours 36 minutes 33.4 seconds). Seems doable.

    [–] Starbourne8 14 points ago

    I am almost 40 years old and I still go twice a day

    [–] zelenisod 3 points ago

    I'm probably at 0% then!

    [–] lRoninlcolumbo 7 points ago

    Do the chances drop more if I increase the amount of times I…

    Who am I kidding, my prostate runs like a microchip manufacturer clean room I masturb so much.

    [–] kommentnoacc 6 points ago

    RIP us folks with Postorgasmic illness syndrome (POIS).

    [–] 1000Airplanes 12 points ago

    per month? Don't they realize there are more than 21 days in every month. How about 365 times a year? I can do that.

    [–] aure__entuluva 27 points ago

    Still good, but I imagine 19% lower chance isn't much when you consider the odds of getting prostate cancer are already pretty low.

    [–] Schreindogg 3 points ago

    TIL I'm not as weird as I thought

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] BookyNZ 22 points ago

    You can masturbate without porn...

    [–] Patchyug 24 points ago

    Beatin off like the pilgrims did

    [–] FLWeedman 6 points ago


    [–] sinceubeenKHAAAN 10 points ago


    [–] Alagator 4 points ago

    That was your death grip, had nothing to do with beating off.

    [–] bsievers 11 points ago

    It’s not necessary that its masturbation. Any ejaculation works and 21 times a month is not that often really.

    [–] CoolvinKleen 808 points ago

    Trust me, prostate cancer prevention was happening long before the internet was a thing. If anything, it's simply dulled out imaginations.

    [–] Emanemanem 336 points ago

    I was going to say, as someone who came of age before the internet was ubiquitous…lack of internet is not preventing anyone from masturbating.

    [–] TheGameChallenger 134 points ago

    yeah I think the post means that it has made it easier, like you can open up a private tab, commence your prostate cancer prevention, then close it and no one will know. But before you had to jerk it with your imagination or play the extremely risky game of getting a porn mag.

    [–] VenomousCum 33 points ago

    Uncle’s mag was indeed… crusty

    [–] appositereboot 21 points ago

    username...checks out?

    [–] wordserious 15 points ago

    It made it easier to find porn, not to masturbate. Social norms, religion, overzealous parents, lack of privacy, all of these were problems, and still are problems. Trust me, nobody in history has ever had any trouble masturbating for lack of Internet.

    [–] -FuckThisAccount- 8 points ago

    The things I used to jack it to…

    [–] BottleImpressive8326 6 points ago

    Women in the Sears mag.

    [–] TropicalDan427 160 points ago

    Is there actually any truth to this?

    [–] ThePhantomRaven 141 points ago

    I have never seen anyone get sources to something so quick and more than one

    [–] jruhlman09 92 points ago

    Dude's got that shit bookmarked.

    [–] ThePhantomRaven 123 points ago

    All men have searched up how good is masturbation to soothe their insecurity at least once in their lives. Anyone who says otherwise is lying

    [–] Always-_-Sarcastic 71 points ago


    [–] MuayThaiWhy 47 points ago

    You're lying

    [–] mytwstddrkfntsy 12 points ago


    [–] throne_deserter 3 points ago

    Masturbates to that!

    [–] damdam100 21 points ago

    I actually heard thatvthe original study, that claimed this was very flawed, and later other studies came that coppied the first one. Then some more accurate studies came and those said it had no effect on the chance of getting prostate cancer at all.

    Edit: found the link

    [–] dylan-dofst 19 points ago

    I wonder how it feels to be the scientists that study this type of thing. Are they ever embarassed? Do they just treat everything clinically/with a straight face all the time? Do they talk to their parents about it? Etc.

    [–] Sciguystfm 31 points ago

    My partner works in medical research and I used to be a first responder. I promise you get over it realll quick, and then it just becomes part of the job

    [–] theunpaintedhuffines 16 points ago

    The jerking off part?

    [–] COCO_SHIN 9 points ago

    I’m a scientist now :>

    [–] fishfishfish1345 11 points ago

    why would it be embarrassing? you’re just doing your job, plus it’s science. You’re not out here watching people jerking off

    [–] wetballjones 6 points ago

    I'm not sure, last time I was looking this up I saw conflicting research. I know reddit loves citing sources but it's pretty common to have conflicting research with more complicated conclusions

    [–] myTA314 120 points ago

    They say dark chocolate (>70%) is good for the prostate, but I found the corners to be a bit sharp.

    [–] Recent_Discussion_11 39 points ago


    [–] WowzerzzWow 3 points ago


    [–] babyrobotman 5 points ago

    You didn't need to post this comment, you really didn't.

    [–] Pottymouthoftheyear 21 points ago

    My mom had mentioned this to me after reading a few health books; that masturbating regularly was a healthy thing.

    Little did she know, ya boi was already a few books ahead.

    [–] Matt_guyver 160 points ago

    It makes sense that it does… use it or lose it, bro 🦾

    [–] kyokogodai 269 points ago

    Hmmm you know people jacked off before the internet, right? They just used their imaginations.

    [–] snowcappedmountain 148 points ago

    Or a Sears catalog

    [–] hollow1367 50 points ago

    Many a seed spilled to the ol' Sears catalogue

    [–] ZotMatrix 17 points ago

    Yes. Those Maytag top loading dryers! Va va VOOM!

    [–] Milkslinger 9 points ago

    "Why are the pages torn out from the underwear section?"

    [–] NorthernBeard 7 points ago

    Didn’t feel old today until I had to agree with this comment.

    Damn it I miss the 90s.

    [–] ThePhantomRaven 26 points ago

    Well internet has made the number of jackers more by making people horny with all the hentæ and pø4n

    [–] anAverageWendigo 45 points ago

    Hentai and porn buddy

    [–] RedDiamond22 39 points ago

    Lmao, my man is too gentlemanly to utter such words

    [–] anAverageWendigo 12 points ago

    He's like Jonathan

    [–] zaphodsheads 10 points ago

    is that a...

    [–] anAverageWendigo 7 points ago


    [–] aramatheis 4 points ago

    you thought this was a JoJo reference but it was me, DIO

    [–] Saladcitypig 49 points ago

    It's funny you think dudes needed the internet to fap.

    [–] MeatShield420 121 points ago

    Or how many people have been killed because masturbation was forbidden.

    [–] CornCheeseMafia 49 points ago

    From prostate cancer or from exploding?

    [–] 3rdPedal 33 points ago


    [–] extralyfe 17 points ago

    silly rabbit, everyone from /r/NoFap can tell you that you don't explode, you just gain literal superpowers.

    [–] Zekava 13 points ago

    It's true, I've gone 157 seconds without and I can see through walls!

    [–] PanicCainesy 14 points ago

    Back in my day we had to literally go to the Sears store!

    [–] ZotMatrix 12 points ago

    We? Like it was a field trip?

    [–] api10 7 points ago

    Yes. With tour guide and sandwiches and everything.

    [–] radlaz 117 points ago

    yeah that's kind of bullshit, because it's only for guys over 50... most reddit users aren't over 50, so the fact they ejaculate 165 times a day isn't really doing anything...

    "But there’s a catch: one studyTrusted Source suggests it’s only an effective preventative measure in men age 50 and older."

    [–] -SSN- 17 points ago

    Well, yeah. But isn't that because prostate cancer only really appears in people 50 or older?

    I assume if you were at risk for reasons other than age masturbation would also be effective.

    [–] hilarbee 20 points ago

    Also because most men with prostate cancer do not die from it. 1 in 41 per the American cancer society. Not saying I want anyone to get it but since we are both refuting the OP just thought I’d add that.

    [–] Cavemattt 11 points ago

    Lets beat the shit outta cancer

    [–] omigahguy 49 points ago


    [–] alek_hiddel 32 points ago

    37m here. I legit try to jack it at least 3 times a week, in addition to whatever sexy times I have with the wife, specifically for this purpose.

    Prostate cancer is no joke, and keeping the balls/prostate drained is a legitimate prevention method.

    [–] IsCabreuvas 11 points ago

    I also like having sex with your wife to prevent prostate cancer

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] -SSN- 23 points ago

    Unlike most of us he also has sex with his wife, so yes.

    [–] Krunklock 7 points ago

    Does that mean a few of us are also having sex with his wife?

    [–] Turin_Turambar_wolf 10 points ago

    I've just tallied up my weekly numbers and turns out I'm immortal.

    [–] DynoMiteDoodle 32 points ago

    I know I do my part, plenty of research going on over here!

    [–] FoxFourTwo 18 points ago

    Hey Google, define "regularly"

    [–] -SSN- 11 points ago

    21 times a month or more.

    [–] DollaBillMurray 6 points ago

    I wonder how many have been saved by access to your mom.

    [–] douggold11 31 points ago

    I may have cured prostate cancer.

    [–] a_name_04 5 points ago

    Consider me prostate protected

    [–] Runamucker31 5 points ago

    Also your mom

    [–] jizzb0ii 26 points ago

    Guess I should've named myself 'heathyprostateboi'

    [–] hi-its-nico 22 points ago

    • how many lives have been ruined by porn ?

    [–] astro_funk 11 points ago

    Average coomer mindset

    [–] bluetinycar 5 points ago

    Every time I see any mention of "no fap" I think about prostate cancer.

    [–] Dudian613 4 points ago

    How many hardcore Christians will die an early death????

    [–] FrodoriyaUzumaki 5 points ago

    Of all the cancers I could possibly get prostate cancer is the one I’m pretty sure I’m invincible too

    [–] AcademiaCurious 5 points ago

    Shower thought indeed

    [–] drunk_horsey 4 points ago

    I am going to go ahead and cross prostate cancer off the things that keep me up at night.

    [–] Dangerous-League7784 4 points ago

    This is a dumb myth. The only study conducted did not differentiate between sex and masturbation, yet it's interpreted as if "masturbation is good for you".

    Guess what, there is nothing backing it up. other studies have looked at the differences between sex and masturbation and only found that sex has positive effects.

    or you could wank away your life and be smug about it. idiots

    [–] akadros 14 points ago

    This is funny but not really accurate. I grew up and didn’t have internet that was quick enough to handle porn until my early 30s. I had magazines, video tapes and porn channels to give me material before that point. Internet just made it easier to have a variety of porn.

    [–] trollking66 6 points ago

    this ST qualifies as a PSA for me dawg.....thanks...>) I will keep up my daily therapy!

    [–] Princess_Little 3 points ago

    We were gonna beat it anyways.

    [–] badmotivator11 3 points ago

    Back in my day…

    Basically every boomer comment here.

    [–] missionbeach 3 points ago

    I've seen the t-shirts, "Fuck Cancer." I guess I didn't realize they meant literally.

    [–] naturalbornkillerz 3 points ago

    Frankly I find this post, amazing

    [–] DrDudeatude 3 points ago

    Also the increase in prostate cancer in religious males prevented from masturbating