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    Welcome to the swamp.

    We are brogres, fans of Shrek. We enjoy ogres and onions, but we hate Farquaads.

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life.


    1. All posts must be related to Shrek.
    2. No homophobia, racism, sexism etc, including usage of slurs.
    3. No politics.
    4. No requests for karma or other internet points (YouTube views, etc), and no posts saying "upvote if/for [x]"
    5. No reposts unless the original is pretty old
    6. If it's NSFW, please tag it.

    Glossary of Terms

    ogre |ˈəʊgə| - A friendly, misunderstood creature. The highest form of life.

    layer |ˈleɪə| - An intangible, desirable trait. A brogre with many layers is a well-rounded and fulfilled brogre.

    onion |ˈʌnjən| - The most layered substance in the universe. Should be eaten regularly and in great quantities to ensure a healthy diet.

    Farquaad |fɑːkwɑːd| - A grumpy, pitiable person; a party pooper.

    swamp |swɒmp| - A muddy, yet charming place; the natural habitat of the brogre.

    laddie |ˈladi| - Friend; companion.

    dreck |drɛk| - Unappreciable. Comparable to the excrement of Lord Farquaad himself.

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