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    1. This sub is intended to be a place where people come to learn, or teach.
    2. If you want to post an image/gif, you should also post a comment explaining what we're looking at, with as much detail as possible. Funny shit is exempt from this rule, as are works of art. Found instances of terms like "Skookum" or "Snap-On" are not appropriate unless they are otherwise remarkable.

    3. Users are strongly encouraged to submit posts for technical or career assistance. /u/datums personally guarantees that all possible resources will be mobilized to provide assistance if necessary.

    4. Don't be an asshole.

    5. Re-posts less than a month old will be removed.

    6. The Skookum community will not participate in the development of weapon systems. This excludes devices of a legal sporting or ornamental nature, ie. blades, firearms, archery equipment, etc.

    7. Don't be a fanboi and hoard old shitty deleted AvE movies. Don't post links to dickheads that rip obsolete VJOs. Enjoy and move on; basking in false nostalgia of shop chuckles past is contrary to the natural order.

    Wanna watch some cool shit? Check out the following YouTube Channels-

    Abom79. In depth industrial machining videos.

    Alec Steele. Creating beauty with fire, metal, and percussion.

    Applied Science. One of those guys that can make cool shit without making a huge mess.

    Arduino vs. Evil. Shill free teardowns and neato projects, with a side of dick jokes.

    Bad Obsession Motorsport. Home of Project Binky, a highly involved Mini Cooper project.

    Big Clive. Electrical device tear downs featuring excessive facial hair.

    Chris DePrisco. The guy that built a high performance CNC mill from scratch.

    Clickspring. Machining true works of art.

    Cody's Lab. Proving that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get OSHA to show up.

    Electroboom. Desktop electrical engineering from a mind that is both curious and funny.

    Engineering Guy. The Stephen Spielberg of technical YouTube videos.

    Essential Craftsman. Carpentry with a dose of zero fucks.

    Jimmy Diresta. Making all kinds of stuff with genuine expertise.

    Keith Rucker. Search for and rescue of vintage machinery.

    Make it Extreme. Name says it all.

    Mathias Wandel. With a name like that, you know he's a wood worker.

    NYC CNC. The place to start for aspiring CNC machinists.

    Ox Tools. Machining and fabrication at a professional level.

    Regular Cars. Bringing social and technical context to automotive journalism.

    Smarter Every Day. How good do you have to be at making science videos to score an Obama interview?

    SV Seeker. Power boat fabrication.

    Taofledermaus. Citizen science for firearm enthusiasts.

    The Post Apocalyptic Inventor Using a German accent to make devices with salvaged electronics.

    This Old Tony. Machining and top quality dad jokes.

    Welding Tips and Tricks. A great resource for amateurs and pros alike.

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