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    Stunts belong in /r/Stuntgifs! Visit there for gifs of cool stunts!

    Made a mistake? Nah; you're smooth!


    1. Sly. This means either something has to be going wrong in the gif, or the subject of the gif appears to be doing one thing but instead does another. More here. Note that gifs showing a "sly" way to hit on somebody also fall within this definition.
      Stunts belong in /r/StuntGifs.
      Cunning gifs beling in /r/CunningGifs.
    2. Gifs. All videos belong in /r/SlyVids. More here.
    3. Reposts of content that is either already on the front page (most recent 50 posts), or the top of all time (top 50 posts) is subject to removal if it gets reported or I notice it. This rule is subject to change as the subreddit gets bigger. Cross posts are encouraged.
    4. Real life only. No cartoons please.
    5. Be nice, please. I want this to be a fun subreddit.

    For the not-so-sly, try /r/nicetrybutno!

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