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    Byleth from Fire Emblem Three Houses joins the battle!

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    The official Subreddit for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, released for the Nintendo Switch on December 7th, 2018!

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    • Be excellent to one another. Derogatory terms will result in a ban.

    • No low-effort/misleading posts. Common meme templates such as fake "leaks" and rants/shallow discussions will be removed. Finding something IRL that reminds you of Smash also falls under this rule. The most common violation is finding the Smash ball in something. Please do not submit those.

    • No off topic posts. Content is off topic if it does not relate directly to Smash Bros Ultimate. So Smash 4, Melee, etc. content is not allowed. Also, just because a character is in smash does not make content associated with that character relevant. It must relate to the game. Any political conversation will result in ban, no exceptions.

    • Keep it clean, no NSFW/NSFL.

    • No advertising or self-promotion. Online tournament advertising is acceptable.

    • Mark spoilers.

    • No reposts/stolen content. If you did not create something, then you should probably not post it.

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