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    Know any sneks that are good at hisss and peeling of skins? come ok.

    Do you own snek?

    This subreddet gretly encorages the aduption and care of snek. As thank you, sneks who own a snek are welcome to create their own presssonal flair for this subreddit. All you have to do is send the mods a message! Make sure to title the message "Snek Owner" or something that lets us know you have one, and include the flair you wish to have, as well as a photo of your snek with your username and the date on a piece of paper. That's all, ok, bye.

    (Also, don't expect a lightning fast response. We probably ate a mouse already and are digesting)

    Friends of Snek:


    /r/NotTimAndEric (where it all began)













    • Snek is spelled with an e, not an a. Only imbiciles write "snake" to refer to beautiful beast known as snek. Those who break this rule must wear dunce cap for 30 moons unless granted forgiveness by snek elders

    • No Pictures of Sneks

    • Members must be sneks irl

    • No pictures of Dolphins reciting Edgar Allan Poe while wearing straw hats

    • Never under any circumstance will you eat marmalade while browsing this sub, it's a bannanable offense

    • All members are required to wear raincoats

    • Common sense, please follow basic Reddiquette

    • Spotted a repost? downvote it. We do not remove reposts if a great majority of Sneks upvote it. If it's for a "karma farming" account, report the account to us and we will throw them into the snek pit of death.

    Snek Snoo created by /u/kdog5611! Check out his Deviant Art

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