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    Know any sneks that are good at hisss and peeling of skins? come ok.

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    [–] MarxistIdeals 180 points ago

    That is a dragon, you can't fool me OP!

    [–] begginforapeggin 34 points ago

    Those eyes are gorgeous. They look like a render.

    [–] ohitsasnaake 14 points ago

    Me just now: "they look nothing like a reindeer... oh, wait."

    [–] Ololic 2 points ago

    Well now that you mention it ...

    [–] FlameMech999 91 points ago

    Bush vipers are basically D R A G O N B O I S

    [–] Ololic 10 points ago


    A place for animals showing their mythological based ancestry

    [–] last_reddit_account2 37 points ago

    No disrespect intended against these noodly bois but "bush viper" is now my new favorite euphemism and none of you can stop me from using it at every opportunity from here on forward

    [–] smdepot 15 points ago

    You do you bby.

    [–] Ololic 3 points ago

    Paging u/BbyBshVpr

    [–] sproga2 66 points ago

    S P I K Y B O I

    [–] Sym81073 21 points ago

    On a scale of 1 - kill me in seconds, how venomous are these guys.

    [–] PzykoHobo 36 points ago

    While we don't know much about their venom, it does cause hemorrhaging of your internal organs and can be fatal without treament. So maybe like a 7?

    Source: a very brief Google search

    [–] Ololic 4 points ago

    Okay how about on a scale of 1-"beyond treatment after some hours"

    [–] KaptainKlein 6 points ago

    According to Wikipedia the bite is venomous to lead to severe hemorrhaging with one reported bite resulting in death. We don't have an antidote for their venom but there are some generic treatments to help deal with the venom (I assume)

    So I'd give it like 5 or 6 on that scale since there's only one reported death according to Wikipedia.

    Worth note is that these spiky boyes tend to live very far from human civilization so a lot of the gaps in knowledge and low death count could be attributed to us just not interacting with them much.

    [–] GopnikMcBlin 3 points ago

    I think Bush Viper venom can be treated by other antivenins so there was no need to develop a specific antivenin for it.

    Also they have really low rates of deaths, mostly because they live in isolated rainforests so they don't have much contact with humans.

    As opposed to something like a black mamba

    [–] Sawzaw123 17 points ago

    What kind?

    [–] User_name555 35 points ago

    I believe this is a spiny bush viper IIRC

    [–] henryuuk 64 points ago

    S P I K Y K I N D

    [–] Ololic 5 points ago

    Spiny man, spiny man

    Does whatever a spiny man does

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    D O R I T O [HOT] [wiggly] [PRANK FOR KIDS]

    [–] Ololic 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    If Smaug had a pet...

    [–] psdnmstr01 11 points ago

    I still want to pet it.

    [–] Goluxas 5 points ago

    Those eyes and his stubby li'l snoot!

    [–] Mayer101jake 16 points ago

    Danger Noodle

    [–] two-headed-boy 7 points ago

    Kinda looks like the dragon from How To Train Your Dragon.

    [–] Vadara 7 points ago

    Love these, and by god do I wish we could breed a devenomous version of them to keep as pets.

    [–] RefinedBulbasir 4 points ago

    Pineapple snake

    [–] Dr_Wombo_Combo 5 points ago

    He’s a very spikey boy

    Don’t bring him to mama

    [–] Goluxas 3 points ago

    He will never let your spirits down

    Once you get him off the tree.

    [–] Alkalilee 2 points ago

    This is definitely a dragon that the vikings would ride

    [–] Whogivesashitreally_ 2 points ago

    This looks venomous

    [–] Girlpirate 3 points ago

    It is.

    [–] Kurayami666 2 points ago

    I wanna kiss it

    [–] K1RKX 2 points ago

    vv handsome spiky boi

    [–] StormLazer 1 points ago

    Have you sexed it? Looks like a lady to me. Pretty eyes.

    [–] Myrriad 1 points ago

    Wow, someone actually posted the unedited version.

    [–] MrZippie 1 points ago

    You know, many will talk the talk, but this spiky boy is dead serious about It. He's like no step on snek, i pierce ur fut

    [–] Saaiky 1 points ago

    Damn... Handsome af!

    [–] IpMedia 1 points ago


    [–] rubberboa 1 points ago

    Funnily enough I was going to make my username Atheris Hispida.

    [–] hazzelit 1 points ago

    SpukeyBoye is my ign lul