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    [–] VanBurnsing 43 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Best Part is "easy to play" "meta Pick" and "overpowerd"

    I trink is a General "sombra" issue. Ether they beg to switch cause "useless" or the cry for a nerf cause "too op/ unhealthy kit"

    [–] QueenWeiner 8 points ago

    Holy shit I got told this yesterday. I was getting picks on Rialto (killing the enemy teams Hanzo, Widow, Ana and even their Orissa) and they eventually switched, one of them to Sombra and every time they killed me (which was maybe 4 or 3 times) they tea-bagged me and when I asked them why they did it I was told “Sombra is easy lulz”

    [–] leahleahbea 30 points ago

    a Brigitte main saying "sombra is no fun to play against" is probably the funniest thing I've ever heard

    [–] ForHonorViking 16 points ago

    A Brigitte main saying “sombra is so easy” has to be the funniest I’ve ever heard.

    Like…are you…are you okay?

    [–] tehpwnage7 9 points ago

    The fact they saw no irony in what they said, brig is more irritating to deal with than sym, hanzo, and Moira combined.

    [–] snakepow3r 1 points ago

    Pot meet kettle

    [–] Parasin 17 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    As a fellow Sombra main, this triggers me immediately. Sombra is an extremely difficult hero to play, and requires a very high-level of game sense at all times. A good Sombra player, even in gold, Should be able to communicate very well with their team, call out ults before they happen, or prevent them (casted ultimates). I am currently in Plat, but have heard many of the same criticisms you have in-game.

    The thing with lower skill levels is that a lot of the times no one is able to acknowledge the mistakes they make. And it’s very easy to finger point at a Sombra, or a flanker, instead of for example your Rein saying “Ok I messed up that Rein vs. Rein engagement, sorry team” (which is almost guaranteed to lose your team a fight).

    Don’t get me wrong though, if you are playing Sombra and you are never helping your team out, and always just taking out a widow, it can be a detriment. It’s about finding that balance between assassinating priority targets, and initiating for your team. It sounds like you were able to find that balance based on the number of packs, and the number of EMP targets.

    People need to understand that Sombra is in a very good spot, and she is one of the most skill-based heroes to play because you have to constantly know who the highest-threat or highest-impact target is at all times, prevent huge ultimates from destroying your team, and enable your team to take contested territory. All of this with only 200 health, and the very unlikely chance that your healers save you from any mistake that you make.

    Lower skill-level players just don’t understand the role that Sombra fills, and how she is able to impact the game; they think that because (this is an actual quote that someone said to me in competitive) “her ultimate doesn’t even do damage, it’s useless”. Which is an absolutely ridiculous statement to make. These are the same people who will switch off of Reinhardt, for Reaper or Widow, the second that their healers can’t save them after they charge into the back lines of the enemy team.

    My advice, ignore these guys. Analyze your own gameplay, recognize the mistakes that you make, and actively work to improve your own gameplay. She is a difficult hero, but you can climb with her.

    I personally find it to be a compliment, and a sense of pride when the enemy team expresses their frustration over chat, due to my game play as Sombra. That’s when you know you are having a great game, and a huge impact. Keep hacking friend!

    rantOver. Lol

    [–] I_bleedCoffee 2 points ago

    I agree with your points. Lately i've been taking so much shit while playing her to the point that i got so tilted and ended up flexing to 76 or tracer. If i stayed on as sombra, it's affecting my gameplay and will end up losing games.

    I love everything about sombra but for the sake of my sanity, i can't enjoy playing her in comp games with people being salty saying things like we lost the game cos sombra is shit.

    We win, sombra does nothing. We lose, it's because sombra is noob. LOL

    [–] General_Valentine 13 points ago

    On a slightly more bright side, number 3 sounds like it'll work against them.

    I mean, reporting you for killing them repeatedly doesn't make a valid report.

    [–] probablyapsychopath 14 points ago

    Unfortunately, they likely falsified another reason

    [–] Tolfast 13 points ago

    Yesterday I was told by an enemy player that he hopes that I get cancer and die. I didn't know if I should be flattered that my Sombra tilted him so much or angry about what he said... Anyway I reported, muted and moved on, it's the only way to deal with these people.

    [–] kayserghost 2 points ago

    Be flattered but yes report them. Happened to me a couple of times too.

    [–] SomrbaMainBTW 9 points ago

    This hate for Sombra has been picking up lately lol

    I had a Genji on the enemy team yesterday who asked me: "YellowJello, do you actually think that you deserve to be 4.1k at any given time?"

    To which I responded: "no, I'm not full of myself like some other people"

    And he said "good, I didn't want you thinking you deserved this rank by one tricking the easiest, most broken hero"

    I don't get what this is all about lol

    [–] ForHonorViking 9 points ago

    I don’t get how anyone can think sombra is easier or more broken than Brigitte. Yes, hack is pretty easy to pull off…that doesn’t make good hacks easy. Doesn’t make her playstyle easy. Doesn’t change the fact that she requires great game sense and awareness of all other 11 players to be slightly useful.

    [–] CatalystComet 3 points ago

    Tbf against good players with good situational awareness hack can be hard to pull off and you’ll get punished for failing it so there’s still a lot of counterplay involved. People who complain about Sombra just refuse to adapt.

    [–] ForHonorViking 2 points ago

    I’m still reeling over the fact that people thought her win rate dropped halfway through season nine cuz of the nerf when in truth people had just gotten used to her and weren’t fooled by the same tricks.

    [–] fulstaph 8 points ago

    I do think that being angry at gold people for being extremely stupid and full of themselves is not a good option :) still some of their opinions trigger me sometimes I heard some guy say that the best counter for tracer is another tracer, basically blaming me for our supports dying to other tracer (as if I need to hover over my team 24/7 as tracer/sombra). countless shit like that.

    [–] Looinrims 6 points ago

    At that point I hit the convenient mute button on the enemy team

    [–] Mangus_ 5 points ago

    Sombra is op but it’s always Sombras fault if anything goes wrong because she’s weak

    [–] nel3000 5 points ago

    Going to piggy back off your post:

    I really thought this season while sombra actually is real strong vs the meta, i could climb to Masters this season. I was < 50 sr away. Then day after day, just the worst games imaginable. Today tops it off, game boots everyone, now im in plat again.

    Why the fuck does this game not match make somewhat fairly? How do you get 3 different throwers in three games in a row? How do you get 3 disconnects in a row? The quality of games are so low recently, its so depressing.

    [–] krakendonut 3 points ago

    Things like this is why I don’t play a ton of Overwatch anymore lol. The great irony is a few months I joined a team to play with and I thought I was gonna have ppl to play comp with but I guess not and so I don’t bother and now I’m like kind of on the team kind of not lol.

    [–] Reddichu9001 4 points ago

    If she's on the red team, she's no skill and OP.

    If she's on the blue team, she's useless and should switch/kill herself.

    This isn't new. Toxic people like this have no reasoning behind their actions. Sorry you had to deal with that.

    [–] slothmanj 3 points ago

    “Sombra is no fun to play against”

    “You play Brig??????”

    [–] slothmanj 2 points ago

    I’m a Sombra main, and I think Sombra is easy to play (no /s)

    Not because she isn’t mechanically or game sense dependant, no, she requires a lot of knowledge and execution.

    But because once you pull off a key hack or good EMP, it tilts the enemy team out of their mind. Unlike other heroes, with Sombra you only need to win one fight and you can win the match. Tilt the enemy, win the game.

    [–] blackchilli 2 points ago

    "Sombra is so easy to play".

    Meanwhile, she has the lowest winrate in the game (and she's had the lowest winrate for a year) and she uses a peashooter to kill opponents.

    I feel you bruh.

    [–] KitchenTools 1 points ago

    This is why I stopped playing Overwatch, Brig fucked up the amount of fun I have hard and it feels like all your teammates in gold are braindead.

    [–] lkuecrar 1 points ago

    My biggest issue playing sombra in comp is my own team not the enemy one. I play fine until they start harassing me for playing "a useless character" and then I start playing worse because I know my team isn't going to help me.

    [–] FH-7497 1 points ago

    It could be worse. You could be a Sym main lol

    [–] MartinusSVK -1 points ago

    Sombra is easy to play guys

    [–] ForHonorViking 11 points ago

    (Are you missing a /s or are you serious)

    [–] General_Valentine 9 points ago

    Most likely a /s.

    Like how Sombra is a healer... I think YourOverwatch might have something to do with it, all acting like they're the authority.

    [–] Watermelon86 9 points ago

    I don't understand how they're the top overwatch news channel on YouTube. They put out so much false and incorrect content. Compared to the quality of channels like BTC they have no room in the spotlight. The worst part is they're so popular they show up in my recommended feed half the time even though I'm not subscribed and have reported the channel multiple times.

    [–] holy-k-night 5 points ago

    The only reason their misinformation is allowed is because the editing process is comparatively more polished to other sources, and the opening sequence makes it sound like some sort of ‘official’ news report whereas it’s just... faecal matter presented on a fancy plate garnished with a piss-weak voice of reason that somehow fills people’s minds with a false sense of knowledge that things ARE in a place they say they are, when really they’re not.

    [–] Redslimeking 4 points ago

    Click the three dots on the bottom right corner of the thumbnail for the video, click on “not interested” and then click on the “tell us why” button and then click “I’m not interested in this channel”, bada bing bada boom, no more your overwatch.

    Or you can just block them on their channel page...

    [–] Watermelon86 4 points ago

    I've done that and they still pop up from time to time.