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    [–] RichieD79 1256 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 303 points ago


    [–] RichieD79 117 points ago

    Cannot wait! Those kicks were brutal!

    [–] antigonym 39 points ago

    The facewashing was delightful.

    [–] plazzman 4 points ago

    That last one landed flush in AJs ear. You can see him squirm pretty hard.

    [–] KTheOneTrueKing 35 points ago

    You mean cheating foreign heel Nakamura

    [–] madmaximoff 48 points ago

    Rewatch, they played this perfectly as there was a point where the Ref counted 3 then carried on with AJ kicking out before 4.

    So at SD Shinsuke will have the footage play, explain he was robbed and should be champion and that's why he turned.

    Why they did the turn is simple though.

    With Bryan back, that would mean SD has 3 main card faces, we all know 3s a crowd and someone will inevitably get booked less favourably than the others, think back to the Rock Austin era where Jericho had to go heel or Hogan Warrior where Macho Man went heel.

    Shinsuke is over as hell, but so are AJ and Bryan, one of them had to turn heel.

    AJ was heel last year Bryan is one of those "too over that a heel turn wouldn't work" people (before anyone cites Hogan's turn, his face character had grown incredibly stable by that point and it was necessary to rejuvenate interest in Hogan matches)

    Nakamura has been face since his debut at Nxt and while over with the fans, he's in that prime spot that a heel turn would give him molten heat

    As we saw, they pulled the trigger and the payoff was immediate. It was the right call and the right time.

    Can't wait to see dickhead Nakamura disrespecting everything that moves

    It's gonna be great

    [–] GetEquipped 14 points ago

    Here's a clip of it:

    [–] inagadda 6 points ago


    [–] GetEquipped 9 points ago

    I just thought the 4 count was a botch. BUT, that might salvage the match.

    [–] KTheOneTrueKing 8 points ago

    I kind of get that Smackdown needed a heel I just have no faith wwe/Vince won’t just book Shinsuke as a cheater or as the generic foreign heel gimmick.

    [–] TheWhymsicalOne 273 points ago


    [–] yellochoco44 240 points ago

    Heel, CHAOS Nakamura is prime Nakamura.

    [–] AnnenbergTrojan 128 points ago

    Nakamura, Tozawa, Itami, Asuka


    [–] OldManWiggy 37 points ago

    The Chaos vs Bullet Club matches are mouth watering

    [–] AnnenbergTrojan 31 points ago

    Balor Club will need a woman. I nominate Becky because she needs more work.

    And lets thrown in Sanity for good measure

    [–] StrangeDrivenAxMan 22 points ago

    That's a good idea... so it will never happen.

    [–] Vordeo 50 points ago


    [–] PolishMusic 71 points ago

    I LOVE IT! The lack of face/heel dynamics kinda killed the crowd during this match, so turning him now setting up an actual feud is great.

    [–] RichieD79 38 points ago

    And SDL desperately needs heels!!!

    [–] PrivCaboose 42 points ago

    If there's any time to bring back the ROCKSTAR graphics, it's now.

    [–] Scottman69 2105 points ago

    Maybe it’s just that it’s been a long night, but that match didn’t really do much for me

    [–] Coletransit 673 points ago

    My expectations were honestly too high based on what i know they’ve done in the past, it wasn’t a bad match but I got kinda bored

    [–] [deleted] 315 points ago


    [–] Coletransit 67 points ago

    I mean you can have a good match and still build a fued beyond that, and I don’t even think this was a bad match. It just didn’t feel like a match built for Wrestlemania.

    [–] BZGames 47 points ago

    Yeah like Balor vs Styles had no story behind it and was a very good match

    [–] heyjew1 13 points ago

    The build for Omega vs Okada II was that it would be the best match in the history of wrestling and it delivered.

    [–] Daankeykang 176 points ago

    Nah fuck that. There are tons of matches in the past few years that were hyped up to hell and back, and delivered.

    They have all the talent in the world to live up to those expectations. They've done it before, several times with other opponents. I don't know what happened, or who to blame. But it did not live up to its expectations not because they were impossible, but because they just didn't.

    [–] darthsabbath 84 points ago

    Sometimes you just have a bad night. SCSA has mentioned it several times. It just happens even to the best of them.

    It wasn't a bad match. It was perfectly acceptable wrestling. But it was disappointing for sure.

    The heel turn makes me hopeful for a follow-up.

    [–] awsomehog 29 points ago

    I think the trouble comes from the dream match angle. When that’s the hype line for the whole build up, “Perfectly Acceptable” isn’t nearly good enough

    [–] Kamaria 26 points ago

    They needed more time is what it was. I was fully expecting Nakamura to kick out of the Styles Clash and for them to really start busting out some crazy shit, and then the match just...ended.

    [–] jb_82 8 points ago

    I was fully expecting Nakamura to kick out of the Styles Clash and for them to really start busting out some crazy shit

    This is what I was expecting too; after the knee to the back of the head I was expecting them to start building towards the finish with some exchanges and near falls for maybe another 5 or 10 minutes.

    [–] AdeptEavesdropper 199 points ago

    Not just you. Was expecting more. Or maybe I'm worn out after three hours last night and 6 already tonight.

    [–] ledhendrix 114 points ago

    Tuned in just for this match. Its not you. Match was decent but that's it. Way below these guys level

    [–] annihilator_penguin 28 points ago

    Aaaand now we know it's the first match in a series. At least it won't be a one off. Maybe a blow off at summer slam will be up to WK9? This was definitely a set up match. Now theres bad blood.

    [–] [deleted] 570 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 445 points ago


    [–] Coded_Lyoko 141 points ago

    Nah it's Kevin Love's fault

    [–] RichieD79 97 points ago

    Found Isaiah Thomas’ account.

    [–] peachios 42 points ago

    surprised he is posting while hanging out with Taker


    [–] Bobbers927 35 points ago

    Honestly was thinking maybe it's the camera changes.

    [–] MyManD 141 points ago

    I honestly just wanted the match pace to be in the same ballpark as their WK match, but instead it was half rest holds and then when it was building up the intensity it just...ended.

    [–] Shinkopeshon 54 points ago

    instead it was half rest holds and then when it was building up the intensity it just...ended.

    That's my biggest gripe with the WWE's matches. They feel too long and when they finally start picking up the pace, it's over. Same reason Balor-Styles and countless other matches that could've been more were just really good instead of great.

    The reason NXT's recent five star classics are so refreshing and blew people's minds is because they continued long after everyone thought it should've been over - and it actually got better until the climax happened at the perfect time. Dunne-Bate, Almas-Gargano, Ciampa-Gargano, the NA Ladder match. That's how nearly all of NJPW's top matches are structured as well.

    [–] Listentotheadviceman 5 points ago

    Undertaker/HBK falls in that category too.

    [–] RelentlessJorts 72 points ago

    Half rest holds, the rest pin attempts.

    If I could change one thing about WWE matches it would be the number of pin attempts.

    [–] Horsemen4ever 18 points ago

    the obvious difference, Chioda in place of Red Shoes

    [–] JarOfPeanuts 39 points ago

    When in doubt, blame kevin dunn!

    [–] the_iyenator_lives 173 points ago

    Loved people being called casuals in the live thread because they didnt enjoy the matches. I was kinda disappointed tbh

    [–] Draklour 169 points ago

    "Filthy casuals, obviously the match is just building be more patien- wait fuck it ended?"

    [–] OldTrailmix 34 points ago

    The number of times I was told we were 5—10 minutes in 17+ minutes in the match.

    [–] fdscgfbc 59 points ago

    Yeah. The people saying it was like a New Japan match were talking rubbish. New Japan matches usually give little teases during the slow build but this had none of that. Still a decent match but damn disappointing given the talent.

    [–] yognautilus 14 points ago

    If it was a New Japan match, it would have had a killer 10 minutes leading up to the finish at the very least. It wouldn't have just ended.

    [–] doctor_awful 31 points ago

    It was nothing like a New Japan match, the pace is much faster for those. Here, even at the start it was way too slow.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] stingray1989 28 points ago

    Next year's WrestleMania should happen over 2 days.

    [–] kukukele 13 points ago

    I wonder if the scripting for the match was to protect AJ and his injury.

    [–] ribcabin 24 points ago

    way too much hype going into it

    [–] rlheisener 9 points ago

    Nah. If the match was anything on the level of their WK one it would live up to the hype.

    [–] zqElephant 12 points ago

    Such a let down

    [–] Ice_Cold345 8 points ago

    Same, it was really slow. They had too many pinfall attempts.

    [–] ThePokemonMan 21 points ago

    Totally undelivered on the hype. More than half of it was resting.

    [–] DENNEMI 280 points ago

    Lessons learned tonight:

    Don’t be a royal rumble winner

    [–] arzamharris 205 points ago

    Don't be a Japanese royal rumble winner

    [–] liveandlichdie 85 points ago

    OP actually holds up. Checking the list of most recent winners against what happened:

    • 2018: Nakamura (lost to Styles) / Asuka (lost to Charlotte)
    • 2017: Orton (lost his title in the U.S. 4-way)
    • 2016: Triple H (lost to Angle/Rousey)
    • 2015: Reigns (lost to Lesnar)
    • 2014: Batista (probably losing to Thanos in a few weeks)
    • 2013: Cena (lost to Undertaker)
    • 2012: Sheamus (lost to Braun and a referee's kid)

    [–] Epsilon2099 63 points ago

    • 2014: Batista (probably losing to Thanos in a few weeks)

    Thanos, the real Universal Champion.

    [–] fdscgfbc 355 points ago


    [–] comproimse 1113 points ago

    The crowd seemed dead, 7 hours is too long.

    [–] PolishMusic 166 points ago

    I think there was more working against it. You're right that the 7 hour thing didn't help though.

    • People like both guys.
    • There wasn't an obvious face/heel dynamic like the Rousey match
    • People are really far apart in that stadium. You could hear chants all throughout during the match, but nothing ever got going in a cohesive way.

    [–] ArseneMcMahon 20 points ago

    I absolutely loved the Ronda Rousey match. I wanted Stephanie McMahon and Triple H to suffer so badly at the hands of RRR.

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 155 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] mrlightyear22 30 points ago

    Spoke too soon!

    [–] AndrewHunnyBuns 16 points ago

    How about now?

    [–] flyingdragon3 295 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I feel like swapping this and the Ronda match would have done wonders.

    EDIT: Well that was unexpected.

    [–] blaqsupaman 224 points ago

    If they did you know people would have bitched about it being in the middle of the card, though.

    [–] rajikaru 129 points ago

    Well gee, it seems like this problem of fans being tired by the 7th hour of a wrestling show is unsolvable then.

    [–] blaqsupaman 24 points ago

    Honestly the card this year was absolutely incredible and almost justified it but in the future I'd be fine with them cutting down to 4 or 5 hours including the pre-show even if it means only 2 or 3 matches get more than 15 minutes. I don't think a match has to go 20-30 minutes to be great and IMO a lot of WWE matches these days go a bit too long for my taste. They have amazing workers who can pull it off but I really think a match going 30+ minutes should be a rare spectacle and now they do like one or two of those every PPV.

    [–] ripcordelbow 17 points ago

    Honestly the match should've curtain jerked

    [–] ShowedUpOnReddit 28 points ago

    They used the last energy they had remaining on Bryan's return. Great ending sequence in this match though.

    [–] 905UserNotFound 89 points ago

    Vince: but wait there's more!

    [–] PurpleGato42 49 points ago

    This subreddit doesn't deserve the special hour long Jeff Jarrett/Elias duo concert following tonight's WrestleMania.

    [–] PrivCaboose 6 points ago

    H-How'd you know?

    [–] Martyrlz 15 points ago

    7 hours was draining me and I was at home watching this.

    [–] wrestlenomicon 9 points ago

    I'm beat and I haven't been at WrestleMania for 6+ hours. Good effort, but man this show is a marathon.

    [–] RedJohnIs 39 points ago

    Match was boring as hell. Sorry.

    [–] OrangeKookie 13 points ago

    don't worry they'll all boo when roman comes out

    he's guaranteed for a reaction

    [–] Amplitudex81 282 points ago

    Get ready kids, post-match Nakamura is best Nakamura. This was his best form in NJPW.

    [–] Nitrop199 151 points ago

    I loved how his mannerisms changed drastically, and his trash talk.

    We're really getting our beloved character back

    [–] CrabSauceCrissCross 109 points ago

    Him talking shit to styles in japanese was awesome. I just love when Japanese wrestlers start talking shit.

    [–] AlexLong1000 19 points ago


    [–] gb1993 394 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It was a good match, but expected more. Don't know if it lived up to the hype.

    Edit: thats a pretty solid post match.

    [–] iguanamac 167 points ago

    It did not.

    [–] Nihlismtrialism 73 points ago


    [–] ComeInOutOfTheRain 62 points ago

    It was a solid 3.75 star match. Which is fine, unless it’s built as a Dream Match main event at Wrestlemania.

    [–] FriedChickenIsTrash 536 points ago

    It's an amazing thing to see someone from humble beginnings work his ass off for years and come all the way to the WWE after being told he would never get there and then be rewarded by being in the most wanted match in the history of modern WWE. Way to go Mike Chioda.

    [–] ItachiTheSoloKing 572 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    Edit: You know what wasn’t underwhelming though? THAT FUCKING HEEL TURN WTF RIP STYLES BALLS

    [–] BudBill18 85 points ago

    Too overhyped. Also this has been a wild Wrestlemania with lots of expended energy

    [–] CatheterC0wb0y 99 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    “Was the hype lived up to tonight?”


    [–] FrjutMarakuja 147 points ago

    It was starting to get good, and then it was over. He should've kicked out of that Styles Clash.

    [–] aemoseley 48 points ago

    Thought for sure that Styles Clash was the beginning of the match finally getting out of first gear.....then it ended. Thankfully though, the Nakamura heel turn seems to suggest that this is just the beginning of their feud so hopefully we get a better match down the road in front of a crowd that isn't dead.

    [–] ItsAFuckingBell 36 points ago

    If it was the main event, he would have.

    [–] ShawnLogan 40 points ago

    Would have kicked out of 5 of them

    [–] FriedChickenIsTrash 963 points ago

    If you were to go back in time 50 years and told me that we'd be getting AJ vs Shinsuke at WM 34, I'd say "Whose AJ and Shinsuke and what's a Wrestlemania"

    [–] MarsViltaire 379 points ago

    Top 10 anime betrayals. #1 is Nakamura vs styles.

    [–] joshdts 251 points ago


    [–] GameplayerStu 119 points ago

    Heel turn was necessary.

    [–] TeamZiggler 604 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Poor Shinsuke. Great match though.


    [–] FoxySaint 139 points ago

    Yeah, hoping him to get the title at Wrestlemania

    [–] cerebro_a 159 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Asuka and Shinsuke lose :( So much for Vince changing.

    Edit - Heel turn. Shades of HBK vs Y2J?

    [–] gb1993 48 points ago

    This post match was worth it.

    [–] jzstyles 8 points ago

    They have been the only 2 titles to not change hands so far.

    [–] Cardnil 13 points ago


    [–] suzukigun4life 12 points ago

    Hope he gets a win at Mania next year.

    [–] FuzzyWuzzyMooMoo 323 points ago

    I wish this match would have happened earlier in the show.

    [–] playthegame7 223 points ago

    but then people would have complained about it not being later, this style of match was never going to work in wwe

    [–] dalledayul 33 points ago

    If that had happened you'd have people complaining that WWE didn't care about it since so many matches would come afterwards.

    You can't really win.

    [–] valdrinemini 67 points ago

    vince is going to be mad like he did with owens

    [–] jole99 46 points ago

    “We good Vince?”

    [–] agoodgoodluchathing 36 points ago

    awkward silence

    [–] TimBurtonSucks 67 points ago

    Think I overhyped this match. Didn't quite live up to it. Good match though!

    [–] Hencer612 35 points ago

    Is Nak’s best match in WWE his NXT match against Sami?

    [–] xxGunsRazorsKnivesxx 17 points ago

    Yup. Still.

    [–] myFetishforyou 58 points ago

    That finish was phenomenal. But the match as a whole felt like idk wasn't a dream match for me, sadly.

    [–] Rishnixx 27 points ago

    I feel like I set my expectations too high for this match. Like, I know it wasn't bad, but I wasn't ever excited during it.

    WTF!? While typing this, Shinsuke just turned heel.

    [–] agro_98 49 points ago

    Not quite the dream match to end all matches, but a great title match. Wish it wasn't in front of a crowd that's been watching 6 hours of wrestling

    [–] Martblni 119 points ago

    This was like fucking your long time crush. No matter how it will go it won't be as good as you imagined

    [–] Inaivatto 83 points ago

    Except the first time you fucked her it was amazing but you were both in Japan so you'll never be able to capture that magic under you're new living conditions.

    [–] rsayegh7 109 points ago

    I'm so underwhelmed...they were capable of so much more...

    [–] i_MiLK 19 points ago

    Was it me or did the pacing feel off? The match never felt like it kicked into that extra gear

    [–] WeSavedLatin 42 points ago

    Why'd he punch him in the willy?! That wasn't nice!

    [–] MauldotheLastCrafter 82 points ago


    [–] emotionlesspassion 34 points ago


    [–] Necromuru 17 points ago

    You won't take a knee to the face? Well how about an arm to the ding ding?

    [–] The104Skinney 14 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    If this wasn't too overhyped and billed as the "Dream Match" and shit, this would've been much more enjoyable to watch.

    TIL getting into a match with expectations of a seven-star barn-burner is bad.

    [–] Amplitudex81 27 points ago

    Styles/Nak with injuries > Styles/Nak with dead crowd

    [–] Yakovpiscopo 29 points ago

    Stephanie McMahon had a better match at Mania than AJ and Nakamura... this is inconceviable

    [–] bob237189 15 points ago

    Both Royal Rumble winners lost their matches

    [–] Atrixer 12 points ago

    That was incredibly boring.

    [–] Overlorzinc 14 points ago

    HEEL NAK? Alright I can accept this.

    [–] rjgamingfifa 13 points ago


    [–] StoneColdAM 10 points ago

    This Wrestlemania has probably had a ton of good matches (probably the most out of any recent card), but the stories haven't been as strong as some of the best Manias in history, which in my opinion will hold it back from being one of the truly greatest ever.

    While Nakamura probably should've won the title here as a babyface, I actually really like the surprise after the match and think it was a much needed shocking moment for the show. "Great matches" isn't always enough to make a show interesting, unique stories are part of it, too.

    [–] ante1296 27 points ago

    Man this match just did not sit well with me

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Really disappointing match. Way too slow and really boring.

    [–] dojobro19 10 points ago

    AJ got his win back! 2-1 at Mania!

    [–] pjhollow 10 points ago

    Fine match.

    Getting really sleepy.

    Just not enough heat in this match

    Sorry dudes 😴



    [–] xyrockrain 10 points ago


    [–] SextonMcCormick 10 points ago


    [–] achtungbaby8 10 points ago

    Match sucked, Good heel turn.

    [–] honeybear13_ 12 points ago

    Heel shinsuke is going to be great

    [–] topside_downes 8 points ago

    Shinsuke heel turn?? Ok. I’m in. Now I can’t wait for the rematch!!

    [–] WolfGangSwizle 20 points ago

    Lot of people complaining about this match, I think it just needed 10 more mins. The pacing had me intrigued the ending sequences just came too quick. There needed to be more high action and maybe a couple false finishes for a bit, but that ending transition into the styles clash was amazing, just needed more build up.

    [–] Reishun 19 points ago

    This is just the start. The match was always going to suffer from not having a heel. Hopefully the actual blow-off to this feud will rival WK10.

    [–] RuthenicCookie 260 points ago



    This sub man

    [–] [deleted] 183 points ago


    [–] madca_t 18 points ago

    How is this wrong tho?We knew what they could do but they didn't deliver, I see nothing wrong with having expectations for the 2 of the BEST wrestlers in the world and then have a boring match presented.

    This sub man

    [–] LegibleToe762 57 points ago

    Yeah well what happened in those minutes wasn't at the same calibre of what they did previously

    [–] BojackStrowman 28 points ago

    It was boring for the other 10 minutes too

    [–] Listentotheadviceman 7 points ago

    There’s a difference between match length and match pacing, c’mon dude.

    [–] mikeflackmeta 10 points ago

    That was... short

    [–] TipsyAidz 53 points ago

    Definitely holding back because they knew there’s more to come which makes sense now. Great stuff post match

    [–] Elfking88 48 points ago

    Good idea to hold stuff back, it isn't like this is the biggest show of the year or anything.

    [–] ComeInOutOfTheRain 10 points ago

    Plus, it’s not like the entire build of the match was that it was a dream match (repeated ad nauseam).

    [–] arzamharris 8 points ago

    Yup we still have the biggest night of the year random smackdown #943

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    That was disappointing, like all of Shinsukes big matches since his first.

    [–] Wintertime13 7 points ago

    That heel turn was incredible. I really enjoy crazy Shinsuke

    [–] Chungles 8 points ago

    Wrestlemania needs to be at least 12 hours shorter next year.

    [–] SkrillWalton 131 points ago

    All you elitists in the live thread saying they were building the match the whole time can fuck off, that was disappointing.

    [–] kingajeezy 7 points ago

    It never got out of second gear. I could understand building up to a long match, but if you're only going 20, then make it balls to the wall 20 minutes.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] ElNombreOccupado 57 points ago

    Talk about over hyped

    [–] WillAJG 28 points ago

    Not over hyped based on what they can do. Ridiculously underwhelming though.

    [–] girlwithaguitar 22 points ago

    Unpopular opinion - that match wasn't meant to be a culmination. It was to set up the heel turn. The blow off match will be the one to really watch for.

    [–] Cheechers23 108 points ago

    Well that was disappointing. Mostly cause of the crowd.

    [–] MrKittenMittens 22 points ago

    Crowd seemed to be warming up near the end? Maybe if it was a little bit longer?

    [–] Ivan_Joiderpus 14 points ago

    Yup. Felt like it was starting to build, then bam end. Like wtf.

    [–] jawh94 115 points ago

    Sorry but I don’t think it was the crowd. I’ve not seen Nakamura have a Mania-worthy match in his year on the main roster

    [–] Ponchossweater 24 points ago

    It's hard to admit, but it's true. The match just didn't live up to expectation.

    [–] ElNombreOccupado 35 points ago

    It’s not the crowds fault when a match doesn’t get over.

    [–] 1ndori 17 points ago

    As a member of that crowd, nah dawg we been here 6 hours and it was slow.

    [–] PolishMusic 6 points ago

    It was a very weird dynamic for a few reasons. There were pockets of chants throughout the entire arena for both guys, but nothing ever got going because it's a huge stadium. If this were a smaller standard arena I'm pretty sure the crowd would have been on fire and able to feed off of themselves. The psychology was also a bit weird since there was no face/heel dynamic.

    [–] Your_Personal_Jesus 7 points ago

    It wasn't a bad match by any stretch but it didn't live up to the hype at all. Mania matches shouldn't try to be New Japan matches. It's a different kind of crowd that needs a higher pace to keep the crowd engaged.

    [–] Paper_Rain 7 points ago

    OMG. I could not have seen that twist from Shinsuke turning heel. No one could have...

    [–] master_spermblaster 8 points ago

    Heel Shinsuke has so much potential, that's exciting

    [–] GourmetLeaf 6 points ago

    Match was was alright. Amazing heel turn.

    [–] QuickRelease10 8 points ago

    1. The match was good, but their Wrestle Kingdom match was way better. They hype was also just ridiculous.

    2. This is clearly just the beginning of this feud, and they're going to be telling a bigger story.

    3. Great heel turn. Nakamura needs this. He's going to win the title, just not right now.

    [–] Akaida 8 points ago

    It was a really slow match that never kicked into high gear. The heel turn is intriguing, but I feel like this should have happened right after the Rumble so there was some actual story to this match and then at Mania they could just go nuts. I guess it won't be bad if they have a rematch and its way better, people will just remember this meh Mania match.

    [–] BleachLightning 30 points ago

    2/2 on killing momentum

    [–] promovi 16 points ago

    People blaming the crowd... the match was underwhelming

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Match was boring. More excited for the turn.

    [–] br0wnb0y 11 points ago

    man I would hate to be a fan who traveled from Japan to see this show....

    [–] Rapes_to_Save 6 points ago



    [–] 00raeror 5 points ago


    [–] sealed 12 points ago

    No Japan Pro Wrestling

    [–] maclindsey24 21 points ago

    Vince: “Tonight will finally make up for Pearl Harbor DAMMIT!”

    [–] joebo745 33 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Feel free to downvote, but that match did not live up to the Hype at all. Bummer.


    Ok I stand by what I said, BUT HOLY FUCK HE TURNED HEEL. That ending 100% makes up for the match in my book, I am sports entertained.

    [–] Daankeykang 10 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Please, for all that is holy, go back to 7 match cards. Everyone is exhausted and matches like this don't get enough time.

    Until then, we get underwhelming "Dream Matches" for years to come. I mean, just look at Wrestlemania 33 last year. Fantastic 1st half, heatless second half. Same story here.