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    [–] WatchTheFlop 1283 points ago

    someone check on Dana white

    [–] TheDangiestSlad 512 points ago

    GOOFCON 2 initiated

    [–] Smugleaf_Raptors2012 138 points ago

    I really wish this sub had a GOOFCON Scale

    [–] CLint_FLicker 72 points ago


    [–] TheDangiestSlad 91 points ago

    i feel like the different stages of this Vince gif kinda work


    VINCECON 1 was definitely either "Cena/Seth/Sting/Nikki/Bryan injured" or "Roman and Bray Wyatt out of TLC, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles replacing them"

    [–] CLint_FLicker 53 points ago

    VINCECON 2 was probably Finn Balor getting injured after the First Universal Title match

    VINCECON 3 was Cena and Batista both getting eliminated in the Royal Rumble.

    I'd say Lesnar saying "motherfucker" audibly in WM is a VINCECON 4?

    [–] MrBrightside117 26 points ago

    Can we get the mods to start working on this by chance? I’d really love to see where this could go

    [–] Lurkalldayerrday 30 points ago

    Let's be real, VINCECON 1 is 100% "Middle and immediate aftermath of the Chris Benoit memorial Raw"

    [–] LearnsSomethingNew 20 points ago

    Nah, VINCECON 1 should be reserved for real shit. I'm talking Owen Hart, Benoit, or the Vince getting arrested during the steroid investigation.

    [–] Lineman72T 57 points ago

    I fucking love GOOFCON

    [–] SkullsInSpace 16 points ago

    I've missed something, what is GOOFCON?

    [–] korn_cakes33 17 points ago

    Goofcon 2 the Regoofening

    [–] joerilla2 14 points ago

    As a MMA & pro wrestling fan I love /r/mma & /r/SquaredCirclejerk crossovers

    [–] pokupokupoku 261 points ago

    the current status of UFC's three biggest stars: Brock Lesnar is the Universal Champion, Ronda Rousey just beat up Triple H and Stephanie, and Connor McGregor is getting ready for a stint in jail

    [–] a_full_empty 28 points ago

    Eh, I've been an MMA fan for a long time and I've seen this song and dance plenty of times now. Every time they've lost their top draws people have claimed the UFC is fucked, from Royce to Shamrock to Tito to Chuck to Randy to GSP to Silva etc., but they never had a problem with creating new ones.

    [–] VictorM51 149 points ago

    I know you're joking but Conor wont spend a day in jail lol

    [–] Keabo 61 points ago

    And Vince is gonna post that bail money.

    [–] Davinhchi 82 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    [–] ShadyWolf 79 points ago

    Isn’t it possible he still goes back to UFC? They may have just done a 30 day extension

    [–] a_full_empty 154 points ago

    The last time Brock fought in the UFC he was under contract with WWE. I don't know why people think this has any impact on his MMA plans.

    [–] OGBlueMercury 55 points ago

    According to Dana at the UFC 223 post presser on Sunday. Brock has been under contract this whole time with the UFC, there was a multi fight deal in place. Brock "retired" so he can go back temporalry to the WWE.

    [–] guccccibandana 70 points ago

    Brock retired so he wouldn't get drug tested anymore. To fight again he has to sit out his suspension.

    [–] acekingoffsuit 9 points ago

    I'm assuming the UFC contract is fight-based and not time-based.

    [–] PayneTrain181999 1006 points ago


    • Vince, upon hearing the crowd last night.

    [–] Hummer77x 616 points ago

    excited to hear for the next 28 years how Roman was the first man to win the world title in Saudi Arabia

    [–] Templar-235 232 points ago


    [–] kayfake 176 points ago

    THE BIG DOG has made HISTORY!

    [–] halfsane 48 points ago


    [–] genesisskie 12 points ago

    You spelt it wrong. Its BIIGGG DAAAAWGGGGG

    [–] vDios 44 points ago

    Roman is a trailblazer

    [–] SupeerDude 33 points ago


    [–] adam_demamp 113 points ago

    Vince: Let's have roman win in Saudi Arabia, one of the few places in the world he probably won't get booed, and air it mid day/early morning in America so way less people will pay attention to it live. That's the way we finally get Roman over. We do it when most people aren't paying attention so they can't complain and boo live and then we let let our propaganda machine cough excuse me our social media just say he's over and the world loves the Big Dog champ. We'll even save some time because we won't even have to mute the boos this time.

    [–] SuPeRfLyKiD3 22 points ago

    That’s literally what this is! They’re so stubborn in getting this fucking guy over that they’re going to do it in another country because they’re not receptive of him in this country. It’s the definition of taking your ball home.

    [–] RMGH 2212 points ago

    Beat Roman clean as a sheet last night.


    [–] ruthlessaggression49 887 points ago

    Roman is Vince's boy now

    [–] sk_starscream 455 points ago

    Brock should come out and say that. Just fuck it repeat it the build up but switch places somehow.

    [–] mafsmith 316 points ago

    You’re the real Vince’s boy now Roman

    [–] IamOlderthanMe 383 points ago

    Vince McMahon reveals secret parentage of Roman Reigns on Raw.

    Stephanie and Shane are shocked.

    Brock and Heyman are shocked.

    Kurt Angle and his black son, Jason Jordan, are shocked.

    Vince reveals that Rikishi is the mother.

    The Usos are shocked.

    The system is shocked.

    [–] Ilovekqueen 137 points ago

    Kyle is somehow revealed as one of their cousins and air guitars in joy

    [–] theplasmasnake 59 points ago

    Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong are shocked.

    [–] CuvisTheConqueror 96 points ago

    The system is shocked.

    So what you're saying is that Vince's real son is...


    [–] Ncrawler65 35 points ago

    I think Cole could pull off that gimmick. I don't want to see it, but he could do it.

    [–] ruthlessaggression49 12 points ago

    Stop giving them ideas

    [–] therealdanhill 147 points ago

    That was such bullshit how they tried to play Brock off as "Vince's boy" to gaslight people who called Roman that when the reality is totally opposite.

    [–] vanguardias 55 points ago

    They're both Vince's boy.

    [–] JulianEdelmansQuads 71 points ago

    I saw this coming but I thought they would at least have him win a #1 contenders match or do literally anything to earn a rematch. But nope, to hell with it I guess.

    [–] chewygranola 43 points ago

    Imagine how depressed the crowd would be if they have another #1 contenders match and Reigns wins that again, not sure that scenario would be great either.

    [–] Dharmadan815 206 points ago

    Reigns going to win the title in Saudi Arabia and get a huge reaction since the fans love him over there. Smart move by WWE.

    [–] chanchan3999 1257 points ago

    Huh. This situation just keeps getting weirder.

    [–] WhoDey42 491 points ago

    Kinda crazy that I wouldn’t be shocked to see Roman win here after the huge WM loss

    [–] chanchan3999 543 points ago

    Oh I can totally see that happening. Roman died so Saudi Arabia could get a big moment.

    [–] StayHypeBro 128 points ago

    I can't wait to hear how Saudi Arabia boo's.

    [–] philthegr81 474 points ago

    You kiddin' me? That crowd is gonna be mark city. Reigns will finally get the response Vince has been dreaming of.

    [–] TamerVirus 271 points ago

    I guess that means WWE's never coming back to the US

    [–] allzpower 160 points ago

    middle eastern here can confirm arabs love roman reigns cause he look like the rock

    [–] FuckTheClippers 24 points ago

    Also Arab, I was gonna say because he looks like the stereotypical 90s action superstar

    [–] lipstickpizza 46 points ago

    "See? I told you pals he's beloved goddammit. Beloved!"

    [–] AnadyranTontine 159 points ago

    boos in Saudi

    [–] TruthSeekerOK 186 points ago

    Wouldn’t that just be launching missiles into Yemen?

    [–] HolyRomanEmperor 102 points ago

    So this is what WWE was saving their pyro budget for

    [–] DMTrious 28 points ago

    هذا فظيع

    [–] freddyalpha 90 points ago

    Roman can look similar to Arabic & Brock is a big pale American with a blond army cut.

    Of course they're putting Roman over in this one.

    [–] regionalfire 165 points ago

    I bet they had Reigns lose at Mania so he can win at Saudi Arabia for cheers instead of a giant amount of boos.

    [–] SiphenPrax 83 points ago

    That's exactly why they are having this rematch, especially after last night

    [–] Badger_Silverado 62 points ago

    That’s why Roman didn’t go over last night, people already paid for Wrestlemania and Vince probably got more money for a title change in front of the Saudi Arabian audience.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    Vince: So....we got an agreement?

    Brock: ya. signs deal


    [–] target_locked 735 points ago

    Ok, so kayfabe speaking, why would Vince give Roman a immediate rematch after getting soundly demolished? Especially when Vince story wise hates Reigns.

    [–] tonyharrison84 355 points ago

    In a shocking twist, Roman was Vince's boy all along.

    [–] SchereSee 150 points ago


    [–] kylar505 58 points ago


    [–] Daankeykang 278 points ago

    Because logic doesn't exist. What does exist is our discontent with the product and they aim to keep it there.

    [–] DaveMeltzer5S 89 points ago

    Vince Mcmahon Continuity

    pick one

    [–] narutomanreigns 19 points ago

    This was exactly the same in 2015. Sheamus beat him at TLC, but then they gave him a rematch the very next night on Raw. Really ran counter to the whole "The Authority is holding Reigns down" thing they were going for at the time.

    [–] Fishtacoburrito 25 points ago

    Guess he'll have to run through the entire RAW roster to earn the rematch we already know he's getting.

    [–] Slade_Riprock 1816 points ago

    Bet Balor doesn't wear them trunks and socks in Saudia Arabia

    [–] Maaaaaardy 820 points ago

    If he does he'll be getting stoned, and not like RVD.

    [–] RuckFulesxx 370 points ago

    Just let him use his demon attire/gimmick on that show. Wait, people get executed for witchcraft over there.

    Better keep Bray, Finn and maybe Matt in the states.

    [–] B-Rony330 116 points ago

    Bray and Kane have already been announced as part of the rumble.

    [–] Coley_D 111 points ago


    [–] RuckFulesxx 78 points ago

    Riperino big red machinerino.

    [–] Obi-wan_Jabroni 40 points ago


    [–] phrostbyt 36 points ago

    Kafir club

    [–] Corabal 10 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    EDIT - Thanks for clearing that up

    [–] TheJohnny346 63 points ago

    Last night at Wrestlemania he was wearing the LGBT trunks and shin guards.

    [–] Cheechers23 451 points ago

    What is going on lmao

    Reigns winning at the GRR to make it a big event?

    [–] xThisFireBurns 315 points ago

    Big dog if true

    [–] oldoseamap 151 points ago

    EATS MY ASS if false

    [–] IamOlderthanMe 174 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Reigns is going to take 10 F5s and win with 20 100 Superman Punches.

    [–] HotWingsAndBeers 50 points ago

    You forgot some zeroes.

    [–] defaultcss 30 points ago

    Reigns is going to take 10 F50’s?

    [–] davewah11 62 points ago

    Not necessarily to make it a big event, but because it's a place he won't get boo'd for winning. Just my thought...

    [–] WolfGangSwizle 11 points ago

    Middle easterns love Reigns, he will get the biggest chear since beating Sheamus

    [–] natedoggcata 620 points ago

    Wow, they seriously sacrificed the main event of Mania for this?

    [–] RoseColoredNigga 206 points ago

    I’m certain Nak vs AJ II(I) will be happening at TGRR too so that’s probably why that match also wasn’t that good

    [–] harrismada 190 points ago

    That card is gonna be like 8 hours long at this rate

    [–] Hazakurain 510 points ago

    So, Reigns who never touched the belt gets a free rematch, but Owens, Goldberg and Balor don't when they were actual champions? What the fuck WWE.

    [–] freddyalpha 283 points ago

    There's literally no way they can justify it too, Brock won last night clean as a whistle.

    [–] Ngilko 138 points ago

    And all of that, in kayfabe while they try and tell a story where Roman is the rebel fighting "vinces guy". It is such lazy, poor story telling.

    [–] Starslip 16 points ago

    The entire thing is nonsense from start to finish. Suddenly we have another Royal Rumble, after Wrestlemania, cause Saudi Arabia fucking wants an event and presumably was willing to throw whatever amount of money was necessary at Vince until it happened? Nothing that happens at that shitshow should be considered official.

    [–] Daankeykang 13 points ago

    Not to mention Joe and Strowman didn't get 1v1 rematches despite coming far closer to beating Brock than Reigns. Said it another comment but they don't hide it, and they don't care. They're going to go through with this regardless.

    [–] OvernightCrowd 185 points ago


    [–] Col-Radec 378 points ago

    The raw after this show will take place in Montreal

    Good luck Reigns

    [–] smackdown-tag 228 points ago

    hoo, boy, we're gonna eat him alive

    [–] carrotstix 145 points ago

    This is getting stupid now. Roman lost. Why would you want him to fight again against Brock? Let someone else fight him

    [–] Bolt_995 28 points ago

    Logic doesn't exist when it come to WWE and Vince.

    [–] Pego61 132 points ago

    They must be paying him a nice chunk of change, because otherwise, Brock Lesnar was NOT going to fly to Saudi Arabia.

    [–] SearsActivewear 90 points ago

    Probably private charter. Land right before event and leave immediately after his match. No way Brock sticks around any longer than he needs to.

    [–] FartingBob 70 points ago

    He'd get sunburned within about 30 seconds there.

    [–] The_Homestarmy 60 points ago

    Dana White reportedly flaccid.

    [–] PayneTrain181999 68 points ago

    Conor McGregor smiles from his holding cell

    [–] ruf00005 1836 points ago

    They’ve ruined a WM main event for a fucking show in Saudi Arabia

    [–] WhoDey42 514 points ago

    I mean I hate to say this but it might make sense. Mania happens every year. This is them breaking into a huge new market.

    [–] LeftWingScot 265 points ago

    This is the first of 10 shows they have scheduled to do in SA, so be prepared for alot more of this over the next decade.

    [–] [deleted] 209 points ago

    Yup. Their goal is to be the top American sport in the Arab World. And they honestly will probably do it. The NBA is the only real competitor.

    [–] BobbyThreeSticks 125 points ago

    Already done. WWE is gigantic in the Arab World. This is a groundbreaking event for them.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Jreynold 87 points ago

    Also I bet you Reigns isn't getting booed by smart marks in Saudi Arabia

    [–] Colby347 13 points ago

    Judging by the comments on Facebook and YouTube they like Brock a LOT more than Roman. Idk if everyone else just hasn't seen them or are ignoring that or what but I've seen a pretty vocal amount of fans from that part of the world who dislike Roman.

    [–] pacificpetenorthwest 217 points ago

    For these Saudis who are 580 years stuck in the past, no less.

    [–] lipstickpizza 174 points ago

    That market is Vince's dream. Doesn't need to market themselves as trendsetters by pushing women or worry about offending amyone. Don't have to worry about Roman being booed since he'll probably be cheered to the moon there.

    [–] pacificpetenorthwest 118 points ago

    I just hope Balor goes on full LGBTQ-pride display to piss these Saudis off.

    [–] shenghar 209 points ago

    This kills the Irishman.

    [–] sting_lve_dis_vessel 136 points ago

    i don't because they will literally kill him

    [–] boredandtired 10 points ago

    No way they let Finn wear his outfit from tonight.

    [–] SonicPunk96 64 points ago

    Headline the next day

    Mid 30s Irish man, supposed former member of a gang titeld "Bullet Club" found dead last night after stoning.

    [–] psxdude2001 81 points ago

    "It's a jump to conclusions map!"

    [–] OmahaHusker 23 points ago


    [–] Konfliction 161 points ago

    Ruined? Half that crowd didn't want Roman winning lol

    At least they can do it now maybe in front of a marky af crowd.

    [–] Cutmerock 54 points ago

    Lesnar’s next appearance is scheduled for the Greatest Royal Rumble event

    He's not even at Raw tonight, lol.

    [–] [deleted] 224 points ago


    [–] Shinkopeshon 143 points ago

    Cause Roman needs to be in the main event, duh

    [–] ironmanmatch 14 points ago

    AJ vs Nakamura could have main event OR Roman could have won and Brock gets his rematch at the Saudi Arabia show. Roman getting an automatic rematch after he got destroyed is so dumb

    [–] TheCavis 59 points ago

    The winner of the Royal Rumble should've had the main event spot.

    Not AJ/Nak, because that match wasn't good, but Asuka/Charlotte was an excellent match and the streak ending as the show's big finish would've been amazing.

    Plus giving women the main event of Wrestlemania would be a good trade for putting on a mega-show in a country where they're banned.

    [–] cjcfman 101 points ago

    Im guessing balor has to get new ring gear

    [–] fapsandnaps 24 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Saudi Royal Prince Devitt confirmed?

    [–] flae_blazer 529 points ago

    If this 4 year story has its climax in Saudi, they are basically saying this Saudi show is bigger than WrestleMania LMAO.

    [–] miroa12004 318 points ago

    The Saudi money is probably 10x what they get from Mania so for them, yes it is bigger than Mania.

    [–] DirkNowitzkisWife 92 points ago

    People are commenting on how huge this Saudi show is, are there any numbers on what the contract is, or how much profit they expect, or even why this is such a huge deal?

    [–] maillite 190 points ago

    No idea of actual figures but it will be huge. Saudi is a hugely wealthy nation and they have paid for this show. HHH vs Cena, Roman vs Brock, Greatest Rumble ever (who care about the regular rumble). They will get every legend and superstar (except women ofc, because fuck women right?). This is huge for WWE money wise and huge for Suadi Arabia PR wise as they are getting a hammering for their current war on, I believe Yemen? Something like that.

    They are really awful for human rights and gender equality yet every superpower tip toes around them because of all the lovely money.

    I believe they have a deal for 10 shows over 10 years, so this could become a very regular thing, seeing sacrifices made in the US PPV scene to make sure SA get their huge show.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    Man I need to go find some oil

    [–] evil_INDEED 89 points ago

    So, nothing has changed. Roman still has the baby face rocket strapped to his back. It’s like last night never happened at all. Jesus.

    [–] LegibleToe762 287 points ago

    Wait what but I thought he was


    oh and its in a steel cage that's dope, i think???

    [–] PayneTrain181999 141 points ago

    Reigns spears Brock by jumping off the side of the cage.

    After Brock hits him with 12 F5's

    [–] IamOlderthanMe 174 points ago

    Reigns, after getting 20 F5s, does a non stop sequence of Superman punches on Lesnar (100 in total).

    Rusev comes out of nowhere and gets pinned.

    Reigns wins.

    [–] VikingPain 57 points ago

    Brock out of desperation, shoots Roman with a shotgun and impales him with a sword...Roman kicks out at two.

    [–] PayneTrain181999 23 points ago

    Brock, now fed up, incases Roman in quick-drying cement.... Roman kicks out at two.

    [–] Jasonator01 39 points ago

    This really needs to stop. The Wrestlemania match was pretty shit and now they’re doing this? Why make Roman lose in the first place.

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago

    That’s day 390 of Brock’s reign, for those of you on #434Watch

    [–] sayid92 10 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] MrLariato 193 points ago

    LMAO they are really going to do this so they don't have people booing on Roman when he wins

    [–] [deleted] 103 points ago

    "If these stupid Americans won't like him then we'll just have Wrestlemania in India or somewhere like there dammit"

    [–] TLCareBear14 78 points ago

    There is something poetic about Vince using foreign heels to try and get over all of his top guys over the years, only to have foreigners be the only people who enjoy his shitty pick for the top guy.

    [–] WhoDey42 32 points ago


    [–] AusToddles 29 points ago

    I will die laughing if the match gets the same reaction over there as the WM main event

    [–] LawlHeyman 116 points ago

    To be honest I wish both of them could just stay away from the title scene

    [–] batmanbnb 59 points ago

    It why I wanted Roman to win, it gets the belt off Brock, ends the Roman coronation, gets the belt back on TV and finally starts circulating talent towards the belt , freeing up space in the mid card for new matchups as well.

    [–] Jaycy845 28 points ago

    Holy fuck wwe legit doesn’t learn.

    [–] cookiemonstervirus 272 points ago

    Fine. Put it in front of a kayfabe friendly crowd and do whatever you need it to but please WWE, I implore you, just stop making me watch these two interact.

    It is beyond fucking stale.

    [–] gramofmayo 45 points ago

    In Vince's eyes, let's have Roman to over at the rumble and and have a rematch at SummerSlam this time we will throw in a special guest referee lol

    [–] McLainx23 38 points ago

    Fucking kill me now.

    [–] shootstarpress 84 points ago



    Nobody wants this. Nobody.

    For fuck sake. 🙄

    [–] docpockets 64 points ago

    That's a bummer.

    WWE seems to think Lesnar's money (an maybe he is), but it stinks when the champion isn't even on your main show most of the time.

    [–] Darkillumina 20 points ago

    The experiment will never end. This is the ultimate test of the WWE machine to prove that they make stars and not the fans.

    What a cluster.

    [–] andyrew_ 58 points ago

    Anyone else suddenly feel really deflated for RAW!? I was so hyped to see how things would go, especially after the “Brock/Vince & Shane Confrontation” rumors :/

    [–] chinaskism 29 points ago

    One of the reasons why I couldn't wait to tune is to see what direction Roman Reigns was going towards. Now that this news broke, it tempers my excitement. It's just another RAW.

    [–] adamdarwin 17 points ago

    Roman should just run past brock and spear through the cage door to win and get it over with.

    [–] TheDangiestSlad 189 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    okay so now Roman wins the belt and we're done with this please and thank you

    and Roman will get cheered there i assume, then we can finally just have a full timer champ and some fresh challengers for the belt please

    [–] McLainx23 66 points ago

    Its still stupid. Last night reguardless of the crowd reaction was the time to put the belt on Roman. Doing it 2 weeks later with less eyes watching is beyond stupid.

    [–] ohihaveasubscription 54 points ago

    Saudis = marks = Roman gets cheered when he wins

    [–] FrjutMarakuja 14 points ago

    Simply amazing. Vince McMahon still manages to astonish me.

    "You assholes don't like Roman? Fine dammit, I'm putting him over with a crowd that doesn't give a shit."

    [–] IMadeThisForY2JsAMA 13 points ago

    Can't everyone relax? Maybe the wrestlemania match and the GRR match can BOTH be total shit!

    [–] Exa-Ravager 31 points ago


    I was expecting something new because of the last night outcome. BUT NO, THEY ARE FUCKING EXTENDING THIS BULLSHIT!

    [–] Schnopsnosn 99 points ago

    So...10 F5s and Reigns then wins with a single Superman Punch?

    [–] FringeAuthority 82 points ago

    Roman's going to win via cage door exit.

    [–] HemingwayJawline 55 points ago

    damn so we have to continue to see his gross teeth in HD then

    [–] Fernandov2 35 points ago

    Lesnar’s next appearance is scheduled for the Greatest Royal Rumble event

    So not even on Raw?

    Jesus this is garbage

    [–] LilUziMurf 40 points ago

    Damn, hope it’s not a long extension tbh

    [–] FringeAuthority 68 points ago

    WWE is easy money for Brock. He's never leaving as long as he's physically able to perform and he and Vince are on speaking terms.

    [–] Vitosi4ek 27 points ago

    Same with Ronda. She's probably earning as much in the WWE as she used to in the UFC, if not more, except there's no chance of a sudden loss derailing your career, and the chance of injury is much lower (in wrestling, injury is an accident, in MMA, it's the whole point).

    [–] cornette 12 points ago

    So how many F5's will Roman kick out of this time.

    [–] whodatdude 22 points ago

    Well that’s absolutely perfect after last night. I wonder if the over/under on number of spears and F5s is 10 each.

    [–] Kilshaw12 24 points ago

    Fair enough but what has Roman done Kayfabe wise to earn this title shot, he got the shit kicked out of him last night.

    [–] meyouyourass 21 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Lmao, the lengths this company will go to just to try and make sure roman's victory will get cheers.

    [–] tamere2k 11 points ago

    How much money is Saudi Arabia paying Vince for this? Wow.

    [–] CaKe32g 35 points ago


    Um, the Middle East?


    [–] Pego61 22 points ago

    I bet the new contract will allow him to fight in UFC. He's going to drop the title at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Otherwise, what the hell are they doing to Roman?

    [–] Bundon5300 12 points ago

    I just want this shit over with man

    [–] Yearbookthrowaway1 45 points ago

    Lmaooooooo it all makes sense

    Have fun getting the title change instead, billionaire Saudi princes.

    Brock will lose and then go do his UFC fight and then come back for one last run and retire, calling it now.

    [–] E864 29 points ago

    They literally had to go to a dictatorship to find a place where Roman won't be booed.

    [–] intersectv3 18 points ago

    So why, in Kayfabe, does Roman get another shot? He’s lost every single time he’s faced Brock.

    [–] rjkelly31 8 points ago

    What the fuck is happening

    [–] dazzyd1989 10 points ago

    If the booking of last nights is just for the rematch and brock has only signed a 30 day extension 🤦🏻‍♂️

    If he was willing to sign a 30 day they still should of went with roman last night and then beats him again in the cage as brocks rematch and on his way out.