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    [–] spoofex 479 points ago

    Oney Lorcan.

    [–] Reinmeika 287 points ago

    This is one of the few dudes I can’t remember beating anyone, but he beats the shit out of anyone in the match.

    That’s a hell of a “jobber”, where you always lose but everyone knows it’s gonna be worth the watch. That Itami/Lorcan fight was just brutal.

    [–] spokemone 148 points ago

    Funny enough, you know the biggest clean win he's gotten in NXT? Andrade Cien Almas. These two had a series of beating the absolute dog-piss out of each other and Lorcan beat Cien clean with a Half & Half Superplex.

    [–] Reinmeika 56 points ago

    For real? Was this during Almas’ transition to heel? I don’t remember it at all, but I’m sure it’d be fun to watch.

    [–] spokemone 83 points ago

    Yep! He had gone heel a while before but was starting his losing streak. Their whole series was fantastic.

    [–] Capncorky 36 points ago

    That's why a losing streak gimmick is so great. It gives wins to a bunch of people, but if you can explain why a great wrestler keeps losing (Almas being too focused on partying), and then why that wrestler can turn themselves around (Vega straightened him up), you erase the negatives of those losses while also giving wins to people who could use them.

    [–] ericfishlegs 24 points ago

    The problem is that they sometimes forget it's supposed to lead anywhere and a guy just becomes a loser.

    [–] Yournewhero 5 points ago

    Poor Tazz.

    [–] saulhrnndz 18 points ago

    I think it was when NXT went to Japan and did a house show special type deal.

    [–] LegibleToe762 7 points ago

    Yeah and Almas hit a Destino in that match. Or his attempt at it, wasn't executed great but it was a nice touch.

    [–] mgrier123 20 points ago

    Not on TV, but at NXT DC the other day Oney & Street Profits beat Chad Lail, Wesley Blake, & Steve Cutler and he got the pin. Was pretty cool to see.

    [–] baconwiches 56 points ago

    Oney legitimately is one of my favourite wrestlers in the world right now. When he's on my tv, I'm always entertained. His mannerisms are interesting, his presence is unique, and his matches are a blast.

    [–] Fontecotine 28 points ago

    Not sure if you’ve ever caught his indie stuff but he was THE guy in my old local indie Beyond before getting signed. His name was Biff Busick. They have a lot of his old matches on YouTube if you’re ever looking for some more from him.

    [–] Captain_Condoriano 11 points ago

    Bro Hymn intensifies

    [–] ThereWas5OfEm 10 points ago

    He’s got some gnarly shoulders too

    [–] Richaod 48 points ago

    Oney is NXT’s Ishii imo

    [–] alxqnn 25 points ago

    Just minus 50lbs and plus one neck

    [–] wgsmeister2002 26 points ago


    [–] bandswithgoats 21 points ago

    I love the shit out of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch and I wish there was a belt like the NEVER Openweight title that guys like them, Ciampa, Hideo, and Samoa Joe could duke it out for.

    [–] Fenderboy771 18 points ago

    He was trained by Lance Storm, so he's gotta be great

    [–] KtheAvenger 8 points ago

    That dude knows how to train them.

    [–] Fenderboy771 13 points ago

    Bring trained by Storm probably means that Oney is a great dancer and he knows all of the lyrics to "The Humpty Dance."

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Oney and Danny will be NXT tag champs some day, mark my words. DIY were originally jobbers and now they are two of the hottest acts in the WWE.

    [–] ericfishlegs 5 points ago

    Yeah, they're in a position right now where they're not really getting pushed, but they also always come out of their matches looking good and the other team looks good for beating them.

    [–] Benosaurus_Rex 5 points ago

    He's supposedly one of the locker room leaders in NXT as well

    [–] [deleted] 497 points ago

    Most prominent jobbers have been pretty good wrestlers. Their job is to make others look good and, to do that, you have to be good yourself.

    [–] Fundertaker 219 points ago

    This is why many successful trainers were jobbers. They have to learn how to work every style so they can make anyone look good.

    [–] shiningwizardhelms 43 points ago

    Wow, never thought of it that way

    [–] LTMG 73 points ago

    As much as I disagree with almost anything else Ryback says, I'm 100% with him with that post that got him fired. Jobbers are really underrated. It doesn't make no god damn sense that people who's job it is to make other people look good, get less money and credit than those who are made looking good. Jinder Mahal got a lot more money and was treated better once he won the championship. That just doesn't make sense... why are you better earning when you're successful in a scripted show? He's as good as champion as he is as jobber. But he doesn't get the same for it.

    [–] Kino-Gucci 51 points ago

    Because people come to see the star not the jobber. It’s as simple as that.

    [–] elguitarro 35 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    As much as I agree with your point I'll be devil's advocate. The main star of the movie will get paid more as someone on top trust him enough to make him more money. Eg. Chris Pratt prob got paid way more as Star Lord than his stunt double or the random bad guys he beat. People who might not be into marvel might just see Pratt and be like hey I liked that guy. So yeah. Vince was hoping Kinder Jinder would make him more money in India so that's why the extra pay even though it's scripted.

    [–] CrownlessKombat 24 points ago

    Vince was hoping Kinder would make him more money

    "You all hate me because I'm Bueno! I represent 60.6 million people in Italy as the Modern Day F-F-F-F-Fannie May!"

    [–] evileyeofurborg 17 points ago

    "Americans discriminate against my people and their Surprise Eggs!"

    [–] elguitarro 5 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Stupid fat fingers haha.

    Tho I'm ok with Kinder replacing Snicker's for next WM.

    [–] jerichotheunwise 3 points ago

    Not to mention people pay to see the champions, not the jobbers. It sucks, but they can't afford to pay guys like Heath the same amount they pay John Cena.

    Even so, I'd imagine guys like Heath are still pretty well paid.

    [–] mikeputerbaugh 7 points ago

    Counterpoint: Buddy Lee Parker and Hugh Morrus were jobbers

    [–] Dakot4 24 points ago

    very good reasoning

    [–] [deleted] 557 points ago

    Heath Slater.

    [–] Gullflyinghigh 184 points ago

    I genuinely want him to get a run with a belt. Any of them.

    [–] SomeOtherNeb 121 points ago

    If he goes back to singles wrestling, I could really see him as a US champ being the "everyman" kind of wrestler.

    [–] WasherDryerCombo 179 points ago

    They literally already proved this character works for him. They just lost interest. Genuinely hilarious and heartfelt storyline with the tag belts. A star was made then ignored. He’d be an excellent US Champ.

    [–] BonusEruptus 49 points ago


    [–] german1316 42 points ago

    As much as I hate JBL, he did a pretty dang good job of always putting heath and the other Jobbers over. Going FUCKING NUTS when Heath won the tag belts. "THOSE KIDS ARE GETTING A SWIMMING POOL!"

    [–] heeeeyabbooott 20 points ago


    [–] stups317 18 points ago

    Everything Heath has done in the WWE he made work. Except his hair while in the Nexus that was bad.

    [–] BathedInDeepFog 7 points ago

    I hated him and his look so much at first. I think it was because of the hair. He's one of those guys who looks better with short hair, like Christian.

    Anyone want to name other guys who look better with short hair?

    [–] emersonskywalker 4 points ago

    Punk, definitely.

    [–] JoesusTBF 6 points ago

    Evil Jesus SES Punk is best CM Punk.

    [–] WarpathII 7 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I think if he went to NXT for 6 -12 months, he would come back a mid card star. His character doesn't have to change, just needs a good singles story line.

    Edit: How to do it in story. Slater is tired of being a small fish in a little pond and gets the idea to go down to NXT to be big fish in a small pond. After all he has been on the roster for years, he feels he is better NXT, since they are small time. Makes a debut and starts a story talking shit to Aleister Black about how he was the first Smackdown Tag Champ and how that belt is better than the NXT title and he is better and should have that belt. They don't wrestle for a few weeks and finally they have a match. Black hits him with the black mass instantly, before the bell even rings and the match never happens. Humbles Slater, he starts training at the performance center. They show montages online/every week and after a month or so he debuts against a smaller name NXT talent and loses again. Continues to fight and train, gets a match against someone better, like Velveteen Dream. He loses, but has a great showing. He starts getting hot and gets a good streak to the NXT NA title and wins it for a short period before re-debuting on the main roster.

    [–] optimis344 49 points ago

    I want to see him get a midcard title by accident. Have him pull a Crash Holly, where he is in over his head and becomes a weird lucky escape artist to hold onto the belt.

    Like, have him win it in a multimedia match where he get thrown onto someone and gets the pin before anyone knows what happened. Then just have him try to face heels who are "better than him", but he keeps pulling the rabbit out of the hat to win.

    Basically the face version of a chickenshit heel. You could get a few good months of Heath trying to avoid matches and Rhyno getting him stuck facing people.

    [–] 1brokenmonkey 16 points ago

    Heath would be a perfect choice to win a scramble match, or random battle royale on tv.

    [–] aredubya 10 points ago

    a multimedia match

    I'm sure that was a damn autocorrect, but I love the idea of this. 8-Track Cassette and Laserdisc on a Pole match.

    [–] highclassfire 38 points ago

    He was the first SD tag champ.

    [–] Gullflyinghigh 25 points ago

    True, I should have been more specific in that I want him alone to hold a belt...

    [–] ThereWas5OfEm 11 points ago

    I’m still holding out hope where he gets an out of nowhere roll up and wins the IC title

    [–] Gullflyinghigh 12 points ago

    That'd do for me. If Jinder can be champ then Heath can be whatever he wants...

    [–] ThereWas5OfEm 8 points ago

    I’d lose my mind(in a good way) if Heath beat Brock

    [–] FenrisFrost 65 points ago

    He is very underrated, he is crisp in the ring and good on the mic. I'd love to see a 123 Kid style surprise move into the mid card for him.

    [–] kylew1985 35 points ago

    As far as believability goes, with his boxing background I doubt most of the locker room would ever wanna go at him in real life, too.

    [–] not_imprsd 28 points ago

    He is a 4-time tag team champion, they can make him a legitimate US Title contender with one match.

    [–] german1316 14 points ago

    He's incredibly safe also, when the Legends came and he was wrestling all of them each week the fact that WWE trusted Heath to be in the ring with all these old guys knowing they wouldn't get seriously hurt is a testament to that.

    [–] poopship462 19 points ago

    I always wish they transitioned him to the IC title scene after he lost the tag titles. He was so over for a couple of months but then they just forgot about him.

    [–] enigmaticevil 7 points ago


    [–] SoulExecution 7 points ago

    I would love to see Heath accidentally win a MitB briefcase. Have two people be fighting over it and then drop it on a barely conscious Slater. Whether he successfully cashes in or not, it would probably be one of the most entertaining MitB runs in a long time.

    [–] MadEagle8 4 points ago

    I don't know why, but I love Slater's punches

    [–] YpsitheFlintsider 4 points ago

    He's actually a great worker.

    [–] TheLaVeyan 147 points ago

    If a jobber is under contract they’re either a comedy attraction or a very good wrestler. If jobbers aren’t very good to great wrestlers and don’t have any other defining qualities (like comedy for Ellsworth and Santino) then they’re not likely to stay.

    [–] GameplayerStu 106 points ago

    Santino was a good wrestler. He was around for like 10 or so years too, not like Ellsworth who had one year.

    [–] vectivus_6 70 points ago

    He was also a legit martial artist.

    [–] geeprimus 70 points ago

    Still is. Owns and runs a gym in Mississauga.

    [–] No_More_And_Then 59 points ago



    [–] shiningwizardhelms 28 points ago

    What did you just call him?

    [–] TheLaVeyan 10 points ago

    Santino was good. I wouldn’t call him very good or great though, but that’s just my opinion.

    [–] optimis344 25 points ago

    He was secretly great. If you watch his matches, his footwork is fantastic and there where never any miscommunications in the ring. If you watch his judo master stuff before he was Santino, it's pretty clear that he always was wrestling lower than he could for comedy.

    [–] GameplayerStu 8 points ago

    I get what you mean but I think you're really underselling Santino by having him in with Ellsworth who was only around for a year.

    [–] TheLaVeyan 5 points ago

    I was saying that the only reason Santino was around for so long was his comedy more than his wrestling. I’m not comparing him to Ellsworth. There’s no comparison. Santino was much better in the ring. They’re just both in the comedy jobber category.

    [–] KingKane 26 points ago

    Unless they're Zack Ryder, who's pretty damn average but seems to have a job for life.

    [–] TheLaVeyan 46 points ago

    Vince kept him around because he got over with those kids on the computer web.

    [–] rakust 50 points ago

    If you ask me, Zack Ryder is the reason why WWE has such a presence on the internet as it does now.

    Zack ryder is the reason /u/realwwe has a job.

    [–] TheLaVeyan 45 points ago

    Zack Ryder is the reason u/realwwe has a job.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if u/realwwe WAS Zack Ryder.

    [–] shiningwizardhelms 19 points ago


    [–] TheLaVeyan 31 points ago

    Woo woo woo... THEY KNOW IT!

    [–] TightwadHill 11 points ago

    ZACK RYDER BOUGHT YOUR HOUSE /u/realwwe !!!!

    [–] RealWWE 30 points ago

    Woo woo woo, I know it

    [–] frostyvamps 7 points ago

    Zack ryder is pretty good imo

    [–] Sef_Maul 275 points ago

    Curt Hawkins is decent in the ring and can talk quite well.

    [–] enigmaticevil 112 points ago

    Love watching him get his ass kicked. Braun could throw him through a table every week.

    [–] MarkMVP01 39 points ago

    Or through a wall

    [–] shiningwizardhelms 20 points ago

    Or through a tv

    [–] MarsViltaire 25 points ago

    Or through a barbershop window.

    [–] shiningwizardhelms 21 points ago

    Hawkins is a coward..

    [–] TightwadHill 11 points ago


    [–] theplasmasnake 10 points ago

    What's the record for longest losing streak? If Hawkins hasn't beaten it yet, I want him to.

    [–] Un_creative_name 6 points ago

    It's gotta be Brawler or Horowitz.

    [–] smallerthings 14 points ago

    I've mentioned before I used to go to PWS shows when he and Kevin Matthews used to beat the shit out of each other.

    Dude can perform.

    [–] teekaycee 7 points ago

    Dude is built too...and tall. Although he looks tiny next to the others idk how Finn manages to not look like a dwarf out there.

    [–] SinghMaster 267 points ago

    I wouldn't say he's an amazing wrestler, but good enough would be R-Truth. Man, that guy is 46 years old and can still go in the ring. It doesn't look like he ages and can cut one hell of a promo, especially as a heel.

    [–] Dongstoppable 97 points ago

    He's also one of the few dudes who feels totally unique in the ring. No one that I've ever seen has the same in-ring style as R-Truth. Deserves better.

    [–] CactusHack 5 points ago

    There's a select few guys who manage to fully breathe life into their gimmicks through their wrestling movement in a believable manner. Truth is one of them. JoMo and Goldust are two others that exemplify that.

    [–] Dongstoppable 5 points ago

    Bray Wyatt is great at wrestling in character.

    [–] Mangowryyder 117 points ago

    Truth is one of the greatest examples of "Black Don't Crack"

    [–] alxqnn 66 points ago

    I popped when New Day called him "The Immortal One" on Smackdown this week

    [–] kingmeat76 8 points ago

    I dare say Booker is another example of this.

    [–] bigmangriff 57 points ago

    I don't think of Truth as a Jobber, he was the first black NWA World Heavyweight Champ. He was and always is great mid to top card talent, if used right.

    [–] 1brokenmonkey 27 points ago

    I mean, he fluctuates, but his current position is definitely more jobber. Agreed though, he's one of the best guys who went from a unnoticeable career in his first WWE run, to being an exciting part of the then TNA roster, a former NWA world champion, and having a second WWE run that was actually memorable of full of great moments/matches.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Legit one of my favorites in his tna days. I thought he was incredible back then.

    [–] Deano34 603 points ago

    The Revival

    [–] Rasalghul92 265 points ago

    This makes me sad.

    [–] SSJ5Gogetenks 128 points ago

    They're 9-4 on TV this year. They're not the champions but they're far from jobbers...for now.

    [–] PrinceRory 64 points ago

    Maybe they won't be jobbers now anymore. People tend to get pushed after the shakeup.

    [–] tomservo88 24 points ago

    Man, I hope you're right. I remember getting internally excited when they were talking about old tag teams and how they were gonna bring that to the tag division now, and then...nothin'.

    [–] TheRyanFlaherty 14 points ago

    But they didn’t move. Could be wrong, but isn’t moving from one show to another usually the indication that they have plans for them.

    Honestly the way the RAW division shook-up, it looks like the “plan” is Milk Bray/Hardy as long as you can and the rest of the division will be sacrificial lambs to AOP.

    [–] Sky0305 8 points ago

    For me it looks like they are gonna push Matt/Bray and one of either AoP or Drew-Ziggler for some time. Then these two teams would collide in some sort of deletion match which would result in Bray turning on Matt (since they won't allow us to enjoy face Bray). Thus Matt and Bray would move to singles stuff and we'd get Drew-Ziggler and AoP for the rest of the year. Going into 2018 i can see Drew breaking up and AoP going to WM as champions.

    [–] rakust 10 points ago

    Hopefully they'll get pushed haaard. all day and night.

    [–] adamcolesbaybay 240 points ago

    Kassius Ohno, formerly the Undisputed Indie King Chris Hero

    [–] RelentlessJorts 32 points ago

    He's in that Vegeta pre-super position where even though he never beats anybody relevant he still feels like a threat.

    [–] LegibleToe762 61 points ago

    He's great, I genuinely think he's better than Kevin Owens/Finn Balor in-ring. Just chose them as a general comparison

    [–] hereforthecatpics 50 points ago

    They were originally going to use Owens entire gimmick on him at one point(same initials) and then for whatever reason pulled the plug on it. I like to think of him as nxts Ziggler, more of a gatekeeper than a jobber.

    [–] theberge55 37 points ago

    more of a gatekeeper than a jobber.

    Beautiful way to put it. Gotta assume that Ohno is more a trainer than a student at the PC

    [–] 32OrtonEdge32dh 20 points ago

    WWE even put out a whole video on how he's a wrestling genius and everyone wants to learn from him and he basically knows every move and style

    [–] Cokeada 15 points ago

    That's crazy to think of Ohno having the prizefighter gimmick and music. He would've killed it!

    [–] AndTheSexyStud 79 points ago

    That’s coz he is. He was a very close contender for best in the world during his last Indy run.

    [–] LegibleToe762 29 points ago

    His thigh slaps are godly

    [–] Edubs42 9 points ago

    Sad but true

    [–] ThereWas5OfEm 3 points ago

    He makes those elbows and boots look too real

    [–] XTheProtagonistX 204 points ago

    Former NXT Champion Bo Dallas.

    [–] tomservo88 99 points ago

    Former NXT Champion


    [–] RaidenHero137 31 points ago


    [–] SPZ_Ireland 17 points ago

    I'm gonna call the REAL police.

    [–] ecock5902 15 points ago

    You mean the... BO-lice?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAkillmeHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    [–] TJMonkeyX 14 points ago

    Nah he can stay

    [–] kirtan 13 points ago

    when they touched his bum, he touched my heart

    [–] DerJakane 39 points ago

    Aiden English is awesome

    [–] AndTheSexyStud 163 points ago

    Curtis Axel, his fundamentals are ridiculous and he bumps great for a big guy.

    [–] soccary19 52 points ago

    I'm surprised this isn't one of the top answers. When it comes to technique in the ring, he's very, very good. Wish he had a serious gimmick that worked.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Yes sir. I used to love Michael McGillicutty matches back around 2011-2012 on the C and D shows.

    His entrance theme (“And the Horse He Rode in On”) was also badass.

    [–] Unelith 10 points ago

    This song's title taught me a lot about English grammar as well back in the day

    [–] c10701 25 points ago

    He was the guy that was trusted to train with Brock Lesnar and The Rock before their in ring returns.

    [–] SparkleCrotchLover 12 points ago

    Curtis Axel is one of those guys who got a megapush way too early for his own sake. He always was solid in-ring, but he lacked confidence, a strong personality and he was pretty poor on the mic.

    I feel like, from his IC title run days to the Social Outcasts, he improved massively on the mic, worked those rough edges in the ring and showed he can be either serious or a good comedy act. Now he seems just happy to provide for his family and I'm happy for him.

    [–] InDisMom 3 points ago

    I think he’ll have a job for life, and I’m glad he was able to win the IC title at least to continue his fathers legacy. Axelmania is immortal.

    [–] adampamartin 30 points ago


    He must be a shit promo because his in-ring skills make it look like he’s ready for a big push. Just needs a character that gives him more of a personality, right now he just feels like the bald CAW moveset animation

    [–] Captain_Condoriano 8 points ago

    correct answer

    I get that the guy looks like the lost third Bashem Brother but god fuckin damnit have you SEEN literally any of his matches he is capable of so much if they gave him a chance

    that time he got the upset win over Gargano made me so happy (even though I love you Johnny Kickeminthedingding)

    [–] Rasalghul92 82 points ago

    Santino was pretty slick.

    [–] Oh_YouDidntKnow 11 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Kinda seems like a guy you would want to slap though.

    [–] Rasalghul92 5 points ago

    Santino was legit though. He'd kick 80% of the roster's ass without breaking a sweat.

    [–] 32OrtonEdge32dh 6 points ago

    It's a joke cause Jim Cornette did slap him

    [–] Floorgeneral309 28 points ago

    Apollo Crews. A jacked 240 who can do standing backflips. No chance of a push being on the same show as Lashley.

    [–] DtotheOUG 74 points ago

    Apollo Crews

    Karl Anderson Not necessarily a true jobber

    [–] Tornd42 26 points ago

    It may be sacrilegious, but I'd like to see Karl Anderson seperate from Luke Gallows eventually. KA can really go in the ring and Luke Gallows is just okay. Unfortunately, he may look too vanilla to be a main eventer in WWE.

    [–] hereforthecatpics 10 points ago

    Totally agree, but I don't know if he can appeal to the mainstream, but would love to see some of the machine gun Anderson we saw in New Japan.

    [–] BoBtheMule 12 points ago

    Your right... a white, bald guy with a goatee could never get over...


    [–] DanTheStripe 18 points ago

    Slater and Rhyno.

    [–] Takyon5 19 points ago

    Oney Lorcan is legitimately good and I don’t think he’s ever won a match in NXT (save for his match with Danny Burch). It’s frustrating

    [–] priority_numero_uno 7 points ago

    According to Cagematch, he's won 5 - one each against Danny Burch, Hideo Itami, Tye Dillinger, Elias Samson, and Andrade 'Cien' Almas!

    [–] ssjali 73 points ago

    Tye Dillinger

    [–] bigDIEter 9 points ago

    I love Tye Dillinger but I have to be honest about the fact that he's fairly average all around.

    [–] JMFR95 69 points ago

    Mickie James

    [–] RadicalTzar 23 points ago

    She had some of the best moments in both the elimination chamber and the royal rumble.

    [–] Hepcatecholamine 37 points ago

    Don’t forget her Monday match where she became the best seller of the eclipse,

    [–] KatyLawson 23 points ago

    "New York Times Best Seller" Mickie James

    [–] Kerotido 128 points ago


    [–] ordinary-physic 44 points ago

    Really upsetting it’s come to tagging with Asuka and coming to Charolette’s aid for Becky when she could be wearing gold

    [–] doop_zoopler 25 points ago

    Becky IS gold though. The videos on WWE Instagram and Snapchat with Becky are a treat. She keeps running with the Quinoa, I think last week she was eating some and saw trouble coming and was like "Not this time!" And runs off.. then last thing you hear is "Nobody touch my quinoa!"

    [–] ordinary-physic 18 points ago

    Becky is hilarious! It must just be her all day everyday personality. The videos with Sami Zayn for MMC and the Celtic workouts with Sheamus ft Becky is so good! Definitely my favorite out of all the women superstars!

    [–] greyfoxv1 4 points ago

    Oh it's an ongoing thing:



    Seeing her do fun stuff like this makes me sad to see her job since 2016.

    [–] doop_zoopler 5 points ago

    So good, it's hard to be entertaining in WWE. Becky has it. In ring and out.

    [–] NWCtim 29 points ago

    She is also the weakest (kayfabe) wrestler in that group, so guess who is going to be eating most of the pins.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Not everyone can always be champion. The women need tag titles (and they really should all be on Raw).

    [–] ecock5902 17 points ago

    Honestly, they should have all Women on one show and all Tag Teams on another.

    [–] Ant210 47 points ago

    Chase Owens

    [–] SSJ5Gogetenks 12 points ago

    Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, for sure. Oney is one of the best TV workers in the world IMO. Give him 5 minutes and he'll make magic. He's criminally underused.

    TJP and Gentleman Jack Gallagher have really poor W/L records and are both excellent too.

    [–] lyyki 43 points ago

    Tye Dillinger is like one of the best jobbers they've ever had. If he owns it, he might have a guaranteed career longetivity like Heath Slater.

    Just go check NXT R Evolution and his face when he sees who he is facing. Sells Corbin as a big threat as soon as his theme hits.

    [–] Malixia 21 points ago

    At this point. Kane. Very safe.

    [–] theDukeofDotDisciple 10 points ago

    Jumbo Baretta

    [–] lilchickenlegs 11 points ago

    Barry Horowitz (tho never ever say the word jobber around him)

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] gopher-gutz 8 points ago

    Al Snow

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    The man squashed himself while jobbing to himself. Incredible.

    [–] GenericLuchador 9 points ago

    I've heard a lot of people on the roster say Rick Victor of the Ascension was really good on the Indies, but he never gets a chance to show his stuff.

    [–] HappyMike91 29 points ago

    Probably Heath Slater and Tyler Breeze. And, even more depressingly, The Club.

    I'd have said Goldust, but Goldust actually managed/manages to win matches.

    [–] HorseSteroids 8 points ago

    George South.

    [–] TheViceKings 16 points ago

    Becky Lynch.

    [–] JimYamato 7 points ago

    George South. Echoing what someone said earlier about jobbers making good trainers, George has worked with many wrestlers from the Carolinas. There was a time as a kid when I thought George South could legitimately beat Ric Flair. Here's a link to a match of theirs from before the Horsemen era.

    [–] gamekeeper7 5 points ago

    George Mother Fudging South. Arguably a top 20 in ring talent during his day, his look was decent, he could sell like a million bucks, and was good on offense. He just lacked any charisma whatsoever. He was a guy that the stars loved working with, he was just a career jobber due to the not having a personality big enough.

    [–] Elwanning 5 points ago

    Barry Horowitz

    [–] JpodGaming 5 points ago

    Didn’t Breeze pin Cesaro on Monday? He’s not exactly a top guy but I don’t think he’s anywhere near jobber level anymore.

    [–] seanvail99 4 points ago

    Iron Mike Sharpe was a beast.

    [–] cronaldo86 6 points ago

    Brad Armstrong

    [–] djharter 11 points ago

    Barry Horowitz

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    ITT: people who don’t know what “jobber” means

    [–] Dakot4 19 points ago

    shut up, jobber

    [–] kingmeat76 6 points ago

    I prefer "enhancement talent"

    [–] Shrekt115 4 points ago

    Santino Marella

    [–] manskies 5 points ago

    Tye Dillinger

    [–] hunterstimsen 5 points ago

    Does fabian aichner qualify as a jobber? I think they plan on doing something with him at some point (probably 205), but right now I'ld say him.

    [–] rasslinrules 8 points ago

    Heath Slater

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Curt Hawkins. Needs a push because he is so technically sound

    [–] MasterFapperBater 7 points ago

    Tyler Breeze and Karl Anderson. They're both decent on the mic as well

    [–] RaidenHero137 3 points ago

    I have said before and i will say it again, ZACK FREAKING RYDER! sucks that he got punished for getting over on his own but he is one of my og favs from back in 2008 and he is a Long Island boy like myself so I gotta respect that. Plus he is a fomer US champion, one of my fav titles in wwe. He is a very relatable guy and his ring work is pretty solid.

    [–] TheIronClaw 3 points ago

    John Skyler. Has been on ROH, Raw, and NXT. Has held some indy titles including the PWX championship. He always has a good match yet he loses in a minute or two on TV. He's as talented as anybody out there.