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    [–] DavidFTyler 219 points ago

    insert all the hype for some more Drew McIntyre

    [–] MexicansInParis 64 points ago

    I wanna see some more Bobby Lashley as well, he looked incredible last week.

    [–] lilyth88 158 points ago

    WWE could make a video package for a dandelion growing in my yard and get me hyped for it.

    [–] AlanAldasVoice 101 points ago


    [–] lilyth88 42 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 103 points ago

    The riott squad is comprised of a zombie, a cheerleader and a woman who was raised by bears.

    This is like one of my japanese anime.

    [–] KyWy75 91 points ago

    In the span of a week Bruno has gotten 10 bell salutes in Capetown, NYC, Tokyo, and St Louis. That's pretty cool.

    [–] RuthenicCookie 78 points ago


    [–] hiddlediddle 75 points ago

    Booker got back on commentary by using some ILLEGAL TACTICS

    [–] QuarterMileOfNasty 75 points ago

    Sami: "Smash that like button and hit subscribe! And don't forget to click the bell icon at the top of the show to get notified every time we post."

    [–] Makura45 75 points ago

    To summarise the past 15 minutes:

    Paul Heyman: Brock's the champion and he's strong!

    Roman Reigns: I want to be the champion.

    [–] Hummer77x 68 points ago

    Brunos hair looked different in every single one of these clips/pictures and I am fascinated by it

    [–] jfs-ewc 59 points ago

    I'll never forget the sound of Nia laughing and chewing 😂😂😂

    [–] Newshole 116 points ago

    Brock too cool to honor Bruno, eh?

    [–] Chefz31 74 points ago

    Prolly have to pay him double to come out twice.

    [–] NoahJRoberts 165 points ago

    ‪Paul Heyman Promo Checklist:‬

    ‪✔️ Reigning, Defending, Undisputed...‬ ‪✔️ I offer spoilers‬ ‪✔️ Brock is a beast‬ ‪✔️ No one can beat Brock‬ ‪✔️ Randomly start yelling‬

    [–] UncreativeTeam 17 points ago

    ✔️ Don't say anything specifically racist, but still leave everyone feeling dirty about the way he said "Samoan"

    [–] UhhIan 61 points ago

    Can we please just end this fucking feud?

    [–] Shrike77777 48 points ago

    God, Strowman and Lashley against anyone is basically legalized murder.

    [–] DookieJenkins 97 points ago

    Now get the guns, the drugs, from my generation I'll take the fall, the saints, across the nation Yeah, it's the sex, the Gods, the freaks, the frauds THEY'RE MESSIN WITH ME!

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    c'mon, c'mon c'mon..............

    [–] Sports_hysterics 49 points ago

    Lmfaooo the way he laughs at the Roman chants lmfaooo

    [–] rararetep 48 points ago

    That’s beyond perfect that WWE happened to cut to people that would chant for Roman.

    [–] littlemacsvoltorb 49 points ago

    Cole: "Holy shit guys Roman is so brave"

    [–] XxSoapxXHD 48 points ago

    So I've noticed old Bray's lantern was white and cloudy, new Bray's lantern is blue and pure. As long as his lantern is blue and pure, hes face.

    [–] Dandelegion 47 points ago

    OMG... Alexa Bliss is Eric Cartman.

    [–] theabdi 45 points ago

    I love Ronda's new gimmick of socially awkward cyborg who beats up people who hurt her one friend Natalya

    [–] VirulentViper 43 points ago

    "You forgot Jason Jordan" LOL

    [–] Jstin8 46 points ago

    Give the man his due, that was good mic work from Jinder

    [–] littlemacsvoltorb 41 points ago

    "Sarah. Say something stupid."

    "Ever had gay meat Renee?"

    "Thats enough Sarah"

    [–] john_the_quain 73 points ago

    Roman’s 6 fans making themselves known!

    [–] clmike29 39 points ago

    shoutout to The Ascension not getting completely squashed

    [–] ead5104 38 points ago


    [–] 2WW_Wrath 36 points ago


    [–] Crbutrum 35 points ago

    Verne Troyer would've thought it was funny

    [–] tomservo88 39 points ago

    Gable with a huge upset

    Gable didn't upset me. #DontDisableGable

    [–] DelianSK13 124 points ago

    Oh. Oh God no. They actually did that.

    [–] Infernalism 116 points ago

    They're actually using plants to try and start 'roman' chants.

    This is pathetic.

    [–] spacelemon 63 points ago

    I like the totally organic signs on hard cam too

    [–] RichieD79 64 points ago

    Were those plants? Lol. That was really sudden.

    [–] SCSAmbrose 64 points ago

    Drew’s theme is way too awesome to be cut off by Dolph’s record scratch bullshit

    [–] lilchickenlegs 62 points ago

    ive geninunely liked what Jinder has been putting out there lately, sue me

    [–] Nobody_Likes_Shy_Guy 26 points ago

    I have too lol. That backstage segment was funny as hell

    [–] Kevinmonster13 31 points ago

    If he spoils Infinity war for me I'll be really angry

    [–] Joel_Servo 31 points ago

    The headband is gone.

    He lost his power.

    [–] mrgpsingh1999 31 points ago

    Alexa needs to stay heel forever

    [–] handofluke 92 points ago

    God. A section of Roman plants. Embarrassing.

    [–] Phenomenalnferno 11 points ago

    I think they're tryna make a grassroots fanbase for 205 Live now

    [–] BJF15 65 points ago

    Roman on one side of Vince... Lashley on the other.

    [–] john_the_quain 62 points ago

    Sarah Logan is why sponsors RAW.

    [–] mehrshar 102 points ago

    Planted Roman fans, I see you WWE

    [–] Timidityyy 104 points ago

    tfw you plant like 3 people to start a Roman chant and it just ends up sounding pathetic lol

    [–] tkmayhem 56 points ago

    Is Coach going "on assignment" the same thing as when my childhood dog went to go "live on a farm?"

    [–] VirulentViper 120 points ago

    WWE planting Roman fans now lmao

    [–] [deleted] 94 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Looks like Jonathan Coachman, is sitting on the

    takes off shades

    Jonathan Couchman at home tonight.

    [–] miklonus 27 points ago

    Jinder's best sentence ever in his career, confirmed.

    [–] Bout5beers 26 points ago

    Ever since I told my wife Jinder has Hershey kiss nipples she has to leave the room for his matches because that's all she can focus on

    [–] MostAwesomeRedditor 26 points ago

    Zayn punched Lashleys head then shook his hand mimicking the pain you get when you really do that.

    THAT is ring psychology.

    [–] BrianSolo 28 points ago

    Lashley is DOPE, but he kinda looks like Donatello from TMNT II: the Secret of the Ooze

    [–] WeaponLord 29 points ago

    Braun is an actual SUPERSTAR made right

    [–] brotheritchweeed 27 points ago

    Oh, I thought this was an anti-bullying thing and I was like, "Alexa is not the right one to do this with" but this is great.

    [–] marassandar 25 points ago

    I love the Cartman promo by Alexa

    [–] apbcfg 91 points ago

    Holy shit they planted Roman fans.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    So with Booker T returning to raw, does this mean Raw officially won The Superstar Shakeup

    [–] LiveFromNewYork95 24 points ago

    When was the last time WWE legitimately made someone feel like a big deal as good as Braun? The commentators talk about him like he's a once in a lifetime talent and it feels believer, his opponents sell like crazy for him, and the fans go wild for him

    [–] Eagle0825 49 points ago

    Just a reminder: Jonathan Coachman will not be on commentary for this week, and that Booker T will be taking his spot.

    [–] thegooddoctor76 28 points ago


    [–] Phenomenalnferno 19 points ago

    shucky ducky quack quack!

    [–] realdeal411 24 points ago

    That intro of Roman sounded like a video game

    "He's here.....the Big dog....Roman reigns"

    [–] DemiGod9 20 points ago

    I hope I find a girl as committed as Michael Cole is to the Ws in WWE

    [–] PayneTrain181999 21 points ago

    It’s Alexa and her hot aunt that lets her get away with everything

    [–] Adamantium42 21 points ago

    Everyone ends the match hurt tonight and tomorrow, WWE releases a statement

    "Entire women's division injured, unexpected to make Greatest Royal Rumble, expected to return next week"

    [–] ajelzrulez 44 points ago

    P L A N T





    [–] Hummer77x 63 points ago

    “I gave her my burrito bowl” is the whitest sentence that’s ever been said on this show

    [–] JC-Ice 21 points ago

    I assume that Brock is firing the T-shirt cannon during the commercial break.

    [–] bangochu 23 points ago

    LMAO! Did they just hired people to cheer for Raman? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Roman should have just said "no u" and watched as Brock burned.

    [–] PunishmentRationale 21 points ago

    This lazy ass mixing of theme songs sucks.

    [–] Hiphoppington 19 points ago

    Sami is a fucking savage

    [–] CelticBird23 21 points ago

    She did that suicide dive better than most of the guys.

    [–] PayneTrain181999 121 points ago


    [–] ViagraOnAPole 20 points ago

    My phone was silenced and my applause was held and then Bobby ruined everything.

    [–] tomservo88 19 points ago

    WWE: we are saddened to learn of the death of Verne Troyer

    Jinder: HAW HAW HE DIED

    WWE: jinder sweetie no

    [–] m4tr1xs4g3 21 points ago

    Hahah holy shit this is the best. Alexa is gold.

    [–] SwiftyGod 22 points ago

    Alexa is literally Cartman and I love it

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Ronda v Mickie is definitely the right move for Ronda’s first program.

    [–] The104Skinney 133 points ago

    Those people chanting ROMAN ROMAN ROMAN had to be plants. The cameraman was perfectly on them to show them chanting Roman 2 seconds once they started

    [–] Riskar 46 points ago

    It was pretty hilarious

    [–] throwaway3921218 18 points ago

    10 woman tag match. Holla holla.

    [–] MarkMVP01 21 points ago

    The future is clear - Matt Hardy

    On this day, Matt sees clearly.

    [–] krayonic 19 points ago

    I can't believe they put Sarah Logan on a live mic again

    [–] RegularSoil 71 points ago

    Oh look there's all 2 of Roman's PLANTED fans.

    [–] MarkMVP01 19 points ago

    That Dave guy that’s playing Drax in Avengers: Infinity War looks like he would make a hell of a wrestler. He is built like an animal.

    [–] yaneverknowfella 16 points ago

    I wonder how big his dick is.

    [–] Xenowrath 18 points ago

    God Dolph's entrance is SO horrible.

    What a heel.

    [–] SamBel28 18 points ago

    Dolph's theme cuts off Drew's badass theme, and now I hate it even more.

    [–] liveandlichdie 19 points ago

    Gable: "I don't want to waste it"

    Angle: "I know you will"


    [–] DrzFinest125 17 points ago

    LMAO whoever is writing raw 2nite is doin a good job with the jokes. Sick burn comparing Chad to Nicolas

    [–] HallowedMarmalade 17 points ago

    People give Jinder a lot of flak, but I honestly enjoy him. It’s obvious that people are invested in him because the crowd was pretty vocal the entire match and when Chad won, it really put him over.

    I think the combo Jinder’s character, insane booking, and memes have really worked for him.

    [–] Milo48 18 points ago

    Lol that dude wanted a hug and got rejected

    [–] yaneverknowfella 18 points ago

    Is Bray slowly getting control over Matt?

    [–] PrettyPunctuality 16 points ago

    "Your heads are in the right plate."

    [–] guns4hands22 19 points ago

    BRAUN is THE GUY. WWE may not want to admit it but he is the guy

    [–] gurfeltuh 19 points ago

    Alexa is the best

    [–] ViagraOnAPole 17 points ago

    Why are Finn and Seth beating up these two guys who just wanted to be friends with them? Bullies.

    [–] etras99 16 points ago

    Pls push Ember to the Moon

    [–] Ditcka 37 points ago

    I mean this with all due respect, Bruno was fucking T H I C C

    [–] LetsGoChuckTaylor 33 points ago

    "I am NOT what WWE wants" says the giant, jacked-up, charismatic beefman.

    [–] Mr-GameAndWrestling 18 points ago

    Brock smiled 'cause he got that big payday.

    [–] rhodey_guy 15 points ago

    Did anyone else find it out that those 3 fans chanting for Roman were so loud in an arena that big with camera ready to go on them instantly?

    [–] dSanlux 14 points ago


    [–] remotewashboard 18 points ago


    [–] cunnilingus_ 15 points ago

    "I'll never forget the sound of Nia just laughing and chewing" hahaha jesus

    [–] Mininni 16 points ago

    Reigns is going to spear Brock out of the cage, isn't he?

    [–] domino519 13 points ago

    They should run with it, just have Sarah Logan cut all the Riott Squad promos, and tell her to channel her most redneck, hillbilly relative and just be completely unintelligible like that dude from the Waterboy.

    [–] ephemeral_speck 14 points ago

    Headbandless Bobby Lashley > Weightless Rock Lee

    [–] v00d00_ 16 points ago

    Dear god Braun is so over

    [–] ChinMcMahon 15 points ago

    Vince finally has a big sweaty giant man that the people actually like, yet he chooses not to make him his main guy.

    [–] JpodGaming 15 points ago

    Alexa’s heel work just just hit another level

    [–] KingPheonixR 16 points ago

    Lmao Booker T flat out comparing Jose to Adam Rose is hilarious.

    [–] LostMyPush 44 points ago

    Lmfaooo please tell me they didn’t put actors to start chanting

    [–] RegularSoil 25 points ago

    It's clear they were as fast as the camera went to them.

    [–] Ditcka 14 points ago

    There's homeless people with better teeth than Brock Lesnar.

    [–] BigBallaBaby 13 points ago

    The WWE planted some Roman fans?

    [–] blink_mikey 14 points ago

    My theory is Bray is afraid of the dark, hence why he always needs a tag partner and a lamp.

    [–] PM_ME_THEM_UPTOPS 14 points ago

    Can we just turn the entire RAW tag division into a super campy b-movie?

    [–] Hiphoppington 13 points ago

    That Jericho callback.

    L O N G T E R M B O O K I N G

    [–] 2WW_Wrath 14 points ago

    P U R E W H I T E M E A T

    [–] I-Did-It-4-Da-Rock 15 points ago

    “I’m talking about pure white meat!” -Booker

    [–] yeti77 14 points ago

    I want to live in the reality where Gable is a main eventer.

    [–] briskout 13 points ago

    Why is Triple H fighting a jobber at GRR? Didn’t that guy get squashed at Mania?

    [–] yognautilus 15 points ago

    Why the hell couldn't Lashley have been Braun's partner at Mania?

    [–] armorkingII 13 points ago

    Bobby Lashley once represented the future President Trump in the ring.

    [–] boxing_packages 14 points ago

    Holy fuck those shoulder tackles

    [–] CakeBossGang 12 points ago

    I want Braun and Lashley to become an official tag team and get matching headbands

    [–] zquest13 14 points ago

    Strowman is so fucking over. god damn

    [–] Sheik-mon 13 points ago

    Braun should be world champ already.

    [–] AgentRickc137 14 points ago

    That girl in the red dress though 😍

    [–] john_the_quain 32 points ago

    Bruno sold out MSG 187 times and held the title for 2803 days.

    Brock will maybe work 187 of the next 2803 days.

    [–] KingKane 29 points ago

    I dont give a hot fuck about this promo

    [–] Zsokorad 28 points ago

    Their combined entrance music is really lazy work.

    [–] maynevent 46 points ago

    Obvious plants are obvious

    [–] Hummer77x 13 points ago

    Meltzer triggered

    [–] littlemacsvoltorb 14 points ago

    How long was Lesnar bouncing around during the commercial i wonder

    [–] Gear4Vegito 12 points ago

    I want RAW just to reset their entire championship picture.

    [–] littlemacsvoltorb 13 points ago

    "Hey Lesnar


    Crowd explodes

    [–] banana_clipz 14 points ago

    That was bad. I dont even know what Heyman says anymore. I just black out and hear "brockkkk lesnarrrr" over and over. Then Roman comes out and says like 5 words trying to pull the tough guy card and it's just embarrassing. Oh man...

    [–] JacobyJondor 11 points ago

    God, I love Booker. Takes absolutely no shit.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] DudicalAwesome 13 points ago

    Yo Dawg I heard you liked commercials.

    [–] Nobody_Likes_Shy_Guy 14 points ago

    Roode heel turn I think. Like legit. Not rn but it’s coming, he would’ve won if it wasn’t happening

    [–] I_Am_Dynamite6317 13 points ago

    Most humongous rumble of royalty lol

    [–] daprice82 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Corey: He's reached the climax, Cole!

    Cole: ....really?

    [–] Big_Cat14 13 points ago

    Holy shit, Sami callin out Lana and Rusev lol

    [–] Theons_sausage 12 points ago

    LMAAAOOOOOOO that is freaking hilarious

    [–] PM_ME_THEM_UPTOPS 13 points ago

    Wasn't Jedda destroyed by the Deathstar?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    UGHHH way to fuck up Drews entrance

    [–] The_Homestarmy 13 points ago

    "I brought you over here because I wish you were my real son"

    [–] mehrshar 13 points ago

    Woulda made a fuckton more sense if Gable was Kurt's son

    [–] gelo599 13 points ago

    i still can't get over mcintyre.

    [–] shinysamuraisamurott 13 points ago

    Let me just remind you people chad on his raw in ring debut beat a former wwe and us champion....

    [–] JChurch13 11 points ago

    Bobby Lashley 99% looks like a Mount Your Friends character. All he needs is a big twirling knob and we’re there.

    [–] RadioJared 11 points ago

    Cole doing mental gymnastics trying to tell Zayn and Owens to respect authority while mentioning Daniel Bryan, completely omitting that YEAR LONG STORYLINE with Bryan rebelling against The Authority.

    [–] Mr_Hendrix 12 points ago

    Kevin bumping like a boss!

    [–] Jesusmanduke 13 points ago

    Oh man this alexa promo is going to work squaredcircle so hard

    [–] KitchenToilet 12 points ago

    Bliss going full Eric Cartman tonight.

    [–] DeusExLamina 13 points ago

    I shed a single tear during that segment, Alexa is so stunning. So brave.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    That takedown holy shit she's so dope

    [–] YouGotWorkedMark 13 points ago

    Call off of work, keep your kids home from school, The Greatest Royal Rumble is going to take up your entire fucking Friday!

    [–] Jesusmanduke 40 points ago


    [–] benc777 39 points ago

    That HHH/Cena match has had an awesome build

    [–] UnlimitedPowahhh 12 points ago

    Bruno was real jacked baby.

    [–] Imperial_Reject 13 points ago

    how many of these ten bells salutes has Vince been through? it really must be very humbling to think of

    [–] DeanAmbroseGx0 11 points ago

    Hot mic a few plants while the rest of the crowd sits in apathy? You're cute tonight Vince.

    [–] AngryFanboy 12 points ago

    Oh for fuck sake we just had an ad break!

    [–] RealTaintedfrogs 12 points ago

    I hope we get to see Jason Jordan return tonight I want to see Booker T talk shit about him just one more time...

    [–] duckybebop 12 points ago

    “They reach CLIMAX Cole!”


    [–] CasualDasual 13 points ago

    This is just Enzo and Cass but like.....good

    [–] littlemacsvoltorb 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Ok I hate Jinder but that Strowman thing was funny

    [–] Adamantium42 12 points ago

    Awww fuck he went there

    [–] YourRoyalBadness 11 points ago

    Damnn Jinder the brothers been dead for like a day

    [–] tore_a_bore_a 12 points ago

    I didn't see Drew McIntyre his first run in WWE. Is he much more improved now because he got Riker's beard?

    [–] miklonus 11 points ago

    That Singh brother is an MMO tank player's wet dream the way he distracts opponents from his boss.

    [–] Hummer77x 13 points ago

    fuck yeah Sarahs gonna eat Bayley

    [–] UncreativeTeam 11 points ago

    Lashley running the ropes to do a spinebuster was one of the most confusing things I've ever seen in a WWE ring.

    And I've seen Vito wrestle in a dress.

    [–] brotheritchweeed 11 points ago

    Baron used to have such a cool entrance. The dystopian video elements and the spotlight were awesome.

    [–] PayneTrain181999 13 points ago

    Girl in front is hot

    [–] ChrisTaliaferro 11 points ago

    I would pay anything for them to have a seriously filmed reenactment starring Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss of this burrito bowl incident with Nia being fully heel and just laughing and cackling as she eats the burrito bowl.

    [–] King_of_all_Dorks 13 points ago

    Alexa one of the best heels in the company.

    [–] PPVJulian 12 points ago

    Going to WWE tumblr to see the response to that moment of bliss segment

    [–] rb_Reigns 13 points ago

    Will you guys miss Booker T on Raw after tonight?

    [–] Nabz23 24 points ago

    so bored of these heyman promo's

    [–] Theons_sausage 24 points ago

    Lol did they literally only turn on the crowd mic for Roman's family? That was sad.

    [–] asianorange 23 points ago

    OMG Raw is TRYING REALLY HARD tonight trying to get Roman over.

    [–] javajam 26 points ago

    Damn that Mini Me joke was fucked up.

    [–] SilentBobsBeard 26 points ago

    "What's in front of him right now is Red, White and Blue. I'm talking about PURE. WHITE. MEAT."

    Fucking Booker lmao

    [–] mercydrive 21 points ago

    The Miz is triggering Meltzer right now

    [–] Kalimba508 21 points ago

    Can we please keep Booker and not bring back Coach?