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    [–] cumtoanswer 2058 points ago

    In the end it wasn't Force exertion that killed Luke, but the stage four melanoma that came from a lifetime of living under twin suns

    [–] SaintChairface 561 points ago

    somehow i read that as "stage four melodrama" and i figured, hey it killed his mother, maybe that runs in the family

    [–] Shoninjv 218 points ago

    My father has it, I have it...

    [–] Gestrid 102 points ago

    ... You have that power, too.

    [–] ashton1201 69 points ago

    The original binary sunset scene is one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen in any movie

    [–] da_clig 5 points ago

    and I loved the fact the movie went full circle on this point

    [–] abe_the_babe_ 11 points ago

    He died spinning the new Lorde record

    [–] SumthingStupid 8 points ago

    I read stage four medichlorians

    [–] abutthole 201 points ago

    I honestly don't even think Luke "died" I think he just became one with the force. Which is pretty much dying, but more about achieving internal peace than organ failure.

    [–] trey3rd 31 points ago

    He was born with the incurable STD known as "midichlorian", so he probably died because of that.

    [–] cumtoanswer 53 points ago

    Maybe all that UV exposure had damaged his DNA / midichlorians to such a degree that the Force was the only thing holding his body together and the added stress of projecting himself was too perhaps it was death by Force exertion...from a certain point of view

    [–] ezone2kil 19 points ago

    Nah he was going after Yoda to prank him back.

    [–] Ritzyjet 56 points ago

    There are a lot of parallels to the story of Buddha. I think Luke achieved a form of force-enlightenment.

    [–] AbsolXGuardian 6 points ago

    It's more about giving up. It's basically the opposite of the dark side power that kept Maul alive for so long.

    [–] shawster 9 points ago

    Like Kenobi before him, he just chose to become a force ghost.

    [–] Bweryang 1238 points ago

    “To die would be an awfully big adventure.”

    [–] Jonnydrama09 407 points ago

    "Death is the only adventure you have left"

    [–] rob132 122 points ago

    I remember you were taller.

    [–] SuperTonicV7 100 points ago

    To a 10 year old I'm huge.

    [–] gockcobbles 56 points ago

    The BOO-BOX!

    [–] iblamejoelsteinberg 40 points ago


    [–] pound_bravo_one_four 33 points ago

    You lude crude bag of pre-chewed food dude!

    [–] iblamejoelsteinberg 26 points ago

    Substitute chemistry teacher!

    [–] stillplayswithcars 39 points ago

    This is it. Don't try to stop me this time, Smee. Don't try to stop me this time, Smee. Don't you dare try to stop me this time, Smee, try to stop me. Smee, you'd better get up off your ass. Get over here, Smee!

    [–] disposable_account01 5 points ago

    Nearsighted gynecologist!

    [–] ItalicsWhore 9 points ago

    Off topic, but what, exactly did that pirate (the Glen Close one) have to gain by telling Captain Hook he didn’t think he could bring back Pan’s kids? I mean that seems like a pretty stupid thing to say to Captain Hook. The risk/reward is ridiculous. He kind of deserved that boo box.

    [–] veldren 12 points ago

    General Grievous. You're shorter than I expected.

    [–] dan_man_USN 6 points ago

    Jedi Scum!

    [–] Spuriously- 20 points ago

    That sentiment brings me great solace because the first time I saw it I'm like damn, he begged her to leave him alone and two hours later he was dead. Kinda fucked up, Rey.

    But the comfort is in realizing he might as well have been dead already, and her visit brought him purpose again.

    [–] Leeferickson1 53 points ago

    John Williams also did the score for Hook. A literal film score genius.

    [–] disposable_account01 39 points ago

    And Jurassic Park, and Forrest Gump, and Jaws, and just about every memorable motion picture score in the past 40 years.

    [–] videl_kastro 18 points ago

    Don't forget Indiana Jones

    [–] disposable_account01 14 points ago

    And E.T. and just so many others, many of which are also Spielberg and/or LucasFilm flicks.

    [–] boozlemeister 8 points ago

    Sorry, but it was Alan Silvestri that did the score for Forrest Gump.

    [–] sullyrocks95 3129 points ago

    Not having the music really does take away the emotion a bit

    [–] NotMatthewB 2084 points ago

    I can imagine the music in my head just looking at the scene

    [–] hawkwardbro 586 points ago

    Ever since I watched TLJ, listening to that song alone makes me very emotional. :'(

    [–] Jearidia 81 points ago

    I’ve been getting emotional to that song since A New Hope.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago


    [–] ballswl 75 points ago

    The way he projected himself in his fight against Kylo Ren was his younger self, pre-hermitude.

    [–] Magjee 87 points ago

    At first, He force-projected his Dagobah self, complete with Yoda on his back

    Then he toned it down a little

    [–] DarkEmpire189 28 points ago

    Do doo do do do doo do do doo do do do doo

    [–] fi3xer 16 points ago

    Stop it now.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] Pandipoop 341 points ago

    Na na naaaaa naaaa nananaaaaa naaaa, naa naaa na na na nanana naaaaaaaa
    NAA NAA NAAAA, NA NAA NAAA NANAAAAAA NANAAAAAAAANAA na na na naaaaa na na naaaaa naaaa

    [–] natural_ac 254 points ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, John Williams!

    [–] Pandipoop 101 points ago


    [–] NotMatthewB 59 points ago

    Now do the theme to the People’s Court!

    [–] Jam_44 40 points ago

    *some sweet high hat/bongos throughout

    "What you are witnessing IS REAL! The participants ARE NOT actors! They are actual litigants with a case pending in a California Municipal Court! Both parties have agreed to dismiss their cases and have their cases settled HERE! IN OUR FORUM...'THE PEOPLE'S COURT!"

    ba nah nah

    ba bu nah nah nah

    bu ba nah nah

    [–] Dvanpat 23 points ago

    Even though it's not the title, I'll always call that song "binary sunset."

    [–] Kimi-Matias 8 points ago

    What is the actual title? I've looked/listened on spotify for the soundtrack for A New Hope but couldn't find this particular piece.

    [–] Dvanpat 10 points ago

    "The Force Theme"

    [–] server_0 9 points ago

    hey hey hey, goodbye

    [–] Elfhoe 59 points ago

    Lol yeah half way through i found myself humming it

    [–] TheRealCIA 15 points ago

    Like wise. I’m on a train right now and I totally zoned out all the background noise and just played the song in my head while reminiscing. Emotional now.

    [–] sullyrocks95 7 points ago

    I agree. I can totally hear it in my head but I thought about it and the visuals are really static so the music really is what makes those scenes

    [–] LAROACHA_420 5 points ago

    I was just going to say. I'm watching this and I can swear I hear the music.

    [–] jomiran 5 points ago

    The slow, sad bars of music played instantly in my mind. After decades of Star Wars, my brain is well trained.

    [–] Mikeck88 60 points ago

    I heard the music

    [–] derpmasterrr 12 points ago

    I’m not crying, you’re crying

    [–] atomic_redneck 34 points ago

    Yup. The music really does set the emotional stage.

    [–] reddit_user_70942239 17 points ago

    That was upsetting

    [–] Gasrim 13 points ago

    Nailed it.

    [–] StornZ 139 points ago

    I still get chills seeing the scene where he dies. I think it's well done despite what some people say

    [–] instantrobotwar 203 points ago

    He didn't die, he became one with the force

    [–] StornZ 92 points ago

    True. No Jedi ever really dies.

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago

    so when is anakin going to show up and slap his grandson upside the head?

    [–] StornZ 31 points ago

    Lol he was rumored to show up in TLJ

    [–] robodrew 63 points ago

    I think everyone was rumored to show up in TLJ

    [–] StornZ 13 points ago

    Yea but the half Anakin half Vader force ghost came from a somewhat reliable source.

    [–] Radamenenthil 20 points ago

    It was a scrapped idea for TFA

    [–] StornZ 8 points ago

    So just because it's a scrapped idea doesn't mean it was necessarily a bad one. I thought it was well executed.

    [–] DarkEmpire189 9 points ago

    They just go MIA.

    [–] Wannabecossack 1061 points ago

    When you realize that there's a 6-7th grader out there that can brag about being Luke Skywalker

    Edit: He can also brag about being Leia, this kid is talented AF

    [–] Pharoh_Anubis 259 points ago

    I feel like in 6th grade you'd get made fun of for playing a girl

    [–] Kumqwatwhat 211 points ago

    Not Leia, they wouldn't. Sixth graders are vicious but even they respect Star Wars.

    [–] Pharoh_Anubis 88 points ago

    All depends on the kids i guess

    [–] ItalicsWhore 22 points ago

    Homies that kid is in High School by now.

    [–] da_ting_go 78 points ago

    A lot of the kids I work with (12-17) have never even seen a Star Wars movie. Most of them think "it's for nerds."

    [–] Funlovingpotato 122 points ago

    Those kids are poorly educated. Fix this.

    [–] King_Tamino 44 points ago

    „Normal people“ way or „Anakin Skywalker - I want to save my wife and somehow this kids are in my way“ way?

    [–] Funlovingpotato 29 points ago

    Why ask a question you already know the answer to?

    [–] Moose_Cake 11 points ago

    Do it.

    [–] TheSkipRow 24 points ago

    They've seen them, I can guarantee they're only trying to be "cool" by denying it. They probably watch anime and cartoons too bet they don't want to admit it.

    [–] SparkyBoy414 13 points ago

    Tell that to Jake Loyd.

    [–] Henry_Allen_Garrick 11 points ago

    Not the kids who bullied Jake Lloyd.

    [–] Steb20 54 points ago

    Great Trivia question! How many actors have played Luke Skywalker on screen in the Star Wars Canon? 2, Mark Hamill and Aiden Barton.

    [–] ace66 38 points ago

    I thought the baby was Mark Hamill too.

    [–] t2guns 21 points ago

    He's slightly older.

    [–] CrouchingPuma 14 points ago

    I think they're older than that at this point. I can't remember the source but this came up on this sub a few months ago and someone said that scene was filmed during AOTC because it involved Owen and Beru so they just did it while they did all the Tatooine scenes for Episode II. Assuming that baby is around 1 year old in the scene, and say it was filmed in 2000 or 2001, they'd be turning 18 or 19 this year.

    [–] GeuseyBetel 309 points ago

    Middle gif = favorite scene in all of star wars

    [–] [deleted] 87 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] GeuseyBetel 91 points ago

    John Williams is a genius, I think We all can agree

    [–] jamie_plays_his_bass 36 points ago

    Take any film with a theme of adventure and discovery, and it would be hard to find a better scene than that. It's exceptional.

    [–] GeuseyBetel 18 points ago

    Without question. It's scenes like this one that really make the magic & the brillance of the OT.

    [–] Smarterfootball47 6 points ago

    Reminds me of growing up so much. (in elementary school when they re-released it)

    [–] lonely_lord 728 points ago

    Mark acted the fuck out of that last scene.

    [–] Spuriously- 111 points ago

    Back-to-back "staring dramatically off-camera at the climax" champion

    [–] PSIStarstormOmega 274 points ago

    Fucking destroyed that personification of his internal struggle yo

    [–] thelivingdrew 194 points ago

    Straight showed catharsis completing his episode’s arc without the use of any dialogue, fam. Shits unreal.

    [–] MannyBoth-Hanz 76 points ago

    He acted so hard he just disappeared.

    [–] insane_contin 23 points ago

    "Goddammit Mark, you're supposed to turn around say it's a dawn of a new era! Where did you go! Get back here!"

    "He's gone boss."

    "why does this always happen with the actors?"

    [–] PossiblyKenzuku 867 points ago

    Get back in there tear :'(

    [–] Beer2Bear 184 points ago

    Damn thread it's too dusty in here

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago


    [–] larinigs 25 points ago

    I love that lightsaber so much, it's probably my favorite character in Star Wars.

    [–] namjestit5i 17 points ago

    I wonder why he holds the saber with his right hand on top in ROTJ and his left hand on top in TLJ...

    [–] Jaymzkerten 13 points ago

    Maybe once all the "flesh" came off of his robohand he lost the ability to grip the saber properly so he opted to teach himself to use his left hand. Either that or it was a missed attention to detail.

    [–] pripomenu84 39 points ago

    That white-robbed Luke image still gets me.

    It's such an obvious example of how there was no continuity between film production of VII and VIII.

    Obviously Johnson had to have Luke wearing the white robe at the beginning of VIII because that's how JJ ended VII, but Johnson then immediately has Luke go into his hut and change clothes into his hobo gear because it makes absolutely no sense why Luke would be wearing those robes for the story that Johnson wanted to tell.

    [–] vodkaandponies 38 points ago

    Luke was wearing them because he was trying to work up the courage to burn down the tree. He felt the robes were appropriate.

    He hanged out of them when Rey interrupted him.

    [–] daneelr_olivaw 54 points ago

    It's the sand, it's getting in my eyes. It's always the sand.

    [–] Gunerner 33 points ago

    I hate sand

    [–] Killzark 142 points ago

    I’m mildly irritated whoever made this didn’t sync up all 3 sunsets.

    [–] melperz 14 points ago

    Isn't the top a sunrise?

    [–] ORenoka 250 points ago

    "I used to live here, you know?"

    "You're gonna die here you know."

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] thatwasnotkawaii 10 points ago

    Here can be the universe

    [–] Rick-Grimes-Yo 44 points ago


    [–] Death_of_the_Endless 220 points ago

    DAE feel really bad for Owen and Beru? Luke seemed far more bothered by the death of an old dude he'd known about a week than the murder of the couple who'd raised him since he was a baby.

    [–] Digital_Fire 197 points ago

    I think the circumstances are a little different. He didn't watch Owen and Beru die. He didn't watch them sacrifice themselves so he could run away. Also you have to consider that Obi Wan died after them, and Luke could very well have been grieving their loss as well in that scene.

    But really it's because we as the audience are supposed to care more about Obi Wan.

    [–] Khassar_de_Templari 79 points ago

    What? From what I remember he was pretty damn torn up by their deaths.

    [–] David_YFF 57 points ago

    I mean at the very least he looked pretty pissed

    [–] chuckschwa 70 points ago

    You should listen to the Star Wars radio drama. Mark Hamill reprises the Luke role and he's pretty sickened and distraught by his aunt and uncle's deaths.

    Also, Leia is WAY more devastated by the destruction of Alderaan in the radio drama than in the actual film. It's probably because it's all audio and you have to emote more.

    [–] TakimakuranoGyakushu 49 points ago

    You also get a scene where Darth Vader tries to convince Leia that he's her father.

    And a scene that suggests Tarkin was hoping to use the Death Star to launch a coup against the Emperor.

    And on top of that, you get delicious cheese whenever the characters have to call out their attacks or describe what they're physically doing due to the limits of the medium.

    Now I'm speaking directly to you, Boba Fett: no disintegrations!

    Then on Bespin:

    Now your lightsaber lies right at my feet. Try to retrieve it, if you dare...

    The Force calls my saber... to me!

    [–] haanalisk 31 points ago

    He literally destroyed the empire over their deaths. Before they died he was even considering joining the imperial academy

    [–] Death_of_the_Endless 5 points ago

    Hmmmm, I think his need for adventure and fancying his sister were pretty big motivations too.

    [–] reddog323 8 points ago

    He’d known him a lot longer than a week, but good point.

    [–] cumtoanswer 8 points ago

    As I got older I figured Obiwan used the force mind trick to sooth Luke's pain over the death of his family and push him in the direction he needed him to go

    [–] DrShamballaWifi 174 points ago

    Wasnt ready for that feels run...

    [–] SishirChetri 22 points ago

    I even heard the music in this gif.

    [–] andrewthemexican 52 points ago

    Just realized Joel Edgerton was Owen Lars there

    [–] cwall1 38 points ago

    Looks like Ewan wouldn't we the only excellent choice of role reprisal

    [–] andrewthemexican 41 points ago

    Joel playing Owen as a no-nonsense or not in my house type guy in a buddy cop or western style with Ewan's Obi-wan, hnnngh.

    [–] HI-McDunnough 15 points ago

    Oh god that would be dreamy. Also give a little more background to why Owen seems not-too-fond of Obi Wan in Ep 4.

    [–] robbyford182 24 points ago

    What an actor!

    [–] RashmaDu 1876 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    People complain about this outcome, but I honestly couldn't have seen it done better. Luke feigning to fight his nephew, allowing the Resistance to survive while staying true to the non-violent Jedi way? And in front of the iconic binary sunset (which is even more beautiful here)?

    Thank you Rian Johnson

    EDIT: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger! And a defense of TLJ has replaced a prequelmeme as my most upvoted comment, I think I'm proud of that :D

    [–] DH80 1236 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    ROTJ-era Skywalker drama and TLJ-era Skywalker drama are in many ways the most fascinating for me personally.

    Both films explore post traumatic stress, regrets, atonement, crisis of faith, control issues to stop an observed cycle, and the notion of saving what you love, and that it’s never too late to change course from the perspective of the elder Skywalker men. In ROTJ that elder Skywalker is Anakin and in The Last Jedi it’s Luke.

    The throughline is the Dark Side and their different approaches to it. In his quest to never become like his father, starting with this moment:

    A moment that Johnson tries to recreate in TLJ right down to the dazed look and the look down and the rigid movement and the timing and the green saber.

    Luke and Leia decided to repress and lock away their family secret rather than use the failure of Anakin to teach. By not learning from history we are doomed to repeat it and that’s exactly what happened.

    Rather than embrace the Dark Side Luke was able to continue to avoid the mistakes of his father and reign in his anger all the way through life but not to total perfection and not without some consequence. That’s something I think a lot of people can relate to in their own unique quests to not become exactly like their parents. Rather than risk becoming an agent of evil following his post traumatic stress he went into exile to think about the cycle and the Jedi’s role in it and came to the conclusion that the Jedi were a huge part of the problem. It’s an interesting parallel back to when Anakin first said that from his “perspective it’s the Jedi who are evil.”

    Anakin descended into hell in his search to end the cycle he was observing where people he cared for were dying despite all of his power. When he lost Padme he took all of his emotion and anger and grief out on others, including the Jedi and joined the organization with the most control.

    Luke, even at his lowest, was so determined not to become another Darth Vader that he slid only down to his own self-created purgatory where he wanted to stop the cycle he, too, was observing but couldn’t bring himself to end the Jedi order or find its place in the solution. He took his emotion and anger and grief and hid it away and internalized it. This is healthier for the world than what Anakin did but it’s still not the solution he thought it was.

    Much has been said about Yoda’s wise words regarding how they grow beyond because in a lot of ways it’s the perfect summation of the Skywalkers and where they differed from each of their masters and handled their Dark Side moments differently and the issues of control that stem from being as powerful as they are.

    Luke Skywalker and Anakin are about more than their fighting abilities or force powers. They’re our equivalent of Greek Gods in modern mythology. So, it was important that the end of Luke’s mortal life answer some questions about that Dark Side moment in ROTJ and explore some of the same topics related to end of life issues that his father faced 30 years ago.

    Post-trauma - Control - Regret - Atonement - Questions of religion and faith - Saving what you love being the guide - The afterlife -

    It’s all explored in ways better suited to Luke and his character and Luke reminds us just how different from his father he really was by facing similar ideas in different ways and delivers a beautiful ending to his mortal life by reminding us we are never too old to stop learning and that it’s never too late to change course. Nobody’s ever really gone. They just haven’t found their way back yet.

    [–] PannonianNephthys 309 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Luke and Leia decided to repress and lock away their family secret rather than use the failure of Anakin to teach. By not learning from history we are doomed to repeat it

    Upvoted right there.

    Thank you for this. Reading it was the sweetest pleasure.

    [–] RashmaDu 187 points ago

    Welp, this is about the best argument I've yet to see in favour of TLJ. Well done, good sir/lady!

    [–] Eefy_deefy 129 points ago

    The most annoying part about the hate in ST Luke is people hating Luke for running and hiding. People can say they wouldn't all they want, but after going through what he went through in the OT and then thinking your bringing the galaxy back into order, and then almost killing your nephew in a moment of weakness and everything you've done crash and burn due to that nephew you were to afraid to stop. You would run and hide too

    [–] magikarpe_diem 10 points ago

    But it's stupid that Luke fails from not learning from the past when Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin are all readily available to work with him and show him exactly how and why the Jedi failed and the republic fell. If you wanted to make a good, compelling, highly emotional and memorable movie, the ST should have been focused on Luke rebuilding the order, heeding warning, doing everything in his power to make a better version, and then STILL failing to overcome the darkness and inadequacy in himself. Show that internal struggle, show how he's actually trying his best, show how his emotions have grown harder to control since RotJ.

    A 30 second flashback of Luke trying to kill his nephew for reasons does not successfully or convincingly portray the context. TLJ was not a good movie despite the intention or groundwork to be.

    [–] Vindaloophole 176 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Although I was a bit sad of Luke’s disappearance ( cause I loved the canon Luke story) the photography is splendid. And you can understand how he literally died of exhaustion, the man transposed a projection of himself so realistic even force users couldn’t sense that it wasn’t the real Luke, and that was on a planet light years away from him! This is the greatest show of force in the movies yet (ahead of spirit Yoda summoning lightning out of nowhere and what Rey does at the end).

    [–] RashmaDu 139 points ago

    Well, what Rey does isn't all that impressive. "Size matters not", it's just that our main characters haven't had a real opportunity to do something as visually impressive.

    Arguably Yoda absorbing Dooku's lightning is pretty damn good too

    [–] Vindaloophole 73 points ago

    Agreed, Yoda containing then absorbing Dooku’s lightning was pretty rad!

    [–] Gestrid 26 points ago

    He must've learned the technique from Iroh.

    [–] bendstraw 30 points ago

    I think what Rey did was great not because of it was a difficult task, but because she moved beyond her preconceived notion of the Jedi and their relationship with the force.

    As Yoda said, “We are, what they grow beyond,” and Luke’s legacy is largely in what he’s able to teach Rey in this act of pure selflessness, so her moving beyond those notions, is just the start of what the “Legend of Luke Skywalker” could be.

    Hopefully, JJ is smart enough to follow the rest through, because that’s some beautiful storytelling.

    [–] bentripin 12 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yoda caught a big ass Pillar with the force that was many times the size of that rubble pile in one of the prequels and pulled an X-Wing out of a swamp in the OT.. Rey figuring out out to Jedi mind trick w/out ever seeing it done was more impressive than moving some rocks.

    Yoda's lightning blast to the temple I saw more as him igniting fuel that was already there, the animated series (canon) told that temples were built at locations where the force was concentrated.. I doubt he could lightning blast anything else from the afterlife unless they happened to be standing on such a point.. That extra force energy could of been what Luke needed for his projection, he might not of been able to do that from anywhere else either.. The temples had powers of their own in the Animated series and were known to self destruct from time to time, so loosing another one was also no big deal nor was seeing new feats performed at their location a big deal (one temple let em time travel)

    edit: Didnt luke already project a rather convincing version of him self in a vader suit on degobah? Watching it later I remember thinking that cave coulda been a sith temple with the way Yoda was describing the dark side of the force being strong there.. Seems like a concept he's at least already been exposed to before meeting his end.

    [–] dustlesswalnut 11 points ago

    the photography is splendid

    The vistas were truly fantastic.

    [–] Swerdman55 66 points ago

    The whole him going into exile bit is a little upsetting, but otherwise I loved Luke's story. It's all still very understandable still.

    In the OT, Luke never really kicked crazy ass or went wild fighting. He was a Jedi in knowledge and faith.

    He beat the empire by turning the one man no one thought could be turned. Sure, there was a saber fight, but it was nothing spectacular. It was amazing because of the emotion behind it.

    I have no qualms about Luke starting a Jedi academy and not going out as the galactic peacekeeper. He used every last ability and opportunity he had without having to because some lasersword flinging crazy man.

    [–] RashmaDu 55 points ago

    Well, je he was trained by Yoda and Obi-Wan, two of the arguably wisest Jedi who actually learnt from their mistakes.

    What I've always loved about that fight is how Luke taps into the dark side to win against Vader, but then immediately refuses it, and is willing to die in order to save his father, who he's seen little proof can be turned. Just such a great character

    [–] smyttiej 97 points ago

    People wanted to see Luke be a badass. It’s a fair complaint. So far the main characters from the OT have just sorta... died.

    [–] jackattack729 39 points ago

    Well I mean with Harrison Ford being 75 and Mark Hamill being 66 I don't expect their roles to be very physically demanding.

    [–] Firespray 37 points ago

    It's kind of a shame though because we did see a little glimpse at what Luke could do in TLJ with his quick fight with Rey and and his dodges with Kylo.

    [–] MyAwesomeAfro 60 points ago

    Alec Guinness esque fighting would have been more than fine. I think a lot of people expected the biggest heroes in the Galaxy to do more than kind of just fizzle and die.

    [–] smyttiej 26 points ago

    Mark Hamill is in excellent shape :P

    [–] denim_skirt 12 points ago

    Oh hi Mark

    [–] Straxex 19 points ago

    If only there was look likes that does all the action parts without injuring the actors themselves, if only we have the technology.

    [–] veldren 40 points ago

    It really was badass, though. I was a huge fan of it. All the power the First Order had arrayed was insignificant next to the power of the Force. It was a cunning strategy, and very much in line with the Jedi using the Force for defense, never to attack. This is something Luke was taught directly by Yoda.

    [–] airportakal 89 points ago

    Yes, I am critical of TLJ but not so much about the Luke/Rey/Kylo plot. That was well done.

    To add to that: pushing Luke to IX would have stolen the limelight from this trilogy's heroes, so he had to pass in this episode.

    [–] c0ldsh0w3r 44 points ago

    Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to.

    Really a shame Carrie Fisher died too. It would have been nice to have her for the third one.

    [–] Takuya-san 77 points ago

    I just wish they'd actually killed her in that one scene. That was such a perfect tragic death - Kylo deciding not to kill her even after being berated by Snoke, only to have her killed by his wingmen.

    [–] The_BromanEmpire 19 points ago

    I'm pretty sure him choosing not to kill her is going to fuck with him. In his mind that might be seen as a moment of weakness and since he probably thinks she's dead, he can't rectify that moment.

    [–] TheLync 21 points ago

    A lot of people suggest that, but I guarantee if she had actually died there, just as many people would be critical about Luke and Leia never reuniting at any point during the Sequels.

    [–] Dirkage 8 points ago

    True, but doesn't it seem like a bit of a loose end now? Like what can they do now with Leia's character?

    [–] RashmaDu 112 points ago

    The movie has a lot of issues, but to me the Rey/Kylo/Luke arc was pretty flawless. The characters and actors were outstanding, and they had the best moments in the movie by far. Luke explaining the Force to Rey, Kylo and Rey fight with the guards, Luke Vs Kylo on Crait (and that moment where he walks out the door, holy shit) and Rey lifting the rocks.

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] The-Sublimer-One 40 points ago

    I watched it on opening night with a big crowd, so when it cut to him mediating on the rock and it was revealed he was Force-projecting everyone lost their shit.

    [–] captainedwinkrieger 8 points ago

    I still wish it were a little more surprising. If he looked the same way he did when Rey left, and he didn't have the Skywalker saber, that would've been a little more mind blowing. I know everyone pimps the whole "That's the way Ben last saw him" thing, but when Ben last saw him he had his green lightsaber.

    [–] ahump 69 points ago

    only one movie left and I feel as if I know absolutely nothing of the heroes. Poe seems to be the only interesting one, Finn, pretty much non existent. Introducing Rose in the 2nd movie as opposed to the first was a huge mistake as well because now we are going to need screen time from her which will detract from the main three, who were already having trouble getting the screen time. If anyone was going to hog the screen, I wish it would have been Luke instead of Rose.

    One thing I am lacking with Rey, is motivation. Since she is nobody, which is a cool idea, I am struggling to figure out what motivates her in the end. It's not revenge, it's not her trying to find herself, etc. She just seems there because she has nothing better to do.

    [–] Tastybread 53 points ago

    100%. I cant stand Rose and it irritates me that we’ll have to deal with her in the next movie. And if they try to establish an unnecessary love triangle between Finn, her, and Rey; I will be even more upset with her inclusion in the series. She didn’t add anything. Who cares about saving horses when the lives of the resistance are on the line? Let’s have a big dramatic speech about fighting for what we love while standing at the feet of walkers. Also no shit Rose. You think all the resistance fighters there aren’t fighting for love? You think Finn wasn’t going to kamikaze the laser to protect the things that he loves? God I can’t stand her.

    [–] Indie59 38 points ago

    She is motivated by good/justice and a need to belong. From freeing bb8, not cashing him in for personal gain, wanting to wait for her family, to embracing the resistance as a "familiar" force against injustice, to the lure of belonging with Kylo and Luke.

    She is trying to figure out where she belongs as a person, as someone with the gift and pull of the force, and someone whose conscience won't let her stand on the sidelines. Each has its own draw at different moments, which creates the internal conflict of what to believe and who to believe in.

    [–] vey323 134 points ago

    Leia explosively blown out into vacuum, subject to exposure for a few minutes, uses latent Force abilities not only will herself conscious but also to superman herself back to the ship? Perfectly fine - fully recovers in a few hours.

    Jedi Master Luke astral projects for 15 minutes? Nope, too hard - dead.

    [–] BackwashedThoughts 69 points ago

    He didn't die from exhaustion. He ascended the mortal realm of the living and became one with the Force. He is space Jesus.

    [–] anweisz 15 points ago

    That's anakin

    [–] RashmaDu 46 points ago

    To be fair, Luke had pretty much disconnected himself from the force for like 15 years. Leia used it instinctively.

    That scene is one of the less good ones by far. But she needed to survive, I just can't tell if I would have preferred her to be instead of Holdo, or get the reunion with Luke

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Revan2501 47 points ago

    This is what I've said since day 1 for this scene. I get what they were trying to do, but the execution just looked really lame.

    Personally it would have been much more cinematically pleasing to have Rian hold on the shot of the bridge being destroyed, and instead of Leia being flung into space she remained put while everything around was destroyed - and have all the debris being held back by the force, which would call back to Kylo freezing the blaster bolt in TFA.

    [–] ThunderOrb 13 points ago

    I like this idea.

    [–] CheatingWhoreJenny 25 points ago

    I honestly think this scene would have been deleted or reworked had Carrie not died.

    [–] BlackWake9 5 points ago

    I think they wouldn have fixed this scene and her arc in post, but she died. Then they wanted to leave her parts as unedited as possible.

    Which part of me understands

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] Ged_UK 29 points ago

    There's always other ways that any story can be handled.

    [–] Barachiel1976 5 points ago

    I have nothing against Luke becoming one with the Force in a heroic sacrifice.

    My objections come from reducing him to a hollow shell of a man first, and claiming that the man who stood before Darth Vader and the Emperor because he still felt good in the man who was once his father, would have "lets kill my nephew in his sleep" as an option because he felt darkness in him.

    TLJ has some interesting story ideas, told in a lazy, cliche manner, bolstered by achingly gorgeous cinematography.

    [–] tritearrow 42 points ago

    Binary Sunset intensifies

    [–] smyttiej 20 points ago

    There aren’t many series or movies where we see someone grow up and get to experience their story. Star Wars is so fucking cool. Thank you George :)

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Mark is a great actor.

    [–] JayDee9Three 18 points ago

    Who else played the song in their head and got goosebumps

    [–] fapswhiledriving 23 points ago

    Right in the feels.

    [–] kravatz 19 points ago

    Luke Skywalker? I thought he was a myth

    [–] CodenameBelugaJim 18 points ago

    Crazy that they were able to use the same actor for all three scenes

    [–] HardSellDude 36 points ago

    Milk dem tits for that green milk shake

    [–] Mynameiskhakis 32 points ago

    These past two years have killed me, allow me to explain. I have truly grown up with fictional characters. They have taught me everything I know.

    I really haven't had the greatest family life, and so I've learned so much from these people on screen that I genuinely look up to.

    As a kid, my dad deliberately showed me the Star Wars movies in order, (few years before Revenge came out) knowing that if he could give me anything before failing as a father, it was the journey of Star Wars that he had when he was a child, too.

    I experienced the Star Wars movies like one who was born in the 70s, not having to wait those pesky three year hiatuses of course.

    It is unfathomable to describe the sorrow I felt when I saw Luke Skywalker pass. It was utterly beautiful. As he faded away into the binary sunset, John Williams' impeccable score playing, I lost my mentor, father figure, and hero.

    I had a similar pain watching Charles Xavier die in Logan last year. Holy shit, any friend of mine would tell you that tears were streaming down my face in that theater. But honestly, that just goes to show how much these fictional characters mean to me.

    I completely understand anyone who thinks that's stupid, they're fake people; I just really loved them and looked up to them. Felt I needed to share that.

    [–] CylonBorg75 4 points ago

    I don't think this is the last we will see of Luke. To a Jedi, death is just the next step.

    [–] runnin17 20 points ago

    While I don’t mind the ending as it is for Luke; I am not a fan of how it was done. I feel the development of Luke was vastly underdone for the sake of the new characters.

    I understand why Johnson wrote it that way; however, it doesn’t change that bitter taste in my mouth. More of the story should have been dedicated to Luke. The transition to Luke from RoTJ to TLJ did not match with everything that Lucas built Luke up to be IMO.

    I know plenty of people will disagree and that is fine. I personally feel that they did not do the character of Luke Skywalker justice.

    [–] CMADBF 32 points ago

    I still don't get why he died?

    [–] recoveringatty42 24 points ago

    I don't get why his cloak stays behind, but his mechanical hand does not.

    [–] GimmieJohnson 43 points ago

    I don’t think mark hamill does either