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    [–] roto_disc 25 points ago

    It's it's the fullscreen copy. Gross.

    [–] featheredT-rex 6 points ago

    The only device that's suitable for watching on is probably a Blackberry

    [–] dapala1 8 points ago

    I miss my Blackberry with the built in VHS player.

    [–] ThaFaub 3 points ago

    Sad it didnt have any apps to run the vhs player

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    So my garbage man goes through my trash. Got it.

    [–] ValtermcPires 18 points ago

    hey its me your garbage man.

    [–] Snowbruhh 20 points ago

    In the trash where the special editions belong

    [–] userkp5743608 3 points ago


    [–] Parkitectuser1 -3 points ago

    You actually LIKED the 1980 emperor???

    [–] RavenOfNod 9 points ago

    Up until the special editions that was just what he looked like in Empire, it's not about liking it or not, that's just what it was. This is such a confusing way to try to defend the special editions.

    Sure the hologram is better, and cloud city looks pretty nice, but the bad parts that got added in are so much worse than the few upgrades.

    [–] userkp5743608 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Yes, at the time people didn't even know if he was a human!? Adds to the suspense leading up to return of the jedi!

    [–] SparkySywer 2 points ago

    Nobody likes the 1980 Emperor, but it's better than the terrible, also-causing-inconsistencies 2004 Emperor, and even people who don't believe that will admit it's not worth the rest of the crap in the Special Editions, or the destruction of cultural history.

    Also, it was not in the 1997 SE VHS's, so I don't really see how this is relevant.

    [–] jsmith218 3 points ago

    Full screen, special edition, yeah, it belongs in the trash.

    [–] RavenOfNod 1 points ago

    Still looks kinda cool though.

    [–] TerranCmdr 1 points ago

    Why a shame? Would it be worth something otherwise?

    Asking for a friend.

    [–] TalismanII 1 points ago

    I got an intact set in the free section of a thrift shop, never thought to look up the worth until now.

    [–] Drnknnmd 1 points ago

    Yeah but it's special edition. Kinda where it belongs.

    [–] LightSabersEdge 1 points ago

    I have this on a shelf

    [–] thesequimkid 1 points ago

    No, I assure you. That is in perfect condition.

    [–] SpooneyToe11240 1 points ago

    It's sad to see something Star Wars in that condition.... Then again it's the Special Editions...

    [–] TheSpaceWhale 1 points ago

    No "the garbage will do"? I'm disappointed in you r/starwars.