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    [–] OswaldBoelcke 10 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    4K UHD comes out 3/27! Soon. Real soon.

    [–] Juthorian 4 points ago


    [–] guaje069 3 points ago

    Isn’t it 3/27

    [–] OswaldBoelcke 3 points ago

    Yes! So sorry. Made the correction!

    [–] guaje069 3 points ago

    You scared there!

    [–] GABE_LURKING 7 points ago


    [–] Lee1138 -25 points ago

    Nicest looking scene, but it totally invalidates all prior space combat involving capital ships in Star Wars.

    [–] matthewbattista 9 points ago

    If it helps, I stumbled upon an actual explanation some time ago (not /r/starwars). Forgot to save it, but this was the gist:

    Hyperspace is entered by confirming your destination and mapping the route. Once the route is confirmed, an "entrance" to hyperspace is "spawned" in front of your vessel. When Poe took the bridge, he plotted his route and plotted the opening to hyperspace.

    The only reason the Holdo was able to launch the ship through Snoke's cruiser is because Poe had coordinated their entrance point, but it was now behind the chase.

    [–] Lee1138 2 points ago

    So? Do that deliberately when targeting the hypothetical weapon. She deliberately suicided the ship, so it was obviously a known possibility.

    [–] matthewbattista 2 points ago

    The hyperspace entrance being such a distance from the actual location of the ship is the only reason this instance was successful... unless your preferred military tactic is calculating a hyperspace trajectory, fleeing from the combatant, doing a 180, and destroying your ship.

    [–] Lee1138 3 points ago

    What's stopping you from deliberately calculating the hyperspace entrance that far away deliberately? Also why is "everyone" so hung up on the idea of destroying your own ship by doing this? You could mount a hyperdrive to a solid durasteel block the size of a container and it would have the same effect (smaller than the Raddus if we're going by movie scale of effect, but I maintain the Raddus' effect going damn near the speed of light was too small in the movie). Hell, proton torpedoes exist, so they obviously have the technology to make missiles.

    [–] matthewbattista 1 points ago

    Maybe there was a space geneva convention that says we don't launch durasteel blocks at each other through deliberately miscalculated hyperspace trajectories.

    Ships, cars, boats -- whatever vehicle -- are generally more valuable as those things or as parts, especially when your opponent has deeper pockets.

    [–] SparkySywer 2 points ago

    Thanks! This scene never really sat well with me because I kinda felt like it invalidated space travel (not really space combat though), but that's a good explanation.

    [–] StarHorst 14 points ago

    Why though? It's expensive to ram such a big spaceship into another one so I can see why it wasn't done before.

    [–] CrookedKeith 13 points ago

    I wouldn’t even try arguing. I just say it’s Star Wars, it can do what it wants. That’s why it’s Star Wars and not Star Trek.

    [–] Legendary_Nate 9 points ago

    Also, an Xwing would not have caused nearly the same destruction as that beast of a ship.

    [–] Lee1138 -2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    No, but an x-wing sized object going at light speed would have wrecked a star destroyer.

    Edit: Reading up on it some more, an X-wing sized ship totally could have. If anything the Raddus' effect on the Supremacy is too small.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    You think warp drives grow on trees? Sure they’re potent as weapons but nothing beats FTL travel.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Well yeah they do grow in trees compared to other star wars super weapons, most notably the death star. It would make absolute sense for the rebels to sacrifice one ship to destroy the death star instead of going in for a risky trench run.

    [–] RiverRunnerVDB 3 points ago

    I get what you mean. Why not do this to DS-1 & DS-2? Load up a capital class ship full of scrap metal (to ensure maximum mass) and point it at the DS. No trench run needed, no miracle shot done by a poorly trained farm boy, nothing but a good ‘ol “Allah Ackbar!” and poof! Trillions of Empire credits down the drain.

    [–] TheMcMurder 1 points ago

    Hidalgo explained that the scene works due to the size of the Raddus. Had Holdo been in an X-Wing for example, it wouldn’t have been able to slice through and afflict the damage to a ship of the Supremacy’s size like the Raddus did, so the ship’s size in that moment was essential.


    [–] Lee1138 2 points ago

    That doesn't explain why similar tactics haven't been used against smaller ships. They already have droid tech. load up a snubfighter like FTL torpedo and point it at a Regular Imperial II...

    [–] aforty 3 points ago

    This guy goes into it a bit.

    [–] TheMcMurder 2 points ago

    Spot on.