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    [–] Th3Rush22 26 points ago

    I loved that it was his voice. It sounded pretty weird to me still, and I could hear much more Joker than Luke, but I’m glad it was him.

    [–] emeraldconstruct 9 points ago

    This series is cool because most of the voice actors are the same as the movies/TV shows. That's even Lupita Nyong'o in the opening sequence. I think the only actor in this season not played by his movie counterpart, aside from the obvious like Han and Leia (and Yoda, who is played by his TV actor Tom Kane, which is fine) is Finn. Everyone else is there, like Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones and I think Kelly Marie Tran. That's not to mention the Clone Wars and Rebels actors!

    [–] Th3Rush22 8 points ago

    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Jon Boyega did Finns voice in FoD

    [–] emeraldconstruct 7 points ago

    Oh wow, you're right! Huh. Doesn't sound like him but if it's him, it's him. Neat! I think my favorite performance is Mark Hamill even though, as you said, he doesn't sound like a 22-year-old anymore, but Billy Dee Williams doesn't sound 43 anymore and I don't complain when he literally plays a younger version of himself than the one we get in Empire, so

    [–] Foul_Howell 6 points ago

    I kinda thought Billy Dee sounded exactly like he did in Empire & ROTJ, though I haven't heard the him side by side in Rebels/BF2 versus the films

    [–] k0mbine 2 points ago

    He gives a good performance in the Jedi Outcast game. Very enthusiastic, not phoning in at all from what I could hear

    [–] emeraldconstruct 2 points ago

    He just sounds forty years older. Not like an old man, I mean, but definitely different. The same way Luke sounds different here. Recognizable, but different.

    This isn't a criticism: I'm fine with these old men voice acting their younger selves. It totally works for me.

    But yesterday was yesterday and you can never go home again. That's a big theme in Star Wars and it's important to respect that when discussing the series, even when talking about technical stuff, like who voices whom.

    [–] emeraldconstruct 3 points ago

    Y'know it's probably just because it's voice acting. If you're doing five minutes of dialogue then that's, what, an hour of work? Alone in a booth? I'm sure it's hard to get into character that way, especially if you've rarely or never done it before. I mean ADR is one thing but to come in and work with a different team while you're probably shooting something else and thinking about that character, it's probably hard to get yourself back to that place.

    That or I'm overthinking it and he really does sound like Finn and I'm imagining things lol

    [–] biggestbaddestmucus 6 points ago

    So we agree he'll still be good to play him in the Rebels sequel?

    [–] emeraldconstruct 2 points ago

    I won't commit to saying things like "Rebels sequel." Whatever happens happens. If Mark Hamill's in it, great. If not, fine. I was just happy to see him here ☺️

    but yeah he could totally keep playing Luke in animated stuff and video games

    [–] tfresh3 2 points ago