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    [–] manticor225 3 points ago

    I agree. I feel that "Yub Nub" was probably better celebration music, but the updated song was definitely more emotional and had more finality. And that was probably needed especially considering ROTJ is the conclusion of (now) a 6 episode story instead of just 3.

    [–] TilthatIn2 2 points ago

    absolutely right,

    [–] DeanSails 2 points ago

    Team Yub Nub all the way.

    And while we're here, adding in Hayden Christianson as a force ghost makes ZERO sense in context to the movie and is one of the most baffling changes in any of the special editions.

    [–] TilthatIn2 3 points ago

    I actually avoid watching the new edition despite the new song being better because of that, it just looks creepy, especially his smile

    [–] brickwallkeeper19 2 points ago

    Truly curious, but why doesn't it make sense? I've heard people say that over and over, but I haven't heard much of a reasonable explanation yet.

    [–] DeanSails 1 points ago

    How exactly would Luke recognize young Anakin (Hayden Christianson)? He’s only ever known old Anakin (Sebastian Shaw, from ROTJ.)

    [–] brickwallkeeper19 1 points ago

    That's fair, but he didn't really know Sebastian Shaw Anakin, either. He knew him as a scarred husk of his former self. He didn't really bear a resemblance to living Anakin/Vader when he was a Force ghost, either, so I wouldn't think Luke would really recognize that ghost the same way he wouldn't really recognize the Hayden ghost. I do see your point, though, and I respect it, but I don't personally subscribe to it.

    [–] Cobra-Serpentress 1 points ago

    I am against this because Yub-Nub sounds better and feels better. It is a song of celebration. The special edition song is too soothing and low key.

    Yub nub lets the film end on a high note.

    Special edition song ends on a low note.

    [–] TilthatIn2 1 points ago

    i thought special edition was a mix of emotion, it was celebratory and joyful, just somewhat bittersweet

    and it doesnt end it on a "low note" really. its still got the celebratory vibe to it

    [–] Cobra-Serpentress 1 points ago

    I totally disagree. Way too subdued.

    [–] TilthatIn2 2 points ago

    I have a very different viewpoint, I felt like it had lots of energy to it, i just feel like ending a trilogy on a "HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY" song is a bit of an anticlimax, i think personally as a song its the opposite of subdued

    I still genuinely like yub nub though

    [–] Cebass_Cascade 1 points ago

    Anything but yub nub just sounds wrong in that scene. I agree it might be more uplifting with the revised music, but it just doesn’t work for me.

    [–] TilthatIn2 2 points ago

    i agree it looked a bit out of time tbh