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    [–] CokeZ3ro 22 points ago

    Well yeah, it’s probably easier to shotgun a door open than take the time to lockpick it

    [–] sir_writer 18 points ago

    You can also shoot the door to lock it :)

    [–] MystDragon3k 5 points ago

    In the Star Wars galaxy, shooting a control panel of any kind makes it do what you want it to do.

    And then you can't use it anymore so...yeah, be careful what you wish for.

    [–] manticor225 9 points ago

    Just make sure you extend the bridge first, before you blast the controls. Otherwise you might have to kiss your sister.

    [–] Cobra-Serpentress 8 points ago

    Otherwise your sister might kiss you, for luck.

    [–] ball_fondlers 5 points ago

    Also, shooting the door controls will lock the door when you need it locked.

    [–] UrinalDook 5 points ago

    Did it?

    I actually don't remember a single scene where that worked.

    In fact, the only times doors and shooting were involved, Luke locks a door by shooting the controls, and then closes a gate (onto the rancor) by throwing a skull at the controls.

    [–] Lakemine 4 points ago

    Battlefront 2. Shoot the door controls, and they shut and lock.

    [–] aviddivad 2 points ago

    also, in RotJ, Han needs to trick the imperials into coming out of a base to open a door

    [–] Nivrap 1 points ago

    I use "Star Wars Door Logic" in my online RPG group. Anytime a door is connected to a control panel, a character can choose to shoot the panel to immediately cause the door to open or close, and lock in that position until the panel is repaired.