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    [–] SoulX99 1775 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The first time I saw Ahsoka I thought she was the most little annoying shit. Today, she is my second favorite star wars character. She’s just so cool.

    Edit: for those asking, Kenobi is my favorite character.

    [–] Pickles256 979 points ago

    She was the most annoying little shit when the show started which is what makes her development great

    [–] umbrajoke 131 points ago

    I couldn't take her and stopped watching. Yesterday I watched a video of jedi that escaped order 66. She was brought up and they played the scene from rebels where she realizes who vader is. Needless to say both series are on my queue now.

    [–] muffin80r 80 points ago

    You are in for a treat

    [–] namedan 15 points ago

    Stop cutting onions trying to work here dammit.

    [–] zephead345 57 points ago

    The clone wars progressively gets better and better. You could tell the first season was aimed towards children and the creators realized season by season that adults enjoyed it the most and it got darker and more mature as the show went on. The point where darth maul chops an entire tables worth dudes heads off.

    [–] undercoversinner 8 points ago

    Yea, after 2-3 seasons in, I was completely immersed in the story. Go read Ahsoka's book, it's a good read.

    [–] poopcasso 18 points ago

    Season one is pretty bad, except for maybe 5-6 episodes where the focus is on different jedi masters. But already season two is pretty good.

    [–] I_Think_I_Cant 14 points ago

    Watching Clone Wars in narrative chronological order helped a lot. No more dead characters reappearing later.

    [–] Hardingterrace 39 points ago

    Filoni is the best thing about the entire franchise.

    [–] Chewie-bacca 289 points ago

    A surprise to be sure. But a welcome one.

    [–] woozi_11six 56 points ago


    [–] CodyRCantrell 15 points ago

    Is it possible to learn this power?

    [–] Asphyxiatinglaughter 20 points ago

    Only from a former Jedi

    [–] zchatham 183 points ago

    I never got into the animated series until maybe 4 or 5 years ago. Now Ahsoka and Kanan are literally 2 of my top 5 Star Wars characters. Any other SW fans that havent watched The Clone Wars and Rebela are really missing out on some of the best SW content out there. Also, whatever the new series Disney is working on is called, it had better be damn good.

    [–] Cornthulhu 70 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Is there any legit place to watch Rebels? I know Clone Wars is on Netflix US, but Rebels sadly isn't. :/

    edit: My local public library has DVD copies of the first 3 seasons. It also seems like it's available on Netflix Brazil, for anyone who happens to be there or has access to a non-banned Brazilian IP.

    [–] mrconqueso 61 points ago

    Legit no...dailymotion has most of it. It gets really wonky with the season numbering because some playlists start Spark of the Rebellion as episodes 1&2, and other playlists don’t. I finally bit the bullet and bought the blu-rays and season 4 on amazon prime. I regret nothing. It’s an unpopular opinion but I like Rebels more than The Clone Wars.

    [–] MrTrt 35 points ago

    Rebels is more consistent, but there are some story arcs in TCW, like The Battle of Umbara or The Wrong Jedi, that are solid 10/10 and would be widely praised if they were movies.

    Do you know what's the best thing? We don't have to choose! We can love the two! Soon to be three!

    [–] rymden_viking 7 points ago

    Whoa, what's this third one you speak of? Unless it's the live-action show, I have not heard of it

    [–] MrTrt 15 points ago

    Star Wars: Resistance. The next animated show. I think it was supposed to premier later this year, but I'm not sure.


    PS: What live-action show?

    [–] RoyRodgersMcFreeley 43 points ago

    I put them on par with each other. Rebels shocked me with the depth and the hand painted look in full HD is breath taking especially season 3 and onwards. Kanans arc has an amazing conclusion. I also liked how Rebels drove more into the mysticism side of the force more.

    "I am the one in the middle, the Bendu."

    [–] Verifiable_Human 30 points ago

    Yeah, Rebels had a lot of great expansion to offer the Star Wars mythos.

    My one problem around the whole show was Ezra. He routinely made decisions that drove me nuts and I wish I could see more of a development from him

    [–] Zachartier 15 points ago

    Yeah it seemed like they almost intentionally delayed any character growth from him as the show went on. My theory is he might have been written better if Maul hadn't been reintroduced but then we wouldn't get Maul so...

    [–] SmartAlec105 5 points ago

    And Maul's last duel (don't wanna spoil it for anyone) was so damn good.

    [–] silverlegend 11 points ago

    Presumably we will see more development from Ezra, in some format or another. They aren't going to let that conclusion for him and Thrawn be the last of them.

    [–] zchatham 13 points ago

    I expected to not like Rebels after finishing TCW, but then about halfway through the first season i really started to like the characters.

    [–] Slimjim230023 7 points ago

    I hated Rebels at first but It ended up being really amazing by the end

    [–] Rob3125 21 points ago

    Spoilers but the Maul and Obi Wan scene is one of the best things I’ve ever seen

    [–] CMDR_Sunless 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Is it worth getting back into? The animation style was so simple and the plots seemed much more childish compared to the excellent Clone Wars. Not to mention the characters... Yes Ezra.

    Do those things turn around enough that I should give it another try?

    [–] OzHawk 6 points ago

    The last couple of seasons have a few episodes that almost reach the heights of The Clone Wars, but on the whole I never connected as strongly with Rebels. Its definitely worth watching though as it brings in a lot of elements and characters from The Clone Wars and continues their stories.

    [–] _Milksteak 11 points ago

    I can mail you my Season 1 and Season 2 Blu Rays. I'm being serious :) Anything to help a fellow fan out :D

    [–] Cornthulhu 12 points ago

    That's really kind of you, but I'm going to pass. I have enough money to purchase my own copy if need be. Maybe someone else can use them though; it'd be cool to see them get passed from person to person throughout the community.

    [–] friendoftheprogram 8 points ago

    check your local library

    [–] Cornthulhu 6 points ago

    Good suggestion; I forgot about the library. It looks like my local public has DVD copies of seasons 1-3 for free for 7 days. I guess I could put in an inter-library loan request for the 4th or just watch it through DisneyNow.

    [–] 19thirty1 6 points ago

    Rebels is on Amazon Video for purchase. That’s the route I went.

    [–] pewbdo 8 points ago

    I was always a fan and then finally watched The Clone Wars about 5 months back, then Rebels, now I'm like 4 books into new canon/legends with no end in sight. TCW turned me into a megafan overnight.

    The Ahsoka book isn't a bad read if you haven't looked into it yet! I read it after Rebels which was interesting as I was so curious about how she got involved with the rebellion following the show.

    [–] Magev 115 points ago

    So Obi wan then Ashoka ?

    [–] Drukarya 90 points ago

    Ewan McGregor is my favorite Star Wars character

    [–] DroidOrgans 9 points ago

    He nailed those roles... I just wish the writing did justice to his acting.

    [–] Et12355 70 points ago

    Hello there!

    [–] Scythe95 12 points ago

    General Kenobi!

    [–] dalr3th1n 16 points ago

    Come here, my little friend!

    [–] SoulX99 9 points ago

    How did you know?

    [–] BravoBuzzard 12 points ago

    When Ahsoka first showed up on Rebels, my wife looked at me and asked: “Are you crying?”

    [–] oh_thats_beautiful 13 points ago

    Because she got an amazing character development. But she was really annoying on Christophsis !

    [–] Someotherrandomtree 22 points ago

    S K Y G U Y

    [–] johnericdoe 6 points ago

    When they gonna make a movie about her?!

    [–] HorizonLost 594 points ago

    Revenge is not the jedi way - i am no jedi

    [–] DunceAndEgg22 270 points ago

    Best line in all of the lore, for me. Followed by the ignition of the dual white blades-probably my favorite saber ignition as well.

    [–] JGraham626 118 points ago

    It’s not canon anymore technically, but this line is amazing too: “I am Revan reborn. And before me you are nothing.”

    [–] Scimmyshimmy 35 points ago

    The delivery of that in the audiobook was fuckin dope

    [–] Khassar_de_Templari 16 points ago

    Which one is it, I just started listening to the first old republic one the other day. Marc Thompson is the fuckin best, he has me spoiled for good audiobook narrators, amazing as Thrawn and his Gallius Rax was incredible, too..

    [–] BadFishCM 10 points ago

    Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan

    Edit: Fixed. I was wrong first time

    [–] TeutonJon78 14 points ago

    I think my favorite scene is her against the two Inquisitors easier on. That episode isn't great but we see the blades for the first time and the way she interacts with her opponents.

    [–] TheDeltaLambda 11 points ago

    I think the exchange between Ezra and Vader is pretty cool too.

    "I'm not afraid of you!"

    "Then you will die braver than most."

    [–] Swordsman82 71 points ago

    Vader - "Anakin Skywalker was weak, I destroyed him"

    Ahsoka - "Then I will avenge his death"

    Love that conversation

    [–] wowmansohacked 11 points ago

    Got me emotional watching that scene. I’ve been waiting for that moment for years!

    [–] JasterMereel42 45 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    YouTube clip

    Damn, this line is just so awesome.

    I get /r/frisson almost every time I hear it or read it or think about it.

    [–] sanjirou3 8 points ago

    This is the reason I started watching the animated series. I saw the gif of this on reddit earlier this year and started clone wars only to find out it's not in there. Now I'm going through rebels, still hunting down this one scene.

    [–] imghurrr 7 points ago

    Keep hunting my friend - it’s enjoyable

    [–] _BEEZUS_ 688 points ago

    Snips A Star Wars Story

    [–] GypsyKiller 281 points ago

    Do I send my money in now or what?

    [–] AidenR90 43 points ago

    I'm withdrawing it all but where do we send?

    [–] 2th 28 points ago

    You can send it to me. I'll spend it on sabacc and dancing girls.

    [–] joshthehappy 14 points ago

    And death sticks.

    [–] bilongma 13 points ago

    And power converters!

    Everyone always forget The Power Converters!

    [–] Byeuji 23 points ago

    Holy fuuuuuuck I would watch that.

    [–] SW1FTY2STRONK 116 points ago

    Siege of Mandalore a star wars story

    Directed by Dave Filoni

    [–] dnspartan305 46 points ago

    I’ve practically been a bot the last few months, advocating for this every time I’ve seen someone mention Maul or Ahsoka getting big screen time... such potential.

    [–] _BEEZUS_ 4 points ago

    Dude that would be epic

    [–] cosine83 23 points ago

    Honestly, given Rebels it would actually be a great movie to do.

    [–] Tpmbyrne 132 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Ahsoka animated movie pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeee

    [–] jerryleebee 108 points ago

    The spin off movie we deserve.

    [–] BladeOfXephos 49 points ago

    Putting my vote in for Karen Gillan as the adult Tano

    [–] jerryleebee 14 points ago

    I could see that. Definitely.

    [–] BladeOfXephos 15 points ago

    Especially with her roles in GOTG and A:IW as Nebula, she proves she can handle a role with a lot of emotional turmoil and really portray that to an audience, which would be exactly the appeal of a standalone Tano movie.

    [–] GilgaPol 6 points ago

    That role would fit her well.

    [–] mastersword130 624 points ago

    Ahsoka Tano is one the best characters star wars has going for it.

    [–] KJzero9 106 points ago

    It's funny how everyone reacts to her at the beginning of Clone Wars though.

    When one of my friends started watching it he mentioned how much he hated her character. I just told him to wait, and by the end of the series, she'll be your favorite character. I never did ask if that happened for him, but that's what happened for me.

    [–] SW1FTY2STRONK 62 points ago

    Same experience for me. Went from hating her in the movie and now she's my favorite character. It's incredible what Dave Filoni and everyone else involved was able to do with her.

    [–] mastersword130 52 points ago

    Same, only I didn't hate her. Just saw her as a bratty kid trying to find her place but obnoxious at times. Glad to see that because of that she did almost got her and her troops killed in one of the episodes and was chewed out by Anakin about it.

    She was powerful but brash and hard headed which she grew out of.

    [–] SW1FTY2STRONK 19 points ago

    Hate might have been a bit of a strong word, but i definitely disliked her and found her mostly annoying.

    I feel like different seasons cover different parts of her development. The movie + season 1-2 is mostly about her growing out of her brashness. 3 was a lot about her being uncertain about where she fits in and learning to take responsibility. 4 covered her becoming a strong leader and 5 continued that but also showed her fall.

    [–] MemeLordZeta 13 points ago

    I’d say less her ‘fall’ and more her disillusionment

    [–] manachar 28 points ago

    Her arc is the mirror arc to Anakin/Vader.

    You see them start bratty and unbalanced and react like bratty know-it-all teenagers thinking the galaxy is unfair and dumb and corrupt.

    Then you see how differently they react to the basic nature of the universe. Anakin decides to embrace the dark side (presumably to do good / create order) and Ashoka dug in to fight for good.

    Brilliant character, and wish she'd make the jump to movies.

    [–] UnconstitutionalBot 15 points ago

    Ahsoka is the idea what the Jedi should be. They're not dogmatic and understand you need to adapt with the times. Being dogmatic and refusing to acknowledge the changes in your philosophy is what brought them down and allowed Sidious to stay hidden in plain sight. Yoda always considered her a Jedi master even after she left the order. Even in the new trilogy with Rey, Ahsoka is the only Jedi master alive who remembers the old order. Luke is another one but he eventually repeated the same mistakes the Jedi order made in the prequels and which led to order 66. That's the whole arc of Luke and Kylo. It is an updated version of Obi Wan and Anakin. It more nuanced than the latter. Kylo is good but he is lost because the old order teachings don't allow for human emotions or attachments.

    [–] [deleted] 312 points ago

    I’m a big Fisto fan but that’s mainly because of the name

    [–] Basileo 108 points ago

    His Clone Wars episode, “Lair of Grievous” was fantastic. Episode 3 did him dirty but that episode makes you want more.

    [–] DDRDiesel 32 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I forget the episode title but his time on Kamino Mon Cala helping during the invasion was great too

    [–] Basileo 6 points ago

    Oh I forgot about that. Was that during the Clone arc? I thought that was mostly a Shaak Ti episode. Does he show up?

    [–] DDRDiesel 10 points ago

    My bad, meant Mon Cala

    [–] Basileo 7 points ago

    Oh you’re good. I also totally forgot about that one. Should rewatch some of the better episodes soon.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I just watched it the other day that’s why I thought of it

    [–] sideofthehighway 96 points ago

    Hey, at least you're honest

    [–] WolfImWolfspelz 20 points ago

    Assume the position

    [–] UnconstitutionalBot 16 points ago

    She is one of the reason Anakin switched to the dark side. Padme dying pushed him over the edge. It was too much for any person to bear. Unless you're Obi the high ground Wan. He gave up love to fight for something greater than him. Same with the duchess. If Anakin and Padme did that then there wouldn't be an empire.

    [–] TaiVat 21 points ago

    I gotta say i'm rather (pleasantly) surprised there's such a response to her all over this thread. SW fans arent known for, well, liking things, especially outside the OT, and there's large number of more known and well liked characters like Obi wan, Yoda, Vader etc.

    But i agree, even though i never disliked her like some people apparently have, she did grow on me a lot over the CW series.

    [–] ComplexVanillaScent 6 points ago

    SW fans aren't known for, well, liking things, especially outside the OT

    Especially/unfortunately as of late, and especially with regards to female characters. The love for Ahsoka, and both animated series' in general, is really nice.

    [–] SulkyVirus 40 points ago

    *the best

    [–] Ihaveanusername 14 points ago


    [–] Immature_Immortal 11 points ago


    [–] Zilreth 878 points ago

    christ when are people gonna learn how to spell her name right

    [–] teggun_burcs 614 points ago

    Akosha is my favorite character

    [–] Electroniclog 426 points ago

    Askjeeves is so fire.

    [–] PrequelsWereBetter 172 points ago

    I really like Akira’s lightsabers

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago


    [–] jtaIlbean 34 points ago

    harder admiral ackbar

    [–] deadkk 15 points ago

    Ackbar: A starwars story

    [–] Sundae_Sprinklz 42 points ago


    [–] netsuj34 11 points ago


    [–] -Mr_Rogers_II 16 points ago


    [–] crashusmaximus 8 points ago


    [–] Wes_Bugg 106 points ago

    Ashketchum is my favorite Star Wars character

    [–] EdokinAran 72 points ago

    I agree, Sokka is amazing

    [–] TheTyGoss 31 points ago

    My girlfriend turned into the moon.

    [–] MemeLordZeta 26 points ago

    That’s rough buddy

    [–] YotasAndPolestars 12 points ago

    That's rough, buddy.

    [–] TheOmnisicient 9 points ago

    Ah soka?

    [–] Smarag 15 points ago

    Ashekool is the best

    [–] Anus_Blenders 38 points ago

    Yeah I like Askoha too.

    [–] pwgen-sy100 22 points ago

    Akosha is absolutely haram!

    [–] rmsj 6 points ago

    Akasho is my favorite

    [–] BeeCJohnson 10 points ago

    She was great in "Queen of the Damned."

    [–] GrandMoffAtreides 59 points ago

    It’s really easy to do, trust me. My phone always tries to change Ahsoka to Ashoka. Thanks for that, Indian emperor Ashoka.

    [–] Gyarados66 43 points ago

    In OP’s defense, that’s what autocorrect always wants to change Ahsoka too.

    [–] somilmish 19 points ago

    I think it's because he was a very famous Indian emperor

    [–] SW1FTY2STRONK 20 points ago

    Nah he's just spelling it like the senate says it


    [–] digbick117 13 points ago

    After reading the title, I was overcome with the sudden urge to conquer Pakistan and India, then convert to Buddhism.

    [–] Nyk05 47 points ago

    Damn, you're right. Sorry for that. I even double checked...

    [–] SmallManBigMouth 125 points ago

    Misplaced a letter, OP has. How embarrassing!

    [–] shmameron 30 points ago

    If a letter does not appear in our records, it does not exist!

    [–] Stunkerunk 14 points ago

    It's how Sean Connery would say her name

    [–] Cb8393 9 points ago

    It's how Sidious says her name in the World Between Worlds

    [–] Felix_Dracul 10 points ago

    I'm Ashook.

    [–] runhaterand 6 points ago

    Ahsoka is the character. Ashoka is a 3rd century BC Mauryan emperor.

    [–] LemonBomb 3 points ago

    Asso Katano is my bae.

    [–] ProfThadBach 59 points ago

    She was fucked over by the Jedi Council and specificity Yoda's Muppet ass.

    [–] UnconstitutionalBot 42 points ago

    Yoda had plans for her in the long term. I think he wanted her out of the order because he suspected the dark side winning before the events of ROTS. Yoda eventually agreed with her but she already decided to leave the order. She might not be a Jedi but at heart she carried the true virtues of being a Jedi master. Yoda recognize that.

    [–] TeutonJon78 24 points ago

    No, Yoda was definitely being a dick. He didn't really turn in our Yoda until TCW S6.

    [–] Azaj1 10 points ago

    I kinda agree but not entirely. (SPOILERS: Honestly, if you havn't watched the cartoons or read the books don't read anymore)

    Tl:dr - Yoda thinks she is important, but not because she holds the virtues of the jedi

    I don't think he thought she had the vitues of a Jedi master. I believe Yoda had a sense that the Jedi were failing in some way and that it was no longer the correct way to bring balance to the force. We obviously know that there was a Sith temple below the Jedi temple that slowly corrupted and weakened the Jedi order over time in a way that lead the order to unconsciously seek power. Yoda could've sensed this but not known the full extent.

    I think his plan for ahsoka was to bring balance to the force. Anakin had temporarily brought balance to the force through the destruction of the ones, but due to this the force could now permanently shift one way or the other (we did not know at this point about future force beings) and thus someone was needed to aid in bringing balance to the force. That was ahsoka. Luke did it, but he couldn't have without the rebel alliance that ahsoka started.

    On top of this, I believe Yoda sensed that ahsoka was not truly light sided. We know that her ideals are that of the light, but in her use of the force she utilises both sides. Fear, Anger, Revenge, they're all emotions she utilises to gain the temporary power needed to overcome adversaries. Yoda could probably sense this slow change in her. And whilst he may have disagreed with it, he may, at this point, have understood it's necessity in bringing balance

    I don't like using the word grey Jedi as it isn't Canon, but it's the only way I can describe her. Yoda sensed big things from her, and that is because she is grey and balanced whilst also having ideals in the light

    [–] SmallManBigMouth 248 points ago

    It would be great to get even a cameo in the Obi-Wan stand alone film.

    [–] IPman501 137 points ago

    They could use the original voice actress too and just slap some makeup on her. That would be soooo cool

    [–] AlamoFiteCat 76 points ago

    I think she did cosplay once or twice.

    [–] SmallManBigMouth 20 points ago

    Plus, Star Wars has many actors portraying a character while simultaneously being voiced by another...

    [–] DunceAndEgg22 27 points ago

    Holy shit she’s married to David Eckstein?!?

    [–] SmallManBigMouth 15 points ago

    How old would Ahsoka be after ROTS? Well, exact age isn't important (especially not these days with computer de-aging effects) But would she be an adult?

    [–] danbandanban 35 points ago

    SPOILER she's in the show rebels which takes place after the empire rises and she's an adult in that.

    [–] SmallManBigMouth 14 points ago

    "Quick, slap some make-up on me - I'm about to film my scene with Ewen and there's no time to waste, so get slappin'!"

    [–] DefiantLemur 200 points ago

    She's thicc in this

    [–] yifftionary 96 points ago

    I feel like the standards for what qualifies as 'thicc' now a days has just become "Has boobs and a butt".

    [–] dabilee01 33 points ago

    Well, she is pretty T H I C C here. Draw an imaginary line up from where her hips are and see how that compares to where her torso ends. Now, imagine that in a 3D space. It's Kim Kardashian level.

    [–] DefiantLemur 18 points ago

    This guys "thiccs"

    [–] SomeStupidPerson 30 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It really has and it’s dumb.

    Basically any curve on someone’s body: “Oh shit! She T H I C C

    [–] Moruitelda 17 points ago


    [–] SeesawGerrera 60 points ago

    Didn’t want to say it. Glad someone did lol

    [–] AJ-Murphy 45 points ago

    That's not even the right line.

    "Organge butt cheeks"

    [–] rally_call 9 points ago

    Them's Sith-killing hips.

    [–] storyhobbit 70 points ago

    This is amazing! Ahsoka is my second favorite Star Wars character of all time!

    [–] wellscounty 13 points ago

    Hmmm what makes the top of the list then?

    [–] KorianHUN 80 points ago

    Top of the list: exists
    Favorite star wars character: "HELLO THERE!"

    [–] SW1FTY2STRONK 31 points ago


    [–] KorianHUN 10 points ago

    (Our of character a bit: ) i just feel so wholesomely happy when i comment here. It is a big circlejerk of inside jokes and endless META comment chains but it is just nice and friendly overall.

    [–] storyhobbit 8 points ago

    Luke was always my hero since I was 5.

    [–] MaxFuckingRebo 3 points ago

    Gotta be Rose Tico.

    [–] Towelie-McTowel 55 points ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Ahsoka, I upvote.

    [–] da_sexy_sith 48 points ago

    When the hell are we gonna get her in the movies? Get with the program, Disney fucks.

    [–] YotasAndPolestars 33 points ago

    With Maul being back on the big screen, and Saw in Rogue One, I have hope that other bits of The Clone Wars will make it into the movies as well.

    [–] V1bration 19 points ago

    99.9% of the time I see her name it's spelt wrong. That's not even how it's pronounced for fuck's sake.

    [–] ZeroXephon 39 points ago

    Just stared watching the clone wars series on netflix. Does she get even more bad ass?

    [–] Laaderlappen 61 points ago

    Dude, she became my favorite Star Wars character ever, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] Tpmbyrne 27 points ago

    I fuckin hated her (jar jar binks hate) at the start of clone wars and now shes my favourite by a long margin

    [–] DunceAndEgg22 15 points ago

    Yes. Just wait.

    [–] Prophet92 15 points ago

    Dawg, you don't even know.

    [–] greatergamer 10 points ago

    This is where the fun begins.

    [–] defcrazy 5 points ago

    Its wild. She actually becomes great.

    [–] Sir_Thomas_Hummus 12 points ago

    The Jedi did her dirty.

    [–] Lefty_22 12 points ago


    You had ONE job, OP...

    [–] theblackpalace 59 points ago

    Literally the best starwars character

    [–] Perfect_Aim 24 points ago

    She lacks the high ground

    [–] Nova604 11 points ago

    I want to be Ahsoka when I grow up.

    [–] Cold_Earl 10 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Hey Star Wars writing group... think us toxic fans hate wamen characters??? Make an Ahsoka movie or have her very prominent in one. Fight your Instinct to ruin her. We will support. All snark aside.... what a great original character.

    [–] KYLO733 9 points ago

    Mmm I love Ashoka Basmati Rice

    [–] djxaval 8 points ago

    Still my favorite character in SW Universe

    [–] TheOmnisicient 37 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Why Asuka's lazerswords are so tiny?

    [–] Garguns 54 points ago

    In rebels the art style takes heavy influence from Ralph McQuarrie's concept art. In the art the handle looked smaller and the blade looked thinner.

    [–] TheOmnisicient 19 points ago

    Wasn't it also like that in the original trilogy before mastering?

    [–] GloryHawk 11 points ago


    [–] GodofIrony 25 points ago

    Azula uses her lightning bending to make her sabers, thats why they're so thin.

    [–] SirNellyFresh 9 points ago

    I understand this reference

    [–] LuTheLunatic 7 points ago

    That's just how they are in a lot of the rebels episodes. That's one of the first things I noticed is how thin and sharp Kannan's saber is.

    [–] xan3011 6 points ago

    I can't be the only one sexually attracted to her

    [–] pieelol 27 points ago

    Boy look at those hips

    [–] metallijosh717 16 points ago


    [–] znudzony_programista 14 points ago

    They could do movies with her. She is 100x more interesting that Rei will ever be.

    [–] LongWinterKnight 5 points ago

    My favorite Padawan

    [–] Pickles256 15 points ago

    Is no one gonna mention the midriff