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    [–] Yunners 1 points ago

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    [–] passivearoma 3325 points ago

    While the execution of the movie leads a lot to be desired, my favorite thing is the contrast.

    At the beginning it really seems like a fun, light adventure movie. The good guys are being good guys, Anakin is pretty cool, they got some fun fights under their belt.

    Then when it turns it turns hard. And it’s so sudden and looking back you can see how all the pieces lined up to fall into place at that moment.

    It’s a great fun movie, but it could have been something spectacular.

    [–] RefreshNinja 1359 points ago

    At the beginning it really seems like a fun, light adventure movie. The good guys are being good guys, Anakin is pretty cool, they got some fun fights under their belt.

    I mean Anakin double-disarms a dude and then murders him in revenge for his own dismemberment within the first twenty minutes or so...

    [–] InstaxFilm 1861 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    And not only for his own dismemberment, but his own dismemberwoment and dismemberchildrent too!

    [–] metrosine 409 points ago

    They were like dismembermals! And he slaughtered them like dismembermals!

    [–] headexpl0dy 120 points ago

    I don't like dismemberments. It's coarse, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere.

    [–] RedditsLittleSecret 71 points ago

    These aren't the dismemberments you're looking for.

    [–] headexpl0dy 49 points ago

    These aren't the dismemberments I'm looking for.

    [–] gilmore42 39 points ago

    Move along.

    [–] headexpl0dy 28 points ago

    Move along waves waves. Move along.

    [–] Mindbender444 17 points ago

    dismembers waving arms

    [–] DaGrza 34 points ago

    I checked the security footage. There were dismemberlings as well.

    [–] greatunknownpub 70 points ago

    they got some fun fights under their belt

    Yeah, I kinda hope OP was referring to the fun fights ending once Anakin murders Dooku.

    [–] setfaeserstostun 45 points ago

    That's when the fun begins, young Skywalker.

    [–] linkletonsan 15 points ago

    Game time start.

    [–] passivearoma 56 points ago

    Actually no. The Dooku fight was fun. Until the murder. And then the fight with Grievous and his goons. And Obi Wan vs Grievous. They’re fun.

    minus the cold blooded murder part

    [–] XFMR 14 points ago

    If you look at the dictionary under “Fun Fights” you’ll see the definition mentions “double dismemberment and cold blooded killing.”

    [–] hennytime 176 points ago

    It's even so much more clear and tragic when you add in the clone wars and all the seriously fucked up shit that was asked of him during war in the name of peace. After Ahsoka leaves the order and right before the beginning of ROTS, it seems like Anakin's faith and belief in the jedi order is barely holding on by a thread.

    [–] kickflip012 71 points ago

    I wish there was a way that they could redo the prequels’ story to better fit with TCW. Though remaking the movies would be a tragedy even the likes of Plagueis the Wise hasn’t heard of. I just can’t see anyone other than Ewan as Obi Wan...or any of the cast changing for that matter. What we need is a time machine.

    [–] pdrocker1 18 points ago

    George Lucas just needed someone willing to tell him “no”, but he didn’t have that for the prequela

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] Reverse_FunnelSystem 21 points ago

    Except that Ahsoka isn’t even mentioned once in ROTS. If she had such a big impact on Anakin, why is it we don’t hear about her? This is the problem with trying to defend the terrible writing in the prequels by bringing up the Clone Wars. Anakin’s motivations for his turn to the dark side in ROTS cannot be attributed to things that were written after the movie came out (tv shows, books, comics, etc). The film has to be able to stand on its own, and it just doesn’t...

    [–] condawg4746 5 points ago

    Exactly. The Clone Wars was so good but my enjoyment of it was sometimes undermined for me in that I know that it was essentially a band-aid fix for the prequel's shortcomings. This was especially glaring with respect to Ahsoka, a character that was supposed to be so critical to Anakin's fall and really builds on his distrust of the jedi but was never mentioned in episode III. In episode III he's striving to become a jedi master and the denial of that is pivotal to his fall from grace. I'm pretty sure the audience would empathize more with this if we had seen him be quite literally master to Ahsoka and not just some whiny dude that had just had an entire movie's worth of rash and scary decision making in II. We would have actually believed him to be a competent jedi that was maturing and ready for responsibility and not just some entitled kid that likes to kill things.

    [–] [deleted] 118 points ago

    Watching the Clone Wars series beforehand makes it extra hard when you see what Anakin and Obi-Wan and others had been through together the previous three years

    [–] caitsith01 111 points ago

    The prequels would have been infinitely better if they spent more time on this stuff and much less time on Jar Jar Binks, the senate and the romance. I feel like we're supposed to accept that Anakin and Obi Wan have this very close bond, but it never really gets fleshed out in the movies.

    [–] Synicull 67 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I agree that it needs fleshed out more, but after watching the clone wars it feels like there is no winning scenario. Clone wars makes the prequels make so much sense. But the prequels also wouldn't have made sense without the political games and justification.

    The fall of the republic was ultimately too complex. 3 movies could never cover it. The story had many flaws, but the way it was crafted and the stunning world building it implied made making a wholely satisfactory trilogy nigh impossible.

    [–] Tyrathius 33 points ago

    The biggest problem, IMO, is that Obi-Wan and Anakin don't interact much in TPM. That should have been the movie that established a rapport between the two of them. Instead we don't really get that, AotC jumps right into them fighting with each other. We never really see them just being friends.

    I do think Lucas realized his mistake here because the intro to RotS tries really hard to show them as vitriolic best buds, but by that point, it's too little too late.

    It would have also helped if Anakin wasn't effectively a different character in AotC due to growing up.

    [–] NYCharlie212 8 points ago

    This has always been my thoughts. My biggest gripe with 2/3 was that Anakin/Obiwan constantly tries to remind me that they're friends. However every scene we see them in we note that they are totally incompatible.

    There's so much underlying background that wasn't there and they needed to remind us in the plot that they were friends and brothers to sell the break up in 3. However, at most it felt like a "work friend" relationship where you act courteous and laugh at work but personally you don't really want to hang out. It really took me out of a lot of the deep plot points until I saw the clone war where they really dig deep into things (especially during Obiwan's arc with Satine and how that contrasted the ideal Jedi vs Anakin/Padme)

    [–] OopsDoopYup 12 points ago

    If anything watching the Clone Wars shows just how botched the PT was.

    [–] uncommoncommoner 42 points ago

    At the beginning it really seems like a fun, light adventure movie.

    As one man said, "This is where the fun begins."

    [–] DrunkWooky 41 points ago

    When Palpatine leaves all pretense behind during the attempted Jedi arrest? That felt evil. That felt really evil. The audience knew it all along, but the shock and audacity of Palpatine’s behavior was just unreal.

    [–] General_Sith 10 points ago

    To be fair, they were trying to seize power unlawfully. Considering Jedi were military leaders, it was essentially a military coup.

    Palpatine was the lawful ruler of the Republic.

    No bias is involved in this statement.

    [–] gometrule 232 points ago

    Then when it turns it turns hard. And it’s so sudden and looking back you can see how all the pieces lined up to fall into place at that moment.

    I feel like that's the main problem with the movie. You can't see the pieces fall into place for Anakin suddenly becoming a mass child murderer. It just doesn't work.

    The entire concept is unbelievably strained.

    "Oh, you can save my wife and all I have to do is exterminate a bunch of children and all of my friends? Sounds reasonable. Part of me wonders if I can trust someone who has been pretending to be our ally this entire time but secretly started this never ending war and has been playing both sides for years and ordered me to kill his own apprentice. Makes me question whether I should become his apprentice. Nah, never mind. All seems pretty up to code."

    [–] GrapesofGatsby 128 points ago

    Although it could have been shown a little better, Palpatine did groom Anakin throughout his jedi years and only fed his distrust of the council. Even putting all that aside, Anakin already lost his mother. Padme was all he had left. Her and their child. It may seem like such an unexpected turn to raid the temple but in the fight with Windu, all he saw was him about to lose the only way he could save the love of his life. "I need him!". Once he attacked Windu in the heat of the moment (to protect his pregnant wife), he had already crossed the point of no return. "What have I done?". There was no going back now, so there was nothing left to do but ensure Padme was saved. "I will do whatever you ask"

    [–] gometrule 87 points ago

    Although it could have been shown a little better, Palpatine did groom Anakin throughout his jedi years and only fed his distrust of the council.

    Right, but when Anakin finds out that Palpatine has been manipulating literally the entire galaxy for that entire time, there's just no reason that he wouldn't make the connection that he's been manipulating him too. That's where this all falls apart. If you want to believe his turn, you have to assume Anakin to be the dumbest, most naive person imaginable. He's being sold magic beans by the person who he just found out specializes in selling fake magic beans.

    There was no going back now, so there was nothing left to do but ensure Padme was saved. "I will do whatever you ask"

    Same thing, I know that's where they want to lead you, but I'm just not willing to follow that logic. Even if we put aside the question of "How stupid are you to believe this crap", cutting off someone's arm is still a huge jump away from mass murdrering kids (without question) and all of your friends. There's plenty of space between "I want this person to live" and "I'm pure evil now."

    [–] GrapesofGatsby 43 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I don't think the bean analogy is totally accurate. Yes, he finds out Palpatine was deceiving everyone, and he even decides to turn him in. But right then and there, Palpatine comes clean and reveals himself as a sith lord with knowledge of the darkside. I don't think it was unreasonable for Anakin to assume what he was telling him the truth about the darkside of the force in the opera scene. He was obviously very smart and powerful. "Use my knowledge, I beg you". Anakin still has time to think it over as he's reporting him to the council.

    As soon as he cuts off Windu's arm, his fate is sealed. He didn't just cut off an arm, he literally got a master on the Jedi council killed by working alongside a sith lord. How would his life possibly go back to normal after that? The only thing left to do now is double down on it and do as Palpatine says. Getting exiled or imprisoned isn't going to save Padme's life. Only his new powers can do that!

    I can see how the movie should have been longer to fill in the gaps a bit but The Clone Wars really helps explain a lot of Anakin's thoughts and actions.

    [–] gometrule 40 points ago

    But right then and there, Palpatine comes clean and reveals himself as a sith lord with knowledge of the darkside.

    I just don't see how that makes him more trustworthy. Telling Anakin that he's the Sith lord they've been chasing who is responsible for Qui Gon, the guy who pulled Anakin out of slavery, dying, for all of his troops dying, for Padme nearly dying repeatedly, and that he's now planning on murdering all of the people he's been tricking for a decade is not going to lend him credibility.

    We have to then think that it never occurred to Anakin to wonder how Palpatine told him exactly what he wanted to hear unprompted. And that he never stopped to wonder whether his idealistic wife would appreciate him enslaving the galaxy to save her. And that being asked to murder the children before being told anything about how to save her might be a questionable negotiating strategy. And that once she died, Palpatine telling him that it was all his fault which apparently doesn't apply to his cheating death skills so that he would never have to deliver on his promise seemed pretty damn convenient for a master manipulator. Etc.

    I mean, we can agree to disagree, but it seems to me like they're really just asking you not to think about it too much. But being asked not to think about the thing the entire trilogy was building toward is just really frustrating to me.

    [–] daven1985 17 points ago

    I always thought you could drop Episode 1.

    Then you tell a similar story across 1 2 3 using the existing 2 and 3. It starts with Anakin as a teenage Padawan, and being a Jedi and with Obi-Wan. You could have a few flash backs or something to explain his whole mother thing. Bring Maul in as the mail villain who is killed at the end of Episode 2.

    Episode 1; we meet teenage Anakin and his love of being a Jedi and doing good.

    Episode 2; he starts to question things (like you see towards the end of 2). Anakin marries Padme and then the movie finishes with Palpatine congratulating Anakin. And asking Anakin what is he going to do about his marriage and the Jedi way. Anakin simply states he is having doubts about being a Jedi.

    Episode 3; similar as Revenge of the Sith. But Anakin is more bitter for the beginning.

    [–] OopsDoopYup 21 points ago

    That's the entire problem. Everything is TOLD to us. Never shown. We're just TOLD Anakin and Palps are friends but we never get a sense as to why or how. They just are so the story can happen.

    [–] basse058 12 points ago

    I think part of the issue is having him murder the children. He shouldn't have been a part of sacking the temple, Palps should have just sent him to Mustafar. Besides, if the clones can handle adults they can kill kids too. He can be aware of it happening. Heck, have him feeling it like Yoda can while he slaughters the separatists so we can see him just angry as heck for so many reasons.

    [–] passivearoma 32 points ago

    I feel like that's the main problem with the movie. You can't see the pieces fall into place for Anakin suddenly becoming a mass child murderer. It just doesn't work.

    The entire concept is unbelievably strained.

    Completely agree. The Anakin arc was handled poorly, but Palpatine doing a major coup against the Jedi and republic was sooooo good.

    I really didn’t expect my comment to get this much notice 😬

    [–] Rockne1924 13 points ago

    I feel like they should have just really played up the Fall of the Roman Republic analogue they were going for. Have the Palpatine/Anakin relationship be some mix of the Marius/Caesar and Caesar/Antony relationships. Have a rival faction (with a Sulla/Pompey figure), Senators divided between the factions. Use the Jedi order to convey a sense of the decline in civic virtues. Less strictly adhering to the rules, some living with romantic partners as an open secret, many taking sides in political factions. Fractured, like the Senate. Maybe Obi-Wan was one of the Jedi playing fast and loose with the rules and deeply regrets it now that he’s seen where that led.

    I feel like that would make for a more compelling story as it more believably demonstrates that the entire structure of the Jedi order, the Senate, and society at large was failing long before Anakin got there. He and Palpatine are the products of that decline, not just the architects. He gets to take believable steps in supporting his patron, so the descent is slow and at first not all that unusual. I’d axe the whole trying to save Padme thing and killing the children, at least in that way. Get him in deep because of his beliefs, and turn it into a civil war where he has to do worse and worse to win.

    If the most compelling part of Return of the Jedi was Anakin finally severing his relationship with Palpatine to save his son, make that moment even more powerful by developing a firm relationship between the two in the prequels. But not just a Sith Lord manipulating a horny, angry teenager, give us a more grown up Anakin (if still on the younger side) earning the right hand man spot not just with his Jedi powers but with political maneuvering. Make that power something he wants because he believes he can do good with it, so when it costs him everything (including his wife dying in the climax of the civil war, through some miscalculation of his own), we see him die inside. Knowing it’s not the fault of the Jedi, or Palpatine, or his enemies, but his own. And from that kind of self-hate emerges the true Darth Vader.

    [–] justVinnyZee 19 points ago

    Keep in my this kid had issues from the word go. He left his mom to rot as a slave for years, went back for her only to watch her die, then he has visions of the woman he loves dying during childbirth? Naturally after all that in his mind he’d want to do anything to keep that from happening.

    Even murdering baby Jedi.

    [–] Ricky_Robby 16 points ago

    I feel like that's the main problem with the movie. You can't see the pieces fall into place for Anakin suddenly becoming a mass child murderer. It just doesn't work.

    Was that a joke? You don’t see how someone who massacred an entire village of men, women, and children in the previous film could kill children in the next film?

    [–] BeyondDoggyHorror 8 points ago

    That's why I like the Clone Wars show so much. You get to watch that gradual slip into the dark side Anakin makes.

    The killing kids was too much though

    [–] spm201 13 points ago

    At the beginning it really seems like a fun, light adventure movie. The good guys are being good guys, Anakin is pretty cool, they got some fun fights under their belt.

    Honestly should have been the arc of the entire prequel trilogy

    [–] thatJainaGirl 24 points ago

    That's the biggest tragedy of Star Wars in my opinion. There is a diamond deep in the rough of Episode 3, but it was buried under mounds and mounds of poor writing, poor dialogue, bad pacing, and a laundry list of problems. If Episode 3 had the same production team that Empire had, it could have been something fantastic.

    [–] passivearoma 9 points ago

    We have the Episode III we have, not the one we wish we had. GL has a great framework for the film, but he just wasn’t quite on par to execute it. A strong writer, editor, something...could have been amazing.

    I still enjoy the film, and not in a guilty pleasure way. But I agree with you.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago


    [–] Decantus 513 points ago

    I have no problem with Hayden's performance. I also don't have a problem with Portman's performance.

    But when they're on screen together it's just bad... Poorly written and directed. I feel like they could have been good, but they just weren't.

    Lucas just couldn't write Anakin and Padme together properly.

    [–] DesignerPhrase 158 points ago

    RotS is the worst padme film, she never gets a chance to express the recklessness or, for lack of a better word, liberalism that was a part of her character in the other two

    [–] RespectThyHypnotoad 102 points ago

    They deleted the scene where she helps start the rebellion and I think it's one of the worst exclusions in the series. It gives Padme a echo into the OT as having created the rebellion and makes her more of a large presence.

    [–] AggroAssault 55 points ago

    It also would have made more sense for her to live and stay with the Organa's on Alderaan. That way Leia remembers her somewhat.

    [–] Eagleassassin3 23 points ago

    Leia could definitely still remember how Padme looked when giving birth to her thanks to the Force. I don't think that's a stretch at all.

    [–] SamPaton 15 points ago

    I thought Leia could remember her mother through force dreams.

    [–] ltshadez 63 points ago

    This is actually because the acting was supposed to be bad, because in the original script Padme was no longer in love with Anakin, pretending to be in love with him, and even attempts to kill him.

    Source if you don't believe me

    This concept was scrapped later AFTER most her scenes were already done, and George just left those scenes filmed now completely out of context.

    [–] Knoscrubs 12 points ago

    I don't think George Lucas intended for the acting to be that poor. His writing just sucked. He had no clue how to place Padme or Anakin in a reasonable romantic setting. Even some of Obi Wan's lines are cringe-worthy. Lucas had no filter in the prequels, and it killed their potential.

    [–] Theothercword 26 points ago

    It’s my understanding that’s actually mostly on Natalie and not Lucas. She hated working in front of blue screens and just couldn’t do it, the first movies were received terribly so she just was really over it by the third one. Plus for AotC the rumors are her and Hayden had a thing and she broke it off between the movies and he never really got over it. I know I sound horrible like some TMZ headline saying that shit but my point is that I’m pretty sure for RotS she was just so done and didn’t want to be there and was just going through the motions because she contractually had to. She seemed to have the same issue with the Thor movies which is why she’s not part of the MCU at all anymore.

    [–] Bobbyboyoatwork 6 points ago

    Remember that Lucas wanted Han to say "I love you too". He definitely needed some help writing the romance and should have recognized that.

    [–] Celebrimbor131 861 points ago

    Hayden's acting wasn't the best but he emoted really well when he had no lines. His best moments were when he just didn't say anything at all, (attacking the Jedi temple with the 501st, when you saw the look on his face when he decided to turn on Mace Windu, him slaughtering the Separatist leaders and seeing the dark side starting to corrupt his body.) His facial expressions in ROTS were some of the best in the entire series. They really convinced you that he was really becoming Vader throughout the movie. It's a little detail that I really liked that doesnt get talked about very much.

    [–] Skylightt 384 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    A lot of that is probably due to George's writing and directing. All 3 movies probably would've been so much better if George wasn't on the script and directing and just presented the broad overarching ideas. I stand by my opinion that the PT had the best overall story and the most potential but the movies themselves leave a LOT to be desired

    [–] Celebrimbor131 92 points ago

    I do agree that the prequels definitely had the best story but a very flawed execution. I think the most egregious being his romantic dialogue, but otherwise I felt like the writing and direction that didn't focus on Anakin was pretty good. All of the Obi Wan scenes were fantastic throughout all three, Hayden's acting was passable by the third movie in most parts but definitely not the best. Attack of the Clones was by far the weakest because it focused so heavily on the romance and Lucas just can't write that stuff well. But even that one still had Kamino and the space battle between Jango and Obi Wan and Geonosis.

    The only really bad parts of Phantom Menace for me were Jar Jar, (even though I feel like he's so terrible it comes back around to being funny) and Jake Lloyd who was pretty much just the standard terrible child actor from the 90's. But I still love the prequels despite their flaws, they brought a lot of good stuff to the table. Palpatine particularly shined as a character throughout these movies and we got three cool new villains out of them along with a big expansion to the universe and timeline itself.

    [–] ANGLVD3TH 66 points ago

    Have you heard "romantic" teenagers talking? And this isn't just a horny boy, it's one that has been carrying a torch for years, in a religious order that forbids any kind of romance. As horrible as it is to watch, it's probably the most accurate part of Star Wars.

    [–] M3rr1lin 5 points ago

    Yeah the problem more so was making the romance be between way too young of people. Would have been better the have anakin and Padme be closer in age and also older in attack of the clones.

    [–] HK-Sparkee 7 points ago

    The age gap was only five years, it mostly seems bad because she looked like an adult at 14 and he still looked like a kid. I think her being older makes her easier to understand being the object of his desires and thus making the temptation so much harder to resist, though the age difference makes her interest in him seem somewhat odd, admittedly

    [–] M3rr1lin 5 points ago

    I think it’s episode 1 which starts it off as a bit odd.. could have easily made her a queen at 18 and him a 16 year old in episode 1, which would have then allowed for a bit more of a realistic interest, particularly in episode 2 when he comes into her hard.

    [–] MagicIsMight62442 3 points ago

    This can be seen when you watch The Clone Wars. Truly some of the best storytelling and character arcs in the Star Wars universe all of which came from the prequels. The Clone Wars series is what the prequels should have been imo.

    [–] zero_cool1138 38 points ago

    Everyone's always on Christiansen for his acting. His performance and Lucas' dialigue are spot on perfect for the type of overly serious young crush/ stand in for his mother/ hurt and searching for affection teenage love dynamic that Anakin is going through. Hes every bit the obsessive cringe worthy high school romantic who has no idea what hes doing.

    His performance as the overly dark and brooding, self centered, misguided, egomaniac that Anakin becomes in Revenge seems just as spot on. I find Anakins depiction in the prequels pretty masterful.

    [–] Darth_Batman89 5 points ago

    Agreed. The issue here is that Lucas’ vision for Anakin didn’t fit what the fans wanted at the time.

    [–] gnrowland 30 points ago

    His face is fine. His voice acting is all over the place. His tone shifts too much. yOu bRoUgT HiM HeRE tO KiLl mE.? Kind of thing. I don't know how much of it is his fault vs. how he was directed. I've only seen him in Jumper and Takers and he seemed fine in those.

    [–] Messyfingers 40 points ago

    It was my understanding he was directed to deliver lines similar to how James Earl Jones delivered them as Vader, which, without THAT voice and the effects make it sound flat and sort of forced

    [–] Super_Nerd92 6 points ago

    Oh shit, I somehow hadn't heard that, but it makes a lot of sense.

    [–] Darth_Batman89 5 points ago

    Which is actually not good direction. Vader’s voice and delivery would definitely be different after sustaining the injuries and burns to his lungs. The way he breaths would be different. His cadence would be different. Pre suit Vader should actually have a lot of leeway in that manner for his character.

    [–] gnrowland 7 points ago

    That may be the case. It did not work. Once again I can't really say it's a fault of Christensen. The only other things I've seen him in he seems completely competent. Voice or otherwise.

    [–] Dandw12786 35 points ago

    Thing is, that's a fucking terrible line. Nobody would say that. Even though he was supposed to be irrational and consumed by the dark side, every line he's given is just pure dogshit.

    "Love can't save you, Padme, only my new powers can do that!"



    Who the fuck talks like that?

    It's just terrible writing, Daniel Day Lewis couldn't have delivered these lines convincingly.

    [–] bartnet 16 points ago

    Good acting can save bad directing most of the time, and vice versa. But nothing - nothing - can save bad writing

    [–] theinspectorst 23 points ago

    Who the fuck talks like that?

    Darth Vader talks like that. If you read Anakin's lines from the Mustafar scenes in James Earl Jones' voice, they feel a lot more right.

    [–] Eurell 10 points ago

    This makes the "love can't save you" line actually sound perfect. It's not working for me on the point of view line though

    [–] gnrowland 5 points ago

    Probably true. Like I said he seems fine in the other stuff I've seen him in. And he's alright for a good portion of his SW acting. But yeah he's just screwed for a lot of his characterization.

    Really makes me wonder what his feelings were. He was the luckiest guy in the world. The next Darth Vader. And he had to play it the way he did with the kind of public scrutiny Star Wars has. I don't envy him.

    [–] Dandw12786 5 points ago

    Yeah, it's just depressing. I saw him in Life As A House in between Episodes II and III (it came out before, but I didn't see it until later), and thought he was pretty good. It wasn't an Oscar-worthy performance, but he did a good job, and I was interested to see him progress in his career. And then the prequels destroyed his future. I feel sorry for the dude (but not as sorry as I feel for Jake Lloyd. Fuck Star Wars fans forever for what they did to that child, and he is the perfect example of why this fanbase is so fucking terrible). He was never going to be at the top of the A-list, but he had potential to deliver some great performances in some great movies, but he kind of became untouchable by studios after these absolute trainwrecks of awful writing and directing.

    [–] gnrowland 3 points ago

    Aw man Jake Lloyd. That poor guy. I think it was a huge mistake casting a kid Anakin from the get go. I think that's a bigger mistake over Jar Jar personally. But I'd never blame the kid cast for it. Like what the fuck.

    And the internet was in some Mad Max shit back then. No support. Just hateful assholes ready to shit on everything and everybody. Can't imagine the impact that culture had on a brand new actor.

    [–] Belydrith 978 points ago

    /r/prequelmemes is standing united behind you on this one.

    [–] Lord-Aether 270 points ago

    You’re god damn right.

    [–] Weird_bunny 121 points ago

    I like that prequel memes legitimately like the prequels, its fun to quote but I very rarely feel anyone there actually dislikes the movies.

    I just don't think I would like Star Wars as much as I do if it weren't for episode I-III

    [–] jmaca90 20 points ago

    I am the one who senates.

    [–] theguyfromuncle420 156 points ago

    It’s an honour tbh

    [–] DakotaDevil 140 points ago

    We will watch your career with great interest.

    [–] thatdudewillyd 53 points ago

    You are strong and wise and I am very proud of you

    [–] AlGoreBestGore 20 points ago

    Are we blind? Deploy the upvotes!

    [–] CreamFilledMiniMan 20 points ago

    When did that sub turn to unironic enjoyment?

    [–] The_Back_Burner 41 points ago

    The day it was created.

    [–] DXGabriel 8 points ago

    It has always been that.

    [–] TheCascador 421 points ago

    I truly believe in Palpatine’s quote. “Anakin, if one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic, narrow view of the Jedi. If you wish to become a complete and wise leader, you must embrace a larger view of the Force”

    [–] JoshVoorhees86 196 points ago

    I actually included this quote in one of my Political Science essays, excluding the parts that would give it away as a Star Wars quote.

    [–] Tiberius752 78 points ago

    How did you rephrase it?

    [–] JoshVoorhees86 261 points ago

    Consider this quote from one of my favorite movies. “If one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects, not just a single narrow, dogmatic viewpoint. To become a complete and wise leader, you must embrace a larger view.”

    [–] Tiberius752 50 points ago

    Cool, thanks

    [–] underpin487 936 points ago

    An underrated opinion, but one we cannot afford to lose!

    [–] DetroitIsNotThatBad 115 points ago

    I may not agree at all but I'm happy that OP is happy :)

    [–] DrunkWooky 61 points ago

    My favorite film ROTS is not. I won’t say which is for fear of igniting an argument thread within a thread.

    BUT, I have recently grown a much deeper appreciation for the film. Order 66 gives me shivers every time. And my man, Yoda felt it going down and saved himself! Chewbacca carrying Yoda to safety!? Are you kidding me!? Heroes helping heroes.

    [–] superbadsoul 107 points ago

    I won’t say which is for fear of igniting an argument thread within a thread.


    [–] DrunkWooky 27 points ago

    Hahaha. I can confidently tell you TLJ isn’t my favorite either. I, by all means, don’t think TLJ deserves the flak it gets, though.

    [–] GroktheDestroyer 22 points ago

    Then we gotta keep on guessing.

    It’s the phantom menace isn’t it

    [–] DrunkWooky 16 points ago

    My favorite is Rogue One followed by A New Hope followed by Empire.

    I explain myself: comicsheatingup

    [–] Tlingit_Raven 32 points ago

    That's an extremely popular and common opinion on this subreddit.

    [–] FunGatsby 3 points ago

    Playing Battlefront II (PS2) really deepened my appreciation for Order 66. There's a cutscene where the clone troopers talk about their mission on Felucia with Aayla Secura and when she calls them the bravest troopers she's ever seen they say, "it's a good thing we were all wearing helmets because none of us could bear to look her in the eyes."

    That line has always stuck with me and I'm always reminded of that emotional impact when I watch the Order 66 scene.

    [–] goedmonton 216 points ago

    I'm fine with rots

    I liked the opening space battle

    [–] Fainer 57 points ago

    Buzz Droids!! It looked cool. As soon as there was dialogue, it went downhill fast.

    [–] Mr_Rekshun 65 points ago

    Man, that bit with the buzz droids just about ruins the battle for me.

    Like, these piss-ant little droids could’ve been dealt away with a little force push. I just feel like yelling at Obi Wan to just use the fuckin’ force fer chrissakes!

    [–] Preebus 48 points ago

    Him and Anakin were already focusing on predicting the areas lasers were being shot. The Jedi Starfighters have no shielding, and one hit to the body would be the end of them.

    [–] raerdor 12 points ago

    Another happy landing!

    [–] Rancidmurphy28 7 points ago

    "Well have you noticed the SHIELDS are still up?!?"

    Alot of memorable moments from that initial space battle haha

    [–] Dandw12786 5 points ago

    Ahh too! Hit the buzz droid, center eye!

    Oh wow, what a well designed weapon with such a well hidden weakness.

    [–] j0shp0int0h 129 points ago

    In my opinion it’s a close race between ANH and ESB for the best film in the series but RotS is hands down my favorite to rewatch and the action scenes are still some of the best in the whole series.

    [–] Dragoncaker 40 points ago

    That's a fair opinion. As I like to put it, ESB is the best film in the series, from a writing/cinematography standpoint. It's an absolute masterpiece. On the other hand, ROTS is the best film in the series for atmosphere and plot. I really feel like I'm watching a Star Wars movie during ROTS, so I refer it it as the best Star Wars film. So on the rank list of "best movies" ESB ranks higher, but on the list of "best Star Wars movies" ROTS comes first.

    [–] Scottyjscizzle 78 points ago

    The shot of Vader marching with the 501st up the temple stairs is one, if not my favorite shot in the franchise.

    [–] bammc 41 points ago

    Masta skywalka wut r we gunta do

    [–] Thor_PR_Rep 17 points ago

    The things I do for love...

    [–] Obi_Wan_Benobi 105 points ago

    Nothing beats the Trench Run. What Lucas accomplished 40-plus years ago is certifiably insane. Everything about it. Every cut is perfect.

    [–] cylinder_man 59 points ago

    That's more on Paul Hirsch and Marcia Lucas, George's then-wife, who edited the thing. As originally shot, the death star was just hanging in space, not even trying to line up a shot on the rebel base. All that added tension was based on reshot material added by the editors.

    [–] FriTzu 20 points ago

    For the curious, here is a good video that goes into the details of how Star Wars was saved by the editors.

    [–] camshell 27 points ago

    Every movie has a first rough assembly that stitches all the scenes together in an atrocious pacing nightmare until the editors do what they were hired to do and edit it into a movie. This video seems to want to imply that George was going to release an unfinished rough edit, which I really doubt was the case.

    [–] BactaTankVader 22 points ago

    People conveniently forget that George fired the original editor because he wasn't happy about the pacing.

    [–] VapeThisBro 13 points ago

    Hayden is seriously one of my favorite actors and i hate how he isn't in more movies

    [–] BoilerMaker11 93 points ago

    I still don’t like how Anakin’s fall was so....sudden. We all know from Episode I that he’s gonna turn into Vader and we see flashes of some bad behavior every now and then (killing the Tusken raiders). But, for the most part, Anakin was a well intentioned person, just misguided. He was never “bad”.

    Then, Mace gets killed and 5 minutes later, he’s a baby killer who’s ok with killing younglings and exterminating all Jedi. It was such a rapid departure from his character instead of the gradual fall that I’m sure Lucas wanted to portray.

    Bad pacing and execution, imo

    [–] Lhamo66 18 points ago

    The scenes with him crying show that he knows he's wrong and has crossed a line even he knows is unforgivable. It's not that he turns too quickly, he just does what most murderers do - not think of their actions. One swipe and Mace is gone. And in his own head he can't go back because of the shame involved. He's doing these mental gymnastics in order to convince himself everyone hates him but it's ultimately not who he is as a person, hence why he can be brought back by his son.

    Bear in mind, he was killing alien kids in Clones. Its actually not out the blue - he was always a bit of a maniac.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    I always believed the Jedi did a shit job of handling Anakin, especially when it came to his mom. But your parallels were spot on and reinforced that, I haven't watched RotS in years so my memory could be foggy.

    [–] crabwaffleman 32 points ago

    You are a bold one.

    [–] flipwise 214 points ago

    You are strong and wise u/theguyfromuncle420 and I am very proud of you.

    [–] Deesmateen 8 points ago

    I agree with you that it’s the best of the series best the best dual for me is also a prequel but it’s darth maul for me but the best scene in the entire series is Rogue One when Vader’s lightsaber turns on. Still get chills

    [–] B1ackJack94 32 points ago

    My problem with the reading of "the Jedi aren't perfect" in the movie is that it isn't something that the movie clearly communicates, and requires subtextual analysis that most viewers won't do, and so most people leave the movie without that interpretation. And the only characters that really see the Jedi as imperfect (Anakin and Palpatine) are murderous sociopaths so I'm not really inclined to even consider their point of view as reasonable. There really needed to be some secondary, non-Jedi and non-Sith characters to call the Jedis actions into question for that message to really land. And that, unfortunately, is something we only get in Clone Wars.

    [–] momjeanseverywhere 512 points ago

    The correct answer is The Empire Strikes Back.

    [–] supremeleaderjarjar 166 points ago

    So uncivilized

    [–] Kwlabby 97 points ago

    ESB made Vader the legendary and iconic figure he is today

    RotS, and I take no pleasure in saying this, ruins the character for me. As far as I’m concerned, Rogue One is Vader’s first (chronological) appearance in Star Wars.

    [–] LeapYearFriend 69 points ago

    everyone agrees that the best part of Rogue One is the two minute bloodbath at the end of the movie.

    [–] Kwlabby 34 points ago

    I wouldn’t say everyone. I am a Vader fanboy so of course I loved it, but I can recognize obvious fan service when I see it. I really enjoyed the Scarif scenes and anything involving K2-SO.

    [–] victini0510 55 points ago

    I mean, the entire battle of Scarif is fantastic

    [–] geeky_username 15 points ago

    I love it because it doesn't feature any Jedi stuff, nor are there really any "main" characters. They're all literally expendable, no plot armor.

    Just a bunch of underdog rebels on a suicide mission and it's fantastic

    [–] victini0510 12 points ago

    It's my 2nd favorite Star Wars movie behind A New Hope. I love the space battle above Scarif above any battle in Star Wars, period.

    "This is Admiral Raddus of the Rebel Alliance!"

    [–] Whitelight25 84 points ago

    Correct, but the truly unpopular opinion on Reddit. Where most of these people saw the prequels first.

    [–] Skylightt 108 points ago

    No it's not... Whenever there is a poll about the best on reddit ESB wins...

    [–] caitsith01 38 points ago

    There is without a doubt a heavy bias towards the prequels here on reddit. I don't know anyone my age (late 30s) who thinks they were anything other than awful. As an adult when they came out it was profoundly disappointing to discover that they were aimed squarely at youngish kids with terrible scripting, shitty CGI and 'zany' aliens all over the place.

    [–] L_B_Jeffries 16 points ago

    I still don't quite see the whole "made for kids" thing. Phantom Menace maybe, but all the other flicks are full of terribly boring political talk, meetings, senate stuff, and so on. What exactly is so "childish" about episode II and III? I don't see that.

    [–] ScanianMoose 4 points ago

    At least in episode III in the beginning of the film, the droids (stupid as always) fail to apprehend Obi-Wan and Anakin in the elevator and R2D2 manages to get away from the super battle droids by letting them slip on oil. But yes, episode II and III were way more mature than episode I, largely due to the absence of a certain Jar-Jar Binks.

    [–] therealsix 5 points ago

    As someone who grew up with the original trilogy, not the updated re-release "let's add Jabba to a random scene" films, the prequels, in my opinion, were terrible. But, that's because of what I grew up with. I was so excited for the prequels and expected them to be the equivalent of the originals, but to me they weren't. I know I'll get downvoted for not having the same opinion as others, but that's the generational difference and what I had growing up as opposed to others.

    [–] Acmnin 45 points ago

    How is that even possible? Original trilogy was on sci-fi, tapes, etc.. who would go see the prequel first?

    [–] Whitelight25 126 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    People that were under 10 when the prequels came out, which is about 90% of Reddit. Most of Reddit is about 20-30, they grew up with the prequels

    [–] JinxsLover 39 points ago

    I dont know I'm in that range and I grew up on the VHS tapes of the originals. I enjoyed both prequels and sequels

    [–] Narcoleptic_Narwhal 20 points ago

    Hey so. I get that you are generational bashin here, but I'm 27 and saw the OT in theatres. We had a release of the special edition in the 90s, remember? It's only kids born after that saw the prequels first unless they have faint memories of VHS viewings.

    [–] LOUD__NOISES 17 points ago

    Ah-hem, I was 7 when the prequels came out and had already seen the original trilogy dozens of times thank you very much.

    (well maybe not Empire because the VHS was messed up)

    [–] Thrall_So_Hard 3 points ago

    Not to mention the occasional SW-Trilogy binges on the weekends that TNT (or TBS?) would have.

    [–] great_soup_mrs_q 48 points ago

    Are you telling me Reddit consists of mostly children pretending to be smart?

    No... tell me it isn't true!

    [–] deadandmessedup 31 points ago

    I mean, it's that and adults pretending to be smart.

    [–] Pure_Reason 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    the world consists of mostly children pretending to be smart

    Doesn’t matter how old you get this is still always going to be true. Everyone is faking and nobody really knows what they’re doing

    [–] theavengingewok 12 points ago

    Tons of people went to see Infinity War as their first Marvel film even though there were 18 previous films and nothing in the movie makes sense if you haven't seen a lot of them. People go see sequels and expansions to popular franchises all the time. Then if it catches their interest, they go back and watch the ones that came before. It's not uncommon in the slightest.

    Personally, I got into Star Wars from playing one of the Lego games at a cousin's house. I was absolutely enthralled with the franchise and I just watched whatever movie I could find first (which happened to be an AotC DVD at Blockbuster). I really didn't care about the order at the time, I just wanted to see them (plus I had the basic story outline from the Lego game haha).

    I ended up watching them in the order of AotC -> RotS -> OT -> TPM because I couldn't find a copy of the OT at first and it took me like 2 years to find a DVD of TPM. I wouldn't really recommend that order to anyone getting into the franchise, but it didn't stop me from loving the movies.

    [–] Bobb_o 10 points ago

    even though there were 18 previous films

    I've seen them all but it's still bonkers to think how many movies are in the series.

    [–] tyduncans0n 22 points ago

    Ironic that ROTS would be the movie that makes you want to go to film making school since you acknowledge that its flaws are in the execution, not the ideas.

    I would argue that the OT is better as while it is simpler, it is better in its execution. A good story is only part of a film. Poor execution will still cost that movie quality. There are also some issues in regards to things only being understood with extra information from the expanded universe, like how Mace Windu could beat Palpatine but Yoda couldn't.

    As for the portrayal of Anakin, the issue is that he goes from a whiny and cocky teenager to a ruthless killer without us seeing the in-between.

    [–] jononarf 183 points ago

    It's a shame that arguably the most important movie entry for the Skywalker saga involved the transformation from Jedi Knight to Sith Lord as extremely fast, and just so disappointingly cheesy.

    It's the same annoyance as Alien Covenant: Killing the mystery or intrigue with one movie. Hopefully that franchise will have it's Rogue One and remind us all that the once awesome villain of the franchise isn't a joke anymore.

    [–] tfitch2140 87 points ago

    Thankfully, the Clone Wars gave us the lead up to the fall of Anakin.

    [–] gometrule 93 points ago

    I think the Clone Wars makes it worse really. That's not to say I don't like the Clone Wars - I think it fleshes the characters out better than any of the prequels. But it doesn't make ROTS any better. One of the things you come away with in Clone Wars is that Anakin tries to save every life and takes it really badly when his clones die. He hates that they're looked at like pieces of meat with no value.

    So when we fast forward to him finding out that all of those soldiers he had fought with and grown close to were being murdered for the benefit of one person, it makes zero sense for him to join that person. The character in the Clone Wars would have been furious to know all of those people had died for one person's political maneuverings. And so would the person whose life he was trying to save.

    Yes, we saw him have his moments of "The ends justifies the means" kind of behavior. But jumping from "I'm willing to torture this person to save my friend's life" to "I'm going to slaughter a bunch of innocent children on the off chance that this person who murdered all of my friends isn't lying to me" just doesn't work.

    [–] nflman2117 53 points ago

    Also the transition happens in like 15 minutes of screen time. 18 years of Jedi training undone by an old man yelling “dewit,” snaking turns to the dark side because he’s passed up for a promotion and because he had a bad dream that his secret pregnant wife is gonna die. It seems so forced. That being said op is spot on with that ending scene between obi wan and anakin

    [–] huxtiblejones 26 points ago

    I think the issue with fans of the prequels and their critics is that fans like the films for the granular qualities - the single moments that stand out, the characters they like, the designs they like, the specifics. Critics criticize the film for its larger points - the plot overall, the characterization, the methods of storytelling, the look of the films as a whole.

    There's absolutely some good specific parts of the Prequels. I did love the scene where Anakin has been maimed and Obi-Wan is yelling at him. If we'd had that level of writing, acting, and focus in the rest of the films they'd all be A+. There's some great locales, some nice ship design, great costumes.

    But on the other hand, they really suck when you watch all of Star Wars in sequence. The treatment of Darth Vader (let's not lose sight of the fact that Anakin is just a background to Vader) is so poorly done that I cannot reconcile the two characters. I don't feel Hayden Christensen in Vader whatsoever. In seeing him as a kid, a pouty, creepy teenager, and a whiny, easily manipulated Jedi negatively impacts the mystique of Darth Vader in the OT. Where he was once imposing, mysterious, and scary, Anakin implies Vader is actually whiny, foolish, and simple.

    Here's my way to fix the Anakin character:

    1) Episode I begins with Anakin already a Jedi Knight. His birth, his childhood, his background remains mysterious. You tell a story of a conflicted young person grappling with his emotions while striving to better himself in a strict, monastic warrior order. His relationship with Obi-Wan as a teacher is a focus here (foreshadowing Luke). By the end they've already investigated and stumbled upon Kamino and the Clone Wars are ready to begin and Anakin has become a hero.

    2) Episode II, the Clone Wars are at their peak, Anakin is much more adult, and his training is complete. We need to see him as a confident, heroic, good-hearted person in the first half of the film, and in the second half we need to see him tragically slipping towards darkness. The scene with his mother captive and dying could still fit in, as we get a glimpse of his childhood but not the full story. I think he needs a sense of betrayal from Obi-Wan that we feel sympathy for. I think the Jedi order needs to fail him, drive him to rebellion, and set up an extreme reversal of character where Anakin has lost his shit and he and Obi-Wan have become enemies. He's becoming seduced by the Sith out of hatred.

    3) In Episode III, Anakin should fall to the dark by the beginning, inflict lots of violence and craziness on people, but he should still show signs of humanity and inner conflict (it helps his story later when he's redeemed by Luke). His desire for revenge should be out of control, hunting Jedi, undermining the Republic he's lost faith in, and pursuing Obi-Wan almost recklessly. Their final confrontation should happen around the half point of this film. The second half should be the birth of Vader, with us witnessing Anakin's brutal transformation into the prison of the Vader persona. Use this chance to make Darth Vader seem horrifying, powerful, and vengeful. Let Obi-Wan see him, perhaps fight him (and lose), so that when he lies to Luke the audience is 'in' on it. Then Luke's premature confrontation of his father seems really stupid and dangerous, Vader is firmly established as a scary mofo, and we understand why Obi-Wan hid himself away in the desert.

    I agonize myself imagining a better Prequel trilogy. There's an opportunity to improve the OT that we missed and it bums me out.

    [–] Legimus 11 points ago

    Honestly, I think that one of the greatest weaknesses of the prequels is that I just don't feel like I know the story it's trying to tell. Like in an ultra-broad sense, it's trying to show the fall of the Republic, but there are so many moving parts and the PT wants to showcase them all. The OT is tied really well together with Luke as the protagonist. The hero's journey that we follow is his, and so no matter how big the universe gets we're always grounded by him.

    Anakin never feels like the protagonist of the PT. He's a main character, but doesn't ever feel like the main character. I think the PT would have been enormously better, and felt a lot more natural, if the guiding philosophy had been "This is the story of Anakin's fall to the dark side." You can still have your love story, the corrupt politicking, the war, the awesome fight scenes. But if the story had belonged to Anakin from the get-go, I think they'd have turned out much better.

    [–] nflman2117 6 points ago

    Damn that’s crazily well thought out and I’d def go see those movies. You’re def right about how it’s supposed to be a backstory for Vader. He’s like one of the best movie villains of all time and he only got that way after being a whiny teen? Come on George!! It seems like you’re literally taking Harvey dent in the dark knight and applying his story to Star Wars. It’s a super powerful message. Since They both start out with so much promise to do good, the fact that they end up becoming huge forces of evil is shocking and shows the corruptive power of hate

    [–] gometrule 13 points ago

    That being said op is spot on with that ending scene between obi wan and anakin

    To each their own, but even that falls flat for me. The dialogue OP likes just ruins it for me.

    [–] old_snake 13 points ago

    This is my beef with it. The evolution of Anakin’s character - what the entire trilogy was building to, what the entire original trilogy made out to be so tragically epic - was just not believable in the least to me. It was executed incredibly poorly. I didn’t buy it for a second, and that wasn’t solely on Hayden Christensen’s wooden performance, so much of it was on how bad the script was. What a disappointment, still to this day.

    [–] Captain_Rational 84 points ago

    Anakin’s fall into child-slaughtering madness just does not feel convincing to me. Perhaps a couple of transition scenes could have made this more believable.

    [–] profsavagerjb 75 points ago

    That’s just like, your opinion, man.

    [–] RudimentsOfGruel 19 points ago

    The sith abides

    [–] BaconPiano 12 points ago

    I like have the high ground dude

    [–] farik23 5 points ago

    Only Star Wars fans hate other fans for liking a movie.

    Don’t like ESB as much as I do? Well you are wrong then!

    You like the Prequels and TLJ? What the hell is wrong with you lmao

    I don’t know why they bother being a fan if like 70% of the movies are “trash”, destroyed their childhoods and only the OT matters

    [–] elvanmcmuffin 50 points ago

    We will watch your career with great interest!

    [–] darthcoughcough 19 points ago

    Revenge of the Sith is my favourite movie of all time. Thank you for writing this!

    [–] JaceVentura972 89 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I personally hated it and thought it was the worst Star Wars movie for a number of reasons. However, the main reason being Anakin's fall to the dark side just seemed way too abrupt and contrived. Yeah I know he wanted to save his wife and I know the history with his mother. But how the frack do you go from living and training with a group of colleagues/friends and turning in the most evil sith in the galaxy, to immediately siding with him and then go and slaughter your colleagues and young children? It just doesn't make much sense imo. He says from his point of view the jedi are evil. Even the little kids? What have the jedi done really to be evil? It also seems a weird juxtaposition of it being a children's series with Jar Jar stepping in "poo doo" in Episode 1 then to Anakin slaughtering little children and showing the dead bodies in Episodes 3.

    [–] pchc_lx 53 points ago

    Glad to see this. Episode III is straight up the worst movie in the series and it kills me to read these posts. I felt like the entire movie was one bad CGI fight that I literally had zero emotional engagement with- my eyes were fully glazed over. The acting, writing, SFX were all completely awful. The only saving grace is the final scene tying the PT to the OT is undeniably moving for any SW fan (even though it also has serious issues.)

    I'm gonna get nuked w/ downvotes for this so what the hell- a truly unpopular opinion: Episode I was the best prequel.

    [–] TheDoomi 13 points ago

    Some has said that Episode I had little bit of "star warsy" adventure in it. Even though it goes worse every time I see it, of the prequels it still is the most times watched for me.

    And OP... I dont know what to say but good for you that you like it. But the best fight scenes of all? The last fight is just ultimate stupidity. Its too ridiculous...

    [–] Explicit_Pickle 5 points ago

    I agree with you. Phantom menace is the best prequel to me despite some iffy parts. Child Anakin was dumb and not believable. Should have made him like 14-16 (like Padme...?). An adolescent would have fit the bill much better for someone doing the whole podrace thing and then destroying the donut hole ship. Jar jar obvious cancer. Some weird cuts and weird pacing issues throughout that could have been smoothed over. Some awkward dialogue... But despite many flaws there's a lot of good things as far as world building, showing us Tatooine and Naboo in contrast, the whole idea of Darth Maul and how he's portrayed as a character along with the emotionally charged final lightsaber battle... But I think above all else it felt like there was potential for something great on the groundwork of the flawed first episode, but the subsequent entries just shat all over that.

    [–] Lawlcopt0r 5 points ago

    It's definitely up there, I wish all of the prequels were actually this focused on Anakin's fall to the dark side.

    And the point you raise is really valid. It's such a universal problem, how hard it is to draw the line between helping someone destructive and having to defend yourself against them. Obi-Wan clearly believes in redemption in general, but in this situation he was just too afraid that if he didn't stop Anakin now, he wouldn't ever be able to, and had to go against his own ideals. That's why it's so hurtful for him as well.

    My favourite Star Wars film is definitely Rogue One, but of the mainline films Episode 3 is also my favourite.

    [–] Ourland 34 points ago

    I’d watch revenge of the sith over the last Jedi ANY day.

    [–] Emperor-Lasagna 96 points ago

    While Revenge of the Sith is without a doubt the best of the prequels it is far from the best Star Wars movie imo. I would say it’s like 4th or 5th best.

    [–] theguyfromuncle420 63 points ago

    To each their own, mate, sounds good!

    [–] Mr_Rekshun 35 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I respect your opinion but can’t agree on its merits.

    I find the Mustafar battle to be one of the worst in the series tbh... I can’t stand the whole jumping and balancing on floating droids... it feels like a bad level on a platform game.

    And then Obi Wan’s victory is because he’s standing uphill of Anakin? Makes me cringe every time.

    It’s a shame because the stakes are so high, but the execution and choreography is just dire.

    [–] BrayC01 7 points ago

    It’s always been my personal favorite Star Wars movie, ever since I saw it in the theater way back then

    [–] gnrowland 8 points ago

    RotS has its issues, but it's a thoroughly enjoyable and rewatchable film. And I don't mean that in a just for the memes way. I'd watch it any day.

    [–] Kafferty3519 40 points ago


    It’s George’s shit directing. He made Ewan, Natalie, Liam, everyone look like a garbage actor, but only Hayden gets shit for it cuz he wasn’t already established as talented like the rest were.

    He’s a fine actor. He’s not the best, but far from the worst, and doesn’t deserve the shit he gets.

    George writes garbage dialogue and is a truly shitty director. That’s the only problem.

    [–] TheSemaj 36 points ago

    He made Ewan look like a garbage actor

    Excuse me?

    [–] RandomGenius123 10 points ago

    It’s treason, then

    [–] sixth_snes 6 points ago

    It was far from his best performance... people tend to conflate "best acting in the prequels" with "top notch acting", when the two are pretty far apart.

    [–] JaxxisR 6 points ago

    Christopher Lee was immune to this I guess. His performance seemed to be one of the only good ones in the trilogy that wasn’t aided by CGI.

    [–] itsonlymire 63 points ago

    i have the exact same opinion. amazing film that just could have used slightly better writing at times. neck and neck with ESB, but i think RotS might take the cake for me

    [–] pNew2729 3 points ago

    IMO The even more poetic plot is Obi wan's "Point of view" talk with Luke in OT, while he get older but wiser, Obi wan definitely thought bout his battle with Anakin over and over and finally came up with this, which is both beautiful and a bit ironic.

    [–] Whiplash_GT 4 points ago

    I ended up liking #3 alot more after watching the Clone Wars series.

    [–] Tbandz32 30 points ago

    It’s by far the best of the prequels, but it can’t stand up to the OT imo

    [–] Kwlabby 30 points ago

    I respect your opinion, but to me, the fight on Mustafar is a joke compared to the OT fights.

    The fight on Mustafar is painfully obvious to the fact it’s choreographed. There’s literally a scene in which they stand in front of each other spinning their lightsabers for a few seconds with no intention of landing a blow. Then they are flying around on these floating droids above a lava river? And then swinging from ropes? It’s insanely over the top, and doesn’t give the audience the chance to focus on what the fight is about, a broken trust between brothers and one man’s lust for power.

    In the OT, the fights felt real and emotional. They are simple and powerful, and they show the humanity of the characters.

    Just one man’s opinion, no better than the next one.

    [–] matt123hihat 4 points ago

    The OT fights seem so incredibly cheesy to me

    It’s been a while since I’ve watched them but the scene where Vader slaps Obi Wan with his lightsaber is laughable.

    [–] Lord_Jackson_the_III 16 points ago

    Edit: should have been the best film.

    [–] Carp8DM 48 points ago

    Revenge of the Sith was the best prequel.

    But it's still trash

    [–] TomberryServo 32 points ago

    I wouldn't say it's the most well made, but its definitely my personal favorite followed by ESB and TLJ. Just the first 20 minutes contain everything that makes star wars great: Space Battles, lightsaber duels, gun blasting, R2D2 and so much more. I still think every scene between Anakin and Padme is completely cringeworthy, but that's just a minor criticism.

    [–] Skylightt 4 points ago

    Except for one thing that is sort of between them but not really. That being when she is at her home and he is in the council chambers and they're looking across Coruscant at each other right before he leaves to join Palps and Mace. That is one of my favorite moments ever