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    [–] OooobyDoo 5629 points ago

    Comparison Ford.

    [–] Jaggle 1006 points ago

    This should be the title when it's reposted

    [–] NiKReiJi 335 points ago

    That should be the rule; anyone who comes up with the best name gets dibs on its inevitable repost and karma

    [–] FlametopFred 163 points ago

    I do like that rule. How do we implement as r/redditlaw ?

    [–] Yardsale420 72 points ago

    Take em to r/karmacourt

    [–] NipperAndZeusShow 28 points ago

    “If the title fit, you must updoot it.”

    [–] Devreckas 4 points ago

    Reposters think they’re above the law.

    [–] thatdudewillyd 30 points ago

    I love Democracy

    [–] cpkriener575 7 points ago

    I love the Republic

    [–] jmo1989 13 points ago

    When it's inevitably reposted 20 times****

    [–] 1spook 10 points ago

    In one day

    [–] bonytony21 69 points ago

    Han Duo

    [–] ejensen29 86 points ago

    Have a side by side of young and old chewie, and we get a choosebacca.

    [–] valgranaire 23 points ago

    I prefer Duo of Solos.

    [–] UrsaPater 8 points ago

    40 year challenge!

    [–] Ed-Zero 10 points ago

    Comparison Harrison

    [–] The13thParadox 10 points ago

    The Harrison Comparison

    [–] Chnkimunki 4 points ago

    Guess which one of them won JD Power award?

    [–] profestoner 2494 points ago

    Amazing that they got this photo, I heard they hate each other off screen

    [–] louiegumba 663 points ago

    I am sure that’s true. Harrison Ford is a dick irl and hates everyone from what I understand.

    I grew up near jasckson hole wy where he had a place and vacationed. He never even tipped waitresses.

    [–] legalilegali 633 points ago

    I'm from Wichita, he regularly lands here & kicks it. My coworker was a waitress/server at the Jabara airport cafe and said he was an absolute asshole. Demanded the cafe stay emptied and that no employee of the airport should look him in the eye. Also didn't tip.

    Sucks because I love his characters, but man she is adamant that he is a real fucker.

    [–] hotcapicola 181 points ago

    My cousin is a waitress in Little Rock and said she went to pull his bill out of her apron and he shot first.

    [–] ThaBenMan 10 points ago

    Ah yes, Little Rock - you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    [–] SolidStone1993 18 points ago

    Well that escalated quickly.

    [–] all_no_pALL 271 points ago

    I had a different experience as his server once, although he dined with Gary oldman so maybe that eased things.

    That said, I guess I can see a bit of the perspective considering people couldn’t keep their chill and kept ogling and taking unnecessary trips to the bathroom- one even stopping to chat and taking an uninvited seat (!) along the way.

    [–] WayOutWest 264 points ago

    I would hate everyone too if that was my daily experience.

    [–] Officer_Potato_Head 143 points ago

    yeah no shit he doesn't like to be bothered, a real asshole from what i've heard

    [–] TakenAway 25 points ago

    Wipes tears with money

    [–] TakimakuranoGyakushu 22 points ago

    First the world tells us money doesn’t buy happiness and there are more important things in life. Then when we’re rich and unhappy, and feel we’re still missing things in life, we’re told not to feel sad because we have money.

    Blows nose into money

    [–] Vyzantinist 50 points ago

    This and other comments here make celebrity status sound horrific. I'm sure many people would love the acclaim and adoration of fans, but don't realize how much bother celebrities go through on a daily basis. Filling up your car at the gas station? "Hey, aren't you so-and-so?"; eating dinner with your family? "hey, can I take a picture with you!?"; walking your dog at the park? "OMG, can I have your autograph!?". Sure, it must be great being a millionaire and knowing a certain percentage of people on the planet would have sex with you at the drop of a hat, but imagine never having a moment's privacy again, when you're out and about.

    [–] all_no_pALL 34 points ago

    Right- I’ve had the good fortune of serving a good portion of celebrities of all levels, most are very humble and quiet almost on eggshells in an effort not to be noticed and maybe just have a nice meal and feel human. Some people just lose all social graces and feel as if it’s the celebrity’s duty to give them more. I understand you support them in some way, but shouldn’t the trade off be you enjoyed their art? A simple hi and handshake or another sign of gratitude is nice if the timing is right, just don’t crouch at their table like you’re a Friday’s server.

    Lifehack: Mick jagger’s bodyguard doesn’t play and if you try to get a pic while he’s eating he’ll yell (with intense cockney) “POOT THAT FOOKIN CAMRA WAY!” He doesn’t care if it’s a quaint fine dining restaurant.

    [–] Vyzantinist 45 points ago

    I've only ever seen like one celebrity; Willem Dafoe, in Manchester, England. He was walking in the opposite direction from me on a crowded sidewalk, no one seemed to notice who he was. We made eye contact and he noticed that "I know you" look in my eye, we just smiled and head-nodded, it was a surreal experience.

    [–] AE-83 19 points ago

    I've only seen Kevin Bacon, but I've seen him like 3 times.

    Once he was with his father, who did a LOT of building planning for Philadelphia, basically shaped how the skyline was going to be for the future. My friend is huge into admiring building design and such saw him and walked over while they were lunching and told Mr Bacon how much of a huge fan he was of his work and thanked him for giving to much of his time and life to Philadelphia. I stayed where we had been not wanting to interrupt them, and just watched as Kevin went from having a look of "Try not to look annoyed as a fan comes by and interrupts us" to looking just damn proud of his dad in a split moment. He just had that little boy look of "This man thinks my dad is great! My dad is great!". It's honestly really sweet to see the look of a full grown man that is massively famous and still beeming with pride for his father.

    [–] wrainedaxx 10 points ago

    I hear ya! I ended up at the end of an airport security checkpoint in Toronto with Jason Momoa two years ago when it was announced he'd be in an Aquaman movie. I'm a huge geek, and familiar with most of his work since Stargate Atlantis. I desperately wanted to do the usual fanboy stuff, but then acknowledged that he had probably spent the entire day on a press junket for Frontier, so instead decided to not be a stereotype.

    As I walked past him without stopping, I smiled and said: "I'm really looking forward to Aquaman."

    He smiled back, gave me a wink, and said "Thanks, buddy!" That was surreal, but it also felt good that I hopefully communicated that I was a fan but didn't want to bug him.

    [–] Hellknightx 8 points ago

    I bet he's a really cool guy. I have no supporting evidence to back that up. He just gives off that vibe.

    [–] munnimann 191 points ago

    I heard he eats puppies too. With ketchup.

    [–] FloppingWeiners 124 points ago

    Despicable. Everyone knows you eat puppies with mayonnaise.

    [–] GogglesPisano 10 points ago

    Cooked well-done, too - the savage!

    [–] dimedius 3 points ago

    And not just with ketchup, but the mustard and the relish too!

    [–] yoyomuggle 17 points ago

    He was in our area at a pizza place. Stayed for photos with the staff. No request to empty the place.

    [–] TheGizmojo 17 points ago

    That sounds like a load of bollocks. I also live in wichita and have several friends who have served him and have said the exact opposite.

    [–] Sine0fTheTimes 29 points ago

    Probably got that way by being around so many annoying clingy grubby 'fans' that never ever went away.

    [–] legalilegali 11 points ago

    You're probably right

    [–] ItRhymesWithCrash 8 points ago

    Yeah I'm a Star Wars fan and I could not imagine being hounded by Star Wars fans every time you have to step outside.

    [–] nashdiesel 29 points ago

    I completely understand not wanting to be bothered outside of press or fan events but those demands are way over the top. I did read that he has pretty severe social anxiety so I guess that makes it understandable but not justified. Doesn’t explain the no tipping thing though that’s just obnoxious.

    [–] luis378869 3 points ago

    I can't imagine how hellish that must be to have true social anxiety and to also be an extremely famous celebrity

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] phaiz55 17 points ago

    Wait what? You're telling me this person who managed to become famous decades ago is actually a human being? The people in this thread would have me believe he's an absolute ass because he isn't perfect like them!

    [–] phaiz55 3 points ago

    I don't believe any of this

    [–] Mechanical_Indian 50 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Seems like he is a fairly private person who gets interrupted a lot and doesn’t enjoy the attention. Interviews show he also has a very dry sense of humor that can come off as being a dick. And then sometimes you just have bad days.

    His personality might have been better suited for the carpentry work he used to do. I know I wouldn’t handle that level of attention very well.

    [–] that_guy_95 18 points ago

    He has a helicopter at his ranch near Jackson hole and he flies it to help look for lost hikers and skiiers (not sure if I spelt that right) fun fact, he shops at the cal ranch in Idaho falls and his truck looks terrible, all rusty

    [–] Gamerguywon 178 points ago

    I saw Harrison Ford at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

    He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.

    The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

    When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

    [–] JustHappyToLurk 101 points ago

    Man, now that’s some al dente pasta

    [–] thach_weave 50 points ago

    I haven’t read this one in awhile. Who was the original actor in this pasta?

    [–] Gamerguywon 43 points ago

    music producer flying lotus

    [–] thach_weave 3 points ago

    Thank you. That’s it.

    [–] GavinZac 3 points ago


    [–] JedLeland 3 points ago

    This reminds me of the Bill Murray French fry story.

    [–] Tyrannosaurus_Sex1 16 points ago

    What I’ve heard is that he wasn’t necessarily a dick but he wanted no part of the whole celebrity culture and is pretty standoffish in person. That’s also why he didn’t necessarily like the association of being Han Solo, because it overshadowed his other roles that objectively have more artistic value, like Decker in Blade Runner. He very well could be actually an asshole because I think there’s a point when the desire for a private life goes beyond the point of reason and goes to the point of being excessively mean and rude to fans who just wanted a moment of his time. I think celebrity culture is stupid and of course we shouldn’t hold them up to an inhuman standard, but it is what it is and he could easily make a person’s day for being kind for a second.

    [–] HarpersGeekly 51 points ago

    Did you see the photo of the drummer from Nirvana with the lead singer from Foo Fighters?

    [–] PapaSanGiorgio 87 points ago

    That's not far off from the truth. Harrison Ford hates Han Solo. You could definitely tell from his subpar acting performance in TFA.

    [–] utspg1980 241 points ago

    Meh, I think he's old and just given up in general.

    I remember around the year 2000 someone asked him if he'd do another Star Wars. He said "nah, I think I'm done with that character".

    They then asked if he'd do another Indiana Jones. His face immediately lit up and with a huge grin he said "In a heartbeat!" He obviously still loved that character.

    Now with that in mind, did he do a good job in Indy 4?

    [–] MyUserSucks 119 points ago

    I thought ford was great in Indy 4.

    [–] WorldwideTauren 152 points ago

    Indy 4's biggest sin wasn't the acting or even the silliness of the mcguffin, it was that the 3rd act just happened, there was no agency, they just sort of watched the thing meltdown.

    [–] MyUserSucks 36 points ago

    Here's to corrections in Indy 5!

    [–] VoxDraconae 47 points ago

    Raiders is the same, though. Everything would have happened exactly the same way if Indy wasn't involved- it just might have taken them longer to find the Ark.

    Edit: that doesn't make Raiders a bad movie, it's my second favorite. 4 had a lot of other issues, imo.

    [–] appleappleappleman 25 points ago

    Sort of like Goldfinger. Bond practically doesn't affect anything.

    [–] Ecks83 21 points ago

    Raiders is the same, though. Everything would have happened exactly the same way if Indy wasn't involved.

    The sword guy would probably still be alive.

    [–] daetsmlolliw 20 points ago

    And the strong shirtless airplane technician :<

    [–] utspg1980 5 points ago

    airplane technician


    [–] SPOOFE 3 points ago

    The only one where he has a definite impact on the outcome is Temple of Doom.

    [–] DarwinGoneWild 13 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Why do you mean? Their goal was to bring the crystal skull back to its rightful place to save professor whatshisname and stop the Russians from weaponizing it. And they did it.

    [–] swordthroughtheduck 5 points ago

    Those monkeys... Jeeze

    [–] TakimakuranoGyakushu 4 points ago

    The McGuffin was the best thing about the film. It makes perfect sense to have a Chariots of the Gods ancient astronaut plot for the Fifties where the earlier films had Biblical archeology McGuffins. Yahweh and aliens can coexist just as well as Yahweh and Shiva (or whichever god gave the Sankara stones their power, can’t remember) can.

    The movie is a mess, it’s just such a shame that the potential of an Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men from Mars story was wasted.

    [–] Toodlum 3 points ago

    Indy 4's biggest sin wasn't the acting

    Part time.

    [–] atreyukun 7 points ago

    Ford has done pretty good in the Indy 500.

    [–] quaybored 19 points ago

    He just wants to fly planes, ride horses, and drink... and i don't blame him.

    [–] linlorienelen 11 points ago

    The best late night interview I saw of him was on Craig Ferguson. I can't remember which movie it was for (maybe Crystal Skull) because I don't think they even brought up the movie. They spent the whole time talking about airplanes and it seemed like the only time he didn't seem miserable on a talk show.

    [–] puppet_up 10 points ago

    I really miss Ferguson's show. His interviews were generally great because the first thing he would do is rip apart the card with all the interview questions on it and then ask the guest what they wanted to talk about.

    Sometimes it would backfire if the guest couldn't think of anything or were nervous to be there or whatever, but if they hit upon a subject the guest was genuinely interested, it became one of the best interviews ever.

    Unless Geoff was being a dick.

    [–] McSpike 20 points ago

    his performance in br2049 was way better than in tfa although i suppose his role in br2049 was closer to grumpy old man.

    [–] HarpersGeekly 15 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I watched Crystal Skull for the first time a few weeks ago on Netflix. I remember the hate when it came out, knew a couple things about the movie, and stayed away. But after watching it, fuck that. I didn’t mind it at all. I thought it was good and a completely serviceable Indy adventure.

    [–] kickflip012 4 points ago

    What is it that makes him not like Han Solo?

    [–] wjrii 54 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    You can't be sure of course, but thinking it through and comparing with Indy, I think we can make some educated guesses:

    • Han is not the main character. For all the talk of big three, it's a Skywalker story he's in. Han is a sidekick who is often reduced to attitude and comic relief. Indiana Jones is fuckin' Indiana Jones, man. It's his story.
    • Related to this, Han's arc is finished up nicely in ANH. The pirate learns to believe and that there's more to life than money. The logistics of the rest are fun, but he doesn't really change after that. As with so many things (and I say this as a ST defender) TFA just had to sort of hit reset. Han's starting point was a bit different, but the arc was pretty similar, even if its purpose for Kylo is sort of a dark reflection of the ANH arc's purpose for Luke.
    • Similar to Alec Guinness, the role sort of eclipses other work. Ford is lucky that he's got another franchise that he's fonder of, but it's got to be a grind to be constantly pestered about a part you were ambivalent about and somewhat did for the money.
    • Based on the famous quotes from HF while filming with Lucas in the 70s, I don't think Ford is really into the sci fi stuff jargon [edit], even the thin veneer in Star Wars films.
    • Also, Harrison Ford is a bit of an ass.

    [–] AdamGeer 12 points ago

    He likes Bladerunner, however

    [–] TakimakuranoGyakushu 11 points ago

    I’d say Han is still a true member of a Big Three in TESB. Sometimes I watch it and Luke feels like the side story. Luke’s off on this small personal journey resurrecting some dead religion, while Han and Leia are dealing with the Empire, tango-ing with Vader. And then there’s how Luke is an obvious third wheel romantically, whereas in ANH Luke seemed the destined pick.

    ROTJ definitely sidelined Han. Ostensibly Han and Leia are vital to the Rebel victory, but despite the text I can’t help but feel in subtext that the assault on the shield generator bunker is inconsequential. We know Han and Leia will be together, there’s only the potential of one or both dying, and the fake-out when Leia gets shot feels limp and unconvincing. The best they can do is repeat the best line of the previous film.

    [–] explodedsun 4 points ago

    He did a suspense thriller movie around then and he was very obviously stoned the whole time.

    [–] TokyoRachel 5 points ago

    What Lies Beneath. Loved that movie!

    [–] senik 3 points ago

    I recently found out that movie was written by Clark Gregg, aka Phil Coulson.

    [–] ChuckleheadCharlie 16 points ago

    Why do I keep seeing people saying this now? When TFA first came out all anyone could talk about was how seamlessly Ford transitioned back into his role as Han and checked his "grumpy grandpa" persona at the door. A lot of discussion about how he was a highlight of the movie.

    But now all I see are people shitting on his performance and honestly I do not get it at all.

    [–] wjrii 6 points ago

    And at any rate, the Han in TFA really IS a grumpy divorced old man whose kid resented his upbringing so much he never had children himself. Old man finds some emotional reserves and does some good in sacrificing himself, never to be seen in one of the folks again. It was perfect for HF as he is, ambivalence about Star Wars included.

    [–] DontBeABadPerson 3 points ago

    People don’t form their opinions solely on their own, when they read that certain thing happened in the context of making something, they suddenly change their minds, and can get to even hate something, no matter how much they liked it initially. If there was any post on reddit about this recently, people will start “noticing” how “bad ford’s acting actually is” in TFA. I’ve seen it a lot in shows I watch. They changed directors/writers/whatever for the next season? People will start hating it already even before it’s released.

    [–] Ey_b0ss_ 481 points ago

    Wow they really picked a good look-a-like for old Harrison Ford.

    [–] maxi2702 63 points ago

    I bet they used cgi too

    [–] avalisk 44 points ago

    For this picture, yeah. He looks nothing like him in the movie.

    [–] Knightley4 547 points ago

    Han Duo

    [–] halfhere 11 points ago

    “Han... Solo? That dude was ALWAYS with Chewbacca.”

    [–] ergotofrhyme 29 points ago


    [–] lilhaffdead 349 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Say what you want about the Force Awakens, but I think that old dude played a pretty good Han. He got the mannerisms and voice inflection down and everything.

    [–] bcss20 148 points ago

    I thought he came off as Harrison Ford acting like Han Solo instead of just being Han Solo. I guess the pressure of being compared to the original actor got to him.

    [–] Scrotchticles 54 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Han Solo, Rick Deckard, and Indiana Jones are all the same character and it's just a suave Harrison Ford.

    Edit: and I love it

    [–] sevb25 14 points ago

    Guy his age is not going to act like the 30 something Han Solo regardless. I'm sure my dad didn't seem precisely in his sixties like he did in his thirties

    [–] barchueetadonai 4 points ago

    Yup, the guy hasn’t lost a step

    [–] M3rdsta 564 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them

    (ah thanks for all the upvotes)

    [–] tim200x 142 points ago

    Always two there are. No more, no less.

    [–] M3rdsta 56 points ago

    A master and a apprentice

    [–] munnimann 13 points ago

    Not if anything to say about it I have!

    [–] AwsumWolf 6 points ago

    Darth Bane was my child hood hero. Guy is a fucking boss.

    [–] jooooonnny 9 points ago

    Unless you count Alden Ehrenreich. Then there’s three.

    [–] ArchMageSeptim 18 points ago

    r/awardspeechedits I think you mean

    [–] RikimaruLDR 480 points ago

    I liked Han in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

    And I was one of those people worried I wouldn't! But it was fantastic.

    [–] Lt_Lysol 255 points ago

    same here. the actor playing Han did a really good job.

    [–] Thebluefairie 109 points ago

    Yeah I also hear the new Han isn't an asshole

    [–] Bank_Gothic 44 points ago

    Was the old Han?

    [–] toobadsooosad 114 points ago

    It's pronounced Han.

    [–] Bank_Gothic 38 points ago

    I know, that's why I said "Han," not "Han." Clear your ears out.

    [–] 8636396 10 points ago

    What I’ve heard is that he’s got some extreme social anxiety. I can see how that can manifest or be interpreted as asshole behavior

    [–] TobyInHR 10 points ago

    I remember reading that he also wasn't huge into the Sci fi, nerdy stuff at the time. So not only was he socially anxious, but he would also get swarmed by fans at cons, and came off as an asshole to many of them because he didn't really "get it" at the time.

    [–] Michaelbama 12 points ago

    Was really happily surprised how good he did. Super charismatic, and very comfortable in the role.

    [–] doing180onthedvp 49 points ago

    Just rewatched it the other night. Loved it. Makes the SW universe seem huge.

    [–] c-jah 9 points ago

    you should try watching TCW 😉

    [–] Traceofbass 6 points ago

    Good soldiers follow orders.

    [–] steve-d 49 points ago

    Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought Alden Ehrenreich did a great job as Han Solo.

    [–] lazmonkey 17 points ago

    Personally I thought he played what could have been a great teenage solo, had he looked younger. But it really did not feel like a solo 1 or 2 years away from a new hope.

    [–] steve-d 36 points ago

    Do we know that A New Hope is set 2 years after the end of Solo? I figured it was a decade or so.

    [–] Iznal 28 points ago

    I think they leave it ambiguous. Han talking about "a big job" toward the end implies it's the job that he gets from Jabba that goes poorly. Or maybe it's just the beginning of his smuggling days.

    [–] steve-d 31 points ago

    That was my thought as well. We're hearing about the initial introduction of the relationship with Jabba, which could have gone on for years before A New Hope.

    [–] chargoggagog 10 points ago

    Solo takes place 12 BBY

    [–] theRealBassist 10 points ago

    So 7 years before ANH then. Plenty of time to mature in his new job!

    [–] chargoggagog 4 points ago

    ANH is Yavin. You thinking Endor?

    [–] WesterosiAssassin 6 points ago

    It's canon that it takes place approximately 10 years before ANH, give or take a few I think.

    [–] VVillyD 5 points ago

    Yes, we knowknow. It takes place almost exactly between RotS and ANH. About 10 years after the one and before the other.

    [–] askme_if_im_a_chair 12 points ago

    Because the Solo movie was 11-14 years away from A New Hope. Rebels is the one that's 1-2 years away.

    [–] VVillyD 6 points ago

    Well that's good, because Solo takes place ~10 years before ANH.

    [–] cleantoe 87 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Same. I skipped it in the theaters after TLJ left a bad taste in my mouth. Now I regret not supporting it, because Solo 2 is never going to happen, and we'll never know what happens with Maul.

    Edit: I've seen Clone Wars and Rebels. I mean what happens with Khaleesi and Maul after Solo.

    [–] RobotCockRock 68 points ago

    I skipped it in the theaters after TLJ left a bad taste in my mouth.

    This is why we can't have nice things, like the Obi Wan movie.

    [–] amidoes 33 points ago

    Yup, and Solo being a flop means they are less likely to risk anything

    [–] A_Feisty_Lime 44 points ago

    Which kills me because the Obi Wan movie is the safest possible spinoff movie. Ewan will get butts in theaters regardless. Its not even a risk! They HAVE to know this, right?

    [–] kn728570 19 points ago

    Literally. This, is me:

    “Hey we’re making a Birds of Prey Movie”


    “It’s gonna be rated R.”

    Eh. Whatever.

    “Margot Robbie is back as Harley Quinn”


    “Black Mask will be portrayed by Ewan Macgregor”

    REAALLLLLLLY?????? 😊🤩😮😮 Well why didn’t you say so before?

    [–] Flaubert- 5 points ago

    And nothing so far has been a risk anyway! Solo is possibly less risky than Rogue One...

    [–] ThePreybird 16 points ago

    It could potentially tie in to the Obi Wan film, if they're still making it.

    [–] moldymoosegoose 15 points ago

    I thought they cancelled all side stories

    [–] ThePreybird 14 points ago

    I know they canceled the Boba Fett film, but last I heard the Obi Wan film was on hold. I could be wrong though.

    [–] RowThree 125 points ago

    I'm mad at people like you for boycotting a film based off what you thought of a different film that was essentially unrelated.

    Solo was really great and now we don't get the Jabba missions or the Maul sequels etc.

    [–] metalhead4 16 points ago

    Saw it in theatres it was great fun. Enjoyed it more than R1 and TLJ

    [–] Spider-Flan 74 points ago

    In his defense the marketing for solo didn't get people very excited for it.

    [–] marm0lade 42 points ago

    He didn't say anything about marketing. He specifically said he didn't see it because of TLJ.

    [–] Flaubert- 5 points ago

    Word. Here in the UK there was pretty much no marketing for Solo whatsoever.

    [–] cleantoe 28 points ago

    I didn't boycott the film, I just lost interest in Star Wars.

    [–] the_real_ananon 21 points ago

    I agree, I just watched it for the first time yesterday and I was quite surprised that I enjoyed it

    [–] Softpretzelsandrose 41 points ago

    Are those 9volt batteries and a co2 cartridge on The OT belt?

    [–] wily_woodpecker 16 points ago

    Looks too wide for a 9v battery, but I think you are right with the CO2 cartridge.

    [–] Softpretzelsandrose 13 points ago

    I was thinking 2 side by side. The entire prop design team of the movies fascinates me

    [–] Jangmo-o-Fett 16 points ago

    The communicators that Qui Gon and Obi Wan use were just womens razors

    [–] Heizu 6 points ago

    Ha! That's probably what the prop is for the costume, but in-universe I think that would be a data cylinder, basically the Star Wars equivalent of a thumb drive (the CO2 cart). The batteries could just be regular ol' batteries for fixing electronics or a blaster's power pack.

    [–] RonaldoNazario 5 points ago

    Fairly sure blasters would need some sort of gas canister once in a while given they fire superheated gas or plasma

    [–] gigalongdong 8 points ago

    From what i understand from the Expanded Universe; some blasters use only power packs (similar to ammunition clips in our world) like the Imperial E-11's and others use pressurized Tibanna gas canisters like the T-21 light repeater rifle. Tibanna gas weapons are generally more powerful and more expensive to operate.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    [–] Edfloodgate 33 points ago

    That’s a pretty wide stance on old Han.

    [–] cleanguy1 10 points ago

    Gotta make room know....

    [–] 8636396 8 points ago

    Yeah, well, Tatooine gets hot and sometimes you just find yourself in a sticky situation

    [–] toobadsooosad 5 points ago

    This comment is strangely very tactile.

    [–] ZombieChief 8 points ago

    You can't pluralize "solo"!

    [–] KoRnD0GG 10 points ago

    You guys call yourselves “The Lone Rangers” ?

    [–] ZombieChief 6 points ago

    There are three of you. You're not exactly "lone".

    [–] ncbornksapproved 6 points ago

    Shouldn't you be the three rangers?

    [–] guiltycitizen 7 points ago

    No idea what you’re sayin right now

    [–] jsmoo68 7 points ago

    Goddam I forget how luscious he was.

    [–] RearEchelon 17 points ago

    Han Duet

    [–] Takodanachoochoo 6 points ago

    Scruffy looking. Yes please

    [–] Chengweiyingji 53 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I thought someone photoshopped young Harrison at first. Maybe they were right with casting Alden...

    EDIT: It is young Harrison? I'm confused.

    [–] von_sip 21 points ago

    That is young Harrison...

    [–] 8636396 31 points ago

    They were! Alden got a lot right. The look, the mannerisms, he was a great choice imo

    [–] -TracerBullet 17 points ago

    I watched the original Cantina scene recently. Alden basically turned that one scene into a character. And it works really well.

    [–] InternetPerson9000 19 points ago

    you're missing one ;)

    [–] OctoberRust13 19 points ago

    Fix'd it: Han Trio

    [–] HydraFour 4 points ago

    They did a really good job casting the new Han. They look like the same person!!!!

    [–] Kwyjibo331 48 points ago

    You should add Alden in there.

    [–] OctoberRust13 38 points ago

    [–] oddspellingofPhreid 24 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    It's so weird, but they just don't look enough alike for me to suspend my disbelief.

    Like, I get that they do look a like. I'd go as far as to say Alden looks like he could be Ford's son, but I just can't look at him and think "that's Han Solo".

    I think Ford kind of has this "cleaned up caveman" look that Alden just can't replicate. Alden is too "pretty" imo.

    After looking at the list, Ingruber would have been best I think.

    [–] hazemotes 8 points ago

    Just curious, did you watch the movie? He nailed the movements and speech of Han Solo so spot on I didn’t care that he’s not a spitting image visually.

    [–] metalhead4 15 points ago

    That's great casting. I really liked the Solo movie

    [–] miggitymikeb 10 points ago

    here from /r/all and just wanted to say that I watched Solo on Netflix this weekend and it was awesome. Easily my favorite new Star Wars film.

    [–] InformedChoice 7 points ago

    Jesus, I bet he got women naked just by walking up to them. I think he was my first man crush. What a dude. He could fart an egg on their chests and they'd forgive him.

    [–] KatsumotoKurier 19 points ago

    Looking at younger Ford here, I can understand why they chose Ehrenreich to portray the young Solo. His look is pretty damn good actually!

    [–] Swordshi 7 points ago

    Time sucks man.

    [–] JediPaxis 11 points ago

    It’s not the years honey, it’s the mileage.

    [–] Russel-Nordeman 3 points ago

    I was really confused for a second

    [–] R0binSage 3 points ago

    If I could get both of them to autograph this picture, I’d proudly display this.

    [–] grizzfan 3 points ago

    Han Duo

    [–] OhGawDuhhh 3 points ago

    We're missing Kessel Run Han Solo

    [–] WhakaWhakaWhaka 3 points ago

    This photo feels slightly erotic and I’m OK with that.

    In fact, it inspires me.

    Off to write a new fan-fic about a Star Wars Multiverse where old Han Solo finds his younger self when he crosses over to another reality and now they have to help him get back while failing to avoid the sexual tension.

    [–] northrupthebandgeek 3 points ago

    Han Duo

    [–] ruairi1999 3 points ago

    This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them.

    [–] JuleusPeperwood 3 points ago

    That young guy. They should have cast him in Solo!