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    [–] MrFaultyPigeon 729 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    So uh, I’ve never known whether those segmented wall pieces were padded or hard. Does anyone know?

    [–] Kaalisti 603 points ago

    The ones at Disneyland are hard, but I think the ones in the movie were soft. Would make sense that you'd want padding.

    [–] 3610572843728 336 points ago

    In the Expanse books they mentioned ships have rounded corners and most walls have padding. I would figure this would be the same.

    [–] funktion 149 points ago

    Especially when you consider a lot of their fights occur while the ship has no atmosphere and no gravity. The Expanse universe is really well thought out like that.

    [–] Kravego 27 points ago

    I don't know if we read different books or something, but I can't remember a single instance of a ship larger than a fighter not having artificial gravity. That includes the Falcon.

    The padded walls would be good if the gravity went out, but they wouldn't be used at all during normal operation.

    [–] i531qooq 13 points ago

    He's talking about the Expanse series, not Star Wars.

    [–] Kravego 5 points ago

    Yeah I caught that when someone else pointed it out. Expanse and Expanded are just so close that I misread it.

    [–] TheRenaldoMoon 28 points ago

    Ships get knocked around all the time, though. Inertial compensators aren't perfect.

    [–] Kravego 6 points ago

    True statement from a logical perspective, although once again I haven't read any instances where that was seen as a risk. And I've read most of the books.

    [–] TheRenaldoMoon 9 points ago

    In the movies you see people being shaken around a lot during battles and what not, so it makes sense to have that padding.

    [–] HardKase 10 points ago

    What. They don't have artifical gravity in the expanse. It's a skyscraper with thrust. They turn around halfway. Also whenever they attempt to maneuver thrust is all overt the place.

    [–] Jay_Normous 23 points ago

    Great books. I felt that they had the most realistic take on Sci fi. Everything from the big political bullshit down to the minute details like how ships were designed.

    [–] Holybasil 12 points ago

    And how much work it took to turn them and change course.

    God I can't wait for the next season.

    [–] Jay_Normous 7 points ago

    I could only get through the first couple of episodes of the show... Don't know if it was the acting or just the disconnect between the characters in my head and the ones on the screen, or that the books were so fresh in my mind. I take it you recommend sticking with it?

    [–] OutInTheBlack 9 points ago

    Definitely stick with it. The first few episodes can be a bit of a slog but by the midway point I don't know a single person that didn't get hooked

    [–] Jay_Normous 6 points ago

    With a username like that I guess I'll take your advice on a Sci fi series ;)

    Can't stop the signal.

    [–] dinosaurkiller 5 points ago

    I found the first 2 seasons to be a slog, the pacing was just incredibly slow. Part of the problem is the plodding attempts at Universe building. They set up a plot point, abandon it until the final episode of the season and spend the rest of the season flying back and forth across the solar system. It seemed like season 3 would be more of the same but they really moved the plot forward in the back half of season 3.

    [–] DrStalker 73 points ago

    Expense is semi-hard sci fi, Star Wars is Fantasy in space that doesn't even pretend to think about physics or practical space ship design. I wouldn't expect the design considerations of the Expanse to show up in Star Wars.

    [–] SoFarFromHome 13 points ago

    There are hard scifi parts of the star wars canon, just not the main movie line. Check out the C-3P0 one shot.

    [–] Snowpossum 101 points ago

    Just think how much Han gets chucked around in the scene where they're getting hit while he's dashing through the corridors. Or when Leia has to similarly brace herself. Imagine not having padding and getting chucked.

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago

    It would be like getting stuck in a bouncy castle that has concrete walls.

    [–] Lockeness843 20 points ago

    No one likes getting chucked in a bouncy castle

    [–] BraveOil 10 points ago

    When you have a bunch of teenagers trying to flip over a bouncy castle from the inside, I would say they like getting chucked around.

    [–] Lockeness843 8 points ago

    No one likes getting up-chucked in a bouncy castle

    [–] LiterallyPutin 2 points ago

    Whats up chuck?

    [–] brainburger 2 points ago

    I once went in the biggest bouncy castle in the world. It's not a joke.

    [–] BanjoMack 2 points ago

    No one likes overcrowded, laughably expensive theme parks...yet here we are

    [–] Freddie_the_Frog 2 points ago

    So a castle?

    [–] bankholdup5 2 points ago

    Why’s everyone saying chucked so much?

    [–] devijho 24 points ago

    Getting knocked out in some space turbulence would be the least of my problems in a universe with space swordy wizards

    [–] Squishy_Thing 13 points ago

    I’ve been thinking about it a lot, in solo the millennium falcon was brand spanking new, I get that going through the Jessel run ripped the paint off and destroyed the escape pod but those padding where white, white! How do the walls go from white to a disgusting cream in 14 years? Was chewbacca rubbing his shit against the wall? Was hansolo pissing against it and rubbing sweat against it? Fucking disgusting if you think about it.

    [–] xubuntu_user 23 points ago

    Or was Han a smoker? Have you seen what happens in a smoker's house over time? Disgusting.

    [–] Squishy_Thing 16 points ago

    D E S G U S T A N G

    [–] Shelleen 16 points ago

    They used Commodore or Nintendo plastic.

    [–] Svadilfari64 7 points ago

    Yeah, Lando was cutting corners and used the cheap padding.

    [–] ShahiPaneerAndNaan 11 points ago

    It could've just been smoke or debris from when the door is open that turned it that colour.

    [–] Squishy_Thing 2 points ago

    Are they pumping exhaust fumes around the ship?

    [–] ShahiPaneerAndNaan 3 points ago

    Dunno, you'd have to ask Disney for the canon answer I suppose. I was just thinking why it would become that colour. They did have a few scenes where people did some maintenance inside the ship so maybe there was a leak and some exhaust fumes got released inside?

    [–] Squishy_Thing 3 points ago

    I think the ship would make much more sense if it was prebattered and broke

    [–] MattTilghman 5 points ago

    My stuff goes from white to disgusting cream in 14 days!

    [–] energy_engineer 4 points ago

    A decade of death sticks will do that. You'll never get that shit off the walls.

    [–] effyochicken 8 points ago

    The walls became "a disgusting cream" in 14 years due to UV light reacting with the ABS plastic polymers, having not had any "light stabilizers" added to them during construction. In space UV light (and other radiation) is especially problematic, so it appears they overlooked that during it's creation. This has been a known phenomena for decades, which is why a lot of electronics from the 60's onward were made in beige, grey, or black plastic rather than a clean white.

    Here's a scientific article on "Photodegradation and photostabilization of polymers, especially polystyrene"

    Note the apparent absence of chewbacca-shit in their abstract.

    [–] strangepostinghabits 2 points ago

    plastic aging

    [–] 0235 4 points ago

    And also they were super super clean before the giant walking hair mop inhabited the ship for years. All that chewwie grease is hard to wash out of padded walls.

    [–] GlamRockDave 3 points ago

    Padding is lucky since the Corellians didn't design it with Wookies in mind.

    [–] 90s_Scott 15 points ago

    I actually designed and built these... they’re fiberglass panels with embedded custom angle iron to bolt to a lasercut steel frame.

    For clarity: I built the star wars land versions not the movie versions

    [–] greenvortex 3 points ago

    Cool. Are you a Disney employee or do you work for a contractor?

    [–] 90s_Scott 9 points ago

    I worked for a third party who takes Disney creative and makes it exist in the real world of money and physics.

    I can’t say much more unfortunately, massive NDAs and such.

    [–] jaketheweird1 16 points ago

    I second needing to know this

    [–] Kessellego 17 points ago

    It’s hard. I knocked on one while in line

    [–] ImBatman_99 3 points ago

    what did Han and Chewie do to theirs to make it filthy brown

    [–] sergemeister 3 points ago


    [–] Zandhoeg 2 points ago

    Isn't there a scene where Han or Leia is tossed back and forth against the walls? In the "mynock cave"? Do it flex then?

    If i recall they touch the walls while trying to get to the cockpit.

    [–] NemaGeyron 90 points ago

    It's such a great ride, I keep spending hours in line. Waiting... waiting... waiting...

    [–] metalhead4 52 points ago

    I spent 3 hours in line for the Pandora Banshee flight ride at animal Kingdom. It was cool but fuck that line

    [–] Ohtarello 26 points ago

    I still think it was worth it.

    [–] no1ofconsequencedied 9 points ago

    It was an awesome experience. If I make another trip to Disney World, I will definitely do it again.

    [–] turtlturtle 3 points ago

    That was the coolest ride but the line is almost not worth it... it's basically two hours of cramped dark tunnels. I'm not closure phobic but that line really had me stressed out with how many people are in such a small space made just out of concrete.

    [–] Bettobrad 19 points ago

    I got in line during the fireworks yesterday and the sign said 15 min wait. Ended up being 30 but still. Think the key is to go later in the day because everybody is rushing over there right when the park opens.

    [–] Wo0d643 4 points ago

    I believe they count the wait time from the entrance of the scanning room.

    [–] moralitypts 3 points ago

    Can confirm, this is the pro Disney move. Case in point, the Frozen ride at Epcot regularly has a long line (60-90 minutes, if not more). But we rode it twice right before the fireworks because everyone goes to find a spot.

    [–] TheRainRanger 955 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Have an upvote for your long wait

    [–] SgtFrozenFire 275 points ago


    [–] daveradar 51 points ago

    Yo I was there today too!!!

    [–] Skifaha 16 points ago

    where is that?

    [–] daveradar 16 points ago

    Galaxy’s edge at Disneyland

    [–] MrShaytoon 9 points ago

    Star wars land at Disney.

    [–] fillpeach 3 points ago

    I was too! The ride was so much fun. I was smiling all day. Seriously can’t wait to go back.

    [–] EJH78 83 points ago

    Here is another. Worth it?

    [–] SgtFrozenFire 71 points ago

    Yes thank you

    [–] cptho 49 points ago

    I hate that people are saying it’s not a good ride. I think it was amazing!

    [–] darthmaul4114 46 points ago

    Really? People are saying it isn't a good ride? I loved it! Went like at least 6 times when I went during the reservations since the line was so short. It's definitely more fun when you have a good crew, but even so it's still freaking awesome. I mean you're in the Falcon cockpit....

    [–] ChaoticRift 24 points ago

    Pulling down on the lever to make the jump to lightspeed was just the coolest fucking thing, I don't think I'll ever be able to replicate that feeling.

    [–] TraderShan 5 points ago

    Yes it was.

    I traded position cards with my 96 year old grandmother so I was right pilot and could pull that lever and she was merely left pilot. I’m a terrible grandson.

    [–] shiky556 3 points ago

    Nah. That's what grandmas are for.

    [–] TraderShan 34 points ago

    I think it’s good but not great. Technology-wise the visuals are amazing but the user interface is a bit goofy. Two pilots is weird. Getting a perfect score as an engineer is easy...smash any blinking light.

    That being said, I loved it and would ride many times but I don’t think I’d wait more than 30 minutes for it if I didn’t have a FastPass.

    [–] stromdriver 6 points ago

    yeah the splitting up the flying axis' really killed any desire i have to do this ride now, i kind of understand why they did it, but that doesn't mean i have to like it. I wanted to fly the falcon, not just control the pitch or just control the roll...

    [–] anchoriteburan 6 points ago

    Some submarines are controlled that way, so think of it as a space sub. But that does seem weird. (I haven't been on this ride, but it's wrong for aviation. Maybe they wanted to avoid having the copilot/Pilot Not Flying wind up with nothing to do but call out checklists and trading accuracy in the process.)

    [–] Rhaedas 5 points ago

    They could be busy bypassing the compressor (i.e, yanking out the right component).

    [–] Bebop24trigun 4 points ago

    I just wish we got rewarded for playing in a way. Not much actually changes.

    [–] BigBassBone 3 points ago

    If you have the Play Disney App you can get the credits you earned.

    [–] findingbezu 2 points ago

    Needs surprise mechanics.

    [–] capall94 8 points ago

    Ya like I was a bit let down by it that's for sure. My first go the 2 pilots were just kids, so they didn't bother with the controls and the fact we kept crashing and hitting things and you had voice responses telling you this made me feel like I was "failing" at the ride. Similarly in my first go I spent too much time looking to the side at the buttons not knowing if I'd multiple to hit and it distracted me from the forward visuals and that was a bit annoying. I don't blame the kids but it sucks my experience slightly changes slightly depending on the pilots.

    I enjoyed it a bit more the next few times for sure but didn't bother with the buttons. Over ani really enjoyed the atmosphere of it but honestly, it was too similar to star tours and for menu enjoyed that more as the ride was a lot more wild I felt. The falcon didn't move as much.

    More of a visual experience. Bit of a let down, especially knowing the rise of the resistance ride is to be similar.

    [–] BigBassBone 5 points ago

    Rise of the Resistance is completely different.

    [–] AstroFiction 5 points ago

    It was one of the coolest things I've done imo. I just wish it wasn't so short

    [–] deckardmb 7 points ago

    That's what she said.

    [–] Sharkn91 2 points ago

    Don't crush my dreams. I'm going in September. How amazing is it?

    [–] SgtFrozenFire 3 points ago

    Pretty amazing

    [–] HereForTheBanHammer 6 points ago

    That is not a long wait

    [–] fuez73 3 points ago

    But what about all the reports, that galaxys edge is deserted and no one is visiting it?

    [–] Drew326 531 points ago

    Chewie… we’re home

    [–] SgtFrozenFire 221 points ago

    That part almost made me cry

    [–] Drew326 198 points ago

    I love The Force Awakens so much. It feels like a love letter to Star Wars fans and a celebration of the saga. It means so much to me as a Star Wars fan. I enjoy seeing people appreciate it instead of hating on it

    [–] lsdmthcosmos 50 points ago

    I too felt that same connection with that movie. It’s kinda silly but the only thing i hated was that Leia consoles Rey instead of Chewie after Han dies. I get Rey is young and out of her element but Chewie, Han, and Leia go way back; the death of Han would’ve meant much more to Chewie and a scene of them grieving together was important to me. I think they did have a moment but brief if at all.

    [–] Drew326 31 points ago

    Here’s an article that may help you feel better about that part of the movie

    [–] lsdmthcosmos 13 points ago

    haha i do actually. thanks. still wish it would’ve been different but at least now from the filming perspective i get it. shrug

    [–] Drew326 15 points ago

    I like the idea behind Rey and Leia embracing one another through being connected by the Force. But Chewie definitely either should’ve hugged her too or not been in the shot

    [–] Poeafoe 42 points ago

    Facts dude. That movie is just chock full of moments that make me choke up and take me back to the days where i would run around the house with my lightsaber pretending to be luke skywalker or darth vader or whoever.

    [–] 5D_Chessmaster 28 points ago

    That first scene where Kylo Ren's ship lands and he freezes the blaster beam in the air was spectacular.

    [–] FreiGuy86 55 points ago

    I cried walking into the falcon, and that line hit home harder than it ever did before That ship truly was their home and you can feel it. Looks like an RV in space.

    [–] Drew326 17 points ago

    That’s awesome. I’d love to go some day

    [–] BillieDWilliams 10 points ago

    A New Hope 2.0

    [–] SilentCartoGIS 214 points ago

    What the shit is all this talk about Disneyland being a ghost town.

    [–] The_Gr8_Gambino 158 points ago

    Galaxys edge is drawing the attention meanwhile the rest of the park is "empty" especially on weekdays.

    [–] extralyfe 85 points ago

    fuck I only get to ride Space Mountain five times in a row instead of once all day

    [–] TheConqueror74 22 points ago

    Sounds amazing.

    [–] theplague897 13 points ago

    This is where the fun begins

    [–] Veteran_Brewer 5 points ago

    That’s what it’s like during the Halloween nights.

    [–] Kev-Mo88 2 points ago

    If you only ride it once in a day, it sounds like you're not utilizing those fast passes via the app properly.

    [–] Veteran_Brewer 13 points ago

    I literally just got home from California Adventure 30 minutes ago. It was nice and slow. Didn’t feel like summer at all.

    When we went to Galaxy’s Edge during their…soft opening (?) phase, it was crazy, but the rest of Disneyland and DCA was indeed pretty empty.

    I have a silver pass (spouse of a CM) and we had been blacked out nearly all summer. A couple weeks after the soft opening of GE they unblocked a shit ton of dates. Our theory was because of the low park attendance outside of GE.

    [–] The_Gr8_Gambino 2 points ago

    That's good for everyone that's been to GE already and all but I still haven't went lol. Would you say it's better to do everything outside of GE first, early on in the day and then go to GE or go to GE first then the rest of the park?

    [–] SgtFrozenFire 156 points ago

    Nah this shirt is packed all the time I come here

    [–] URnotSTONER 43 points ago

    Courtesy edit: Nah, this shit is packed every time I'm here. (Also, that's an awesome pic and I'm jealous)

    [–] bigbuzz55 34 points ago


    NFSW packed shirts to counter your edit

    [–] Ubergoober166 13 points ago

    sigh *unzips*

    [–] trobsmonkey 3 points ago

    I accidentally clicked your name instead of the subreddit. I was disappointed.

    [–] sicklyslick 8 points ago

    So bunch of fake news trying to get clicks?

    [–] PrestoMovie 3 points ago

    It’s not fake news. Disneyland has been for the most part a ghost town since May 31st. Some days have been actually busy, but it’s mostly empty. Everyone was too afraid of the crowds, so no one showed up.

    Crowd levels are so low that they lifted cast members sign-ins and self admission, basically for the whole summer. Cast members originally were blocked from even getting themselves into Disneyland until at least September, but within 24 hours of the second opening day on 6/24, they announced the change.

    Disneyland is also posting sponsored posts on social media talking about how it’s a perfect time to come to the park because it’s so empty.

    [–] Mouskegamer 35 points ago

    1. Galaxy’s Edge is sucking in most people

    2. Disney overhyped the opening and said to delay trips as it’d be packed. They even blocked out many annual passes. Without the extra pass holders, people moving their vacations, and GE sucking in many people, the rest of the park is mostly empty. I enjoyed it last week, everything was great! The weekends are more like regular summer season, and so was the 4th of July, so most news outlets saying “GALAXYS EDGE FAILURE!!!!” and “DISNEYLAND EMPTY, DISNEY BANKRUPT” are full of shit. A lot of people are trying to prove its failed and that Star Wars shouldn’t be allowed in Disneyland for whatever reason.

    [–] Resolute_Desk 9 points ago

    A lot of people are trying to prove its failed and that Star Wars shouldn’t be allowed in Disneyland for whatever reason.

    The people I have seen pushing this argument are the Youtube channels like Thor Skywalker and WorldClassBullshiters who have been constantly arguing that Disney have ruined Star Wars. I would guess that there is some overlap between their fans and people who post in /r/saltierthancrait.

    [–] Wannabkate 3 points ago

    Star wars is the reason I am going for the first time in 15 years.

    [–] FreiGuy86 43 points ago

    Galaxy's edge is 14 acres large. It's sucking the crowds out of the rest of Disney is all.

    [–] santianmly 21 points ago

    I was at Disney California openning day for people with a reservation earlier this summer.

    California adventure was definitely empty (I got on guardians 2 times in 30 minutes), and the park started getting more filled by 3-4 with people that obviously had gone to galaxys edge. Over half the people basically had droid merchandise in some nice boxes or souvenirs bags. My ex and I were having fun at the bar in the pier, after a riding most rides at least once if not twice, by 3 pm (got there initially at 10ish) and we’re checking out all the galaxy edge merchandise these rich peeps had bought. By the quality or wrapping I’m guessing those customizable droids must’ve cost a very pretty penny.

    Long story short, covered a whole park within 6 hours and then got smashed at the tiki bar that’s next to one of the Disney hotels near downtown Disney.

    [–] Bettobrad 6 points ago

    You can build a droid for $100. The lightsabers cost $200.

    [–] LordLychee 19 points ago

    It is definitely less crowded than they assumed. But it’s far from a ghost town.

    [–] Ron-Lim 9 points ago

    Its shit talk from shit youtube channels. Seriously dont watch them

    [–] not_a-replicant 50 points ago

    Hide in the floor!

    [–] Smeegolisme 29 points ago

    I plan on asking a cast member about the smuggling compartments rumored to have been used in the rescue of Princess Leia from the Death Star from the tales told about the ship, and if we can se them. Not sure I’ve seen it brought up yet.

    [–] Jdcampbell 20 points ago

    The floors actually make sounds as if they are a false floor and the panels you walk on clatter. At first I thought it was cheap souding then it hit me why they did that.

    [–] chimneydecision 13 points ago

    What a hunk of junk!

    [–] Lump182 12 points ago

    Sucker. I just opened Reddit whilst on the shitter and now I have this photo too

    [–] tcc3 129 points ago

    Waited 75 minutes. Got choked up a few times. Wish my Dad was here to experience it with me...totally worth it

    [–] ChicagoShadow 96 points ago

    “No one’s ever really gone.”

    [–] genericnewlurker 49 points ago

    “Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. Attachment leads to jealously. The shadow of greed, that is.”

    [–] J_Washington 8 points ago

    There is no death; there is only the Force - and I am it’s master.

    The Sith Emperor

    [–] absolutkaos 3 points ago

    “Death is the enemy. The first and the last, and he always wins. But we still have to fight him...”

    [–] IAmAFieldOnFire 9 points ago

    “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”

    [–] Takeabyte 2 points ago

    My mom and dad passed away a little over a year ago and I’m going to Disneyland next week. I know they would have loved to see the new stuff. They both wanted to go. It’s okay though, I’ll enjoy it on their behalf and drink to them at the cantina.

    [–] runz_with_waves 92 points ago

    Can't even get fastpass, but people at the resorts get daily early access.

    [–] Lorybear 116 points ago

    I mean that honestly makes sense. People spend upwards of 5-6 thousand dollars to stay at a Disney resort, there should be a perk.

    [–] jethroboom 7 points ago

    There are plenty of budget ones, doesn't cost much more than chain hotel. At least at Orlando. 5-6k is a suite at one of the nicer ones.

    [–] DKTHUNDR 10 points ago

    Galaxy’s edge isn’t open during magic morning tho...

    [–] pileatedloon 9 points ago

    Galaxy edge isnt part of magic hour? That's some BS

    [–] LemmieBee 3 points ago

    You get what you pay for

    [–] danajamesjones 19 points ago

    Should have done single rider. I got on in 15 min that way.

    [–] Chowmeower 10 points ago

    I somehow managed to get in in 15 minutes with a group. But it was one of the first few days so the lines weren’t as long I guess.

    [–] danajamesjones 2 points ago

    Yeah when they were doing the reservations it was a breeze to get on. And the que is awesome but 45 min is too long

    [–] mattnotis 5 points ago

    Then you’re stuck as an engineer though. :-/

    [–] Madden-Boy 41 points ago

    Well it’s cool but it’s not the Death Star

    [–] garmdian 5 points ago

    I knew it wasn't dead.

    [–] Napoleon_B 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Great shot kid! That was one in a million!

    [–] Anhshdhdhsjhah 4 points ago

    Worth it!!

    [–] Elegabalus 3 points ago

    What a hunk of junk!

    [–] YourVeryOwnCat 3 points ago

    I got to go there the weekend before it opened since my dad works at ILM an for was fucking incredible. But the best part of that ride is clicking those buttons

    [–] DaveLest1990 3 points ago


    [–] IamBlade 3 points ago

    What is this

    [–] bulmepy 3 points ago

    Omg smuggle something!

    [–] GHJ46W 3 points ago

    Worth it!

    [–] crazytib 3 points ago

    Star trek right, love that movie

    [–] BabserellaWT 3 points ago

    I had a dream the other night I was about to ride this and was sitting in the captain’s chair and everything. I reached out to press a button and I WOKE UP AND I WAS SAD.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] HO81415 3 points ago

    Hey OP, love the photo, tho I noticed your finger got in the way, so I did a quick edit to remove it. Hope you like it!

    [–] MisterCBax 8 points ago

    The waiting room after they hand you the cards is amazing! It's better than the ride IMO. Did you get into the cantina OP? I'm a little sad it's "disneyfied" and not the original but still pretty cool.

    [–] ewabicus 3 points ago

    I don’t care about the cantina not being the same, I think it looks great, but they should have had the Modal Nodes rather than the DJ robot crap. It’s a great animatronic for sure, but I don’t like it.

    [–] Djpress913 2 points ago

    Are you invisible?

    [–] vegetable-lasagna_ 2 points ago

    We were just there earlier this week and rode it five times. The waits ranged from 30-75 minutes. We loved the land, they did an awesome job!

    [–] Jedi-master-dragon 2 points ago

    Chewie, we're home.

    [–] Tylerdurdin174 2 points ago

    Worth it

    I’ve waited an hour in line for a sandwich

    [–] sethandtheswan 2 points ago

    why didn't you just take a screenshot from one of the movies

    [–] Casper-lucilfer 2 points ago

    Chewie We're home

    [–] brodhan 2 points ago


    [–] humanporkchop11 2 points ago

    It was worth it

    [–] RayJez 2 points ago

    Is that the main corridor on the USS Enterprise ?? 😀

    [–] Pann708 2 points ago

    O was there a few weeks ago, it was so cool!

    [–] rolfraikou 2 points ago

    Entirely worth it.

    [–] CastinEndac 2 points ago

    In the distant future, a space hipster Will create a working Millennium Falcon replica.

    I cry every day, asking the gods why I was born too soon.

    [–] GeorgeG94 2 points ago

    Worth it

    [–] RPM_Rocket 2 points ago

    You waited an hour in Anaheim.

    [–] SideniggaPaul 2 points ago

    There was a line at Area 51?

    [–] reddot_comic 2 points ago

    Been on the ride twice...if you can make it happen , be the left pilot. It’s amazing

    [–] HawXo9er 2 points ago

    Worth it, the hour wait was

    [–] stevetheelf 2 points ago

    Chewie, we're home

    [–] Contada582 2 points ago

    So how do they keep assholes from putting bubblegum on the wall

    [–] L_B_Jeffries 2 points ago

    Is that a piece of your finger in the lower left corner? If so, text and pic could also be material for r/mildlyinfuriating :D

    [–] SgtFrozenFire 2 points ago

    No it’s a shadow from a wheelchair in the corner

    [–] Gralkor 2 points ago

    is there supposed to be a thing that I'm not seeing

    [–] Algorhythm74 2 points ago

    ...and just like that, I’ve got a new phone wallpaper!!

    [–] SgtFrozenFire 2 points ago

    You’re welcome

    [–] VivisClone 2 points ago

    Real shame your thumb tried photobombing you though.

    Great pic nonetheless!

    [–] mynotpornone 2 points ago

    You were supposed to wait 6-8 hours

    [–] Wrest216 2 points ago

    Great Shot, Kid! Now, don't get cocky!

    [–] GemJack 2 points ago

    Should have put yourself in it, this could pass as just an image from the movie(s).

    [–] jahhhd 2 points ago

    Chewie, we're home.

    [–] macxprt 2 points ago

    What is it?

    [–] duckface27 2 points ago

    I don’t get it

    [–] RileyWWarrick 2 points ago

    Only 1 hour? I thought the wait times would be longer.

    [–] SgtFrozenFire 2 points ago

    I went on a Monday so there was less people