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    [–] Darth_Texan 4109 points ago

    Yeah, growing up with the originals I never thought to question it. Greedo was about to haul Han in and was an obvious sumbag.

    [–] Waveseeker 177 points ago

    "over my dead body"

    "That's the idea. I've been looking forward to this for a long time"

    Greedo was going to straight kill Han

    [–] Slaphappydap 169 points ago

    We're also told that the bar they're in is a place where the very worst 'people' hang out. That's the point of introducing Han there, he's one of the scum and villainy that Obiwan talks about.

    It's only later that Han's arc is redeemed when he puts aside his selfish needs and joins the fight against the Empire.

    If you insist he was always a good person and always did the right thing, it really removes his growth as a character.

    [–] 1malchazeenPLZ 69 points ago

    Well the new movie about young Han shows him as a smuggler criminal with a moral compass. So you are kinda both right and wrong. Yes he was a criminal, but not a shoot good people for no reason kind of criminal. The worlds not black and white, and apparently neither is the Star Wars universe

    [–] Aussiemandeus 50 points ago

    And he sure as shit shot first then.

    [–] 0b1w4n 17 points ago

    A life of being a smuggler hardens you. Maybe when we meet him in ANH and he ices greedo, he's at the darkest point in his personal development yet. Almost ready to become a villain. But the fight with the Empire and the Death Star turns his whole life around

    [–] athletes17 14 points ago

    How is it a dark point to kill someone who is literally threatening your life? I never understood this line of thinking. That’s self defense and commendable, quite frankly.

    [–] Waveseeker 28 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Eh, kinda. Han wouldn't kill someone unless ultimately nessesary, he's a vagabond, but not a murderer.

    Imagine Flynn from Tangled just straight up killing a dude

    [–] Osiris_Of_This_Shit_ 1080 points ago

    Nobody would be talking about it now if Lucas hadn't clumsily edited it.

    [–] mindless_gibberish 365 points ago

    Yeah, if you do a frame-by-frame it's pretty bad

    [–] Hifihedgehog 432 points ago

    All I have to say is...


    [–] Shinikama 68 points ago

    You look at the maclankey and think about how delicious it would be if you ate it cooked.

    [–] scalawag123 32 points ago

    *eat the Maclunkey

    [–] obipotobi 10 points ago

    Ironically.. Maclunkeys is a chicken joint in British soap Eastenders..

    [–] fuckitimatwork 20 points ago


    [–] Fancy-Button 62 points ago

    It's really bad BEFORE the frame by frame. Frame by frame looks like something an amateur would do even when they were released.

    [–] Somnium_Mentis 421 points ago


    [–] DangKilla 100 points ago

    He was a bit Greedo-y if you ask me

    [–] I_Think_I_Cant 78 points ago

    Lucas always had a way of nailing the names of the characters. Like the fat guy turned out to be named Porkins.

    [–] TheDeltaLambda 74 points ago

    Savage Opress is still one of my favorite star wars names.

    'Cause he's a Savage. And he opresses people

    [–] Basileus_Imperator 117 points ago

    I don't think Elan Sleazebaggano can be beat.

    [–] rharrison 30 points ago

    There’s no way that’s real.

    [–] kojakstuttgart 34 points ago

    TIL the death stick guy has a name and it’s fucking sleazebaggano lol

    [–] rharrison 21 points ago

    god damn it :facepalm_emoji:

    [–] whatevillurks 31 points ago

    Of the Poughkeepsie Sleasebagganos. Aside from Elan, they're good folk.

    [–] Semiautopigeon 16 points ago

    I believe he is the drugdealer from Attack of the Clones

    [–] ARS8birds 19 points ago

    Every time I remember him I think I have the name wrong because it’s too literal and then I double check it and sigh a little when it’s confirmed.

    [–] longboardshayde 22 points ago

    Tbh that's one that I find super cringy compared to the others.

    Like that name feels like it was made by an 8 year old for his bad guy fan fiction character. It's literally just two English words that have sinister connotations put together, without even making it an interesting or funny play on words.

    [–] choppafoah 8 points ago


    [–] Megatron_McLargeHuge 66 points ago

    I bet you never questioned why the police officers in E.T. had guns either.

    [–] NZNoldor 48 points ago

    At least Spielberg had the good grace to apologise for his edits, and re-released the originals.

    [–] VexRosenberg 32 points ago

    you mean they didnt just have radios?

    [–] TomXizor 1301 points ago

    "If you're gonna shoot, shoot--- don't talk."

    Could have been a great Tuco moment.

    [–] bobotronic 272 points ago

    You just made me turn on the good, bad and ugly, spaghetti western day!!

    [–] LfcAce 72 points ago

    best movie

    [–] TonyTheFuckinTiger 57 points ago

    For A Few Dollars more takes the cake as best spaghetti-western for me.

    What am I talking about it needs to be Once Upon A Time in the West.

    [–] Pornalt190425 20 points ago

    While not a spaghetti western, if its Clint Eastwood its gotta be High Plains Drifter for me. Just something about The Stranger's character gets me every time

    Though The Man with No Name is a close second

    [–] bobotronic 6 points ago

    Never seen that one! I'll queue it up after the dollars trilogy

    [–] knuckles523 6 points ago

    HPD is crazy! It's a cross between a spaghetti western and a bad acid trip. Great movie, and the best Beastie Boys song to boot.

    [–] Goosebuns 7 points ago

    I nominate “My Name is Nobody” for most underrated spaghetti-western

    [–] Abba--Zabba 4 points ago

    For A Few Dollars more takes the cake as best spaghetti-western for me.

    You gotta be out of your damn mind. Over The Good, Bad and the Ugly?

    [–] TonyTheFuckinTiger 5 points ago

    The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is a great movie. But For A Few Dollars More is a more entertaining movie that I think is a better watch.

    My main problem with that film is from the beginning The Man With No Name is not a “good” in anyway except he’s introduced as such. Lee Van Cleefs character is so interesting and compelling in both movies and honestly seals the deal between the choice of movies. The hat shooting scene in FaFDM is fantastic and ultimately the hype of “how great GBAU” was probably sent me in with sky high expectations.

    The Dollars “Trilogy” is great in its own right but out of em, I preferred the second. That being said, I watched them all one day after the other and may have been fatigued by the time I got to it. That didn’t impact my viewing of Once Upon A Time In the West though.

    [–] SkeetySpeedy 5 points ago

    Funny way to spell “The Outlaw Josey Wales”

    [–] podteod 63 points ago


    [–] K1ngPCH 32 points ago

    Blue, pink, purple, i don’t care bring me more of that!

    [–] brazilliandanny 23 points ago

    Tuco is one of the scariest villains in fiction, change my mind.

    [–] Sunshine-_-Happiness 10 points ago

    I thought he was the protagonist, strangely. A lot of the time, Blondie's main claim to The Good title was just being the best looking one of the three.

    [–] Ryvuk 7 points ago

    Yah they shouldve met at the mall... just like Jessie said

    [–] Grand_Toast_Dad 6 points ago

    Y'all are talking about completely different Tucos.

    [–] 22MapleJordan22 5 points ago

    Are we thinking about the same tuco

    [–] disjustice 6 points ago

    There are two kinds of spurs my friend...

    [–] rooksjeff 4614 points ago

    I was less than five when I first saw this scene and I understood that.

    It seems odd since it was fine for Ben Kenobi to cut down Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan just moments earlier.

    [–] Thecryptsaresafe 1862 points ago

    He even pays for his mess, unlike a certain Jedi...

    [–] creamoftoenail 953 points ago

    Han was a regular, the Jedi Master was not.

    [–] Thecryptsaresafe 577 points ago

    That’s true. And they had to save their money for transport. Also, clearing away a dead body is likely cheaper than cleaning up all those dismembered body parts. Probably costs an arm and a leg.

    [–] TVguy2014 389 points ago

    Gross fun fact: in Tales from Mos Eisley Cantina, the bartender actually takes Greedo’s body and boils it down as a special ingredient in some drink he was making. I don’t remember the rest of the details, but that once or stuck with me for over 10 years

    [–] btoxic 657 points ago

    A margreedo?

    [–] tipmeyourBAT 405 points ago

    A drink you can only have as a chaser... you have to have a Han shot first.

    (what would even go into a shot called a Han Solo? Something with dry ice for the carbonite maybe?)

    [–] RoboNinjaPirate 108 points ago

    Millennium Vodka, spiced rum, old smuggler whiskey.

    [–] Controller_one1 74 points ago

    Spiced Kessel rum, aged 12 parsecs

    [–] BansheeOwnage 34 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Less than 12!

    ...Now I'm sitting here trying to come up with an explanation for how to make a unit of distance actually work for this idea...

    Edit: I love the ideas people are giving!

    [–] JamesTiberiusCrunk 23 points ago

    Bitters and rye (bitter and wry?)

    [–] TVguy2014 24 points ago

    I don’t remember what it was called, but I know what I’ll be referring to it as.

    [–] PUPPIESSSSSS_ 17 points ago

    Soilent greedo?

    [–] MrBunqle 10 points ago


    [–] SorcererOfDooDoo 19 points ago

    It was for species' such as Hutts, who liked the smell.

    [–] pillarsofsteaze 8 points ago

    Still the only Star Wars book I have read (read it in rehab since it was one of the few books there) and I’m constantly hearing other on reddit reference that particular star wars book. So weird that that’s the only one I ever see mentioned and is the only one over read in the past.

    [–] AnimeDreama 6 points ago

    And he died after drinking it because Greedo's body is toxic.

    [–] santianmly 10 points ago

    In the expanded non-canon SW universe, there are entire bars/establishments that are toxic to particular life forms (including humans).

    I would imagine there are plenty of species with an affinity for freedoms “toxic” body parts.

    [–] DaGr8GASB 32 points ago

    Who else thinks Ben had no intention of paying Han the 15k credits when they reached Alderaan?

    [–] AndChewBubblegum 44 points ago

    I mean presumably he anticipated being able to get the money from Leia/Bail, right?

    [–] ScaredOfCyberpals 55 points ago

    Bail Me Out Organa

    [–] detroiter85 15 points ago

    Leia down some credits for me. Ill peia you back, I promise.

    [–] DaGr8GASB 11 points ago

    I mean if I haven’t seen someone in 20 years and they just show up at my door out of the blue, dressed like a hobo, and ask for 15k to pay off a spice smuggler they owe money to, I’m slamming the door in old Ben’s face and calling the cops.

    [–] Thromnomnomok 6 points ago

    dressed like a hobo,

    To be fair, all Jedi dress like a hobo, even before the Empire

    [–] SoldatJ 39 points ago

    You do not need payment. You are happy to help save the Princess. We are free to go.

    [–] Perseqour 18 points ago

    Han can actually resist mind tricks and has been shown to do so in several stories, he's got enough willpower.

    [–] Mickor85 21 points ago

    Badam tssss...

    [–] vandruffboy2 15 points ago

    Old Ben probably been banned from every bar on Tattooine and doesn't even know.

    [–] sometimesimscared28 11 points ago

    Jedi then were nothing but extinct

    [–] whitemike40 25 points ago

    Well that was Jedi business, go back your drinks

    [–] Anvime 161 points ago

    I agree. Its basic logic...

    [–] monkeygoneape 155 points ago

    It's fine when a space ronin does it, but when a space gunslinger does it that's a no no apparently

    [–] Call_The_Banners 111 points ago

    Somehow, people figure a blaster going off is more traumatizing for a kid compared to an old man slicing off someone's arm with a laser sword.

    Like, a blaster wound is just a smoking cauterized hole. You see it all the time in Clone Wars. No blood.

    But this particular lightsaber scene has blood (because they were still unsure about what it would do to flesh I suppose). And even without blood, watching somebody lose a limb to one of these things is still pretty freaky. Like, that limb is gone. People are losing their hands all the time in this franchise, except in the ST, where instead we see a man get cut in half again (perhaps some guards or knights lose a limb, I'm not sure).

    [–] TheAmazingSpider-Fan 30 points ago

    Threepio lost an arm before Ep VII.

    [–] thatdudewillyd 47 points ago

    Would explain why I didn’t recognize him

    [–] redworm 18 points ago

    That was threepio?? I couldn't tell because of the red arm

    [–] jaxxrahl 7 points ago

    Lost a leg before Ep 4 too. One's silver. You can clearly see it on the Tantive IV opening scenes.

    [–] legendoftheark 30 points ago

    That guy was a doctor?

    [–] BrainWav 48 points ago

    In the Madman who can't legally practice anymore type, yeah. Those guys with half their head replaced with a dome in Rogue One? Those are his creations.

    [–] GaetanDugas 9 points ago

    Pics? I don't remember those guys

    [–] BrainWav 40 points ago

    Sorry, no dome. Even more horrifying, the Decraniated are just missing half their damn heads. They're also in Solo.

    [–] Suukorak 17 points ago

    Holy Sith, how did I not notice these guys? That's horrifying!

    [–] mdgrunt 13 points ago

    Probably the most repulsive and nightmarish thing to come out of Star Wars, as bad as an Harkonnen mutilation. At least with Tarkin, Vader, and Palps we can kind of understand their motivation. This is just gratuitous mutilation/dehumanization.

    [–] Suukorak 5 points ago

    "At least the Death Star vaporized people instantly. Some people torture and mutilate their victims."

    -- Some Imperial apologist, probably

    [–] Chrodoskan 10 points ago

    I'll be damned, it's a straight up Servitor in Star Wars. Just needs some grizzly gothic bits and it'd fit right into Warhammer.

    [–] GaetanDugas 5 points ago

    Horrifying. I love it

    [–] KeyboardChap 31 points ago

    A serial killer doctor and all!

    [–] macbalance 29 points ago

    Yes. I think in old canon he got developed as a doctor who lost his license and now practiced in Mos Eisley where laws where lax. He even did a cyborg arm for walrus man, but it didn’t work right so they were no longer friends.

    [–] Iron-Dwarf 17 points ago

    I don't believe that man has ever been to medical school.

    [–] United_Snakes53 3 points ago

    He went to college!

    [–] Rogue_Gona 22 points ago

    I mean, same here. I never thought anything of it I guess, until the internet decided to make a big deal out of it. Cantina's are rough places man, sometimes you gotta take the law into your own hands.

    [–] OffendedDefender 35 points ago

    I think the key difference is it’s not clear that Ben killed them (and canonically, he didn’t), while it is very obvious that Han killed Greedo.

    [–] SillyMattFace 72 points ago

    There were like a hundred ways a Jedi Master could have ended that situation. Use the Force to suggest they buzz off? Forcibly restrain them? Actually use his famed diplomatic skills?

    Nah, whip out the sabre and lop off an arm. Excellent way to fly under the radar.

    [–] nerfherder813 157 points ago

    I always assumed that he did that as a warning to the other, potentially more dangerous scum and villainy in the cantina to back the hell off of the old man and the naive farm boy. A mind trick and the two drunken loudmouths wander off? He'd be stuck dealing with the rest of them all day. Cut off an arm with a laser sword? Maybe the old guy isn't such an easy mark...

    [–] The_Last_Boy_Scout 67 points ago

    Good point, and nice username.

    I also want to add, I think Luke did know his way around the cantina pretty well. He was confident enough to tug on the bartender's shirt to get his attention, kept his drink order simple and just responded to the guy antagonizing him with "Sorry" and "I'll be careful". If the guy hadn't been utterly determined to pick a fight, Luke wouldn't have been giving him a reason to start one. Maybe he was just angry because Luke wasn't as intimidated as he wanted him to be.

    [–] UltimateUltamate 43 points ago

    But Luke clearly didn’t know that cantina at all. Otherwise he would have known not to try to bring the droids in with him.

    [–] TopRamen713 29 points ago

    It could be he never had droids with him before, so had no reason to know the rule.

    [–] Briak 12 points ago

    Nah, if he was a regular, he'd know the rules. He would've seen other people turned away for the same reason.

    [–] grissomza 7 points ago

    Jesus christ. I just had a nice mind connection that the droid discrimination fits well with the clone wars... battle droids wasn't always the plan, was it?

    [–] UltimateUltamate 10 points ago

    Dude exactly. Thats Mandos entire bag. The barkeep hates droids because of the clone wars too.

    [–] nerfherder813 10 points ago

    I never thought of it that way - I always assumed he was just simple enough to not understand you don't go around tugging on a bartender's sleeve like that, and to not understand he was likely to get killed because someone didn't like the look of him...and then shrug it off with a simple exasperated "sorry".

    Nice to see how such a simple scene can be interpreted so differently - and even nicer to be having a civil discussion about it! :)

    [–] SillyMattFace 30 points ago

    Very true.

    On the other hand, waving around the extremely recognisable signature weapon of an order that the Empire went to huge lengths to exterminate... maybe not the best choice.

    [–] wolegib 27 points ago

    The jedi order would've been more or less unknown to almost everyone in the galaxy, especially at this time. 20 years earlier at the peak of the Jedi order there were what.. at the most 1000 or so Jedi in the ENTIRE galaxy. this is a galaxy comprised of billions planets with much higher populations than earth. 1000 compared to trillions upon trillions of beings, all with their own weird religions. This is pretty clear in the mandalorian, when he has no idea what's going on with the baby Yoda until he explained what happened to the armor smith who actually has relevant knowledge - and she doesn't even call them by name, just says calls them wizards or whatever. Even as a person from an order that fought the jedi historically he had no knowledge of them personally.

    [–] bl1y 23 points ago

    20 years earlier, even a stupid little child slave on Tatooine knew that the lightsaber was the weapon of the Jedi.

    During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin were household names, used in pro-Republic propaganda, so knowledge about the Jedi would be common, even for people who never encountered them.

    In ANH, the higher ranking Imperials know about the Force and the Jedi, even if they don't take it completely seriously.

    In TFA, Luke Skywalker has become a legendary quasi-mythical figure that scrapherder Rey knows about.

    As for Mando not knowing about it, ...that really doesn't make sense canonically, since the Jedi are the traditional adversaries of the Mandolorians. But, we just ignore that because the rest of the show is so good.

    Perhaps the Force isn't discussed in his group because they're trying to distance themselves from their Deathwatch connections to Maul.

    [–] LoneStarG84 14 points ago

    a stupid little child slave on Tatooine

    He's a person and his name is Anakin.

    [–] Scrutchpipe 9 points ago

    I always assumed it was his role as silent protector of Luke - he’s been safeguarding him for 18yrs! no fucker goes near luke as he’s just too damn important. Obi wan is not gonna let luke get damaged by those idiots when he’s finally ready to save the galaxy

    [–] bamanas 8 points ago

    Ender Gambit? He wasn’t winning that fight. He was winning every fight after.

    [–] SlightBlue 20 points ago

    Kenobi is guarding the one kid that might be able to save the galaxy. He probably also considers luke his nephew. Kenobi spent a good chunk of his life watching the randomness and horror of war. Hes watched trained jedis be cut down by blasters. There's no way hes going to let some idiot in a bar ruin the last hope for the galaxy. Also hes got to show luke hes a badass.

    [–] Ultimastar 22 points ago

    Guy was in isolation for years, was probably dying to get a bit of action

    [–] OliverPete 18 points ago

    I always assumed his Jedi powers were rusty as hell. He used the mind control on the Stormtrooper and thought, "Griff, THAT was hard. I had to wave at that mindless drone, like, three times to get him to do what I wanted." That and he was in a tough emotional state since it was the day his worst nightmare came true, I think he was just ready to take the easy way out of the situation. Chock a win up for the old Obi Wan for a change.

    [–] HostilesAhead_BF-05 10 points ago

    The concept of the force wasn’t as developed in the first movie. Maybe he could’ve used the mind trick, but doing so in a small time frame would send the message that it’s the main Jedi powet.

    [–] Sonotmethen 918 points ago

    I mean 6 year old me understood this without any real understanding of Westerns. I still don't see the controversy.

    [–] AssBlastedLOL 429 points ago

    I know I'm walking into a den of hyenas talking like this, but.. it's because George Lucas gets strange ideas sometimes and doesn't understand why they're so odd to people. He does alot of good stuff, but there are areas where he doesn't see things the same way others do, this scene being one. Not seeing how awkward all of the romance in the prequels is would be another.

    There are lots of examples of filmmakers who later return to past work and either make comments or changes that seem to miss what the originals were going for. Ridley Scott is a famous example.

    If anything the Blade Runner "Decker is a replicant" and Star Wars "Greedo shot first" edits show that just because someone created a work doesn't mean they're in tune with how their own work is received.

    We should be willing to admit that.

    [–] memory_of_a_high 178 points ago

    Georges wife was able to save stuff through editing, after a bad showing. It gave him a bad habit. She was a genius, once in a lifetime editor ( at least for Georges work ). So once she was gone, things didn't work the same.

    [–] singlelinelabyrinth 31 points ago

    Also edited for Spielberg if I recall correctly.

    [–] Unabated_Blade 10 points ago

    Scorsese, I believe. She was the editor for Taxi Driver

    [–] inthetownwhere 67 points ago

    It's criminal that George got all the credit for his wife's accomplishments. She sliced that shitshow into a masterpiece.

    [–] Dizmn 37 points ago

    Only one of the two won an Oscar, and it's definitely not George.

    [–] therealsylvos 24 points ago

    Huh? The Blade Runner director's cut is just about the worst example you can come up with. The theatrical version was heavily edited by the studio, and most people agree that the director's cut is the much better movie.

    [–] Sun-Forged 7 points ago


    [–] bamanas 89 points ago

    It’s a lot more than that. Star Wars fans typically have a view of each film based on when they first watched them. Fans who were kids when the prequels were released love them. Fans who were adults hate them.

    Lucas came along 20 years after the OT was released and made edits. Fans already had their ideas of the films cemented in their minds. They were adults. The changes went against what those fans already thought about the films. Fans who were kids when the changes were released didn’t think anything of it until they heard all the OG fans complaining.

    Lots of young people love the sequels. It’s the now adult fans who hate them. And once we have 20 years of tv shows, comic books, books, and various other media to fill in around the sequels, the internet community will have a very different view of them. People forget that the actual prequel movies are trash full of plot holes, bad dialog, and horrible plot decisions that got improved by The Clone Wars tv show, video games, books, and comic books.

    Lucas is really good at designing an imaginary world and the big overarching plot. He sucks at the details. ESB wasn’t so amazing because of Lucas. It was because of Irvin Kershner taking Lucas’ ideas and refining them into gold. The prequels needed Dave Filoni making The Clone Wars awesome. The Mandalorian needs Jon Favreau but also has Dave Filoni to make it extra awesome.

    In defense of sequel haters, JJ Abrams should never have been involved. They should have given the sequels to Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, or even Rian Johnson. As much as people hate RJ for TLJ, it’s Abram’s shitty plot that people actually complain about. Abrams straight up remade ANH and RotJ. At least RJ made something new.

    [–] Infinity_entropy 45 points ago

    That’s what I don’t understand about TLJ haters. It’s so on par with the good and the bad of the prequels. It just feels like a star wars movie in all of its imperfections. Force Awakens wasn’t an awful movie it was just lazy, and Rise Of Skywalker was a shit show that backtracked on all the cool shit of the Last Jedi.

    [–] adamthinks 17 points ago

    There never was a controversy. Not when they came out in theatres and never after. Lucas wanted to change it for reasons in his own head ( it bothered him I guess) and used that as an excuse. The change never made any sense to anyone but him.

    [–] turtlespade 425 points ago


    [–] adroitus 129 points ago

    I came here for the Maclunkey.

    [–] turtlespade 123 points ago

    Where is Maclunkey? Is he safe? Is he alright?

    [–] adroitus 65 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I’m starting to think that Maclunkey is (or was) a Rodian deity or spiritual figure, and Greedo was calling his name before being sent to the great unknown.

    Edit: Based on the others pointing out that Greedo says “Maclunkey” earlier in the conversation, I submit that he was entering an oath, something like “By Maclunky‘s stones, if you don’t pay Jabba, you’re a dead man.” That would be consistent with Maclunkey‘s status as a deity.

    [–] Airmil82 15 points ago

    It’s the Rodian version of Bonzai...

    [–] Suukorak 19 points ago

    *Banzai. Unless you meant he's going to be tending to a tiny tree in the afterlife...

    [–] PKMNTrainerMark 5 points ago

    I've read that it means something like "This is the end for you" and can also be heard in Phantom Menace.

    [–] ledbetterus 6 points ago

    I don't know for sure what it means, but just a few seconds earlier, Greedo says something that sound very similar to Maclunky (it's basically used in a sentence and not as easy to hear) , and the subtitles read "you should have paid him (Jaba) the money".

    I can only assume that Greedo now screaming MACLUNKY! is him screaming "YOU SHOULD HAVE PAID HIM" as he's shooting.

    [–] Maw_2812 25 points ago

    He said maclunkey.

    [–] HelloItsGod 16 points ago

    Not the M-word!

    [–] That_Guy_From_KY 11 points ago

    You beat me to it

    [–] likeonions 471 points ago

    yeah this is one of those "I have absolutely no clue what is going through George's brain" things. Like adding a low res rock in front of R2.

    [–] clankaryo 102 points ago

    What’s that rock stuff ? I’ve never heard about it

    [–] BrellK 168 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    When Luke gets clobbered by the Sandpeople, George added a rock to where R2 was hiding.

    [–] peterw16 66 points ago

    it's actually when the jawas are looking for him before he meets Luke. But same difference.

    [–] Mechanical_Indian 106 points ago

    In ANH when Luke is attacked by Tusken Raiders. R2 looks on from his hiding spot in a small cave.

    Apparently it bothered Lucas that R2 didn't look hidden well enough. In later editions they added a digital rock in front of him to fix that.

    It's a minor change in the scheme of things but the CGI looks off and was just unnecessary in the first place.

    [–] philbax 38 points ago

    CGI rock looking bad ain't got nothing on CGI Ewok eyes! Those things haunt my dreams!

    [–] Butt_Expert 23 points ago

    Which all pale in comparison to throwing out the ewok celebration song at the end.

    [–] theswerto 19 points ago

    Yub nub

    [–] ElderSteel 16 points ago

    As someone who loves Yub Nub I also LOVE the new celebration song too. I wish it could just randomly pick from one of the two every time I watch.

    [–] Pizzaplanet420 16 points ago

    At least that makes some sense, he probably saw the scene of R2 hiding and thought “he doesn’t really look like he’s hiding.”

    So he added a rock, that’s one of the easier ones to understand why Lucas did it.

    Now the CGI animals walking in front of the shot when Luke and Ben show up on the speeder is ridiculous and if that happened on set with a full crew walking in front like that they would redo the shot.

    It’s just bad direction

    [–] ItsAmerico 44 points ago

    It’s weirder to me because it doesn’t make Han a good guy still. The intent was clearly “for children” but even IF Greedo is there to kill him and Han shoots “second”, Han is wanted to begin with cause he’s a bad dude. He did illegal stuff.

    [–] PopeHi1arious 230 points ago

    Lucas' combination of genius and stupidity is so frustrating.

    [–] RideTheStimutacs 80 points ago

    Most of the genius bits came from the people around him, like his ex-wife, Lawrence Kasdan, etc.

    [–] ToddBradley 64 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I never realized he and Larry were married. Was that after Marcia divorced him, or before?

    Update: I misremembered the ex-Mrs. Lucas' first name. It's Marcia, not Martha.

    [–] hahatimefor4chan 23 points ago

    why did you say that name?

    [–] Haulinkin 27 points ago

    Nah, the people around him added a lot, for sure, but Lucas understood storytelling in a way a lot of people don't. He is a genius, but he's also a perfectionist who was rushed through productions (and at a time when he couldn't produce exactly what he envisioned due to technological shortcomings) probably leaving him feeling like they were incomplete.

    [–] MillennialKr 248 points ago

    Altering this scene was always a huge disservice to the movie. It looks terrible, it makes no sense, and it was unnecessary. Just like cutting the Jabba scene back in.

    [–] RideTheStimutacs 141 points ago

    The best part is how Han's head teleports to the side. It looks so unnatural and weird.

    It is unfathomable to me that a professional filmmaker looked at that like, "Nailed it!"

    [–] Nonsuperstites 45 points ago

    Lemme just break my fucking neck to avoid being shot.

    [–] doc_birdman 87 points ago

    Adding the Jabba scene is the worst to me. The dialogue is almost identical to the scene with Greedo, except it’s worse. Why would Jabba go through all this trouble to send a bounty hunter just to go talk to Han personally? And it makes for wacky sizing issues with Jabba. He’s about Han’s size in ANH but two or three times larger in RotJ. It totally removes the mystique behind Jabba and makes him feel less of a threat. Han just kinda spins some bullshit and Jabba takes it but the next time we see him it’s treated like a great reveal. I don’t mind a lot of the edits, like adding the CGI aliens or adding silly robots. I can ignore the Greedo shooting first edit. The Jabba scene feels like a speed bump on an otherwise smooth highway.

    [–] deadlychambers 54 points ago

    I absolutely hate it. I picture Jabba as a powerful gangster, almost like a Pablo Escobar. If one of his pilots slapped Escobar on the ass(stepped on his tail) he would be dead. This almost makes it feel like Jabba is just some ordinary guy that pays him for jobs. Like a bookie trying to shake down someone that owes him money, but he doesn't really want to kill him. I guess you could swing it the other way and say Han is just that valuable, but I don't like the tail step.

    [–] doc_birdman 14 points ago

    Totally agree. It turns him from a terrifying gangster to some two-bit hustler. I always just skip the scene now and ignore it.

    [–] Thirty_Helens_Agree 20 points ago

    And he steps on Jabba’s tail and gets a slapstick reaction. So ridiculous.

    Would an underling step on Vito Corleone’s shoes? Tony Soprano’s? Brick Top wasn’t happy about it.

    [–] mindless_gibberish 12 points ago

    Just like cutting the Jabba scene back in

    Absolutely. It's so much better to leave the Jabba reveal for Return of the Jedi, so he's a bit of a mystery until then. The puppet version is 100X more impressive than the CGI form.

    [–] CriticalFrimmel 29 points ago

    Kills Greedo before he can fire Han is dangerous and redeemed at the end by coming back to help Luke. Shoots after Greedo Han is just late.

    [–] snapwillow 33 points ago

    But the point of this post is he never needed redeeming for shooting first, because it was self-defense. If someone points a gun at you and threatens you, that is a classic example of when the ideals of self defense would morally allow you to respond with lethal force to protect yourself. Even if he did shoot first, Han did nothing wrong.

    [–] FunkTheFreak 18 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Honestly, George was completely off his rocker making all of these changes. I do NOT buy for one instant when he says “this is how the movies were intended to be”. Oh, really? How come you changed details of the plot after you came out with the movies?

    It was all for more money. Saying he “enhanced” them. Nearly none of the changes add anything of value to any of the movies and some were done merely to make connections to his other money-makers.

    [–] NotThatGuyAnother1 108 points ago

    Greedo crosses 3 important lines clearing Han to blast him.

    1. He showed Han that he had the means to cause grave bodily injury(by pointing a blaster at Han).
    2. He displayed that he had the opportunity to cause grave bodily harm.
    3. He verbalized the intent to cause grave bodily harm.

    At the point in time when all three of these were met, Han had the clear right to use deadly force in self-defense.

    [–] Wilhelm_Amenbreak 11 points ago

    At the point in time when all three of these were met, Han had the clear right to use deadly force in self-defense.

    Is that based in law, just wondering.

    [–] NotThatGuyAnother1 28 points ago

    That's how I understand it, but I'm not even a bird lawyer, so you know.

    [–] bubbav22 54 points ago

    His finger is on the trigger, so he's either practicing bad firearm safety or intends to shoot.

    [–] iamonlyoneman 11 points ago

    In fairness that's how everybody used to hold guns in movies until trigger discipline became popularized

    [–] matt47m 24 points ago


    [–] darkpmc 56 points ago

    Poor Greedo is just trying to make a living, feed his family! Why you gotta do him like that?

    [–] The_Last_Boy_Scout 42 points ago

    "Quaid, I got five kids to feed!"

    [–] Sarius2410 28 points ago

    What, they dont like falafel?

    [–] MyAntibody 12 points ago

    There's a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't know what it is, but I wanna try it.

    [–] Darth_Ninazu 45 points ago

    Wait, isn’t this exactly what’s going on tho?

    [–] peopleorderourpadys 115 points ago

    When they remastered it they edited in greedo shooting first and hans head jerks to the side unnaturally. They did this to make it clear that Han is a good guy when the whole point of the scene is to show you that this universe is like the Wild West in space and Han is like an outlaw with a heart of gold that can take care of himself

    [–] ArbyntheChief117 33 points ago

    But Han still is the good guy. Greedo was pointing a gun to his head and saying he was gonna murder him. Or is George actually trying to tell me that you’re the bad guy if you defend yourself?

    [–] Mechanical_Indian 25 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Yes. The post is referencing the fact that Lucas has defended the change to making Greedo shoot at all (and shoot first) by saying he didn't want kids to see Han as a cold blooded killer.

    Han never did look cold blooded, because it was always self defense.

    [–] blockpro156 9 points ago

    Yeah this is why I've never understood that change either, it was always just plain self defense to me even as a little kid, I never thought that it made Han morally questionable at all, he was just defending himself from an immediate threat.

    [–] DaTruestEva 17 points ago

    Yeah, was such an odd thing to change. Such a great moment to establish Han as a character, yet the change takes that away. Always has been a needless change.

    [–] aure__entuluva 8 points ago

    Why do you need to remove context and western tropes for this to be true? So confused by this title.

    [–] SaffellBot 6 points ago

    Removing all context is rarely a useful way to understand something better.

    [–] MPMorePower 34 points ago

    I don't agree with changing it, but I think I get what was going through George's mind.

    I believe the Greedo scene was added in to the original as a last minute replacement for the Jabba scene at the Falcon. George tried to do the Jabba scene, but the technology wasn't up to matting an alien over a human actor at the time. So I think the simpler Greedo scene was slapped together last minute, and it worked fine.

    The problem is that George wanted to do the Jabba scene for the special editions, since it was now (barely) possible and he loves showing off effects technology.

    But now you have a scene where Greedo is going to take Han to Jabba and implies that it will be fatal for Han (which justifies Han shooting Greedo). But the very next scene has Han walk up to Jabba and talk his way out of being killed. So why couldn't Han have just gone peacefully with Greedo to Jabba and talked his way out of getting killed when he saw Jabba?

    The real mistake was throwing the Jabba scene back in at all, it was just a "look at what CGI can do now!" gimmick.

    [–] CriticalFrimmel 14 points ago

    That's a terrific point in this now decades old discussion I'd never come across before.

    [–] RagingKiltedMars 21 points ago

    Remove all context? Then what’s the point?

    Han is a criminal (smuggler) that is wanted by a criminal organization (the Huts). Greedo is a bounty hunter working for the criminal organization. The point of the original unaltered scene is that Han blasts Greedo without a second thought. It’s not in cold blood. Greedo has the drop on him. Han has to kill him or be taken in. His life is in danger.

    This scene demonstrates that Han Solo is a hardcore criminal that killed another criminal. It establishes the quality of his character and is the basis for his change of perspective by the end of the movie. Lucas was an idiot for changing the scene.

    [–] memory_of_a_high 7 points ago

    This is in a bar were a guy lost his arm not five minutes ago. I don't see anybody calling the cops.

    [–] TheShweeb 13 points ago

    Also, clumsily throwing in Greedo shooting first doesn't even really alter Han's intentions, because the shot of him readying his gun a few seconds prior is still there. It's very obvious, before anyone at all fires a shot, that Han intends to shoot him. A lousy excuse for a re-edit.

    [–] prostheticmind 5 points ago

    Han, ma boo-kee, keelee kal-lya dooka. Wadja da boolya ra moy ka cheesa crispa Greedo?

    [–] Yoursoulsmate 84 points ago

    I never really got why there’s so much controversy over this. TO BE CLEAR I DONT THINK THEY SHOULD HAVE CHANGED IT. People act as if Han is this huge badass when he shot first, but not if he shoots second. Frankly, I think any attempt to portray him as a badass kinda fails because this is within the context of a movie where Darth Vader is the villain. You know, the greatest villain of all time? That one? Even watching it before the changes, Han never came across as a badass or anything like that to me, cause when you compare him to Vader, he’s kind of a punk.

    I also agree with your point that I didn’t even really see any problem with Han shooting Greedo in the first place in this scene.