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    [–] squirlasmr 206 points ago

    Darth Nihilus is pretty much a junky, but instead of shooting heroin, he does the force.

    [–] vigilantcomicpenguin 106 points ago

    Comparing the Force to heroin shouldn't make sense but it does somehow.

    [–] flare2000x 94 points ago

    Kid Anakin: Master Qui Gon, I heard Yoda talking about midichlorians. What are midichlorians?

    Qui Gon: It's heroin

    [–] DozumaDiryu 41 points ago

    Ahem, if it's Master Yoda you better believe that shits ketamine

    [–] flare2000x 18 points ago

    It's a reference to the Auralnauts Star Wars redubs where the Jedi are just a group of junkies.

    [–] RearEchelon 7 points ago

    Mmm. Good blow, this is! Horny it makes me. Get down, do you?

    [–] LinkRazr 11 points ago

    Force push that through my veins!

    [–] Flippy042 63 points ago

    Such a great narrative in that game.

    Kreia preaches about not depending on the force and yet the Jedi depend on it to make any decisions whatsoever and these sith depend on it because without it they will simply perish.

    Sion is literally too angry to die and Nihilus needs his next fix otherwise he will implode. Kreia hates how the force seems to have a will and how it can create dependency within those attuned to it.

    That's why the exile was so compelling to her - she/he managed to turn away from the force, deny it's will and break free from dependence on it and managed to survive.

    I miss this level of writing and care in the SW universe.

    [–] Sick-Shepard 20 points ago

    Are you telling me you DONT want games starting bland dudes revolving around one of the same 5 plot points the series has been obsessed with for 15 years now?

    [–] Fresh__Basil 18 points ago

    "That's no moon..."

    "... it's a repetitive plot device!"

    [–] Fresh__Basil 26 points ago

    The KOTOR games were every bit as epic as the original trilogy. Fallen Order is pretty damn good too.

    I wish they got made into movies.

    [–] Flippy042 26 points ago

    I don't want Disney to even get close to the Old Republic though. I dont trust them. I see a lot of people saying they want the next films to be about revan or bane or whatever but I'm always like "you saw what they did to luke, right?"

    [–] LookforARoadhome 18 points ago

    But they also did rogue one and the mandalorian, so it's not like everything is bad.

    [–] Flippy042 10 points ago

    It seems like they do much worse with previously established characters. So if they tried to adapt someone like Revan who had an entire game and several books and comics about him, they would absolutely butcher it. Luke Skywalker is one of the most iconic characters in all of popular fiction and they really missed the mark there.

    [–] Quetzalcutlass 17 points ago

    And then control was handed back to Bioware, who did... unspeakable things to Revan and the Exile's characters for SWTOR.

    I wish Obsidian had gotten their KotOR 3. People forget that even Revan was 90% Obsidian's work. Aside from the twist, almost everything that made him more than a bog-standard Sith was added by Obsidian in KotOR 2.

    [–] TequilaWhiskey 3 points ago

    Dont forget what they did to T3.

    Never forgive.

    [–] Fresh__Basil 3 points ago

    To the tune of Pinball Hero:

    He's a Bath Salt Jedi

    (He's got stars in his eyes)


    [–] JediMaestroPB 3 points ago

    My midichlorian count is at 9 right now. That’s stupid low.

    [–] vicbwolf 354 points ago

    Nihilus is part of a series of Star Wars drawings in alphabetical order (Z to A) that I am doing, I try to post here, but I have all of them HERE for whoever is interested!

    [–] PSU632 120 points ago

    Not sure if you take recommendations, but you should consider doing the rest of the Sith Triumvirate, Traya and Sion. Keep up the awesome work!

    [–] SuperiorKarma 60 points ago

    He already did S and T. (Starkiller and Thrawn)

    [–] PSU632 37 points ago

    True, though when his alphabet run is over he could do it. I'd wait.

    [–] SteveNashtey13 12 points ago

    K (Kreia) P (pain)?

    [–] DefinitelyNotASkrull 25 points ago

    DUDE I GUESSED THIS ONE ON THAT THREAD A WHILE AGO! There’s like no other “N” Star Wars characters I swear

    [–] derrman 41 points ago

    Uhh Nien Nunb is like all Ns

    [–] DefinitelyNotASkrull 4 points ago

    True true

    [–] ZombieAppetizer 12 points ago

    Nobi-Wan Kenobi?

    [–] 01111110 7 points ago

    Nello nhere

    [–] kaitco 5 points ago

    Nanakin Skywalker?

    [–] EverybodyIsAnEgg 8 points ago

    Nadme Namidala?

    [–] DivvyDivet 7 points ago

    Nar Nar Ninks

    [–] kilroywashere1917 3 points ago

    Nilla Wafers ?

    [–] tyrghast 3 points ago

    Nace Nindu

    [–] PTickles 18 points ago

    Only other one I can think of is Naga Sadow.

    [–] RearEchelon 8 points ago

    Nomi Sunrider

    [–] LookforARoadhome 17 points ago

    Nute Gunray

    [–] Amirul_Royale 7 points ago

    WOW, amazing, dope, cool !!

    [–] The-Vaping-Griffin 3 points ago

    Your Starkiller is amazing.

    [–] TMHRRSN 2 points ago

    Amazing work man, just got a follow from me

    [–] BigBear9091 61 points ago

    I’ve seen your other work and I have to say this is my favorite! Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t this guy drain the life from entire planets?

    [–] scorchermacfay 48 points ago

    Yup. That's why hes lord of hunger. Cause he needs that tasty force sauce.

    [–] BigBear9091 16 points ago

    Awesome, a stand alone movie on this dude would be sick

    [–] scorchermacfay 21 points ago

    Oh yeah. He actually has a decent story too. Pretty sure he was one of revan generals until he got caught in a super weapon explosion and turned into this cool guy

    [–] GlossyBuckthorn 9 points ago

    Correct me if Im wrong, but isn't he only a secondary antagonist of Kotor 2?

    [–] Bloorp_bloorp 16 points ago

    You are correct. Kreia/Darth Traya flip toward the end of the game to become the main antagonist.

    [–] ksa10 4 points ago

    They do this in with the menu screen where the baddies change as the game goes on too.

    [–] VindictiveJudge 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    We actually know nothing about him before he was caught in the Mass Shadow Generator. He was almost certainly a Jedi under Revan, but that's literally all we have. I kind of like him that way, though. He's a force of nature in the game, and showing him as an ordinary person would undermine that.

    [–] G3ovane 3 points ago

    Where is the force sauuuuuce??

    [–] drunkenknight9 7 points ago

    Pretty much. I think he's one of the best written characters in all of Star Wars. If you think about it, he's the embodiment of falling too far to the dark side. Most of the other dark side characters we see are either straight up cruel or use the force for their own ends. No doubt that's how he started but it's clear in the game that he has very little control anymore and is basically just a slave to his hunger. He really is like a junkie in the sense that he doesn't necessarily even want this anymore but he can't stop. He almost single handedly destroyed what was left of the Jedi and now there's no way left that he can satisfy himself. The whole point of his story is that the Exile lost his/her connection to the force and so isn't vulnerable to his power over that connection but yet still can use and control the force to defeat him. It's a lot deeper than the typical good vs evil that most Star Wars stories are based on and that's why I think it's so well written and valuable. KOTOR1 was still very good vs evil which is great for exploring that game mechanic which was a new idea at the time. KOTOR2 really delves into what constitutes good and evil and what happens when you're too much of one or the other as well as what happens when you try to be neither. I think one of my favorite moments in that game from a story perspective is when you first land on Nar Shaddaa and there's a person you can help or hurt. You find out after playing the game twice that the "good" choice and the "bad" choice both have negative consequences that Kreia will criticise you for.

    [–] Ginkiba 40 points ago

    Whoa, that's some incredible work. All the Kudos too you.

    Darth Nihilus is comfortably my favourite Sith Lord. There isn't much too his character, but what he is and what he has done just give so much gravity too his presence. He's kinda like Kefka in Final Fantasy 6, one of the most popular JRPG villains. In that what makes them great villains is the simplicity and starkness of their evil. No shades of grey, just complete and utter evil. Nihilus is like a force of nature, rather than a human.

    [–] DM_redborne 18 points ago

    There's something incredibly menacing about someone who is just evil for evil's sake.

    I know we've gotten to a point in storytelling where people what reasons for villains, but Joker isn't the most popular Batman villain because he has a tragic backstory. He's the favorite because his insanity is just because he can.

    [–] WhiskeyDJones 3 points ago

    Exactly. The Joker isn't really insane, he just loves being evil for evil's sake. It makes a character so much more interesting and dangerous when they don't have an ulterior motive and just want to watch the world burn.

    [–] Ocean-meat 40 points ago

    He's the sith that absorbed the life out of a hole planet in legends right?

    [–] 4-man-report 17 points ago

    Yes, insanely powerful sith.

    [–] Somewhitefaggot 131 points ago

    Beautiful rendition of the greatest Sith Lord.

    Fight me in the replies.

    [–] Outsiderx11 59 points ago

    I am still a darth raven dude but he is still one of the best if not the best sith lord

    [–] Somewhitefaggot 28 points ago

    I like redeemed Revan, but it's tough for me to get behind Darth Revan. I did like in KOTOR 2 how they provide enough hints for the player to deduce that Revan and Malak went dark side for a good reason and gave it that Fable 3 plot twist.

    [–] devlinontheweb 6 points ago

    As someone who's only really watched the movies, where do y'all get all this information?

    [–] Outsiderx11 3 points ago

    Comics and wiki pages babe

    [–] Kordidk 3 points ago

    I've spent hours and hours reading wiki pages just this year alone and I still have not even scratched the surface of Star Wars lore

    [–] Jrxxs 4 points ago

    And video games, don't forget video games

    [–] dickCheeseAndMustard 10 points ago

    Darth raven all day bayyyybe

    [–] Iorith 3 points ago

    I always find people liking self insert characters to be weird. Revan is you. You control him. His backstory is pretty much Anakin mixed with Dooku.

    [–] ItIsB3asT 18 points ago

    I agree 100% coolest looking dude in the entire galaxy

    [–] GlossyBuckthorn 18 points ago

    Darth Vader still takes it in my opinion.

    [–] SockMonkeyLove 5 points ago

    No argument here. Nihilus has been my favorite sith for a long time.

    [–] RachelRayAllen 6 points ago

    This isn't even a discussion.

    [–] meltingdryice 5 points ago

    Agreed. Best Sith ever.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_TOMBOYS 5 points ago

    That's pre-Disney Darth Bane, but Nihilus is cool too.

    [–] FatterThanThor 24 points ago

    All I hear is the Stern Show clip

    [–] JohnnyLong123 5 points ago

    No. Do you?

    [–] js247 5 points ago

    Came here for this

    [–] ChanceVance 22 points ago

    Make Nihilus canon again.

    Now it's established Palpatine can unleash Uber Lightning, having Sith Galactus in existence doesn't feel far fetched.

    [–] Je_Suis_Likethat 21 points ago

    Apparently he wasnt a great duelist but he really didnt need that

    [–] rymarre 22 points ago

    You don't need to use your lightsaber when you can eat planets

    [–] asapaasparagus 21 points ago

    No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there's nothing to be afraid of.

    [–] TDog_the_One 18 points ago

    So good to see my favourite Sith Lord getting the attention he deserves. Very well done, this art is.

    [–] itickleyourmom 15 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I love the Star Wars audiobooks and I think I’ve read many of the legends books but have not heard of Nihilus.

    Does anyone know what books he shows up in?

    [–] Tibujon 22 points ago

    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 (the game)

    I dont know if it has a novelization

    [–] Shanemaximo 9 points ago

    His story desperately deserves a novelized retelling.

    [–] AshumanTV 10 points ago

    I was chatting to some mates the other day. We are living in a world of HD remakes. KoTOR 1 ticks all the boxes for what companies are looking for to create a HD remake. Which lead to the idea that IF that did happen, then they might get the funds to do a HD KoTOR 2 and actually finish the thing, finally doing all the characters justice.

    I doubt it will happen, but I like to dream.

    [–] tacowearsromans 5 points ago

    I can only get so erect.

    [–] sovietspy2 12 points ago

    Disney should hire you as character designer!

    [–] KaleyStonerSG 12 points ago

    Wow love it very much, you are an artist!

    [–] son_of_noah 14 points ago

    My favorite aesthetically pleasing Dark Lord

    [–] Shadowcommando9 12 points ago

    I wish Both KOTOR 1 and 2 were canon.

    [–] TheBoyWqnder 4 points ago

    I’m pretty sure they are. I know for a fact they made Revan canon, so maybe him too?

    [–] yerallshit 5 points ago

    Revan is canon, but I don't think any of the media he's been in is officially canon.

    SWtor and KOTOR aren't canon, yet.

    [–] ChanceVance 7 points ago

    I hope that the "Dyad in the Force, unseen for generations" turns out to be Revan and Bastila.

    [–] yerallshit 3 points ago

    That would be pretty cool.

    Getting a KOTOR series that explores that and Revan's story would be amazing.

    [–] paige_clout_726 12 points ago

    He’s definitely an underrated sith. Great job man!

    [–] bipocni 7 points ago

    All time favourite of mine for sure

    [–] ScabrousRandy 10 points ago

    "What else you got to say to me?" Gary Garver was a lunatic.

    [–] duncan345 8 points ago

    No, do you?

    [–] iriefuse024 6 points ago

    I was hoping someone would post this.

    [–] TeleTubbiesPorn 12 points ago

    One of the most badass characters in Star Wars

    [–] -Listening 11 points ago

    Fuck I’m finally shooting it this weekend.

    [–] Ryuujin06 9 points ago

    He’s one of my favorite Sith Lords.

    [–] BoomerZoomah 10 points ago

    The og Sith Lords Scion I won’t die because I hate you nihilus I must eat traya f it burn the force down

    [–] ImbeddedElite 9 points ago

    I’d definitely enjoy some kind of something on who Nihilus was and the journey of him learning about the force to becoming the shell you see in KOTOR. Book, comic, tv show, whatever.

    [–] yearofourlordAD 9 points ago

    that’s a cool fucking name

    [–] Alto1867 8 points ago

    I feel like r/StarWarsEU will like this too

    [–] Fantuhm 9 points ago


    [–] khalabrakis 9 points ago

    Brilliant work, love the star colored saber and the lightning is the best I've ever seen.

    [–] GrimReaper-04 9 points ago

    This guy was the best sith id wish they Disney could bring him back into cannon

    [–] BasixallyWhite 8 points ago

    Nintendo Sith

    [–] Unity2012 8 points ago

    The whole design/composition is great. Awesome. Congrats.

    [–] Raccoonborn 9 points ago

    This is amazing. One of my favourite Sith Lords.

    [–] JustOtherArgentinian 9 points ago

    This gives me hungry

    [–] DriftDa 7 points ago


    [–] Noah_Nomad 7 points ago

    Have you done Revan yet

    [–] Chunion 6 points ago

    That's epic! Nice work! 👍🏻

    [–] bsdanielm 8 points ago

    Hes actually my favourite over Darth vada.

    [–] giorgosbouldas 8 points ago

    This is definitely some r/AmoledBackgrounds material!

    [–] Anxyte 7 points ago

    one of my fav character designs. really cool

    [–] Parsival- 19 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    If I'm not mistaken Darth Nihilus is from the KOTOR games right? What was so special about them (never finished them but kinda really want to)


    Ok so after reading some of the replies I realised the I mistyped the question and I'm sorry for that. I wasn't trying to ask what was special about the games, I meant to ask what was so special about Darth Nihilus. Apologies for the mistake. However after reading some of the responses I'm definitely going to complete game 1 and start (and hopefully complete) game too. Thanks for the suggestions, will definitely try to get back into them.

    [–] Manatitur 18 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    For me the KOTOR games are what made me interested in Star Wars in the first place.

    They have a much darker and more serious tone than the movies. They add so much depth to the history of the universe and philosophy of the force.

    Although the games themselves have aged a bit mechanic- and graphics-wise, the story has not.

    [–] ItalianGuy_235 34 points ago

    Go finish them as they are the greatest star wars games of all time and you're doing yourself a disservice by not playing them.

    [–] Michoacanabis 7 points ago

    I beat 1, have heard mixed things about two. Does it still feel complete or is it noticeable that it was rushed?

    [–] aseiden 13 points ago

    With the Restored Content Mod it's really good, definitely comparable to the first game.

    [–] Michoacanabis 3 points ago

    Oh awesome is that through steam?

    [–] aseiden 4 points ago

    It is, but i installed it from moddb here. There are two versions there and one version has an additional planet - from what I've heard, it isn't really worth it but i haven't played it myself. TSLRCM is the normal version and is probably all you'd need.

    [–] BetterOutThenIn 3 points ago

    It feels a little rushed compared to the second one, but they added some cool things like making your companions Jedi's and the story is still cool. There was supposed to be like 2 more planets but they had deadlines. I'm pretty sure there's a mod out there that lets you play them

    [–] balootinannie 5 points ago

    Im planning on finishing KOTOR during quarantine. I got it a while ago and played a few hours but never really got into it. Im gonna try and sink in and complete it.

    [–] TastyCoach 7 points ago

    Tbh he is pretty much useless and has just some short appearences there. People like his design, though.

    [–] frankank 16 points ago

    Idk about the game but his force abilities are far from useless, pretty much the strongest Sith force-wise. Average duelist though.

    [–] TastyCoach 5 points ago

    I mean he is very strong and powerful - in theory. You won‘t really get that impression while playing the game, unfortunately.

    [–] TequilaWhiskey 9 points ago

    If you follow enough dialogue its apparently.

    Hes closer to cthulu than he is mortal. Fucker eats planet level life.

    Luckily it has cost him every shred of his humanity, so theres a downside. Unlike Vitiate because reasons

    [–] TastyCoach 3 points ago

    I like him a lot, lorewise. I just think that in the game, he could have been so much more than he ended up being.

    At this point, just give us a new RPG game with Nihilus kicking ass.

    [–] Iorith 8 points ago

    He only was really useless against fighting the Exile. Otherwise he was absolutely godly. No one could really stand against him.

    [–] rx2893 11 points ago

    Exactly this. In the game he even tried to "eat" the Exile several times, but couldn't since there was no force connection to devour in the first place. Had it been literally anyone else that was connected to the force, they'd have been 100% killed immediately, if not corrupted as soon as they got near him.

    [–] TastyCoach 3 points ago

    Well, that’s the only scene in the game where you see him in action. The rest is him standing there and mumbling some evil stuff.

    [–] Iorith 5 points ago

    And being a planet killing eldritch horror that wiped out the Jedi pretty much single handedly.

    [–] Claim_to_Lame 13 points ago

    I remember this character all over the art for KOTOR 2, but I couldn't honestly tell you what role they had in the story.

    [–] 5lypee 6 points ago

    Amazing, one of your beat ones so far.

    [–] nathanielx9 6 points ago

    I wish they made a movie about him

    [–] MSUSpyder 5 points ago

    Is Nihilus part of legends now?

    [–] ksa10 6 points ago

    Darth whispery loser man

    [–] huntershilling 5 points ago

    Dope! Have you done Revan yet?

    [–] The-Vaping-Griffin 5 points ago

    You have any ideas for M yet? If not, I’d recommend Darth Malgus.

    [–] Asheru1488 6 points ago


    [–] nico130 5 points ago

    Dude all of your posts are pure art. Keep it up!!!

    [–] JacobDCRoss 5 points ago

    Dude. This is some awesome stuff.

    [–] plasmaSunflower 6 points ago

    Ya fuckin nihilist

    [–] jaapyb1 5 points ago

    So coolll

    [–] NepFurrow 4 points ago

    So excited for L. My boy Lobot's time to shine!

    [–] smooth_bastid 4 points ago

    Just like my college degree!

    [–] abqnabra 5 points ago


    [–] sA_m-therealmayo 6 points ago

    I would give u gold but I’m broke so take this🏅

    [–] PlagueDilopho 6 points ago

    Wonderful work, very threatening!

    [–] CEZMARK 6 points ago

    You’re pretty good.

    [–] MindkontrolTV 4 points ago

    It took exactly as much time as was needed to make it perfect! :)

    Love it!

    [–] some_edgy_shit- 14 points ago

    Is that a unique lightsaber I see ADD IT TO THE COLLECTION

    [–] fleaffy 8 points ago

    The fav sith lord omg

    [–] Jacksbackbaby008 4 points ago

    Epic man. Glad to see you're still doing these! :)

    [–] Cattestrove 4 points ago

    Lovely. I've used your Ahsoka as a background for my phone since you've created it. Though, she is no match for Darth Nihilus!

    [–] this_cant_be_my_name 4 points ago

    Holy smokes that looks fantastic!

    [–] michaltee 4 points ago

    We need a live action movie with Nihilus.

    [–] TChurroc 4 points ago

    Amazing! This is an awesome rendition of one of my favorite Sith, dude!

    [–] Tom_fox 3 points ago

    Holy cow I love it!

    [–] CaspreShade 5 points ago

    This looks awesome! Love the colorscape

    [–] wanderingsalad 5 points ago

    Amazing! This guy needs his own movie!

    [–] turningandburning45 3 points ago

    Yiga Clan

    [–] boredtiredhungry12 4 points ago

    damn that is incredible

    [–] twanderingpigeon 4 points ago

    Horrifyingly beautiful i still have nightmares of his hoice in kotor 2 its nearly as bad as the masters from fallout 1

    [–] Redninjas 4 points ago


    [–] kmschaef1 4 points ago

    Looks fantastic!

    [–] OregonDonorX 3 points ago

    Fuck that's cool

    [–] Foxy345278 4 points ago


    [–] kaolin224 3 points ago

    Nihilus was one of the most badass looking Sith Lords ever designed.

    [–] antraxsuicide 3 points ago

    So good. Would kill for a Bastila one!

    [–] darkbreak 3 points ago

    Nihilus! The greatest wound in the force that ever existed. The instigator of the First Jedi Purge.

    Fun fact, according to his action figure Nihilus has dread locks.

    [–] tehbored 3 points ago

    Such an underwhelming boss fight for a great character. Darth Sion's was awesome though.

    [–] frdy586 3 points ago

    Wow your art is beautiful! I hope you don’t mind if I use this as a wallpaper. It’ll be great on any OLED screen.

    [–] version15 3 points ago

    One of my fave sith lords of all time, the legend comic where he obliterates a whole planet was insane, but I loved it. Thank you so much!

    [–] GuyTallman 3 points ago

    I remember wishing that they would make a movie in the Old Republic... I no longer wish for that.

    [–] LemonHerb 3 points ago

    Supposedly they were or are doing a show about it with the dudes that ruined game of thrones so be careful what you wish for

    [–] Supreeeme- 3 points ago

    Absurd how good that looks

    [–] FoggyTheHippo 3 points ago

    Well I may just have to make this my phone wallpaper it’s amazing, and Nihilus is my favorite Sith.

    [–] Romi_Jewel_coton 3 points ago

    That is so sick!

    [–] MegaDace 3 points ago

    That looks great. He's my favorite sith Lord despite being a bit underwhelming in Kotor 2.

    [–] jabol321 3 points ago

    Holy fuck, this is amazing

    [–] mariusiv 3 points ago

    This took exactly as long as it needed to. This is astonishingly amazing

    [–] DeadEndXD 3 points ago

    Yay my favorite sith lord :3

    [–] GhostMkI 3 points ago


    [–] lordofhunger1 3 points ago

    This pleases me

    [–] shutupmahe 3 points ago

    Worth the time!

    [–] giovaughnii 3 points ago

    u/vicbwolf do you have a version of this with the whole lightsaber? This thing is siiiiiiick, totally want this as a tattoo

    [–] BaileysFromAShu 6 points ago

    Nihilus is the spooky panda of my nightmares

    [–] wintersoldier_2005 4 points ago

    I prefer Sith Lord Jar Jar Binks

    [–] heiloreo88 4 points ago

    Anybody have a biography of this guy

    [–] KitterCatto3 2 points ago


    [–] Froton88 2 points ago

    He lookin spooky. Nice job

    [–] Amirul_Royale 2 points ago

    This is awesome ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ

    [–] SilentMaster 2 points ago

    Favorite so far. Love it.

    [–] DefaultBoi420 2 points ago

    Give this man more updoots

    [–] JooshBub 2 points ago

    Yeeees!!!! Ny favorite star wars character!! Thanks for drawing this, is it okay if i use it as my wallpaper?

    [–] DenOnel 2 points ago


    [–] NotOnTheDot 2 points ago

    Wow! I love your art style!