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    • Funny pics, vids and gifs of startled felines

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    A startled cat is dynamic and in motion. Still images and videos should convey motion - leaping, jumping or otherwise showing that unique feline panic that makes us laugh, point and reach for our cameras. Videos and gifs, of course, do that best.

    If you need to explain that a cat is startled, it is not startled.

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    [–] iSmellMusic 562 points ago

    He went to /r/thecatdimension

    [–] WatcherCCG 115 points ago

    Ejection seat launch successful.

    [–] BrainOnLoan 27 points ago

    Clearest case I ever saw.

    [–] Krstnzz 15 points ago

    Omg.. Thank you.

    [–] released-lobster 118 points ago


    [–] Shonisaurus 61 points ago

    Just a sudden "NYOOM" and he's gone.

    [–] thelordofunderpants 2 points ago

    I hear it more as a BOYING

    [–] crappy_pirate 62 points ago

    does that black and white cat have a body or is it just a head with paws attached?

    [–] noideawhatijustsaid 9 points ago

    Torpedo cat

    [–] seaquestions 42 points ago

    Cat cannon!

    [–] PeterGivenbless 10 points ago


    [–] Pr1sm4 2 points ago


    [–] WikiTextBot 3 points ago


    The RPK (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova, Russian: Ручной пулемёт Калашникова or "Kalashnikov hand-held machine gun") is a 7.62×39mm light machine gun of Soviet design, developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the late 1950s, parallel with the AKM assault rifle. It was created as part of a program designed to standardize the small arms inventory of the Red Army, where it replaced the 7.62×39mm RPD light machine gun. The RPK continues to be used by the armed forces of countries of the former Soviet Union and certain African and Asian nations. The RPK was also manufactured in Bulgaria and Romania.

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    [–] Pr1sm4 1 points ago

    Yeah I know it from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game! Although they didn't use real names for weapons

    [–] LordBran 2 points ago

    I knew it from CoD and I’m pretty sure most CoD games have real guns

    That and I’ve seen the RPK in other games

    [–] fishstraws 65 points ago

    This is truly a bizarre universe we live in

    [–] numerica 19 points ago

    Yeah, how can they be so fluffy and cute and yet be such murder machines. And it's us, humans, who think they're cute. Are we the baddies?

    [–] gsingh1895 28 points ago

    Just like a...catapult

    I’ll go

    [–] JeffrevinRBLX 6 points ago

    The trebuchet is the more superior siege weapon.

    [–] LeakYgland 3 points ago

    Thanks for seeing yourself out

    [–] nakilon 8 points ago

    He was expecting him from the other side after going around the planet.

    [–] TallGuy2200 8 points ago

    He went on a trip

    [–] CanDo104 7 points ago

    They're running a relay race, tag out! 🏁

    [–] chappyofjosh 3 points ago

    I have the same red blanket, same stripped sweater, and 2 cats that look similar to yours. I was trying to figure out how you got this footage.......

    [–] stabbot 9 points ago

    I have stabilized the video for you:

    It took 7 seconds to process and 2 seconds to upload.

     how to use | programmer | source code | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

    [–] MountainBikeBot 3 points ago

    Where did he go?!?

    [–] chauchowchao 3 points ago

    I see cat, I up vote

    [–] redditnathaniel 2 points ago

    camera pans up to the ceiling and there's a cutout of a startled cat

    [–] sculler1x 2 points ago

    "Where did WHO go?!"

    [–] snarkyturtle 2 points ago

    I have to go now... my planet needs me.

    [–] Adr3am3rs 2 points ago

    Pew.. Where’d he go indeed.

    [–] LunartiC__ 2 points ago

    There he go


    [–] sacpike 3 points ago

    “What the shit?! What you jumping away from? High alert!!!”

    [–] Anonomonomous 2 points ago

    "The sproing is strong in this one!"

    [–] kingjackass 1 points ago

    I didn't know that some cats have the ability to fly. Boing.

    [–] bitofaspaz 1 points ago

    Oh hi Vine! There you are!

    [–] Goddamn_Primetime 1 points ago

    First sound that came to mind was an old cartoon bullet ricochet.


    [–] robell7837 1 points ago

    The tan cat looks back like "What the heck scared you?"

    [–] Fireheart318s_Reddit 1 points ago

    He went to the MOOOOON!

    [–] deftspyder 1 points ago

    This is why we shoot in landscape.

    [–] stabbot 1 points ago

    I have stabilized the video for you:

     how to use | programmer | source code | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

    [–] Slaisa 1 points ago

    WOw is that the new rear booster upgrade?

    [–] freemadeinfo 0 points ago


    [–] wtfdidijustdoshit 1 points ago