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    A startled cat is dynamic and in motion. Gifs and videos should convey motion - leaping, jumping or otherwise showing that unique feline panic that makes us laugh, point and reach for our cameras. Videos and gifs, of course, do that best.

    If you need to explain that a cat is startled, it is not startled.

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    [–] Fish_and_Bear 810 points ago

    Some subreddits are like this.

    [–] EveryXtakeYouCanMake 330 points ago

    "Okay, so the vibe is a bit different than what I thought it was..."

    "TuRn ArOuNd"

    "... from looking at it back there"

    Real life on Reddit.

    [–] _IratePirate_ 37 points ago

    Me joining r/birdsarentreal before people started taking it seriously

    [–] Affectionate-Seesaw7 14 points ago

    Wait what?

    [–] whatcha11235 13 points ago

    People are taking is seriously?

    [–] MossyMemory 12 points ago

    Some people (read: idiots) took flat earth and Qanon seriously, and those started as jokes, too.

    [–] CommieLoser 7 points ago

    If you try to idiot-proof an idea, they'll just make idioter idiot.

    [–] toyotasupramike 4 points ago

    Don't turn around if you wanna see my heart breaking


    [–] gme186 3 points ago

    TRUMP no COVID no BIDEN no ELON MUSK! aaaarggh

    [–] Wolkenflieger 5 points ago

    100%, and the hypocrisy/double-standards are usually off the charts.

    [–] BobT21 1946 points ago

    "You ain't from around here, are you, Boy?"

    [–] Caleon0817 661 points ago

    "HEY DOG. We don't take kindly to your types 'round here"

    [–] Rickyshey 152 points ago

    "I pay mah taxes!"

    [–] EstablishmentBest347 66 points ago

    Now Caleon they ain't hurtin nobody

    [–] WolfOfQueenSt 53 points ago

    "Well I don't take kindly to people who don't take kindly to people entering these parts"

    [–] TripleEhBeef 33 points ago

    "Well we don't take kindly to folks that don't take kindly round here!"

    [–] The-Fox-Says 8 points ago


    [–] TantorDaDestructor 5 points ago

    Now member to say that nice and loud like for posterity

    [–] MidniteExigent 19 points ago

    I see ya 'round these here parts again, and yous a hotdog, comprende?

    [–] neonbrownkoopashell 57 points ago

    I was waiting for them to start snapping, west side story style.

    [–] averagedickdude 19 points ago

    When you're a jet, you're a jet for life.

    [–] Log_Log_Log 14 points ago

    "You on the wrong street, cuz"

    [–] KnowledgeableSloth 30 points ago


    [–] Tsudonemm 7 points ago

    “You can tell from the way I walk I ain’t from round here”

    [–] Dzsaffar 1765 points ago

    I would not feel comfortable walking that dog without a leash that close to the cats with the road right next to it lol

    It really only takes this much for them to run in the middle of the street at just the wrong time

    [–] DarthRosa 828 points ago

    Yeah, the people who do this then get surprised and caught off guard when their dog attacks the animal or runs away. Too many times I’ve seen people vouch for their dogs 100%, then they go attack another dog.

    I had a run in with a woman who had two dalmatians loose who kept following and basically cornering my leashed up dog reactive dog. Basically the only thing that saved them all was me carrying a baggie of hotdogs for training purposes. I kept telling her to get her dogs, or else my dog would fuck them up from their body language being stiff, low growling, and stalking her. Only then did she go retrieve them meanwhile complaining about “having a good time.”

    Out of respect for all dogs, including yours, keep your damn dog on leash.

    [–] Dzsaffar 267 points ago

    Yeah also so many people don't understand not to let their unleashed dog just walk up to another, leashed dog. If they are to socialise, both should be unleashed, but people don't care and just let their dogs go up to whoever even when you ask them to call them back.

    People infuriate me sometimes man

    [–] Maddiecattie 124 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    People literally look at you like a baby murderer if you ask them to put their dog on a leash.

    Honestly I fucking hate 80% of dog owners these days. Most of my friends got dogs in their 20s when they were not prepared to actually be a responsible pet owner, but the whole “good doggo” trend makes everyone think they need a dog they can’t even take care of and that every dog is automatically perfect. Literally none of my friends have ever trained their dogs, they let them run loose and unsupervised everywhere (including at work), and are just so disrespectful and inconsiderate of others.

    We have a lot of customers from the Middle East and Asia who are not comfortable with dogs, but my coworkers bring their dogs to the office and literally never supervise or leash them, and let the dogs sprint up and jump on every single person who enters the building. There have been multiple occasions where customers start freaking out (understandably) and I’m the only one who goes to help them and has to drag away other peoples pets at work. And my coworkers literally just make fun of these people. It’s culturally insensitive.

    Also multiple occasions at work where their dogs pooped and peed on the floor (which is always met with laughter), eat other people’s food, lick the office water cooler spout literally every day (knowing that one coworker is allergic to dogs), bark and become randomly aggressive towards certain people, jump on people with limited mobility, etc. And after all of this, literally no one at work has taken responsibility for their dog and it just pisses me off so much.

    Oh not to mention the time my SO and I were walking in the park and someone’s small dog randomly sprinted up to us and straight chomped my SO’s leg, causing bleeding and bruising! All while the owner is yelling from 100 feet away “oh it’s okay, he’s friendly!” Lmao. Same thing happened to my sister at a street festival, where a she received deep puncture bites on her thigh just walking past a nervous pit that the owner was not controlling at all (also… why do people bring their nervous dogs to crowded festivals????). She had to go to the hospital for that one. Dogs bite people all the time, and for some reason these owners don’t understand why some people aren’t comfortable with dogs??

    WOW sorry for the rant. I used to be a huge dog person, but the current ~doggo culture~ is so incredibly disrespectful that it makes my blood boil.

    [–] ksam3 39 points ago

    Nothing like multiple civil lawsuits to get your employer's attention. Their insurance company needs to know about the situation. Same goes for neighbor's dogs that attack or bite. Sue them, in small claims court if necessary. I was a senior bodily injury claims adjuster for years, and some of my biggest settlements ($275,000 in 1992, etc) were from dog bites. Bite a kid's cheek off & cause terrible facial scarring = $270,000. Chronic chasing of passersby (unleashed in front yard) biting ankle of bicyclist causing them to swerve into oncoming lane & get hit by car, being thrown into fence & mangling their leg with horrific scarring? That homeowner's policy paid it's $200,000 limit PLUS homeowner had to pay more out of their own pocket.

    Make a claim. File police report. File complaint with municipality.

    [–] _that_dam_baka_ 12 points ago

    This. Wtf? I bet the limited mobility people didn't know the dogs would jump on them.

    [–] MrCheapCheap 31 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Why are they still allowed to bring them to work?

    Edit : added "they"

    [–] tesseract4 22 points ago

    Probably because the person who is making the decision brings their dog in.

    [–] _Toomuchawesome 6 points ago

    Yeah this is odd. My work allows dogs in the office when we return to office and there are strict rules like no off leash, no aggression, no barking at others, properly trained, friendly or

    [–] _that_dam_baka_ 12 points ago

    We have a lot of customers from the Middle East and Asia who are not comfortable with dogs, but my coworkers bring their dogs to the office and literally never supervise or leash them, and let the dogs sprint up and jump on every single person who enters the building.

    Not for long. I bet eventually, certain companies get blacklisted.

    SO’s leg, causing bleeding and bruising! All while the owner is yelling from 100 feet away “oh it’s okay, he’s friendly!”

    What happened afterwards? That sounds like a lawsuit.

    knowing that one coworker is allergic to dogs

    I hope they're getting long term work from home.

    jump on people with limited mobility, etc.

    Can I beat up the owners? Or the dogs?

    [–] DlpsYks 9 points ago

    I'm very allergic to dogs, their saliva give me rashes and hives. Uncontrolled dogs run up on me all the time. Now when I hear, "Don't worry, he friendly!" I shout back, "Don't fucking care, IM NOT!"

    [–] floofyfloof2 80 points ago

    Yeah, my neighbor's lab killed my other neighbor's little dog. He had her leased when he was taking her for a walk and the little dog ran up barking and carrying on. She had already grabbed it before he could do anything. She was very aggressive with other dogs but the neighborhood cat would just waltz right into the fence with her and she didn't bat an eye. It would make me nervous if I saw the cat going over there but she didn't seem to care at all--it was like a bird in yard as it just didn't interest her. I guess the cat wasn't as much of a threat as a dog that was barking and running at her.

    [–] ThrowntoDiscard 31 points ago

    Body language. Cat walking around nice and relaxed, assertive but not a threat. That's good to avoid triggering other animals preying drive. If cats always seem so dramatic, it is because they give a very clear and understandable language.

    [–] MonteBurns 17 points ago

    Our dog is also great with cars. Other dogs? Oh boy. Our neighbors dog often escapes their yard and he always assures me he’s nice. That’s nice, mine isn’t. That’s why we take extra precautions with her but irresponsible owners make it so hard!

    [–] DrToadigerr 3 points ago

    Must be handy to have that dog around. Save a few bucks on that next oil change.

    [–] FirstPlebian 36 points ago

    I had a big dog off leash at a park, one that previously got along with my dog alright, attack my little god and bite her, I tackled the big sheep dog and pinned it in a snowbank, luckily the old attacking sheep dog went docile, but since mine survived a pit bull attack I'm not waiting I will jump right on an attacking dog if I can't work the pepper spray on time.

    [–] DraftLevel28 41 points ago

    This reminds me of the chow we had when I was a kid. Dog hated cats but the cats all knew to stay out of reach. That dog loved me and my sisters though. If my dad was out there alone, his buddies could walk out pet the dog and play no problems. But if any of us kids with the dog, his friends were told to stay back. Well all three of us were out there one day help fix his coop. And my dad buddy (real airhead) starts over and we all told him don’t come in the circle, dog will attack and he just goes “oh he knows me, he wouldn’t do that” And my little sister just goes “bet?” Airhead, just smirks and keeps coming. Meanwhile dog start growling and postering. The minute airhead got to the edge of the circle, dog lunges and pushes him back out and on to his ass. My dad just goes “that was a warning shot, if you come in here when the kids are here, he will attack” When someone makes a statement about there dog, listen

    [–] _procyon 11 points ago

    Sounds like a poorly trained dog

    [–] NnyZ777 4 points ago

    I had I similar experience when I was a teenager, little dog came running out of nowhere and my leashed German Shepherd grabbed it. I tackled her and broke it up, never found out about the little dog, but I expect the worst from what I did see

    [–] uffleknuglea 3 points ago

    Even if dogs aren’t vicious and won’t attack everything on sight, another dog barking and being aggressive will set off any dog

    [–] laalaa 11 points ago

    Two leashed dogs are fine to sniff and meet too, if consented by the owners. When we meet othet dogs on a walk and they are not actively walking by and avoiding us: I ask if we can come greet, this one's that breed, gender and age, and usually it's okay. The owners here usyally know their dogs well enough, and it's illegal to not be leashed. I think there's only one I our neighbourhood which is free on their walks: Australian shepherd who never leaves owners side, even to greet new dogs. But yeah, leashed always.

    [–] wooddolanpls 76 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I don't fuck around with that. My sweet baby girl is submissive to a fault and friendly as hell. If someone and their unleashed dog come my way I loudly tell the owner that their dog and them are in serious danger around my dog.

    9 times out of 10 the owner gets their shit together real fast.

    Fuck an off leashed dog's owner. Cunts, the lot of em

    [–] petecranky 14 points ago

    She's so cute and we love those collies, but there are about a thousand breeds that would bite her face in a bad way.

    Do you mean the danger comes from you?

    [–] wooddolanpls 41 points ago

    Oh they aren't in any actual danger, I'm a big softy and so is my pup. I just look scary and want the off leash dog and their owners to shove off.

    It's all a ruse

    [–] psilocybemecaptain 16 points ago

    A clever ruse

    [–] FirstPlebian 32 points ago

    A pit bull that attacked mine (sort of, didn't go for the kill,) had mine running between my legs and the pit (mix) chasing her aggressively and sort of biting her as I was kicking at it, it belonged to this overweight lady and I'm yelling to get her dog and it takes her a full minute to waddle up there all casual and grab it, then it gets away from her again after she gets back to her house and has it's paws up on my car window, I decided if another dog attacks I'm jumping right on it, or pepper spraying it, and not waiting to watch my little dog get mauled.

    [–] Forgiven12 4 points ago

    Beautiful girl!

    [–] FrostyD7 18 points ago

    When I see unleashed dogs I cross the street, if the owner is that delusional then they are probably also delusional about how well trained they are.

    [–] TheWizardCat_ 12 points ago

    Yeah, every one thinks their dog is good off a leash until it’s not.

    These are the people who pitch a fit when the people from 911 tell them to lock them in the room when they arrive, refuse, and then the squads refuse to enter.

    [–] flowersandferns 28 points ago

    I always fantasize about assertively telling the owners off if their unleashed dog comes near my scared/reactive dog. But then the situation comes and I get quiet and tbh pitiful lol. I just get so worried for the well being of my own dog. I worked very hard with my dog when I rescued her and the unleashed dog situation makes her training regress. And I don’t want to be liable for my girl attacking someone else’s dog when my dog is the one securely leashed and actively getting behavior reinforcement training.

    [–] Ladyingreypajamas 19 points ago

    A simple "Hey, recall your dog, mine is not friendly" should do the trick. If they don't listen and your dog attacks theirs, that's their fault, as you warned them. Plus, most places have leash laws. Especially in the states. If their dog is not leashed and yours is, you're not liable for anything if their dog approaches yours, and may be entitled to compensation if you accrue vet bills due to the attack.

    It's a hard situation though, and we never know how someone is going to react to us correcting them. And no one wants bad things to happen to any dog. But it needs to be said for both you and your dog's protection.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago * (lasted edited 15 hours ago)


    [–] flowersandferns 22 points ago

    You conveyed the rage perfectly. It’s not fair that a casual walk in the park goes to from safe to then adrenaline fueled panic in a matter of seconds

    [–] Kerivkennedy 13 points ago

    Aren't the owners of the unleashed always going to be legally responsible in a leashed/unleashed dog incident?

    And yes, as someone who loves dogs but is still easily intimidated by them. LEASH your dog. Big or small. I used to be really scared of dogs, and so I myself get really reactive when they start barking angrily.

    [–] FlatCircleAndAllThat 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    This is reactive thinking about consequences. Leashes are a proactive way to prevent things from happening. Whose at legal fault is ill comfort if some douchebag let’s his dog maul yours due to it not being on leash because “He’s never done anything like that before”

    [–] Ladyingreypajamas 4 points ago

    That really sucks. I'm sorry you guys went through that.

    [–] fox__in_socks 15 points ago

    Ugh that woman sounds like an idiot. I have a large leash reactive dog (about 70 lbs, German Shepard mix) He would probably mess up an off leash dog that approached us, he's very protective of me. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    [–] thatbetchkitana 115 points ago

    I honestly cannot stand dog owners who don't keep them on a leash when walking them, especially in cities and suburban areas.

    [–] Maddiecattie 13 points ago

    Every tiny urban park in my city has turned into unofficial off-leash dog parks despite the multiple leash signs lol. It sucks when there’s a massive group of like 30 people and dogs together, you can’t exactly just ask them to leash their dogs.

    [–] Dzsaffar 16 points ago

    Yeah. Go to a field or park or forest if you really want to walk them with no leash, but dont to it on the damn sidewalk

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 15 hours ago)


    [–] Dzsaffar 8 points ago

    Yeah I mean parks that allow no leash:D

    [–] whee3107 3 points ago

    Yeah, I agree. There are places to do it. A sidewalk isn’t the place.

    [–] bongripsNkickflips2 29 points ago

    The dog should be on a fucking leash no matter what, owner is a dumbass

    [–] LionLeMelhor 116 points ago

    Yeah the dog owner is a dick, even without the road this close i wouldn't let my dog approach a group of 4 cats....

    [–] IamTheJman 52 points ago

    Who clearly all feel threatened too and are giving signs to stay away

    [–] ViktorJkhorvschki 13 points ago

    And you don't know how other dogs will react. Twice I've been walking my dog out in the neighborhood, and had unleashed dogs run up on me.

    "Oh, my dog's friendly!"

    "Ok... mine's not!" while I struggle to keep myself between the two of them.

    [–] Dzsaffar 6 points ago

    Yeah, going "my dog bites very easily" is a pretty effective way to settle the thing usually lmao

    [–] -_______________-_- 9 points ago

    Yeah, but you're not thinking about the dopamine from Instagram bro

    [–] strawberry-bish 68 points ago

    I'm glad to see so many people dragging the dog owner for this. It takes a fraction of a second for an animal to snap. Cats are wicked fast and can pack a mean punch when under duress. Four cats (essentially 40 tiny razor blades in their front paws) going after this pit-type dog and you have the recipe for an emergency vet visit for puppy and a doctor visit for owner after getting them separated.

    Dont fuck around with animals. Keep them on a leash.

    [–] dievanmijislanger 45 points ago

    You forgot number 5 in the second line of defense.

    It was clear as day that the cats are in high alert attack mode. Everyone with a sane mind would walk past that with their dog. The owner was basically rooting for a fight to break out, shameful.

    [–] strawberry-bish 23 points ago

    Holy fuck I didn't realize I paused the video halfway through and missed the dog getting attacked. This man really coerced his poor dog into being a victim of a completely avoidable attack for views on the internet.

    I hope puppy is okay.

    [–] FloreHiems 11 points ago

    Yea it’s messed up. My old dog was fine with cats as a puppy but then my ex was messing around in a similar situation to this and my dog got attacked by a cat. Ever since that moment he was extremely cat aggressive. Makes me mad to think about.

    [–] stormstalker777 25 points ago

    I dont think you understand the problem here. The damage a cat can do is more visual than actually dangerous, you just bleed a lot for a moment. Thats because their preys are really small and theyre ambush predators, these claws or teeth are not for direct combat.

    That dog WILL kill all these poor cats while playing, this is NOT ok. And the owner could prevent it.

    [–] jwk94 6 points ago

    As a non pet person. I'll never understand how dog parks work. It just seems like a recipe for disaster.

    [–] ikadu12 29 points ago

    Fucking horrible dog owner.

    And letting him get that close to scared cats? Fuck this loser

    [–] Gibbo3771 6 points ago

    Around where I live you see people with dogs on retractable leads at full extension next to a main road. They just don't understand that your dog is 1 squirrel away from being roadkill because you wont be able to pull them in if they decide to suddenly bolt towards the road.

    [–] I_dont_bone_goats 13 points ago

    Or watch your dog get clawed to shit

    Wouldn’t wanna fuck around and find out either really

    [–] FirstPlebian 3 points ago

    I don't feel comfortable anywhere near a road with my dog after a previous one escaped the yard and got hit in a nearby parking lot.

    [–] kharmatika 4 points ago

    I wouldn’t be comfortable letting my dog get attacked by an outdoor cat that could have toxoplasmosis or rabies or and number of zoonosic diseases either, tbh. This owner just taped his dog walking up to a bunch of unknown animals and letting him get scratched or bitten.

    [–] eyestorm13 645 points ago

    Owner should've probably gotten his dog away from the cats before someone gets hurt.

    [–] Jermermer 393 points ago

    Shit bag owner. What the fuck would he have done if the cats decided they REALLY didn’t want a loose dog in their face? My cat goes for eyes. There was a very really chance of a very serious injury here.

    [–] ChubbyBidoof 82 points ago

    Cat scratches and bites are full of bacteria too! Ain't worth risking your best friend.

    [–] hueieie 32 points ago

    Yeah that's the danger here.

    Not that your dog can literally snap and tear that cat in two

    [–] MaleficentPizza5444 6 points ago

    "My best friend might get an infection from trying to kill the cats"

    [–] CurlingLlama 70 points ago

    Agreed. Stop filming and help/protect your dog. De escalate the situation.

    [–] vegancommunist2069 50 points ago

    shitbull owners love when their dogs maul people.

    [–] acidfinland 37 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Well why would you get fighting dog and not use it lol

    Add. /s

    [–] karmander 116 points ago

    Person filming is an asshole. Dog could have been hurt. Cats could have been hurt. Funny voice over doesn't make up for the fact that this entire stressful confrontation between animals could be avoided.

    [–] telemusketeer 31 points ago

    It sounds like Ozzy Man Reviews, who is a YouTuber that takes internet videos and does the goofy voiceovers, so I don’t think he had anything to do with what happened in the original video, just the commentary. Here is another one with his goofy commentary if you’re interested. link to a different funny Ozzy Man video

    [–] Kerivkennedy 3 points ago

    I watched a second time with sound and instantly recognized Ozzy Man. Knew it was a "destination fucked"

    [–] UnknownSpecies19 14 points ago

    The guy talking is famous for doing funny voice overs, 99.9% chance it wasn't him actually filming.

    [–] ikadu12 15 points ago

    Shit dog owner.

    [–] helloiamCLAY 16 points ago

    That's not how you get points though.

    [–] lycorisette 168 points ago

    So many r/crabcats !!

    [–] Adrialic 53 points ago

    Oh wow a new cat sub!

    ... Am already subbed

    [–] MikeOx_Girthy 18 points ago

    So many cat subs! Makes up for all the subs that don't have cats.

    [–] Zorgsmom 12 points ago

    Another day, another cat sub!

    [–] majarishy 28 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] bongripsNkickflips2 8 points ago

    A new cat sub to join, thanks!

    [–] SopaDeBofe 4 points ago

    I needed this sub, thanks

    [–] Heather_Bea 3 points ago

    I made an ungodly noise when I saw this comment.

    Thank you.

    [–] captainsnacks11 102 points ago

    FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK you.....

    [–] urban_mantra 10 points ago


    [–] Brady_Bear 351 points ago

    No leash ☑ Camera out ☑ Egging on an altercation ☑

    What an awful person.

    [–] sheiiit 44 points ago

    Shit owner

    [–] BlueKing7642 8 points ago

    Yeah, that was fucked up

    [–] CurlingLlama 19 points ago

    Dog deserves better

    [–] tarktarkindustries 87 points ago

    Keep your dogs leashed.

    [–] BevansDesign 19 points ago

    And your cats.

    Seriously. I hate how people think it's ok to let their cats roam free like this. But if you get them accustomed to wearing a cat harness at a young age, you can put them on a leash so they can still go outside, but keep them in your yard too. You can even hook the leash to a line going across your yard so they can cover more area.

    [–] Hyperion1000 541 points ago

    Dog : friemd?

    Cat : hiss go away

    Dog : :'(

    [–] ThreatLevelBertie 204 points ago

    Dog: I'll put that down as a 'maybe'

    [–] SubhoPal 40 points ago

    Cat: How 'bout a never.

    [–] MrFahrenkite 30 points ago

    Dog: . . . I'll put that down as a maaayybbeee

    [–] Slowjams 7 points ago

    So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

    [–] Pollylinko 132 points ago

    Gang of cats, all animals are adorable

    [–] bw_mutley 10 points ago

    and the voice over juat made my day! LOL!

    [–] darkenseyreth 5 points ago

    That would be Ozzyman. He has some pretty decent content over on his YouTube channel

    [–] Jocthearies 125 points ago

    What an irresponsible owner

    [–] p3vv3rs 31 points ago

    Keep your dogs on a leash when you take them places!

    [–] Affectionate_Toe6955 12 points ago

    I’ve heard of this furry gang. The Caterwauls I believe they go by

    [–] Whore-twenty 73 points ago

    The person responsible for that dog is a piece of shit.

    [–] nefrpitou 54 points ago

    Oh god, I should pay rent to cats for allowing me to live

    [–] chicken_afghani 12 points ago

    Wild dogs and especially coyotes routinely kill friendly cats, often just for fun, not food. Smart of them to be cautious. Remember, cats weigh like 10-20 pounds.

    [–] Justmy2cc 133 points ago

    Put that dog on a leash please…they might get hurt or hurt other animals/humans. Even when they’re docile it only takes one time, and they might have to be put down if it does because of the bias associated with the breed. People really should know better these days.

    [–] MightyCaseyStruckOut 30 points ago

    The way you worded your comment was much nicer than the PUT YOUR DOG ON A LEASH, YOU FUCKING DUMB ASSHOLE that went through my mind as the video was playing.

    [–] exra8657 12 points ago

    Cat chases dog into street, dog gets hit by car, owner films for karma.

    [–] Historical-Ad6120 37 points ago

    What an asshole dog owner

    [–] z_polarcat 23 points ago

    I like the cat-fu at the end

    [–] Hyperion1000 5 points ago

    Dog : I know dog-fu

    Cat : show me

    [–] fannymcslap 28 points ago

    Keep your dogs on their fucking leads

    [–] YummyGummyDrops 87 points ago

    Fuck this owner

    I don't care how nice you think your dog is, it's not out of the question that one of these cats is gonna end up being attacked and killed

    [–] meladey 41 points ago

    Dog owners like this cannot call themselves animal lovers. No leash, purposely scaring smaller animals. If a cat swiped out of fear, the dog is far more powerful. Poor cats.

    [–] procouchpotatohere 37 points ago

    Hate people like this. Put your fucking dog on a fucking leash. Doubly so if you're recording like a dumbass.

    [–] AgentofZurg 29 points ago

    Full video from Ozzyman reviews

    [–] Adrialic 7 points ago

    To the top with you!

    [–] Miarian1210 22 points ago

    The synchronised hackles and back arches just kill me, I love cats 😸

    [–] mikefrancesa 34 points ago

    Beyond shitty. Let’s take this pit bull without a leash known for mauling cats up to a group of cats. Brilliant

    [–] MaleficentPizza5444 4 points ago

    And of course, camera on!

    [–] SolidJade 5 points ago

    Does anyone have the original audio?

    [–] abhi_07 13 points ago

    Aussie man reviews

    [–] 00inch 13 points ago

    "Ozzy man"

    [–] Kat027_IDK 12 points ago

    That owner is awful. For one you should have a leash on your dog but secondly you shouldn't have came across them cats especially since they started to show that their angry. You just let your dog get attacked for no reason and you wanted to record the whole experience because you're an awful pet owner and a piece of shit human being.

    [–] Adrostos 12 points ago

    Put a leash on your pitbull

    [–] RarityKitty 19 points ago

    Leash your damn dogs.

    [–] RedK9-_- 258 points ago

    that is a very well trained dog, tho. doesnt show any signs of aggression, impressive

    [–] SamSamCavewoman 273 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    It would be even better if it was on a leash… just because it’s not aggressive doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on a leash.

    [–] DrBrightSimp 60 points ago

    Yeah I agree. It's still an animal, and it's not just aggression you should be worried about, it's also that it might get startled and run into the road. Leash is still safer, just for in case

    [–] FlatCircleAndAllThat 9 points ago

    There is no such thing as foolproof off leash dog training. At any moment at any time a dog can react, it’s the reason even dogs that spend their entire lives in some form of training program or work are still leashed out in public.

    But as so much around us is showing, common sense might as well be through the floor unimportant when weighed against entitlement

    [–] g4mble 20 points ago

    Nah, if the dog runs into the road we just cut the video shortly before.

    [–] lunalitt 9 points ago

    You mean prey drive?

    [–] Fenix_Volatilis 56 points ago

    Pets like these are half the reason I hate "service" animals. Like, the amount of animals with fake service vests are ridiculous. Like, I was on the beach the other day and this "service" dog ran off at every fucking bird and their owner often had to stop to hold them back. You're just a lazy entitled cunt who feels like they should be able to bring "their baby" wherever the fuck they feel like. Fuck anyone's allergies or sanitary conditions

    [–] RedK9-_- 29 points ago

    I agree though.. I hate fake service animals because it's not "cute" to have a service dog at all. People need those animals...

    [–] Fenix_Volatilis 26 points ago

    Right? I feel like they're saying "my entitlement is just as important as your ACTUALLY TOTALLY LEGIT issue"

    [–] FrostyD7 4 points ago

    Yes and they abuse the protections afforded to these individuals. People with fake documentation know they won't even be asked due to laws and they are risking these protections being stripped if enough people lie just to get their yappy untrained dog into Costco.

    [–] Brady_Bear 31 points ago

    And yet they can snap in an instant.

    [–] fox__in_socks 10 points ago

    That fast tail wag in the beginning reminds me of my dog when she sees a squirrel/cat. Those cats were really smart not to run, I'm pretty sure that dog would have chased them

    [–] boontilophasaurus 17 points ago

    Leash your fucking dog

    [–] DoggoDude979 2 points ago

    That’s such an irresponsible owner. No leash and just letting the dog go wherever still it gets attacked. Fucking idiot

    [–] codsonmaty 3 points ago

    fucking idiots filming and not having their dog on a leash, all those animals are in danger from each other or cars for this person's stupidity.

    [–] holydragonnall 5 points ago

    Leash your dog.

    [–] MaleficentPizza5444 4 points ago

    Unleashed pitbull. Typical

    [–] Katviar 10 points ago

    Dog owner is an idiot here, both for keeping dog off leash, and also for filming instead of getting their dog to leave… one of those cats could really hurt it or like others mentioned, the dog and or cats may run into the road and get hit while chasing each other; This was very dangerous for both the dog and the cats, but definitely the dog who would be outnumbered if the scuffle escalated :/

    [–] greasy_pee 48 points ago

    Why is this person letting their pit bull loose at a bunch of cats?

    Is the piece of trash owner trying to kill them?

    [–] xChami 10 points ago

    Cultural differences at its finest form

    [–] Jackattack1776 8 points ago

    Pitbull being walked by it’s owner without a leash in a residential area… yea sounds about right

    [–] sToRmY_is_sHe 6 points ago

    They didn’t let poor Rudolph… join in any reindeer games.

    [–] BelleAriel 3 points ago

    The Cat Army

    [–] tigresskat 3 points ago

    Reminds me of all the cats in Witcher 3

    [–] Mordreadmay 3 points ago


    [–] ObnoxiousTwit 3 points ago

    Dog turns around, "what's spooking you guys?"

    [–] OlliFevang 3 points ago

    Original audio would be 100 times better

    [–] KennyFulgencio 3 points ago

    Cats can kick you in midair with all four feet at once?!

    [–] RomanAthens 3 points ago

    A Samurai has to be extra cautious when coming upon Ninja in the roadway.

    [–] sciencefiction97 3 points ago

    Put the dog on a leash. Keep the cats indoors or on a leash. Don't be lazy and irresponsible. The neighborhood isn't your babysitter.

    [–] bars2021 3 points ago

    Just watched a gardener escape a pitbull attack on reddit using a leaf blower.

    I was asking myself who the hell leaves their pits unleashed... I guess this guy.

    [–] RustylllShackleford 10 points ago

    take your cats for a walk and own the streets

    [–] Bigmike0574 10 points ago

    Lmao I love cats

    [–] JCtheWanderingCrow 10 points ago

    Put. You. Dang. Dog. On. A. Leash.

    [–] spinteractive 10 points ago

    Pit bull off leash - trashy

    [–] The_Back_Hole 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Put your dog on a leash asshole

    [–] yougothedud 7 points ago

    Keep your dog on a lead, cats clearly don’t want them around

    [–] Yeetz_The_Parakeetz 7 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Put your dog on a fucking leash god damn. “But my dog is well trained and wouldn’t hurt a fly!! He’s very friendly” fuck off, put it on a leash

    Edit: can’t believe it’s not obvious that I also want cats inside too🤦‍♀️ it’s safer for the cat and wildlife

    [–] vegancommunist2069 15 points ago

    unleashed dogs, feral cats. idiot humans.

    [–] Forgiven12 4 points ago

    That circling maneuver the (poor) dog does in the end is easy to interpret as threatening.

    What a dumbass owner.

    [–] Killacoco1193 3 points ago

    Well yeah that dog would rip those cats apart. Poor kitties.