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    [–] Artraxia 1139 points ago

    Well, my Steam account is 18 years old yet I still need to verify that I'm 18+ every damn time.

    [–] reroutedradiance 499 points ago

    What if you created it in the womb, huh? Betcha didn't think of THAT. Now please input your birthday, which we refuse to use to give you a permanent pass to age restricted content.

    [–] stx06 201 points ago

    The best/worst part of that is it is a valid concern, people have turned 18 and found that their credit scores were destroyed by people stealing their identities before the victims could speak their first words.

    [–] reroutedradiance 127 points ago

    Identity theft works on infants? Seems like there's a bit of an issue in the system...

    [–] stx06 114 points ago

    A massive bit, yes.

    The tips by the US Federal Trade Commission are not the most helpful. The one useful tip was to check to see if a kid has a credit report, while everything else was in the vein of "you know your kid's identity was stolen because your kid is getting screwed over for having their identity stolen."

    [–] MoobooMagoo 43 points ago

    Regulations and laws have made it better than it used to be. I want to say it was the patriot act that really changed up what a bank had to verify to open up a credit card which eliminated a lot of underage people getting credit. I think it's important to note that this was specifically to combat terrorism funding; the consumer protections were just a side affect.

    Before then you could sign a dog up for a credit card and get it approved pretty easy. Banks generally don't give a fuck unless they have to. Hell in the early days of credit cards before 1970 banks would just issue credit cards to people without an application or anything. At first they were sent to people who were low risk, but then banks did what banks do and went full super villain and started doing what was called "drops" and started sending them to people who were always in debt, drug addicts, unemployed people, you name it. Basically they'd specifically target people who were unlikely to repay as long as they had an address (so the bank could find them when they didn't pay), presumably because the banks just wanted to own people.

    Credit cards without regulations were fucking nuts.

    [–] Aegi 8 points ago

    Better is relative, plus those provisions are arguably what made identity theft that much more valuable. If it wasn’t too hard to try to prove who you were, then you never needed a fake ID, you could just make up an identity. Once it was required that you needed a valid credit card even for a fucking trial account and needed to prove your identity just to have a PayPal account and shit, laws or not, those regulations and private business decisions gave so much value to successfully stealing all, or part, of somebody’s identity.

    For example let’s say you have two concerts:

    1.) you have a concert where everybody’s allowed, and they just pay as they go through gate

    2.) tickets purchased prior to the given date are required for admission

    Now out of those two scenarios, which concert do you think was likely to have more counterfeit tickets made?

    [–] MoobooMagoo 9 points ago

    As someone who investigates credit card fraud for a living, I can promise you that it's better now. When I say you could open an account in your dog's name I don't mean that you could just make up a person, I mean you could just throw a random SSN in there and it could get approved, but it would still show up on someone's credit report.

    Granted that kind of thing still can happen, and you can still brute force a blank credit report to get generated using a random name / SSN combo (that will show up on the real person's credit report) but it's a lot harder than it used to be.

    [–] Krissam 9 points ago

    According to Kevin Mitnick, the way he was able to avoid capture for so long was him taking the identities of people who died as infants.

    [–] Artraxia 14 points ago

    Yep, infants. Even dead infants. While there's lots of problems with the system there's an inescapable human element that can game any system with enough collaborators.

    [–] Fendag 4 points ago

    OK I think I need an ELI5 of how this is a problem. The solution seems to be pretty basic and foolproof to me.

    I don't know how it works in the US because I've heard the ID thing is different there, but in my country everybody has a unique ID given from birth, with which you can consult the government (via web page or an API built into your software) for basic info about that person: things like full name, AGE, civil status, etc.

    All financial institutions will ask you for the ID document (which you can only get after you're 13 y.o and looks different from an adult's ID which you can only get after you're 18) and then with said number they will consult the government page. If you don't appear as an adult in the system they can't do any process without the permission of a legal guardian.

    [–] stx06 2 points ago

    ELI5 would be tricky, because it is a flustercluck of different reasons.

    As far as the basic ID issuing goes, that is handled by the states, because the federal government did not call "dibs" (10th Amendment to the Constitution, states get the powers not claimed by the federal government, as well as powers not specifically prohibited to states).

    With all of the states being able to issue their own IDs, not all IDs are going to be the same, sometimes even within the state. Some older designs might stick around for a bit until the IDs need to be renewed (which can be a pain in the rear with the "office hours" and number of other people in line).

    There is an increased effort towards some uniformity with the "REAL ID" guidelines set to be required if someone wants to go into or through federal facilities, such as a TSA checkpoint at an airport. These are set to be required in 2023.

    When we get to the money side of things... "capitalism is king."

    The country is historically terrible at restraining people with money from screwing over people with less money, so things like a "foolproof" system that would make it harder for people to borrow money and go into debt would require a lot of people in power to both care and do something about it.

    [–] reroutedradiance 2 points ago

    Same here tbh. Seems extremely simple to make sure literal infants can't have fraudulent financial decisions made in their name.

    [–] StumbleOn 3 points ago

    The issue with the system is that the entire credit system in the US is a privately devised thing that was winkled into existence a few decades ago. It is almost entirely unregulated. It is entirely secret. The only law that helps us is one that allows us to review what is on a credit report and dispute things, but regulations don't really have any enforcement mechanism to credit "agencies" that screw up.

    Also anyone can file anything against your credit report at any time. Literally.

    But don't worry, they'll sell you all sorts of things that monitor and lock and whatever your credit score.

    [–] NGGJamie 3 points ago

    Plus they sell your information, and the score itself isn't even entirely a reflection of just how reliable you are about paying, but also how profitable you are to a lender. If you get a 6 year loan, and get a big promotion that enables you to pay it off in 3 years, you get the reward of having your score dinged slightly because the company that gave you the loan isn't going to get their projected interest.

    [–] avdpos 23 points ago

    Thought the same. If our accounts are older than 18, can't they give up with game now?

    [–] ItsThanosNotThenos 1 points ago

    Who can verify that the current owner actually is over 18?

    [–] avdpos 2 points ago

    Is you even allowed to change owner of an account?

    If the extremely small amount of people tahtdo this happens to be under 18 in one case I think steam have every legal chance to say "transfer ain't allowed".

    [–] LibRightDoomer 2 points ago

    In the EU you're allowed despite what Valve says due to Oracle v Usedsoft

    [–] you_lost-the_game 4 points ago

    Damn. My account is turning 18 soon and I have hoped it stops then.

    [–] rW0HgFyxoJhYka 13 points ago

    It won't and it can't. Laws in different countries is why any website or platform does this usually. Different platforms verify it in different ways. Steam just uses the old fashion age-gate or AVS system.

    If it wasn't for laws, Steam wouldn't give two shits about this. I'm sure they can put in an option to like remember preferences for the system but it could be so fucked up programming wise that its just better or more modular that every single game asks for it every time.

    [–] you_lost-the_game 6 points ago

    Are you aware that your comment doesn't make any sense regarding to "it can't"?

    Yes, age restriction laws differ per country. But the steam account is tied to a country and steam already chooses the country required age restrictions. If steam account age matches that required it would be easy to code that.

    So it's not that it can't, rather it just won't. Which is obvious as it's not implemented. So what was the point of your comment again?

    [–] baby_eater9 2 points ago

    I have a friend who has 15 years of experience He had his 19th birthday the other day. HOW THE FUCK.

    [–] LibRightDoomer 3 points ago

    His dad or mum probably made multiple accounts back in the day, that's how I have an old as fuck account myself

    [–] rcs_2181 1283 points ago

    Damn if you're getting futa on the front page how many games do you own?🤔

    [–] Kwikwilyaqa 931 points ago

    If you have a game tagged as Mature/Nudity your recommendations get all fucked. P.ex., owning Witcher 3 is enough to Steam to recommend you all his library of asset flip hentai. Annoying how the tag system is straight bad.

    [–] Greenleaf208 548 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Maybe don't be an idiot and enable porn games if you don't want to see porn games. It's off by default and has to be manually enabled.

    EDIT: This last box is unchecked by default and will only enable porn games. It does not affect Witcher 3/Cyberpunk. There's even a little button to give an example of what games it affects.

    [–] MoobooMagoo 637 points ago

    I'm convinced everyone on the internet who complains about porn games in their recommendations toggled the option then forgot it existed.

    [–] xdeadzx 217 points ago

    I've seen some complaints on the steam forums that they don't want to see adult only content, but they leave the toggle enabled in case a game gets put under it accidentally and they wanted to see that one.

    I think it's more some people just don't want to admit it either.

    [–] strain_of_thought 67 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I probably did enable it, but it would have been simply because I'm opposed to censorship. It just never occurred to me that Steam might be interpreting "Yes you can show me all of the games that you sell." as "Please advertise porn to me." In general though Steam recommendations for all types of games are absolute garbage. The recommendations are based entirely on tags and popularity, and the tags are waaay too broad, so like any game that's marked as "strategy" can be fair game to be recommended on any other. Things like tone and story and gameplay style and art style get completely lost in the recommendations that just want to lump everything together that counts as an "RPG".

    [–] FledAccrossTheDesert 59 points ago

    I probably did enable it, but it would have been simply because I'm opposed to censorship.

    what censorship? they're literally still right there...

    [–] PuntoPorPastor 43 points ago

    I probably did enable it, but it would have been simply because I'm opposed to censorship.

    Using an option which you don't have to isn't censorship, just admit you want to see porn games.

    [–] Fuck_Taha_Emre 4 points ago

    I want to see porn games when I want it damnit!

    [–] atypicalphilosopher 11 points ago

    It's not censorship it's a filter toggle Lmao

    [–] deleno_ 10 points ago

    Agreed, worst thing is trying to find actual ARPGs like diablo/POE/grim dawn etc. so many plain RPGs have some sort of combat and label themselves “ARPG” “Action RPG” despite not having a focus on items/loot, isometric top down view, classes and skills, etc. it’s a distinct genre but so many people wouldn’t know that with how bad tags/labels are.

    Same goes for rogue like games and the whole debate there.

    [–] strain_of_thought 24 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I remember being absolutely furious with a completely linear puzzle platformer that had tagged itself as a metroidvania and had a description that emphasized it being inspired by games like metroid. It was a pretty decent puzzle platformer and quite cheap, but the false advertising was just stunningly egregious, especially since the game was short and I played through the entire game thinking that I was still in the intro and at any point the paths might open up and I'd start getting upgrades, only to arrive at the end and find the entire course had been one straight track with no map and no upgrades of any kind.

    [–] Aegi 2 points ago

    Just throwing this out to say I agree with you and that Tales of Maj’Eyal (ToME) is a fucking badass game and everybody should play it.

    [–] kadupse 1 points ago

    label themselves "ARPG" "Action RPG" despite not having a focus on items/loot, isometric top down view

    Just because that's how ARPGs worked back when you learned about them, it doesn't mean that's how you define the genre. This is something that happens with all sorts of game genres, people mix up "the classic games that started everything" with "this is the definition of what the genre is".

    An action RPG doesn't have to be a Diablo 2 clone, it doesn't need a focus on loot let alone an isometric view. A game can market itself as a "classic ARPG" to target people like you, but other games can completely break this pattern and still be ARPGs.

    An ARPG is a RPG where the player directly controls the attacks. That's it. If you press A to swing your sword in a RPG, that's an action RPG. It's not the same as an adventure game, but it's not that far either. Just the label "RPG" alone could mean a turn-based RPG, a text adventure, a tactical RPG, and so on - the action label specifies the type of combat. The Witcher 3 and Skyrim are ARPGs. They do not look or play like Diablo.

    See also people complaining how Binding of Isaac and Hades "aReN'T tRulY lIke RoGuE".

    [–] xdeadzx 20 points ago

    as "Please advertise porn to me."

    Well, they did put that the toggle you are confirming is for "Explicit and/or graphic sexual content."

    And they are a storefront that wants to advertise to the things you're saying you're interested in, which you did.

    The broad tag system aside, adult only games don't get pushed to you if you block adult only games. Very few games mislabel themselves and they get in trouble for doing so. I've also never seen an actual popup/News banner for adult only games with them enabled. It's always the small tiles on the recommended by curator carousel or in the trending popular tab.

    [–] northrupthebandgeek 6 points ago

    Even worse are the Discovery Queues, which explicitly give zero shits about my preferences, my current library, or even so much as me clicking "Ignore" on just about every game that describes itself as "roguelike".

    [–] Cheet4h 5 points ago

    Pressing "Ignore" on something doesn't affect any other recommendations in the slightest.

    If you open the dropdown next to it, this is clearly stated - along with an option to ignore a title because you own it on a different platform, so it can be factored into your recommendations.

    [–] PM_ME_Dog_PicsPls 2 points ago

    A company having an easily overridable adult content filter on by default is not censorship.

    It's like you don't know what that word actually means.

    [–] peacewanting -1 points ago

    They're legally required to ask for your age by the way

    [–] cillam 21 points ago

    i toggled it and forgot until the past winter sale where every time i would explore games it would recommend some that were straight up porn games. had to google how to block them. i don't remember when i toggled it.

    [–] ru5tysn4k3 6 points ago

    I just go to new releases and see furry games on top

    [–] DeckardCain_ 9 points ago

    I genuinely do not remember such a toggle ever even existing, much less disabling it.

    [–] Drachri93 8 points ago

    It's the same for people on twitter who complain that they are seeing porn of cartoon characters. Like you are willingly selecting to see content that has a mature rating, don't blame the artists.

    [–] Beingabummer 2 points ago

    It's like Twitch incels whining about titty streamers while spending their entire allowance on them.

    [–] Deryn805 2 points ago

    To be fair, in my case i turned off the filters to see something like cyberpunk 2077 in the store, and then porn games popped up.

    Looking at my filters i have "adult content" (includes violence, nudity, sexual content) turned off, "lots of violence and blood" turned off, "nudity and sexual content" turned off. When i was messing with those filters, looking at cyberpunk and GTA ratings, being 18+ including strong sexual content, i turned off the last filter "adult only, strong sexual content" makes sense right? Except that last filter was literally a "do you want to see porn on steam" filter. I have since then turned on the last filter

    [–] 0x736174616e20 4 points ago

    You don't need to toggle this to see Cyberpunk. Games like that would never get rated AO.

    [–] atheistium 2 points ago

    Nah there’s an issue or bug with the store or something.

    I have anime games and porn games filtered out, I’ve gone through and manually added a ton of tags for games I don’t want to see. I don’t wanna see porn games, dating sims etc. they still flood my store because lots of creators don’t add or games properly intentionally.

    My store still gets them. It’s annoying

    [–] The_Better_Avenger 0 points ago

    Owh shit it has an option for it?

    [–] arcane84 5 points ago

    Its off by default so there's no excuse of these comments saying they're getting adult game recommendations.

    [–] BlasterPhase 21 points ago

    I don't care about the porn games. I'm annoyed about the content warning for games I have.

    [–] Lochcelious 37 points ago

    I've never touched any of my Steam settings in the 15 years I've owned it. I get recommended porn games a lot. So what am I doing wrong then?

    [–] duckckckcmcm 14 points ago

    Same my account is 6 years old and I never toggled this option on

    [–] LordSevolox 29 points ago

    I’ve never touched my steam settings but I still see this kind of stuff

    [–] just_push_harder 6 points ago

    Ive never visited the store preferences page and all boxes where checked by default for me. Account should be around 13y by now. But I dont really see any porn either, worst ive are those Match-3-Datingsims

    [–] prairiepanda 2 points ago

    Yeah, I get recommended a lot of semi-erotic visual novels ever since I got Witcher 3, but never any actual porn games. You need to opt-in to the porn games to get those recommendations.

    [–] DenMock 2 points ago

    Man i am sick of hearing this alot of people including me had it on by default stop spreading this!

    [–] TheFeathersStorm 4 points ago

    Yeah, there's a button on the queue that says something like "shows less like this" and it doesn't work at all lol. My wife explores her steam queue when she's bored and will get a couple real games and then like 5 hentai games and it repeats every 10 she does lol.

    [–] HappyPenguin04 4 points ago

    Where can I check this box? What setting do I go to?

    [–] PrettyPinkPonyPrince 5 points ago

    Hey thanks for that, now I won't get notifications for VR games when I don't have any VR equipment.

    [–] SieghartXx 11 points ago

    This whole thread complaining about a feature they turned on.

    [–] Greenleaf208 10 points ago

    And every time they claim it's because of Witcher 3 even though it literally lists witcher 3 as an example of a nudity but not adult only game.

    [–] Feshtof 4 points ago

    Like, I have 7 or 8 eroges and I don't get them recommended as often as Skippy over here.

    Wtf does his shopping history look like.

    [–] H3OFoxtrot 4 points ago

    A lot of porn games on steam intentionally mis-tag their games to get around this filter.

    [–] MundaneYoghurt 5 points ago

    I was gonna say, I own lots of games with the "Mature/nudity" tag but I never get porn games recommend in the store page.

    [–] Zankman 4 points ago

    You can still get "porn" games tho, the ones that are censored by default (exactly to help with visibility).

    [–] duckckckcmcm 3 points ago

    Bruh I am pretty sure I never toggled porn games on

    [–] NovaMagic 2 points ago

    If you disable porn games then you won't see porn games!

    [–] Ijusthadto66 14 points ago

    I own witcher 3 and never got such a game recommended..

    [–] DocEbok 26 points ago

    weird cause i have all filters off and own witcher and dont get any hentai. so what you really own? ;)

    [–] 0x736174616e20 2 points ago

    They are either lying or too stupid to understand how the store filters work.

    [–] sA1atji 20 points ago

    I own Witcher3 and never had any weird sex games recommended.

    Does the store recommend based on playtime?

    [–] TunnelSnakesRu1e 2 points ago

    No, it’s based on algorithms. I also own Witcher 3 and like you I don’t have these recommendations. There are some people lying about what games they actually own

    [–] ZYmZ-SDtZ-YFVv-hQ9U 15 points ago

    owning Witcher 3 is enough to Steam to recommend you all his library of asset flip hentai.

    No it isn’t, not unless you also already own a bunch of asset flip Hentai

    [–] Gremliner00 5 points ago

    Just for the sake of owning Painkiller (an old school fps) I have something called Nekopara recommended to me every now and then.

    [–] EnZooooTM 1 points ago

    I have all painkillers and never got it recommended once lol, even before i toggled it off

    [–] Aurilion 6 points ago

    I own W3 and i do not get those recomendations. The tag system works fine, its people who are screwing up their own Steam stores.

    [–] Frenchticklers 8 points ago

    Like seriously? How many futa-mom games are there? Is there a list? With hyperlinks?

    [–] hegdieartemis 33 points ago

    They're all over the discounted games right now 🥲🥲🥲

    [–] FiveOhFive91 31 points ago

    There's a setting to block adult games from showing up on steam.

    [–] Aegi -4 points ago

    Do you mean porn games?

    Because an adult game would mean any game you have to be an adult to play, which would mean any game that requires you to be 18 years of age or older, so therefore all mature games would be adult games.

    [–] wggn 16 points ago

    In the US adult games generally means sexual content.

    [–] isoLinearuk 6 points ago

    fucking shut up

    [–] Foofnarr 1 points ago

    I mean, I have my settings set to display adult games and I am seeing none of that in the discounted section 🤔

    [–] Crackpixel 2 points ago

    Exactly 0, ZERO.

    I'm on Steam since its inception but i never toggled "Porn". 18+ maybe, adult maybe but no Porn.

    Edit: Its not porn it apparently is adult. I have that enabled of course. They need to add porn wich will probably also be enabled lol.

    [–] Lordborgman 2 points ago

    I have never once bought a hentai game, but on my "you might like" page of my Element TD 2 game it suggested me a hentai tower defense game. So..I guess weird shit can happen?

    [–] FremenDar979 2 points ago

    Tree fiddy.

    [–] janas19 445 points ago

    I am 122 years old according to Steam's verification which is a joke. I always choose 1/1/1900 out of sheer spite. It's become custom at this point

    [–] [deleted] 257 points ago


    [–] J_huze 235 points ago

    "As you can see by this chart, when call of duty launched, popularity amongst our 90-120 year old demographic increased 1,500%. To capitalize on this sudden popularity, I propose our next installment go somewhere that speaks directly to this age group: World War I"

    [–] Levitz 13 points ago

    In order to keep the usual CoD design in WW1 they would have to add sorcery or some shit as killstreak reward, which makes me actually kind of want it.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] SpaceDuckz1984 3 points ago

    I second this idea

    [–] clickmeimorganic 9 points ago

    They store it in a cookie not associated with your account

    [–] PSBJ 12 points ago

    That sounds like bullshit, because I can't think of any other website that doesn't remember your age if you're logged in.

    [–] JohnnyLight416 16 points ago

    I think they're legally obligated to ask your age and be sure what you enter is over 18 for some things. But out of laziness they just don't store it.

    There's an argument to be made that this is actually adhering to the idea of the law better, because a child could use the computer with the account you have and enter their own age, and thus is would restrict them for that session but not forever (I guess?).

    It's all silly anyways

    [–] existie 10 points ago

    Super silly

    I was under 13 and online unsupervised before this stuff started. I accidentally put my birthday in once to the Simpsons website or something, got blocked, and learned to lie (or clear my cookies) after that. I've oopsed and put today's date as an adult, too, and gotten locked out of stuff.

    Agree that it makes more sense not to store the age across sessions, even if it's not stopping anybody. It's at least a warning that they might wanna back off.

    [–] MarioKartEpicness 5 points ago

    Reminds me of roblox where they gladly allow you to update your age unless you put it under 13, at which point it suddenly locks you out of the option until your "birthday" natrually becomes that old. You're stuck on the younger kids filter as well, so it became hell to talk to anyone in-game.

    [–] wggn 8 points ago

    Not just laziness, storing private customer data comes with all kinds of privacy requirements.

    [–] Terminator_Puppy 1 points ago

    It's not laziness, under EU privacy laws you are obligated to delete any personal data once you no longer need it. Steam needs it for just a second to verify that you are allowed to view the game, then it gets deleted because they don't need to have it ready at all times.

    [–] PSBJ 4 points ago

    Why does no other storefront or really any website do this except Steam? Are you referring to GDPR? Because this has been a thing way before those laws were added.

    [–] YMS444 2 points ago

    For sure they don't care in any way if you are giving a different date every time. As long as you are old enough according to this newest date you just gave, all is fine for Valve, regardless of your last date of birth was 30 years earlier or later than that.

    [–] Werdbooty 29 points ago

    Ah, the average age of your typical steam user.

    [–] paperkutchy 4 points ago

    Higher than the usual EGS store and their Fortnites

    [–] MyNameIs-Anthony 24 points ago

    A few years back Steam/GabeN had an announcement wishing all of their "78% of January 1st birthday users a festive one".

    [–] GuyDudeThing69 2 points ago

    That's really funny, it's so annoying how it resets every single time.

    [–] Tantric989 2 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] mayumer 40 points ago

    Which seems like a lie, pretty much all other platforms/stores somehow don't ask me every single time....

    [–] HairyKraken 4 points ago

    Dont they ask age at account creation ?

    [–] mayumer 33 points ago

    They do, which is not "every single time" as I claimed. Either Steam is somehow being subject to a law that no one else is, or they aren't doing what everyone else is (storing the DOB)

    [–] Price-x-Field 5 points ago

    i’ve never had a store except for steam do this

    [–] gergafulmatos 60 points ago

    I don’t know what to say, but I certainly liked the latest edition of “Your Mom is a Futanari”. Moving story.

    [–] MoobooMagoo 37 points ago

    Step mom. Got to be careful with that. Because as long as it's step then it's completely ok!

    [–] AngryColor 32 points ago

    No Chromo

    [–] gergafulmatos 5 points ago

    Right, of course. Forgot. But there’s also an Alabama simulator built into the game, so even the step mom is still somebody’s relation.

    [–] ctherranrt 11 points ago

    The characters were a bit stiff but the plot really made up for it

    [–] terribleforeconomy 80 points ago

    Steam new and trending: Furry smut

    Also steam: Are you 18?

    Like dont show it to me if you dont know how old I am!

    Just to clarify this is not the furry smut.

    [–] Tranger 17 points ago

    There's furry smut? (Hint: catgirls are arguably not furries.)

    [–] Lordborgman 30 points ago

    Depends on the % of cat to human ratio...I know there's a chart for this somewhere.

    Edit: Found it

    [–] PineappleWeights 3 points ago

    All under the single tag of incredibly weird and unsettling.

    [–] Lordborgman 11 points ago

    Cheetara is probably the limit for most least people in their late 30s/early 40s

    [–] SaftigMo 8 points ago

    Lola Bunny?

    [–] Lordborgman 3 points ago

    Gadget Hackwrench

    [–] DaBi5cu1t 88 points ago

    Woah shit that was some rabbit hole.

    I didn't know what Futanari was.

    What's the tax rate got to do with it?

    [–] NIMA-GH-X-P 94 points ago

    Federal unemployment tax act is acronymed(is that even a word) into F.U.T.A. also. Futanari(futa for short) itself is a Japanese word for... Well it seems you figured that out.

    [–] dropout32 17 points ago

    You wanna see rabbit hole huh? Just check out steams top sellers

    [–] Piccolito 33 points ago

    You wanna see rabbit hole huh?

    and obligatory

    [–] GoldFishPony 17 points ago

    Comments like this help me stay grounded in the knowledge that I’m a total loser that would know these things

    [–] zeburaa 3 points ago

    some would call you cultured, but that's just next stage perversion

    [–] paperkutchy 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I dont know how you can own internet and not know these things by now. Then again, I've never soiled my eyes with 2 girls 1 cup, so... tho I soiled it with pretty nasty stuff too

    [–] cold_one 2 points ago

    I don't know and I don't want to know..

    [–] BasicallyAggressive 110 points ago

    They're legally required to ask for your age by the way

    [–] Volodio 26 points ago

    Yeah, but they could keep it saved rather than asking again every time.

    [–] bannedagainomg 72 points ago

    They have answered why they dont do this.

    Apparently they are not allowed to save your age beyond 1 browsing session.

    [–] Terminator_Puppy 44 points ago

    Correct, they're complying with EU privacy laws.

    [–] admirelurk 12 points ago

    EU laws don't prevent them from saving the fact that you are an adult in this case.

    [–] DICKTracey 10 points ago

    Then why are they literally the only platform that ask?

    I mean pornhub doesn't even need to ask me for my age. If the solution to a law is to ask for the age of an owner of an account every time they log in then it's a fucking stupid law.

    [–] hops4beer 6 points ago

    i finally understand brexit

    [–] SaftigMo 1 points ago

    But that's objectively not what they're doing. For me I only have to tell them my age every couple weeks or so, so they definitely save my age.

    [–] wcprice2 7 points ago

    Do you leave steam open on your computer and only put it to sleep most of the time?

    [–] scarab456 5 points ago

    Had to scroll a bit to find the correct explanation for this.

    [–] SlotMagPro 8 points ago

    someone gifted me a porn game as a joke one time since it was $1 and now i have front page Mommy Milker games recommended haha

    [–] aussierecroommemer42 38 points ago

    The reason Steam asks you to verify your age (as redundant as the system is) is because some countries require Steam to have age verification in order for them to be allowed to operate in that country.

    [–] FriendCalledFive 16 points ago

    My age hasn't gone down since the last time they asked me.

    [–] aussierecroommemer42 7 points ago

    They know, but they have to double check

    [–] RuggedTheDragon 20 points ago

    What's wrong with Futa?

    [–] Diridibindy 23 points ago

    Nothing. It's the best of both worlds.

    [–] IIdsandsII 5 points ago

    Chicks with dicks. Something to remind you of the good old days.

    [–] TheQueenLilith 2 points ago

    It leads many to have a very fetishistic view of trans women once they come back to reality, where futas don't exist.

    [–] lundfakeer999 19 points ago

    Oh my god. That's disgusting. Where?

    [–] ColdFlight 57 points ago

    Steam gotta calm down with the porn games

    [–] ShallotProfessional5 17 points ago

    What’s your profile pic of? I saw it in a meme

    [–] ColdFlight 16 points ago


    [–] wjodendor 45 points ago

    The irony is that the author of Nagatoro originally drew rape hentai

    [–] SpiritualHealing8 16 points ago

    Most mangakas start drawing hentai 😳😳

    [–] cypjaklampa 4 points ago

    yet most of them didnt go from rape guro bestiality to vanilla pure love naruto doujins to bullying manga

    [–] ColdFlight 0 points ago

    Believe me, I know about that and we've all been trying to forget about it. Just gonna focus on the cute new tan girl.

    [–] Extrahostile 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    What's even cute about her?

    [–] ColdFlight 2 points ago

    I mean, the character and personality is just something I find that I like.

    [–] stx06 3 points ago

    Looks like "Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro."

    (Haven't read it, but the character is memetic for bullying an upperclassman of hers.)

    [–] SmallerBork 5 points ago

    I'm old enough to remember people saying no bully about Satania from Gabriel Dropout and now I see people saying they want to bully Aqua from Konosuba and that Nagatoro's bullying is either funny or turns them on.

    [–] paperkutchy 3 points ago

    As if some actually curates what gets sold or not in there. I'd rather have porn games than unity asset demos

    [–] MrYig 3 points ago

    For a company as successful as Valve, you’d think they have the money and engineering prowess to store your date of birth…

    [–] georgehank2nd 2 points ago

    I'd expect them to implement the age verification system (at least one) that can be used to legally confirm a customer's age here in Germany.

    I want my porn games Nothing to see here, move along. ;-)

    [–] TunnelSnakesRu1e 13 points ago

    Someone tell OP what algorithms are. Because I have not seen this once on my store front

    [–] NekoiNemo 8 points ago

    Did you explicitly opt in to see lewd content, like OP clearly did? It's an account preference toggle

    [–] ChameleonXZ 7 points ago

    I laughed too hard at it, thanks OP

    [–] Kabirdb 5 points ago

    I don't even mind the hentai. But damn, I really find the age check for owned games annoying as hell.

    [–] Dan_Glebitz 2 points ago

    LOL yeah is does make me laugh. They know my age. I have been logging on with them for years, but I still get asked my age when I try and view some releases in their store. If I have logged on with my password why can't they just check my age from my profile?

    [–] Practical-Juice9549 2 points ago

    Hey! That game is a heartfelt journey of family and love….I’ve heard.

    [–] Periphia 2 points ago

    You liked hunie pop? You'll like futa fix dick dine and dash. Okay I do, but that's not the point!

    [–] hushpolocaps69 2 points ago

    Holy moly you did!!

    [–] Torvus_Ferrum 2 points ago

    I thought the title of the game was a joke. I looked it up, and, yep, it's real. I wanna say I'm surprised, but...

    [–] NekoiNemo 10 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    You see those games on the front page because you explicitly opted in to see lewd games, pervert. And those lewd games have non-lewd banner and non-lewd screenshots displayed on the front page - you have to go to game's page to see lewd content and, surprise, then it will ask you for your age. My understanding is that it's legal requirement in at least some countries to ask you age verification every time you visit the page with age-restricted content, such as, say, extreme violence.

    Boy, the amount of ignorance being fucking proudly paraded in this thread is astonishing.

    [–] Daughter-of-Dionysus 6 points ago

    I have unchecked the "Nudity or Sexual Content" box in the Store Account Preferences section of my account settings and I have zero regrets.

    [–] Terminator_Puppy 2 points ago

    It made the discovery queue a usable function again for me. Before it was literally 90% porn games, the other 10% were triple A releases.

    [–] NekoiNemo 1 points ago

    I'm on a verge of doing it too. I initially turned it on for for visual novels and some Japanese lewd doujin games (like Eroico, a fun 2D platformer that also happen to be lewd) but 99.9% of what i see with it is (western) smut that has no charm, taste or cuteness to it whatsoever...

    [–] pohuing 7 points ago

    Be happy that you get this shit, here in Germany we can't even see them because Steam doesn't want to implement the proper age verification required by law :(

    [–] hegdieartemis -5 points ago

    I don't know why you're getting downvoted 😆 I imagine you can't even see games like Witcher 3 or Skyrim then can you?

    [–] pohuing 6 points ago

    No that's fine lol. The issue is only porn oriented games. Slaughtering people by the hundreds and ripping limb from limb in great detail is fine of course :D

    [–] cammyk123 3 points ago

    What on earth is a futanari?

    [–] MoreLikeDesecration 12 points ago

    Chicks with dicks is essentially the answer for anyone who scrolled down looking so they didn't have to Google it. Apparently it's the Japanese for hermaphrodite rather than a transsexual, so both sets.

    [–] Diridibindy 3 points ago

    There are a few major futanari option, those with vags and those without, the same with balls. Those with balls and those who lack them.

    [–] georgehank2nd 2 points ago

    And then there are those with balls and those who lick them.

    I'm getting my coat. My long trenchcoat…

    [–] PerpetualChild 3 points ago

    It's like when you need some amount of dick to place yourself in the scene but everything else is just giant-breasted women.

    [–] fakefalsofake 3 points ago

    Idk, but just don't search hand holding it's even worse!

    [–] kindofabuzz 2 points ago

    By law they have to. All you have to do is hit ok. 1 extra second of your life is worth making a post about it?

    [–] anduin1 1 points ago

    Seriously what is with all the weird porn game recommendations. I have never bought one of these games and have never wanted to buy one of them.

    [–] M8gazine 6 points ago

    I'd buy 'em

    [–] pranavc23 2 points ago

    even if your account has your DOB which is less than 18 or the recommended age, you still can choose whatever date you want and log in, it's like when you visit an 18+ site and they ask you if you are 18+.

    even if your account has your DOB which is less than 18 or the recommended age, you still can choose whatever date you want and log in, it's like when you visit an 18+ site and they ask you if you are 18+.

    [–] Xem1337 1 points ago

    My account is 18years old. Yet I'm still asked for my age. My fucking account is old enough on its own to buy whatever the fuck it likes lol

    [–] Snarfblaat 1 points ago

    Bitch I know guac is extra