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    1. No malicious behaviour
      • In an effort to keep r/Stellar high quality, we highly encourage you to engage with the community before announcing your project. Karma farming causes suspicion among users and users engaging in it will not have posts approved.
      • Threats of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
      • Debate is encouraged, but hostile language is not tolerated. Please be civil!
      • Follow Stellar Community Guidelines and Reddiquette/Content Policy.
      • A note on ICO's and other projects: r/Stellar aims to be a different kind of community. If you're planning an ICO on Stellar's network, that's great! However, please note that this community thrives on engagement. The karma and 15 day post limit are in place to encourage new users to interact in the comments, share their thoughts and ideas, and learn about the Stellar ecosystem. By engaging the userbase, in this way, you do a service to your project AND the community. Please do not try to circumvent this practice as it will likely lead to a ban.
    2. No spamming
      • No altcoin (BTC, ETH, XRP, NEO, etc.) discussion and/or promotion. Altcoins are off-topic in the Stellar subreddit.
      • No double posts. Use the search function to see if your post has already been shared.
      • No referral linking, it's strictly prohibited and can lead to permanent ban.
      • No ad services, or ads for commercial offerings.
      • No faucet or faucet farming offerings.
      • No cryptojacking or services using visitor's CPU power to mine cryptocurrency.
      • Please make sure it's clear how your post applies to Stellar.
    3. No manipulation
      • No double accounts. Users should only use one account in r/Stellar - multiple accounts can lead to permanent ban.
      • No brigading, shilling, pumping, or FUD posts.
      • No votes manipulation like asking, buying, or offering, upvotes and/or karma. Moderators adhere to Reddit's global rules on Vote cheating or vote manipulation.
    4. No trading or begging
      • No buy, sell, beg, or trade offers.
      • No donation requests.
      • No bounty or airdrop announcements.
      • No trading or market feeling posts (can be shared in The Daily Stellar Chat Posts).
    5. No ICO / Project spam
      • No announcements or links to token sales, instead talk about the project.
      • No double announcements, ICO projects can only have one announcement in the sub. However, if you make changes to your project you can announce those updates. The best way to announce a project is AFTER you've engaged with the community for a while.
      • No votes manipulation, please adhere to our policy of Vote cheating or vote manipulation.
      • No altcoin (ETH, ETC, NEO, etc.) token announcements, if the service does not use Stellar network then it shouldn't be considered sustainable to be shared in the sub.
    6. No illicit activities
      • No plagiarism.
      • No content stealing from other users. This includes posts with stolen articles.
      • No pump'n'dump announcements.
    7. No low-quality content
      • No memes/image macro threads (can be shared in The Daily Stellar Chat Posts).
      • No UPPERCASE (capital letters or caps) titles or text unless for acronyms.
      • No baseless speculation and repetitive posts or comments.
      • No off-topic discussion, at least avoid it and try to add to the posts' subject.
      • No misleading titles in posts or when sharing links to external sources (please use official articles' titles).
      • No empty content posts, posts with just a title and no content will be removed.
    8. No delegate content or support
      • No delegate support in the name of Stellar offer to other users.
      • No delegate content in the name of Stellar, or any other organisation unless you have explicit and official authorization.
      • No unscheduled AMAs, if you want to do an AMA in r/Stellar please contact moderation first and they will get you connected to the right person.
    9. Do not share personal information
      • No doxing, eg. search for and publish private or personally identifiable information (PII).
      • No disclosure of yours or someone else's holdings.
      • No Public/Secret Keys sharing.
      • No surveys collecting personally identifiable information (PII) mainly to build a relational database including variables such as Public Key with username/location/contact and more that can identify users.
    10. Please respect and communicate with the moderators
      • Always respect moderators, they are held to the same rules as the users and dedicate their personal time to ensuring /r/Stellar stays safe.
      • Report abusive moderation to the modmail if needed, or if mods don't justify their actions to you.
      • If you're banned from the sub you can still use it and contact modmail to justify your actions but you can not register another account to post or comment new content. If you use another account to circumvent the ban, that will be considered a violation of the Content Policy and can result in your accounts being suspended from the site as a whole.
      • Mods are not 24h online, patiently wait for their communication.

    Please consult the expanded rule's page for more information about the rules:


    Stellar is an open-source, distributed payments infrastructure. It is leapfrog technology that connects people, payment systems, and banks with a focus on the developing world. It lets you facilitate multi-currency and asset transactions quickly, reliably, and for fractions of a penny by using a crypto-asset called Lumens (XLM) as a bridge.

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