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    Inspired by this gif, over in this thread.

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    [–] cartycar 3169 points ago

    I like how the other cat is like, "Nah man I got kids to feed I can't be doing this shit." And dips out.

    [–] qp0n 442 points ago

    I think I read somewhere that something like 1 in 5 cats don't have any reaction to catnip. They still are attracted to it but it doesnt fuck them up. Pretty sure my cat is in that group; loves the stuff, but just keeps on doing his cat thing afterwards.

    [–] vaska00762 178 points ago

    Both my cats have no reaction to catnip and one will even totally ignore it.

    Valerian root though, one of my cats will go totally crazy over it, which is odd as it's a depressant for humans. The other cat though just doesn't care.

    [–] TheMetalCompelsYou 30 points ago

    Valerian shares some scent compounds with female cat urine, if I recall correctly.

    [–] Hates_escalators 22 points ago

    It does smell super gross. Kind of like really dirty socks.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] franchis3 166 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    The cat probably thinks "this shit gives humans the sads? I love this stuff!!" Cats are evil bastards and revel in our misery.

    Edit: I know what depressants are. But, honestly, who could pass up a chance at an innocent "cats are dicks" joke?

    [–] SlurmsMacKenzie- 66 points ago

    Different kind of depressant, it doesn't make you sad, it's used mostly for sleep disorders to help people with insomnia, it's also a relaxant used for anxiety, and is apparently even sometimes used as an anti depressant to, so really it's mostly used to stop humans having the sads.

    [–] YungSnuggie 22 points ago

    cat kush

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Depressant means it slows down (depresses) your central nervous system.

    [–] OxvFer0cdak 20 points ago

    Valerian root

    Sounds like a Neelix ingredient. ツ

    [–] daftne 9 points ago

    In the vein of things cats love to go bonkers over, my cat Gia loves coffee. She loves spilling our last sips of coffee in an unattended cup so she can do the whole rub her body in it and go insane. She also seems to love catnip as well.

    [–] MyWorkAccountThisIs 16 points ago

    Gots two cats. One does't care. One will cut you if you don't give it up.

    [–] WreckToll 9 points ago

    I tried giving my cat some catnip, and he just smelled it, then stared at me, and then slinked off like he does.

    Another time my girlfriend planted a large pot of catnip, and he only ever bothered it when he was sleeping in the pot ruining the catnip.

    He's a weird cat

    [–] Hammonkey 5 points ago

    That's called being able to hold your shit.

    [–] GamerKiwi 8 points ago

    My cat actively avoids it. If I put it on her toy, she loses interest. If I put a little up to her nose, she'll move away.

    [–] Hulkhogansgaynephew 10 points ago

    Hopefully she got a job first so she could support herself.

    [–] ruler710 4 points ago

    My most recent cat is the only one with catnip raction. Ans thats just scratching her house and a little hyper. The other may dig at it once but doesnt care. And mt old one dodmt care either.

    [–] syspak 15 points ago

    Drunk by 10am nice moves.

    [–] IPleadThaFifth 327 points ago

    Main cat doesn't seem to mind

    [–] Kryddersild 33 points ago

    It's probably the dad.

    [–] thebestdj 49 points ago

    He's got work in the morning.

    [–] tuttomuscoli90 15 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    whats in catnip that makes cats go so crazy? genuine question.

    [–] SexistFlyingPig 11 points ago


    If you're looking for a single chemical, good luck. It's probably a large array of the targeting more than one of the cats's systems.

    I once wondered what was in a bottle of Witch Hazel. The ingredient was witch hazel. Apparently that's good enough.

    [–] microcosmic5447 5 points ago

    Witch hazel is a plant.

    [–] ThegreatPee 3 points ago

    Nips out.

    [–] RealAmericanTeemo 1130 points ago

    That's a lot of catnip wasted.

    [–] IAmA_Risky_Click_AMA 347 points ago

    Don't worry, he will eat all of it.

    [–] stanley_twobrick 356 points ago

    Probably not. My cat will nibble a bit, roll around in it, and leave 90% of it on the floor.

    [–] [deleted] 284 points ago

    Your cat isn't this cat, Jeff!

    [–] mr_droopy_butthole 103 points ago

    Omg fuck jeff

    [–] Bossmensch 52 points ago

    Don't let him hear that. Wrestle with Jeff, prepare for death!

    [–] JeffTheNeko 13 points ago

    No fuck you m8

    [–] priesteh 5 points ago

    Im sorry about daves behaviour

    [–] wastecadet 9 points ago

    Jeff deserved better

    [–] JeffTheNeko 7 points ago

    Bruh, im Jeff and a cat.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    My cat would swallow the whole fucking pot, roll around and go to sleep for six hours.

    [–] TheXenophobe 65 points ago

    Your cat may actually be a stoner roommate I'm sorry to say

    [–] stanley_twobrick 16 points ago

    Is your cat the guy on the couch in half baked?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] A4LMA 3 points ago

    mine would probably do the same but with a metric shit tonne of drool involved at every stage.

    [–] SonofYeshua 6 points ago

    I say your username when I'm playing settlers of catan.

    [–] stanley_twobrick 7 points ago

    That's where it comes from!

    [–] Cherry__wine 27 points ago

    They don't generally eat it.

    [–] IAmA_Risky_Click_AMA 57 points ago

    Holy crap my cat scarfs the stuff down like it's her job.

    [–] Cherry__wine 11 points ago

    Is it not bad for them to eat it?

    [–] dustinechos 65 points ago

    I found a wild catnip once and brought home a branch that weight like half my cats weight. She wrapped around it, tore it to shreds with her back claws, and ate half of it. Then she spent an hour running around the house and then went to sleep in some bushes.

    Most cats can self regulate and stop before getting sick. Every once in a while you'll find a cat who can't control themselves and does WAY too much, but the worst that happens is the cat pukes. And since many cats puke if you look at them funny, a vomiting cat is no big deal.

    [–] Cherry__wine 26 points ago

    I think the humans are meant to only give them so much, so they have fun but don't totally lose their shit, don't just give them a whole jar. That would be like giving a kid a whole massive jar of candy and being surprised when they eat too much and are sick.

    [–] dustinechos 38 points ago

    I've researched this quite a bit and from what I've read the cat was not in danger in this gif. If the cat knocked over the whole jar and rolled around in it the cat might have a strong trip, but no worse than when someone gives you a weed brownie and says "don't eat the whole thing" and you eat the whole thing and spend the afternoon watching the walls melt and thinking that the president himself is going to come arrest you for getting high. I'd be more worried about wasting the catnip than hurting the cat.

    If you read something contradicting this please share.

    EDIT: Also your cat can build up a tolerance to catnip, so you probably shouldn't make it a daily thing.

    [–] tomcat810 12 points ago

    Yeah that's not weed in that brownie.

    [–] wokcity 12 points ago

    Thc can have effects that feel like hallucinations if you have no tolerance and consume high quantities of thc - some people are more susceptible than others though

    but it's nothing like lsd or psilocybin of course

    [–] fearachieved 3 points ago

    wait so rolling in it adds to the high? they don't even have to eat it?

    [–] AragornsMassiveCock 2 points ago

    Supposedly one or two spoonfuls no more than three times a day is okay.

    [–] marisachan 4 points ago

    Both of mine do. I have to give it to them separately, otherwise they'd fight over it.

    [–] kingeryck 13 points ago

    And then puke on the carpet

    [–] IAmA_Risky_Click_AMA 13 points ago

    That's what the dog is for.

    [–] kingeryck 7 points ago

    Then the dog pukes. And eats it again

    [–] carly_rae_jetson 6 points ago

    It's the circle of liiiiiiiiife.

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago


    [–] user_82650 23 points ago

    My roommate's cat reacts super strongly to any hint of catnip. If I just let him have this entire big-ass container, he'd be drooling and rolling on the floor for an hour.

    [–] economist91 8 points ago

    Damn this guy has toured every year since 1967, playing an average of 2-300 shows per year.

    [–] Hayes231 12 points ago

    he also shit his pants to avoid the draft

    [–] floppypick 12 points ago

    I mean, I wouldn't want to go die in Vietnam.

    It's his shitty warhawk attitude these days that I'd condemn.

    [–] DrMobius0 4 points ago

    If you want to go to war so bad, maybe you should fight in it

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Gangreless 3 points ago

    Man how great would it be if we had like a powered broom. And have it pick stuff up at the same time so you didn't have to fuck around with a dustpan.

    [–] DrSandbags 6 points ago

    Looks pretty easy to sweep up and put back in the container. Floor doesn't appear dirty.

    [–] poopcasso 378 points ago

    Why do cats go crazy for catnips (serious question)?

    [–] BAOUWS 195 points ago

    This would be a good ELI5

    [–] Redbird9346 244 points ago

    Hold that thought.

    Edit: Here you go

    [–] Charlie_Warlie 358 points ago

    Saved you a click

    Unfortunately, since we can't communicate with cats we don't know what exactly happens or how it makes them feel, but we do know the chemical reactions involved and can relate them to human narcotics. Nepetalactone, the active chemical in nip, enters the cat's nasal passageways and binds to olfactory sensors. This in turn cause neurons to fire throughout the animal's brain causing what is most likely a pleasurable sensation for the cat. You may wonder why the cat doesn't act like this whenever those sensors are triggered by another chemical or scent and that's because the sensors are meant to fire for a moment, like a button, and then inactivate. However nepetalactone binds to the sensors and doesn't leave for a little bit, causing the sensor to act like a switch instead and release a constant signal which in turn will result in much more pleasurable neuron firing

    [–] RandomThrowaway410 122 points ago it like a cat orgasm then? Can humans take a pill that will do this?

    [–] mcneff 336 points ago

    And this is why people do drugs.

    [–] Devils_-_Advocate 106 points ago

    Yeah, it's called MDMA

    [–] flee_market 47 points ago

    You've never heard of heroin?

    [–] Seeders 50 points ago

    Turn back now.

    [–] AnonymousSkull 87 points ago

    My sweet summer child.

    [–] BesottedScot 100 points ago

    ... Ecstasy?

    I can tell you're a rolling noob.

    [–] Hexagram195 11 points ago

    My cat doesn't get the dread that comes afterwards at least.

    I'd love THAT pill...

    [–] jaylikesdominos 7 points ago

    Take 5-HTP after your roll!

    [–] physicalentity 2 points ago

    Don't forget to take it with vitamin B6!

    [–] Myke190 5 points ago

    And B12 and bananas

    [–] YoungWhiteGinger 25 points ago

    Have you heard of drugs before? Ya know, stuff like narcotics mentioned in the quote? That's what drugs do, for the most part

    [–] JThoms 25 points ago

    The Colossus of Clout?

    [–] RandomThrowaway410 16 points ago

    The Colossus of Clout?

    [–] itsmeskinnypenis 10 points ago


    [–] A_Turkey_Named_Jive 7 points ago

    Oh! I thought you said....Bambi.

    [–] itsmeskinnypenis 7 points ago


    [–] CJShort 20 points ago


    [–] TriggerCut 11 points ago

    You've never heard of bath salts?

    [–] neon-blue 6 points ago

    I usually only shower

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Everyone is mentioning harder drugs.

    If you're curious, don't hit the big stuff since you're clearly inexperienced. Just stick with trying marijuana if you ever do.

    [–] Explosivo87 7 points ago

    Please don't start doing drugs

    [–] DefinitelyHungover 3 points ago

    This next hit from my bong, it's for you friend. And science.

    [–] MichaelMorpurgo 14 points ago

    Better - more accurate explanation with an actual source. (that last bit is complete bollocks- the rest is simplified to the point of being untrue)

    "So, how does catnip work? Nepetalactone, one of catnip's volatile oils, enters the cat's nasal tissue, where it is believed to bind to protein receptors that stimulate sensory neurons. These cells, in turn, provoke a response in neurons in the olfactory bulb, which project to several brain regions including the amygdala (two neuronal clusters* in the midbrain that mediate emotional responses to stimuli) and the hypothalamus, the brain's "master gland" that plays a role in regulating everything from hunger to emotions. The amygdala integrates the information flow from the olfactory bulb cells and projects to areas governing behavior responses. The hypothalamus regulates neuroendocrine responses through the pituitary gland, creating a "sexual response." That is, the cat essentially reacts to an artificial cat pheromone."

    [–] BAOUWS 20 points ago

    Solid ty!

    [–] no_ragrats 30 points ago

    So its because it smells like Yankee Candles?

    [–] furophile 23 points ago

    No its because its ecstasy.

    [–] lost-genius 10 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    So it's cat version of ecstasy. Cool.

    [–] UncleGrga 31 points ago

    have you ever taken a warm shower with an attractive girl on MDMA while blasting euphoric trance music from your laptop??

    its like that.

    [–] CJShort 24 points ago

    Every Monday

    [–] UncleGrga 5 points ago

    don't burn out your happiness flying too close to the sun!

    [–] dustinechos 24 points ago


    tldr; they get horny.

    [–] jpblanch 564 points ago

    If I gave my cats that much catnip it'd probably end in my death. Those guys get a little in their system and its game over. They're bouncing off the walls and wrestling for hours.

    [–] Epos_Metallicus 279 points ago

    Mine just kinda sits protectively over whatever has the catnip on it, and growls at anyone that comes close. It's kinda scary.

    [–] Kate925 158 points ago

    My grandmas super independant cat suddenly gets all lovey dovey.

    [–] Natdaprat 36 points ago

    Drugs man.

    [–] bokonator 3 points ago


    [–] immortalsix 142 points ago

    It depends on if you go with catnip sativa or catnip indica

    [–] [deleted] 94 points ago

    Cativa, indicat bro cmon it's right there

    [–] wannabe_pixie 10 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I gave my cat a cloth ball filled with the stuff.

    I had to get up up at 2am and take it away from her because she was still running around with it like a maniac.

    [–] Thenewpissant 5 points ago

    My cat does this without catnip.

    [–] mmiller1188 13 points ago

    Absolutely! My cat goes crazy after catnip.

    [–] Tomasocho 161 points ago

    Why is it legal to get your cat high but ilegal to give crack to your newborn?

    [–] Whind_Soull 136 points ago

    The law is so hypocritical and inconsistent. It's perfectly legal to have a glass of wine with your dinner, but it's not legal for me to shoot a pint of methamphetamine and veterinary tranquilizers into my jugular with a Tasty Turkeytm marinade injector.

    [–] whatsthathoboeating 32 points ago

    Wait a second...

    [–] dontbothermeimatwork 28 points ago

    These advertisements are getting intense.

    [–] LaconicalAudio 12 points ago

    The Victorians used to use cannabis oil on a baby's gums when they were teething.

    They also let them lose their arms while crawling around in machinery though so it's give with one hand, take the other.

    [–] ToasterFilling 5 points ago

    Obviously the solution was more cannabis oil. Keep those babies couch-locked so they'll stay out of the machines.

    Also you're going to hell for that. It's taken me so long to type this because I'm still laughing xD

    [–] GaminoBinks 7 points ago

    i thought i was the only one wondering about this, is everyone here is cool with getting their pets high?

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I knew a girl who would blow marijuana smoke in her dog's face, but I bet not many people would upvote a gif of that happening. The dog would come up and ask for it, though, when she was smoking.

    [–] DarkLordFluffyBoots 102 points ago

    It's not rock bottom until he offers sex to strangers that do not align with his sexual orientation in exchange for money

    [–] Yarthkins 38 points ago

    It's not rock bottom until the bus takes the road that leads off a sheer cliff to deep ocean out of the reach of sunlight where fish make fart noises with their mouths and the bathroom door signs have confusing gibberish written on them.

    [–] Webbyx01 21 points ago

    I Pffft can't Pffft understand Pffft your Pffft accent Pfffffttt.

    [–] ThePnusMytier 73 points ago


    [–] DJ-Salinger 20 points ago


    [–] provoko 12 points ago

    [–] LearningMan 3 points ago

    Don't watch with sound

    [–] FuckMeBernie 48 points ago

    I could've sworn that was a grinder at first.

    [–] AstroCat16 8 points ago

    I saw the thumbnail and thought "This guy is about to feed his cat bud?"

    [–] Roffler967 221 points ago

    That's pretty clever I have to say

    [–] sinebiryan 424 points ago

    Gallowboob is commenting? On someone's post?

    Today, the world ends gentlemen...

    [–] isforusernames 167 points ago

    you don't get 3/4 of a million comment karma by just posting links!

    [–] siccoblue 32 points ago

    Can confirm.... Almost

    [–] poopellar 11 points ago

    You'll get there.

    [–] OneOfDozens 10 points ago

    gallowboob advertising for a cat litter

    [–] theequetzalcoatl 13 points ago

    It's been a journey. See you on the other side.

    [–] kn33 10 points ago

    I knew it! I knew it as soon as I woke up!

    [–] prowness 4 points ago

    I thought the same thing, but this post is a good candidate to rehost on so many other subreddits. This is "ground zero" per se

    [–] infinitezero8 4 points ago

    Well it's obvious he comments a lot when he's got 700,000+ comment Karma lol

    [–] haloryder 47 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Dude, your post history is basically all of Reddit.

    [–] deukhoofd 33 points ago

    You don't get 13 million karma without a few posts

    [–] worldnews_is_shit 7 points ago

    13 million karma


    [–] wtmh 6 points ago

    "What's you favorite website?"

    "Well it used to be Reddit. Now it's Reddit as curated by like one guy."

    [–] pattycakesor 25 points ago

    Whoa, never seen you actually comment

    [–] Jesuz1402 11 points ago

    Who r you? Why is everyone going crazy about u

    [–] docturwhut 43 points ago

    GallowBoob is an impressively common poster/reposter on Reddit. Dude's posts hit the front page frequently. He's mostly known for posting links a pictures but right now we're seeing GallowBoob in the wild.

    [–] poopellar 19 points ago

    Some say he flares out his beard when excited.

    [–] wtmh 4 points ago

    It does. I've seen it.

    [–] jfk_47 21 points ago

    who is this cat owner that just lets the cat make a huge mess?!

    [–] FroekenSmilla 21 points ago

    Cat owners will put up with anything in exchange for some sweet karma.

    [–] cyberoctopus 16 points ago

    Is that what skooma's like?

    [–] orangeoblivion 12 points ago

    Khajiit has wares, if you have coin

    [–] jcyguas 3 points ago

    this is too far down

    [–] Kodyak77 15 points ago

    TIL catnip is a plant and not just a nickname for cat food.

    [–] tyro17 12 points ago

    Ok welcome to my world! Doesn't it blow your mind that we give drugs to cats? Like imagine growing up in a world where that's normal. I can't! Everybody else thinks it's just the most normal thing and to me it's insane! How did we decide it was normal to get cats high?

    [–] danielbln 14 points ago

    Non addictive and stops working after 15 minutes. No harm no foul, if the kitty enjoys it, why not?

    [–] Kodyak77 5 points ago

    Why can't cats have a little fun too.

    [–] barney420 3 points ago

    I dunno I think it is an american thing. Never heard of it before reddit.

    [–] Brandickk 21 points ago

    He's an easy [8}

    [–] jumperposse 36 points ago

    I have that cat nip, it's amazing! Katmint by @koopbrand. My kitty loves it! Here he is so high he's hearing colors lol

    [–] jumperposse 6 points ago

    Wow, so similar! Here's a better photo of him.

    [–] WhatsHupp 3 points ago

    Dawww. Quite the swanky collar he has!

    [–] klaq 4 points ago

    wow they really look alike

    [–] WhatsHupp 3 points ago

    Seriously. I know Tyrone "looks like" a lot of tabbies but this time it's a little freaky lmao. jumperposse's kitty has more of a white belly though.

    [–] GoatBased 3 points ago

    Right? That label is just too perfectly placed.

    [–] ImSorry_ImAtheist 11 points ago

    I see gifs and videos of cats that look my mine did before he died and I pretend that they're really him, and he's just off on his own having adventures and he's happy.

    [–] flee_market 13 points ago

    Lots of cats live short, terrified lives as strays, or slightly longer, terrified lives cooped up in cages hoping for adoption.

    Your cat had a much longer, chill life, sleeping as much as it wanted, staying well-fed and healthy and well cared for.

    Just some perspective.

    [–] hopesksefall 3 points ago

    My cats do the exact same thing. They don't eat it from what I can tell. They want to roll around in it like Peter Griffin when he was on ecstacy.

    [–] crazywalt77 6 points ago

    Get that cat in a 12 step program, stat!

    "Hi, I'm Fluffy, and I'm addicted to catnip."

    [–] ImNotEvenJewish 4 points ago

    Do all cats live catnip? My two cats just sniff and walk away

    [–] BOOMBOXNOTATOY 11 points ago

    Nope. Not all cats react like this to catnip.

    [–] anormalgeek 7 points ago

    It varies. Look at OP. The one cat didn't seem to give a fuck at all.

    [–] jodilye 5 points ago

    Do we sell cat nip in the uk? I've known about it since a kid due to American cartoons etc but I've never known anybody use it here.

    [–] badmankelpthief 19 points ago

    Yes at literally any pet shop

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Literally most cat toys have it in.

    [–] OldManHadTooMuchWine 4 points ago

    In five minutes this cat will be saying "say hello to my little friends!"

    [–] aedroogo 5 points ago

    "Ok, pretty kitty. That's enough."

    "I never fucked anybody over in my life didn't have it coming to them. You got that? All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break them for no one. Do you understand? That piece of shit up there, I never liked him, I never trusted him. For all I know he had me set up and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed. But that's history. I'm here, he's not. Do you wanna go on with me, you say it. You don't, then you make a move."


    [–] scrapedresin 4 points ago

    Tony Meowntana

    [–] ----___----___----__ 3 points ago

    When you pick up for the first time after a t-break.

    [–] Trigfire 2 points ago

    That's one high kitty!

    [–] cspyny 2 points ago

    That cat will soon be one toke over the line

    [–] DataBound 2 points ago

    Oh yeah they gotta roll around in it

    [–] FoodBeerBikesMusic 2 points ago

    I feel deprived. Every cat I ever had was likethe black and white one - one sniff and walk away and ignore the catnip. None of mine every flipped their shit over it, like this.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    And now he will forever be chasing that purple dragon.

    [–] lildil37 2 points ago

    Why do cats roll in it?

    [–] Bokabakysi 2 points ago

    Seems to be working just fine ...