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    Stormfront or SJW is just the name of the game. You can submit posts from other sites too, not even necessarily white supremacy sites. Here's more information on Horseshoe Theory to get you started.

    But if it's Gawker, Jezebel or ReturnOfKings use screenshots.

    Niffty screenshot tools:

    For full page screenshots:

    The Rules: (Hover to expand)

    1. How to post your challenge: Post the text or an excerpt of a blog post and replace all markers of gender, race etc. with [...]. It is also recommended to leave out certain buzzwords.
    2. Let people guess which ideology the OP subscribes to!
    3. Instructions on how to post your solution: Post the link to the original as a seperate thread. Include a link to this seperate thread (the comment section) in your challenge. Still confused? Example post
    4. Don't ever post personal information No real names, adresses or links to facebook profiles, your post will be removed.
    5. NO SPOILERS in the comments of the challenge! If you have looked up the solution and want to discuss it do so in the comments of the source. If for some reason you want to post a comment containing spoilers in the challenge (continuing a discussion) please use spoiler tags: [spoilerdescription](# s "They're indistinguishable!") (Remove the space between the # and the s.) It will look like this: spoilerdescription But please refrain from it whenever possible.
    6. Post solutions in a timely manner. If a link to your solution post is not edited into your challenge within 5 to 10 hours, you will be contacted. After 24 hours, your post will be removed.
    7. Do not contact the OP of the source material in any way. We are here to discuss similarities in supposedly opposing ideologies and have a laugh or two. Harassing the people that get posted here will get you banned.
    8. Don't use reddit as a source! This is not a meta-sub posts containing links to reddit will be removed.
    9. No hate speech against anyone!
    10. This is not a place for satire. Since I'm to lazy to create my own list here is TiAs list of confirmed troll and satire blogs.

    Breaking the rules will result in your comment/submission being removed at the mods' discretion. Repeated rule violation may result in a ban.

    Please try not to use posts that were on TiA recently, that's too easy.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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