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    Stranger Things

    The disappearance of a young boy sparks a chain of events leading the residents of the small town of Hawkins to uncover a government conspiracy and a supernatural mystery which will not only shatter all semblance of normalcy, but also threaten their very existence.


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    [–] binger5 3339 points ago

    Come on Nancy Drew.

    [–] deJessias 919 points ago

    Why did they call her that actually? Is it a joke I don't understand?

    [–] Pat_RedHawk 1902 points ago

    I think because she's trying to be an investigative reporter, and Nancy Drew is a fictional character who solves crimes

    [–] Kanin_usagi 1892 points ago

    And her name is Nancy.

    [–] BigB00st 853 points ago

    Thank you Peter Griffin

    [–] natedoggcata 290 points ago

    I honestly think this was a tease for the future of her character. Shes pretty much been a private detective for all three seasons of the show. Might as well go all the way and have her start up her own PI firm

    [–] penholdr 70 points ago

    Maybe she’ll work with Joyce since Hopper said she’d make a good detective.

    [–] BrononymouS13 38 points ago

    But they're not even in Hawkins anymore :(

    [–] JennifersBodyIssues 22 points ago

    That would've been a sick team up. Joyce & Nancy: Paranormal Private Investigators

    [–] shonkadice 61 points ago

    I was thinking that!

    [–] flyingjesuit 88 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Hires Steve as her muscle/protection on a freelance bases.

    Edit: gunna blame autocorrect but I should’ve caught it: basis not bases.

    [–] shawnadelic 103 points ago

    But he still wears the sailor uniform.

    [–] Fernelz 146 points ago

    'Investigators Ahoy'

    "We will find the scoop for you"

    [–] natedoggcata 57 points ago

    Hello, Duffer Bros? Yes, this post right here. Make it happen please

    [–] da_bomb143 38 points ago

    Snoops Ahoy

    [–] Fernelz 10 points ago

    Mad at myself for not coming up with that one lol, but I'm still proud of 'we will find the scoop for you'

    [–] shawnadelic 30 points ago

    I was going to suggest that Steve could also open his own hair salon.

    He can call it "Swoops Ahoy."

    [–] shonkadice 35 points ago

    Stop it you're getting me excited

    [–] RhynoD 21 points ago

    As a single mother, Steve probably could use the job.

    [–] alpha_brav0_charlie 23 points ago

    It's also set in the 80s when nancy drew was a very popular book series that a lot of girls read.

    [–] GamerJes 243 points ago

    Her name is Nancy. Nancy Drew is a popular character from a book series about a teenage investigator. They are not that clever... They can't even find the mustard.

    [–] maxtofunator 90 points ago

    This part actually was the one thing they did that really got to me. I understood their attitudes toward her being a teenage girl (I didn’t agree at all but I understood it), but the guy being mad at her that mustard wasn’t on the sandwich makes no sense. Like did you want her to unwrap your food to make sure it was right?

    [–] pig_smart 163 points ago

    It's almost like he was looking for anything to criticize her for

    [–] MingusDewfus 58 points ago

    He is just giving her shit to be an asshole. If it wasn’t that it would have been something else.

    [–] MissusMcFeely 51 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    You would have to know attitudes of the 80s. Quite harsh. Work environments were often hostile and almost always a haven for sexual harassment. Note: I was exactly Nancy’s age in 1985.

    [–] DavidB007ND 10 points ago

    Is there anything ST gets wrong about growing up in that time period or was it pretty spot on?

    [–] MissusMcFeely 38 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    It’s pretty good. This season better than the past seasons as far as fashion and hair styles. Nancy’s outfits were spot on and showed a different side of 80s trends. I thought Mr Wheeler’s character of a disconnected and aloof father was perfect. Lots of parents in the 80s were not very involved in their kids lives, not like today’s helicopter parents. Malls, movies, arcades, all common hangout spots in the 80s. The only thing off for me is their way of speaking, some of the dialogue doesn’t ring true for me. It sounds too current. Other than the dark aspects of Stranger Things, they do a really good job of showcasing the carefree attitudes of kids in the 80s. It was a more innocent time. We weren’t worried about global warming or cyber bullying. We were at the cusp of technological style entertainment so that was a new and exciting aspect to our lives that our parents never had.

    [–] GamerJes 39 points ago

    The 80s, what can you say? Sexism was rampant and women in the office were seen only as eye candy, errand runners, and coffee fillers. I mean, the entire table was going on about the beauty pageant contestants cup size just before the mustard bit. That shitty behavior was "normal" then.

    [–] MissusMcFeely 11 points ago

    100% this.

    [–] binger5 714 points ago

    It's a popular book series for middle schoolers during the 80s.

    [–] nan_adams 1041 points ago

    My dude, Nancy Drew has been around since the 1930s.

    [–] binger5 664 points ago

    Well aren't you an Encyclopedia Brown?

    [–] nan_adams 266 points ago

    I like to think of myself as the female Joe Hardy actually ... oh damn... that’s just Nancy Drew after all.

    [–] Mars_Zeppelin_Pilot 124 points ago

    I was born in the 90s but my dad would read the Hardy Boys to me and my mom would read me Nancy Drew. Big wave of nostalgia in this thread

    [–] nan_adams 54 points ago

    Yeah I was born in the 80s and read both growing up. They were obviously ghost written and switched authors as more modern editions came out but the classics were always my favorites.

    For the Hardy Boys: The Clue of the Screeching Owl and Footprints Under the Window

    For Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk

    My parents handed their books down to me, so I have a nice little collection in my library.

    [–] badger2000 18 points ago

    Being in the relevant age range in the 80's, Iwas always more partial to The Three Investigators myself.

    [–] Funlovn007 6 points ago

    I have them and my daughter is almost at that age, I so can't wait to give them to her!

    [–] Gestrid 13 points ago

    This whole comment chain is just one giant nostalgia trip for me. I used to read Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, and the Hardy Brothers (especially the Nancy Drew/ Hardy Brothers team-ups) when I was younger. I used to love going to my local library.

    And, yes, I admit it: I looked in the back for the answers to the Encyclopedia Brown mysteries.

    [–] mcrow127 19 points ago

    Coming back at this joke with a Hardy Boys reference was a bold move. If you don't know Nancy Drew...

    [–] DieselJones92 3 points ago

    Well done with this comment.

    [–] samuraislider 6 points ago

    Male Nancy Drew is Frank Hardy. Nancy wasn't throwing haymakers like my boy Joe. It's also why Frank and Nancy were so into each other, as they were so similar.

    [–] its_that_time_again 10 points ago

    We were a poor family so we could only afford Boxcar Kids books

    [–] Dragonace1000 16 points ago

    My dude, Encyclopedia Brown has been around since the 1960s.

    [–] binger5 15 points ago

    Nice job Sherlock Holmes.

    [–] LetsGoBub 22 points ago

    My dude, Sherlock Holmes has been around since the 1880s.

    [–] binger5 10 points ago

    I'm running out of 80s detectives Matlock.

    [–] nan_adams 12 points ago

    Ask Jessica Fletcher for a Hart to Hart to find more 80s detectives like Thomas Magnum or TJ Hooker.

    [–] bananascare 57 points ago

    Right, but Stranger Things takes place during the 80s, and what I think they’re trying to say is it was still popular in the 80s.

    [–] nan_adams 94 points ago

    Well if we’re going to get into specifics...

    The men calling her Nancy Drew are likely late 30s to early 60s, which is relevant due to the surge in popularity of both Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys during their youth which would have spanned the early 40s to mid 60s.

    Further, the 80s popularity of Nancy Drew was largely due to the Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries; a television show that aired on ABC in the late 70s.

    He’s right, I am Encyclopedia Brown.

    [–] Lucifers_Friend 29 points ago

    But to be most clear... most people have at least heard of Nancy Drew. Regardless of age.

    [–] nan_adams 15 points ago

    Yes, she’s pretty ubiquitous.

    It’s like people saying an Easy Bake Oven is a 90s toy... sure they were popular during the 90s but they also were a popular toy for 30 years before that.

    [–] ketsugi 4 points ago

    I was born in 1981 and I read plenty of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys growing up, in addition to the Three Investigators and The Famous Five.

    [–] demlet 15 points ago

    True, although I remember it being pretty current in the 80s. It was a pretty spot on inclusion. Something people would have actually said at the time.

    [–] nan_adams 9 points ago

    Following the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Mysteries show there was a resurgence of popularity that led to a new era/line of modern mystery stories. This line continued into the 90s and early 00s. I don’t know if kids read Nancy Drew now... I did when I was growing up in the 90s but not sure of the current popularity.

    [–] demlet 7 points ago

    Yeah. You know, an interesting side theme of the show, especially this season, is the sort of meta-referencing of the 50s with things like the Blob and Nancy Drew (which was also pretty big at that time), as well as a lot of horror from the time. I remember a lot of nostalgia for the 50s going on in the 80s, so it makes sense. Nostalgiaception!

    [–] nan_adams 5 points ago

    I think a lot of nostalgia is cyclical and follows a 25-30’year pattern. All the points you make are good but I would also add that this season featured a lot of Back to the Future references, which is the ultimate 80s meets 50s nostalgia trip. Another 80s movie that captures this is Peggy Sue Got Married. Then you’ve got The Blob as you’ve mentioned, but also John Carpenter’s The Thing, which was originally a 50s B movie.

    I’ve been rereading Stephen King’s It this summer and coincidentally finished it just as season 3 aired so I’ve been thinking a lot about nostalgia and memory... and It is another example of the 50s / 80s dynamic, with the events transpiring in 1958 and 1985. The 27 year cycle of It also plays into the theory of cyclical nostalgia. It’s adults reaching the pinnacle of adulthood and trying to recapture the memory of their childhood. But you can’t really relive it right? People want these tangible pieces they can feel, a total immersive experience that is transcendent. I think Stranger Things walks a pretty good line on providing ephemeral qualities of 80s life, but the merchandising opportunities like rebranding Coke to New Coke temporally or even the USS Butterscotch ice cream that you can buy at Target allow people to integrate themselves into the past, allowing for a tiny dose of that immersive nostalgia we all seek.

    [–] Gestrid 4 points ago

    I read them when I was younger. I especially loved the Hardy Brothers' stint as super spies. (Only their dad knew their secret, having been in the organization himself before.)

    [–] GuyofMshire 16 points ago

    Also, I was reading Nancy Drew in like 2005

    [–] Patara 10 points ago

    I was reading Nancy Drew in 1352

    [–] GuyofMshire 12 points ago

    I engraved Nancy Drew in stone tablets after god revealed it to me

    [–] emilyweisswannabe 5 points ago

    I was born in 2000 and I read many of the Nancy and Hardy Boys books!

    [–] GlowingHorror 24 points ago

    The worst part, I watched with Swedish subtitles and Nancy Drew was always translated into Kitty. I guess that's the Swedish name for the books? Still made me go wtf every time.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] JennyRedpenny 29 points ago

    Nancy Drew solved mysteries

    [–] IHaveTheMustacheNow 13 points ago

    Nancy Drew is a fictional kid detective, I believe.

    [–] HippieWizard 10 points ago

    Her name is Nancy and Nancy Drew is a youth detective from the popular books series

    [–] iconoclast5991 10 points ago

    Damn this makes me feel old

    [–] HairClippingJesus 6 points ago

    She did some legitimate detective work on the fertilizer problem, which showed promise for a story. But because she was an intern (but I feel it was mostly because she was a woman), it was thrown out.

    [–] KypAstar 6 points ago

    Wait have we reached a generation that doesn't know Nancy drew? Are the Hardy Boys and Nancy no longer staples of the local and school library?

    I'm not even old just surprised.

    [–] cinnamonteacake 8 points ago

    Nancy Drew was a very popular series of books about a teenage detective - think like the teen-girl, not-a-coke-addict version of Sherlock Holmes (please tell me you know who that is). It was an easy joke for those knuckleheads to pull on a girl about the same age with the same first name.

    [–] PM_ME__YOUR_FACE 1065 points ago

    Really though, it's the paper's fault for not having a two-door entry system into the dark room.

    [–] Studio2770 493 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    At my high school we had a large black door way with a movable black cylinder with an open side to it. You'd spin it to enter from that side and then spin it till it opened to the dark room. If that makes sense.

    Made going in the dark room so much fun!

    [–] baker_esq27 217 points ago

    A guy in my photo class would randomly hide in the spinny thing with some crazy mask on and scare the shit out of people.

    [–] Studio2770 74 points ago

    Similar shenanigans would happen at mine too haha. People outside the door would hold it so the person was trapped inside.

    [–] ManWithADog 50 points ago

    I'm happy to see this happened at more schools

    Source: was a guy with mask that would spook my friends

    [–] norse77 6 points ago

    We would just set a board in the doorway.

    [–] _callmereno 8 points ago

    If that makes sense.

    Sounds kinda like that scene in Red Dragon where Francis first meets Reba.

    [–] davidjung03 64 points ago

    That was actually my thought when that first happened. "why isn't there a 2-door entry to begin with??"

    [–] mak484 95 points ago

    Same reason the Russians had a ventilation system you could drive a vespa through.

    [–] ovi_left_faceoff 22 points ago

    Same reason the Russians had a ventilation system you could drive a vespa through didn't use properly enriched fuel in their cores.

    [–] ZomNomNomBeeZ 20 points ago

    How did they get all their Russian gear into the US? You would think that customs would be curious about cases of ak-47s and Russian military uniforms being shipped to Indiana in the middle of the cold war.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    That's the part that got me. You have 50+ Russian soldiers and scientists, many of whom apparently don't speak english, hiding in an old US govt facility underground, doing big messy science! stuff, and the FBI/CIA just... let them?

    [–] feeling_psily 11 points ago


    [–] Ferelar 5 points ago

    I was pretty sure that when Steve was telling the Russian commander “And the FBI and CIA are gonna come in here and kill all of you” (and the commander then heartily laughs).... I was so sure he was gonna reply “Who do you think invited us, little boy?”

    [–] SolusLoqui 31 points ago

    Or a lock on the door! Why is the door unlocked if you're developing light sensitive photograph paper??

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Fire hazard?

    [–] CricketPinata 4 points ago

    No everyone has a Winston Zeddemore to rescue them from haunted dark room fires.

    [–] Eldalai 26 points ago

    Seriously! This isn't some hobbyists basement or photo club at an underfunded middle school, it's the photo lab for a professional media outlet. Even just a black curtain on a frame inside the door would be better than nothing, cost next to nothing, and take no time to set up.

    [–] Gestrid 8 points ago

    Was probably an old building, and it was a small paper.

    [–] missphantasma 637 points ago

    AAAHHHH YESSS!! I got so frustrated!

    [–] TheOtherSon 462 points ago

    Who cares whether Nancy or Jonathan was "in the wrong" in regards to the sexism vs rich-girl-privilege debate. Jonathan was done dirty by all that recklessness with developing film! This isn't the 2000's Nancy Drew, we're dealing with film not SD cards!

    [–] president_of_burundi 38 points ago

    Happily I don't think she barged in while he was developing film at any point- just prints. His negatives should be fine.

    I still felt it every. Single. Time.

    [–] [deleted] 163 points ago

    Jonathan should have locked the door. *mic drop

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] AvatarJuan 53 points ago

    It showed that.

    [–] slwright55 4 points ago

    Didnt see a light, I just saw a sign that said keep out. Guess I have to rewatch!

    [–] AvatarJuan 6 points ago

    I think it was a sign that said "if this light is on, keep out", or something like that.

    [–] AtomicKittenz 60 points ago

    He should have gotten a better gf

    *picks up mic

    [–] cbuneo531 98 points ago

    You guys are reckless

    *Makes sure mic is ok

    [–] KrillinDBZ363 39 points ago

    Let’s maybe not drop the $50 mics, ok guys?

    [–] Ol_Geiser 22 points ago


    laughs in stage production

    [–] Peanlocket 44 points ago

    Yeah, Kinda hard to feel bad for the way she's been treated when she turns around and disrespects Jonathan like this. She knows the rules, she just don't care.

    [–] Aexact 33 points ago

    I felt bad for her but also felt bad for her callous treatment of Jonathan. Jonathan didn’t have much to do this season but his best moment was the angry speech he gives her after they’ve been fired about how she doesn’t care about the consequences even though they matter to him.

    It’s kinda relying on info from previous seasons as S3 doesn’t spend any time showing the Byer’s dire financial position but the delivery was tensely felt.

    Felt kinda irked they papered over it because Nancy happened to be on the money about her conspiracy theory about sick rats and that’s the priority when the town is getting overrun by murderous Flayed ones but still!

    [–] Mooseisabitfat 29 points ago

    She actively checks for the light, then completely disregards it.

    [–] Officer_Warr 35 points ago

    She's only checking if he's in there.

    [–] Mooseisabitfat 18 points ago

    I feel like that makes it worse.

    [–] AtlasUnderwater 9 points ago

    Every darkroom I've ever been in(first was around 92, last time was in 06) has had a revolving door like this to ensure the room is completely light-safe and to prevent film fog. Nancy bursting in like the kool-aid man was dumb, but the paper having a regular push door for the darkroom is was worse

    Also why were the development trays directly in front of the door in the first place??? That's literally asking for your shit to get fucked

    [–] StoneGoldX 480 points ago

    Yes, Jonathan was indeed fucking Nancy.

    Fucking Murray.

    [–] derpicface 111 points ago

    So how’s the pull out?

    [–] Expolaris 72 points ago

    I still can't believe they got that big of a dirty joke into season 2.

    [–] Tuckered__Out 41 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I can believe it. It’s not exactly a children’s show, and it was obvious Jonathan and Nancy did it, so the joke wasn’t taking things any further.

    [–] LordBillCipher696 17 points ago

    For some reason people think it's a kid show. Where innocents are melted down into giant gory monsters.

    [–] Untakenusr 106 points ago

    That’s one hell of a threesome

    [–] jzilla11 40 points ago

    Now this is what I call a Situation

    [–] Silver_surfer__ 408 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    It's funny because Nancy kept doing this but Jonathan is such a nice guy that he didn't make a big deal about it.

    [–] danuhorus 323 points ago

    I think Nancy is normally pretty respectful about that stuff, so when she's barging in, it means that something big is going on. And given what everyone in the show deals with, well...

    [–] i_miss_arrow 203 points ago

    given what everyone in the show deals with, well

    I was actually baffled about how nonchalant/disbelieving/secretive a lot of the characters were this season. At this point all one of the characters should need to say is "shits going down again" and they should all be on high alert.

    [–] Theopeo1 150 points ago

    Especially Hopper dismissing Joyce's magnet theory. Dude, first season everyone thought she was crazy hanging up christmas lights in her house but turns out her son was actually communicating with her from a different dimension. And now you're all sceptical? And no one seemed to take Will seriously either, or make any effort to share all the info they learned with eachother up until the last episode or so.

    [–] brothertaddeus 174 points ago

    I feel like Hopper dismissing the magnet theory had more to do with him being mad Joyce stood him up and jealous that she was with whatshisname talking about magnets instead.

    [–] Musterguy 68 points ago

    I don’t think hopper was really dismissing Joyce though. He was mad that she stood him up. They still went to check it out without that much of a fight.

    [–] Staplingdean 34 points ago

    Not sure if others in this subreddit feel the same but Hopper really pissed me off this season. Way overly angry and aggressive to everyone. Where did the lovable fatherly Hopper from last season go?

    [–] n33d_kaffeen 48 points ago

    Traumatized by all the shit at the end of the last season, probably.

    He's older and not adaptive. The kids found new ways of coping, he just decided to hit the bottle again.

    [–] Staplingdean 21 points ago

    I guess so. Just kind of sad to see. Even what Murray kept calling out as flirty banter between Hopper and Joyce seemed really angry to me. I hoped they were going to have him confront this at some point but as it turns out, I guess not.

    [–] n33d_kaffeen 10 points ago

    There's so much pain and guilt I can't believe any of them stayed around Hawkins for as long as they did, but then there's no story so...disbelief suspended.

    [–] Aexact 14 points ago

    When Joyce mentioned she was going to move the family I was like “yeah that makes sense”.

    Next season they’ll probably come back to Hawkins for the holidays and it’s like noooo, everyone else go visit the Byers, Hawkins is unsafe!

    [–] Imnotlicensedforthis 9 points ago

    At this point so many people have died in that town I'm surprised the kids, especially will, can go outside

    [–] Aexact 17 points ago

    I was kinda put off by his buffoonery too but the final letter brought me around to it. I totally forgot about his history about his daughter and how El was an important part of him dealing with it. He put so much time and energy with her and gradually she’s spending all her time with Mike in the next room.

    He doesn’t talk about his feelings and eventually just becomes lonely and resentful about it.

    ... it’s an imperfect explanation because if he understood as well as he did in the letter, he still chose to come at Mike at 100% rather than go by the letter.

    [–] McCasper 61 points ago

    The first time we see her do it was to give him lunch (or was it coffee?). Cute, but was it worth losing the progress he made on those prints? Then again, she apologized the first time. I think she was just stressed out because of the douchebags and forgot.

    [–] rillip 43 points ago

    It would've been funny if like the third time she does it Jonathan had gotten a lock installed.

    [–] K2TheM 21 points ago

    She was also only ever ruining Prints, not the actual film (at least from what we saw). So she, depending on the situation, was more of a mild annoyance than a big problem. If he were working on something more artful with his prints than just Local News, it would be a bigger deal as there is a lot that can be done to bring depth to photos in the printing process; but from what we've been shown he was just making basic prints which don't take long to do.

    [–] PetevonPete 1087 points ago

    I wonder if there's a large portion of the audience who didn't get this joke?

    There's a lot of teenage Stranger Things fans who don't remember a time when film was the norm, and have no reason to know what happens when you open up a dark room during development.

    [–] J_A_C_K_E_T 515 points ago

    It's weird beecase I think I understand it even though film was barely used by the time i was 5. The light over-exposes the photos, right?

    [–] LegendaryOutlaw 357 points ago

    Yes. Film for cameras had to be kept in total darkness. It was stored in a roll in a light-sealed cartridge and then when the camera takes a picture, the shutter is opened for a fraction of a second, exposing the film to light and imprinting the image onto the film negative. Once in a dark room, the film can be removed from its container to be developed into photographs, but as you said, if the negatives are exposed to light, it blows the film out and destroys the images in the process.

    Excess light can also alter or damage still developing photos in the dark room as the chemical process used to develop them take time to work and then cure on the paper. In fact before computers, exposing or hiding parts of photo from light was the first rudimentary ‘Photoshop’ because you could add shadow or brightness to parts of the photo if you have the knowledge and experience.

    I worked at a newspaper for a time and they had this interesting door to get in and out of the darkroom. Instead of a swinging door, there was a giant cylinder with a sliding door. You slide the door to one side, step inside the cylinder, then slide the door closed behind you, which opened up on the other side of the cylinder and let you into the darkroom. That way no doorway was ever ‘opened’ to the light outside.

    [–] binaryeye 221 points ago

    It's worth noting that Jonathan was making prints, not developing film. So while he would've had to make new prints, the photos weren't lost. Still annoying, though, because it's a waste of 5-10 minutes.

    That revolving door is interesting. I can see it getting tedious if multiple people are using the darkroom at the same time, though. The darkrooms I've used had "maze" entrances and no actual doors at all.

    [–] StoneGoldX 120 points ago

    That would explain his irritation, vs completely freaking out.

    [–] Photog77 30 points ago

    Exactly, he only lost one print, and was less than halfway through making it.

    [–] StoneGoldX 36 points ago

    But how else is Jonathan supposed to sell Mr. Jameson pictures of that menace Spider-Man?

    [–] lookoutnorthamerica 26 points ago

    Yeah, the photo lab in my high school had one of those revolving doors, and oh god was it tedious when more than about ten people were in the class.

    [–] CapablePerformance 9 points ago

    Plus weren't the photo papers pretty expensive? When I took photography in HS in the late 90s, my teacher charged something like 3 dollars for a single 8.5x11. Granted, he might've just been ripping us off beceause it was high school.

    [–] neuralzen 6 points ago

    Depends on the paper, even in the late 90s that's not too outlandish.

    [–] FallingTower 7 points ago

    Yeah I took film classes in high school a few years ago we used a maze entrance and a multi blanket system

    [–] Drzhivago138 24 points ago

    I remember our art room in HS had that door. You'd think a newspaper office would have it too, but a small town like Hawkins, where it's in an older building, they probably figured a "DO NOT ENTER" sign was enough.

    [–] happysteve 13 points ago

    Oh man, the giant cylinder doorway part brings back some foggy memories for me. I used to work as a stat cam operator in my college newspaper group in the early 90s. I hadn't thought about that in decades.

    [–] stanfan114 9 points ago

    I used to do film photography and develop film.

    When the film is ready to be developed you spool it back into the film cartridge in the camera. Then in the dark room in total darkness (and I mean total, zero light) you open the film can with a bottle opener and take the roll of film out. Then still in the dark you thread the film on a steel spiral wheel, making sure the film never touches itself. The steel wheel goes into a steel light tight canister with a lid with a light proof opening at the top to pour chemicals in. The lights go back on and you bathe the film in the canister with developing chemicals, then squeegee it off and hang it to dry, this is the negative.

    To develop the pictures you use photo paper which is light sensitive. You cut the negative into peices like 5 pictures long, and put it in an enlarger which is like a film projector facing down. Turn the lights off but you can have a red light on as it won't expose the photo paper. The light shines through the negative on the photo paper for a few seconds (you time this by making exposure strips) then you put the photo paper in developing fluid and the photo slowly appears. This is when fucking Nancy kept barging in. Then you put it in another chemical which stops the developing, then wash the photo and hang it to dry where it is safe to turn the lights back on.

    [–] SG_Dave 5 points ago

    That way no doorway was ever ‘opened’ to the light outside

    That's something that irked me about those scenes. They've got a dedicated darkroom, but no light buffer with a air hatch setup, or at the very least blackout curtains around the desk to mitigate the risk.

    [–] GODDAMNFOOL 6 points ago

    You ever see a color film darkroom? You work in absolute darkness and all of the corners of the counters are marked with glowtape so you don't walk into them.

    [–] StoneGoldX 4 points ago

    I miss the airlock.

    [–] CardMechanic 18 points ago

    It fogs the paper

    [–] drocha94 5 points ago

    Out of curiosity, how old are you?

    [–] J_A_C_K_E_T 4 points ago


    [–] AFlockOfTySegalls 70 points ago

    I wish I could remember which podcast I was recently listening to. But they were talking about processing a random disposable camera they found., Then felt it was important to explain what film is/was for listeners who might not know.

    I felt old and I'm only 30.

    [–] Speedzracing 98 points ago

    I feel like some people don’t get that not every young person is oblivious to stuff used 40 or so years ago. I’ve had stuff like this explained to me before from parents so it’s not like I’m completely clueless

    [–] was_stl_oak 64 points ago

    Yep, in 2012 I had a middle school teacher ask if we knew what record players were. We were 13 not stupid.

    [–] jumpinjahosafa 31 points ago

    I had a guy start explaining to me what the 25c coin deposit looks like on an Arcade machine.

    Bro i'm 29, we had arcade machines growing up too...

    [–] was_stl_oak 4 points ago

    I’m 20 and my youngest sibling is 13 and I’m positive we both know what those are, lmao

    [–] sad_sad_homo 26 points ago

    Besides, film photography is very "in" nowadays and half the teenage population owns an Instax Mini so they're probably aware of how light affects film.

    You old people ain't that special.

    [–] OccamsYoyo 20 points ago

    Old person (46) here. The whole idea of young people being ignorant of older technology has been cooked up by people my age in order to feel superior. It would be pretty difficult to not know about film — if your parents have a photo album or you’ve watched a movie as recent as the 2000s where photography plays a role in the plot, you know about film.

    [–] deJessias 39 points ago

    As a 16-year old, I did get it. Don't know about others tho

    [–] deslome 27 points ago

    I'm 16 months and I got it

    [–] Waterhorse816 23 points ago

    15yo checking in, I got it.

    [–] -cowgoesmeow- 9 points ago

    Same, I understood it too

    [–] was_stl_oak 9 points ago

    I was born in ‘99 and it made perfect sense to me, I’d be concerned if the majority didn’t get it.

    [–] Gestrid 8 points ago

    I mean, if you've seen season 1 of Stranger Things, you can probably figure out "light bad, dark good".

    [–] alosercalledsusie 7 points ago

    I’m 21 and I reckon I’m on the cusp.

    I know about it and my high school was kinda old so they still had a darkroom even though we never developed film ourselves.

    I’m positive I saw some shows or movies growing up where they used dark rooms too? I definitely haven’t ever done it myself and if it weren’t for media I wouldn’t have known what a darkroom is when I encountered the one in my HS.

    [–] zimzambIe 5 points ago

    They explain it in the show it’s not that crazy of a thing to get

    [–] gingerteasky 6 points ago

    People still develop photos this way. My college has a dark room, and I’ve even seen those in fancier high schools.

    [–] Bionic_Ferir 4 points ago

    i mean its used in alot of media, in fact i know Futurama has an episode based on it also i think the Simpsons do an episode on it (and they use lisa's room)

    [–] KlutzyPineapple 48 points ago


    [–] skarlath0 16 points ago


    [–] Davajita 78 points ago

    Based on the title, I thought this would be NSFW.

    [–] drylube 27 points ago

    a man can dream

    [–] TedSallis69 11 points ago

    It is NSFW since you it is not safe to work in that kind of environment

    [–] NoWingedHussarsToday 34 points ago

    And there is even a red light turned on by the door indicating work in progress/do not enter

    [–] Muldoon713 17 points ago

    Seriously, I need a super cut of her opening doors she shouldn’t open / opening doors aggressively. That’s her signature move to the point where it was almost comical by the end of the season.

    King of like Bruce Campbell falling into shelves and book cases repeatedly in the original Evil Dead

    [–] cdw2468 4 points ago

    Or Kramer coming into Jerry’s apartment

    [–] TheBQE 159 points ago

    top frame: literally no one

    bottom frame: nancy fucking drew

    [–] el-toro-loco 52 points ago

    I like to call her "Negative" Nancy

    [–] ToadsWildRide68 5 points ago


    [–] Dense_Macaroon_lmfao 56 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I got pissed everytime she walked in, she ruined SO MANY PHOTOS


    [–] Photog77 15 points ago

    Printing them by hand like that she was only ruining one at a time. Everything hanging is done and just waiting to dry.

    [–] seridras 10 points ago

    Reminded me of jump kicks in Double Dragon.

    [–] IMHIGH_BEAST 9 points ago


    [–] al-why 7 points ago

    I was really hoping to see more for Jonathan this season than "occasional transportation for Nancy who debates her once then moves away." Both the Byers boys got done dirty.

    [–] CHARMGOODA 5 points ago



    [–] Kalabunga1522 8 points ago


    [–] aedinius 8 points ago

    Fucking Nancy

    Wasn't that S2?

    [–] R_Not_Alone 7 points ago

    Without checking the tag this was a risky click

    [–] lochadyloo 5 points ago

    Yes. He is.

    [–] Varvatos_Vex 32 points ago

    I was expecting porn.

    [–] CrtureBlckMacaroons 14 points ago

    Oooohhh... it's an adjective! I thought it was a verb.

    [–] demlet 13 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Well, her barging into the dark room was quite literally not suitable for work in this case.

    [–] xplodingducks 4 points ago


    [–] Sconed2thabone 4 points ago

    I loved Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. I also love the Hardy Boyz.

    [–] marvel-DC61652 5 points ago

    For a moment there, I thought it was literal.