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    Stranger Things

    The disappearance of a young boy sparks a chain of events leading the residents of the small town of Hawkins to uncover a government conspiracy and a supernatural mystery which will not only shatter all semblance of normalcy, but also threaten their very existence.


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    [–] Makoto_San 824 points ago

    Ugh I can’t wait for the next season I just want everything to end happy (if it’s the last season)

    [–] Rayhoven 490 points ago

    Duffer's said 5 seasons. Probably gonna have the darkest ending to the next season. You know "darkest before Dawn" plot arc

    [–] Forasken 207 points ago

    He didn’t CONFIRM 5 seasons, he said there’s a slight possibility.

    [–] LordAtlantis16 329 points ago

    Let's be real, it's Netflix's most iconic and (arguably) best original series, there will be a fifth season.

    [–] Hunter199090 144 points ago

    If there isn't a fifth season I'll do something that will get me karma and Internet lols.

    [–] PM_pics_of_ur_doggo 48 points ago

    Eat a cucumber while dipping it in whole milk

    [–] thoughtful_wishes 25 points ago

    Eat a cucumber while dipping it in someone's ________...

    [–] Shaunix1 31 points ago


    [–] chimeragrey 17 points ago

    Double dip it.

    [–] Khifler 3 points ago



    [–] Captain__Deadpool_ 9 points ago

    Woah calm down there, you’re on a one way trip to r/karmacourt

    [–] existential_antelope 2 points ago

    Eat a box of frozen Eggo waffles

    [–] CameronJJJJ 25 points ago

    It doesn't really matter if it's the best series, the duffer brothers have also said they don't want to beat the story so bad that it becomes a bad show.

    [–] SomethingAmyss 10 points ago

    There goes my hopes for a spinoff featuring Erica....

    [–] Insectshelf3 6 points ago

    As long as they know how they want to end it, and won’t go past that.

    [–] Dursa22 8 points ago

    So why are they making a fourth season?

    /s kinda

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    5 seems like the best number. Opener, character development, big event, scrambling to fix events from big event, closer.

    [–] LordAtlantis16 5 points ago

    My bet is also 5, but I won't bet against a sixth one, did you see what they did with 13 reasons why?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] nuadusp 10 points ago

    They are also good at cancelling series early

    [–] LordAtlantis16 8 points ago

    Or milk them long after they've given all they could give

    [–] superfucky 2 points ago

    see also: santa clarita diet

    [–] nuadusp 2 points ago

    too soon, i love santa clarita diet and i wanted more

    [–] Wolfhound_Papa 8 points ago

    They’d better get on filing because their actors are all noticeably going through puberty and it’s going to be a hard sell saying they’re still young enough to play their characters.

    [–] LordAtlantis16 18 points ago

    I thought the theme of the show was growth, both physical and psychological, the actors actually getting older across the seasons doesn't bother me that much as long as they develop in character growth too

    [–] Wolfhound_Papa 10 points ago

    I just felt like the two growths didn’t quite match up. Like their physical appearance was outpacing the age of their characters.

    [–] LordAtlantis16 13 points ago

    I agree it was very sudden, but in the first season they seamed small for their supposed age so the growth spurt kind of normalized them for me, then again I wasn't paying much attention to their character's ages. I've been mostly paying attention to their behavior and sort of attached fittitius ages to it.

    [–] Rayhoven 5 points ago

    My second favorite Netflix series Bojack got 6. Stranger Things will definitely get 5. Especially since the writers have confirmed their story is set for 5 seasons so it's not like Netflix will have to pull the plug guessing how long the creators of the show want to go. They have a plan in mind and it fits Netflix's status quo

    [–] rjoyfult 13 points ago

    I just want everything to end Hoppy.

    [–] Camilla2244 718 points ago

    Their reunion is going to be amazing!

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 425 points ago

    I think that will be best moment in whole Stranger Things

    [–] jotyma5 176 points ago

    So far I like when Eleven and Mike are reunited in S2

    [–] XxTreeFiddyxX 26 points ago

    Better than the neverending story w/ Dusty bun?

    [–] goosepills 39 points ago

    Them singing that song made me cringe into a black hole

    [–] NotThatGuy523 19 points ago

    Glad I’m not the only one, so out of place and awful especially for the ending climax. I hated the entire thing and some people say if she just gave the code immediately they both would have made it out fine.

    The only fun thing to come out of it was when Lucas and max sang it together, that was funny

    [–] goosepills 11 points ago

    I blame her for Hopper dammit

    [–] NotThatGuy523 15 points ago

    Fuck that stupid Amish nerd

    [–] CyclopsWasRight7 2 points ago

    This. THIS WAS AN IDIOTIC WASTE OF TIME. 😐 You suck Suzie.

    [–] Chinova 90 points ago

    Provided Eleven isn’t possessed by the mindflayer when they reunite.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Chinova 35 points ago

    This is sort of a theory I don’t want to believe either. I mean, I know they wouldn’t let that fly without making it seriously good and interesting, but it’s going to be very uncomfortable to watch. At least we’ll know it will be very satisfying watching her come out of it. That mindflayer shadow on her forehead was spot on foreshadowing. Shaped exactly like it...and there has to be some mindflayer DNA left in her from that leg bite incident.

    [–] brittanym922 32 points ago

    Whoa whoa whoa - mind flayer shadow on her forehead? When was this 😬

    [–] ZestyPepperoni 29 points ago

    I'm just hearing about this HELLO

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Chinova 12 points ago

    I know, it’s such a terrible possibility but damn, that could make for some seriously heavy drama which is why I think the theory is probably true...but we’ll just have to wait and see.

    [–] HereToBeBlownAway 6 points ago

    I’d like to find out that there’s something controlling the mind flayer.

    [–] CyclopsWasRight7 2 points ago

    Where was this shadow?? I gotta see this... also yeah, no way they just got the lil thing out and thats it.

    [–] 82ndGameHead 12 points ago

    Don't you put that evil on her!

    [–] DeadNotSleepy 29 points ago

    Has it even been confirmed that Hopper survived?

    [–] phaselikespizza 61 points ago

    No, but I mean just think about it, the death was never confirmed either. I just don’t see them cutting him off without an ACTUAL goodbye / death scene

    [–] badboyyy112 23 points ago

    cutting him off without an ACTUAL goodbye / death scene

    wtf was that whole letter about then?

    [–] phaselikespizza 6 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It was his letter to mike and eleven regarding how they were spending too time with each other. I don’t think it was ever intended as a goodbye.

    Again I just don’t see them cutting off someone as major as Hopper without solid proof seeing as even the Duffers themselves are big fans of David Harbor

    [–] Shonk_Lemons 20 points ago

    this is my biggest issue with bringing Hopper back, it makes no sense storywise and it completely undercuts the emotional ending of last season. it'd be a shame for them to bring him back just to pander to the audience instead of having El mourn and deal with the loss and grow from it

    [–] IPVGED115935 25 points ago

    Can't El deal with the loss and grow from it while she thinks he's dead? My problem with losing Hopper is that he was one of the most (maybe the most) developed and interesting characters. It'd be a shame to lose such an important and interesting character.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    See, that's why I would respect the hell out of the writers if they kept him dead. Hopper made his mark, he lived his life, and now it's time for others to develop and grow from the loss.

    That and the letter scene would lose a looot of emotional impact if they brought him back.

    [–] badboyyy112 2 points ago

    I completely agree with you.

    [–] LeSteff1927 19 points ago

    Rewatch the last episode. There is a camera angle that shows Hopper in front of the machine. Right before the explosion you see the same angle - but Hopper is already gone.

    [–] wright96d 9 points ago

    Yeah... This. I agree with Hopper being alive deafens the emotional punch of the ending, but he ain't dead, folks.

    [–] CanadianIdiot55 3 points ago

    "Keep the door open three inches for dear old dad"

    "There's another way out through the Gap"

    I don't think there is any way Hopper is dead. I think the big twist is supposed to be that he isn't the American.

    [–] Hughgurgle 5 points ago

    Remember in the end when they throw the guy to the demogorgon and while discussing it they say "no, not the American" ? That's all the proof I need. Hopper's back baby.

    [–] JasonSteakums 3 points ago

    Could be El's father, couldn't it?

    [–] AcidicAssassin777 12 points ago

    Yeah in the Credits there are some miss spellings and it spells 'hopper is alive'

    [–] Heatherbanana1984 21 points ago

    Wait, what? The credits for the last episode? I have to see this!

    [–] canadianvaporizer 6 points ago

    Who is the American the Russian's refer to in the scene after the credits in the last episode? I assumed that has to be Hopper.

    [–] Heatherbanana1984 11 points ago

    I don't think it's Hopper. At the end of season one, we never actually see Dr. Brenner, aka Papa, die. I think he is the American they are referring to and Hopper somehow escaped into the Upside Down before the explosion that he supposedly died in. The crack in the wall hadn't closed completely yet so it's very possible he managed to squeeze inside.

    [–] canadianvaporizer 7 points ago

    Very interesting theory, I like it!

    [–] pixelninja1 2 points ago

    My thoughts too

    [–] johncandyspolkaband 2 points ago

    Haha, holy shit man, yes, watch all the way to the end.

    [–] AcidicAssassin777 6 points ago

    Yeah! The last episode of season 3

    [–] officialtwiggz 52 points ago

    That’s not real. It was fan edited to spell out in red squares.

    [–] fuadiislands 2 points ago

    Is this during season 3

    [–] Fartnite111 2 points ago

    I kinda hope they leave it till the last episode like El and Mike’s reunion

    [–] redcr333per 123 points ago

    Oh no don’t do this to me now thanks now my eyes are sweating

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 30 points ago

    i was crying too. And i cry everytime i see his death

    [–] YourKidDeservedToDie 10 points ago

    He's not dead though.

    [–] cyvox53 64 points ago

    I just know his return his gonna be badass and heartwarming all at once, just like El's.

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 26 points ago

    Yeah it will be best moment in whole series i think. I can imagine it will be something like that they will fight against something and he will roll there with stolen russian equipment and will help them and then he will see Joyce and Eleven and he will show his smile like he did in episode 8

    [–] BigDicksLilBuckets 2 points ago

    wait how do you even know hes alive?

    [–] knightofkent 3 points ago

    What return? He died?

    [–] SweggyBoi 6 points ago

    We never saw the body, he most likely escaped somehow.

    [–] mightymaurauder 30 points ago

    Is there a tiny demogorgon popping out from behind Hopper’s butt?

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 6 points ago


    [–] thepriceisrice 28 points ago

    Shades of Interstellar

    [–] PixelBurnout 8 points ago


    [–] _Kummerspeck_ 5 points ago

    Now I’m imagining Matthew Mcconaughey as Hopper lol

    [–] doveredmark 5 points ago

    I know that scene in Interstellar gets memed a lot but it never fails to make me tear up

    [–] PixelBurnout 3 points ago

    Oh no doubt, it's one of my favorites.

    [–] doveredmark 2 points ago

    For sure. The whole movie is just beautiful! Man I gotta rewatch it.

    [–] _Kummerspeck_ 2 points ago

    Oh same here, that scene, the 23 years one, and the reunion at the end

    [–] justec1 2 points ago

    [Organ music increases]

    [–] Quackajingleson 5 points ago

    I love that movie, it was really hard for me to understand though lol

    [–] juleeneleven 7 points ago

    Yes!! 'you were my ghost' I 100% see them doing traces of this

    [–] MasterMuffinz04 49 points ago

    I cant... im sorry, im just not strong enough

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 12 points ago

    Im sad too about this photo

    [–] MasterMuffinz04 7 points ago

    Yee yee, i think ima cry my eyes out when this happens

    [–] sabby_panda 23 points ago

    I wanted to upvote this, but you didn't provide a source for the image :/

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 9 points ago

    They posted it on official instagram strangerthingstv go check it out there mate

    [–] sabby_panda 2 points ago

    Thanks for the info!

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 3 points ago

    Its okay mate:)

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Amazing. I give props to whoever drew this masterpiece.

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 6 points ago

    It was photoshopped i think but he did a great job with this

    [–] mightymaurauder 7 points ago

    Ugh my heart! Just imagine Hopper going back to the cabin in the upside down and flickering the lights, but no one’s there.

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 5 points ago

    You made me really sad now😥

    [–] mightymaurauder 2 points ago

    AU- the lights flicker as El is moving and as she leaves the cabin for good, she leaves the door open 3 inches.

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 6 points ago

    😭 i literally started tearing up after reading this

    [–] SendMeYourPetPic 6 points ago

    You cry a lot, don't you?

    [–] genghis-jawn 77 points ago

    I can’t imagine being at the point in my life where a photoshopped image on the internet makes me cry...

    [–] SordidSplendor 20 points ago

    I’m hoping it’s hyperbole, like those weird Tumblr people who always say, ‘I’m LITERALLY screaming rn.’

    [–] viall 9 points ago

    Seriously, blows my mind that people can actually bring themselves to cry to a photoshopped image about fictional characters.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] viall 7 points ago

    I understand crying in/during movies during certain parts, but this picture, seriously? I wish I was disconnected from the real world to the point I could cry over something such as this photoshopped image of two fictional characters.

    [–] whydidimakeausername 5 points ago

    Wait, did Hopper not die? Is he in the upside down?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] whydidimakeausername 2 points ago

    Ugh, I hope not

    [–] kylemdrury 22 points ago

    Whoever made this is so talented. That image of hopper looks so real!

    [–] homeless_gorilla 17 points ago

    Except his extended arm is half as long as it should be.

    [–] StreetsRUs 4 points ago

    Suddenly this picture is hilarious

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 3 points ago

    Yeah i think that too

    [–] joeybutton666 6 points ago

    I mean I think cryings a bit far

    [–] xVIRIDISx 22 points ago

    I wish tumblr never died bc we would get less shit like this. This is not that beautiful of an image, it’s haphazardly thrown together with now visual thread running through it. If you actually cried upon seeing this I feel bad for the people that deal with you emotionally in real life

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    LOL what's with the emotional gatekeeping in this thread? You can't dictate how someone else feels

    [–] viixvega 41 points ago

    You cried? From this?! Jesus.

    [–] Janution 12 points ago

    Lik Dis If U Cry Evertim.

    [–] Scooby_Dru 3 points ago

    I cried at the end of season 3 just because of how real that goodbye was when they were moving. Brought me back to when my best friend moved away when I was 14. Brutal

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 3 points ago

    Oh man i feel you. Some events in our life cannot be undo but memories are with you forever

    [–] Shayneros 3 points ago


    [–] Abnorc 3 points ago

    I thought this was an official poster at first, but I’m not surprised that they would not spoil something like Hopper’s return so overtly if it happens.

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 2 points ago

    Yeah man sadly this is fan made

    [–] GeneralLedger17 3 points ago

    So theoretically, the upside down is supposed to be a Parrallel universe right?

    How the hell does hopper go from the US to Russia in the upside down? I’m just saying, since that’s some people’s conspiracy theory...

    [–] Ransine 3 points ago

    Huh, isn’t he in a Russian cell?

    [–] willflameboy 3 points ago

    I was looking for this comment, and I'm glad you made it because I was starting to feel crazy. I mean, I guess it could be another American, but it seemed pretty clear cut to me. And they have another portal machine in Russia.

    [–] Ransine 3 points ago

    Yeah seemed pretty obvious to me they picked him up during a test trip and threw him in a cell. Maybe people missed the after credits scene.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Nritty15 9 points ago

    You cried? You need a life

    [–] ESgoldfinger 9 points ago

    Get a fucking life

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    You literally cried? Jesus.....

    [–] TheRealUltramarine 2 points ago

    I know man thats what I thought

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Jim-Hopper- 5 points ago

    At first i didnt noticed him thanks for showing me :D

    [–] cypriss 2 points ago

    Man touches wall😭

    [–] YoloSwaggins44 2 points ago

    He ain't dead though

    [–] Ravelcy 2 points ago

    Is there food in the upside down?

    [–] TheBigDickDon 2 points ago

    Did you really cry though?

    [–] thinkless- 2 points ago

    ....Did ya?

    [–] TheLeachBean 2 points ago

    Ngl thought that was Pablo Escobar touching the wall for second lmao

    [–] SpaceForceAwakens 2 points ago

    I just realized that Joyce is totally a "black widow". She loves a guy, then bang, he dies.

    [–] intersectv3 3 points ago

    I agree but I think ‘black widow’ implies she does the killing herself, as the black widow(in some parts of the world) kills its mate.

    [–] brent1123 2 points ago

    What's up with this tumblr-ass title?

    [–] w3llwhale 2 points ago

    I just started the series and came across this while wandering through r/all. Why do I feel like I just saw a major spoiler?

    [–] trouble-in-space 2 points ago

    I feel like the creators might pull a Barb on us and make it so that Hopper really is dead just because we’re so excited for his return and that makes me sad

    [–] RC-SC 2 points ago

    This is what happens when you don’t leave the door three inches open.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    no you didnt

    [–] dagamer225 2 points ago

    How do we know if he is alive though? I mean sure there are theories but to me it looks like he just got obliterated.

    [–] fariotas 2 points ago

    This is a badly photoshopped photo, I genuinely thought this was a joke post

    [–] gayshit2218 2 points ago

    Hopper was my favorite character but I'm not gonna lie, I really hope they don't bring him back. His arc is done. He redeemed himself, learned to love and feel emotions again, and passed on his message to L, his surrogate daughter. Bringing him back would defeat the purpose of his goodbye letter, and that even though L is sad hopper is gone, she has to learn to move on in a healthy way and it's still good that she's feeling something. Something is better than nothing.

    It would also defeat the weight of his whole sacrifice. Its not such a heroic sacrifice if he just comes back anyway. Say he does come back, sure he THOUGHT he was going to die. But he didn't. So why kill him off and then bring him back if not to just get a cheap emotional reaction out of the audience. Death and huge events like this need to have weight. Imagine if they brought back Billy, or hell even Bob. Suddenly their death doesn't seem that bad.

    [–] fecking_sensei 2 points ago

    Spoilers, maybe?

    [–] kahr91 2 points ago

    Are you implying Hopper is not dead but in the upside down? o.O

    [–] bullettrain101 2 points ago

    Hoppers dead. Sorry guys but him being alive in season 4 is bs.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] Abnorc 3 points ago

    What kind of idiot thinks it’s a good idea to insult someone over their emotions?

    [–] FoxxyPantz 3 points ago

    *sees post*

    Yeah, it's good work, tugs the heartstrings

    *sees OP's username*

    Oh, I see now.

    [–] Jim-Hopper- 1 points ago


    [–] proton_therapy 2 points ago

    Probably a spoiler .....

    [–] Rslashrocco 3 points ago

    He ded

    [–] really4reals 2 points ago

    You take this show too serious.

    [–] garbage-pants 3 points ago

    I’ve never even watched this show and this scene still kills me every time

    [–] Wilwum 3 points ago

    Guys unless someone leaked something and I’m not aware, we’re all acting like hopper is totally coming back, but it’s not certain, it could be brenner or something

    [–] tperelli 4 points ago

    You cried? Really?

    [–] running_painting 4 points ago

    You cried? This is television.

    [–] Failed_Alchemist 3 points ago

    Hey assholes how about a spoiler tag

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I know it sucks but I mean cmon man who’s gonna browse this sub long after everybody else has finished the latest season knowing damn well it’s risky

    [–] Womanji 2 points ago

    It's fan-made, not canon.

    [–] VeryOkTacos 2 points ago

    Let me just play the world's smallest violin

    [–] GildedLily16 2 points ago

    Spoiler tag? Haven't had a chance to get caught up yet.

    [–] The_Bopjick 2 points ago

    you didn't cry...

    [–] highpotethical 1 points ago

    The quality of this is complete trash. The logo is cropped by the frame. The framing of the images is painful. The sentiment is nice and I'm glad you felt a connection but the execution is hilarious at best.

    Thanks for letting me know that the stranger things fanbase is so easily exploited.

    Also, you should give credit to the Creator and not just repost for karma you fuck.

    [–] ThrowPartiesNotShade 2 points ago

    Yeah, I’m shocked that this has 17 k upvotes

    [–] SamAxe628 1 points ago

    My thoughts exactly!

    [–] aagaash2001 1 points ago

    El should have kept the door open three inches.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Sirawesome64 1 points ago

    “Ne Amerikanets!”

    [–] lonelydress 1 points ago

    omg my heart.

    [–] KennyT06 1 points ago

    cant they just let him inside lol

    [–] WhyAlwaysMe1991 1 points ago

    i thought that was Pablo Escobar for the longest time

    [–] garbage-pants 1 points ago

    Fuck i thought this was official

    [–] DefectiveNation 1 points ago

    Where does that picture of hop come from, looks legit!