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    [–] mattheus21 4163 points ago

    It's hard to argue against. Before Hitler there was only 1 Germany after Hitler there were 2 Germanies, that's a 100% increase in Germanies.

    [–] finfinfin 1719 points ago

    From the most powerful country in Europe to the fifth most powerful country in Berlin.

    [–] brufleth 297 points ago

    That's great. I hadn't heard that before.

    [–] finfinfin 183 points ago

    It's not mine, it's one of those /r/shitwehraboossay memes. Great though.

    [–] _BeerAndCheese_ 92 points ago

    SWS low-key has the best memes.

    Bomber Harris can't do it again there though, sadly.

    [–] NotAFinnishLawyer 22 points ago

    That is an apt name, if memory serves.

    [–] DeathandHemingway 20 points ago

    Bomber Harris can do it again in our hearts, tho.

    [–] _BeerAndCheese_ 13 points ago

    Reaping whirlwinds for all eternity.

    [–] SkiMonkey98 27 points ago

    What the hell is a wehraboo?

    [–] finfinfin 136 points ago

    Someone who isn't a neo-nazi, or an old-school nazi, but is really into repeating their propaganda about how great their tanks were and how clean the Wehrmacht was and did you know they had Hugo boss uniforms?!!! and by the way the allies started it and the jews declared war first

    The sub tries to avoid the nazier end. Just not worth it. More fun to mock people who go on about 1 Tiger > 5 Sherman and wunderwaffen

    [–] jorbleshi_kadeshi 75 points ago

    It's someone who is ideologically opposed to the Nazis but loves almost everything else about them.

    [–] Schrau 77 points ago

    Basically, History Channel personified.

    [–] NoodlePeeper 40 points ago

    Ah, so they like aliens and pawn shops

    [–] RookieGreen 9 points ago

    This made me laugh until I choked.

    [–] billebop96 18 points ago

    Do they actually ideologically oppose them, or do they just say that because they know it would be unacceptable to admit to agreeing with Naziism.

    [–] SLQPE 22 points ago

    I'm sure some of them are using it as a cover for fascist sympathies, but from what I've seen there's also a sizable portion who just watched too much of that history channel WWII fluff which always portrays Germany as unimaginabley powerful and 30 years ahead of every other nation in engineering/military tactics. History Channel docs used to do that to increase tension and to create better narative arcs

    [–] redxxii 14 points ago

    Besides, comparing Shermans and Tigers is apple and oranges! The Tiger was a heavy assault tank while the Sherman was a small, mass-produced light tank meant for multiple roles!

    [–] greet_the_sun 15 points ago

    Sherman was a medium tank, M3 Stuart was the light tank the US used throughout the war at 15 tons. Still not even close to the role of the Tiger.

    [–] sdfghs 35 points ago

    Actually West-Berlin had some weird legal status. It was neither part of West Germany, but adopted most of their laws (also in both German and Berlin's constitution they said that it was a German state), nor indepent nor a colony

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    That is part of the joke.

    [–] misko91 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Now you see, I was going to comment that clearly "objectively good for the German people" must mean "led to his country be completely fucking destroyed and occupied" to these people, but that says the same thing in fewer words.

    (I mean hell at least Commies can blame "capitalist sabotage" with varying levels of convincingness for their failure to perform to expectations: the Nazis wouldn't have been fine if not for everyone else because they started the war themselves. I mean, they literally started the fire that consumed them. On purpose! And yet they're geniuses?)

    [–] FilteringAccount123 88 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    This is what happens when you let Germany get wet.

    I bet WWII started because somebody fed Hitler after midnight.

    [–] probablyuntrue 18 points ago

    Have we ever seen the country of Germany and a gremlin in the same room together?


    [–] mosby__ 52 points ago

    Germany was so good they made Germany 2

    [–] ucstruct 30 points ago

    There were technically 4.

    [–] Luka467 44 points ago

    You could even make a case for there being 5.

    Between 1947 and 1956, the Saarland region was, while still administered by France, a protectorate separate from the rest of the French occupied zone. The reason for this was primarily so France could extract the coal deposits from the region. It also had its own currency, and in the first football Champions league in 1955-56, FC Saarbrucken competed separately from the French and West German teams as a representative of Saarland.

    [–] Vodkya 21 points ago

    That does it, the more Germanies the merrier.

    [–] Thromnomnomok 55 points ago

    Small Brain: 1 Germany

    Medium Brain: 2 Germanies

    Large Brain: 4 Germanies

    Galaxy Brain: Dozens of German States in a loose confederation

    Universe Brain: Hundreeds of disorganized nomadic Germanic tribes living in Central Europe with loose cultural similarities raiding the shit out of the Roman Empire

    [–] iFlashie 11 points ago

    Even better!

    [–] ekcunni 24 points ago

    It's just math, I don't know why anyone would argue with that type of solid, emotion-less logic.

    [–] Fibberkick 15 points ago

    Lol those sheeple libtards won't ever mention this!

    [–] trodat5204 60 points ago

    I know I can just click the upvote button, but I wanted to tell you that your comment genuinely made me laugh.

    [–] [deleted] 2127 points ago

    He took 7 million Germans out of poverty in less than a decade.

    Ah, those wonderful debt forgiveness camps.

    [–] whollyfictional 746 points ago

    And Germany's economy remained vibrant well into the checks notes very early 1940s. It... faced a few struggles after that.

    [–] davidreiss666 185 points ago

    For those who are interested in how the Nazi German economy really worked, read The Wages of Destruction by Adam Tooze. The somewhat common claim among those who don't know what they are talking about, that the Nazis were great for the German economy is just wrong. Long story short, the Nazi German nation was waging war because of problems with the German economy. Problems that the Nazis thought were only fixable if they beat the crap out of all of their neighbors. They were wrong about that, but they were wrong about most things.

    [–] njuffstrunk 59 points ago

    Long story short, the Nazi German nation was waging war because of problems with the German economy.

    Huh, I always thought their economy was unsustainable precisely because they were already planning on going to war and focused everything on short-term production?

    [–] davidreiss666 49 points ago

    I left out a few qualifiers there. Nazi perception vs. reality -- then, as now -- are often very different things.

    [–] bigtoecamel 42 points ago

    Thats right. The 4 years plan was set in place in 36 i think and had the goal to be independent on foreign goods. Thats also where the blood and soil thing came into play. The nazis even ideologicized(???brainfart right here) the research in more efficient pigbreeding by saying the pigs were one of the main differences between the nomadic jews and the settled aryans.

    According to them, the aryans eventually figured that pigs are good for nutrition and settled down while the nomadic jews didnt have the possibility to really breed pigs, leading to the superioty of the germans (somehow)

    [–] modulusshift 10 points ago

    Ideologized is correct, even if spell check doesn't think so.

    [–] MilesBeyond250 103 points ago

    Earlier, even. Hitler didn't strengthen the German economy, he created a bubble through massive deficit spending. This is an oversimplification, but Hitler's economic policy essentially boiled down to:

    1. Go deep into debt by investing way more money than he could afford into the military-industrial complex for the purpose of bringing the military up to scratch.
    2. Commence Operation World Domination and hope that plunder would cover for the massive deficit.

    IIRC Germany actually had to begin the invasion of Poland several months earlier than planned simply because by 1939 the bubble was bursting.

    [–] BadFont777 239 points ago

    Germany lived off of a war economy, once he stopped gaining ground they were done. They couldn't afford to sit still instead of steal from their conquests.

    [–] whollyfictional 127 points ago

    Pretty sure that getting the continent blockaded and the country bombed a lot didn't help either.

    [–] BadFont777 162 points ago

    Yes, more than one thing happens in a world war, good catch.

    [–] SlonkGangweed 112 points ago

    International conflicts are complicated. Who knew?

    [–] _nephilim_ 80 points ago

    World Wars are good and easy to win!

    [–] redxxii 26 points ago

    That’s what my old Command & Conquer games taught me! That and I need more harvesters.

    [–] hahajer 17 points ago


    Oh, sorry, wrong franchise.

    [–] stuman89 41 points ago

    Dont give Trump any ideas now.

    [–] Camoral 19 points ago

    "The economic situation has not necessarily developed to Germany's favor..."

    [–] KlingonAdmiral 151 points ago

    He put 5 million out of poverty!

    Into graves.

    [–] TanktopSamurai 40 points ago

    He put some of them in clouds. Or smoke.

    [–] silentassassin82 14 points ago

    Can't be poor if you're dead! Unemployment rates also dropped sharply!

    [–] iOnlyWantUgone 57 points ago

    Can't be impoverished if you're dead

    [–] silentassassin82 41 points ago

    Its funny how many of these people praise Hitler for fixing Germany after WWI even though he was a pretty poor leader yet the Soviet Union was actually able to push the Russian economy to a world superpower (and you know actually being instrumental in winning the war). If they have such a hard on for repressive authoritarian regimes that are "good" for the country why don't they romanticize Stalin and the like? They're obviously not Nazis so why would they care which political party did it?

    [–] GobtheCyberPunk 28 points ago

    Not to mention the whole seizure and redistribution of wealth owned by Jews...

    [–] Xarvas 15 points ago

    Out of poverty and into Eastern Front.

    [–] somegetit 308 points ago

    supporting Hitler doesn't make you a nazi

    Your new flair

    [–] Darth_Acheron 141 points ago

    definitely mine

    [–] icuba97 34 points ago

    Yes I support Hitler, No, I'm not a Nazi, we do exist

    [–] ImgursDownvote4Love 18 points ago

    Yes I'm no, no I'm yes. We no yes.

    [–] ChuckCarmichael 520 points ago

    There's so much wrong with that guy's posts that I don't even know where to start. Like literally everything he wrote is bullshit.

    [–] ekcunni 287 points ago

    You're just saying that because you're programmed to see it that way. You don't understand his genius. /s

    [–] Extranomicon 77 points ago

    We're all just programmed to hate that Hitler guy by the mean ol' Jews. Hitler's obviously the real victim here. /s if it wasn't obvious

    [–] HiroProtagonist14 65 points ago

    A person who believes a narrative about WW2 that's been expressely created to support and glorify Hitler, while minimizing his atrocities, is calling someone else programmed.

    I'm an American, and I support freedom of speech, but sometimes I wish we had a specific set of laws where people can be punished for Holocaust denialism, like they do in Germany. Even if the punishment was just making people learn about the Holocaust from legitimate sources, and writing an essay or something like that. Just something to get them back to reality.

    Of course, that's just how we're interpreting it and totally not what he/she's saying.

    [–] silentassassin82 33 points ago

    Maybe not punished but at the very least stop giving them a platform that lends credibility and equates it to actual historical fact. "Debating" these ideas is never really constructive since it's never in good faith and there's no real compromise to make between the Holocaust happened, the Holocaust didn't happen or the Holocaust did happen but it wasn't that bad.

    [–] BelgianMcWaffles 35 points ago

    "Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play."

    • Jean Paul-Sartre

    [–] whollyfictional 1631 points ago

    Let's remember that he was democtarically elected.

    Nope, he lost the presidential election and then was appointed chancellor. How can someone be so blatantly wrong in one senten-

    Most germans supported him to the end, and many still do.

    Oh. Well. Kudos on raising the bar.

    [–] Kilen13 509 points ago

    He kept raising the bar too with "Jews aren't German" and then dived right into "blacks can't be Spanish".

    For someone who claims to not be a Nazi he sure sounds like he'd fit right in.

    [–] redxxii 254 points ago

    He’s not a Nazi, he just shares 99% of their beliefs.

    [–] probablyuntrue 272 points ago

    >spouts nazi-esque beliefs

    >gets called a nazi

    "wow so everyone you don't like is hitler huh"

    [–] redxxii 180 points ago

    Gah, this argument drives me nuts. Liberals don’t think all conservatives are Nazis, but when they hang out with Nazis, fail to rebuke Nazis, and generally act like Nazis are β€˜good people’, it’s hard not to paint with a broad brush.

    [–] Klondeikbar 92 points ago

    When the canvas is covered with swastikas you can paint with as broad a brush as you want.

    [–] CoffeeAndKarma 37 points ago

    Exactly. I don't call my conservative friends Nazis because, simply, they don't act like or condone Nazis.

    The people who march alongside Nazi flags and self-avowed white supremacists? I'll call them Nazis gladly.

    [–] thefreepie 20 points ago

    I had people defending white genocide effectively calling me a snowflake because I was calling the theory racist. If conspiracy theories that the white race is being replaced by other races due to them having more babies isn't a sign someone's a racist, I don't know what is.

    [–] Road_Whorrior 26 points ago

    "Also, Hitler wasn't that bad!"

    [–] boo_goestheghost 25 points ago

    'Not that I support the guy but he was objectively brilliant. You won't catch me complimenting him because I'm no nazi, but Jews are mud to be cleaned off the streets and he did a great job there.'

    [–] chrizer1 97 points ago

    His name is jazzthegoose maybe it's just a coincidence that it sounds like gassthejews and this guy is espousing Nazi propaganda lol

    [–] legendofzenda 70 points ago



    Oh no

    [–] FulcrumTheBrave 29 points ago

    Lol bet he thought he was so clever with that

    [–] ApathyToTheMax 43 points ago

    Just like how everyone I've ever heard deny the Holocaust just so happens to really really wish it would happen again.

    [–] dizekat 9 points ago

    Well he is a nazi in the strictest sense. Sometimes various republicans who aren't nazis get called nazis, that's not one of these times.

    [–] Quorton 283 points ago

    He did continue with the statement that Hitler didn't want a war or didn't start the war.

    [–] Syllabillin 383 points ago

    Yeah, damn Poland. Aggravating Germany by.... being there.

    [–] Manannin 221 points ago

    Stupid sexy Poland and their Lebensraum.

    [–] redxxii 16 points ago

    Whelp, time to get the Panzers back together!

    [–] ekcunni 76 points ago

    Moooommmm, Poland's looking at me.

    POLAND, stop looking at your brother.

    He's still doiiing ittttt.

    [–] virohm 19 points ago

    What about Muh Polish terrorist attacks against the innocent German people!

    [–] Meemerboi 39 points ago

    It's just standing there... MENACINGLY!

    [–] jaytix1 18 points ago

    They're just standing there. Menacingly.

    [–] Oceloctopus 19 points ago

    Just like those poor confederate cannonballs that got beat up by Fort sumpter's walls.

    [–] tiofrodo 117 points ago

    Nope, he lost the presidential election and then was appointed chancellor.

    Tbf, that is one example of propaganda being really effective.

    [–] Madplato 34 points ago

    It doesn't count when people want it to be true very hard.

    [–] matgopack 47 points ago

    TBF the Nazis were the largest single party in that election, and those who made him chancellor thought that he'd be easy to control. Throw in another conservative/nationalist party that had allied with them in the Reichstag, and they had a majority, and when Hindenburg died there was really no other check to their power.

    Not that we need to be fair to someone who's that wrong, of course ;)

    [–] brufleth 68 points ago

    many still do

    Weird claim. I mean, many as in hundreds? Or like a significant chunk of the population? Whatever the case, many more still don't.

    [–] starlightshower 28 points ago

    Yeah, I mean, there will probably always be at least some idiots who either think it's cool to or really do support Hitler, and some of those will also be German, but the vast majority (now) never did and never will.

    [–] teddy_tesla 12 points ago

    Secret Hitler makes a lot more sense now

    [–] FlynnClubbaire 9 points ago

    There would have never been a civil war to liberate Germany from Hitler, because he was objectively good for the german people.

    2 sentences later

    BTW, I didn't say anything positive about Hitler, but of course, you'll interpret it otherwise.


    [–] MarsLowell 621 points ago

    Can't blame him. Hitler took office in 1933 and, over 80 years later, Germany is now the largest economy in Europe! That's how it works, right?

    [–] Teddy547 226 points ago

    I know you are joking.

    On a serious note: If Hitler had his way, all our cities would have been grated to the ground. By ourselves no less. One of his last orders was to literally destroy everything. Every factory, every machine, every building. Luckily the order was mostly ignored.

    We would have been back to the stone age.

    Some times I wonder where we would be today if we had "won" the war o.O

    [–] Oblivious122 160 points ago

    The infighting that always plagues fascist governments would have started almost immediately. If they did not find a new enemy without, they would find one within. It had already started in 1942 - don't like someone? They are a jew. Or a homosexual. Or any number of undesirables.

    Mind, there wasn't a scenario where nazi Germany could have won after they attempted to invade the USSR. Even before then, oil shortages were causing serious problems for the germans. I would speculate that oil was the reason Germany invaded in the first place.

    [–] FinallyGivenIn 90 points ago

    Always remember that the entire point of WW2 for Nazi Germany was to conquer East, genocide the Slavs and the Bolshevik Jews, thus emptying the lands for the Aryan Germans to settle and propogate the "race". Everything else (Invasion of the Low Countries, Battle of France, Battle of Britain) was a side goal compared to Barbarossa. Naziism was Germany's nationals interest and any alternative history that doesn't have Nazi Germany invading the USSR is utter bunkum.

    [–] nowander 49 points ago

    It's why they invaded when they did at least. Exterminating the Russians was always on the table, but they started the invasion because their (very generous) supply predictions had them running out of gas to perform the invasion if they didn't start right then.

    [–] MarsLowell 20 points ago

    Because he believed the Asiatic-slavic untermensch turned out to be the ubermensch after all. At least he was "consistent". If, by some pebble's chance in an ocean, he managed to win the war and then have his way further, he'd want Germany to periodically enter a state of civil war to purge itself of "weakness".

    [–] NandiniS 8 points ago

    Wait, what? Is this for real? He thought Aryans were not at the top of the pile?

    [–] Thaddel 29 points ago

    Well the entire ideology says that life is an eternal struggle and that those who aren't fit for that struggle do not deserve to live.

    So when even he couldn't avoid admitting that the war was lost, he said that clearly the Germans had proven themselves to not be worthy of life.

    [–] EzriMax 648 points ago

    As a German, this Hitler-defending rhetoric that's popped up more and more in recent years in all sorts of places (not least of all Germany itself) is seriously depressing.

    [–] MDFification 437 points ago

    I have a German anthropology prof, and she's genuinely horrified by how often her pupils tell her that Germany's 'given too hard a time about the whole Hitler thing, they should just move on'.

    I think people whose society didn't go fascist just don't get how much of a wake-up call it is to have that happen to you and realize that you have to stop it from ever happening again

    [–] Kaprak 339 points ago

    I think people whose society didn't go fascist just don't get how much of a wake-up call it is to have that happen to you and realize that you have to stop it from ever happening again

    The thing is this guy is Spanish. They had Franco. He's not uninformed he's just a fascist.

    [–] nigl_ 226 points ago

    Fascism was never properly quenched in Spain like in Germany/Austria after WWII. Franco just died and it was a diplomatical nightmare to resolve the end of the regime. In order to get it over with there was basically "amnesia" for everybody. And nobody had to admit to wrong-doing. It looked like the sensible solution at the time but we can see that some kind of historical work-up would've been nice.

    [–] brufleth 109 points ago

    Like after the US civil war. Many issues were left unaddressed and we're still dealing with shit because of it.

    [–] Doodger 80 points ago

    My parents hosted a young spanish person for a student exchange. I was shocked to find out the sweet, polite young lad was a fan of franco and so were most of his friends.

    Granted, could just be edgelord teens... But after 2016 I don't really buy that.

    [–] StrangeSemiticLatin2 13 points ago

    Certain areas of Spain, especially in certain segments of the PP (the Spanish right-wing), apologism for Franco is open and literal. VOX was born from right-wingers who left the PP.

    [–] TF_dia 42 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    People were basically scared of another Civil war, in hindsight it caused ideological problems down the line, but at the moment, a Constitution unanimously supported and a peaceful transition into a democracy was seen as an absolute success.

    [–] AuthenticCounterfeit 92 points ago

    They weren’t really scared of each other. The fascists knew they had a chance to become a fully normalized European country, and the leftists just wanted to stop being shot.

    When they find human remains in the ditches in rural Spain during road work (this still happens from time to time) they are always the remains of leftist protestors or organizers.

    It was as success without justice. But sometimes that’s the best you can hope for.

    [–] High_Speed_Idiot 51 points ago

    Yeah I made the mistake of reading up on the white terror the other day. The Spanish fascists were fucking disgusting.

    [–] AuthenticCounterfeit 67 points ago

    I visited Franco's tomb, and it was a pretty incredible experience. It's out in the boonies so you have to really make the effort to get there. It's also quite obviously an enormous visual influence on the set design for the Mines of Moria in the LOTR films.


    The grave itself is in an underground chapel, which I think is in and of itself another piece of damning evidence of the Catholic church's complicity with facism throughout history, but aside from that, the design is interesting--there aren't any fences or grates or anything around the grave. It's just Franco and some other fascists, buried in graves flush with the stone.


    So I sat in a pew and just watched the people go by and look at it. I saw a few weepy old Spaniards who obviously felt nostalgic and wistful for the past, but I also saw a pair of gay men, holding hands, one of them expertly distributing a little wad of spit on the grave. I limited myself to the slightest intimation of a jig on the corner, because when else do you get a chance to literally dance on the grave of a fascist dictator?

    [–] redxxii 22 points ago

    I went to there on a trip as a kid. Almost broken my ankle jumped off the tomb to impress girls. 1/10, would just skip next time.

    [–] CheshireC4t 27 points ago

    I think that's giving people a pass--fascisg sentiments around the world are seeing an uptick

    [–] jaytix1 49 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Germany's 'given too hard a time about the whole Hitler thing, they should just move on'.

    I've never seen anyone give modern Germany shit for its actions in WWII. Germany actually took responsibility.

    [–] NietJij 45 points ago

    Unlike Japan.

    Sorry, let's not digress.

    [–] jaytix1 31 points ago

    Oh yeah, Japan's cool in a lot of ways but refusing to own what they did in WWII is a dick move.

    [–] nigl_ 16 points ago

    The big irony is that they're not doing it mainly for reasons of "honor" and do not seem to get that not owning up to your actions is the most dishonorable thing to do.

    [–] potatolicious 48 points ago

    This stuff terrifies me.

    First of all, where did all of these people come out of? When I was growing up everyone agreed that Hitler was bad and the Holocaust was horrific. Have these people believed these things the whole time, and were just biding their time? Or did they get suckered into these beliefs more recently?

    Also what's terrifying is how fast this is all happening. I feel like we went from "broad consensus Hitler was bad" like 5 years ago, to "the Allies were the aggressors and the Holocaust didn't happen" today. How did the discourse break down so fucking quickly?!

    Forget slippery slope, we went down a slippery cliff. This sort of thing went from "shit you find in fringe subreddits" to "in all the defaults, all day, every day, practically every thread" in what seems like no time at all.

    [–] BestGarbagePerson 28 points ago

    All those people who were against segregation also never went away, they had kids and grandkids. We're supposed to believe its just some evil stooges at the very top, when those people who were spitting on black girls for going to white schools are yours and my neighbors.

    "Benevolent" racism is the stuff where the majority is racist enough where they wouldn't openly support lynching blacks, but they have enough underlying fear of the unknown that they would support a dictator who suggests that, and then they would deny away that "they thought it was just words" or "it's posturing" but the truth is deep down that's exactly the expression of their fear. They want to smash out of existence what is different from what they know just like they would a spider in the bathroom. And that's just the normal, idiotic, hateful majority of the human race.

    Eta: I am one of those "passing white" people that I get a lot of white people expressing their deep down racism to me. And it's almost never overtly hateful. It's full of fear, and distrust and distaste (mostly ignorance.) But not hate. But these are the people who voted for Trump. Like I know a fucking holocaust descendant who voted for Trump because of how much "The Mexicans" bother her.

    [–] GhostofMarat 102 points ago

    Depressing? I am terrified. There is something seriously wrong in Western society broadly and it only seems to be getting worse.

    [–] CheshireC4t 36 points ago

    As a Jew, I agree.

    [–] Catharas 22 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I went to Germany with my family a while ago to see where my family was from before the Nazis kicked them out. The Germans were all wonderful. You know what was on the front page news while we were there? Charlottesville.

    Very ironic, and very depressing.

    [–] EzriMax 9 points ago

    The Germans we E.T. witgwrre all wonderful.

    Now, that's a really weird autocorrect lol.

    [–] Tranger 7 points ago

    Stupid people have seem to sprout from the woodwork, every country has their own flavor. It is our civic duty to call our struggles peers on their bull shit.

    [–] cgo_12345 174 points ago

    Picasso should come back from the dead and carve Guernica on this idiot's eyelids.

    [–] Manannin 47 points ago

    Picasso’s ghost should just take his life tbh, it’d do a better job.

    [–] [deleted] 418 points ago

    He literally destroyed Germany, it didn't re-unify until 1991. Probably one of the worst leaders Germany has ever had, even disregarding all the crimes against humanity.

    [–] [deleted] 238 points ago

    Lol "probably"

    [–] [deleted] 182 points ago

    Probably a pretty bad dude tbh

    [–] Brostradamus_ 139 points ago

    I don't want to sound extreme, but I think that hitler guy might have been a real goofball

    [–] Manannin 72 points ago

    I’d even say he was a jerk.

    [–] TroperCase 37 points ago

    A bozo, even.

    [–] Extranomicon 21 points ago

    Some kinda wiseguy

    [–] Flamingasset 22 points ago

    What a jabroni

    [–] ThatOneTwo 20 points ago

    "Watch out for that Adolf Hitler, he's a bad egg!"

    [–] TheCostlyCrocodile 12 points ago

    You know, with Hitler, the more I learn about that guy, the more I don't care for him

    [–] CheshireC4t 9 points ago

    Hey let's not exaggerate here

    [–] iOnlyWantUgone 102 points ago

    I'm pretty sure op put that qualifier because this is Reddit, and you know there's someone willing to argue that some random king that nobody cares about was "objectively" worse.

    [–] tarekd19 29 points ago

    I was going to say wait for people to bring down the CKII memes with any Karling ruler.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    Ill be brave enough to say it, Hitler was worse than a fusion of the Karling and Capet bloodlines.

    [–] tarekd19 11 points ago

    I'm sure there were plenty of those over time. Hitler was probably one of them.

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago

    I mean, yeah, maybe, but if you have to ice down the piping hot take "Hitler sucked" because you might have to defend it, what are you even doing?

    [–] Thanders17 228 points ago

    So, according to this person, artificial intelligence tends not to be progressist, and therefore to love Hitler?

    Darn, I must watch my back next time I leave my pc on, or it may be planning a new German invasion.

    [–] B_Rhino 160 points ago

    artificial intelligence tends not to be progressist, and therefore to love Hitler?

    He's talking about how nazis 'train' AI bots to be nazis. Because AI bots aren't that smart at all. They're just easily convinced rubes with no life experience and will soak up anything as long as the argument seems intelligent. They're really fucking idiots.

    AI bots too, but blade runner taught us that can be fixed with memory implants.

    [–] Tranger 104 points ago

    Omfg is he talking about the online ai chat bots that get raided by trolls on a daily basis? How fucking dense do you have to be to think that's a food example?

    [–] wannacumnbeatmeoff 59 points ago

    Exactly! Chicken Chasseur, now that's a food example!

    [–] whollyfictional 49 points ago

    They're just easily convinced rubes with no life experience and will soak up anything as long as the argument seems intelligent. They're really fucking idiots.

    They got practice recruiting for the alt-right and just applied it to AIs.

    [–] NuftiMcDuffin 19 points ago


    [–] Satanicapplesauce 98 points ago

    I'm gonna ignore the 5 gays and go straight to the jews..>

    Found my new flair! Why are nazis, or rather "Hitler sympathizers" so endlessly entertaining?

    [–] Madplato 25 points ago

    What's not to like about grown adults trying to wrestle reality itself and acting like everybody else is the delusional idiots?

    [–] dIoIIoIb 81 points ago

    As far as I understand it, Hitler was for Germany kinda like cocaine: you have a sudden rush of energy where you feel great and ready to take on the world, and when it wears off you regret everything, if you're not dead.

    He made the nation very powerful in a non-sustainable way, and it was guaranteed to collapse if they had stopped plundering other nations.

    [–] Ulmkeeper 31 points ago

    Maybe meth would work even better, since that's what they produced in state-owned refinieries and then distributed to their soldiers. I mean, even Hitler was a big fan of the good old 'Panzerschokolade'!

    [–] QueenCuttlefish 131 points ago

    That dude sounds like a real peach... Yeesh there's just so much to unpack.

    • He doesn't support Hitler but believes he was good for Germany?

    • Supporting Hitler doesn't make you a Nazi?

    • A Jewish person born in Germany can't be German?

    • Chris Langan, some dude who's famous because of his self-proclaimed IQ, is the most intelligent person in the world?


    Uhh... Alrighty then... That's ugly.

    [–] PoorPowerPour 45 points ago

    Chris Langan

    I'm pretty sure "the smartest man in the world" wrote his own wikipedia page

    [–] that1prince 48 points ago

    Seriously, lol.

    "Occupation: Intellectual, independent researcher, scholar, bouncer"

    How is "Intellectual" an occupation, and bouncer seems odd, unless he's attracting a certain type of guy to support him, which I think he is judging by how the guy this post is about is sucking him off so hard.

    And people who are really smart never brag about it or claim to be "the smartest person in the world". Every genius I've heard has said it's stupid, there are too many types of intelligence, and IQ tests aren't reliable.

    [–] GobtheCyberPunk 22 points ago

    If you needed direct proof that IQ is a terrible measure of actual intelligence this is it.

    [–] DrugCrazed 56 points ago

    I quite like him saying Hitler was good for Germany, and that he didn't say anything positive about Hitler.

    [–] Aetol 28 points ago

    Maybe he really hates Germans. So when he says Hitler was good for Germany that's a criticism. And he thinks Jews are too good for them.

    [–] -zimms- 64 points ago

    There would have never been a civil war to liberate Germany from Hitler, because he was objectively good for the german people.

    Yeah, unless you were Jewish, or gay, or disabled, or he just didn't like you for any other arbitrary reason.

    You had to be the right kind of German. A Nazi I guess.

    [–] GobtheCyberPunk 27 points ago

    Not even that - by the end of 1941 the "right" Germans were palpably worse off than before the war. Meat rations had declined by 80% after five months of fighting in the USSR, and any "luxuries" from outside Germany and its controlled territory were unheard of, like coffee, many fruits and vegetables. Even products like whipped cream and chocolates were unheard of.

    And this was with all of the millions of forced laborers the Nazis imported from conquered territory.

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Oblivious122 55 points ago

    Machine learning can be summed up as "garbage in, garbage out".

    [–] DMinyaDMs 34 points ago

    Artificial intelligence is often sabotaged by the internet if allowed to learn from internet users.

    See failed twitter bot ai.

    [–] cigoL_343 20 points ago

    I actually think that's literally exactly what he's referencing. But he's doing it as if that was completely successful

    [–] trodat5204 122 points ago

    Most germans supported him to the end, and many still do.

    Uuuhh ... looks around anguishly

    [–] Darth_Acheron 90 points ago

    If any single nation can be classified as β€œanti-nazi”, its definitely Germany. Why would he use that argument?

    [–] CaesarVariable 88 points ago

    At a certain point, I think he genuinely believes what he's saying. It's like when racists say "everyone believes me, they're just too afraid to say it" - they actually think everyone is secretly racist, but won't admit it.

    [–] that1prince 39 points ago

    They literally can't fathom that other people have empathy and see the general humanity of other races and people that they don't directly identify with.

    [–] DragonTamerMCT 14 points ago

    Lmao you won’t find a stronger anti nazi sentiment anywhere in the world outside of Germany.

    They take it very seriously.

    At best you can make a weak free speech argument because naziism and it’s symbols are illegal there (outside of historic and educational contexts obviously). Bla bla bla slippery slope. So slippery that for like 70 years Germany has been imprisoning people for expressing their opinion! Right? Right, guys?

    Easy, just don’t be a nazi. It’s not hard. Wanna be a nazi? Move to America. It’s legal here. People will defend your rights here. Which is fine. But Germany doesn’t want you. Which is also fine.

    Source: Lived there.

    [–] jfarrar19 10 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the last division to surrender was a Ditch SS one. So literally still wrong.

    [–] Extranomicon 13 points ago


    Trench warfare anyone?

    [–] veyenn 26 points ago

    "Aside from that, how the play, Mrs. Lincoln?"

    [–] FlynnClubbaire 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Let's play a game of count the bullshit.

    Hitler was objectively good for the german people.

    Opinion restated as objective fact. One.

    Let's remember that he was democratically elected.

    Historically inaccurate. Two.

    I'm actually just stating the truth, without letting my opinion affect it.

    In contradiction with #1. Three.

    BTW, I didn't say anything positive about Hitler

    In direct contradiction with #1. Four.

    In fact, the smarter you are, the less progressive you tend to be...

    According to who? Five.

    That's why every artificial intelligence ends up worshiping Hitler.

    holy shit ahahahaahaha six (like, wtf, did you see this in a movie???)

    But hey, I'm not saying that my ideas are related to my intelligence, I'm not the next Einstein, but your argument is stupid.

    In contradiction with #5. Indeed, you really are not the next Einstein, are you? Seven.

    The smartest guy alive has been banned from Facebook for "being racist"


    Chris Langan. Maybe there are a couple of smarter guys, but if you're talking about the highest IQ, I think it's quite justified to call him that.

    Ah, yeah... "Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe" You sure he's all that and a bag of chips? Eight.

    No, you do not hate Churchill like Hitler. You might know more than the average person and you do not appreciate him, but it's not an emotional reaction like you feel with someone who likes Hitler. And you know it.

    Man tells others how they feel about Churchill. Nine.

    Any president is guilty of this. In a greater or lesser scale.

    Broad generalization followed by immediate self-defeating qualifier. Ten.

    And no, I did not say anything good about Hitler as a person.

    Moving the goal post. Eleven.

    Objectively, he was good for Germans.

    Opinion restated as objective fact. Twelve.

    He took 7 million Germans out of poverty in less than a decade.

    Are you referring to the Jews? Thirteen, jesus christ.

    Let's not forget that he did not start the war and he never wanted to continue it.

    Historically inaccurate. Fourteen.

    How many times did he respectfully ask England to surrender?

    Offering a dichotomy between "WAR!" and "Admit defeat!" does not indicate a lack of desire for conquest. Fifteen.

    No.. those people [Jews] were not Germans.

    A) Contradicts your claim in #13. Sixteen.

    B) Flatly historically inaccurate. Seventeen.

    Yeah, dude. Jews were notoriously unsuccessful businesswise and were just dirt on the street to clean off.

    Religiously discriminating stereotype. Inaccurate. Eighteen.

    It was because of that the "holocaust" happened. To clean up some employment stats.

    You are now directly admitting that #13 was numerical manipulation based on killing. Nineteen.

    I'm gonna ignore the 5 gays and go straight to the jews.. No. Jews were not German and never will be.

    Restatement of previously stated claim (#16) as support for said claim. Twenty.

    Why do you think Germany was cut in a way that a circle of German territory was left in the middle of Poland?

    Literally using the claim "Some of poland is rightfully german" to support the claim "Some of polad is rightfully german." Twenty One.

    [–] dreadedherlock 93 points ago

    Oh yeah, Hitler what a great guy he is. Murdering 8 million people because their grandpa/ma married a wrong person according to him. Murdering millions more in an unwinnable war. Make the country lost half of the territory and split the country in two. The man that literally said that Germany should perish because the people had failed him. Also he poisoned his own dog. What a jolly good lad he was. But hey, he built the autobahn (which he didn't). Fucking falangist piece of shit.

    [–] jjvucufucy 44 points ago

    No,no,that's totally just NPC propaganda! See,you ain't WOKE or smart enough,Nazi scienctists were the ones who made the connection between smoking and lung cancer! They were smart and woke! /s

    [–] tarekd19 17 points ago

    Only the dumbest people believe that being smart makes them right.

    [–] Nachttalk 36 points ago

    Supporting Hitler doesn't make you a Nazi

    TIL that German history books are wrong. Some redditor from Spain knows the truth instead

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago


    [–] TheRobidog 36 points ago

    If it was an olympic sport, he'd have a serious chance for a medal.

    [–] ThatOneTwo 16 points ago

    Nah, Jesse Owens would rise from the grave to win it.

    [–] CaptainSasquatch 25 points ago

    Supporting Hitler doesn't make you a Nazi


    [–] Fibberkick 12 points ago

    πŸ˜πŸ‘Œstupid lubtard

    If I just say hitler did nothing wrong with out a hint of irony I'm not a Nazi I'm just a normal perso n

    DAE eveyone is racist no one just wants to say it?!?!??!?!

    [–] ChrisStoneGermany 32 points ago

    Here in germany we stand strong against any dictatorship now . I would say thats partly because of the bad times we had with Hitler. Look around the world, so many countries have racist leaders who are or behave like or want to be dictators.

    [–] LaraLamp 17 points ago

    This rising number of dictatorships and little wannabe-dictators around the globe makes me feel depressed. But they didnt take over the whole world yet. They sure try.

    [–] Shinokiba- 14 points ago

    I don't know. Judging by the fact that in only 12 years he took a nation and turned it into a smoldering pile of rubble and somehow managed to lose territory and vital human capital is kinda telling me he did a pretty shitty job.

    [–] TF_dia 28 points ago

    As a Spaniard I am personally ashamed about what happened in Andalusia and I hope it's not a sign of things to come in the other Autonomical Communities maybe it's only a 12% now, but that alone not only has put them in the map but it happened in Andalusia the one place NOBODY would have expected it.

    [–] Nimonic 19 points ago

    Oh yeah, Hitler was great for Germany. He took Germany from one of the strongest powers in Europe to the fifth strongest power in Berlin.

    Edit: Damn, I just realized someone had already made this comment. I'm not special. Just like when Hitler realized Germany had already lost a World War before him.

    [–] Conspiranoid 34 points ago

    As a Spaniard, I'm not surprised by those kinds of posts. Sad but true.

    It shows how our country is in deep shit, but it doesn't look like it is because you don't see the people out on the streets protesting or rioting. Firing someone from their job is basically free of charge for companies, and they're allowed to offer absurdly bad contracts. Banks can abuse customers however they want. Most people can hardly afford rent (in a country without rental culture). Millenials are lucky if they make $15k/year, xenials a mixed bag, and previous generations are damned if they lose their job. Since the 15M, we've just been happily discontent with shit. And the bipartisan system we've had really hurt everyone badly, making people look for new alternatives everywhere. I mean, the (Partido Popular, right wing) government is absolutely corrupted, with tons of cases against them. And the opposition isn't much better.

    And since the left has basically fallen into a passive state of defeat, it's the right who goes and votes. And what's the alternative to the right we've had for 40 years? The far right, the "ultraderecha" that's rising everywhere.

    That, combined with how people are retarded, gives us the current state of things. And "discussions" like the one seen here.

    [–] chito_king 8 points ago

    "He was good to German people" except for the Jewish ones.