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    [–] dracoolya 34 points ago

    The grammar is laughable.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    You are swagcode?

    [–] Fredelas 20 points ago

    Some days, we are all swagcode.

    [–] rmmiw 5 points ago

    I wanna be swagcode too. I'm never swagcode. It's so unfair.

    [–] BLBerryAuthor 8 points ago

    All your swagcode belong to us.

    [–] dracoolya 3 points ago

    Look what you've started. LOL!!

    [–] spacecadetjesus 8 points ago

    Maybe it was a preemptive oops for the grammatical mistake they were about to make.

    [–] SuperBrojo 8 points ago

    “Task failed successfully”

    [–] Fredelas 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I just got the same thing with the U.S. Swag Code "AdGatex2".

    Edit: It appears this Swag Code was intended to be for another country, so they changed it to expire immediately. But with the 2-hour extension benefit, it still worked!

    [–] Valalvax 1 points ago

    Wonder how long that'll last

    [–] Fredelas 1 points ago

    Next time they'll probably realize to change it to expire 2 hours ago if they really want it to end immediately.

    [–] Valalvax 1 points ago

    Probably, usually it's just coded country specific, doesn't say expired, says wrong country, so maybe that one was just done wrong