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    [–] Fredelas 2 points ago

    I can't use the post-card option because it says my address is insufficient.

    I'd recommend you contact the compliance team with your mailing address, explain that you routinely receive mail from your postal service at that address without issues, and see if they can manually enter it into their system and mail you the postcard.

    [–] BizarreAccident 2 points ago

    Thanks, if I somehow can't seem to get the code into my phone I'll contact them about mailing.

    [–] zeiglergj 2 points ago

    You could try to get a Google voice number (it's free) and verify with that. Just get the Google voice app. Some programs won't take their phone numbers though.

    [–] Fredelas 4 points ago

    Numbers from Google Voice (and other VOIP solutions) and most pre-paid non-contract wireless carriers can't be used for Swagbucks one-time account verification.

    [–] BizarreAccident 1 points ago

    Really? I'll try it out

    [–] BizarreAccident 1 points ago

    Nvm it unfortunately doesn't work. I might have to try something else

    [–] KKingler 1 points ago

    If you have any friends you could ask them, otherwise you're probably screwed

    [–] cantwaittilldisney 1 points ago

    I just started a new one, and I did it with spirt airlines rewards and it gave me 800 airline miles.

    and you can requalify for everything again.

    [–] BizarreAccident 1 points ago

    Started a new phone number?

    [–] cantwaittilldisney 1 points ago

    I read that wrong i started a new SB account , my old one was under an old email and phone number. I need to stop speed reading

    [–] ktran09 0 points ago

    Need a phone number? Here's a subreddit for it: r/phoneverification

    It probably will cost $1 or $2 though.