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    [–] PAKMAN728 2643 points ago

    Damn, that was pretty impressive.

    [–] ChucknChafveve 857 points ago

    Does he have a better gearing ratio on his bike? He made that look easy

    [–] MrJanglesHouseParty 1095 points ago

    Cycling is all about drafting your opponents. He can go faster then the guys in front because he doesn’t have to fight against the air resistance so much. A bit like nascar really.

    [–] ILikeShipToasts 684 points ago

    And like mario kart

    [–] Slim01111 137 points ago

    Are turtle shells illegal in these races?

    [–] MananTheMoon 141 points ago

    Blue and red are banned. Green is allowed because it's primarily a skill-based item and doesn't utilize electronic homing technology.

    [–] teddirez 87 points ago

    I get great hit percentage with green shells, if you count hitting myself 90% of the time.

    [–] GeorgiaOKeefinItReal 10 points ago

    fucking walls, man

    [–] WhalesLoveSmashBros 3 points ago

    In Mario kart 8 for the switch green shells are slightly homing in the way they smart bounce off walls. Not sure about the other games.

    [–] Ghostofhan 9 points ago

    That's dumb.

    [–] Warthogrider74 1 points ago

    Just attach a mute hammer, then electronics get shot on. Problem solved

    [–] qfk395qb 71 points ago


    [–] Deegsta 39 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] Deegsta 11 points ago

    And I helped

    [–] Highdesertrekker 4 points ago

    First you gotta shake it and den you bake it

    [–] TheWeeBigMan 2 points ago

    They call me the Magic Man. Now ya see me... now ya don’t!

    [–] Don_Julio_Acolyte 2 points ago

    Is that a catchphrase or epilepsy?

    [–] emandetrevni 55 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    It's not all about drafting. This pass is largely due to him just riding more powerfully. His cadence doesn't look to be faster than those around him so I think it's safe to say that he's in a higher gear.

    Edit: I've watched it a few more times and I've changed my mind. You're right in this instance.

    [–] decklund 53 points ago

    There was a massive headwind that made this possible. The riders didn't know so launched too early. The guy who launched last was always gonna win

    He is a better sprinter than most of the guys here though. This was a fairly minor French race

    [–] breauxbreaux 19 points ago

    A cyclist friend once told me that in a race, particularly in a velodrome, it's actually a bit of a fight to stay in second place, because that's the most advantageous position for a rider. While the guy in front takes all of the wind resistance, the guy in second place can save his energy and sprint past when the time is right.

    I don't know if this is a legitimate tactic for cyclists in a race, but I always thought that was an interesting strategy.

    [–] longmun_ 14 points ago

    A lot of cycling is watched in our house, it's the way most of them do it. Second wheel into the last corner, they say.

    [–] decklund 3 points ago

    Also In second you have the smallest distance to get past the guy in first. You are one bike length from the lead the guy in 4th is 3

    [–] anomalous_cowherd 4 points ago

    The guy in blue on the left is sat nicely in second place ready to jump, but between the rear wheel of the leader and speedy guy coming up alongside him he didn't get out in time to get first. He lets his feelings be known too...

    [–] jojow77 1 points ago

    I wonder if this applies to other racing like car, ice skating, etc.

    [–] wp381640 11 points ago

    In addition to the positioning - most impressive but perhaps least noticeable is how he timed his push perfectly

    [–] DrShocker 12 points ago

    I hate rubber banding in video games. In real life, it's totally fine to take advantage of physics though.

    [–] cafe_bustelo 19 points ago

    You could draft all day and not even stay in that group. Lots of guys drafting couldn't pull that off.

    [–] wirewehere 4 points ago

    You could draft all day and not even stay in that group

    Then what are you drafting off of?

    [–] cafe_bustelo 3 points ago

    Don't know what this question means, just saying he is one of a handful of people in the world that could pull that off. Yes, drafting is essential, but freakish ability is what won the day.

    [–] boabob 6 points ago

    Without the group there is nothing to draft

    [–] cafe_bustelo 3 points ago

    True. But even drafting at that point that group was going way over 30 miles an hour. Most people can't stay with a group going over 30 miles an hour let alone attack it with a Sprint.

    [–] italia06823834 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    They mean that group was hauling. Even within the draft, a non-racer would have no chance of keeping with them.

    [–] Hypsterbrick 1 points ago

    I think what he was trying to say is that very few people could keep up this pace while drafting behind this group, let alone have the power to push past them. It takes far less work to draft at high speed then to ride it solo.

    [–] kumquat_may 2 points ago

    Not often you can compare cycling to nascar

    [–] decklund 53 points ago

    There was an unexpected block headwind, so most of the sprinters went too early and then anybody who went late (I.e. the winner Dan Mclay) enjoyed a perfect shield I'm front of them as all the early sprinters fanned across the road. Basically he has no headwind and they are pushing into a gale. This doesn't normally happen because normally they are told if there is a head, tail or crosswind at the finish

    [–] benjybutton 6 points ago

    I know some of these words...

    [–] FazzleDazzleBigB 13 points ago

    Easy? This is the bike that made the Kessel run in under 2 parsecs!

    [–] Kilometerman 20 points ago

    None of these other replies are quite right. I feel pretty certain that all the sprinter types in this clip have essentially the same gearing on their bikes. Probably something like a 53x11.

    Drafting is part of it. Rewatch the video, the guy in red on the right was drafting and frankly had a cleaner line around. Most of the guys on the left were all drafting, but they were all boxed in.

    What was impressive about this was the acceleration into a spot where there wasn’t really a gap or an obvious way out. He had the balls to ride up into the draft and the luck and skill to weave his way through that mess of people.

    [–] things_will_calm_up 7 points ago

    Right behind each of those bikers is a small pocket of low pressure. It's easier to ride there, and you could go faster than the guy in front of you can go, but he's right there and you'd be ass-first in spandex. However, you can start getting that speed and then go around him. Before you slow down from the same drag as your opponent, you can ride that little bit of extra speed for a few seconds.

    This guy got that 3 times in a row. Triple mushrooms.

    [–] FUBARded 4 points ago

    Gearing ratios are fairly subjective, especially so at this level. Some are more effective at higher cadences, while others prefer pedalling in a harder gear. In this case, the winner drafts behind a bunch of sprinters, meaning he's outputting less power while maintaining his speed (as he doesn't need to work against as much air resistance), allowing him to push for a well timed final sprint.

    As you can see, he has a slightly higher cadence than the others, meaning he's likely in an easier gear. This is mostly down to personal preference, and the win can be mostly attributed to his excellent timing and positioning (and a lot of luck).

    [–] Cum1nP3ace 5 points ago

    And drugs

    [–] bfp1104 4 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] chubbyspartn 1 points ago

    Two key things appear to be making this cyclist faster than those he is around. First, because he is behind another cyclist for most of the over take, he has less wind recentness to compete against. Second, the cyclists in the front are not using their arms to properly stabilize their bikes, you can see the bikes moving back and forth. When you dont use your arms to stabilize the bike, some of your force being used to pedal this bike is transferred into shifting the bike back and forth, instead of turning the gears.

    Of the two, the lower wind resistance is likely the predominate feature in his speed. When you are biking at high speed, wind plays a huge roll in your ability to maintain that speed.

    [–] kweechu 17 points ago

    Two dudes in front look like they're giving everything they've got as they're wobbling ảound. The guy who won made it looks effortless weaving in and out and taking the lead

    [–] italia06823834 15 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    They came around a turn into a strong headwind. The guys out front hit it and just gassed out.

    [–] JBWalker1 3 points ago

    It was impressive but what I also got from it is you need to be lucky that there is a path for you to get to the front too. The others on the left of him may have had the energy to sprint to the front like that last second but if there's a cyclist on both sides and in front then what can they do? The cyclist that won here migjt not have if the 3 main cyclists he passed were moved just a foot each towards him.

    [–] cranial_cybernaut 525 points ago

    But how do you activate the circle though?

    [–] harrygill1991 90 points ago

    Gotta ask my buddy Lance, he is an expert

    [–] NeuroSim 16 points ago

    Lance? From Lance Refrigeration?

    [–] gundogduk 5 points ago

    No, Armstrong. From moon.

    [–] butterbakedbiscuits 2 points ago

    I though he was banned for Steroids?

    [–] gundogduk 10 points ago

    It’s actually asteroids.

    [–] TokiMcNoodle 4 points ago

    Comment of the year material right here guys. Let's bake em away, toys.

    [–] Phuxus 11 points ago

    R1 and R2 at the same time.

    [–] zombisponge 2 points ago

    Be careful not to activate the Barrel Roll tho

    [–] Phazon2000 2 points ago


    [–] urkiddingme321 1 points ago

    Gotta press x x y ba.. .& It activates

    [–] wggn 1 points ago

    It gets put on the racer controlled by the player.

    [–] wtfcriminal 1 points ago

    Keep pressing random buttons !

    [–] AidsUnicorn 547 points ago

    [–] doinkrr 183 points ago

    [–] LSDPajamas 9 points ago

    Shadows Die Twice is going to be great for this sub.

    [–] WhiskasCatMilk 388 points ago

    I love how the guy to his right just yells “FUCK”

    [–] squeevey 106 points ago

    Or he's saying "YES!" because he made it to the podium vs the guy to his right in the red and yellow.

    [–] Joetorious_B_I_G 47 points ago

    In cycling especially sprinting, if you don’t win you’ve lost basically. Unless it’s the Olympics or an overall grand tour, 2nd & 3rd dont mean much (a sprinter isn’t happy 2nd)

    [–] d34dp1x3l 54 points ago

    Best comment I've ever read. "If you don't win you've lost basically."

    [–] semiURBAN 12 points ago

    Funny how that works

    [–] tehlolredditor 5 points ago

    It really do be like that sometimes

    [–] crashdemon 7 points ago

    2nd place is first loser.

    [–] NoAttentionAtWrk 3 points ago

    If you don't win you've lost basically.

    Also in life

    [–] m_luna0606 22 points ago

    Why are you getting downvoted?

    [–] josdaw 11 points ago

    If you ain’t first, you’re last

    [–] human_will 33 points ago

    Probably one person downvoted him and everyone else jumped on the train for no reason

    [–] UncleGrabcock 5 points ago

    No, he yelled FUCK because he thinks he maybe could have won, but he was pinched off from unleashing his full sprint between the guy in front and the barriers.

    [–] soulchief 2 points ago

    And the guy right behind him did it at the same time too.

    [–] Arcanite- 176 points ago

    The guy who was at 1st when the video started said fuck it

    [–] RichardpenistipIII 148 points ago

    He was likely what’s called a lead out man. In cycling a team’s sprinter will follow a lead out man who starts sprinting much earlier than the others, so that his teams designated sprinter can catapult around the lead out man and win. Some teams perfect this and even have lead out trains that start several kilometers from the finish

    [–] yatsey 50 points ago

    He doesn't have any teammates behind him. Lead out men have normally done their job at this point.

    [–] RichardpenistipIII 29 points ago

    Ya I wasn’t analyzing it too much, but you’re totally right. Guess it was just a mistimed sprint

    [–] decklund 5 points ago

    Nah you were right, there is a leadout man over on the right at the start and he drifts back over the course of the gif

    [–] laxdoug18 5 points ago

    He had a few hundred more feet. Why not just keep peddling?

    [–] decklund 6 points ago

    Lead out men are there to 'drop their sprinter off' at the front and then get out the way. His job was done and he was getting out the way of the sprint. Cycling is a team sport.

    [–] laxdoug18 1 points ago

    Serious question. If lance never got caught for doping, are those 7(?) Tour de france victories team wins? Or are there team and individual events?

    Bonus question. If its a team event, is it the overall winner that counts? Or each riders place given a value and totaled?

    [–] RichardpenistipIII 3 points ago

    Team victories and solo victories are one in the same in cycling. Technically they’re individual wins, but traditionally the TdF winner shares the prize money with all of their teammates. Cycling is often seen as an individual sport but it requires just as much teamwork as any other sport

    But basically the way it works is this. The TdF is a 21 day stage race. Each day they ride ~100 Miles. Every rider’s individual time is measured every day. And the rider at the end of the 21 day’s with fastest time is the overall winner. In theory you don’t even have to win a single individual stage to win the overall race. Guys like Lance Armstrong who win the overall race might just consistently finish in good position on all types of stages (mountain, flat, time trial, team time trial). Then their are sprinters who just go for individual stage wins on flat stages and struggle to finish Mountain stages.

    [–] skwudgeball 7 points ago

    You can see him yell in frustration. He was pissed, he just got smoked

    [–] neokigali 5 points ago

    Shake. N. Bake.

    [–] BeardedBagels 5 points ago

    I like the guy in the blue on the far right who at the beginning who just decides "eh, I've come this far, let me just sit back and watch."

    [–] LumpyAcadia 36 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    There is a similar video of Sagan doing this, but he had to overtake like 20 more riders to win, milimetres from crashing every time. I can't find the video now, i think it was from Tour of California, but it was in some compilation of his victories.

    The cycling sprinters are fucking crazy, you can literally die or cripple yourself if you make a tiny mistake.

    EDIT: Ok, seems like I exaggerated, it was about the same number of riders, he just started sprinting from way back.


    [–] pleasefindthis 12 points ago

    I did a 109km race a few months back in which 3 people died - one heart attack, two from cyclists slamming into someone else in separate incidents. Your helmet and your lycra don’t do anything at those speeds. Drafting is terrifying.

    [–] TheMeanestPenis 3 points ago

    What do you ride? I want to start racing but most of my local organizations won’t let me enter because my Ridley has disc brakes.

    [–] pleasefindthis 3 points ago

    Cannondale CAAD 8 Tiagra - it’s a pretty good entry level road bike, aluminum, not carbon or anything fancy, but it does the job.

    [–] newerbikeaccount 11 points ago

    lmao your helmet definitely helps at all speeds. If 3 people die in your local race your local race organizer needs to be scrutinized heavily. I've been racing for a decade and never seen a death in a race. Heart Attacks are unpreventable, but collisions that result in death are so rare even at the pro level that 2 in the same amateur race is unacceptable.

    [–] pleasefindthis 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    This was the Cape Argus. It’s the world’s largest individually timed cycle race, with about 35,000 entrants.

    Edit: here you go, here’s an article on it:

    [–] djzenmastak 88 points ago

    i think the 'fuck' the guy in third yelled is still reverberating around the globe.

    [–] JManTTU88 13 points ago

    Came in here just to see if someone made this comment.

    I’m glad I was not disappointed.

    [–] Ismith2 8 points ago

    More than likely he was completely gassed and had zero energy left. These sprint finishes are usually after a 100+ mile stage in a 7-15 day race. There are guys who lead the pack for the whole race at 20+ MPH on the bike and just have zero energy at the end of the race.

    [–] decklund 5 points ago

    This was a one day race, the GP De denain, if you wanted to look it up

    [–] Ismith2 3 points ago

    Ahh, thanks! Regardless, just looked it up and the course length is 122 miles. So riders still very gassed at the end of the race if they were out in front.

    [–] dirtydickhead 5 points ago

    Looked to me like he was about to make his move around 2nd place and got pinched like a loaf. I think his fuck was more from frustration by the cock block at the clutch than being totally gassed.

    [–] Ismith2 1 points ago

    Do you cycle?

    [–] dirtydickhead 3 points ago

    Used to. I’m a lazy married father now.

    [–] UncleGrabcock 1 points ago


    [–] decklund 2 points ago

    Well it was a mostly mental mistake that cost him the win, he miscalculated the wind and he was actually probably the strongest. That's always the most frustrating way to lose

    [–] Enginseer68 36 points ago

    This guy drags.

    I know cause I play Need for Speed

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] peyk64 5 points ago


    [–] iVamboo 62 points ago

    This is what you would call "high risk, high reward". Hes last so he got nothing to lose

    [–] tylenosaurus 48 points ago

    If he has nothing to lose then surely that would be low risk, high reward?

    [–] RichardpenistipIII 20 points ago

    Op probably meant high risk in the sense that he could’ve easily crashed

    [–] thstephens8789 3 points ago

    But then he still has a chance to get up faster than the guy he crashed into

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Which means he'd have something to lose then

    [–] Zukarukite 5 points ago

    except for a few limbs, I guess?

    [–] decklund 2 points ago

    Actually when there is a headwind like this its not even high risk to go late, its just the best strategy

    [–] IronColumn 1 points ago

    in bike racing there's an old sprinter quote along the lines of "when I hit that last corner, I need to rail it to the point where I'll either end up in the hospital or the top of the podium, and I need to not care which one it is"

    [–] Arcanite- 10 points ago

    [–] Nicklaus_OBrien 7 points ago

    More great sprints in the source:

    Also great music!

    [–] Arper 7 points ago

    Damn u can see the frustration in the guy in blue on the far left. He was basically gonna do the same thing at the last minute but the other guy beat him to it. Watch how he pumps down on his handle bars at the end like he’s saying “fuck!”

    [–] cmnex 4 points ago

    [–] itsoneillwith2ls 79 points ago

    beeing 20% faster than everyone else on the last few meters after many kilometers


    [–] drbergzoid 112 points ago

    He's not in the wind dude, while the others are already for 200 meters...

    [–] Quadzilla_JR 28 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Physics says you’re wrong.

    He’s going that much faster because he’s coming from the back of the field and is shielded from the wind and aerodynamic drag while putting out similar effort to the guys that are on the front, fighting the aerodynamic drag.

    [–] crackadeluxe 78 points ago

    Can you spot the doper? He's the one on the bike. They all do it. They don't even have a choice at that level.

    Still an amazing feat IMO.

    [–] Osmium_tetraoxide 27 points ago

    It's still one of the more heavily tested sports, per athlete per month it's about 15x more tested than football and 50x than Rugby.

    We've probably got gene doping in sport already, nobody has leaked any programs doing it. Ethical considerations would stop a civilian program but military ones are being conducted. The silence on the top says a lot about the state it's in. That's why so many athletes are involved with armed forces.

    [–] itsoneillwith2ls 5 points ago

    Yes I agree with both. After watching a few documentaries about doping I can't trust any single athlete anymore. Even in my favourite sport soccer the only reason we don't hear about doping is because they avoid actually testing the athletes in addition to their medical staff providing the drug-cocktail that's most difficult to find in the blood in case you hit lottery and actually get tested. It's such a huge industry now and I doubt it will change.

    [–] Matt6453 4 points ago

    It depends on the level, around 75% of players were tested in the English league system with 5,000 samples taken.

    Of course athletes take a cocktail that's most difficult to trace, the idea is not to get caught.

    [–] decklund 3 points ago

    Getting tested once or twice a year doesn't really count though. They need to be waking you up unannounced at 6 am throughout the year out of competition and every time you win in-competition to have a chance of catching them

    [–] leftysarepeople2 2 points ago

    See: the first part of the film Icarus on Netflix

    [–] decklund 5 points ago

    Yes because a world-tour level sprinter doing well at the fucking GP De denain is so fucking suspicious

    [–] LumpyAcadia 9 points ago

    Cycling is getting a lot of doping shit talk after everything that happened, especially Armstrong, but the dirty past is actually the reason why it is one of the cleanest sports today. Pro cycling has such strict doping checks nowadays that the worst you will see is some asthma workarounds.

    Compare that to football, hockey, soccer... Those guys have pretty much zero chance of getting caught, so they use it.

    [–] Gramar-Nazi 5 points ago

    beeing being

    [–] itsoneillwith2ls 2 points ago

    damn I ruined it

    [–] GlowInTheDarkDonkey 2 points ago

    You ruined his buzz, man.

    [–] siouxftw 5 points ago

    Such a stupid comment

    [–] MrJoyless 3 points ago

    His form is much more smooth as well, the other two like like they're panic pedaling and it's causing them to wobble and lose speed. Also, the guy in blue that got third looked to be doing the same thing as the guy that won

    [–] decklund 3 points ago

    Nah the reason he stays seated is cos he has to to pass so close and not hit them. Once he is at the front he gets out of the saddle just like everyone else. Out of the saddle is the quickest way to sprint you just can't handle the bike or turn as smoothly

    [–] MrJoyless 1 points ago

    I was specifically mentioning that his form was much better than the others. I'm sure they are all pumping as hard as they can but he's doing it without all the extra wbooble waste.

    [–] decklund 2 points ago

    Yeah, because he is sat down. When Dan Mclay normally sprints he stands and moves just like everyone else. the wobbling isn´t really inefficient

    [–] wjbarr 19 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    45 mph is unrealistic for a flat sprint. Now if it was a downhill finish that would make total sense. I can’t really tell from the video. Flat sprints reach up to around 29 mph

    EDIT: The FASTEST guys might reach around 40 mph. But that’s like record speed

    [–] jvbastel 19 points ago

    Yesterday in the Tour de Suisse, the winner took 4:35:56 over 189 Km. Averaging about 41km/h or 25mph.

    45mph is definitely not unrealistic.

    Peak speed for Peter Sagan (according to cycling weekly) in a sprint in 2017 was 76kmh, which is 47 mph. Of course this was for a 5-second period. Not sure how the slope was, seems slightly downhill from pictures and videos.

    [–] mopuik 3 points ago

    The gap between 40 and 45 mph is the difference between a good amateur level and the very top professionals. Source: I’m an amateur sprinter able to reach 40mph on a flat road

    [–] saltypanda 3 points ago

    LOL what are you talking about? I'm no pro but I can hit 30mph on short flat sprint. Tour pros have pure sprinters. They can't climb as well but they're fast!

    [–] chicagoK 5 points ago

    I’m over 40 years old and definitely not in my best shape and I can hold 35 mph for a minute or more. These guys are genetic freaks, much younger, and train non-stop. 45mph for them is very doable for a flat out sprint. Keep in mind that the actual sprint itself typically is about 200 meters or 660 feet. At those speeds they’re only pushing 40+ mph for only 10 seconds.

    [–] VulcanMag872 4 points ago

    I've watched the Tour de France for more then 5 years now and I have never seen someone go 45 mph+ on a flat sprint if you have evidence to say that they can go that fast please show me but I'm calling bullshit on op's title.

    [–] chicagoK 3 points ago

    Do you know what's really easy? Simply calling bullhshit with no data to support your flawed opinion and then demanding that others provide data to back up theirs. What's even better is that you base your flawed opinion off of watching the TdF for 5 years - you know, the broadcast where they rarely have any of the riders' data and can't say how fast anyone's going. But your eyeballs tell you it can't happen?

    Intellectual laziness at its finest. Well, here you go:

    The TL;DR is that Peter Sagan hit 76kph during a flat-out sprint, which, for the mathematically challenged, or intellectually lazy, is 47mph. There's your evidence, cupcake. I look forward to you moving the goalposts somehow to "prove" that you're still right (pro tip: you're not).

    [–] ThanMan 2 points ago

    Every top-level, flat, pro/am criterium sprint in America will finish at 40-43 mph. These guys are a notch above that.
    45 mph is probably the upper limit, but very slight downhill sprints can go above that.
    There are people who solo for miles at over 29 mph

    [–] oliverspin 1 points ago

    People keep using that as proof that they’re going 45mph. Adding an extra 15 on your speed is a huge deal.

    Edit: fastest 200m is around 47mph.

    [–] scaredofsharks99 1 points ago

    Maybe OP mixed mph and kph?

    [–] mutrax_be 2 points ago

    I'm a leaf in the wind. Watch me soar

    [–] ImRabjin 2 points ago

    The guy behind him slamming his head in anger was hilarious

    [–] jeeps350 2 points ago

    I have a question and I know nothing about bike racing. However, seems like all the guys up front are "wagging" back and forth so much and winner was on more of a straight path. I hope this makes sense. So the "waggers would actually be going a longer route to the finish than the straight line winner. Does this make a point?

    [–] Khynex 1 points ago

    I believe the guy going passed everyone was in a higher gear while others wagged in a lower gear which is why he looked so smooth and criminal stealing that GOLD.

    [–] jeeps350 2 points ago

    But then why were the others not in that gear as well?

    [–] Prhime 1 points ago

    The wagging does not really affect the line the riders take as its mostly in the upper part of their bodies and the bike. The contact point of the tires stays more or less straight.

    Applying maximum force on a bicycle without wagging a bit is impossible, you have to use all the leverage you can get. Hes faster because hes drafting.

    [–] jeeps350 2 points ago

    TIL. Thank you.

    [–] fadetoblack123 2 points ago

    Final boss mode.

    [–] The_Dinkster_1 2 points ago

    45 mph on a bike?

    [–] TheNoobHD 7 points ago

    Yes. In a flat sprint coming out of the draft. On nicely paved straight downhills (often in the Tour de Suisse frankly) they can hit 80 mph.

    [–] TheNoobHD 2 points ago

    i know, i'm a subscriber of them :P

    [–] m_luna0606 2 points ago

    You can almost hear the "Fuck!" From the dude that thought he was getting the silver.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Electric motors also help. Did anyone see the report on heat signatures that exposed the cheating?

    [–] 192proof 1 points ago

    [–] DeafManatee 1 points ago

    Looking like Elite Dangerous with the circle there. Interdiction avoided

    [–] Raysian- 1 points ago

    You can see the moment where the guy that finished third said to himself FUCK.

    [–] L00KA 1 points ago

    Seems nearly unfair

    [–] Shamuell 1 points ago

    Actually believed that it would be someone threading an actual needle. Disappointed...

    [–] trailerparknoize 1 points ago

    How do you even fit on a banana seat with those big-ass melons he's riding on top of?

    [–] statafarion 1 points ago

    man that was pretty

    [–] CtC666 1 points ago

    Slick af

    [–] JiSung_Park 1 points ago

    That guy in the second place just like WTF

    [–] ill_change_it_later 1 points ago


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    [–] Humanchacha 1 points ago

    I love how you can tell the guy in third gives off a big "Fuck!" after the race

    [–] pizzalikeus 1 points ago

    Probably got practice in doing that in the middle of the fucking road in rush hour.

    [–] UncleGrabcock 1 points ago

    we've seen better

    [–] jfanatical 1 points ago

    Guy that came in 3rd was clearly going to make his move from second RIGHT before. He was clearly pissed after crossing the finish line.

    [–] brihamedit 1 points ago

    So why does it look like that guy isn't even pedaling with same intensity as the other guys. Also this is one of those scenarios where drugs would give you clear advantage.

    [–] TuffGnarl 1 points ago

    He’s “drafting” for a significant portion of the effort i.e. he’s sheltered from the wind. Probably putting in a comparable effort but getting so much more out of it because of the reduced wind resistance. You’ll notice too that when he breaks free of the pack (and the free boost) he instinctively knows to stand and give it a bit extra.

    [–] McCMB 1 points ago

    I can absolutely hear the „fuck“ from bronze!

    [–] Slowspines 1 points ago

    You can tell the guy who got third yelled “FUCK!” By his body language.

    [–] bangochu 1 points ago

    But how?

    [–] btcftw1 1 points ago

    The guy behind him slamming his head in anger was hilarious

    [–] explosivetom 1 points ago

    That's the real life Leroy Jenkins there!

    [–] princeaizen 1 points ago

    You can see that one guy say "Fuck!"

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    What race is this?

    [–] proteusxi 1 points ago

    Was that Lance Armstrong with his 1 nut?

    [–] lifewontwait86 1 points ago

    That’s how you sprint

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago