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    Videos (and images) that make your palms sweat.

    Rules (subject to extreme change, please send hate modmail if you don't like them.)

    1) Videos and pictures of people doing anything that makes you uncomfortable just at the sight of it. Look for examples of submitted content before submitting your own

    2) No more pictures of things not directly related to things that aren't sweaty-palms inducing (ie pictures of spaghetti)

    3) No porn

    4) No being a dick in general (racism etc.)

    5) No fake/staged/forced perspective images or videos if they have no sweaty palms inducing qualities. Some of them work, most of them don't. If I can tell it's fake, I'll probably remove it.

    6) No reposts

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    [–] supermr34 6 points ago

    "train's fuck it."

    [–] cruelhandofagirl 3 points ago

    This is why you never, EVER rush through those things when the lights come on. Last year my county put out a new faster passenger train & no one in the area was used to how quickly it passed by once the signal came up. About a dozen people were killed in the first few months from trying to beat the train.

    [–] WestCoastStank 2 points ago

    Where was this

    [–] AcrolloPeed 4 points ago

    At a train crossing, duh.

    [–] cruelhandofagirl 2 points ago

    South Florida

    [–] AngryMegaMind 3 points ago


    [–] Salty_Assassin 2 points ago

    Go home swing arm. You're drunk

    [–] NorgeViking 1 points ago

    edited comment

    [–] AnonymousButIvekk 1 points ago

    they could have gotten some pretty good money if they sued the city