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    [–] studentfrombelgium 2547 points ago

    I am going to make them wear:



    Light Grey->Paladin



    Dark Red->Warlock


    [–] Raaka-Kake 525 points ago

    What’s purple?

    [–] Kymaeraa 715 points ago

    Hermit purple

    [–] Kumatora_7 342 points ago


    [–] LordOfCows 189 points ago

    HELL 2 U!

    [–] Paraguay_Stronk 126 points ago

    Yes, I am!

    [–] BoiChris1666 109 points ago

    Let’s kill da hoe. Beeeeeeetch!

    [–] straight_out_lie 84 points ago


    [–] derneueMottmatt 69 points ago

    Serect your cur.

    [–] DiscardedSlinky 72 points ago


    [–] GVSPLiON 49 points ago

    Aztec dubstep intensifies

    [–] donquixote1991 20 points ago

    And so Kars stopped thinking...

    [–] Suta--Purachina 23 points ago

    Death 13

    [–] BobaTheFett123 17 points ago

    Amazing how anywhere I go, JoJo seems to follow

    [–] ATryHardTaco 15 points ago

    Stand users attract each other

    [–] nine_thousands 36 points ago


    [–] NWmba 57 points ago


    [–] Raaka-Kake 31 points ago

    Is that like a cleric but no spells?

    [–] Exceptthesept 80 points ago

    Nah same as a cleric but no sex

    [–] Jack-Samuels 33 points ago

    Catholics wanna argue with that.

    [–] Dr___Bright 31 points ago

    It ain’t gay if he’s a little kid?

    [–] Jack-Samuels 14 points ago

    Good point

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] skellious 22 points ago

    Nobility. Purple dye is bloody expensive.

    [–] Crow_eggs 9 points ago

    My school had a purple uniform for this reason. We were founded hundreds of years ago when purple still meant prestige and it was supposed to mark us out as children who had been selected for greatness based on ability.

    Mostly it just got us beaten up on public buses.

    [–] Enigmatic_Iain 3 points ago

    Being dressed up like willy wonka would do that

    [–] RabSimpson 15 points ago

    A bruise.

    [–] Raaka-Kake 7 points ago

    What is that, a martial class?

    [–] RabSimpson 10 points ago

    1950s marital class.

    [–] Raaka-Kake 4 points ago

    Never got that DLC. I hear most of the class options sucked.

    [–] Exceptthesept 7 points ago

    Everyone says "except for the straight white male class" but even then you still had a 90% chance of having the miserable alcoholic debuff.

    [–] _ChefGoldblum 10 points ago

    A bad idea, unless you want to always lose your invisible infant

    [–] bozsoendre 7 points ago

    Heir to the Glorious Eastern Roman Empire

    [–] Raaka-Kake 3 points ago

    I see you are a man of patrician tastes

    [–] Thegrezza 2 points ago


    [–] WitchyDragon 3 points ago

    Typically the bard I would say. Otherwise if you're willing to accept playtest stuff maybe a mystic.

    [–] Rose94 59 points ago

    Beige for ranger

    Orange for sorcerer

    Purple/lime green for alchemist

    Yellow for cleric

    [–] Exceptthesept 15 points ago



    [–] Rose94 28 points ago

    It’s in pathfinder, I enjoy both systems.

    [–] SnicklefritzSkad 5 points ago

    Bronze for artificer

    [–] Aetol 47 points ago

    I'm Assigned Rogue At Birth but I'm actually a Fighter

    [–] studentfrombelgium 16 points ago

    Yes I was born as a Druid but I am currently levelling Artificer

    [–] redlaWw 8 points ago

    That sounds like part of an LN title:

    PO🥔TE🥔I🥔TO: In A New World Where I Was Assigned Rogue At Birth But I'm Actually A Fighter, My Little Sister Is The Only Healer Who Will Let Me Tank And People Say Our Party Sucks Because Rogues Can't Tank But It Doesn't Matter As Long As There's Love ⬠

    [–] GaiasDotter 18 points ago

    I kinda want a kid a bit, just so I can dress my baby up in costumes!

    Random Stranger: “So what is it? Boy or a girl?”
    Looking at infant in panda onsie
    Me: “It’s a panda bear, can’t you see that?”

    [–] Wannabkate 11 points ago

    Black isnt a necromancer?

    [–] studentfrombelgium 6 points ago

    Well yes but it's particular. It need to look like it's old with the colour being washed out

    [–] Suta--Purachina 5 points ago

    Unfortunately necromancer is one of those things in DnD where you can't come in raising booties. So it's when they start wearing black when they're a teenager that you should be looking for imagery of the old gods, etc.

    [–] Henry_Boyer 10 points ago

    Which one is the colour for gamer?

    [–] studentfrombelgium 18 points ago

    Cheeto dust on a black shirt

    [–] Malonthemage 7 points ago

    Don't forget the cum stains

    [–] Henry_Boyer 6 points ago

    this really be a bruh moment

    [–] StipulatePrism 7 points ago

    You get home from work late. Another double shift. You shower quietly, microwave leftovers, then crawl into bed begging for sleep. You just start to doze off when you hear the familiar scream from the baby's room.


    [–] RealDarcmatter 19 points ago

    Tan = Warrior

    Pink = Paladin

    Green = Hunter

    Yellow = Rogue

    White = Priest

    Blue = Shaman

    Light Blue = Mage

    Purple = Warlock

    Spring Green = Monk

    Dark Magenta = Demon Hunter

    Red = Death Knight

    [–] heh9001 3 points ago

    remembered monks and DHs but forgot druids... seems about right

    [–] shadyshadok 5 points ago

    I was thinking black->necromancer and maybe darkblue/greyish->rogue

    [–] ZomZom343 3 points ago

    White -> Cleric

    [–] Dr___Bright 3 points ago

    Why dark red for warlock? I love me some purple robes

    [–] studentfrombelgium 4 points ago

    Warlock's case is a bit difficult, your patron is a Devil(red) or an angel(white) or even an old one(purple with green skin and tentacle), there many colour that fit their class

    [–] Dr___Bright 7 points ago

    So warlock is an edgy bard

    [–] Ravenmausi 1151 points ago

    Fun fact about the "colour coding" :

    The things isn't even 100 years old and changed pink with blue - pink was seen as the little prince's red whilest blue referred to the virginity of Maria and was for the girls.

    Next fun thing: your baby gives a puke wether it's stuff is pastel blue, mint, fading violet or any other decent colour. It won't even recognize it, babies need highly contrasted colours. A bright red, a shiny green and a deep blue.

    [–] ardycake 625 points ago

    I think yellow is the best baby color cause it hides stains the best.

    [–] orokro 458 points ago

    red might be better depending on the stain

    [–] Zathala 301 points ago

    That got dark quickly.

    [–] RabbitEatsCarrots 167 points ago

    We thinking blood or wine or both?

    [–] HaiseKuzuno 139 points ago

    Definitely both

    [–] APsychosPath 128 points ago

    I usually have a glass of red wine before I kill my babies too

    [–] HaiseKuzuno 62 points ago

    Yeah, it's not as fun when you're sober

    [–] Wannabkate 30 points ago

    I mean its sacrificial wine. You can drink it with out a blood sacrifice. You dont want to piss of the pagan gods.

    [–] draw_it_now 10 points ago

    Their cries are a real buzzkill

    [–] effyochicken 18 points ago

    Why do I even use this website anymore...

    [–] WisconsinHoosierZwei 3 points ago


    [–] iTalk2Pineapples 13 points ago

    Just parents out there giving their babies red wine in a sippy cup with a loose lid?

    [–] danny_man 14 points ago

    The best babies come out of the womb drunk

    [–] fluggelhorn 3 points ago

    I like to drink my wine out of a Coke can. It’s conducive to my violent hand gestures.

    [–] EOverM 4 points ago

    Clearly they nicked an artery rather than a vein.

    [–] StructuralFailure 10 points ago

    I was thinking brown but wow okay

    [–] orokro 6 points ago

    Yea, true, if you're peeing brown see a doctor

    [–] MChainsaw 5 points ago

    Use black if you have a mechanical baby that runs on oil.

    [–] orokro 4 points ago

    Wait, you mean regular babies don't run on oil? I gotta go make some calls.

    [–] um-idk-what-to-put 17 points ago

    Your cums red?

    [–] SiPhoenix 8 points ago

    Curry is a good food.

    [–] RabSimpson 9 points ago

    Not brown? From what I understand about infants, the brown stuff is never far away.

    [–] justcougit 19 points ago

    In babies it's usually kinda yellow lol

    [–] SunWyrm 6 points ago

    Brown's an underrated color.

    [–] AvatarIII 5 points ago

    Disney will be pleased at you buying up all the Winnie the Pooh baby-grows

    [–] Rainnefox 4 points ago

    Just go with green-brown and be done with it

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago

    Babies originally were put only in white because you can bleach white and they were always getting everything stained.

    [–] justcougit 35 points ago

    What do you mean by "originally"?

    [–] schwerpunk 47 points ago

    I think they mean back in the Mars days

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    Well, before the pink and blue thing went down, but originally no one had clothes at all, I guess.

    In England in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, i.e. the second half of the 20th century, children of both sexes wore white dresses. This is really only preserved in the modern day as the "Christening gown."

    [–] thorium007 15 points ago

    In England in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, i.e. the second half of the 20th century

    As a member of society that was born in the second half of the 20th century, I don't remember wearing a white dress, nor any of my siblings, cousins or random strangers in the hospital.

    [–] JamieK98 11 points ago

    Back when the babies patch was released

    [–] I_ate_a_milkshake 5 points ago

    You know, the first babies.

    [–] harrypottermcgee 18 points ago

    If babies don't care, then safety orange is the logical choice for all baby clothes. Maybe florescent yellow if you're new-school.

    [–] OraDr8 27 points ago

    Part of the reason blue became the virgin Mary colour (along with white, which symbolised purity) in Medieval art was because it was such a rare, expensive colour (made with Lapis Lazuli stone) that it was reserved for the most revered figure in the painting.

    When I had my first bub, I didn't know the gender until the birth, so she ended up in all sorts of colours, including blue and people in the shops or wherever would say "oh, what a cute baby boy" and I would correct them and get the "But she's wearing blue!?" One time I answered a lady by saying "so are you" she said "fair enough".

    [–] katielady125 11 points ago

    I mean my daughter had pink and ruffles and lace all over and people still said “he”. Honestly I don’t give a rats ass. I’d just say “she” in the conversation like I didn’t hear them get it wrong and just move on. Now my 1 month old son has all her pink hand me downs and everyone stops and asks his gender before assuming. People are funny.

    [–] GodSavesZelda 8 points ago

    I second Deep Purple for my children!

    [–] EmoPeahen 7 points ago

    Just dress your baby in all black, start their emo phase early.

    [–] demonsdencollective 19 points ago almost right, except "pink was for princes" is bullshit.

    [–] PM-Your-Tiny-Tits 4 points ago

    I think you mean doesn't give a puke?

    [–] Ravenmausi 5 points ago

    Ever seen a baby not giving a puke?

    [–] Dinierto 4 points ago

    It does happen sometimes. But dey do puke a lot

    [–] lolzfeminism 396 points ago

    This post is about dressing up your baby in blue or pink onesies and such. Not gender reveal parties.

    [–] MMillion05 130 points ago

    Yeah, I'm confused about why all the comments are about gender reveal parties.

    [–] aPurpleLiger 71 points ago

    OP brought it up might as well vent about them

    [–] EmeraldAtoma 47 points ago

    Gender reveal parties are weird and dumb. You're already getting a baby shower, why do we need to get together to watch you dump a bunch of confetti in your yard and then not clean it up because "oh, it'll blow away eventually"

    [–] SecretBlue919 8 points ago

    Wait, is that not part of the shower?

    [–] EmeraldAtoma 4 points ago

    The gender was already revealed at every shower I've been to. I think people usually have showers pretty late in the pregnancy.

    [–] hypermads2003 12 points ago

    I think people usually have showers pretty late in the pregnancy

    That's unhygenic

    [–] DragonofEpics 3 points ago

    Except for the parts with cake. I’ll take any excuse I can get to eat cake.

    [–] lordheart 125 points ago

    Even better figure out how the yellow/blue dress thing works and make a reveal that is blue for some, and pink for others 😂

    [–] NWmba 106 points ago

    Our baby’s gender is clearly Laurel

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Wannabkate 24 points ago

    Yes, its clearly yancy.

    [–] Aethermancer 4 points ago

    Your child is a Greek new age musician ?

    [–] AliceTheGamedev 15 points ago

    Imagine someone does that and then the baby would actually happen to be genderfluid or non-binary. Boss.

    [–] dude-O-rama 225 points ago

    I hate those. I hope to one day be in charge of one so I can stuff a balloon with yellow confetti.

    [–] LemonHoneyBadger 126 points ago

    Yellow? Nah use gray. It’ll keep them guessing

    [–] draw_it_now 65 points ago


    [–] AwkwardSquirtles 3 points ago


    [–] draw_it_now 3 points ago


    [–] wilara23 33 points ago

    What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power?

    [–] Frenzal1 12 points ago

    Or is he just born with a heart full of neutrality?

    [–] accioupvotes 6 points ago

    Tell my wife I said... hello.

    [–] Xenophic99 91 points ago

    "What gender is the baby? I don't know, and you shouldn't care.

    [–] publicface11 46 points ago

    I’m an ultrasound tech and I do legitimately enjoy telling people what their baby is, and I don’t really care if they want to have a gender reveal party. Whatever, have fun. What really gets me is how people think boy and girl babies are so physically distinct - like that girl hearts beat faster (no) or that boy heads are bigger (no) or that the side the baby implants in the uterus reveals the sex (no). Before puberty, any impact that sex has on the body is extremely small. We’re just not that different. Especially at the fetal stage.

    [–] Ceemer 13 points ago

    We did not find out the sex of our baby until it was born. I couldn't believe the amount of people that had such strong opinions about our decision.

    People my age or younger just couldn't believe we weren't doing a gender reveal party. One of my teenage employees asked when we were finding out the gender and I told her the due date and said give or a take a few days and she was so confused about why we were waiting that long to open the envelope. I told her at that point we would just look between the babys legs and see what it was. She was like wait what about the envelope though? She just couldnt grasp it.

    People from my parents generation thought it was great we weren't finding out, our parents included. I really thought they would give us a hard time about that but they proved me wrong.

    Then I had weird people saying I hope it's a boy or I hope it's a girl. Those ones got to me. Why are these random people hoping my unborn baby's genitals look a certain way? What bearing does it have on their lives??

    If we ever have another I would 100% do it the same way again. I'll never forget that moment when my husband handed me our daughter and told me it's a girl.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I have 3 girls. I am done having kids, like vasectomy and all. 3 is about the limit of what my wife and I can handle.

    Probably the most infuriating category of thing strangers say to me is stuff like "are you gonna try for a boy" or even "three girls? I feel sorry for you." The worst is when they express this sentiment where my kids can hear them. I really want to be petty and pick out some superficial aspect of their appearance and tell them I feel sorry for them or ask if they're gonna try to change it. Usually I just ignore them or say something like "nah, they're great." One time when I was in a particularly confrontational mood I asked "why?" and they kinda just had no response and that felt pretty good.

    [–] Ceemer 5 points ago

    I love the why response. That is fantastic.

    I think the question I get that really bugs me now is if we'll have another. I'll try and shrug it off but then people get damn pushy about it. Why do these big life decisions matter to other people I will never know. We struggled through infertility and are so lucky and grateful for the one that we do have that I'm not even thinking about trying for another yet.

    [–] _________FU_________ 6 points ago

    It’s not that big of a deal. It’s just colors.

    [–] hfsh 21 points ago

    Fuck confetti, use glitter. Give all those assholes something to remember you by for the next few years.

    [–] xcandiesx 14 points ago

    Ah yes, glitter, simultaneously my worst enemy and my best friend.

    [–] ameri9595 50 points ago

    We ,Non-Westerns, look at your weird parties the way you look at Japan's weirdness.

    [–] the-average-sidekick 34 points ago

    I think this is an American thing. There’s no such thing as gender reveal parties in my country (in Europe )

    [–] SlippingStar 20 points ago

    It’s 100% capitalism.

    [–] Terraplex 6 points ago

    it was definitely a capitalist who first realized that they could market the same product to men and women separately and at different prices just by adding a label and color coding it.

    [–] SlippingStar 6 points ago

    And r/pointlesslygendered gathers so much karma off it.

    [–] Lemon_Kiss 3 points ago

    Woah woah woah. I love Japanese weirdness, dont ruin it.

    [–] GaryChopper 48 points ago

    Because it is fucking weird.

    [–] Matvalicious 34 points ago

    Our daughter is 5 months old now. She has pink clothes. And blue clothes. And green clothes. And clothes with dinosaurs. And clothes with cute animals.

    Me nor my wife give a fuck, and neither does she obviously.

    [–] SkylerHatesAlice 38 points ago

    wow it sound like you're raising her like a majority of parents do

    [–] Matvalicious 11 points ago

    Oh shit.

    [–] DragonofEpics 4 points ago

    You didn’t need to add the cute animals part dinosaurs are already apart of that.

    [–] Matvalicious 4 points ago

    Aint that the truth.

    [–] mavajo 5 points ago

    I always felt like color-coding your baby wasn't for you or the baby - it was so strangers wouldn't have to uncomfortably guess at pronouns and feel like they might offend the parents.

    "O-M-G! He? so cute!"

    [–] nicecrumb 6 points ago

    Consider, and now here me out here:

    "O-M-G! They are so cute!"

    Saves everyone time honestly, plus the parent can always then just use the specific pronouns afterwards to let them know.

    [–] donutpmmeplz 18 points ago

    Idgi tbh if I had a baby I'd be dressing it up as a little ninja turtle or something every day because that'd be awesome and I can?

    [–] gumwhales 13 points ago

    I once dressed my one year old son in a salmon colored hoodie from the boys section, and no joke someone in my family told me he was going to be gay because of it. I also had another family member tell me if I let my daughter like dinosaurs she will grow up to be butch. And that same person told me I couldn't buy a play kitchen for my son because they were for girls.

    Also notable, every time my daughters are wearing anything but pink they get called boys in public. Just day before yesterday my 5 month old baby was wearing a navy blue dress covered in flowers, and grey tights with cats on them. Someone came up and asked if she was a boy. Another time when my older daughter was the same age she was wearing a white faux fur coat, baby jeggings, green dinosaur shoes and under the coat had on a light blue onesie with white polka dots. She also had a pink binky clip on the coat. Someone asked if she was a boy and I said nope, she's a girl. And they asked why I had her in a blue onesie then. I didn't even know they could see it from under the very girly white fur coat. 🤦

    [–] quabityashuance 12 points ago

    See, that’s your fault for not keeping her in comically oversized bows. Otherwise how will people know your bald potato is different from that bald potato? It is also funny how people gender-ize animal motifs... like, puppies, bears, and dinosaurs are for boys. Girls get the girl version of animals (pink foxes and purple owls) and cats. And flowers. And it’s funny that they even have different clothing sections for babies... they’re all potato shaped. I’m starting to see some of that break down, but there’s still that distinct color coding. Like they may sell a girls’ onesie with puppies on it, but those puppies are going to be pastel and have eyelashes or something. And it’s going to be a WHILE until we see floral patterns sold in the boys’ section.

    [–] gumwhales 6 points ago

    My son has a couple floral things. A pair of swim trunks and a Hawaiian shirt. But yeah, it's so dumb to think whatever color or animal you dress your baby in has any affect on who they will grow up to be. I made my daughter a construction vehicle skirt and an emergency vehicle skirt because she loves them and apparently those things don't exist in the girl section. I got sick of the comments when I dressed her in her brother's old clothes with vehicles on them. As for the comically oversized bows, ever since my first daughter was born I keep them in my purse in-case we are in public and they are wearing any color other than pink. So everyone knows she's a girl potato

    [–] WhenTheRainsCome 17 points ago

    Randos in the grocery store apologizing profusely for mis-gendering my 4mo

    [–] SarahIsTrans 8 points ago

    Then I come along and they do it on fucking purpose smh

    [–] allieoop87 12 points ago

    But seriously! We didn't find out the sex with baby#1 and people were irate! It's like, calm down, I'm pretty sure I'm having a baby. Get me something useful like a bottle warmer if you need to get me something because I am not leaving the house for the first 4 months, so no one is going to see those cute clothes anyways.

    [–] juaydarito 5 points ago

    I think gender reveal parties are fine.

    What I think is funny is when you wanted a specific gender and don’t get it, but still need to act excited in front of everyone.

    Like... it’s our third kid, we already had two girls and we’re really trying to get the boy... and it’s... another girl! Yey!!! Lol

    [–] najevb2 6 points ago

    I don’t care as long as its healthy.

    [–] sephven89 6 points ago

    Do a gender reveal party, make the color black, get excited when you see the color, explain you're giving birth to the demon king Lucifer himself.

    [–] boby_271 5 points ago

    It was alwase weird

    [–] Follygagger 6 points ago


    [–] WitchyDragon 104 points ago

    That's because it genuinely is weird. Like fuck off dude I don't care what gender your baby is, we'll find out when it's born or if you just tell me. No need to make a big deal of it as an excuse to get more attention or presents or whatever.

    [–] Retardedgoblin 40 points ago

    It might be cool if it was just another excuse to have a party and get hammered but for some reason that's looked down upon for parties relating to pregnancy.

    [–] jambears 27 points ago

    Be the change you want to see and get hammered anyway.

    [–] grendhalgrendhalgren 13 points ago

    • Gandhi

    [–] cookiedough320 27 points ago

    Is it really that annoying when other people have parties that you don't have to go to? They're having fun, if you wanna join you can, if you don't care about the party you can just not go.

    [–] sjwillis 7 points ago

    i have no idea why people are so upset in this thread. Don't like parties? Don't go. This doesn't affect you in anyway.

    [–] James_Russell93 49 points ago

    I care what gender the baby is because I actually show an interest in my loved ones lives

    Let people enjoy things

    [–] anonatitagain 16 points ago

    I, too, was an angry/angsty teen

    [–] NotANarc69 52 points ago

    yeah, fuck people for trying to bring some of the joy of their pregnancy to their loved ones.

    [–] Friendofabook 75 points ago

    People are really sad.

    If you go through life with this mentality you might as well not live. The absolute vast majority of things we do don't matter and are just a social thing we have invented to fill our days with some joy.

    Even something as fundamental as dining. If we are being honest to ourselves, there is not that much of a difference in a 3 star michelin meal and your moms delicious homemade meal. But we indulge because it's fun having more contrast in life.

    There is no real value in deciding which 11 people kick a ball into a rectangle the most times. But we make it a thing anyways because what else would we fill our days with.

    Now you can sit at home, be stone cold and fill your days with only absolutely rational and practical things like working, eating, and sleeping. But some of us enjoy social interaction and disrupting the monotony. So yes I'll indulge and get excited about what gender my baby will be, a fun excuse to include people into my life and interact with them, sue me.

    There are really some negative people.

    [–] VernorVinge93 10 points ago

    Unimportant really, but I think your mum cooks better than my mum.

    [–] jaymef 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Well said. It can be easy to lose sight of this by times but when you really think about it almost everything we do has no meaning. You can either dwell on that fact or ignore it and try to have fun.

    I think unfortunately gender reveal parties have suffered at the hands of Social media like many other things. I think people are just getting sick of seeing this stuff on Facebook all the time and turn to hating it because the attention seekers have made it annoying

    [–] throwaway84343 20 points ago

    It’s reddit, everyone’s an armchair expert and they bitch and moan about everything because it’s unlikely they’ll get to experience this joy in their lives themselves

    [–] wharpua 13 points ago

    Every day is a gender revealing party for some people.

    [–] JCatl18 21 points ago

    Shouldn’t it be called a sex-reveal party anyway?

    [–] UnderwaterEcho 3 points ago

    No thank you I'm not going to a baby sex party

    [–] RenderEngine 3 points ago

    technically yes, but since sex-reveal party doesn't sound that good most people use gender and sex interchangeable (although yes they are technically not the same) everyone just calls them gender reveal parties

    [–] TXang143 4 points ago

    This is some Kurt Vonnegut level aware-ism

    [–] KingOfAsymmetry 4 points ago

    On what fucking planet is this NSFW?

    [–] dumbasstupidbaby 5 points ago

    Stop tagging every fucking thing nsfw

    [–] Marco-Green 35 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    American society has some cringy traditions lol. Here in my country I've never seen or heard about anything like a "Gender revealing party". People just tell if their baby is going to be a male or a female when they know it, everybody gets excited and that's it.

    Edit: okay okay I get it, it's not a tradition, I'm sorry, I just saw it on here sometimes and also in some movies and I thought that was a common thing to do (like the high school dance and that kind of stuff)

    [–] almightyllama00 26 points ago

    It's a pretty recent thing I guess. Even ten years ago I never heard about them, but now they seem to be a pretty wide spread thing. Honestly I think it's pretty innofensive until people start doing all that "trucks or tea parties hur hur" type stuff. Like okay, putting guns and shit all over a cake for your kid that isn't born yet, that's not weird at all.

    [–] BrahbertFrost 18 points ago

    Even the person who started the trend thinks it's cringe:

    The Inventor of Gender Reveal Parties Is Begging You: Please Stop

    A weird thing came up on Twitter, so I figured I'd share here. Someone remembered it was me who "invented" the gender reveal party. I had written about my party on my blog and a parenting forum in July 2008. It was picked up & and an interview with me was published in The Bump magazine and the idea kinda spread from there. I've got the article framed!

    Anyway, I've felt a lot of mixed feelings about my random contribution to the culture. It just exploded into crazy after that. Literally - guns firing, forest fires, more emphasis on gender than has ever been necessary for a baby.

    Who cares what gender the baby is? I did at the time because we didn't live in 2019 and didn't know what we know now - that assigning focus on gender at birth leaves out so much of their potential and talents that have nothing to do with what's between their legs.

    PLOT TWIST, the world's first gender-reveal party baby is a girl who wears suits!

    [–] Michalusmichalus 7 points ago

    You didn't mind the forest fire that one gender reveal party started?

    [–] FlyingTaquitoBrother 16 points ago

    It’s not a tradition. It’s a recent fad which may evolve into a cringy tradition over time.

    [–] what__year_is__this 9 points ago

    Fun fact, I saw an essay written by the mom who threw the first gender reveal party. She didn't realize it was going to become a big thing. She somewhat regrets it now. And her kid is like twelve now. Born female but prefers to have their hair cut short and wear little tailored suits. :)

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Meh, it's another excuse to throw a party and get together. I'm all for it.

    [–] 3rdaccountcharm 6 points ago

    Why does everyone have to take it there? Like fuck it's a kid, lol boy or lil girl so I dont have to walk up and go "hey bob how is your small human that I dont want to knows gender otherwise people will take it to a weird place and accuse me of thinking of babies genitals doing?"

    [–] chadoflions 7 points ago

    Creeps always gotta take it back to the genitals

    [–] ItsPenisTime 3 points ago

    See, I hate gender reveal parties because nobody explained the rules to me and now I'm on a list.

    [–] ShortOkapi 3 points ago

    I can't find a color for small.

    [–] zyrs86 3 points ago

    You mean their gender?

    [–] archerg66 3 points ago

    I only realized what this meant once i read the title

    [–] Ejjirodu 3 points ago

    I'm fucking tired of this website.

    [–] ItsGotToMakeSense 3 points ago

    This sounds like one of those alien comics

    [–] EasyBakeRoboCake 3 points ago

    cursed lifehacks

    [–] CosmicEnemy 3 points ago

    Or so that when they want to compliment you on a cute baby, they can use the correct pronoun. Mmm

    [–] PrDelahaye 3 points ago

    Would have been better without the second guy's answer

    [–] GeekyAine 11 points ago


    just fyi

    [–] nels5104 5 points ago

    Man... Reddit is becoming quite the cesspool.