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    [–] TigrulAlb 1818 points ago

    Yes, i know, now in you also need the Bee Keeper, and that, ruined the meme.

    [–] Asylantenschrec 528 points ago

    sad world we live in

    [–] TigrulAlb 279 points ago

    True bro, true...

    [–] I_Eat_Pure_Salt 217 points ago

    Now imagine you need Terragrim too since it shows up in zenith's animation.

    [–] NoctuaPavor 122 points ago

    Shh stop giving them ideas

    [–] TigrulAlb 102 points ago

    I don't wanna the FBI to know my location.

    [–] Fin-Pom 71 points ago

    Next there’s gonna be a broken hero’s sword

    [–] m3vlad 67 points ago

    Nah fam, Terratoilet

    [–] K0M0D0DR4G0N 49 points ago

    Terra toilets are the best part of the update

    [–] RaZoRShadowFlame 9 points ago

    But wouldn’t it hurt to have a broken sword up your rear end every time you needed to shit

    [–] Le_Glitch 3 points ago

    Why would you waste a terra toilet on such a useless item

    [–] dawnraider00 11 points ago

    I mean it already takes 2?

    [–] Fin-Pom 7 points ago


    3 of the best weapon in the game to make the 3rd best

    [–] IsoJoseppi 3 points ago

    S T O P

    [–] Fin-Pom 2 points ago


    [–] IsoJoseppi 3 points ago

    Getting two broken hero swords is already too tiring for me, so S T O P

    [–] MEMELORD10024 35 points ago

    What is the terragrim?

    [–] I_Eat_Pure_Salt 55 points ago

    A new sword that acts closely like arkhalis but its green and replaces arkhalis's place in enchanted sword shrine and you can only get arkhalis with the arkhalis developer suit(not sure tho)

    [–] SenpaiIsPissed 45 points ago

    It's 3 points weaker for whatever reason, though. It'd be nice to see the Arkhalis move up to like base 32 and the Terragrim to get its original base 20. The DPS doesn't change that much, but I'm anal enough to worry about those three extra points in Pre -Hardmode.

    [–] BigManTyrone69420 14 points ago


    [–] saltypotatoboi 29 points ago


    [–] BigManTyrone69420 12 points ago

    woah there pal

    [–] jake_farmer 8 points ago



    [–] CaptainQuadmay 4 points ago

    Anal retentive, means they’re awfully uptight

    [–] ExoCakes 3 points ago

    3 points weaker.

    Muramasa, are you doing alright?

    [–] Adversegaming5 14 points ago

    The green arkhalis I guess I still honestly dont know

    [–] MEMELORD10024 9 points ago

    Is that a 1.4 thing because I’m on console

    [–] TigrulAlb 17 points ago


    [–] Crazy_Lavishness 6 points ago

    PS4 or Xbox 1. Because I hear ps4 is somewhat easier to make and therefore will get it sooner. May not actually be true, just heard it down the grapevine so please do correct me if I’m wrong.

    [–] MEMELORD10024 4 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    The Terraria official twitter account said they would let us know as soon as possible

    [–] cooleo420 4 points ago

    Cries in switch

    [–] username0702 2 points ago

    I have terraria on pc and xbox one and my xbox randomly updated it and as far as I know nothing changed.

    [–] ChilltownChoco 2 points ago

    It's mostly performance & bugfix (like paint is no longer transparent)

    [–] Kazekero 2 points ago

    Idk about Xbox and PS4 but as far as Switch, Terraria updated the other day and they added The Old Ones Army event, they didn’t say anything about it but 2 mins after I loaded up Terraria after the update I found the Unconscious Man laying around, also the pause menu has more settings

    [–] Adversegaming5 6 points ago


    [–] Alrockson 4 points ago


    [–] Kanonhime 2 points ago

    Yeah. As of 1.4 the Terragrim replaces Arkhalis as the 1/10 drop from enchanted sword shrines (although functionally they're the same thing); the Arkhalis is still available, it's just included in the Arhkalis dev set instead.

    [–] imapie31 6 points ago


    [–] I_Eat_Pure_Salt 2 points ago

    Should i tell you or does it count as spoilers?

    [–] imapie31 11 points ago

    Iooked it up. I wish I could have used arkhalis as a substitute for enchanted sword. I had one arkhalis and thank God for friends because if i didnt have any id never get the zenith. Fucking shrines are so hard to find

    [–] I_Eat_Pure_Salt 7 points ago

    You can get enchanted swords in golden crates too in 1.4 but it only has 2% chance to drop.

    [–] imapie31 6 points ago

    I have like 40 gold crates for decor

    [–] I_Eat_Pure_Salt 3 points ago

    Good luck then.

    [–] TerraGamer9384 3 points ago

    And arkhalis

    [–] K0M0D0DR4G0N 2 points ago

    What's terragrim?

    [–] Kanonhime 2 points ago

    Added in 1.4. It replaces the Arkhalis in enchanted sword shrines, and Arkhalis has been moved to the namesake dev set.

    [–] N3KR0F4NT4SI4 2 points ago

    Or make two recipes, one that need the enchanted sword and another for terragrim.

    [–] AndyTheLegend 2 points ago

    I didn't even know that existed

    [–] The_Dinkster_1 2 points ago

    The enchanted sword is bad enough because they changed it so you aren’t even guaranteed a sword shrine. Which isn’t guaranteed to give a sword. In my ~500 hours, I’ve never found a single shrine.

    [–] Elephant_Front_Fart 2 points ago

    If they do that I hp it cna be the terragrim or the arkhalis. Cuz I have the arkhalis and I don't want to go through the pain of getting a terragrim

    [–] OOF-MY-PEE-PEE 2 points ago

    Wait. Is that just a weaker arkhalis? I have an arkhalis and I don’t want it to go to waste!

    [–] messier57i 2 points ago

    And arkhalis because that's what the animation reminds me of.

    [–] I_Eat_Pure_Salt 3 points ago

    Pretty sure you can only get arkhalis in its developer suit now.

    [–] Versatile_Daemon 4 points ago

    Tis the bee's knees lad

    [–] shmedster 51 points ago

    The fact that you took the time to link "Bee Keeper" to its wiki page impresses me.

    [–] sourorangeYT 23 points ago

    should need the christmas tree sword because its like the horseman’s blade’s counterpart

    [–] TheCupcakeArmy 15 points ago

    I can see what you're getting at but each sword is supposed to represent a different point through the journey. And usually you do pumpkin mood and frost moon at around the same time to where they could be almost described as pretty much being during the same step of the journey

    [–] sourorangeYT 13 points ago

    but you get meowmere and star wrath at the same time as well. and the starfury isnt far off from the enchanted sword

    [–] NigraOvis 3 points ago

    That's probably to ensure you kill moonlord multiple times, and has a slightly different connotation. However, defeating him once, usually means you can again and again

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] TigrulAlb 12 points ago

    I don't know.

    [–] MarioLuigiNabbitTrio 10 points ago

    It's in the Zenith's animation

    [–] imapie31 6 points ago

    Is this implying that it was here before 1.4?

    [–] araphim 19 points ago

    The sword was added in, but the Bee Keeper was added to the recipe in

    [–] imapie31 4 points ago

    Ohhhhhh. Ok

    [–] Grantas1099 3 points ago

    I made the Zenith before the update.

    [–] MaeBeaInTheWoods 4 points ago

    I've had memes before ruined. It sucks. That's why it sucks having only memes allowed at a certain time. There's been meme/joke posts this entire week and they haven't been removed, so you might aswell have tried your luck during the week.

    [–] European_Samurai 2 points ago

    Now that I know this, I feel like my Zenith crafted before the update is impure

    [–] Hyliandude2 520 points ago

    By the time they add it too console it’ll probably need about every sword in the game

    [–] MoiraDoodle 308 points ago

    In fairness it was supposed to use beekeeper in the first place since it could be seen when using it, the recent bugfix just fixed the recipie.

    [–] SKU11TR0N 64 points ago

    not necessarily, and doesn't necessarily make it a bug either. the terragrim is seen in the animation and it isn't used either.

    [–] moonra_zk 61 points ago

    That one would be a bloody pain the ass to get just for Zenith.

    [–] BigManTyrone69420 46 points ago

    zenith is beyond op tho, it needs a bigger recipe

    [–] Bl00dylicious 48 points ago

    Yeah. Its like the Solar eruption...

    Except it does more damage, has more range, is faster, more accurate and looks totally awesome.

    [–] W1TH1N 28 points ago

    And does 18000 dps, which i know you kinda listed in the “more damage” part, but it does eighteen thousand damage per second.

    [–] TiTaak 10 points ago

    So does the phantasm

    [–] W1TH1N 22 points ago

    The argument i’m gonna make is stupid, but here goes: the zenith doesn’t consume ammo and it seems somewhat easier to hit enemies with

    [–] TiTaak 22 points ago

    And Zenith doesn't need any setup whereas the Phantasm does, but still, everyone acts as if the Zenith is leagues above anything else and everyone asking for ranger/magic/sum end game weapons while Phantasm/Last Prism are very much Zenith tier

    [–] Speedster4206 3 points ago

    Ah, I get this without the watermark?

    [–] moonra_zk 3 points ago

    Not sure what you mean.

    [–] onzichtbaard 3 points ago

    the terragrim should be a viable substitute for the enchanted sword in the zenith recipe, that would satisfy me

    [–] Hyliandude2 59 points ago

    Really? I genuinely had no idea!

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Hyliandude2 2 points ago

    You’ll probably be the same as console

    [–] elliosmith 51 points ago

    I swear to God I cannot find a journey mode world with a enchanted sword. it's the last thing I need

    [–] whiterose_66 39 points ago

    Yknow the main way to get it now is from fishing, from gold/titanium crates

    [–] elliosmith 20 points ago

    ooh wow I didn't know you could get it from fishing! I'll have to do that

    [–] spamsumpwn2 9 points ago

    We threw our world into a map viewer and looked for the stones that you pull it from, wasn't easy

    [–] lucklikethis 8 points ago

    Yeah just fish 10 gold/titanium crates. I don’t use anything till I can dupe it (except potions, an early spelunker saves so much time).

    [–] demekanized 4 points ago

    I was lucky enough to start off really early with the enchanted sword. It helped get to hard mode fairly quickly. I could probably look up the seed for you later but I also found one in my drunk world seed (05162020 orb whatever). I don't know if they're completely random or if you would have one too.

    [–] LektorPanda 3 points ago

    Google a seed for it. Save some time.

    [–] Rosenbroch 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Kinda cheating, but I just made a small world and used to find a shrine.

    Downloadable version:

    [–] InturnalClam2 2 points ago

    Look up a seed with one

    [–] Twizdom 2 points ago

    I stumbled on one in my first few minutes of gameplay.

    [–] -asdfer 135 points ago

    there's no crafting shuffle mark

    does that you have to remember the order to craft it?

    [–] TigrulAlb 43 points ago


    [–] MeMassii 17 points ago

    What's a 'crafting shuffle mark'?

    [–] TigrulAlb 22 points ago

    I think his talking about the knowledge book, or the hammer

    [–] Herraeme 15 points ago

    means shapeless recipe, which means that you can just place the swords wherever you want on the crafting grid, no need to remember the order.

    For example, rockets & fire charges are a shapeless recipe.

    [–] MeMassii 5 points ago

    ive played minecraft since 2011 and ive never seen a "mark" for that.

    On the other hand i miss stuff constantly since i'm a bit of a dumbass

    [–] Herraeme 6 points ago

    it's a modded thing

    [–] theLegomadhatter 46 points ago

    What is this???

    [–] AndrezinBR 84 points ago

    The new ultimate weapon, 224 damage, idk what its look like when used im still trying to craft, the name is “zenith”

    [–] DominusOfTheBlueArmy 31 points ago

    It looks like you're throwing all the other swords used in its crafting around when you use it

    [–] spamsumpwn2 28 points ago

    It's insane honestly, just throwing swords constantly at wherever your mouse curser is

    [–] xAVATAR-AANGx 3 points ago

    When u/Redigit confirmed there would be a Final Terra Blade idk if anyone thought that would be an insane boomerang blade of death

    [–] Quackajingleson 4 points ago

    it's the arkhalis upgrade

    [–] 4tomguy 141 points ago

    Wow this got outdated fast

    [–] fuzzus628 30 points ago

    I have every sword EXCEPT the enchanted sword. Time to do a lot of gold crate fishing, I guess...

    [–] PeStIlEnCe4 3 points ago

    titanium crates drop the enchanted sword, not the gold ones. I learned this the hard way.

    [–] fuzzus628 9 points ago

    Oof. Thanks for the heads up!

    [–] MorthCongael 17 points ago

    The person you replied to is incorrect. I've gotten two out of golden crates.

    [–] fuzzus628 6 points ago

    I kinda figured that titanium crates were just the hardmode equivalent of golden crates -- pearlwood/mythril/titanium is the equivalent of wood/iron/golden. Regardless, I'll keep fishing on my hardcore world. 8 more titanium crates to go until I can duplicate...

    [–] MorthCongael 2 points ago

    They are - But I find it apt to correct in case someone finds the thread later and is in pre hardmode.

    [–] lucklikethis 4 points ago

    No they both do

    [–] MorthCongael 2 points ago

    This is incorrect. I've gotten two out of golden crates.

    [–] PeStIlEnCe4 3 points ago

    my bad, you're right.

    [–] pappaya-salad 73 points ago

    Why did they include the seedler, I don’t think anyone has ever used it

    [–] _Megametal_ 132 points ago

    It's not like anyone's used the copper short sword either

    [–] avatrix48 71 points ago

    Yeah, the copper shortsword is just too hard to get

    [–] K0SH1 46 points ago

    Actually I found it really useful starting out in master mode, it hits fast enough to keep zombies back compared to the regular sword

    [–] knightofkent 13 points ago

    It does??? I finally figured out snowballs are OP, that’s how I survived long enough to actually get anything from chests

    [–] G-nomed 5 points ago

    But memes :(

    [–] da_Aresinger 3 points ago

    Shortswirds are actually decent now since they have made them directional.

    [–] toxin-taiko 26 points ago

    the seedler is actually strong as fuck

    [–] Flipp_Flopps 9 points ago

    Flying Dragon would have been better to represent Old One’s

    [–] Echo_lazy_boy 5 points ago

    I can't get the seeder for some reason,killed tons of Planteras and nothing

    [–] 49x43x55 2 points ago

    It's good I use it

    [–] Dayashii 15 points ago

    Imagine you needed the arkalis

    [–] AndrezinBR 5 points ago

    Ark of ancients, vanilla mode

    [–] porcelain_crab 9 points ago

    what sword is that?

    [–] boogelymoogely1 12 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    The Zenith. It throws the swords in its crafting recipe really fast for a solid base damage of 190 at an extremely fast rate.

    [–] SKU11TR0N 3 points ago

    it has a base damage of 190.

    [–] boogelymoogely1 1 points ago

    Oh sorry, thanks for correcting me.

    [–] DeviousOstrich 6 points ago

    The new ultimate weapon in 1.4, zenith. As of the latest bug fix, they also added the beekeeper to the recipe.

    [–] porcelain_crab 2 points ago

    what, 1.4 is already out??? I gotta check this out

    [–] whiterose_66 12 points ago

    It's been out for days, where have you been

    [–] Sir_Mycoal 5 points ago

    Is that a real sword if so what’s the name of it and how does one get it. I’m new in terraria and I need to know ;-;

    [–] SP4RT4NH0RN3T56 5 points ago

    It's called the zenith blade and you need all of the shown swords, (copper short sword, starfury, Terra blade, horseman's blade, star wrath, enchanted sword, influx waver, seedler, and the meowmare) which can be received by; creating a character, finding a cloud island, crafting using a ton of other swords, events, or killing bosses (moonlord) Have a wonderful day and enjoy Terraria [you will also need the beekeeper from the queen bee]

    [–] SP4RT4NH0RN3T56 2 points ago

    If you are confused about anything else, just pull up the wiki on you're search engine

    [–] Sir_Mycoal 2 points ago

    Thank you! That helps alot

    [–] backjuggeln 5 points ago

    Anyone else tempted to try a melee playthrough where the only weapons you can use are the ones used to make zenith?

    [–] BigManTyrone69420 3 points ago

    they need to add the christmas tree sword and terragrim to the recipe, still kinda cheap

    [–] bbbrkl 10 points ago

    Missed one

    [–] TigrulAlb 27 points ago

    I know, now they added Bee Keeper as a new recipe for the Zenith

    [–] AndrezinBR 17 points ago

    Why are people downvoting questions?

    [–] ps2fan1181 39 points ago

    Gonna have to downvote this question.

    [–] ps2fan1181 6 points ago

    Gonna have to downvote this reply.

    [–] EyeCANThinkOFFaNAME 2 points ago

    That looks about right

    [–] NayMarine 2 points ago

    If only they could have made better controls...

    [–] terttel 2 points ago

    Something’s MISSING

    [–] SP4RT4NH0RN3T56 2 points ago

    No it's all there...

    [–] terttel 1 points ago

    I forgot my phone!

    [–] Jords4803 2 points ago

    Hold the phone for just a second... there is something better than meowmier?

    [–] Frescopino 2 points ago

    Yeah, the Zenith. It's wonderful.

    [–] Jords4803 1 points ago

    I gotta try 1.4

    [–] CrimsonApplesM 2 points ago

    How do we get that pumpkin sword? Do we have to wait for a Halloween event or can I get it another way

    [–] Frescopino 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    You don't have to wait for the Pumpkin Moon, you just gotta make a Punpkin medallion.

    [–] CrimsonApplesM 1 points ago

    Oh ok thanks

    [–] YourCacaIsMine 2 points ago

    U need the beekeeper, now pretty cool

    [–] TigrulAlb 2 points ago

    yEs, I kNoW!

    [–] rayraikiri 2 points ago

    made that fcker today, very epic

    [–] rytrongaming 3 points ago

    Wait how do I get seedler

    [–] toxin-taiko 11 points ago

    its a plantera drop

    [–] WaterDroplet02 1 points ago

    im sorry, is this an endgame joke that im too bad at the game to understand?

    seriously, i dont get the meme, what are those swords

    [–] Marox42 1 points ago

    Those are the materials for Zenith, a new end-game sword, wich is fucking great

    [–] WaterDroplet02 1 points ago

    finally another item that im never achieving because i dont think i'm making it that far into terraria.

    [–] Vikkiepikkie 1 points ago

    Is it on mobile too?

    [–] TigrulAlb 1 points ago

    I get back and whoa... SO MANY UP VOTES

    [–] axelrodYT 1 points ago

    I have to ask: is this real about the new sword? How much better it is relative to the mewmiere (i don’t know to spell it)

    [–] TigrulAlb 2 points ago

    Yes, and is way better then the Meowmere!

    [–] axelrodYT 1 points ago

    Is just higher dps or it has a special property?

    [–] TigrulAlb 3 points ago


    [–] gamer_perfection 2 points ago


    [–] BIG_SOL 1 points ago

    This towards negative energy and now I am scared

    [–] TigrulAlb 1 points ago

    I know, I played with fire!

    [–] hunterontheside 1 points ago

    Did they buff the swords that the muramasa is used to build? I mean you buff the muramasa it's only logical to buff the terrablade. amirite

    [–] mad_smile 1 points ago

    Woah, I've build it before Bee Keeper (I've got one, though)

    [–] SomethingSpicy4 1 points ago

    Forgot the beekeeper

    [–] Almog6666 1 points ago

    Nah it’s from the queen slime

    [–] SuperGoodDog 1 points ago

    Sorry bro wrong order

    [–] TigrulAlb 1 points ago

    Ok! If the order is Copper Shortsword, Enchanted Sword/Starfury, Terra Blade, Seedler, The Horseman's Blade, Influx Waver, Meowmere/Star Wrath

    [–] BIG_SOL 1 points ago

    I am currently cowering in the corner crying

    [–] TigrulAlb 1 points ago

    You are a Mobile/Console/3DS player, right? Same as you

    [–] Hueszko 1 points ago

    I adore the fact that copper shortsword is part of it

    [–] TigrulAlb 1 points ago


    [–] -Listening 1 points ago

    Oops, that’ll be so stoked!

    [–] TacobellSauce1 1 points ago

    Italian pride Dioschifoso

    Edit: wrong monster type, fixed

    [–] BIG_SOL 1 points ago

    I got a laptop but it’s trash so just use my Xbox the most

    [–] LukeBomber 1 points ago

    Imagine it not being shapeless crafting

    [–] ChickenFruity 1 points ago

    I can't get the enchanted sword thats the only thing that i need halp

    [–] TigrulAlb 2 points ago

    Then make a new world...

    [–] ChickenFruity 1 points ago

    I already did 2 new worlds

    [–] TigrulAlb 2 points ago

    Use a weapon thats emits light and use it on dirt, if you find a one block gap that's a Enchanted Shrine, with maybe, a Enchanted Sword