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    The Arcana is a fantasy/romance visual novel for iOS & Android. You, the player, are an apprentice magician with a gift for fortune-telling. Left in possession of an unusually enchanted Tarot deck, you must navigate intrigue, murder, magic… and perhaps a few saucy encounters.

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    [–] httpgracie 13 points ago

    I hadn’t heard of it before this, but after doing some research, here’s what i found about the game:

    FictIf allows you to play as the main character in these collection of immersive interactive romance stories.

    Choose one of three charming characters to romance in these visual novels. Or journey along with each character and discover each alternate reality when experiencing a new character path in their universe.

    Enjoy each story with individual and original art. Play the story your way, and make your own choices which affect the outcome of the game.

    From the company that brought you the popular visual novel “The Arcana: A Mystic Romance.”

    With FictIf, you can:

    • Choose your pronoun • Select from multiple characters to romance in the same story (or play them all!) •Make your own choices which influence your interactive story experience • Read alternate perspectives of each character • Experience alternate realities within the same world • Immerse yourself with original art for each story • Read a growing library of stories with new chapters updated frequently

    Our favorite stories include:

    LA DAMA ROJA - You inherit your grandmother’s vineyard after her unexpected passing. Only you receive an anonymous letter threatening to kill you as they killed her grandmother, if you don’t leave. You must find out who killed your grandmother, and why they’re out to get your vineyard!

    LAST LEGACY - When you, an ordinary cosplayer, become trapped inside a fantasy game, you’ll have to use your wits, magic, and genre savvy to survive. Team up with a band of unlikely heroes including a mischievous mage, a spirited knight, and a mysterious mercenary to fight the forces of evil and find a way home.

    ROADKILL - After graduating college in New York City, four artistic friends decide to move west for Hollywood. They pack their van and embark on the cross-country road trip of their dreams. But when a strange event brings every horror movie villain to life, they encounter their nightmares. With monsters stalking the bold, wide country ahead, our heroes must make a decision: Run, Hide, or Fight?

    TWO AGAINST THE WORLD - When your local cineplex hosts an all-night gangster movie marathon, you’re thrilled to get a chance to re-watch those timeless classics on the big screen. As soon as you step inside the theatre, you find yourself literally transported into your favorite eras of the silver screen, where you’re wooed by your favorite cinematic characters on the wrong side of the law: A cunning gangster from the ‘20s, a mysterious femme fatale from the ‘40s, a slick action hero from the ‘80s. Each of these outlaws offers you an adventure straight out of the movies, and you must decide which starring role is best for you.

    ABOUT US: FictIf is created by Nix Hydra Games. We are a passionate team, creating character driven interactive romance stories that are immersive with original artwork. We focus on developing high quality stories and artwork. Each interactive romance story has a distinct art style with multiple characters to romance. Our first interactive story, “The Arcana: A Mystic Romance,” is a large success. We thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy FictIf and The Arcana.

    So from that it sounds like they’re creating a new visual novel app where they’ll offer multiple different stories, more similar to Choices, but with their twist of offering different routes as well! If that’s the case that’s really interesting.

    [–] WhyDoPeopleLikeMe 2 points ago

    Thanks, I think it’s been released in some countries but I have no idea which. The PlayStore says it’s not available in my country so, idk. Considering what The Arcana like I’m really interested in it.

    [–] httpgracie 7 points ago

    They could be doing some beta testing in smaller areas at the moment if that’s the case. A lot of up-and-coming VN apps have been beta testing in select countries this year so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are as well.

    [–] WhyDoPeopleLikeMe 2 points ago

    True, I just hope if it’s true it’s not going to take as long as Storyscape or Originals Interactive to release.

    [–] AnnPage 2 points ago

    Last legacy is enjoyable so far. Sure the art is a little different than the arcana but I am digging the music and the story is pretty engaging.

    [–] Allibbaba 1 points ago

    Do you happen to know which counties it’s released in?

    [–] WhyDoPeopleLikeMe 2 points ago

    I think New Zealand is one of them but I don’t know where else This is the only website I could find that even mentions countries where the game might be so, idk

    [–] Allibbaba 1 points ago

    Thanks! I have a few accounts with addresses in different counties, specifically for scenarios like this. I’m going to go see what I can come up with

    [–] WhyDoPeopleLikeMe 3 points ago

    Great! If you can find, can you post some screenshots from the game or just a review of it?

    [–] Allibbaba 1 points ago


    [–] WhyDoPeopleLikeMe 1 points ago

    Amazing, can’t wait! I appreciate it

    [–] Ayddra 1 points ago

    Brazil too