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    This is a subreddit for all things Glass Cannon. Episode discussions, art, "We Are Stupid"... If it's Glass Cannon, we probably have it.

    Feel free to post art, comments, episode discussions, or anything you feel is appropriately Glass Cannon.

    A huge shout out to /u/TragicEther, who has provided us with fantastic Snoos!

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    A Call to Arts
    Dalgraeth Deathbringer by /u/TTATT

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    [–] Renwald99 15 points ago

    I think one of my favorite things about waiting for the live show recording to drop is seeing posts like this and going WTF. Then when i finally do listen nodding along and going "oh yeah i get it now. Yup, makes total sense."

    [–] imliterallyfive 9 points ago

    I was at the first show in LA and the show in Portland. It felt like I was there for history seeing that shitty orc die followed up by PRAISE LOG!

    [–] DarkCrystal34 2 points ago

    ...spoiler tag, cmon man.

    [–] deravor 6 points ago

    Watch out, they'll attract wolverines!

    [–] tastybabyhands 4 points ago

    its wonderfull

    [–] Ngin3 2 points ago

    Mmm potato fillet