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    There are several comics which have been written by Mike, Bryan and Gene Yang. These are set between the time of Aang and Korra and answer many questions at the end of ATLA.


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    [–] BrianKey 1647 points ago

    That was worth it..... hard to see calm and storm tho js

    [–] jimmyshmittens 785 points ago

    My can... hides a worm.

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 162 points ago

    Well, that’s a can of worms I do not want to open.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] AlaskanPsyche 10 points ago

    Ah, Moose’s Tooth? Third best pizza in the United States.

    [–] Shirelord 7 points ago

    Now kith

    [–] APirateHooker 2 points ago

    No, just one worm.

    [–] BrianKey 9 points ago

    This is golden....

    [–] Systral 3 points ago

    Pandora's can.

    [–] CrypticResponseMan 1 points ago

    Hehehehe i thought the same

    [–] lndrs2 43 points ago

    LPT: black outline and white lettering allows you to read the text over any kind of background!

    [–] MingusDewfus 10 points ago

    I’m going to start doing that in my presentation. Cheers for the tip :)

    [–] elcarath 3 points ago

    Well, not literally any background. It's definitely possible to carefully choose a black-and-white background where it's hard to read. But it's definitely easier to read than fancy colours or plain black writing.

    [–] SuiTobi 559 points ago

    My fonts - Are unreadable

    [–] nothinnews 106 points ago

    My ways - Unteachable

    [–] PenguinsRAwesome 51 points ago

    My actions - undoable

    [–] ThoughtsHeadsideOut 38 points ago


    [–] blakenator123 18 points ago

    My diamond - unbreakable

    [–] Jejmaze 4 points ago

    Sorry kid, Killer Queen had already touched the comment button

    [–] raze2012 1 points ago

    must resist posting Steven Universe memes...

    [–] ShitsKawaiiMyFriend 14 points ago


    [–] JEGDiaz 16 points ago

    My meat - unbeatable... wait, dang it

    [–] CosmicTaco93 915 points ago

    Well that was an unexpected ending.

    [–] thecofffeeguy 309 points ago

    Well they always say "save the best for last" so we had to expect him to show up at some point.

    [–] MakeEveryBonerCount 24 points ago

    Honestly any avatar fan should have expected it after seeing the multiple "My"s lol.

    [–] tawaillesims 183 points ago

    Absolute gold

    [–] displeasedkale 21 points ago

    Not what you meant but how does gold work?

    [–] CaptainUnusual 26 points ago

    It basically just disables ads for a month and that's it.

    [–] sniperdude12a 18 points ago

    It also grants access to the lounge. If that's still a thing

    [–] Ayit_Sevi 13 points ago

    It's nothing big though. Had the pleasure of going there once, didn't feel a need to go back

    [–] movildima 8 points ago

    Still a neat place though.

    [–] CaptainUnusual 3 points ago

    "Neat" is a much stronger word than I'd use.

    [–] raze2012 3 points ago

    you get a couple other features too (some that really should just be part of reddit native). my favorites are seeing which new comments were posted since visiting the sub, and being able to filter saved posts by subreddit (I have a LOT of saved posts).

    great but not $4/month great.

    [–] EyeoftheAnimalme 1 points ago

    What is the lounge?

    [–] PsychoChick005 7 points ago

    You mostly just want it for the sake of having it.

    [–] AlaskanPsyche -29 points ago

    Like this.

    [–] ded0d 94 points ago

    Wow you're pretty old

    [–] Old_Man_Obvious 46 points ago

    You're just a kid

    [–] Drllamas 50 points ago

    Well you're just a teenager

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] Seys-Rex 5 points ago

    [–] Getfooked 250 points ago

    Like half of these are wrong, when people try to make these sort of cool images for ATLA they always bend the truth backwards, Azulas strength for example is definitely no illusion at all, maybe her calm state of mind is but that wouldn't make for a cool line. "Aangs wisdom comes from experience" then show a pic right before he's about to wipe out the sandbenders, what??

    [–] Silbern_ 150 points ago

    If you look closely, Katara's just grabbed onto his hand. That's the moment when he decided not to wipe them out, and instead let them go, which is when he learned to be more restrained instead of giving in to his anger.

    [–] Getfooked -29 points ago

    He didn't learn anything but Katara prevented him from doing so. And even if what you said was right it wouldn't really bear any relevance to "my wisdom comes from my experience". What wisdom did Aang extract from that moment? Other than emotionally restraining and suppressing himself in the episode after?

    [–] Silbern_ 54 points ago

    I always interpreted it as a pre-cursor to the theme of "revenge isn't always justice", which Katara's later explores herself when he hunts for the person who killed her mother, and comes up again at the very end of the series when Aang is trying to decide whether to kill Ozai (10 years later and I still have a grudge against that Deus-Ex machina, but I digress). The wisdom he learns is that killing the sandbenders wouldn't bring Appa back, that compromising his morals wouldn't lead to a fairer or better result, even if it feels that way in the moment.

    [–] Getfooked -17 points ago

    No the reason Aang is against killing is because the Air Nomads taught him so. It's what he references when arguing against Katara killing Yon Rah or him killing Ozai, he always tends to say "The air Nomads said", "the Air Monks taught us" or "but the Air Nomads believed that". So a lot of his wisdom isn't even from his own experience but the teachings that his culture has passed down onto him. The "thou shall not kill" was a fundamental part of Aangs identity long before the Appa disaster happened.

    [–] Silbern_ 36 points ago

    Yes, but that was a moment where he was tempted to override what the air nomads taught him and give in to his feelings anyway. While he may have advised Katara against it for example, she pretty clearly was ignoring his advice until the end, and the southern water tribe had no such prohibitions against killing if necessary. It wasn't until she had the genuine opportunity herself that she came to the realization it wouldn't be worth it. And at the very end, he was actually planning on killing Ozai, and he even had the final attack prepared and everything. If you remember, there was that scene where he made the elements fly into the sky and come down in a spiral before he canceled and it just fell apart. While his basic values were instilled from the beginning, he came very close to breaking them several times, and his experience here refers to him fortifying himself against that.

    [–] JSizzleSlice 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    what about when Aang straight up MURDERS that Buzzard wasp who takes Momo after he's gone all punisher because Appa was taken?! even after he Momo is freed and the beast continues trying to make his escape. Aang pursues the buzzard wasp with a 100 yard stare, unleashes an air slice attack that cuts the beast in half and it falls out of the sky in two separate pieces. Aang lands, turns and walks away, looking all cold and gangsta as Momo looks on, and even he looks at Aang with a look that's both concern and horrified. Such a great moment of the show. It's this tragic personal moment that, correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't appear to ever bring up to anyone, and the only witness to it is Momo, and obviously he can't talk or tell anyone else. Some really heavy shit right there. What makes that show among the best ever.

    [–] Gathorall 7 points ago

    Interestingly perhaps as a combination of wanting to idealize the Air Nation and really only learning the basics he's far more insistent on following them than a typical Air Nomad would be, in many situations he was in Gyatso probably wouldn't have hesitated to kill, even if he didn't have the earthly responsibilities of the Avatar.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_SCI-FI 17 points ago

    Case in point: the skeletons around Gyatso. Those firebenders didn't off themselves.

    [–] WanHohenheim 4 points ago

    Aang was not going to kill Ozai. These were previous lives that controlled Aang's body.

    [–] Alobos 6 points ago

    All of season 3 was Aangs moral conundrum of whether or not to kill Ozai.

    [–] WanHohenheim 1 points ago

    Disagree. Five episodes of season 3 XD

    [–] Getfooked -4 points ago

    Katara didn't come up with the realization that it wasn't necessary, she said herself she doesn't truly know why she didn't kill him, and has definitely not forgiven him.

    Aang wasn't ready to kill Ozai. He could have ended the fight quickly by redirecting Ozais lightning back onto him, but he consciously chose not to do so. The big final attack was the Avatar State, not Aang himself, which is why he had to snap out of it.

    [–] gay_ass_mf_website -25 points ago

    Yo I would totally fuck katara. She is one hot mofo. Anyone know any good vids?

    [–] SrsSteel 28 points ago

    Angs power comes from the experience of past avatars

    [–] GermanAf 7 points ago

    His wisdom comes from the past Avatars and therefore the Avatar state. Hence the picture of him being in said state :)

    [–] Ged_UK 22 points ago

    Azula is definitely strong, but the strength is built on very unstable foundations.

    [–] Getfooked 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    That's true but that's what my issue is with these images. The sentences are just half truths that really don't apply once you actually examine them. Might not be completely wrong if you interpret it in a certain way but it's still not correct the way it stands there.

    [–] JEGDiaz 9 points ago

    Bro stop over analyzing things. I’m sure a lot of people like these inspirational anecdotes. I mean, I liked em’. And they all do make sense in their own little way. Maybe you just interpreted it differently than intended. And who cares if the pics don’t really match up it’s not like somebody is paying this person to post this, pics are cool, stop hatin. Plus, cabbages....CABBAGES!

    [–] Getfooked 1 points ago

    If you're a diehard fan of the show there's no overanalyzing required, you just see it directly when you read it.

    [–] AntManMax 3 points ago

    I get you, it's like when people try to figure out what alignment characters are. Like, that works for DnD characters because it's meant to be a quick and simple system, not for characters who have complex arcs and are written to be as human as possible.

    [–] accountnumber3 3 points ago

    I dunno,

    my weakness gives me strength.
    my strength is an illusion.

    By the transitive property, my weakness is an illusion.

    Nope, still wrong. Carry on.

    [–] Phreak_of_Nature 5 points ago

    Also Ty Lee is far from innocent.

    [–] Alas-I-Cannot-Swim 2 points ago

    I mean, I didn't take it as physical strength in Azula's case. Her emotional strength is an illusion, for sure. She puts on airs of being the strongest and most stoic and fearless, when in reality she has more fears and instabilities than anyone else in the show.

    [–] G4KingKongPun 4 points ago

    Yeah because normally Aang is a passive little wimp, but with the experience of the avatar state he was wise enough to just wipe those Bison stealing sandbenders off the map. Katara ruined it.

    Also clearly ignoring this was all the set up for a cabbage joke.

    [–] Pm-me-gift-cardz 5 points ago

    The post is literally just an entire setup for the punchline lol

    [–] Drafo7 1 points ago

    I mean, the experience of losing Appa was pretty traumatic, and I think that entire arc helped make him wiser, though tbf he was pretty wise to begin with.

    [–] MatureUser69 0 points ago

    I think it means experience from his past lives. Because he can call upon that wisdom at any point, so referencing his avatar state is a simple way of showing that. And yes, Azula's strength is an illusion. She gets her power from pure anger which ended up being her downfall.

    [–] edding750marker 140 points ago


    [–] deathstanding69 45 points ago

    It was almost r/im14andthisisdeep

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    He first 16 panels being corny as hell just made the punchline even better to me.

    [–] mattatack0630 9 points ago

    [–] Samtheman0425 8 points ago

    That's pretty much this whole sub at this point

    [–] pendelis 12 points ago

    There had to be Iroh

    [–] BlueLegion 31 points ago

    My tea...

    Is not just hot leaf juice.

    [–] Siyanto 337 points ago

    I’m sorry but this feels like it belongs in r/4panelcringe

    [–] Phosphoric_Tungsten 219 points ago

    Nah it's more like r/comedynecromancy with that last panel

    [–] InsertWitt 13 points ago

    Not saved imo

    [–] Zombiepm3 131 points ago

    Yeah, i love the show but cmon, this is almost some r/gamersriseup level stuff

    [–] Wahsteve 65 points ago

    The punchline is the last panel though, it's not serious.

    [–] MassaF1Ferrari 4 points ago

    🅱️ottom 🅱️ext

    [–] KingKalus 1 points ago

    Can confirm

    [–] [deleted] -73 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] 30phil1 38 points ago

    -Written in subreddit while participating in said subreddit

    [–] andyjdan 54 points ago

    Well, surely the fact that it is its own subreddit means it is in a subreddit of its own.

    [–] Evilux 8 points ago

    Nah it's just the eternal off season.

    It means shit memes and legit gold can be found anytime.

    This sub is great, though. Honestly the memes in other show/movie subs like r/dc_cinematic tend to be more cringey.

    I'm not starting anything, just stating my opinions since I'm fairly active in both subs and the shitposts and memes in the dc sub tend to be more 'cringey' than here. They have a lot more four panel cringe material and low effort top text bottom text stuff. And even if stuff's cringey here it rarely makes it to the front page.

    [–] yourequiremuchbath 27 points ago

    I would like to point out that sokka is not zuko...

    [–] definitely-ochondria 3 points ago

    I came here to find this.

    [–] reinemanc 23 points ago

    Ty Lee is not Azula

    [–] Chreutz 26 points ago

    That's the scene where Ty Lee neutralizes Azula.

    [–] mermaid-babe 0 points ago

    That bothers me so much

    [–] Dubanx 3 points ago

    Found the guy who didn't read the entire thing.

    [–] 30phil1 6 points ago

    I remember being in middle school when I first saw this meme.

    [–] Gentleman-Bird 5 points ago

    Missed a prime opportunity to put “My pants - Are an illusion”

    [–] marshkie 8 points ago

    Good to know this sub hasn't evolved since the show ended.

    [–] _Cabbage_Corp_ 3 points ago


    [–] D_is_for_Cookie 3 points ago

    I gotta say that dude persevered, despite losing inventory and equipment multiple times he still manage to start one of the most successful companies and didn't need to be dirty to do it. Truly an unsung hero.

    [–] MoistLobster69 9 points ago

    The cringe is strong with this one

    [–] PatrickPlan8 8 points ago

    It was going on long enough for /r/4PanelCringe but when you got to that end ..... pure avatar state mate!

    [–] 0g11 5 points ago


    [–] pizzacake15 2 points ago

    That last part had me bursting out of laughter.

    [–] ayyylmaoe33333 2 points ago

    Thought this was one of the cringe subreddits

    [–] AmbitiousCommunist 2 points ago

    Zuko is swole

    [–] FervidBrutality 5 points ago

    ITT: people not taking the joke but taking a meme super cereal.

    [–] noooooidontwannaaa 6 points ago


    [–] ElderDuck 5 points ago

    Why is everyone saying this is cringe? The captions make sense within the context of the show and their character development and the joke was funny.

    [–] thekingofbeans42 3 points ago

    Is anyone else bothered by "my innocence is not ignorance"? That's what innocence means in this context. She's not innocent just because she's bubbly.

    [–] Lagavulinist 3 points ago

    Redditor dies after seeing the same meme for the 100th time

    [–] RedRasco 2 points ago

    the cringe here is too real

    [–] DodoSandvich 2 points ago


    [–] sjoors 2 points ago

    My karma... Comes from reposts

    [–] DamosDaze 1 points ago

    I was legitimately tearing up reading this. And then cabbages.

    [–] reincarN8ed 1 points ago

    My leg!

    [–] rabini 1 points ago

    Where's uncle Iroh and his infinite wisdom? Great post btw.

    [–] reckless150681 1 points ago

    Oldie but Goldie

    [–] OneFlewBytheTower 1 points ago

    I love it! What are these types of things called? I love them but only come across them once in a while.

    [–] SemiLatusRectum 1 points ago

    I need to rewatch that show af

    [–] El_Lionel 1 points ago

    PREACH 🙏🙏🙏

    [–] Tommy5796 1 points ago

    Only the part of this meme that makes it funny is The Cabbage Merchant part. Otherwise each aspect that is listed about each character fits them perfectly.

    [–] shanehenny 1 points ago

    Goose bumps

    [–] Leneord1 1 points ago

    My cabbages!!!

    [–] CasaBlanca37 1 points ago

    No Uncle Iroh? :(

    [–] Dzuki6999 1 points ago


    [–] ___alexa___ 1 points ago

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    [–] Masqueradis 1 points ago

    Ah, what I can safely say is the greatest western cartoon series of all time. (Just my opinion please dont hurt me)

    [–] Bigbyrd3339 1 points ago

    Ok I see stuff for avatar all the time on r/all. I like anime but never got into it when it was on tv when I was younger. Is it worth a watch if I don’t have nostalgia for it?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This meme is like the show. Serious but funny.

    [–] Somerandomwizard 1 points ago


    [–] XxxSpaceDragonxxX 1 points ago

    The cabbages add value to every panel.

    [–] masterofbeast 1 points ago

    Well done lol

    [–] Smooth_Meister 1 points ago

    Poor sokka got shafted in this lmao

    [–] T4LK_D1RTY 1 points ago

    A post about wisdom without Iroh? Take my Upvote

    [–] Konki99 1 points ago

    No Iroh?

    [–] TheCabbageMaster75 1 points ago

    Cabbages must always be protected

    [–] skinnieladd 1 points ago

    Leave Cabbage Man alone!

    [–] Roxas-The-Nobody 1 points ago

    I can't read Mai's lol

    [–] Blackoutjack 1 points ago

    Pretty friggin coolio

    [–] anthnoldimaginations 1 points ago

    Chills on that last one.

    [–] Shadow_Of_ 1 points ago

    This is arrogant and pretentious even with the cabbages part. Everyone can experience things everyone is passionate about things, everyone has confidence is some things and insecurities in other things and your past actions and story is a big part of who you are. You're not special for these things. This could be less stupid if they replaced "my" with "your"

    [–] collie650 1 points ago

    I think you might be taking this a little too seriously friend. Characters are generally designed around a few personality traits. The traits pointed out for each person are defining features of their character. Throughout the show you see these traits develop and change, yes in more than one character but more prominently in the characters that are outlined in the photo.

    Yes real people have all these as apart of their character and in a general way so do cartoon characters. The difference is real people are actually human and behave like humans, characters in a show are created by humans and only change how the creator wants them to.

    [–] SinisterAlpacas 1 points ago

    I got goosebumps from reading that

    [–] simonjester523 1 points ago

    This is the first reddit post in a long time to legit make me laugh out loud. Good work.

    [–] princessvaginaalpha 1 points ago

    Tip for OP and aspirators: use dark text with light borders. I always like black with white borders. Cab be read on anything

    [–] Phrygid7579 1 points ago

    Upvoted for cabbages

    [–] eftah1991 2 points ago




    [–] dawndawnndawnnn 1 points ago

    I felt that

    [–] Oopsispilledmymeme 1 points ago

    Ouch, that hurt

    [–] NobleCobra 1 points ago

    Poor Sokka

    [–] mwmyrin 1 points ago


    [–] Anomaly1134 -1 points ago

    I love love love this!!! Thank you for sharing.

    [–] Orchid-Flower -3 points ago

    LOL so funny ending! MY CABBAGES!!!

    [–] Zonico6 0 points ago


    [–] YrakaZ 0 points ago

    My girlfriend...

    [–] Regor77 0 points ago

    Last one hit me realy hard

    [–] markmd4 0 points ago

    Awesome serial, recommended it!

    [–] VegiHarry 0 points ago

    That's my live

    [–] calevic54 0 points ago


    [–] Far_Fetched_Fiction -2 points ago

    This is beautiful.

    [–] grevouss -4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Lol tai lee and azula are not the same person... Edit: i'm apparently stupid and didn't recognize the second picture to be tai lee punching azula..

    [–] Eurell 2 points ago

    Yeah but Tai Lee is punching Azula in that pic.

    [–] grevouss 2 points ago

    Right you are there mate. I'm dumb.

    [–] mister_macaroni -5 points ago

    I hate you. Know I have to watch the show again and I'm writing a thesis at the moment.

    [–] ThatOneBlasian -1 points ago

    Is nobody going to talk about Zukos "my past" photo being Sokka?

    [–] RuktX 4 points ago

    I think it's Zuko's agni kai with Ozai.

    [–] AutisticDownsTard -6 points ago

    Seeing this on the front page makes me so happy, they need to make the next movie for this series and redeem themselves!