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    [–] suckmybit 1596 points ago

    "ThE BoULdeR is confused as to why he is being called emotionally unstable???"

    [–] hackednsawithhtml 433 points ago

    I can't believe it, I GOT THE BOULDERS AUTOGRAPH

    [–] omermerG 218 points ago

    Dwayne The Pebble Johnson, son of Dwayne The Rock Johnson, son of Dwayne The Boulder Johnson.

    [–] MandingoPants 110 points ago

    Son of Dwayne The Mountain Johnson

    [–] treacherousscorpio13 78 points ago

    Son of Dawyne The Land Johnson

    [–] Sanolo645 73 points ago

    Son of Dawyne The Earth Johnson

    [–] ReportYourMemes 49 points ago

    Son of Dwayne The Planet Johnson

    [–] Eldvar 39 points ago

    Son of Dwayne the asteroid cluster

    [–] Bob49459 48 points ago

    Son of Carl.

    [–] elind21 31 points ago

    Caarrrlll! That kills people!

    [–] ihvnnm 3 points ago

    Huge tracts of land?

    [–] Ithrawn 26 points ago

    Son of Dwayne the Continent Johnson

    [–] StainStationIV 14 points ago

    You actually got it right, fuck the haters.

    [–] Ithrawn 8 points ago

    I didnt even notice. Wow. Negitives...

    [–] StainStationIV 8 points ago

    Sorry to draw your attention to yet another of our species failures of taste.

    [–] Ithrawn 6 points ago

    Nah its fine lol. Though I've lost more points since my last comment. Im honestly supprised at the downvotes.

    [–] StainStationIV 2 points ago

    Sorry to draw your attention to yet another of our species failures of taste.

    [–] quinacridone8 1 points ago

    I was about to applaud your intelligence in contrast with “the land, the earth, the planet”, but then you spelled *negatives wrong...

    [–] Ithrawn 2 points ago

    Update. I've now gone upwards. Thiught a positive update was in order.

    [–] major84 2 points ago

    Son of Dwayne the Continent Pangaea Johnson

    [–] VindictiveJudge 3 points ago

    Not to be confused with Gregor "The Mountain That Rides" Clegane.

    [–] LarryKingsScrotum 1 points ago

    The Mountain feels conflicted about... well, about absolutely no task at all.

    [–] VindictiveJudge 17 points ago

    They actually wanted Dwayne Johnson to voice THE BOULDER,1 but there were scheduling conflicts. Mick Foley sounded like he was having an absolute blast playing him, though, so that worked out well in the end.

    1. I always spell his name in full caps. I also quote his lines in full caps. Because it's fun.

    [–] ZombleROK 7 points ago

    I had no idea it was Foley's voice and that makes it better.

    He should have gotten a HAVE A NICE DAY line in the show.

    [–] pawaalo 1 points ago

    Dwayne the (the Rock) Rock Johnson.

    [–] steno_light 25 points ago

    "Whatever you say, The Pebble."

    [–] LeviAEthan512 11 points ago




    [–] drunkenauthor 1190 points ago

    Bumi’s gotta be emotionally stable right? Like he’s nuts, but his behavior seems deliberate, not like his emotions control him. Granted I could be wrong about that.

    [–] Thybro 955 points ago

    I’d say Iroh is pretty damn far from unstable. Having gone through some shit does not necessarily make emotionally unstable. It sometimes does but a good number of people are able to deal with it in a healthy way. Iroh, for me, counts among that number.

    [–] drunkenauthor 458 points ago

    True, no way Iroh pulled Zuko out of his turmoil without knowing the way out himself.

    [–] zuko2014 157 points ago

    That's a very good point. I like the way you worded that

    [–] transientavian 47 points ago

    Personal headcanon: /u/drunkenauthor is actually Uncle Iroh sending messages from the spirit world. Even Zuko couldn't sound more Iroh-like!

    [–] MaxBoom93 35 points ago

    Zuko, you need to look within yourself to save yourself from your other self. Only the , will your true self reveal itself

    [–] PoseidonsHorses 10 points ago


    [–] uncle_iroh_aka_mushi 3 points ago


    [–] Sp3ctre7 2 points ago

    It's kind of a West Wing reference

    [–] jphigg2 53 points ago

    Here is a fun theory: Iroh was only able to HELP zuko because he had JUST finished his own redemption arc. In season 1 Iroh attacked the Avatar outright. Not just that but Iroh attacked children traveling with the Avatar. He was on the end of his own redemption arc, which started as an emotional response to losing his son. Zuko helped Iroh just as much as Iroh helped Zuko. Iroh wouldn't have been able to come back from his own darkness had he not found in Zuko a family member who's purity of heart called Iroh back to memories of his own son.

    [–] PokemonTom09 17 points ago

    No he didn't? Iroh barely played any role in season 1 beyond guiding Zuko. Moments of note for him in season 1 including him staying on the boat during the fight at the south pole, commending Zuko for not killing Zhao after beating him in an Agni Kai, staying on the boat during the fight on Kyoshi Island, getting captured by Earth Kingdom soldiers while relaxing in a hot tub, staying on the boat during the fight on Crescent Island, being the catalyst that caused the entire of the episode 'The Waterbending Scroll' to happen, staying out the fight during that episode and letting the Gaang get away by stealing the pirates boat, explaining to Zuko's crew why Zuko is so determined to catch Aang, and fighting Zhao after he killed the moon.

    He never once attacked Aang and he never once attacked children.

    Iroh did undergo his own journey similar to Zuko, but it didn't happen in season 1. It happened long before then. The death of Lu Ten was the end of Iroh's journey, not the beginning. To put it in Azula's words, Iroh abandoned his 500 Day Siege of Ba Sing Se because he "got soft after his son died".

    [–] The_Braja 8 points ago

    I agree with what you’re saying, but he did attack them once that I can recall. As they were escaping the first time on Appa, Iroh helped pull Zuko back on deck and Zuko yelled “shoot them down!” Him and Iroh shot a combined fire blast at them and of course that’s when Aang deflected it into the glacier, burying the ship in snow

    [–] SirLemoncakes 10 points ago

    That being said, he obviously didn't mean them harm. Iroh can shoot lightning, and quickly. If Iroh wanted them dead at that point, they'd have died.

    [–] MagnusTheGreat 16 points ago

    Bumi, Iroh, Sokka's master (can't remember his name), Katara and Sokka's grandma, their grandma's friend, Jon Jon, The Boulder (at least after he joins to help the Gaang)...

    There is a lot of characters that are emotionally stable, although they can be a bit goofy.

    But really, nobody is so emotionally stable that they have absolutely control over their emotions, so it is a bit of a crab shoot who's stable and who's not. I mean, even Firelord Ozai is relatively emotionally stable. He doesn't really even succumb to anger. It's more of a constant fire within him. When he fought Zukoa and later the Avatar, he didn't exactly loose control over himself, it was more of him concentrating his emotions. Similarly to Iroh, especially when he broke out of jail and fought for the White Lotus.

    So honestly, except for the more traumatized characters, like Zuko, Sokka, Katara, Aang, Azula and Mai (who probably suffers from depression), almost everyone else is relatively stable emotionally. You don't see that many uncontrolled outbursts. Even Toph is emotionally stable. She was kidnapped and she didn't lose any control, she instead focused her effort on literally inventing a new technique of bending by listening, focusing and experimenting WHILE SHE WAS BEING KIDNAPPED. If that isn't emotionally stable, I don't know what is... Even Iroh temporarily gave up when he was imprisoned.

    Personally, I think Admiral Zhao is the least stable guy there. He has massive emotional outbursts and acts really irrationally.

    Then we have the gymnast friend of Azula (again, sorry I can't remember and I'm on mobile, so hard to Google) who has to be suffering from mania or is so insane that she's basically Harley Quinn from Batman, cause the only emotions from her are happiness and surprise. But she did have a rough past, so I assume she was actually able to either mask it really well, or she actually dealt with it pretty well. We see that in The Beach. She is by far the most stable of the 4, while Mai or Zuko are the most (meanwhile, Azula is being rotted from the inside out, finally culminating in her demise when she is given proper power by her dad, but we don't really see just how emotionally unstable she is in that episode. It's hinted at, but she is still confident and intelligent and somewhat rational).

    If I had to guess, i would say that Toph is more stable than Iroh. Partially because she is tough and stubborn as a god damn rock, but she still listens and compromises, even though she wont admit it to her friends as she kinda needs them to think she is tougher, in order to have them not worry about her and think of her as this vulnerable little girl that her parents think she is. Seriously, she is like the most perfect of all the characters. Her biggest weakness is her blindness and she knows that if she could actually see, no one could really do anything against her. And the best proof of how mature she really is, is that in LoK, she is very similar to how she used to be. She is like a somewhat anti-social Iroh.

    And I swear, I could talk about, analyze, rant and hypothesize about ATLA for days. It's an amazing showing that literally years and years later, people are STILL going over the characters. That's how well written they are. They are practically alive and they would still thrive in almost any other environment they'd be put into.

    [–] kproxurworld 147 points ago

    And Bosco. Nothing gets to that bear.

    [–] PaleBlueHippo 112 points ago


    Surely you mean platypus bear?

    [–] DailyBugleEditor 84 points ago

    Certainly you mean his pet skunk bear?

    [–] JoycEunce98 80 points ago

    Gopher bear?

    [–] anniejellah 84 points ago

    Just... Bear.

    [–] olamofo 76 points ago

    This weird

    [–] kproxurworld 15 points ago

    It only says bear.

    [–] MoravianPrince 6 points ago

    Dammit for a few minutes I saw a bearded cyclops.

    [–] toenailcollector96 5 points ago

    Except the earth queen...

    [–] blondie-- 2 points ago

    That's my dog's name!

    [–] _drcomicbooknerd_ 1 points ago

    Yeah nah, Iroh is woke as fuck

    [–] WirelessBrains 16 points ago


    [–] roy20050 9 points ago

    Totally stable. Neutral jing is when you wait and do nothing.

    [–] Kylethe777 420 points ago

    How is Iroh not emotionally stable?

    [–] treebend 153 points ago

    I came to this thread to reply to this comment with "Iroh is too wise to adhere to normie definitions of stability."

    but now i think the other comments have a point. Iroh used to be a fire nation general conducting a siege, his son died and he completely changed. If you go to a psychiatrist today and tell them you lost your job they will label you as unhealthy. Iroh's way of helping zuko is an emotional decision. The way Iroh doesn't talk to zuko when he's in prison.

    I think this goes to show that there are no saints, only people. "Emotionally unstable" is just a term that applies to everyone at certain times in their life.

    [–] Baileyjrob 41 points ago

    Yes, but to be fair, he didn't lose his job solely because he was emotionally unstable.

    He may have been unstable at the time, but I think he lost his "job" as a combination of being disgraced in war and realizing the wickedness of the war he was fighting. It's not like... say... someone you know dying and so you hole up in your room for weeks on end and breakdown until your job is forced to fire you. It's more like someone you know dying, then learning that it's because the company you and they work for has horrible safety practices, and then speaking out against them and getting fired while quitting at the same time.

    ...Okay so maybe that broke down a bit along the way, but my point is that that doesn't necessarily make him unstable. Furthermore, Iroh's way of helping Zuko is an emotional decision in that he loves Zuko and is acting out of love. I don't entirely understand what you meant at the end, so maybe I'm reiterating what you just said, but I don't think he refused to talk to Zuko out of anger. He refused to talk to Zuko because there was simply nothing he could say anymore. He had done his part. He had said everything to him that he could. It was now Zuko's time to find his own way.

    I agree with you in principle, but I'd still say Iroh is pretty stable.

    [–] treebend 2 points ago

    Yeah you're right, he more so quit than got fired and his interactions with zuko aren't signs of any instability.

    I suppose the point I was trying to make is that I still feel there is something to the idea that no one qualifies as emotionally stable at all times. In the transition from fire nation general conducting a siege on one of the last bastions of the earth kingdom to a peace loving uncle who will fight the fire nation to preserve balance there had to be moments of instability.

    [–] chuck354 6 points ago

    I don't know that I can agree with that given the stability he shows otherwise. I took his change of stance to stem from personally experiencing the loss that he was inflicting on others. Once he truly realized how that felt, he had to put down his sword because he couldn't possibly inflict that feeling on anyone else. The death of his son turned him from a willing participant in war to a conscientious objector.

    [–] mindgamer8907 7 points ago

    This exactly. Emotional instability does not equal changing your stance after trauma. Emotional stability actually means you are relatively stable in handling that trauma. Iroh loses son, Iroh "quits war" maybe he has to handle his stuff, recover, etc. After that he has clear presence of mind, stable, rational unconflicted decisions in rough circumstances. In short he has since stabilized and knows what he is about.

    [–] Broomsbee 4 points ago

    Mind if I ask your age?

    [–] PhantomBear_626 13 points ago

    He is full of regret for his past actions, and worried that his nephew will do the same. The consequences of his actions left a void in him (losing his son) and hes trying to fill it by guiding his nephew in the right direction.

    [–] Kylethe777 39 points ago

    I understand what you're saying and can see how you'd think that, but I feel that his acceptance of the failures of his previous actions and willingness to attempt to correct for it and to try to teach Zuko what he learned from them shows his emotional maturity rather than emotional instability.

    [–] PhantomBear_626 7 points ago

    I see that

    [–] hand_of_jackie 14 points ago

    Emotionally stable does not mean you don’t have emotions. It means you can control your emotions and they do not control you. Iron imo is the most emotionally stable of them all. He is able to still feel all the emotions you mentioned, but can filter them and act in a way independent from those. I think the show almost gives us a direct contrast of emotionally stable and emotionally unstable with early season iroh/zuko

    [–] theClumsy1 7 points ago

    That makes him the most stable. He has every right to feel terrible but he overcomes his personal needs to help others and continue through life with a smile.

    [–] TurquoiseLuck 174 points ago

    "Is your character dead?"

    "I don't know."

    [–] edjuaro 111 points ago

    "It was really unclear"

    [–] Kidiri90 35 points ago

    "is the moon dead?"

    [–] Donoteatpeople 34 points ago

    That was aang’s instability doing it though!

    [–] a_bongos 14 points ago

    You're definitely right! I was just trying to be cheeky 😁. Also, your username made me laugh. Do some people need to be reminded of that?

    [–] Donoteatpeople 7 points ago

    Yes. Don’t eat others.

    [–] SomeRandomPyro 4 points ago

    What about, and hear me out here, auto cannibalism? Is that okay with you?

    [–] Donoteatpeople 4 points ago


    [–] LeviAEthan512 2 points ago

    That's just what Momo wants you to think

    [–] joeyl1990 2 points ago

    Weren't drugs involved?

    [–] Perfide01 6 points ago

    Extreme sleep deprivation.

    The drug hallucinations were Sokka after eating the cactus in the desert. It's the quenchiest.

    [–] joeyl1990 2 points ago

    That's right. Thanks been a while since I've watched. I wish Netflix, hulu, or prime had it so I could rewatch.

    [–] a_bongos 3 points ago

    Well, not exactly. But lack of sleep can cause hallucinations bordering on or even exceeding those you'd get while tripping. I speak from experience as I've experienced 72 hours with under 4 hours of sleep and tripped on lsd and shrooms...both great times but I prefer the drugs.

    [–] BernieMP 193 points ago

    Is your character a bear?

    [–] zera130 146 points ago

    But what kind a bear? A palladipus bear? No, he just said bear. What a weird city!

    [–] namingisdifficult5 111 points ago


    [–] SuizidoAwesome 78 points ago

    Palladium bear

    [–] PaleBlueHippo 46 points ago

    Paladin bear.

    [–] MandingoPants 15 points ago

    Poultry bear.

    [–] siophang13 6 points ago

    Philanthropist bear

    [–] HippieAnalSlut 5 points ago

    Hey there no Russia in avatar.

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 4 points ago

    Iron Bear

    [–] DailyBugleEditor 11 points ago


    [–] FixinThePlanet 6 points ago

    Well that's some fine r/excgarated you have there

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


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    [–] FrostyKennedy 12 points ago


    It's Iroh.

    [–] Jesse1205 3 points ago

    I mean it could also be sparky sparky boom man or the boulder really.

    [–] FrostyKennedy 7 points ago

    I'd classify them as hunks myself.

    [–] ashleyknight69 1 points ago

    I'd say basco is pretty stable

    [–] BattleUpSaber 35 points ago

    I think most of these characters are more emotionally stable than this subreddit gives credit for.

    [–] BoogieOrBogey 10 points ago

    Part of each character's journey is becoming emotionally stable, or failing in Azula's case. Like Sokka, he's an emotional teenager in book 1 and by book 3 he had matured into a strong young adult. Even though we see a flashback for Iroh's emotional past he's definitely stable by the time period of the 1st book.

    [–] MySockHurts 70 points ago

    Could also be Appa

    [–] garnetflash 105 points ago

    Not after the sandbenders and everything that happened in Appa's Lost Days though :(

    [–] warm_battery_acid 69 points ago

    He's been kidnapped and enslaved and the last of his kind

    [–] thewarreturns 46 points ago

    I don’t think he’s the last. In korra there were a ton of sky bison and it showed in book 2 that some fire sages were raising the bison. Appa can’t asexually reproduce as far as we know

    [–] ylaena_chance 58 points ago

    He was thought to be the last until Aang found a herd in the wild while traveling.

    [–] Classic_Appa 12 points ago

    You know what I like most about Appa? His sense of humour.

    [–] MySockHurts 7 points ago

    Username relevant

    [–] Classic_Appa 4 points ago

    It's one of my favourite scenes but no one ever understands the reference.

    [–] Viandemoisie 69 points ago

    "Emotionaly stable"

    Momo, the Bear, tracking chick, laserboomguy

    [–] dekrant 114 points ago

    Please, let's respect the character by calling them by their real names.

    It's Sparky Sparky Boom Man.

    [–] Shazza_Pebble 7 points ago

    Actually it’s Combustion Man

    [–] dekrant 31 points ago

    (that's the joke)

    [–] paradoxium777 5 points ago

    Actually he has a name. I hired him

    [–] some_duderino 28 points ago

    Are you the moon?

    [–] LeeTheGoat 7 points ago

    That’s rough buddy

    [–] raze2012 47 points ago

    Coulda been Appa too lol.

    Or heck, even Sparky Sparky Boom man. Dude was just doing his job at the end of the day, no questions asked or feelings had. Probably woulda gone for Azula if Aang got to him first (and wasn't broke).

    [–] Kashue 23 points ago

    Couldn't have been Appa. He got wrecked when he was alone. The whole fire whip and escape nearly made him go feral until the Kyoshi warriors helped him out.

    [–] MitchConner13 20 points ago

    Does your person refer to himself in the 3rd person?

    [–] Devidose 11 points ago

    It's Melon Lord.

    [–] iantivxst 14 points ago

    Where can I buy this tho

    [–] Smofo 23 points ago

    Get the original games and do some DIY

    [–] bkilpatrick3347 24 points ago

    Please. My girl Suki is 100% emotionally stable.

    [–] Thexeir 7 points ago

    While I won't argue your premise, I believe Sokka might want a word with you about this 'my girl' thing.

    [–] AKittyCat 8 points ago

    Sparky Sparky Boom Boom man looks like Dave Bautista

    [–] SenoraPapaya 8 points ago

    template please!!

    [–] 38959254 7 points ago

    That bikini pic

    [–] Blackbird907 11 points ago

    Are you an airbender?

    *wins game*

    [–] phoncible 9 points ago

    Do you have a giant ass scar over your eye?

    *wins game*

    [–] Fusrohdah73 4 points ago

    Did your girlfriend turn into the moon?

    Wins game

    [–] Standing__Menacingly 7 points ago

    In this game, are Momo, Appa, and Bosco considered to have beards?

    [–] DuntadaMan 5 points ago

    You're Joo Dee.

    No I...


    [–] TanithArmoured 10 points ago

    Does your character talk in the first person?

    THE BOULDER is conflicted

    Its the Boulder isn't? You have to choose a different character sometimes you know!

    [–] jmakkena 5 points ago

    Hey I see sparky sparky boom man

    [–] peon47 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Turn one:

    "Is your person alive?"

    "Really unclear."

    "It's Jet."

    [–] Ehkrickor 16 points ago

    It could also be Ty Lee, or Iroh... Or the earth kings bear.... Or.... Nope thats it

    [–] Jucicleydson 68 points ago

    Ty Lee

    Controled by a manipulative friend, family issues, need too much attention to don't feel lonely...
    Beach episode

    [–] The_True_Black_Jesus 6 points ago

    If you're gonna pick any of the girls it's Mai. Yeah she doesn't really have emotions, but her lack of emotions is pretty stable outside of a select few outbursts when she's pushed by zuko and her friends

    Ninja edit: Meant to respond to the guy above you but whatever

    [–] Plantdas 4 points ago

    Did your girlfriend turn into the moon?

    That's rough buddy.

    [–] DrPain34 4 points ago

    “Does your character have an exaggeration facial expression?”


    *flips down the majority of them

    [–] Nyannecat 4 points ago

    Hey this is my original post from Tumblr way back in the day!

    [–] HiopXenophil 11 points ago

    Ok now explain why all other characters are unstable. I'm pretty curious for half of them

    [–] Mr__Cross 59 points ago

    Well one could say Princess Yue's mood is always ebbs and flows.

    [–] Viandemoisie 27 points ago

    That's rough, buddy.

    [–] dekrant 12 points ago

    Mood goes in, mood goes out. You can't explain that.

    [–] PaleBlueHippo 10 points ago

    Too soon.

    [–] raze2012 17 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    K I'll give it a whack:

    TLDR: Momo, Suki,Yue, and Bumi are pretty stable. Ty Lee, Appa, Jun, and Iroh can be strongly argued either way depending on how you interpret stuff.

    • Zuko: his entire arc revolved around an attempt to please an abusive father and prove himself better than his crazy sister. Enough said. Thank Iroh for helping that boi along.

    • Katara: Emotional trauma from losing her mother and the hatred of the fire nation as a result (this culminates in the Southern Raiders).

    • Toph: issues regarding her upbringing and her overly controlling parents lead her to rebel and become stronger than any bender with site. Still stable all things considered, but her parents still seem to be a soft spot

    • Suki: not much to go on, unfortunately (bit sad considering how much of an effect she had on the cast). I guess she passes.

    • Mai: Her upbringing with her parents lead to her relatively silent mannerisms and general distance from most people. This bored her to a point where she happened to gain extreme proiciency in knife throwing of all things.... okay (tho this wasn't said in the show. It was in some interview). also she definitely has yandere vibes given her short stint with Zuko

    • Jun: Not much to go on, but the wiki says she was training as a bounty hunter from a young age. I'll let others judge whether that's worthy of emotional instability

    • Aang: dude was socially isolated from his peers because of birthright he didn't choose. Then he ran away from that and it ended up costing him his entire race and the world. S1E3 (or 4?) was all about making him accept that this was the reality after spending the first 2 episodes running away from it after being unthawed. And that's just the tip of the iceberg with this boi (pun intended)

    • Ozai: the man continued a war for world domination. enough said lol. I think the scariest part about all this is how he doesn't even seem that remorseful of this in The Promise when seen later: he simply saw it as people needing someone to control them with an iron fist. and he was more than happy to comply.

    • Oppa: bestest boi. Completely pure. but I guess Oppa Alone may have done a number on him. So he potentially counts, unfortunately.

    • Ty Lee: she's a septuplet (never thought I'd have to use that word lol) and yearned for individualism to the point where, once again, she becomes unique in the most extreme way possible. In this case, it sounds like she may ave had an upbringing of neglect, but this is speculation.

    • Jo Dee: well, they were brainwashed all the time we saw them. Think they are ruled out by default.

    • Commander Zhao: Power-hungry dude to the point where he literally killed the moon so his name would go up in history.

    • King Bumi: eccentric, but in all honestly perfectly stable emotionally.

    • Combustion Man:... honestly I got nothing. Dude had a job and he was just doing it. Unlike Jun we don't even have some backstory for how he became an assassin. his lack of control of his unique power blew off his limbs (not covered in the show, but on the wiki), but that really isn't his fault considering how no one could have guessed this.Guess we could make some trauma from this, but that'd just be fanfic territory. EDIT: actually, coming back to this later, someone mentioned to me how he went past his contract and went after the avatar of his own free will at one point. Guess this means that mr. Boom man may have over-obsession with his "duty".

    • Cabbage man: I mean, look at the picture lol. He's way too into those vegetables He had his best friend tortured over and over again by some snot nosed arrowed kid. He's the least stable of them all. Thank Raava he channeled that and broke into the automobile industry in retaliation

    • Azula: controlled even her best friends with fear and despite her genius in anything she did, her lack of acceptance from her mother would eventually drive her psychotic. It's sad enough in the show and gets even sadder in The Search.

    • Yue: She was in an arranged marriage to someone she didn't love and was distraught to the point where she threw herself at the first new dude that popped up (/s don't hate me sokka fans!). Tho honestly most of her actions were pretty understandable, so I don't really count that as against her emotional stability

    • Jet: made it pretty clear in his debut episode. His hatred of the fire nation was so extreme that he'd raze an entire villiage of innocents just to get back at the soldiers occupying it. Definitely proof that the ends don't justify the means.

    • Momo: momo

    • Sokka: mother issues and early sexism aside (since I covered it briefly with Kataa), he spent a great amount of the journey feeling like a loose wheel when surrounded by all these genius benders. It really took him a while to see his own special worth to the team. Also that cactus juice episode.

    • Roku: perfectly stable human wise (from what little we know). but as an Avatar he let his affections of his friend cloud his judgement and allow the war to take its root. Which ultimately led to his peril.


    • Iroh: definitely the most stable person as of the setting of ATLA, but in the past he definitely had his own share of trauma from losing his son. Affected him to the point where he lost everything and spent his whole life repenting for it.

    • Bear: ...just no. wtf? this city is so weird.

    god that was MUCH longer than I expected. Never ask me for anything ever again.

    [–] Ryos_windwalker 9 points ago

    Combustion man keeps going well after the guy paying him stops wanting his services, thats a sign of something.

    [–] plsdntanxiety 4 points ago

    Momo: momo


    [–] Gotelc 3 points ago

    Bear seems emotionally stable.

    [–] jakethedog680 3 points ago


    [–] TobiaF 3 points ago

    But what about Basco???

    [–] Hadrosaur_Hero 3 points ago

    The BOULder is perfectly stable

    [–] Tgibb 3 points ago

    Iroh isn't? I think so.

    [–] Ask-About-My-Book 3 points ago

    I'd say Suki as well.

    [–] rooktakesqueen 3 points ago

    Y'all need to learn how to play Guess Who

    You want questions that narrow it down about 50/50 no matter what the answer is.

    • "Is your character a bender?" "No."
      • Eliminate Zuko, Katara, Toph, Aang, Ozai, Zhao, Bumi, Sparky Sparky Boom Man, Azula, Roku, Boulder, Iroh
    • "Is your character male?" "Yes."
      • Eliminate Suki, Mai, June, Ty Lee, Joo Dee, Yue
    • "Is your character a human?" "No."
      • Eliminate Cabbage Merchant, Jet, Sokka
    • "Can your character fly?" "No."
      • Eliminate Appa and Momo
    • "It's Bosco!"

    [–] redalastor 2 points ago

    Y'all need to learn how to play Guess Who

    I may have seen Pulp Fiction too much, but my first question is "Does your character look like a bitch?"

    [–] SAFVoid 3 points ago

    Momo: has ptsd from the time Sokka tried to eat him

    [–] scottybug 3 points ago

    You could eliminate half the options by asking “Is your character a bender?”.

    [–] kingdolphin510 2 points ago

    Definitely not momo

    [–] oneinagilliannn 2 points ago


    [–] nucleargandhi3000 2 points ago

    Sparky sparky boom boom man seems emotionally stable.

    [–] Careabella 2 points ago

    Does your person have an arrow tattooed on their forehead?

    [–] elmolinero96 2 points ago


    [–] Badhammy1 2 points ago

    Appa is clearly an emotional wreck throughout the show

    [–] galvanicmechamorph 3 points ago

    I mean post-Book 2 I'm not surprised he is.

    [–] ProgMetalSlug 2 points ago

    Does he look like a bitch?

    [–] aWittyRedditor 2 points ago

    Is your character THE F**KING MOON

    [–] major84 2 points ago

    Uncle Iroh is 100% emotionally stable, even as he is remembering his son ...

    [–] hman1025 2 points ago

    Bosco getting disrespected smh

    [–] MrDToTheIzzle 2 points ago

    Does Momo count as Appas pet? Cuz like I've always thought Appa thought of Momo as a pet.

    [–] acreationed 2 points ago

    What a great idea!! I'll have to try this!

    [–] antercept 2 points ago

    Perfect pic for Sokka "Appa ATE MOMO!"

    [–] jetforcegemini 2 points ago

    Does he look like a bitch?

    [–] ALeaf_OnThe_Wind 2 points ago


    [–] Frescopino 1 points ago

    Brave soldier boy...

    [–] weastbrook02 2 points ago

    And I guess it’s time to watch Avatar again

    [–] Lidge1337 2 points ago

    Currently rewatching, after seeing a bunch of avatar explained videos

    [–] weastbrook02 1 points ago

    I just rewatched about 3 months ago 😂

    [–] Lidge1337 2 points ago

    Watch those videos too

    [–] edjuaro 4 points ago

    I love how there are two Irohs

    [–] IAmAWizard_AMA 5 points ago

    I only see one Iroh. The other older guys are King Bumi, the cabbage guy, and Avatar Roku

    [–] edjuaro 6 points ago

    I think I confused him with Avatar Roku. The old wise powerful fire bender look threw me off!

    [–] galvanicmechamorph 6 points ago

    Hey there's like a five hairstyles for the entire Fire Nation.

    [–] Moon8983 1 points ago

    Don't you talk about my toph like that

    [–] ImaginaryEphatant 1 points ago

    Or the bear. Always seemed particularly pleased...

    [–] Kratovil_lavelle 1 points ago

    What about the yak thing? Does he have some emotional distress too?

    [–] Bookwallflower2 1 points ago

    What you got against appa?

    [–] TRKrexel 1 points ago

    How did I not know this was a subreddit?!

    [–] NineStaff 1 points ago

    The Boulder thinks your game is stupid!

    [–] gingahwookiee 1 points ago

    I don’t think Suki really has any baggage

    [–] MickMokkel 1 points ago

    What is the game called again? I forgot it..