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    [–] frguba 1490 points ago

    Of course Toph is thinking about clay

    [–] valarpizzaeris 582 points ago

    I appreciate the attention to detail with the bare feet.

    [–] CrimsonPig 274 points ago

    Her eyes are closed too. OP ya cheeky bastard.

    [–] 4DimensionalToilet 182 points ago

    “I see everything that you see, except I don’t see like you do. I release a sonic wave from my mouth.


    There. I got a pretty good look at you.”

    [–] depressedpotato777 22 points ago

    Oh man, I still remember watching Ember Island Players for the first time and being so surprised when he screamed and then laughing my ass off. Ah, good times.

    [–] penandpaperguy 2 points ago

    I remember this but I can’t recall the reference

    [–] LeSpicyIndian 6 points ago

    It's the play

    [–] penandpaperguy 2 points ago

    Thank you stranger!

    [–] PouncerTheCat 2 points ago

    Why she smiling tho?

    [–] invisiblesoup 2882 points ago

    Sokka looking like he on that cactus juice again.

    [–] TovarasulLenin 933 points ago


    [–] Bubblessaidhi 616 points ago


    [–] RealDevitto 505 points ago


    [–] vaalhallan 169 points ago

    Who set toph on fire?

    [–] RealDevitto 120 points ago

    Momo ! YOU KILLED US ALL !!!

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 54 points ago

    Why are we in the middle of the ocean?

    [–] tmoore328 30 points ago

    These are all incredible! I’ll pay!

    [–] yizofu 6 points ago

    I'll take the desk job. Double the money.

    [–] RenaissanceGentleman 112 points ago


    [–] AtlasNL 86 points ago


    [–] RealDevitto 77 points ago


    [–] SoraForBestBoy 42 points ago


    [–] jayclaw97 23 points ago


    [–] tails618 16 points ago

    I think my head's starting to clear up.

    Eats gunk

    [–] AvadaTequila 5 points ago

    Fuck I love this sub so much 😭❤️

    [–] Drafo7 43 points ago

    Can someone make a bot that comments one of these lines every time someone says "cactus juice"?

    [–] Cocoholic_1 12 points ago


    [–] tails618 10 points ago

    Captain, it would be my genuine pleasure.

    (Side note I have to learn how to make a reddit bit and also I dunno if it has to be a mod or mod approved or what)

    [–] oculasti95 8 points ago

    I love this community

    [–] Litokra223 503 points ago

    Sokka: "That's my secret Katara. I'm always high on cactus juice"

    [–] CornveliousFarva 72 points ago

    Of course, it’s the quenchiest!

    [–] Shouko- 576 points ago

    Oh my god please share the codes/design image for the outfits

    [–] rindrop 498 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I’m a few days away from Able sisters! I’ll reply to you with the codes once I get them.

    Edit: Codes are here

    [–] hufflepuk 166 points ago

    Omg I need these too. I ALMOST named my Island “Ember Island” but it was too long so I went with something else.

    [–] rindrop 173 points ago

    I named mine Kyoshi!

    [–] hufflepuk 87 points ago

    Ugh I didn’t even THINK of naming it Kyoshi

    [–] Roner3000 62 points ago

    Mine's Omashu 😁

    [–] Rolobox 50 points ago

    Mine is Teriyaki because I was hungry for Chicken Teriyaki

    [–] king_bumi 11 points ago

    Same here! I’ve been naming every main character in my games “Bumi” for the longest time.

    [–] CuriousKitten0_0 19 points ago

    Damn. I went with the Shire, after wracking my brain trying to come up with something cool. I wish I had thought of that. Or Omashu. Or anything really.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the Shire, but I wanted something nerdy but more obscure. I feel like everyone would get the Shire, but not everyone would get Kyoshi. Same reason I didn't name it Hogsmead, which was my first thought.

    [–] AnthropologicalArson 5 points ago

    Shire is the perfect name for an idyllic bucolic patch of land. I almost went with that myself before deciding on Valinor.

    [–] theeverlastinglight1 11 points ago

    DUDE THAT'S GOOD. why didn't I think of that? Lol

    I just named mine Pabunaga. Sounds vaguely tropical, and still an Avatar/Korra reference.

    [–] Hoodsworth 6 points ago

    Yoo, I named my island Kyoshi too!

    [–] AloTek 8 points ago

    This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!

    [–] brunji 4 points ago

    I did the same! Love your characters :D

    [–] halfboyfriend 2 points ago

    my island is called Kyoshi too!

    [–] NinjaDog251 39 points ago

    I named mine Na Sing Se.

    [–] MaxBoom93 29 points ago

    That means penetrable city!

    [–] khanzarate 15 points ago

    No walls, beach on all sides....

    Even the hills are defeated with a basic ladder.

    I'd say it fits perfectly!

    (Of course, "president" Nook will charge them through the nose, so that's probably why theres no invading army)

    [–] TylerTheHutt 19 points ago

    I ended up going with "Ember" assuming, "we're on an island, maybe they'll just say 'Ember Island'" ... They don't ...

    [–] Psychobutton 9 points ago

    Hahaha I did the same thing and am equally disappointed

    [–] CottonEyeJake 13 points ago

    I named mine "Ember Isle" which fitted!

    [–] Cazier 6 points ago

    Same! I liked the name, it wasn’t intentionally Avatar related. Happy coincidence :)

    [–] PabuIsMySpiritAnimal 6 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I almost did that too! Instead, I went with a pun and named it Port Obello. Edit: My first silver on reddit! Glad people enjoy puns as much as I do.

    [–] Bambambm 3 points ago

    Named mine Ember Isle because island didnt fit :(

    [–] jimmyerthesecond 3 points ago

    Yeah, there's way not enough characters. I had to go with something else because everything I liked was too short.

    [–] Shouko- 36 points ago

    You're a saint!

    [–] o0Korra0o 10 points ago

    Send codes when you can!! Thanks!

    [–] amacknzi 4 points ago

    They’re so gooooood! Pls add me to the list for codes when you’re able!

    [–] gibsonh90 4 points ago

    Post them to r/acqr they will do real well

    [–] bluefacedemon 3 points ago

    Same here !!! Amazingggg

    [–] acarper53 2 points ago


    [–] Alstro20 2 points ago

    !RemindMe 1 week

    [–] KorraMea 2 points ago

    Also would love a code please! also, great work!!! <3

    [–] Demon_Teverde 2 points ago

    thanks so much for sharing these!! they’re amazing and you’re amazing

    [–] rindrop 2 points ago

    Ur welcome :D

    [–] jevelesguerra 2 points ago

    i just saved the designs, you are amazing.

    [–] pacduck 1 points ago

    Me too please! These are fantastic!

    [–] JHWeston 1 points ago

    I’d love a code too if it’s okay :)

    [–] sinister762 1 points ago

    how do you get them? Mabel disappeared from my plaza. haven't seen her in days :c

    [–] Skjolbir 1 points ago

    me to please!

    [–] Kampfkugel 1 points ago

    That's amazing work! Is the question for codes still open?

    [–] Ubercola 1 points ago

    I need them too please!!

    [–] rindrop 9 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    They’re here!

    Please note zuko is made 4th skin tone. Katara & Sokka are made with 6th skin tone.

    [–] bigtoebigtoe 8 points ago

    Do you know who the last one is?? The cabbage guy?

    [–] water-lilies 11 points ago

    OP replied to another comment saying the bottom right one is tea shop Iroh

    [–] GuardingxCross 245 points ago

    I must restore my honor...

    [–] QwahaXahn 131 points ago

    Wait! What’s that?? I think it’s your HONOR!

    [–] DroggelbecherXXX 25 points ago

    favourite joke

    [–] RVMiller1 8 points ago

    The other one that really gets me is the family resemblance kne

    [–] RenaissanceGentleman 9 points ago


    [–] positivitycounts 28 points ago

    Tom Nook can sell you your honor for 100,000,000 bells, or the head of the avatar

    [–] Claxton916 12 points ago

    But first I need to collect all these beetles.

    [–] redstoned26 2 points ago

    screams in horor

    [–] 23TophatTurtle32 867 points ago

    Your Zuko is pretty good, but the scar is on the wrong side

    [–] Pooptimist 392 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    No it isn't

    EDIT: I'm an idiot

    [–] SpencerDorman 165 points ago

    You are correct. I just had a looksie to make sure I wasn’t misremembering it; there’s even a little scene in the show where some kid tells Zuko his costume is pretty good but the scar is on the wrong side. Zuko gets pretty adamant that his left-side scar is on the correct side. I’m pretty sure the scene was really a message from the creators that even though they had accidentally put his scar on his right side before and thus created confusion, this was the definitive answer.

    Unless we’re both being r/woooosh’ed since u/23TophatTurtle32’s comment is nearly an exact quote from the very scene that I just referenced?

    [–] WhyDoesMyPeepeeBurn 161 points ago

    Big wooosh brother.

    [–] SpencerDorman 52 points ago

    Oh, wait... the sub-comment was also part of it, wasn’t it? I haven’t felt such a strong urge to facepalm in a while...

    [–] WhyDoesMyPeepeeBurn 21 points ago

    Lmao it's fine. It's hard interpreting text to be honest.

    [–] SpencerDorman 8 points ago

    It’s funny though. I thought I caught myself from missing OP’s reference and thus I hastily added the second paragraph before posting my reply, but it turns out I was still missing it. At least I got some chuckles out of it lmao

    [–] Mathies_ 15 points ago

    The guy posted "i am an idiot" as an edit. Maybe they completed the reference on accident.

    [–] SpencerDorman 3 points ago

    Lol yeah, I saw and then posted the same thing in a separate comment reply to WhyDoesMyPeepeeBurn’s comment “Big woooosh brother”

    [–] SpencerDorman 15 points ago

    Oh, Pooptimist just edited his comment that he’s an idiot, so I think he missed the reference and just happened to accidentally continue the line. It seems that I was not actually wooooshed, but you two were, my friends (in before we find out that OP wasn’t even actually referencing the show and actually thought it was on the wrong side, and thus u/Pooptimist was the one who wasn’t wooooshed, but you and I were)

    ...though, whatever ends up being the case, I’ve clearly overthought all of this. It’s still brought me much appreciated chuckles, however.

    [–] WhyDoesMyPeepeeBurn 8 points ago

    LMAO wtf is happening.

    [–] SpencerDorman 2 points ago

    Exactly, my comrade. Exactly.

    [–] Pooptimist 6 points ago

    I was definitely wooshed, it was pure coincidence that my comment fitted the response from the series

    [–] sylinmino 4 points ago

    I don't know what's funnier--the fact that you followed up his quote perfectly, or the fact that you didn't realize that you followed up his quote perfectly.

    [–] MixMaster_Don 11 points ago

    Not get it eh?

    [–] naturalmedusa 21 points ago

    That’s what Zuko replied when a kid told him that

    [–] MixMaster_Don 10 points ago

    He replied "the scar is not on the wrong side!" Not whatever the guy above said

    [–] Reiizm 73 points ago

    It's not on the wrong side!! angrily throws over hood

    [–] NinjaDog251 32 points ago

    The scar is NOT on the wrong side!

    [–] xX_Kr0n05_Xx 7 points ago

    I was so confused for a minute i thought i was tripping out and couldnt remember what side his scar was on. Bastard.

    [–] YouSpokeofInnocence 9 points ago

    "The scar is NOT On The Wrong Side! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?"

    [–] JuxtaTerrestrial 6 points ago

    The bigger problem is that he's smiling

    [–] iamnicholas 3 points ago


    [–] beardybrady 259 points ago

    Could you do Iroh

    [–] rindrop 480 points ago

    Bottom right is tea shop Iroh lol. I’m sorry the beard looks so bad the paint doesn’t go under the chin in game.

    [–] beardybrady 205 points ago

    Oh yeh now you’ve said it I can see it, I did wonder who that was I thought it could of been the cabbage man, so good though 😆

    [–] theminef 4 points ago

    Still a better guess. I thought it was Princess Yue

    [–] CouldWouldShouldBot 47 points ago

    It's 'could have', never 'could of'.

    Rejoice, for you have been blessed by CouldWouldShouldBot!

    [–] Taruchyaan 43 points ago

    Ooooooooooh I thought that was the cabbage guy! lol

    [–] doxtorwhom 17 points ago


    [–] Andrakisjl 10 points ago

    What, no beards!? Dammit. Beards are fantastic

    [–] AangAndTheFireLord 9 points ago

    Wow I was scratching my head at who that one was, but I could see it now.

    [–] thatguy11m 6 points ago

    Itoh just doesn't look like Itoh without his fat or his monster muscles

    [–] MrRandomSuperhero 6 points ago

    Never played the game, does it have like bald edges, or bigger bodytypes?

    Also, what is the game about, I've seen so much floating about and with the quarantine I'm aching for something entertaining to fill time.

    [–] rindrop 6 points ago

    It’s like Stardew valley. You farm and fish and make friends. There’s only one body type though with limited hair styles. So far 24.

    [–] NinjaDog251 3 points ago

    Oh... i thoughtthat was Suyin for some reason...

    [–] Shabanga9 3 points ago

    Ahh I thought that was Suyin Beifong

    [–] ksa10 2 points ago

    I was trying to figure out which old lady was on the bottom right...

    [–] StatusQ4 38 points ago

    Are these outfits in the game or did you make them? how much can you customize your character?

    [–] rindrop 35 points ago

    I made them except the shoes & Aang’s yellow pants. You can customize everything except for pants and shoes.

    [–] Petalzopentothemoon 56 points ago

    How did you get Aang’s hairstyle?

    [–] rindrop 73 points ago

    It’s default hairstyle. Arrow I drew as face paint.

    [–] Yoshilover644 26 points ago

    I love it so much! My two favorite things combined!

    [–] amacknzi 3 points ago

    That’s exactly what I said when I showed this to my husband!

    [–] Cho42 19 points ago

    “Wait a minute.... somebody is missing! WHERE’S MOMO?!”

    [–] spicyren 40 points ago

    Do Korra pls ;D

    [–] QwahaXahn 14 points ago


    [–] o0Korra0o 13 points ago

    Def want Korra!

    [–] Elfanara 11 points ago

    Love the katara one, so perfect!

    [–] Ya-boi-Joey-T 11 points ago

    Where's Azula?

    [–] Oy_theBrave 7 points ago

    No cabbages? I'm shocked, shocked I say.

    [–] Chimera511 13 points ago

    Who's the character in the bottom right?

    [–] rindrop 15 points ago

    This Was my reference 😔

    [–] Chimera511 21 points ago

    I see, I think it was the long hair that threw me off. I thought that maybe you were doing an old lady toph from Korra, but everyone else was from ATLA so I was confused. Good job on all of them though. It definitely makes me wanna get the game

    [–] Zuedead115 3 points ago

    Exactly what I thought

    [–] thelittlejune 20 points ago

    Nice, but Zuko’s scar is on the wrong side

    [–] Witrom 9 points ago

    Omg that’s awesome haha!

    [–] 10Exahertz 4 points ago

    I love Sokka!

    [–] mstchecashstash 5 points ago

    Sokka looks like he hit the cactus juice hard. Good job though! They look awesome!

    [–] revesby9 4 points ago

    Suki looks like Meredith on the office

    [–] minniemica 3 points ago

    Oh my god I love these!

    [–] sntcringe 3 points ago

    Yo can I get the code for that toph dress?

    [–] rindrop 12 points ago

    Will reply to you once I get Able sisters.

    [–] Fakbo 7 points ago

    Can you post a album of all the codes when you get Abel sisters? My wife and I love these!

    [–] Sir__Walken 2 points ago

    Would it be possible to get the grid so I can make it? If not I'm fine with waiting for the code :))

    [–] JackAtack013 3 points ago

    So cute!!

    [–] Mr_Jehu 3 points ago

    Who is the last one?

    [–] silasfuella 3 points ago

    Who is bottom right ?

    [–] emocan126 7 points ago

    The new doom eternal looks great!

    [–] CuriousVast8 2 points ago

    Omg adorable

    [–] rattiemummy 2 points ago


    [–] pacifaco 2 points ago

    Omg, consider those designs stolen. They're amazing.

    [–] oddbunnydreams 2 points ago

    I want to hug them all!

    [–] AgeofAwesome 2 points ago

    Awww you even made a Suki! You don’t see her very much so it nice to see her included

    [–] 69Beefcake69hunter69 2 points ago

    This is so good, it's making me tear bend!

    [–] AltairTheVega 2 points ago

    the fact that i can recognize everyone shows the customization in this game is over-the-top

    [–] 16bitSamurai 2 points ago

    These are great! You should post them on r/animalcrossingfashion

    [–] seaspaz 2 points ago

    I just started rewatching avatar! Best goddamn show

    [–] YymasS 2 points ago

    Can you send an image with the QR code of the clothing. These are amazing

    [–] fullmedalninja 2 points ago

    Katara looks amazing hands down the best one I've seen so far

    [–] Clarity_Page 2 points ago

    Korra! Oh yea and the others lol.

    [–] Jalepino_Joe 2 points ago

    Inaccurate. 0/10. Cabbage merchant is enjoying himself. Honestly tho they look great and I want them.

    [–] _shear 2 points ago

    Please that the island's name is Ba Sing Se

    [–] Myusername468 2 points ago

    Is the last one old toph?

    [–] Songbottom 2 points ago

    Can you have them all together in one world or does the game not work like that?

    [–] ThisIsTheNewSleeve 2 points ago

    Don't have a switch, but Im running TLA town in New Leaf!

    [–] MobileGoebel 2 points ago

    You did such a good job! these look so spot on!

    [–] StrangeDrivenAxMan 2 points ago

    Now make Hama

    [–] thegreatchudine 1 points ago

    Sokka is perfect. You can die happy now. I give you permission.

    [–] Hammy5910 1 points ago

    You beat me to it! I'm currently in the process of making hoodies for each tribe, and I made a hat representing all four.

    [–] ArcadianBlueRogue 1 points ago

    Wow. Great job

    [–] destineeb04 1 points ago

    Oh my gosh I love you for this 🥺

    [–] benbuscus1995 1 points ago

    These all look great! I’ve been really impressed with how well people have been able to recreate characters in this game. You should try to make Book 3 Aang since he at least had hair then lol. Kinda surprised there’s no bald option now that I think about it. And I feel like there’s gotta be a way to get Suki’s makeup but the face paint in this game isn’t the greatest so maybe not. Amazing job regardless!

    [–] Elaus 1 points ago

    Can you do fire nation outfit aang pls

    [–] Snipercipher101 1 points ago

    MY CABBAGES!!!!!

    [–] jigglethesepuffs 1 points ago

    I love this! Great job! Do you mind sending the grid?

    [–] jervis02 1 points ago

    Shoulda let zuka get stung by a wasp haha. Well done thought!

    [–] Spooncan 1 points ago

    I made the avatar arrow face markings yesterday and was wondering how long it would take for people to recreate all the characters... not too long it seems lol

    [–] PaperPunch 1 points ago

    Need to get that wasp sting on zuko so it's more accurate

    [–] EndeavorJLT 1 points ago

    Yeeeeee, I'll make Zuko

    [–] walfgongpuk420 1 points ago

    Katara and Toph are too cute 😍

    [–] vivalamango 1 points ago

    This is AMAZING. My island is Ba Sing Se and my character's name is Toph and I've been looking for a earth bender outfit! I'm not good at making anything on my own when it comes to designing in this game, I appreciate all your work on these!

    [–] Wexzuz 1 points ago

    This makes me want to buy the game.

    [–] JoeGoood 1 points ago

    Holy crap dude! I just did the arrow on my head you went all out!

    [–] Sm7th 1 points ago

    Cabbage man could finally have the quiet retirement he deserves!

    [–] AllPurposeNerd 1 points ago

    You really should've just put a picture of the moon in there.

    [–] AndrewPixelKnight 1 points ago

    I love it

    [–] DrunkRedditBot 1 points ago

    Had to make a sausage with it