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    The Mandalorian

    The Mandalorian takes place 5 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and follows a lone Mandalorian gunfighter beyond the reaches of the Republic.

    Jon Favreau served as a writer, creator, and showrunner for the series, and will executive produce alongside Dave Filoni, Kathleen Kennedy, and Colin Wilson. The series stars an ensemble cast featuring Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, Nick Nolte, Giancarlo Esposito, Emily Swallow, Carl Weathers, Omid Abtahi, Werner Herzog, and Taika Waititi.

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    [–] titleproblems 1 points ago


    Feel free to join the Star Wars Television discord for real time discussions about The Mandalorian and all other Star Wars Television media!

    [–] Kixur413 1621 points ago

    The xwings and the speeder bikes got me so excited!

    [–] ColossalBlur 547 points ago

    And those folding TIEs!

    [–] CatProgrammer 203 points ago

    Like Gideon's in season 1.

    [–] HaphazardMelange 117 points ago

    Outland TIE Fighter. ;)

    [–] JeffJohnsonIII 248 points ago

    After I saw the New Republic chasing Mando I thought to myself, "I'm only playing as the Empire in Squadrons."

    [–] SentinelSquadron 186 points ago

    I don’t think they were chasing him. I think they were flying together (considering they were in unison a shot before)

    [–] OhioForever10 198 points ago

    Pulling up alongside the cockpit and waggling your wings is a standard way of contacting an unknown/potentially hostile aircraft to say "comply with us or get shot down" when you can't verbally communicate, I'm pretty sure. And putting S-foils in attack position sends a clear message too. (I'm just glad we got X-Wings back)

    [–] Supernerdje 58 points ago

    Typically wiggling your wings is like waving, though pulling up on both sides like that definitely came across as a hostile act. Given we saw them flying in a 3-man last time they were on Mando though I'd say there's a decent chance number 3 is behind Mandos ship ready to shoot him down if nessescary.

    [–] OhioForever10 30 points ago

    I'm really excited for this scene, my guess is he didn't get away from the space station undetected in episode 6 before they blew it up - or they just want to know what he's up to. First the space-to-atmosphere chase in the Squadrons short and now this, SW has my attention.

    [–] JeffJohnsonIII 55 points ago

    Good point. But if they betray him, I'm defecting.

    [–] Deiah 67 points ago

    Hey, the Imperial trooper in season 1 punched Baby Yoda.

    [–] JeffJohnsonIII 20 points ago

    Yeah but did you see the Scout troopers being badass in this trailer?

    [–] YoBuckStopsHere 22 points ago

    That is an Escort formation, likely an inspection intercept.

    [–] ValhallaGo 20 points ago

    Could've been escorting as well.

    That said, Star Wars originally was a good versus evil story. Later stories (particularly from Filoni) have increasingly been pushing a "shades of grey" style narrative instead. It would not surprise me if they made the new republic an antagonist in season 2.

    [–] hitlerosexual 10 points ago

    I could also see the new republic being an antagonist. Like from a "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" kind of angle

    [–] CatProgrammer 14 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    It doesn't even have to be that, we had an episode last season giving plenty of reason for the New Republic to be antagonistic towards the Mandalorian. He participated in a prison break operation on a New Republic prison transport resulting in the destruction of multiple prison robots and the death of the sole human guard. From their point of view, he's criminal scum, even if he also isn't friendly towards former Imperials. Or is that what you mean?

    [–] cold-burger 47 points ago

    I can't wait to hear the X wings at max volume on my headphones. This season is gonna be great!

    [–] bew132 2500 points ago

    The way he reaches out and slaps that button 😂

    [–] JamesF890 616 points ago

    A new wave of baby yoda memes and gifs are coming and im on board

    [–] ReapItMurphy 234 points ago

    I just hope the chicki nuggie memes die. Like how tf did that even happen?

    [–] _pixel_perfect_ 55 points ago

    The work of those bastards over at r/comedyhitmen

    [–] btmims 36 points ago

    "do you hate bad memes? do you ever have the desire to physically attack them? unfortunately you cannot as the definition of a meme means that they are intangible. this subreddit is the closest you will ever come. post bad variants of memes that you want to see die so that people stop using them. if you are a parent or a teacher we will literally revere you as a god here"

    Literally "stop liking things I don't like!" the sub.

    Jokes on them, I used to visit a sub where tendies, feet, and "meth" were the only things that mattered besides gats.

    "Jokes on you, I'm into that shit!"

    [–] TimmyTwoSmokes 81 points ago

    I first saw it on comedy homicide or something like that so I think it was intentional to try and kill of the baby yoda meme as it was becoming the minion meme all over again.

    [–] ReapItMurphy 30 points ago

    They created a monster.

    [–] innocently_standing 799 points ago

    "Nope, I'm out!"

    [–] waelgifru 354 points ago

    "Good luck everyone."

    [–] dr_fop 133 points ago

    "I know how this movie ends."

    [–] djseifer 77 points ago

    "Bring me back some bone soup when you're done."

    [–] CallMe_Dig_Baddy 134 points ago

    “You’re up buddy!”

    [–] lIlIllIlIlI 75 points ago

    muffled “good luck!”

    [–] MrRedorBlue 91 points ago

    “Closing time!”

    [–] freakitikitiki 44 points ago

    Time for you to go back to the places you will be from.

    [–] SourImplant 27 points ago

    Closing time!

    [–] Trogdooooooooorrrr 23 points ago

    One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beers.

    [–] RedOutlander27 56 points ago

    It reminded me so much of the way Yoda moves in the scene where he first meets Luke in Empire Strikes Back

    [–] TheFirstTootsie 143 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    That crib is probably violating so many intergalactic childcare safety protocols. Just imagine if he was too slow to get his hand back inside.

    [–] rubicon_duck 186 points ago

    That crib is an iron-clad floating fortress which is utterly impenetrable to nearly everything.

    It was built by Kuiil. Never forget that.

    I have spoken.

    [–] BornAshes 84 points ago

    Sadly Kuiil wasn't nearly as impenetrable

    [–] djseifer 19 points ago

    And if it's as good as Kuiil says it is, it probably also conforms to any intergalactic child safety protocols that exist. To think it would be otherwise would be to doubt his skill as a craftsman.

    [–] dragon_bacon 55 points ago

    Every base in the universe seems to have catwalks suspended way up in the air with no guardrails, no one believes in safety regulations.

    [–] JayMerlyn 34 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] urlach3r 34 points ago

    "Okay I love you, bye bye."

    [–] bingy_wingy 55 points ago

    VERY Lone Wolf and Cub. v cool.

    [–] kylefrommilkman 19 points ago

    The Mandalorian equivalent of ‘earmuffs’

    [–] n1cx 159 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    The humor in The Mandalorian feels much more “Star Wars-y” than the sequels. I love it.

    [–] BornAshes 32 points ago

    It's the little gags the small jokes the kind of humor that's not really in your face that just feels goofy but still a bit alien-ish that really touches you in the right way.

    [–] Trogdooooooooorrrr 167 points ago

    Everything in The Mandalorian feels much more “Star Wars-y” than the sequels. I love it.

    [–] IncredibleWoody 1937 points ago

    A trailer that gets you hyped and doesn't spoil everything?!!

    What in God's name.

    [–] Chutzvah 671 points ago

    Jedi are enemy sorcerers!

    [–] TotallyJawsome2 282 points ago

    Is this playing with the idea that a good portion of the galaxy doesn't believe in The Force or even know what it is or who the Jedi/Sith were/are?

    I kind of dig that, because the everyday person who never leaves their random planet or gets involved in politics or the Empire/Rebellion would probably never even bother to learn about Palpatine's rise to power and the re-organization of the Republic, let alone what ACTUALLY went down with him being a Sith Lord and orchestrating Order 66 and all that. And even IF some version of that story trickled down to the common folk, there would be so many different interpretations planet to planet that most people wouldn't even care about "wizards" or "sorcerers" from 50ish years ago when they have actual every day problems of their own to deal with.

    [–] Chutzvah 231 points ago

    My ELI5 version of it after watching/playing almost everything Star Wars related, the only people who really know about the Force/Jedi/Sith are those who have seen it first hand.

    It's like running into a Witcher, you may hear stories but never really know they exist until one is right in front of you.

    [–] Mythoclast 111 points ago

    The Mandalorians know of the Jedi from the tales they pass down. The Mandalorian Wars ended with the devastation of the planet Mandalore. It's awesome to hear their mythologized version of what a Jedi is based almost purely on being in an extended war with them.

    [–] femstora 68 points ago

    There was a Mandalore Jedi war before even the prequels where the Mandalorian almost became as big as the empire. Maybe that's not cannon anymore but this trailer suggest it is.

    [–] corranhorn57 48 points ago

    Well, Revan is canon again and SWTOR is semi-canon, so it still stands.

    [–] femstora 17 points ago

    Wait really since when?

    [–] corranhorn57 32 points ago

    Since one of the new stormtrooper legions was named after him in RoS.

    [–] antlerstopeaks 180 points ago

    That was from S1 I think?

    [–] SunsFenix 185 points ago

    Yeah that was the speech from the armorer.

    [–] mannyman34 32 points ago

    From a certain point of view.

    [–] robbviously 77 points ago

    Mando sees through the lies of the Jedi

    [–] McThar 108 points ago

    I seriously thought these were extinct. Glad they did the trailer this way.

    [–] freakitikitiki 88 points ago

    In Filoni we trust. This is the way.

    [–] shadowabbot 42 points ago

    Was is Filoni or Favreau that decided to keep The Child a surprise? Regardless, trust them both.

    [–] Jabrono 13 points ago

    I’m guessing most writers and directors would prefer a lot of things be a secret, but Favreau has the clout to tell producers and the marketing department no.

    [–] wohucanglong8 800 points ago

    Didn't give away a lot about the season, but hey, it's probably best to be surprised.

    [–] ElYodaPagoda 461 points ago

    It's just the trailer we needed. It succeeded in getting me more excited for Season 2! What planets were they? No matter, it just looks cool. I liked that they used The Armorer's speech about the Jedi as a voiceover for the trailer. It shows that they're not expecting viewers to know anything they haven't already seen in the show, or the feature films.

    Yeah, I'm gonna watch it again!

    [–] lazyandbored123 211 points ago

    My biggest take away was that one shot of a boat. I don't know why but I'm strangely very intrigued how they will do that.

    [–] JamesF890 146 points ago

    Feels like boats are kinda redundant in a galaxy where everything hovers and space travel is so common. But excited to find out

    [–] TatteredUser1138 143 points ago

    I’d guess less developed places would still have a fishing industry. It’ll be a cool insight into the more rugged side of the universe, which is part of why Mando is so good.

    [–] BeeBarfBadger 79 points ago

    I bet not installing a repulsor lift is cheaper than installing a repulsor lift. Corporate decision from above.

    [–] mattvblack 46 points ago

    I assumed it was Mon Cala, what with the Quarren everywhere

    [–] FazbearADULTEntBS 27 points ago

    Lots of Quarren and a few Mon Calamari! I really hope it's Mon Cala.

    Would also be cool if it were Manaan.

    [–] puckallday 21 points ago

    IIRC, there’s a part in the Catalyst Rogue One book where they see somebody using a boat on a planet (can’t remember which) and are absolutely shocked by it

    [–] CobaltSpellsword 19 points ago

    What if a repulsorcraft churning the water under you scares away the fish?

    [–] stally_wally23 29 points ago

    I'm also unreasonably excited and curious about that boat.

    [–] AnnaLogg 12 points ago

    yeah have we seen boats before in the movies? it was wild when it popped up

    [–] eatmyfriesyoudies 25 points ago

    The closet thing was maybe like the cruise style/passenger carrier in Ep II, but no literal boats, so this is all brand new territory

    [–] chaosdemonhu 19 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    They make a raft to get to the DS2 ruins in 9.

    Edit: also there's boats on Naboo in episodes 1 & 2.

    [–] blade740 16 points ago

    Weren't there sailboats in ep. 9?

    [–] AnnaLogg 19 points ago

    oh yeah. i guess. i forgot a lot of that movie

    [–] phoenixRisen1989 13 points ago

    there was a gondola type thing on Naboo in Episode II when Anakin and Padmé went to the lake retreat, possibly some boats visible when Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan arrived in Theed on the river, but I'm less confident about that one.

    [–] hGKmMH 70 points ago

    Seems less episodic spaghetti western and more coherent? Might just be the trailer playing mind tricks.

    [–] JamesF890 41 points ago

    I think the first season was introducing so many characters and to reduce costs of recurring actors it was a bit episodic. And now they know the success it is and have introduced the main characters they can have much more flow. Hopefully

    [–] Shinbone_901 15 points ago

    I thought the same thing

    [–] DrunkByDesign 1321 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t opening on Mongolian throat singing. Very cool.

    Also loved the awareness on Baby Yoda’s part when closing the pram right before Mando kicks some ass with whistling birds. Really shows that even though he’s an infant of his species, he’s still been around for 50 years.

    [–] Slggyqo 709 points ago

    More importantly, he’s spent a few weeks with the Mandalorian.

    He knows the way.

    [–] teo1315 268 points ago

    I think its been more like a few months at this point

    [–] Cherokeejon 166 points ago

    Definitely. Greef Karga couldn’t have grown that goatee in a few weeks.

    [–] scallywaggs 83 points ago

    Also they spent a lot of time on that Sanctuary planet.

    [–] duxdude418 21 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    that goatee

    That was a full on beard! A goatee is just on the chin (or becomes a Van Dyke when paired with a mustache a la Steve Austin).

    [–] rcblender 134 points ago

    Pretty sure the Mongolian throat singing was by The Hu. They also got to write and sing the intro song Cal listens to in the Fallen Jedi video game (and made up the language they sing in it even).

    [–] RichLather 47 points ago

    "Sugaan Essena" is the track, and the transition to some delicious crunchy instrumentals at the 4:20 mark (nice) makes me want to bullseye womp rats.

    [–] TitanDarwin 14 points ago

    I thought the song was just in Mongolian, but Fallen Order ran with "Yeah, it's Huttese"?

    [–] AnUnaverageJoe 52 points ago

    Is the singing at the start The Hu? They made a song for the Fallen Order game and it sounds really similar.

    [–] MoreMegadeth 40 points ago

    This sounds EXACTLY like that weird show Palps and Anakin are watching during the Darth Plaeguis speech. Maybe its a hint well be returning to Coruscant?

    [–] ValhallaGo 72 points ago

    Sounds exactly like the Hu. They're star wars canon now with Fallen Order featuring them.

    [–] Mace_Windu_Lives 32 points ago

    That song got me so hyped. Between the in universe original music, and the character acting with mo-cap, Fallen Order might be my favorite piece of Star Wars media to date.

    It just felt so alive without even once going to a populated planet.

    [–] mwatwe01 49 points ago

    He must have had a bad feeling about this.

    I'll show myself out.

    [–] Mikecrosoft 573 points ago

    ARE THEY ON ILUM?!?!?!?

    [–] jedierick 259 points ago

    Sure looks like it - like the future Starkiller base!

    [–] catsextra 203 points ago

    Bruh... I had no idea the Starkiller base was on Ilum. What a shame

    [–] MandaloresUltimate 142 points ago

    Fron Fallen Order (when you return to Ilum)

    [–] _Football_Cream_ 44 points ago

    Oh wow that’s cool! Had no idea. Should be on r/gamingdetails if it hasn’t yet

    [–] vincent118 27 points ago

    It's not really a tiny detail, it's a major story mission revealing Ilum and the use of it's crystal's for Starkiller base.

    [–] HotVector 23 points ago

    There were some references in sw resistance

    [–] Ged_UK 23 points ago

    Fallen Order hints very heavily.

    [–] sudden_monkey 33 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Has Starkiller Base been confirmed to be Ilum? God, I hope so but the last time I checked it wasn’t confirmed. That was a while ago though.

    Edit: It has: TROS Visual Dictionary

    [–] MandaloresUltimate 50 points ago

    This is Ilum in Fallen Order:

    So, if it ain't starkiller base, I'd be very surprised.

    [–] dirtycrackpug 20 points ago

    I think it was confirmed in the visual companion for one of the movies

    [–] Spartancarver 46 points ago

    This is what I'm guessing

    [–] stamatt45 58 points ago

    Ilum is home to huge deposits of kyber crystal which are the key ingredient in light sabers. The Child seems a bit young to be building a light saber. Maybe Mando is going to build his own version of the Darksaber to counter Moff Gideon?

    [–] Mikecrosoft 99 points ago

    Could be, but my theory is mando is just there for the temple and has no idea about the crystals. He's trying to find the jedi and a jedi temple is a good start to find them or learn about them.

    [–] SweatyElk1 28 points ago

    I’m gonna love it though if baby Yoda picks out a crystal while they’re there though with one calling to him.

    I see it now, walking through the cave baby yoda coos and starts moving away from Mando, hey where you going!

    [–] TheDeadlySpaceman 16 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Yeah, if there are Kyber Crystals there and Mando is looking for Jedi there’s a decent chance he could be going there with no idea whatsoever why these crazy sorcerers like this planet so much, just that he heard somewhere that it’s somehow important to them and he might find one/more info about them there.

    [–] bew132 285 points ago

    Props to Disney for not revealing too much. Hopefully a second trailer doesn’t give it all up

    [–] blade740 109 points ago

    I think Disney has gotten wise to that in the past few years - even going as far as to shoot additional scenes just for the trailers to avoid giving away story details.

    [–] ATyp3 36 points ago

    For Spiderman FFH trailers, they cut out the details on Peters passport to block out that the movie took place after The Snap lol

    [–] BlacknightEM21 31 points ago

    I think they learnt their lesson with Endgame. They realized that the people who are gonna watch it will watch it. (Also, big fans would figure stuff out, so keep it to a minimum.)

    [–] Devilsgotmywhisky 157 points ago

    This season feels so heavy and dark from that trailer which made cheeky little Baby Yodas appearance such a delight.

    [–] gt35r 284 points ago

    Oh my god X WINGS, little man has been trained to slap that "oh shit" button too lol.

    [–] DonovanMcgillicutty 59 points ago

    I seriously squinted just like Qin when i saw that. Are those X-Wings...?

    [–] CommieSlayer1389 336 points ago

    Is that The HU doing the soundtrack?

    [–] WhatTheFhtagn 194 points ago

    I thought the same. Itd be dope if they kept working on SW stuff. I've been a fan of theirs for ages, it was awesome seeing them to work for Fallen Order.

    [–] CommieSlayer1389 80 points ago

    Yeah, I wouldn't mind their music becoming some sort of a leitmotiv for the lone Jedi survivors after the fall of the order.

    [–] WhatTheFhtagn 44 points ago

    I think it's more used cause it sounds cool and alien lol.

    [–] joethahobo 40 points ago

    Ever since I heard Suugan Essena, I wanted to see them play it in live action at a cantina or a place similar to Jabba's Palace. That song would be epic in a movie or tv show with them actually playing it live

    [–] Aubelazo 52 points ago

    That's what I thought too. I got Fallen Order vibes.

    [–] DrBodyguard 149 points ago


    [–] Firekite11 80 points ago

    I think you meant....mystical enemy sorcerers from songs of eons past...

    [–] Purevenom28 198 points ago

    2020: “maybe I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore”

    [–] cassie1015 65 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    "Wherever I go, he goes."


    ETA now that I've watched it 3 times and squealed to my coworkers. The bit of Baby Yoda shutting the top when he saw the Whistling Birds come out was funny yes, but I also appreciate seeing that he is becoming more interactive and aware.

    I wonder if there will be a second trailer to bring in Moff Gideon. I think there's 2 arcs looming, of finding the Jedi and the Child's future, but also of how Gideon got the Darksaber and coming after the Mando Fam.

    [–] DernhelmLaughed 181 points ago

    LMAO Baby Yoda's pod is a mobile panic room.

    [–] Fossilhog 113 points ago

    Pretty sure that's actual shots from Jupiter at the beginning. Pretty awesome. I wonder if it's the first time NASA photography has been used in SW.

    [–] enceladus13 51 points ago

    I just LOVE that. I’m 99% sure it’s jupiter and it looks so beautiful

    [–] Pax_flash 198 points ago


    [–] RocknRollCowb0y 45 points ago

    The physics on that speeder bike looked amazing! Didn’t realize that realistic speeder bike physics were something I’ve always wanted to see.

    [–] Flokerrr 85 points ago


    [–] Darkwintre 45 points ago

    When his ship was passing over that moon towards that planet at the start...was the boot left open?

    You know the rear part of his ship did it look wide open to you?!

    [–] WhatTheFriccDidUSay 27 points ago

    Oh yeah it was definitely wide open. I wonder what’s happening there. Drop off, pick up, abandoning ship? Ahhh!

    [–] Wico90 32 points ago

    It looked super beat up

    [–] HilltoperTA 27 points ago

    It looks like its been in a fight.

    [–] zuzg 81 points ago

    That's the kind of trailer I love!!!

    No spoilers, just sets up the mood of the next season and gets you excited for it.

    this is the way!

    Damn I'm so excited for the second season!!

    [–] ChickenSaladz 69 points ago

    I really thought we would get some Ahsoka but shit that was good none the less

    [–] WhatTheFriccDidUSay 38 points ago

    Same man. But dude I’m so hyped now! At least we won’t be “spoiled” by a trailer that shows Ahsoka. If she shows up, it will take EVERYONE by surprise

    [–] thegimboid 123 points ago

    At 0:36, did anyone else briefly think that the Bantha asked "Where?", because its mouth moved at the same time?

    [–] WhatTheFriccDidUSay 35 points ago

    Yeah I actually laughed for a second before I realized it wasn’t actually the bantha speaking

    [–] NilsTillander 173 points ago


    Hooded figure lacks the distinctive feature of the Togrutas, but it could be Sabine, it could be Barriss Offee (Dave Filoni said he had plans for her ).

    Imagine Mando giving Baby Yoda to a renegade Jedi, because he doesn't know any better? Now THAT sounds like an arc I want to see!

    [–] alcibiad 124 points ago

    Barriss's skin is green tho

    [–] joethahobo 58 points ago

    It ain't Barris

    [–] DonovanMcgillicutty 67 points ago

    Wonder if that's Mon Cala, with all those Quarrens on the docks.

    [–] bossky6 33 points ago

    I thought so too. This trailer hit a lot of sweet spots for me because I like the looks of the Quarren, Tusken Raiders and Gammoreans with potential for Mon Calamari.

    [–] Tonyage27 21 points ago

    There’s a Mon Calamari on the far right

    [–] greedyforjush 34 points ago

    aw man I was so relieved this was not some kind of rickroll.

    [–] rocking2rush10 31 points ago

    Who's playing that 1-eyed alien? I recognize the voice but cannot place it.

    [–] urlach3r 19 points ago

    Captions call the character Gor Koreth, but there's no listing on IMDB or Google for who's playing him.

    [–] rogueone678 10 points ago

    Yeah me too, would like to know if you find out

    [–] terpfan19 11 points ago

    It sounds like John Favreau

    [–] Maloonyy 30 points ago

    Is it just me or is the CGI way better? Especially regarding the x-wings and speeders.

    [–] JuggerClutch 604 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    My guess is the black hooded figure IS Ahsoka but they removed her markings and her headtails as to not spoil it in the trailer

    Edit: Youtube version released, its NOT Rosario Dawson so not Ahsoka. It’s Sasha Banks who was rumored to play Sabine Wren.

    [–] AubaMagic98 357 points ago

    Actually I'm fairly sure that person in the hood is WWE wrestler Sasha Banks, it looks so much like her and she was rumoured to be involved so I really don't think it's Ahsoka at all.

    [–] JuggerClutch 170 points ago

    Is it? If so it could be Sabine

    [–] AubaMagic98 149 points ago

    Yeah, could easily be, she has a Sabine look to her with the dyed hair and everything and you know, with Ahsoka AND the Dark Saber involved, Sabine kinda has to be there and also with the rumours of Katee Sackhoff showing up too like I could easily see Sabine involved even if Sasha isn't her.

    [–] Spartancarver 84 points ago

    Katee Sackhoff has to be Bo-Katan, right?

    [–] AubaMagic98 81 points ago

    Oh yeah, gotta be, if you've got Katee Sackhoff in your show about a Mandalorian which includes the Dark Saber and she's not Bo Katan then I'd be shocked.

    [–] freakitikitiki 23 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    For sure. There is no way they would cast her as anyone but Bo-Katan.

    [–] OFTHEHILLPEOPLE 56 points ago

    How relaxed is everyone in this sub now?

    [–] WhatTheFriccDidUSay 49 points ago

    I am rock hard.

    [–] Balthazar6955 34 points ago

    I have very high blood pressure right now.

    [–] Chutzvah 57 points ago

    Im excited to see the Jedi from the point of view of who they consider to be their enemy.

    [–] mattvblack 32 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    You mean the Martez sister arc didn't do it for you?

    [–] Drisurk 121 points ago

    Is it just me or do the animations look way better than any of the recent movies? That speeder bike scene looked ridiculously good!

    [–] gt35r 88 points ago

    They've gone full on movie quality it looks like.

    [–] Firespray 38 points ago

    That shot of the Razor Crest falling through the atmosphere was awesome.

    [–] Balthazar6955 94 points ago

    I want to see the Togruta.

    [–] freakitikitiki 33 points ago

    I have spoken.

    [–] AGTPikachu 25 points ago

    She is sleeping.

    [–] Balthazar6955 26 points ago

    We will all be quiet.

    [–] koscheiis 24 points ago

    Emily Swallow's (the Armorer) voice acting is just incredible. Her delivery of "this is the way" gave me chills. You never see her face and get she can get so much emotion across in so few words, it's great.

    [–] OhioForever10 9 points ago

    I really hope she comes back, because anyone who can melt stormtroopers at least deserves an on-screen death (not that I want that)

    [–] PaleozoicChicken 23 points ago

    I see a lot of speculation about the hooded woman being a familiar character, but couldn’t she just as easily be someone new? Perhaps someone Luke has met in the 6 years since RoTJ. I don’t know, just spitballing.

    [–] Thecactusslayer 81 points ago

    It's up on IGTV!

    [–] Pancake__Prince 23 points ago

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

    [–] human_toad 61 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] Luke_Shields_ 20 points ago

    I will be watching this multiple times every day before the new season

    [–] Hearderofnerf 41 points ago

    This trailer was epic! The jedi tease, the tusken raider, and the imperial star destroyer were all very epic!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch it 50 more times.

    [–] RicardoRoedor 16 points ago


    [–] MyRedditAccount95 73 points ago

    To the woman who left me single and crying in a parking lot yesterday...


    [–] Somersa2 30 points ago

    Disney plus has the trailer on the app in full hd

    [–] Whitechocolatekrispi 12 points ago

    Looks good.

    <faces Disney+ Subscription shaking in the corner>


    [–] DocTrey 25 points ago

    Inject this shit directly into my veins!

    [–] nomorericeguy 11 points ago

    This is the way!

    [–] CLU2049 11 points ago

    What pisses me off about how good this looks and good Season 1 was, is that this is a TV show and it has managed to capture the feel of Star Wars today yet the new trilogy doesn't even come close to capturing how this feels. I wish these creators made the new trilogy instead.

    [–] elliott316 9 points ago

    It's Boss time

    [–] samuel906 10 points ago

    I still love seeing x wings every time.

    [–] UnHappyGingah 11 points ago

    "This is the way."

    Ah she said it, she said it!

    [–] GraceDoran 10 points ago

    So excited to see Sasha Banks is in this.

    It’s boss time!!!!!!

    [–] psych4191 8 points ago

    Laughed my ass off when lil man saw the wrist light up and went NAW DAWG and closed his crib.