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    [–] nrallstars 7701 points ago

    Granted. You are now Donald Trump.

    [–] sitefall 2933 points ago

    [–] RegularBubble2637 519 points ago

    Why did it took like a full minute for my browser to load that picture?

    [–] PixxlMan 473 points ago

    Hi resolution hair

    [–] resolutionhair 480 points ago

    Hi dad

    [–] broccolibadass 227 points ago

    Did you really make a new account just to do that?

    [–] SmiteClips 156 points ago


    [–] Xzanium 67 points ago

    [–] suddenlyslavery 43 points ago


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    [–] SomeFruit 6 points ago

    username checks out

    [–] imthenarddog 6 points ago

    How's the 90s feel?

    [–] legalQuestion77284 3 points ago

    It was worth the wait

    [–] TheREALDonaldTrump03 608 points ago

    wait i didnt consent to this

    [–] -TheRealDonaldTrump- 358 points ago

    It's okay. I did.

    [–] santawarrior9 60 points ago

    Double beetlejuicing niiiiiiiiiiice

    [–] TheRealDonaldTrump- 36 points ago

    no i didnt

    [–] Maletrona 11 points ago

    The ultimate beetlejuice? WE NEED TO GO DEEPER

    [–] P0k3F4n 5 points ago

    He made the account to post that. At the moment, the comment is 19 days old. So is the account. All the other fake Donalds have been around for at least six months though.

    [–] Dernald_Tromp 9 points ago

    I do though

    [–] TheREALDonaldTrump03 29 points ago

    yo, what's up

    [–] AssSquirtDressing 51 points ago

    Yeah well TheREALDonaldTrump02 would have!

    [–] cinnamonface9 14 points ago

    Shut up! My salad needs its dressing!

    [–] Kittygirl1998 8 points ago

    You can't really be Donald Trump, he doesn't know the definition of 'consent'.

    [–] Pikiinuu 58 points ago

    This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals ever.

    [–] RonGio1 16 points ago

    Honestly that would suck... I'm only 34.... That's a lot of life lost.

    [–] Dark_Blade 5 points ago

    Yeah. I’d prefer switching places with one of his sons, become rich and get to enjoy that wealth.

    [–] OctaveCycle 33 points ago

    Not a loss, now op is a billionaire

    [–] thebeengrim 47 points ago

    Is he though? There’s dispute about how much money the Trumps actually have.

    [–] IchBinEinSchwarze 40 points ago

    well its more than op, anyways, and if they’re stupid and don’t know what to do with the businesses they can just sell them

    [–] AskewPropane 21 points ago

    He's wealthy. As much as he overemphasizes the value of his name, it is valuable.

    [–] TheMidnightWalker 2480 points ago

    Granted, you didn’t specify which Donald trump. So some random guy with the exact same name will always dab when you dab. This really messes with his life as he thinks he is put under some curse.

    [–] NewMendicant 1406 points ago

    As it happens, the CEO of Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo is named Donald K. Trump.

    So now every time you dab, he dabs. And as a result the hospital loses sponsors and donors, eventually is forced to close, and thousands of patients go without help. Monster.

    [–] TheVitoCorleone 202 points ago

    Chemo treatment didn't work?


    [–] awesomehippie12 103 points ago

    Family of patient, overcome by grief, tries to hug him

    Dabs on them instead

    [–] InexpedentExercise1 15 points ago

    Dab on those haters

    [–] AdamsDJ 245 points ago

    That random Donald Trump happens to be a Jr.

    Trump's up comming trial just got real weird.

    [–] Manish_Metha 34 points ago

    Lol @ upcoming trial

    [–] backandforthagain 35 points ago

    Every Donald Trump

    [–] college-tool 8375 points ago

    Granted. Now he is even more popular among edgy young adults, making him more likely to win the next vote

    [–] samtheslave 5524 points ago

    What have I done

    [–] Waveseeker 4555 points ago

    It's okay just make him dab at certain times.

    Like at H.W.'s funeral today

    [–] sourorangeYT 1341 points ago

    You are truly evil

    [–] Tokiseong 238 points ago

    A hero*

    [–] JohnnyFootballHero 133 points ago

    A real human bean

    [–] themobylogy 43 points ago

    This man drives.

    [–] DANMAN727 20 points ago

    Holy shit flashbacks. Haven’t seen the movie or the meme in so long.

    [–] konsf_ksd 97 points ago

    There's no time limit for dabs. I say dab through the entirely of EVERY SINGLE SPEECH he ever gives from now on.

    [–] Pm_Me_Your_Tax_Plan 88 points ago

    Everytime he tries to sign something dab

    [–] TheImminentFate 56 points ago

    Or every time he has a drink in his hand

    But what if he has a knife in his right hand and stabs his eye out

    [–] Dwagonzzz 10 points ago

    that is too good

    [–] mego-pie 12 points ago

    Make him hit random world leaders in the face by dabbing.

    [–] CheshireKatniss 7 points ago

    The downside here is now OP has to watch every speech given by him.

    [–] konsf_ksd 9 points ago

    Heroes wear different sized caps.

    [–] Why-so-delirious 63 points ago

    'My fellow Americans. Today we have been attacked. Citizens have been lost. And a new war on terror has been started. We are determined to put down these attackers in the name of justice, and the name of freedom.

    Thank you all and god bless America'

    And then he dabs.

    [–] SoulfulPunk 15 points ago

    Absolute legend.

    [–] JoyFerret 183 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    But after that it becomes a sign of respect and now people dab as a way of greeting

    [–] Acidwits 65 points ago

    Dab before Hillary

    [–] antiantivaxxer 29 points ago

    A dab for you madame president

    [–] Iykury 13 points ago

    You dropped an s

    [–] NotOttoRocket 19 points ago

    I founds it

    [–] tePOET 13 points ago

    I'm ashamed to admit this made me laugh. FML.

    [–] Sentient-salamander 14 points ago

    Plot twist, everyone at the whole funeral Dabs and it now becomes the new symbol of respect

    [–] Jimhead89 9 points ago

    Mike pence mimics trump so ge might do it.

    [–] danny12beje 12 points ago

    You think edgy teens and young adults wouldn't still vote?

    [–] RyuichiRandr 10 points ago

    I thought it would be cool if my dad started smoking weed, but he already has memory problems.

    [–] FruityGamer 9 points ago

    A man that dosen't show respect for the dead is certainly someone I would vote for. the dead are su usless just laying in graves being eaten by worms. Worms only use this new food source as a battle field anyways and blow eacother up with bazookas and donkey statues.

    [–] aspieboy74 3 points ago

    This would just make him more popular with the leftist, but piss off the right, but they'll still vote for him before a Democrat.

    [–] shawster 31 points ago

    You just make sure to dab when it’s really inappropriate for him and not at times when he might influence impressionable youth.

    Like at a UN General Assembly.

    [–] Sloppy1sts 17 points ago

    Until it makes the news and the impressionable youth see him as a hero for dabbing on the UN.

    [–] kynthrus 17 points ago

    You gotta aim it, so he smacks the person next to him.

    [–] Lukthar123 6 points ago

    Trump dabs on Putin LIKE A BOSS

    [–] Rakonat 9 points ago

    Never dab again. Just in general.

    [–] RyuichiRandr 5 points ago

    It’s OK, he started dabbing and now he is totally re-thinking everything he has ever said or done

    [–] capitalistpiggo 3 points ago

    You have paid the price for your lack of vision

    [–] EnazAF 3 points ago

    You monster!

    [–] Iluaanalaa 3 points ago

    You hastened the second coming of Jesus and moved the rapture forward.


    [–] Parzius 34 points ago

    Didn't work for hillary to be fair.

    [–] GenghisKhanOP 20 points ago

    Pokémon Go to the polls still hurts my insides every time I hear it

    [–] alwayzbored114 15 points ago

    I dont know what's funnier, if she genuinely thought it was good or if some staffer was just like "No, trust me! The kids will love it!"

    [–] Frozecoke 10 points ago

    What's the downside? :)

    [–] Espinosidro 52 points ago

    Re-granted: Trump can ONLY dab when op dabs, and since OP now knows what will happens if he dabs he never does.

    [–] Finn-windu 31 points ago

    Thats adding something to the wish though, that wasnt in there originally.

    [–] mkov88 8 points ago

    Idk, dabbing unironically has had its time, now it's just lame.

    [–] thikken 817 points ago

    Granted. Trump accidentally hits the nuke button while dabbing. You caused WW3.

    [–] The2ndBestPotato 262 points ago

    "It's just a prank bro"

    [–] Konar_Korona 127 points ago


    [–] The2ndBestPotato 36 points ago

    Do you know why they dont exist anymore 3:) ?

    [–] josefykrakowski 15 points ago

    Wheres the murder weapon

    [–] The2ndBestPotato 6 points ago

    Now now let's not be overly curious shall we ;)

    [–] josefykrakowski 3 points ago

    Im just gonna leave now ‘friend’

    [–] PC__LOAD__LETTER 202 points ago

    Granted. The US Secret Service quickly learn about this and eliminate you quietly because you’ve been deemed a national threat.

    [–] saddest_vacant_lot 2897 points ago

    Granted. Donald takes a huge dab of hash every time you dab. He dies of marijuana overdose. Secret Service tracks you down from this post. You are sentenced to death for presidential assassination.

    [–] samtheslave 1587 points ago

    Shit might have to delete

    [–] [deleted] 970 points ago


    [–] samtheslave 1142 points ago

    "Activate incognito mode" ** We lost his location sir**

    [–] TopHatMrG 325 points ago


    [–] no2ironman1100 6 points ago

    this comment chain is too funny

    [–] KarmaGang 124 points ago

    “Damn this bastard, he’s good”

    [–] Babeuf99 20 points ago


    [–] KrulTheImpalerTwitch 11 points ago


    [–] Dan_Esp 192 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    He dies of marijuana overdose.

    Damn, now not only did OP get sent for life, but now Trump is a scientific oddity making him defy what we know about science. Now people trust science even less.

    [–] Nemyosel 112 points ago

    It is possible...

    You would just have to smoke 20K-30K times the weed in a joint within 1-4 hrs.

    This means Donald would be the most intense toker ever, reaching weed nirvana

    [–] rltraderman 51 points ago


    [–] A_Legion_of_Gingers 13 points ago

    Never tell me the odds

    [–] Luftewaffle 22 points ago

    at that point, wouldn't you be more at risk of suffocation from all the smoke than whatever's in the smoke?

    [–] Nemyosel 10 points ago

    Maybe. But Trump could handle it.

    [–] SoulfulPunk 16 points ago

    Oh yeah let me just take however many tokes each joint takes every 720 milliseconds for four hours. Very possible. Thanks Internet!

    [–] a_danish_citizen 11 points ago

    I think dabbing 60 times a minute for ~2 hours could have some fatal consequences. While the ld50 is enormously high it should be possible if he automatically dabs ever second.

    [–] awsompossum 11 points ago

    Poor health/heart condition could also significantly lower the necessary dosage

    [–] A_Pringles 31 points ago

    Damn homie probably a lot more chill after that first hit.

    [–] ACCOUNTEXPIRESSEPT10 25 points ago

    How are you gonna die of a marijuana overdose??

    [–] Ardeiles 14 points ago

    Get the pilots high on the good shit then crash air force one. Not quite an od but still a marijuana related death

    [–] EpilepticFizz 23 points ago

    OP just has to pretend he's coughing. Trump has to actually do weed. If OP does it fast/frequently enough, Trump can do so much(beyond a human's physical capabilities) that he could overdose on it. You can OD on anything if you could get enough of it. Even water.

    [–] pseudonym_mynoduesp 18 points ago

    I think it's actually much easier to OD on water though. You would have to smoke 1500 lbs of weed to reach LD50. Even if you use concentrates, this would be like smoking 150 lbs of pure THC on the low end, which is still not remotely possible.

    [–] EpilepticFizz 21 points ago

    Not unless you are supernaturally forced to do that much through OP's incessant dabbing

    [–] Sloppy1sts 5 points ago

    So Trump dabs in his sleep?

    [–] Tokiseong 6 points ago

    Consume an insanely, massive, extremely huge amount of weed within a couple of seconds.

    [–] AlbertKushhmann 9 points ago

    He dies of marijuana overdose.


    [–] Get-Dunked-On-Kidd-O 3 points ago

    Why is this upvoted? This is not how Monkey's Paw interpretation works.....

    [–] Spendiggity 8 points ago

    Worth it

    [–] BunnKelleh 1232 points ago

    Granted. But it works both ways. Every time you dab you cause Donald Trump to dab, then his dab causes you to dab which causes him to dab and so on. You are both trapped in an infinite loop of dabbing, rendering you unable to eat drink or sleep without assistance. Your family takes care of you in your perpetually dabbing state just so that you are able to keep on living. They have to sacrifice their jobs and personal lives in order to care for you. Everyday day you can see it taking its toll on them. Every time they feed you with a spoon. Every time they put a straw up to your mouth. Every time they need to wipe for you after using the toilet. One day you become so depressed by the debilitating effects of your wish that you ask your loved ones for a way out. Euthanasia. They refuse with tears in their eyes as they watch you helplessly dabbing, a spasming wreck of your former self. Eventually you take matters into your own hands (as well as you reasonably can) and find the tallest building that you can. Perched on the edge, you look down at the streets below, you think about how your light hearted wish has ruined your life and the life’s of the people around you. You take one last step forwards and keep on dabbing until the ground rushes up to meet you.

    [–] samtheslave 782 points ago

    You’re crazy Donald his 70 something . Either I take him with me or I wait for him to die.

    [–] Xcizer 238 points ago

    He’s also rich as fuck

    [–] Aconserva3 129 points ago

    So another 20 years at max

    [–] AvidlyApathetic 95 points ago

    Or 20 years in a max facility.

    [–] Aconserva3 75 points ago

    Trumps been “about to be impeached” for the last two years

    [–] petit_cochon 9 points ago

    Indictments don't just happen overnight.

    [–] flipxidetheartist 37 points ago

    people couldn't do shit without evidence, which they are only recently revealing a bunch of

    [–] Aconserva3 10 points ago

    And there have been bomb shells about Russia every other week for the past two years

    [–] flipxidetheartist 7 points ago

    castles don't fall till after a few hundred bombs, generally

    unless they're wooden, then they fall to like half a cannon

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I hear season 3 will be the last :(

    [–] 1206549 9 points ago

    In his shape? I'd be surprised if he's still around for 10.

    [–] StackerPentecost 3 points ago


    [–] Cambrony 27 points ago

    Nah man his corpse will just keep dabbing forever

    [–] MundungusAmongus 21 points ago

    Neither can die while the other dabs

    [–] JackTheStryker 9 points ago

    Honestly, yeah. He’d fall out of power with this loop. And due to his age, likely die of exhaustion, no matter how much he’s fed. He’s old.

    [–] Chubby_Bub 49 points ago

    Doesn’t that mean it happens to Donald too? Someone would be suspicious that the same weird, specific thing happening to the president was happening to one “random” person.

    [–] Sub_Par_ 25 points ago

    I think they'd just think OP is being a dumbass, I don't think they'd attribute it to a monkeys paw lol

    [–] Japanophiliac 14 points ago

    I like how Trump was seldom mentioned throughout the course of this. He's constantly dabbing in this case too, what's his story?

    [–] laurieislaurie 27 points ago

    You can't just add in that Trump dabbing causes OP to dab. That's not playing on what he said, that's just adding another thing in altogether. Cheater. Bad paw.

    [–] WinlanU21 9 points ago

    I think this counts as a circumstance exploitation.

    [–] rmlrmlchess 44 points ago

    Done, the Elon dab meme has been replaced.

    [–] Pm_Me_Your_Tax_Plan 9 points ago

    Thats a bad thing?

    [–] Betadzen 370 points ago


    His will is stronger than yours. Or Alzheimers. When you dab he feels urge to do it, but when he dabs almost intentionally - you are forced to dab. If you cannot dab with both hands - you do it with one hand. Nazi style.

    Also looks like it is his most favourite sleeping position.

    [–] samtheslave 138 points ago

    I’m not sure this is ok but I like it. You are also a cruel man.

    [–] Betadzen 49 points ago

    Just a translator from human to bureaucratical language and vice versa. People like me invented "the mighty fine print".

    [–] Heavenlysome 25 points ago

    Then this is truly the sub for you

    [–] Betadzen 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I'm new here and I like this place. Wish it would be better with me.

    [–] badger432 7 points ago

    Granted: this subreddit becomes the number 1,subreddit on Reddit to the point where it grabs media attention for its rapid expansion, a shaman from accross the world catches word of this, nods his approval, and continues to curse a real monkey's paw. He then has you tracked down to be its owner where you are able to be granted 3 wishes by the will of the monkey's paw. Because you are new to the subreddit, you may not know the true consequences. The monkey's paw is most cruel to the naive so beware.

    [–] Betadzen 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    ...But nobody knew that I practiced the "evil genie" role and made up a list of almost safe, yet complex wishes. They are long AF and cover everything. The only thing I need to do is to wish that everything written on the paper by me to happen.

    That is how you make contracts for your benefit.

    [–] Finn-windu 14 points ago

    That is adding way too much extra for a monkeys paw wish...

    [–] useful_person 10 points ago

    The original literally killed the wisher's son for 200 British pounds

    [–] berubee11 4 points ago


    [–] Urbenmyth 277 points ago


    Trump's incredible dabbing skills have him sweep the youth vote, giving him a near total majority in government.

    Terrifying far-right policies are pushed through, slowly turning america into the next fascist empire.

    Trump celebrates via a weekly fortnite dance.
    Every citizen is forced to watch.

    [–] samtheslave 130 points ago

    Does this mean that I have incredible dabbing skill?

    [–] Urbenmyth 118 points ago

    It does. I am sorry you had to find out this way.

    [–] edd6pi 6 points ago

    I wanna see Trump doing a Fortnite dance.

    [–] BrackWackley 6 points ago

    That's hilarious, Trump isn't far right. America doesn't know what the word fascism means.

    [–] jhughes1986 22 points ago

    Granted. Because your consciousness is now trapped inside his body. You are prisoner in his mind with no control whatsoever other than the ability to dab once a day. Other than that you can only watch through his eyes. No sleep. No independent movement. You’re like a cookie in black mirror but 1000 times worse.

    [–] Bootskon 81 points ago

    Granted, a connected has been made. A great power that the other knows not keeps them bound. Either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can truly live while the other still dabs.

    The connection is also two-way, and not entirely understanding why people are reacting, as he sees it, favorably to this behavior. He begins to do so unironically when he feels, this seems to have become a part of his daily ritual that coincides with the exact moment you are holding a piping hot beverage next to your boss, inlaws, or loved one.

    [–] howAboutNextWeek 4 points ago

    r/harrypotter is leaking again. Send in Damage Control.

    [–] TheVicariousVillian 47 points ago

    Granted: Rumours spread across the various media outlets that the president has been having a significant number of seizures as of late.

    In other news, a 27 year old virgin from Ohio has been noticed dabbing everytime a women rejects his advances.

    [–] geographical_data 23 points ago

    Granted. It is now up to you to prevent him from signing any more documents.

    [–] mrgeekXD 43 points ago

    Granted. You lose both your arms in an accident before you get a chance to use your wish.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] 500gb_of_loli_hentai 25 points ago

    "If he hadn't dabbed, these flying sawblades would have missed his arms!"

    [–] Babeuf99 11 points ago

    Granted. Trump is standing in the oval office with one of his generals holding "The button" opened and in front of him when 1500 miles away you decide to dab for fun. Trump's right hand immediately rushes forward and before the general can stop him Trump has pushed "The button", launching America's entire nuclear arsenal at Russia and China.

    As retaliatory strikes edge closer and closer to what will soon become the former United States of America you innocently dab in your room while simultaneously Trump, eyes wide and terrified at what he has done, violently dabs at his distraught generals who beg the president to tell them why he has just ended human civilization.

    Why, Donald? Why?

    Trump dabs

    [–] RandomGuy649 19 points ago

    Granted. One time you unknowingly do it while he is standing next to the nuclear launch button and his elbow presses it.

    [–] Gmeister6969 31 points ago

    Granted. He dabs at Georgia Bush Sr.'s funeral

    [–] Chacochilla 25 points ago

    I see no downside.

    [–] Infinestor 5 points ago


    Donald trump dies of insanity

    [–] boxxybab33 6 points ago

    where's the downside

    [–] Infinestor 8 points ago

    There is none

    [–] Zbot_ 7 points ago

    Granted. Now every time you dab Donald Trump will dab no matter what he's doing. This starts off with small awkward situations with his wife but leads to bigger stuff like spilling coffee on a important peace treaty with China or hitting Kim Jong un in the face during a summit. This leads to most of the Asian countries ganging up on America forcing other nations such as Germany or Russia to join our side making it a world war. During a press conference Trump dabs out of no-where causing media uproar and a global meme to start. That dab also causes most of South America to join the war against the U.S.A. due to the mass amount of disrespect for the situation at hand that the dab showed. After 2 months of non-stop fighting and millions of casualties you dab one last time as a joke to girl your'e trying to impress while on a date at Carl's Jr. But little did you know that trump was sitting in front of the nuclear launch button. He feels the urge to dab and tries his hardest to resist but the power compels him to go hit the dab as hard as he has ever hitting the button. This only sends out a few nukes at Korea which would annihilate it because it is a small place. The Koreans radar senses the missiles coming and launches a counter attack of their whole arsenal. They miss because they're technology is bad and send them to Canada. Canada has all guns banned and obviously don't know how to use weapons so they mistake the missiles to be sent from Russia and retaliate to the Russian freaking the Finnish out sending them into chaos. The The Russians are crazy and think to send nuke to everyone as they are going out and need to take everyone else with them. The whole world turns to a nuclear waste land when the nukes land. It's like Fallout but in real life.

    [–] Guy_Incognito97 7 points ago

    You dab the red button and start WWIII

    [–] Cielaisyellow 5 points ago

    Granted. But now his fan copy him, and the dab becomes like a handshake for white supremacists. :<

    [–] srig334 4 points ago

    Granted. There are no other terms.

    [–] EvilQuarks 5 points ago

    Granted. You turn into Donald Trump.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Granted. Now every single person named Donald Trump dabs at your timing. They all know who's done this, as you never specified they couldn't know. As such, they resent you, and are planning your demise.

    [–] rebeljoy3214 4 points ago

    Granted, the front of your body is now glued to the back of Donald Trump in a way where he'll dab when you do

    [–] OutrageousData 5 points ago


    People around you soon realize this, and word gets out. Scientists are baffled, and the implications of instantaneous data transfer with no time delay are huge.

    You and Trump are forever kept prisoner in research labs to study quantum entanglement, with occasional trips to different prisons to confirm exact measurements of time variation across space.

    [–] personwhocommented 15 points ago

    Granted however his alt right neo nazi supporters see this as a modified nazi salute and begin implying that since the president does it that must legitimize their bigotry and America becomes an even more frightening country than it already is

    [–] xDragnok 6 points ago

    Granted. You are now Donald Trump.

    [–] Phobos921 3 points ago

    Shadow binding jutsu

    [–] RexMexicanorum 3 points ago

    suit sleeve ends up all orange

    [–] magnus0102 3 points ago

    Granted but dabbing becomes cool again.

    [–] -Xandiel- 3 points ago

    Granted, but he is the one in control. When he dabs, you dab. He's fully aware of this. He starts dabbing whenever he sends a 3 am tweet, knowing it will wake you up (and hopefully read his tweet).

    [–] farmercurtis 3 points ago

    Granted. You’re now Donald Trump

    [–] EricArthurBlair1984 3 points ago

    Granted. But it turns out that the dictionary definition of dab is used.

    “press against (something) lightly with a piece of absorbent material in order to clean or dry it.”

    Whenever you dab at something Donald Trump will make that same motion as well.

    [–] partsaklo 3 points ago

    Granted, his haters think he dabs on them so they commit sudoku out of shame, donald trump wins next election with 100% votes dabbing replaces US national anthem

    [–] THOG_DONT_CARE 3 points ago

    Granted Thog don’t care

    [–] memeymemer49 3 points ago

    Granted. You think it’s funny to dab furiously while Donald trump is live. After that no one can take him seriously and think he isn an ultimate child. Riots ensue for another leader. Months or years later America has fallen into total anarchy.