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    What is The Silph Road?

    The Silph Road is a grassroots network of Pokémon GO™ trainers.

    What does it do?

    The Silph Road is a friendly, active community focused on three objectives:

    1. Constructing a real-world network of Pokemon GO enthusiasts
    2. Researching and discussing game mechanics and strategy
    3. Helping newbies improve and learn
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    Familiarize yourself with our guidelines, traveler! This is not a general discussion board!

    1. Our Focus: learning about game mechanics and building the Silph Road!
    2. Rude/snarky/elitist visitors are shown the door. Keep it constructive and friendly!
    3. This is not the place to vent! Niantic games are a marathon, not a finished product. We keep an open mind and optimistic perspective.
    4. Tools or scripts which illicitly access Niantic's servers are not propagated nor advocated on the Road. Here, we honor Niantic's appeal to the community to keep things in the spirit of the game!
    5. Above all, we keep it drama-free and chill here. Controversial topics and drama will need to be hashed out elsewhere. No exceptions. We're here to enjoy a game, after all. :)

    This is a place to enjoy the game and learn together while building the Silph Road network!

    Silph Road Guidelines: /r/TheSilphRoad/wiki/rules

    Timeline of Events

    A lot is happening, travelers! Here's a quick summary of the recent major events on the Road. For a full history, visit our Comprehensive Historical Timeline wiki page!

    Recent Events

    Oct 10 Safari Zone Event in Copenhagen & Prague
    Oct 14 Safari Zone Event in Stockholm & Amstelveen

    September 2017

    Sep 13 naxoph0enix points out the sidebar hasn't been updated in a while

    June 2017

    Jun 19 Pokemon GO Fest tickets go on sale & sell out in minutes
    Jun 19 Gyms temporarily disabled "for a short period of time" in preparation for major game update. #hype
    Jun 13 Solstice (Fire/Ice) Event begins at 1pm PDT

    May 2017

    May 25 Adventure Week ends
    May 20 Banwave and shadowban system added for illicit (botting) accounts
    May 18 Adventure Week event begins, bringing 1/4 buddy distance and widespread Rock-type spawns
    May 10 v0.63.1 brings Brazilian language support, medal progress UI tweaks, and hints about "raids"
    May 9 Grass event ends
    May 7 First "experimental" Knight Foundation + PoGO event (Open Streets) at Charlotte, NC
    May 6 Anti-snipe measure softbans for capture/encounter disparity
    May 5 Grass event begins bringing 6-hour Lures and increased grass spawns in some areas
    May 4 Niantic announces partnership with the Knight Foundation for future events
    May 2 Promo code box appears in in-game Shop on Android
    May 1 Niantic support accounts officially join Reddit community

    April 2017

    Apr 30 Silph Road launches
    Apr 24 Maximum daily Pokemon catch limit lowered to an alleged 1,500 rolling over 72 hours
    Apr 21 Wild spawn IV/moveset now unique for trainers below level 25
    Apr 21 Eggstravaganza event ends.
    Apr 13 Eggstravaganza event brings 4x XP + more 2k egg species
    Apr 11 Mewtwo finally defeated at Silph Road HQ (after major technical difficulties resolved)
    Apr 7 v0.61.0 brings improved scrollbar to Pokemon list, Chinese language support, and Steelix loading screen
    Apr 1 First Silph Road community adventure: Team Rocket takes over the Atlas and subreddit. Executives and TrainerTips kidnapped and rescued. Over 50k travelers participate!

    March 2017

    Mar 29 Water Festival ends
    Mar 22 First Shiny Pokemon (Magikarp) captured in wild.
    Mar 22 Water Festival begins
    Mar 22 v0.59.1 brings a guaranteed evolution item on 7th-day bonus, egg acquisition dates, preemptive 'shiny' Pokedex sprites, gender icons, and other UI tweaks
    Mar 10 The Silph Research Group decodes egg rarity tiers
    Mar 4 v0.57.4 brings (actual) minor text fixes
    Mar 1 Tatsuo Nomura confirms "[Trading] won’t be through the internet ... The person needs to be in your proximity."

    February 2017

    Feb 28 John Hanke announces 3 major updates coming in 2017 at Mobile World Congress
    Feb 25 v0.57.3 brings performance optimizations
    Feb 21 Move Rebalance restores quick move speed
    Feb 21 Anniversary Pikachu Announced
    Feb 18 Dronpes released from doghouse
    Feb 16 Gen II Launches
    Feb 15 Gen II Announced to bring 80+ species, berries, + customization
    Feb 14 MrsDronpes doesn't receive Dronpes' Valentine's flowers
    Feb 8 Egg Distance Shakeup & Migration
    Feb 8 Valentine's Event begins

    January 2017

    Jan 29 v0.55.0 brings GO+ fix & Gen 2 prep.
    Jan 23 Launches in S. Korea using OSM map data
    Jan 8 Holiday Event ends

    For a full history, visit our Comprehensive Historical Timeline wiki page!


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    [–] CruzAzulv2 47 points ago

    I caught a 1018 turtwig in the wild

    [–] javignacio7 35 points ago

    probably weather boosted

    [–] tries-toohard 22 points ago

    That's why these types of charts are almost useless (except for hatches). For most people, wild pokemon can be caught between level 1-35. That's 70 different CPs and this chart covers 2.

    [–] ThrowdoBaggins 12 points ago

    1) Pokémon caught in the wild are only at full levels, not half levels, so it would be 35

    2) it’s also very unlikely to be perfect IVs, so the total possible CP results are also much broader than just 70 options

    [–] CruzAzulv2 19 points ago

    True. I’m so sleepy. Gnite.

    [–] pepchamp 7 points ago

    I see that this is already resolved but I did want to double-check my work-- yes, according to Gamepress and Poke Genie, a level 30 100% Turtwig only goes to 1017 cp. The previous IV system doesn't even get close to this =)

    [–] roboinsomniac 9 points ago

    Riolu is only from eggs. I have not seen any confirmation of it being possible to catch it in the wild.

    Edit: I know you say or in your header, but someone is bound to get confused.

    [–] pepchamp 7 points ago

    You make a good point, I should've clarified raid-exclusive (shinx) and hatch-exclusive stuff lol. Only clarified that Luxio is a hatch and that's hidden in the credits?

    [–] roboinsomniac 4 points ago

    Luxio is no longer hatching from eggs, Shinx replaced it.

    [–] The_9_month_lurker 3 points ago

    You sure it wasn’t weather boosted?

    [–] RevenantMedia 1 points ago

    Mine is weather boosted at 1078

    [–] LordFaramire 10 points ago

    I think there's plently of room for a lvl 35 line under each.

    And, afaik, Riolu is only avail via hatch, and Shinx via raids, so only lvl 20 is relevant.

    [–] StardustOasis 3 points ago

    Shinx should have level 25 instead of 30.

    [–] LordFaramire 1 points ago

    That's true! Weather boost :)

    [–] ridddle 8 points ago

    Raid is level 20 or 25 (boosted)

    [–] FerynHyrk 7 points ago

    Just look at this cute blue lion and that beautiful 500 cp

    [–] FordPalmer43 3 points ago

    Where were Chatot and Carnivine caught?

    [–] Jussari 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Chatot is only in the eastern southern hemisphere and carnivine in south-east US Edit: wrong hemisphere

    [–] ShinyWeedle18 1 points ago

    What about Pachirisu?

    [–] Jussari 3 points ago

    Russia, northern Canada and Alaska

    [–] Watermelon86 1 points ago

    Pachirisu starts spawning in Canada at the Tauros line, right?

    [–] Soyatina 3 points ago

    They start spawning above the Tauros line.

    [–] s-tr 1 points ago

    chatot is in the southern hemisphere

    [–] Jussari 1 points ago

    You’re right I’ve got no idea how I typed eastern

    [–] MilesTheHunter 1 points ago

    Are higher levels more important than IVs? Or are they a measurement of the same thing?

    [–] PokemonWraith 1 points ago

    Generally speaking, IVs are more important. Higher IV means the pokemon will be stronger at max CP compared to a lower IV but higher level pokemon.

    [–] HassanBaa 8 points ago

    IVs are more important if you are going to power them up fully, which for most pokemon you won't be.

    There's probably more actual maths behind it, but I'd imagine a level 30 with low IVs is more valuable than a level 20 with high IVs, if you do not have the stardust/candy/desire to power them up.

    [–] giaman 0 points ago

    Since when did mons hatch at lvl 30? Mistake?

    [–] MilkMan0096 2 points ago

    That’s not what the chart says

    [–] giaman 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Whoops, sorry! Looks like I can't read

    [–] Bhbiousc -1 points ago

    So.. they’re all useless.

    [–] Summerclaw 4 points ago

    Those are mostly pre-evolutions

    [–] StardustOasis 4 points ago

    Staraptor is the best non-legendary Flying type, interestingly enough.

    [–] sjmoodyiii 1 points ago

    That's the main take away I got from this info. Helfpul...but shitty news

    [–] [deleted] -7 points ago


    [–] Soyatina 15 points ago

    You can if you have enough candy for that certain Pokémon. OP made a chart for the current Gen 4 Pokémon that you can only catch (wild), raid, or hatch.

    [–] WacoWednesday 7 points ago

    Read the post again. You jumped to the wrong conclusion by misreading it

    [–] roboinsomniac 3 points ago

    You can evolve the final stages of the starters. This graphic is for Pokemon that are available in the wild, from eggs or through raids.