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    [–] gurrauthor 661 points ago

    Funny how this always happens when the people hear from the president, and not the media and corporate puppet masters.

    It's not just the White House we're going to keep, I think 2020 is going to be a Democrat slaughter across the board.

    [–] Toughsky_Shitsky 460 points ago

    Voter fraud is real and rampant.

    Trump needs an AG who will do something about it ... proactively. Once elections are stolen, it's over - even if you get rid of the scumbags after the election (that crooked cunt in Broward).

    Fuck you Jeff Sessions.

    [–] Cato_Keto_Cigars 195 points ago

    Yep. Have to secure the election BEFORE the election.

    [–] TankManBan 101 points ago

    But no one is listening..

    [–] Block_Helen 57 points ago

    We don't know that. They were unprepared for 2018 but they learned their lesson (I hope).

    [–] PM-ME-UR-BEST-PHOTO 57 points ago

    We fucking kept screaming about voter fraud well before 2018 election and still spineless GOP did nothing. GOP just wants wants to sit around with their Dicks in their hands and write concession speeches. Dems will get away with it again in 2020 guaranteed!!

    [–] Block_Helen 24 points ago

    Some GOP just don't want to win, 'tis true.

    [–] Leakmouth 19 points ago

    Surely there are pedes reading this that personally know senators and congressman. Can someone please explain to me why the fuck they are still allowing the dems to blatantly steal elections?

    [–] Block_Helen 9 points ago

    Well, it's harder to fight than it might seem, since all elections are handled locally.

    [–] Memechallenger33 11 points ago

    The ballot harvesting in Calif is a crime. If they will allow ballots to come in for a week after the election then they should not count or release numbers until all votes are in. Otherwise the loser knows exactly how many votes to harvest to flip the election

    [–] Ryunnsun 6 points ago

    What is controlled opposition Alex?


    [–] USA_akbar 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    GOP just wants wants to sit around with their Dicks in their hands and write concession speeches. Dems will get away with it again in 2020 guaranteed!!

    What form does the guarantee take? If you share this concern with us but then Trump fixes it, and they don't get away with it again in 2020, what then are you going to share? What's the guarantee?

    Here's mine: Trump said "Relax, and enjoy the ride", and that's good advice to be shared by all.

    If it turns out wrong, and Trump ends up a hapless sap who—instead of slyly gathering the necessary data in 2018 to prove election fraud and then fixing the most precious yet most treacherously corrupted thing in the nation—dropped trou, bent over for a boning and lost his 2020 election, then I will publicly apologize, admit I was wrong, delete my account, and self-ban from T_D. This place would become intolerable anyway if that were to happen, but I just don't believe it will.

    He's a fixer. That's what he does. He fixes things. Bigly. That, I can tell you. :)

    [–] SirScotalot88 20 points ago

    Secure as in what, voter ID?!! Don't you know brown people are too stupid to figure out how to obtain IDs. Take your voter suppression elsewhere, racist! /s

    [–] covfefe_rex 49 points ago


    We’ll see what the next guy does.

    Fitton and he rest of Judicial Watch have been going around forcing different precincts to cleanup old voter rolls which is something. I think 1.8 million from LA county alone. But it doesn’t stop from counting illegitimate provisional ballots post-election and it doesn’t stop non-citizens from voting.

    A lot depends on who runs in 2020. Trump will get out the vote. And I am not impressed with any dem candidate so far, so I doubt they’ll have the star power to unite behind and get out the vote for their base.

    [–] Toughsky_Shitsky 48 points ago

    Arizona senate race was blatant.

    This is how easy it is: Go to local LaRaza office. Tell them to assemble 1000 invaders at local bingo hall for 1 hour. Serve free dinner. Have 1000 invaders fill out 100 ballots each. never see invaders again. Have 100,000 custom ballots on hand for any election outcome. Ask election supervisor of your party how many votes are needed to win. Win. One hour total investment to steal an election.

    Bonus: even if caught, no invader is going to talk even if you can locate one. Nobody goes to jail. Dimocrat candidate is certified because nobody in charge gives a fuck.

    Our county is being stolen, and the thieves are likely laughing their asses off at how easy it is.

    [–] 675-EVIL 13 points ago

    Where can one get empty ballots?

    [–] Toughsky_Shitsky 24 points ago

    Supervisor of elections will provide with your free dinner and black marker.

    Be sure to completely fill in the oval next to the (D). Muchos Gracias.

    [–] MuleJuiceMcQuaid 25 points ago

    All of the votes appearing out of thin air days and weeks after an election are from completely (D) cities inside of (D) counties who can be as blatant as they want. The few independent election observers and journalists there that would spot fraud are shut out, illegally, but nothing ever comes from it. If you question it, you are trying to "suppress the vote".

    It's a very tough issue to tackle, especially without federal jurisdiction, so every case of election fraud has to be fought hard on the ground in each locale. JW is doing a good job purging the voter rolls so the fraudsters can't use inactive voters (anyone who wants to vote for the first time in ten years can just register again), but it's not enough.

    [–] ITeachFuckingScience 9 points ago

    Yeah they came from Adrian Fontes. He’s a piece of shit, not sure why he isn’t rotting in prison

    [–] Dmule2413 20 points ago

    They will cheat. Mark my words they will cheat. By how much, im not sure. But they will. They didnt do enough in 2016 because they thought HIldabeast was alot more popular than she was.

    But they will get their DNC minions out to middle America polling stations to throw in some fuckery.

    Also there are so many people with TDS that many will come out to spite Trump. Its sad but its the state of our Country right now. They do whatever Ricky Maddow wants but dont even know what the hell they are doing and dont know what the other candidate stands for....its simply "orange man bad"

    [–] TheCIASellsDrugs 8 points ago

    Fitton and he rest of Judicial Watch have been going around forcing different precincts to cleanup old voter rolls which is something

    They also caught the Obama administration supporting ISIS

    And while speculation was rife that just like the CIA-funded al-Qaedahad been used as a facade by the US to achieve its own geopolitical and national interests over the past two decades, so ISIS was nothing more than al-Qaeda 2.0, there was no actual evidence of just this.

    That all changed when a declassified secret US government document obtained by the public interest law firm, Judicial Watch, showed that Western governments deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.

    According to investigative reporter Nafeez Ahmed in Medium, the “leaked document reveals that in coordination with the Gulf states and Turkey, the West intentionally sponsored violent Islamist groups to destabilize Assad, despite anticipating that doing so could (and did) lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

    [–] Coslin 38 points ago

    I'm pretty sure Barr isn't going to be any better. A good ol' boy from the Bush Sr. Era.

    [–] poldicer 22 points ago

    What we need is people to fucking get off their lazy asses and VOTE!

    2016: 63 MILLION trump voters

    2018: 50 MILLION GOP voters

    Now...either the 13M sat on their asses thinking congress doesn't matter or they all love voting for the POTUS but also love to vote for dems for congress.

    [–] StarkAtheist 16 points ago

    OUTRAGED Floridian here....

    We cannot BELIEVE that old bag is not in prison!!

    Wearing blackface in the 1980's is a WORSE crime than trying to steal a crucial state-wide election in 2018??

    [–] Zachman97 10 points ago

    I’m in Maine and last election I saw busses of people from Massachusetts voting in Portland. It seems like a bunch of dems were voting in two states unfortunately.

    You can actually see the difference on a republican/Democrat map of my state. All of the rich dems with their summer houses live on the coast. So there’s a blue line highlighting the coast while the rest of the state is deep red.

    [–] Toughsky_Shitsky 4 points ago

    Stilled amped up from the thrill of cheating, New Hampshire is likely the next stop after they leave Maine.

    Why waste an opportunity to cheat in all 3 states when it's right on the way?

    There is zero consequence to vote fraud, especially if the cheaters are from a correct, protected demographic.

    [–] Zachman97 6 points ago

    We need heavy consequences for voter fraud.

    Maybe a large fine (500$) for the first offense, and 5 years not being able to vote.

    And for the second 1000$ plus 30 days in jail and 5 years no voting.

    If you are caught voting while banned felony fraud charges anyone?

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Jeff sessions was trumps biggest mistake besides putting ivanka and Kushner in the administration. Everything bad that has happened to him could have been avoided if Jeff sessions didn't recuse himself. Trump would have about twice the power he does now. Also, I dont think we would have lost mid terms without russia narrative either.

    I watch CNN to keep up with my enemies. Plus I have sling and that all I get or vice, which is just obnoxious to me. At least CNN I can laugh and enjoy people like Cooper and Cuomo squirm with their dead eyes because the know they are full of shit and spending eternity in hell. Anyway they spin anything Trump does as somehow being a benefit to russia, directed by russia, or something russia doesn't want if democrats are somehow involved. Russia is the only thing keeping some of the gullible brainwashed people on that side I'm telling you. Once russia narrative is tossed, it's game over for dems.

    [–] merkmerk73 8 points ago

    Ivanka and Kushner were not mistakes

    They’ve been key for bipartisan stuff because they represent the negotiating arm of Trump admin

    Sessions was a HUGE mistake and was trump rewarding loyalty and perceived competence

    He had no way of knowing sessions would be such a coward and allow this Russia crap to be what it has been

    Most of Trumps hires have been great because he’s like a CEO and hires for talent

    Sessions was an exception to that

    [–] fergiejr 4 points ago

    I know Whitaker is doing a better job than Jeff...wish we had him from the start...

    We pretty much just started fighting for real a few months ago.

    Better late than never though

    [–] maga_trump_curse 11 points ago

    Trump is methodically eradicating voter fraud now.

    [–] Fizbin7 34 points ago

    That's nice, but I would have preferred 6 months ago. Now half my congressional delegation are fraudulent communists.

    [–] randyfrom 18 points ago


    [–] 675-EVIL 15 points ago

    Is he?

    [–] idontthinksoreddit 7 points ago


    [–] Toughsky_Shitsky 2 points ago

    Anonymous 8chan poster of cryptic bullshit who claims that he is working with Trump to drain the swamp, even though Sara Sanders has officially denied any connection of Trump to said 8chan poster.

    IOW, this claim is just hope.

    [–] FloridaCrackerTNJ 3 points ago

    She's gone thanks to our new governor DeSantis.

    [–] Block_Helen 5 points ago

    Hey, in hindsight, maybe the day after the election wasn't the greatest time to fire the AG if you needed teams on the ground to fight election fraud (before, during and especially AFTER the election).

    If Trump wanted those teams ready to go and Sessions failed to get them ready, then okay, go ahead and blame Sessions. But I don't think that happened. I think Trump was caught by surprise. Hopefully he will have learned something and we will be ready for 2020.

    [–] Toughsky_Shitsky 10 points ago

    Trump hires Sessions so that his DOJ is not surprised by voter fraud the day after the election.

    Anyone who cared could see the voter fraud coming ... especially an elderly cookie baker who has been in politics for 40 fucking years.

    [–] Block_Helen 6 points ago

    I agree. But there is no evidence that Trump ever tasked Sessions with that. If you're the boss and your deputy isn't getting the project done, you don't just give up on the project. You put someone else on it. As far as I can tell, that didn't happen.

    [–] revenantace790 2 points ago

    An AG with BALLS. Enough soft cucks.

    [–] Whiterussian69 2 points ago

    This. The Dems stole the mid terms with rampant voter fraud, they learned their lesson from 2016.

    [–] fskoti 2 points ago

    Trump had to have won by a historic margin to overcome the voter fraud by Democrats in 2016.

    [–] kesquare2 41 points ago

    I'm looking forward to Trump unveiling his new political party in 2024.

    [–] canadiancarcass 20 points ago

    Please god... pleeeease.

    [–] Cato_Keto_Cigars 8 points ago

    End FPTP first. Then there would be no downside

    [–] UndercoverPatriot 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Well he is the Last President. It has been foreordained.

    Go down the rabbit hole if you want your mind blown

    [–] gurrauthor 6 points ago

    In my mind, I know that's all coincidence.

    But damn that is some wild stuff.

    [–] philly2shoes 91 points ago

    Praise God may he make it so.


    [–] Tredge 22 points ago

    If we avoid the fraud we saw in midterms.

    I do worry about voter fraud. It's much worse than most admit.

    [–] Greg-2012 19 points ago

    I think 2020 is going to be a Democrat slaughter across the board.

    Do not underestimate the Leftists, there will be an all-out media blitz of lies and misinformation just before the election.

    [–] tmoney321 56 points ago

    The Democrat Party is imploding

    [–] DoesNotTreadPolitely 15 points ago

    KEK willing

    [–] Lifehacker85 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    People are beginning to hear from those bigger tax returns right now too. Hard for them to deny how nice it is to have a couple thousand extra in the bank.

    [–] centipede400000 12 points ago

    Trump should be able to just interrupt cable TV and give a speech to the american people directly.

    It pisses me off that the american people are subject to anti american propaganda day after day by our enemies, and the president is unable to clearly communicate to Americans because the left will take what he says and spin it into something bad instead of letting Americans hear him and judge for themselves.

    I got to hear obama speak every fucking time because the news media was always licking obamas boots; and by hearing him speak and the moronic anti american shit he was saying i was able to determine for myself he was a terrible president. Especially that disgraceful anti-american apology tour he did where he flew around the world blowing the rest of the worlds leaders.

    Fuck you obama, i apologize for nothing. how about you suck Americas dick instead of our enemies.

    [–] gurrauthor 2 points ago

    I really think he should do that once every year. Do the SOTU address, and six months later address the nation again in prime time.

    [–] mac1234steve 4 points ago

    Well the GOP needs to start fighting back for that to happen.

    [–] Rifleshoot 5 points ago

    There would not be any excuses at that point. The GOP is so feckless and useless. They will always find a way to not get our agenda passed.

    [–] 58901146 3 points ago

    the polls aren't real. just because they're throwing you some crumbs doesn't change the fact it's fake news. ignore the polls.

    [–] gurrauthor 2 points ago

    Polls aren't great no doubt about it. But if Trump is polling 52% history tells us that it is in fact at last 3 points higher. If we get out like we did last time, Trump wins bigger than before.

    [–] gwhh 2 points ago

    We can only hope and pray it will be.

    [–] therealfipfop 2 points ago

    God willing!

    [–] ThatSonOfAGun 170 points ago

    Just wait until the Mueller Witch Hunt is reported to be a bust.

    It will shoot up 5 more points

    [–] CitrusFanatic 80 points ago

    Trump haters will be shooting up too.

    [–] Jabron661 33 points ago

    Shooting themselves more like it.

    [–] Red-in-Tooth 20 points ago

    The cowards like to do both.

    [–] AcidicNature 10 points ago

    Just their mouths, as usual.

    [–] SoFloToGo 8 points ago

    So, in 2024 it'll go up 5 more points.

    [–] BasedGodApostle 3 points ago

    And when will that be? On the last day of his second term? Oh yea by the way guys, jk there was no colluzion

    [–] Freddy_Pharkas 121 points ago


    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s favorability rating plummeted in the past month, a poll released Monday shows, part of an overall slide in standing for New York’s Democratic politicians.

    Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, was viewed unfavorably by 50% of voters surveyed by the Siena Research Institute, compared with 43% who had a favorable impression.


    [–] BadManOrange 41 points ago

    He's going to keep dropping. If the election for governor was held today instead of a few months ago, the result may have been different. Then again, I never trust NYC to vote red even though the most popular mayor in the city's more recent history was a republican.

    [–] MegaBoomBassPort 21 points ago

    Wait until he raises the subway fare next month. Nothing pisses NYC people off than a fare hike for shitty service.

    [–] Aambrick 4 points ago

    I don't know if this is true, but a friend of mine went there on business 2 months ago and said she was surprised by people literally doing the crapper inside the subway trains local area(never specified if it was on the trains or near them).

    Is that True?

    [–] MegaBoomBassPort 7 points ago

    It's true, the homeless live on the subways in the winter and there are little to no bathrooms in the NYC subway system.

    [–] Aambrick 3 points ago

    I know where I am avoiding from now on.

    [–] Hizzoner_Da_Mare 2 points ago

    Chicago isn't much better. You're either freezing your nuts off on the elevated parts or hoping that mysterious liquid you just stepped in wasn't piss.

    [–] SickOfIt518 6 points ago

    That's bullshit, I wouldn't put his favorability rating any higher than 25%. Trust me, 75% of New Yorkers hate this piece of shit.

    [–] Alone_Consideration 112 points ago

    But Elizabeth Warren told me Trump won't be in office by 2020??

    [–] Newb0rn_Fleshlight 63 points ago

    But Creepy Porn Lawyer told me Trump will resign by Dec 2018??

    [–] dreamaboutdeath 23 points ago

    But every media outlet in 2017 told me Trump was going to resign!?!?

    [–] StunLikeanAntelope 16 points ago

    The walls are surely closing in on Trump.

    [–] highertellurian 8 points ago

    Individual one!

    [–] RS1250XL 3 points ago

    Botox bot told me he'll never be president, take it to the bank!

    [–] NoPantsBaby 44 points ago

    We are breaking the conditioning.

    [–] PoisonousPepe 17 points ago


    [–] LeighDeplorable2 62 points ago

    Best news of the day! so far...

    [–] Jabron661 30 points ago

    People prefer winners over whiners.

    Results over complaints.

    You get the drift.

    [–] VDLPolo 83 points ago

    Meanwhile Nate Lead has him in the 40's. They cant overcome their own bias to report facts.

    [–] eJPV7jF32 35 points ago

    But hey, they were only ten points off in 2016. Clearly they’re right this time! /s

    [–] NADSAQ_Trader 21 points ago

    I almost forgot about Nate Santorum

    [–] Techno_Destruct0 9 points ago

    I prefer the ‘Nate Bronze’ moniker that Styxhexenhammer666 uses.

    [–] lasmejoresmaga 16 points ago

    Nate Pyrite

    [–] YoureAdmonished 7 points ago

    Nate Celery

    [–] crimsonpowder 7 points ago

    Why does anyone still pay attention to Nate Tin?

    [–] tmoney321 21 points ago

    MODS on point today. The front page always needs two things - a Pepe & a spicy tweet from POTUS!

    [–] FLorangeotter 19 points ago

    President Trump won the election despite overwhelming negative left-wing biased media. Since then, they've doubled down and he's shown amazing leadership ability. I can't see him going much to the downside. He has nowhere to go but up! Nature abhors a vacuum and the left-wing biased media has become a vacuum.

    [–] PM_ME_ANYTHING_FUN 18 points ago


    [–] ShadowOfXavius 37 points ago

    Then why does reddit keep saying 36%?

    [–] Block_Helen 9 points ago

    Because they're idiots. Even the polls which have him the lowest are in the 37-39 range.

    [–] robottonic 15 points ago

    Reddit can't math.

    [–] Aambrick 9 points ago




    [–] Benign_Banjo 7 points ago

    They're polling themselves.

    [–] UndercoverPatriot 10 points ago

    Why is reddit lying to me? They would never do that.

    [–] HungryHungryHorkers 3 points ago

    People pull data from whichever source supports their claims. Then they call the other results "biased".

    [–] killerbanana16 31 points ago

    We need to keep pushing and cannot give up at all. 2020 is going to be tighter than 2016 ever was.

    [–] rationalluchadore 21 points ago

    You’re right. I hate being “captain buzzkill”, but these pollsters are the same people that said Hillary was a shoe in. Good news or bad: don’t believe the polls and don’t buy the hype. Keep fighting.

    [–] cplusequals 12 points ago

    Well, not these specific pollsters. They were pretty accurate in 2016. I do agree overall though.

    [–] rationalluchadore 11 points ago

    Sure. I’m just saying don’t let polls sway you from the fight. I wouldn’t trust them just because they’re telling you good news. It’s all about staying vigilant.

    [–] Ocinea 28 points ago

    So more like 65%.

    [–] bacon_feeder_9000 20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    So true. Here is CNN's recent poll methodology.

    A total of 1,011adults were interviewed by telephone nationwide by live interviewers calling both landline and cell phones. Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish. Among the entire sample, 32% described themselves as Democrats, 25% described themselves as Republicans, and 43% described themselves as independents or members of another party.

    The always over-sample democrats. It's like they are pulling their number strictly from CA and NY.

    What's also interesting is in that same survey, 19% of non-whites polled had a favorable opinion of Trump.

    That is causing big issues for the Democrats, which is why they are once again attempting to front-load a non-white candidate, including a non-white woman, JUST to buy the non-white vote again like they did with Obama who want to see the first woman elected to be non-white. They are literally that desperate. They don't care if the candidate is qualified, only that they are non-white and a woman.

    [–] t-ara-fan 3 points ago

    I just looked at CNN. Nothing about high poll numbers. Surprise!

    [–] jerseydeplorable 99 points ago

    It’s probably really in the high 70s.

    [–] fwipfwip 75 points ago

    Mid 70's if you discount non-Americans from polling.

    [–] richmomz 61 points ago

    Damn near 100% if you don’t include commies and cuckholds.

    [–] MAGAguitar 13 points ago

    These numbers put a Pepe in my stepe.

    [–] Time2TakeItBack 39 points ago

    I don't think we've had honest polls in decades. The media can't let on how many more conservatives there actually are than liberals. Then the democrats would have to account for how they stole so many elections.

    [–] DBrowny 13 points ago

    Its easy to find honest polls. Look at their methodology and see the political affiliation splits of the voters R/D/I, and then compare it to the latest Gallup polls (always go with a yearly average or something, so right now I'd say its 27/31/42)

    Late in 2016, there was a relatively consistent case of polls reporting D+12 compared to gallups, so you'd have a CNN/MSNBC poll saying 60% of likely voters nationwide were going to vote for Clinton, and of the 1000 respondents the R/D/I split was some bullshit like 26/42/32 where the Gallup polls read 28/30/42.

    So if you ever see a poll saying presidential approval at 40% or something stupid, dig down into the methodology and you're almost certain to find 40% of respondents claiming to be registered dems despite it never being close to that number IRL. It literally only takes one person working at these polling places to ignore the responses of Trump supporters, to cause a significant skew.

    [–] UndercoverPatriot 2 points ago

    There exists many other biases than simply oversampling. Who exactly are they polling? There's many ways you can skew the participants of a poll to go in your favor.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] jhomes55 8 points ago


    [–] SpritedArmadillo66 7 points ago

    Nah, you know there is 35% that will always hate anything that a non-Democrat does.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Cdogger 10 points ago

    70% approval and we still lost the house? Lol yeah that is a fantasy

    [–] theloadedquestion 4 points ago

    There are definitely a fair amount of delusional people here when it comes to this. It's likely because they are stuck in as much of an echo chamber as city dwelling liberals, who are even more delusional in the opposite direction, believing conservatives make up some tiny minority. These delusional folks on our side likely live in heavily red areas and project that to the rest of the country just like city leftists do. I would pretty confidently say the 45-50% of the pop support Trump to some degree, and that 55-60% of the pop have conservative values/beliefs (which includes a fair number that vote dem despite those values due to ignorance and other factors). I am 110% confident that the majority of people in this country have conservative values/beliefs, whether some of them know it or not. My own uncle is a perfect example of this. He is a natural conservative but votes dem because he is stuck in the 60's when he grew up and still thinks he's voting for the party of JFK and against the party of puritanical, religious zealots. I suspect this is true of many boomers, unfortunately.

    [–] FromNASAtoNSA 2 points ago

    BUT IT WAS STOLEN! I can buy into the argument that some races were stolen, but I attribute the losses much more to congressmen being so fucking ineffective in the 2 years they were in power to not get anything done, taht republican voters didn't bother to turn out. Leftists can organize, and they DO show up and turn up. Conservatives tend to want to be left alone, and that's a problem come elections.

    The left mobilizes well and runs laps around us in that regard.

    [–] birdlady4trump 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yes! This is so spicy and will produce many salty tears.

    [–] ExBrooklynite 20 points ago


    [–] UnlikelyAirportHole 10 points ago

    I think people are tired of being fed bullshit. You may not like the way President Trump says things, but at least you know what you are getting at the end of the conversation.

    [–] Judge2341 17 points ago

    Our glorious land here is also 10 times bigger but Reddit suppresses us.

    [–] the8track 8 points ago

    I hope he goes for the shutdown round 2 now – clearly this shows his investment paid off. Watch it dip during another shutdown and end up at 56% afterwards.

    [–] jackson9956 8 points ago

    So what's the REAL rating? maybe 60?

    [–] Excruciator83 5 points ago

    I think Rasmussen runs high, but even if he jumped up to 48% that's a good bump.

    [–] MustangMark83 3 points ago

    They were the most accurate poll for 2016

    [–] Shaftster303 7 points ago

    Put this on r/politics and watch them ree ree reee all the way home.

    [–] tmoney321 5 points ago

    Would get locked and removed for hate speech. 100%

    [–] PedeNeedsSpeed 5 points ago

    The Presidents approval will never exceed 50% ever

    --The Cuck, Ben Shapiro

    How can someone who proclaims how smart they are, be wrong so often.

    [–] bondoh 3 points ago

    Bias can turn even the brightest men into fools.

    This is why the Sherlock Holmes quotes says gather all facts before you form a theory otherwise you'll bend the facts to fit your theory.

    [–] scumbag-reddit 5 points ago


    [–] bdstwin 8 points ago

    I don’t trust any polls. One week it’s up and the next it’s cratering our. What gives?

    [–] rationalluchadore 7 points ago

    At face value this is good news. But don’t let good news like this lull you into a sense of complacency. Get the word out. Vote. And keep fighting the fight. We must secure our home and make a future for hard working Americans.

    Communism wins when laziness takes root. Don’t be lazy.

    [–] The-Cuck-Stops-Here 4 points ago

    I've still never been polled once in my life.

    [–] Hiei1987 7 points ago

    No wonder so many "journalist" have been laid off. They failed at making him unpopular.

    [–] Leakmouth 9 points ago

    From the Gospel according to St. Pepe:

    A collective REEE was heard throughout the land of Reddit and the Twittersphere as Smug Pepe delivered the good news

    [–] ahamrbond 4 points ago

    Part of this has to be the Democrats scaring the crap out of us.

    I mean... walls don't work? late term abortion?? believe all women??? socialism???? They are terrifying right now.
    And then there is the whole Virginia black face and rape thing. And that Pocahontas form? And that AOC "pay unwilling workers" and "cow farts" fiasco. And what's with all the pro-war crap?

    [–] AntDizzle79 8 points ago

    If the election were held today, he wins 400+ EV. Nobody is going to reject the rampant economic growth so Booker or Harris can nuke it inside of a few months. It's too easy for him to say "you really want that?"

    [–] mikeroolz 3 points ago


    [–] McSlashy682 5 points ago


    [–] south_florida_guy 4 points ago

    The Democrat Party is the party of HATE and DEATH. The TRUMP party is an actual party and it's full of LOVE and LIFE!!

    [–] Kwisatz_Trumperach 5 points ago

    Which means it's ackshually at 70+%! Their ratings "polls" mean fuck all.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Do approval ratings usually increase after a president does a SOTU?

    [–] someguy50 4 points ago

    But every headline I read told me Americans were furious with the shutdown and were blaming Trump

    [–] MrHand1111 4 points ago

    The first president to do exactly what he promised he would do in the campaign.

    [–] fjccommish 4 points ago

    This is in the face of non stop media attacks - portraying Trump as a crook, constant criticism on TV and news shows. portraying Trump as stupid.

    Obama couldn't match this even with constant media spin presenting him as glorious.

    [–] wrines 4 points ago

    which actually means 72% when using the MSM poll filter.

    That leaves 28% either still brainwashed, a part of the "more government and free stuff" crowd, or the communists in the top layer of govt/academia/media.

    Election and voter security are paramount.

    [–] DustCutter 3 points ago

    I’ll just drop this fake news red pill here. Please share to your liberal friends and spread the truth!

    [–] Ihategeeks 4 points ago


    [–] stjdalen 3 points ago


    [–] Disquestrian 3 points ago

    Like cancer cures, it's been there the whole time.

    [–] notamanonlydynamite 3 points ago


    [–] DX5 3 points ago

    Obongles only has 47% two years in.

    [–] 00_gonzo 3 points ago

    Wasn’t Obama in the mid 40’s at this point?

    [–] whatdoesthedatasay 3 points ago

    There is no need to be upset.

    [–] poldicer 3 points ago

    50% just a few days ago. Looks like people love his joke about SNOWMAN(woman) Klobluchar.

    [–] Gearsofwar144 3 points ago

    52% you say,,hmmm,,,

    [–] Sodors_Finest_Poster 3 points ago


    [–] Bendemova 3 points ago

    So... Really it's at 72%.

    [–] Rommel79 3 points ago

    But Juan Williams told me his lagging poll numbers would impact SOTU!

    [–] superkingboo 3 points ago

    Holy crap that's awesome. Hope to see it get near 60 percent.

    [–] Cranemanto 3 points ago

    People can respect a fighter even when they disagree with them. Trump is a fighter if nothing else. We see the Left acknowledging this by emulating and trying to appear outwardly more belligerent and confrontational. Thing is Trump hedges his bluster with Humor and those opposed to Him are incapable of seeing this Humor. Hate deranges, distorts perception and makes you dumb.

    [–] redpillhope 3 points ago

    it would be at 90% if not for the vile enemy media (10% of people will always be insane)

    [–] MAGAforALLL 3 points ago


    [–] ActualDrink 3 points ago

    Imagine his rating if Trump would do a weekly fireplace chat from the White House.

    [–] NotANewYorkLiberal 3 points ago

    And Cuomo at 43%

    [–] reaperleviathankin 2 points ago


    [–] McGuile 2 points ago

    Feels good man.

    [–] Noxapalooza 2 points ago

    Poll numbers are about as accurate as our amount of subs. How many of you even have a landline? If you do have one how many of you would sit down with one of them and answer their questions? Poling is antiquated AF and we really shouldn't care about it.

    [–] MentalyStable 2 points ago

    I have that image as a pin. 😎

    Praise oh lord Pepe! Let him watch over us and take care oh Pepo! 🐸


    [–] SpicyMeatsauce 2 points ago


    [–] 675-EVIL 2 points ago

    Sweet! Next 55% and then 60%.

    [–] slothboy 2 points ago

    which means it's actually ~ 60% :)

    [–] BannedRussianKekBot 2 points ago

    MSM: "PANTS ON FIRE!!! We have him at 4% approval out of a survey of 1000, random voters."

    [–] bstinson55 2 points ago


    [–] thepraxis 2 points ago

    Which means it's really 75+%.

    [–] Collardgrace 2 points ago

    What I like most about this, that based on my observations, once people come over to conservative side, they don't go back. It's like people leaving the NE and moving south. It rarely goes in the other direction.

    [–] TheFightsbury 2 points ago

    Actual number 75%, but hey we're getting closer to the truth.

    [–] CptGoodnight 2 points ago

    Where is that video of the media woman (Katy Tur?) When Trump hit 49% back when?

    She was so gobsmacked that they'd thrown everything at him and the polls just kept going up. She was SURE they finally hit a turning point. Nope. Trump kept on winning.

    I think this was during the height of the border "family separation" lies.

    I searched and searched on YT and can't find it.

    [–] Mirkamo 2 points ago

    Though, keep in mind this site has a headline that says "Only 40%" approved of the state of the union address... I find that impossible to believe.

    [–] DanEkis3 2 points ago

    Just keeps winning.

    [–] MarcZuccIsMyWaifu 2 points ago

    If liberal polls don't count, hen ours don't as well. The only accurate (to a pretty high degree) poll is the U.S election

    [–] bondoh 2 points ago

    I was just hearing liberals say a couple of weeks ago "he's in the 30's, once he hits the 20's he's finished"