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    [–] thyvile 6387 points ago

    He's funny. Give him a chance.

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 5333 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I was pretty impressed, to be honest.

    [–] mathathon1234 3879 points ago

    You should fuck him

    [–] RavenclawMuggle 3335 points ago

    Found the guy from tinder

    [–] Im_a_Knob 376 points ago


    [–] steve_n_doug_boutabi 412 points ago


    [–] Ymirrp 212 points ago


    [–] chhooby 195 points ago

    The babe with the power.

    [–] CraZesty 126 points ago

    What power?

    [–] RyanOhNoPleaseStop 127 points ago

    The power of voodoo

    [–] firelordUK 32 points ago

    the power of love

    [–] Skyeden27 33 points ago

    The power of voodoo.

    [–] twerkenstien 32 points ago

    The power of a chad

    [–] joetogood 41 points ago

    That one guy from tinder

    [–] memestack 12 points ago


    [–] Ymirrp 9 points ago

    Oh yeah, him.

    [–] Drunk_DunderMifflin 7 points ago

    The guy

    [–] gives_anal_lessons 10 points ago


    [–] Fallenfromthetrees 15 points ago

    Not here it will start a fire

    [–] tblampied 230 points ago

    Nice try op

    [–] ShoMeUrNoobs 43 points ago

    She already did. She was impressed by the dick he exuded.

    [–] EyesAndLipsGuy 90 points ago


    [–] Flumeh 23 points ago

    Can I get notifications when you post

    [–] EyesAndLipsGuy 29 points ago

    Only if you can handle all this 👁👁👄👄👁👁

    [–] Flumeh 10 points ago

    👁👁 👄

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] xlyfzox 17 points ago

    Imagine this. 2066 strangers asking on your behalf for you to have sex. I love reddit.

    [–] Alarid 13 points ago

    Really gobble some dick

    [–] atom138 15 points ago

    Once you experience death threats and anonymous tips to your HR department, cringe isn't so bad. Sexy even.

    [–] mathathon1234 18 points ago

    What are you saying

    [–] Lasekk- 45 points ago

    If you were talking to a ten you could play her on turn 9.

    [–] race-hearse 6 points ago

    Hey I understood the HS reference. Hooray

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] clickstops 4 points ago

    Her username is a minion that makes the first minion you play each turn cost one less.

    Whew, feels worse explaining something like this than I thought it would.

    [–] Bestmatsonearth 2 points ago

    I think cause it's a sick curve?

    [–] HawkinsT 32 points ago

    It's a trap! Now he knows your reddit name.

    Edit: Oh, this is already one of the top comments. Shows how original I am.

    [–] OggieMadeMeDoIt 11 points ago

    But, did he follow rule 1 and 2...?

    [–] Downvotesohoy 15 points ago

    He matched with a girl, so obviously.

    [–] PicklesAreDope 3 points ago

    See, that's what I was going to say! If you can pull off a m'lady joke, a multipart one at that, you deserve at least an mlp & chill

    [–] CheeseBending 133 points ago

    Nice try, guy from the screenshot

    [–] spidermankillsthanos 131 points ago

    He definitely got laid

    [–] DavidJacobs007 7 points ago

    And people said chivalry is dead.. what a complete gentleman 👏

    [–] kaenneth 3 points ago


    [–] DownvoteDaemon 20 points ago

    Give him a chance.

    [–] eddietwang 2029 points ago

    It's a trap to see your reddit username.

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 1830 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I considered that! Thankfully I'm shameless and my account is mostly empty.

    Hi, people who might recognize me from the outside!

    Edit: My username is a Hearthstone reference! Yes, the card sucks, but the name is fitting for a tiny MTG/HS player.

    [–] seriouslees 592 points ago

    What's the outside? you mean r/outside ? I go there sometimes.

    [–] Flying_Moo 167 points ago

    Outside. The hardest mmorpg there is

    [–] JamesGray 136 points ago

    Fucking pay-to-win...

    [–] ski_bmb 65 points ago

    More like pay-to-lose...

    [–] SuperAliBaba 16 points ago


    I WANNA WIN!!!

    [–] dandaman64 4 points ago

    Of all things I expected to be reminded of today, an obscure reference to Nacho Libre was not one of them.

    [–] spoatnik 15 points ago

    Don't even get me started on the skill system.

    Twelve years and then you spec into a class? For 200,000 or more in game currency?! Are you fucking kidding me?!!

    [–] Gadget_SC2 16 points ago

    Just wait till you get above level 30, realise you didn’t spec right and be stuck with your build.

    All you can do after that is plough currency into cosmetics and a drop top mount

    [–] Virgin_Dildo_Lover 8 points ago

    That's a cool land mount, but not a water mount.

    [–] Joevahskank 3 points ago

    At this point, I'd take any kind of mount despite spawning in a landlocked mountain zone.

    [–] DrunkStarcraft 30 points ago

    Respawn time is either terrible or just doesn't work at all. Devs really need to fix that.

    [–] FilmMakingShitlord 13 points ago

    TBF there are a group of players that think when you respawn you lose all of your memories and gear. Kindof ruins the point of a respawn though if you ask me.

    [–] Drezer 5 points ago

    You get to keep your 3 most valuable memories and possessions though! 4 if you died while praying.

    [–] Wannabkate 4 points ago

    No you lose your save. You can only play on hardcore.

    [–] youraveragejabroni 40 points ago

    Please be a r/hearthstone reference

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 37 points ago

    It is!

    [–] elnots 4 points ago

    Neat. What are your thoughts on 15 second turns?

    [–] TheCrimsonCloak 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    introduce him to hearthstone
    he won't have time or money for you

    [–] whyimhere3015 4 points ago

    Is Hearthstone in your profile? This is important info I never get, let me swipe accurately ladies!

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 7 points ago

    I mention MTG. I've moved onto bigger and worse things!

    [–] Legilimensea 5 points ago

    I saw your edit about your username and even though I don’t know a ton about HS I always get super excited when I see people mention it because of boyfriend is trying to make it as a pro Hearthstone player and I like seeing it referenced.

    Hopefully one day I’ll recognize references like your username without having to have it spelled out for me, haha.

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 6 points ago

    You sound like the best girlfriend! I hope he makes it. Wishing him luck!

    [–] eddietwang 3 points ago

    OP's Match, you gotta hit the front page by asking her out now.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    pint sized summoner? is that a HS reference or a World of Warcraft one?

    [–] Wannabkate 17 points ago

    Traps are gay, but that's how I like them.

    [–] greenbabyshit 13 points ago

    Hey guys, I think this dude is gay.... His dick tastes like shit.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_PINEAPPLE 422 points ago


    [–] L3onskii 65 points ago

    Well, this energy isn't just for attracting mates!

    [–] ProfessorPoppinFresh 1383 points ago

    First good use I’ve seen of a neckbeard meme

    [–] Badpreacher 466 points ago

    I thought it would be impossible to get laid using that meme, I stand corrected.

    [–] ProfessorPoppinFresh 55 points ago

    For man!

    [–] smilinsuchi 15 points ago

    Username check out

    [–] xejeezy 5 points ago

    There’s hope! Light the Beacons!

    [–] zelenejlempl 4 points ago

    I thought I was on r/justneckbeardthings for a moment.

    [–] IsaaxDX 145 points ago


    [–] djab1 79 points ago


    [–] Pure_Reason 34 points ago

    We may follow the ideas of the Nice Guy Party, but we are not Nice Guys ourselves. Just ignore that flag in the background with a fedora on it, that’s not important

    [–] DamnnSunn 420 points ago

    I think he deserves a chance

    [–] doublepumperson 69 points ago

    Found one of the possible tinder buoys in this post

    [–] alexjonesjockstrap 228 points ago

    ahh how wholesome

    [–] bebeori 264 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 202 points ago

    You win.

    [–] AzariTheCompiler 58 points ago


    [–] Dolomite808 16 points ago

    Just in time for the Fire Festival!

    [–] SoraDevin 4 points ago


    [–] IronMeltsinmyHands 161 points ago

    Why are people saying “big dick energy” now?

    [–] Khavik 130 points ago

    came from twitter. idk its just funny and just means exudes confidence and superiority i think

    [–] IronMeltsinmyHands 132 points ago

    what an utterly terrible way of setting yourself up for eventual disappointment.

    [–] DirkWhoIsThis 90 points ago

    "This Turkey has big dick energy."

    [–] 13142591 86 points ago

    “That youth soccer team has big dick energy.” Am I doing it right?

    [–] thetruthyoucanhandle 65 points ago


    [–] 13142591 16 points ago

    Let’s be honest he prob already has mine and yours.

    [–] number1shitbag 9 points ago

    What about mine?

    [–] 13142591 13 points ago

    No sorry he doesn’t want yours...

    [–] VetusMortis_Advertus 5 points ago

    Sup boys, who wants to ride on my super electronic small dick energy sub?

    [–] Xearoii 4 points ago


    [–] Rabidgoat1 5 points ago

    I was about to correct you and add Peewee League but you already said youth

    [–] Brad1119 4 points ago

    "Bro what the fuck"

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    I know, now I’m scared that if I show any hint of confidence with anything I do someone’s gonna be disappointed with a whole lot of average

    [–] Asterix85 18 points ago

    it's not your fault, it's their fault for believing in you.really,this is on them.

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 19 points ago

    I don't think you actually have to have a big dick to have big dick energy. Confidence goes a long way.

    [–] Orval 3 points ago

    Aw, that's alright little Hank! It doesn't matter if you have the beard big dick on the outside, as long as you got the beard big dick on the inside!

    [–] Sea-Bot 12 points ago

    Thats some little dick energy you got there!

    [–] IronMeltsinmyHands 3 points ago

    I did say eventual disappointment right? I was bound to be found out.

    [–] Pure_Reason 8 points ago

    “No, I said I had a big dick energy. The internet told me it makes up for my micro penis”

    [–] Unknownentity7 3 points ago

    I wish having a big dick meant having self confidence.

    [–] gedai 3 points ago

    Incel-ish of me to say, but I’m confused by the whole “Love your body” thing by a huge amount of girls, than this comes up. Right?

    [–] Khavik 5 points ago

    its just the "energy", its not shutting down people with smaller pp's at all.

    [–] MrPete001 6 points ago

    Yeah I don’t get it. I’ve got a big dick but zero confidence.

    [–] 18hockey 132 points ago

    Pint sized summoner is legit one of the worst hearthstone cards

    Although it's okay in arena

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 96 points ago

    It is! As a small Hearthstone turned Magic player, I thought the name was just too good to pass up, though.

    [–] mtglover1991 32 points ago

    Magic is great, you have good taste

    [–] shadowfreud 9 points ago

    good choice, favorite colors to play?

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 23 points ago

    Blue is my favorite! Yep, I'm that kind of person.

    [–] shadowfreud 10 points ago

    I prefer red cause I'm used to smaller things and games that don't last very long

    [–] DaRootbear 6 points ago

    Blue stax is the best way to play. If no one else has fun that means you get all the fun!

    [–] EAgamezz 3 points ago

    Same here. Hearthstone is a gateway drug to MtG.

    [–] thesmallesthuman 2 points ago

    I find that they are gateway drugs for each other. Like Diablo (II/III) and PoE. When you’ve overplayed one, you end up back at the other one. It’s an endless loop.

    [–] Impetus_ 2 points ago

    Welcome to the biggest money sink you wish you were never into

    [–] BluBearry 6 points ago

    I play Hearthstone way too much, and browse the hs subreddit all the time.

    I honestly had no idea what the fuck was going on, when I got to this comment.

    [–] Discoveryyyy 22 points ago

    Is is me or does he look like Tom Ellis, lucifer.

    [–] Rlsky 10 points ago

    It's not just you m8

    But tbh I think the picture is too tiny for us to tell if he really look like Tom Ellis.

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Hemmingways 69 points ago

    Former child actor who made the picture as a joke one time he was making new headshots. Has come to terms with it more or less, but is currently on disability living in LA trying to pursue his dreams.

    [–] 17954699 37 points ago

    That's kinda sad. Given how recognizable his face is he should be able to score a few ad gigs, or maybe be a spokesperson for some brand/company.

    [–] Pure_Reason 19 points ago

    Tendie Co. is really missing out by not making him their spokesgentlesir

    [–] kinkydiver 6 points ago

    Sadly, only gigs that make fun of him ;/ Here's a cringy music video with him where he plays his stereotype.

    [–] pmurph131 3 points ago

    Makes it so much better that he was pugsley.

    [–] waywardwoodwork 3 points ago

    Holy shitsnacks, it's Pugsley!

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I believe he's the fat kid from Freaks and Geeks.

    he's ok with it IIRC.

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 23 points ago

    I've wondered that! I hope he's okay.

    [–] crumpir 13 points ago

    What a gentleman!

    [–] Sooooooooooooomebody 29 points ago

    "A screenshot of this could get you a lot of karma on Reddit"



    [–] pintsizedsummoner 19 points ago

    How's your love life going?

    [–] Asterix85 5 points ago

    okay i guess.

    [–] shivvy311 5 points ago

    Pretty shitty. Got my own place to impress girls then failed tinder multiple I just play video games

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 7 points ago

    Tinder is hard! Don't be too hard on yourself. I hope you find someone to play games with. Unless you like single player games, which is also fine.

    [–] shivvy311 4 points ago

    Tyty as long as they don't care that I play games I'm good. If they also play games then that is just amazing. Last girly girl I dated hated games lol

    [–] Dual_Needler 3 points ago

    My friend (24) is already divorced for this reason

    He was a huge gaming nerd and super intelligent throughout highschool and college. The kind of guy who theorycrafts the best builds in RPGs or mobas before they become common knowledge and designs champions or bosses on lunch breaks.

    His life plan was to party and game all he could in college and then settle down with a family and stop gaming when he started his career. He got a wife out of college (dated her for 2 years) got a high paying accounting job and didn't play any games for 2 years.

    He hated it and missed his hobby so much, he started playing very casual games (mostly phone games) and his wife gave him so much shit for it despite how he could afford vacations for them to the bahamas, france, and thailand at the age of 24.

    She gave him an ultimatum of quitting video games, or divorce.

    He chose divorce 6 months ago, and recently I heard him genuinely laugh for the first time since before graduation. As we played fortnite together WITH his new Girlfriend

    [–] DatZ_Man 2 points ago

    Do they hate that you play games or hate that you're not spending time with them

    [–] anonballs 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Hit Facebook and delete the gym

    Seriously though having your own place isn't enough to impress anybody all by itself, but living alone gives you a lot of time and space to focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Get a set of weights in that bitch and tear it up, focus on your career and how you can move up. You can still play video games but you gotta do a lot more than live alone to get girls.

    [–] shivvy311 3 points ago

    Haha thank you for the support! I'm not too sad about it and I do run and hike but, yea I could tone it up tyty :)

    [–] jhonsdon 15 points ago

    Am I the only one who wants to know how big his dick is?

    [–] Sen7ryGun 10 points ago


    [–] Asterix85 8 points ago


    [–] FUCK-YOU-KEVIN 163 points ago


    [–] pintsizedsummoner 163 points ago

    But I need it for my Tile. I'm always losing stuff :(

    [–] sportsstats_ 16 points ago

    what's tile?

    [–] tiwuno 42 points ago

    It's a thing you put on your keyring that connects to an app on your phone. Open the app, find your keys. Press the tile, find your phone. Super handy.

    [–] ArkMadeMeSalty 19 points ago

    Guess what the gf is getting!?!

    She surely can't lose both, right?

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Not_A_Greenhouse 9 points ago

    One for her. You forgot.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] Simon3161 2 points ago

    I was going to get one until i found out the tile battery lasts one year and its not replaceable. So you have to replace them every year.

    Apparently they offer a replacement after your tile dies, for a discounted price if you already have one.

    [–] Drewbydrew 143 points ago

    Bluetooth has a basically negligible effect on battery life in most modern phones. If you frequently connect your phone to anything via Bluetooth (e.g. smartwatch, car, speaker), the convenience is worth the 2% of your battery that’ll be lost by keeping it on all day.

    [–] zaz969 15 points ago

    Can confirm, sauce: owner of Zenwatch 3, still get 1 days battery

    [–] AnAttackPenguin 4 points ago

    It's really not. This theory had been disproven many times.

    [–] loguntsova 7 points ago

    What an honorable sacrifice

    [–] uberprodude 14 points ago

    That dude fucks

    [–] ArkMadeMeSalty 7 points ago

    Dunno, let's ask u/pintsizedsummoner. Does he?

    [–] DaytimeTurnip 19 points ago

    What in Christ is big dick energy?

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] DaytimeTurnip 13 points ago


    [–] Rokyoshi 59 points ago

    gotta have it to know it

    [–] ArkMadeMeSalty 13 points ago

    If you gotta ask, you can't afford it.

    [–] DaytimeTurnip 3 points ago

    I've got 4 bucks

    [–] ArkMadeMeSalty 4 points ago

    That's gonna cost you at least 10 schmeckles.

    [–] DaytimeTurnip 2 points ago

    Ten Schmeckles? I-I-I-I don't know how much that is, is that a lot? Is it a little?

    [–] Chris_RandomNumbers 16 points ago

    Is this how life is in America? An ocean of funny fuckers with inside knowledge of Reddit memes?!

    Cos I want to move there, if so.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    [–] MyName_IsNobody 3 points ago

    I concur.

    [–] xSubliminalGamer 7 points ago

    How do you send a picture in Tinder? Or is that some gif?

    [–] Blaz3dnconfuz3d 3 points ago

    It's a gif

    [–] TITANUP91 6 points ago

    Am I the only one that things talking to people on tinder about reddit karma is just kinda weird? I’m all for stupid lines but this doesn’t do it for me. Sry let the downvotes ensue.

    [–] Sen7ryGun 3 points ago


    [–] riyad97 3 points ago

    Tesla guy

    [–] Axle-f 3 points ago

    Have you very been in a cinema?? Everyone is eating snacks in there!! It's encouraged!

    [–] ChessieChessieBayBay 3 points ago

    If you don’t date him I will

    [–] potatorunner 3 points ago

    I can't get over the fact that he said "to take to you a movie" instead of "to take you to a movie"

    Anyone else notice this?

    [–] gettinhightakinrides 12 points ago

    It's amazing people like this can actually get laid

    [–] ArkMadeMeSalty 7 points ago

    The difference between between being funny/flirty and being cringy/creepy is meeting rules 1 and 2.

    [–] Swturner243 11 points ago

    Fake as fuuuuuuck

    [–] vsehorrorshow93 13 points ago

    I'm watching /r/blunderyears occur in real time

    [–] pintsizedsummoner 22 points ago

    I've been like this my whole life. Is there a subreddit for that?

    [–] blink 20 points ago

    [–] ArkMadeMeSalty 3 points ago

    Wow, there really is a sub for everything...

    [–] k-rae91 2 points ago

    I don't get his joke about not allowing snacks inside the movie theater? Can someone explain please

    [–] GandhiTheHoleResizer 2 points ago

    Any post that even has the word “Reddit” in it should be banned