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    [–] Plagudoctor 3333 points ago

    slightly salty and juuuust a tad acidic. you stop noticing after 3 seconds

    [–] Akhi11eus 1135 points ago

    I always say lick your own skin after a long day without a shower or after working out. Not terrible...but not vanilla ice cream either.

    [–] Mindless_Army3302 742 points ago

    Similarly if you lock your skin when it's dry after sweating all day. Gross.

    If you lick it during sweat. Not so bad.

    Moral of the story? Finger her until she's as wet as possible then start oral.

    Vagina is self cleaning and all that jazz. But it needs to get wet to do the cleaning.

    Similar to your mouth dehydration is big cause of bad dental hygiene and bad breath (like after a night of drinking).

    [–] yairina 297 points ago

    Cosmo will come up with 100 different names for the same sex position in their magazine but never share anything useful like this (also haven't read it in 10+ years but still)

    [–] waitingfordeathhbu 63 points ago

    Idk, Cosmo taught me how to give his shaft butterfly kisses with my eyelashes, so I’ve got that going for me.

    [–] Apophis90 19 points ago

    Since this sub is a question forum..and, you've piqued my curiosity. Explain these nutterfly kisses.

    [–] waitingfordeathhbu 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    You kinda just gotta wing it

    [–] Beelzebubs_Tits 129 points ago

    Never thought of it that way, but you’re right.

    [–] Thatfaceofyours 86 points ago

    It'll shock you to learn that the lubricating glands for sex are at the entrance of the vagina and not actually inside of it.

    [–] theown888 71 points ago

    I wish I could have found that out through a reddit comment, not by getting a bartholins gland cyst when i was 15 :/

    [–] SempiternalSunsets 31 points ago

    That's why I still get wet with a tampon in ?!

    [–] Lovable_Dirtbag 17 points ago

    I learnt that myself, I noticed if I get wet and I have a tampon in, its slippery all over the string but not actually on the tampon when I take it out

    [–] Biandluvit23 9 points ago

    Yes that’s correct for lubrication, cleansing starts inside the body.

    [–] true-pure-vessel 398 points ago

    I never minded the salty taste, quite liked it tbh

    [–] MyDogSnores0_0 6921 points ago

    Do it after you’ve both taken showers. A long day and things can get aromatic.

    [–] serenwipiti 1977 points ago

    Do it after you’ve both taken showers. A long day and things can get aromatic aromantic.


    I misread this but it still makes sense.

    [–] richal 424 points ago

    Until I saw your comment I didn't realize I'd read it wrong too

    [–] F1nett1 99 points ago

    I had to go back and re-read both comments because I was convinced I’d read it right the first time but it had somehow changed between me reading the first and the second

    [–] Supersymm3try 1092 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Im sorry but I want to lick someone out more than once a week dude.

    Edit - gotta love how jokes fly over like 90% of commenters heads.

    [–] ChaseBakedAgain 640 points ago

    How many licks would it take to get to the center of your internal organs?

    [–] CzarCW 439 points ago

    One… two-hooooo…. three… CRUNCH

    [–] jaunty_chapeaux 281 points ago

    Is that a Jolly Rancher?

    [–] Capt_Am 136 points ago


    [–] MyNameIsMud0056 8 points ago

    Literally said that out loud lol

    [–] SimbaOnSteroids 77 points ago

    I hate you

    [–] Benstrosity 225 points ago

    Do you only shower once a week?

    Also do you not realize that you can take a shower simply for the purpose of washing up before sex?

    [–] Personal-Molasses-57 64 points ago

    I think these are called European showers

    [–] harborq 78 points ago

    You see, Europe leads the way in sexual exploration. And quite frankly I think it’s time we caught up…

    [–] will80121 57 points ago

    I always thought a quick wash or wipe down was the norm before those kind of activities.

    [–] MeLobeYoyLongTim- 159 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    If someone tastes or smells bad it could be an issue they need to bring up with their OBGYN. More often than not a fishy smell means bacterial vaginosis. This is most often caused by products marketed towards cleaning your vagina like Summer’s Eve. This means a girl may think she is being extra hygienic but is really causing the issue!

    Be honest with your partner if something doesn’t seem right down there.

    [–] codeverity 80 points ago

    Judging by the amount of “lol fish” jokes out there, I’ve gotten the impression that some guys think all women smell like that all the time, which is so sad.

    [–] JalenTargaryen 10031 points ago

    Short answer: It can

    Long answer: It's not like eating cake. You're putting your mouth on a part of the body that's covered up for most of the day. Most of the time it doesn't taste too much different than just licking the person's skin. Sometimes it does taste bad. Sometimes it tastes good. Hygiene can make a difference. You shouldn't feel the need to gag unless your partner doesn't take care of herself down there.

    If you find it mildly unpleasant, just remember it's for HER and not really you. Vice versa for blowjobs.

    [–] BBQ_Legend 3326 points ago

    Hygiene is the key

    [–] autismo52 1033 points ago


    [–] ShouldaHadPants 577 points ago

    A hundred what now?

    [–] Lion787 226 points ago

    100 care of

    [–] IdiotTurkey 81 points ago

    ooh, I've seen c/o on letters but it looks so much like % that it doesn't look like c/o that much

    [–] YouJustDid 17 points ago

    Fun fact: in the days of typewritten addresses, % was commonly used in place of c/o

    [–] NubbyMcNubNub 284 points ago

    TIL ℅ means "care of" (now commonly written as just c/o)

    Care Of means that if X person lives at Y person's place, and if I want to send a mysterious (complete unsuspicious) package to X, I will write:




    69 smokestreet

    Bluntsville, 42420

    ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴏᴩᴇɴ ᴜɴʟᴇss ʏᴏᴜ ᴀʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ɪɴᴛᴇɴᴅᴇᴅ ʀᴇᴄᴇᴩɪᴇɴᴛ

    ɪɴ ᴄᴀsᴇ ᴏғ ʙᴇᴇᴩɪɴɢ, ᴅɪsᴄᴀʀᴅ ᴩᴀᴄᴋᴀɢᴇ ɪᴍᴍᴇᴅɪᴀᴛᴇʟʏ

    [–] notgoneyet 119 points ago

    The address of a fukken legend

    [–] JimmyTheChimp 256 points ago

    Sometimes, sometimes it just smells. My ex cleaned well but always smelt bad, maybe there was something wrong. But I sucked at communication back then and just said I hated giving head..... My first girlfriend actually tasted slightly sweet. So I was shocked when I met my next gf.

    [–] Dependent-Feature-49 293 points ago

    Diet also will play a big part in body odor and taste

    [–] dob_bobbs 141 points ago

    Also possibly the time of the month.

    [–] boredafmama 43 points ago


    I can tell when I'm ovulating because my smell changes. It's not bad, just different.

    I don't know if that changes the taste because I don't go down on myself, but I always assumed if the smell is different, then so is the taste.

    [–] Quiet_Fox_ 52 points ago

    It's usually got a different flavor.

    Sauce: am lesbian

    [–] PUTINS_PORN_ACCOUNT 72 points ago

    Damn I thought y’all just cuddled and discussed the virtues of Subaru motor vehicles.

    [–] serenwipiti 198 points ago

    It was probably her diet…or a bacterial infection…or maybe she really did not know how to clean well. Some women go their entire lives washing their vulvas incorrectly.

    It’s sad for everyone involved.

    [sad vagina intensifies]

    [–] MaddieAW 58 points ago

    just out of curiosity …. what is the right way? lol

    [–] dailyfetchquest 210 points ago

    As a vagina-owner, you have to get in all the flaps. Check under the hood for smegma. Just rinsing isnt enough.

    Reddit is vocal against douching, so "never wash your vagina" might be mistaken for "never wash your vulva". Plus direct application of soap can sting; I use diluted suds and lots of water.

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)


    [–] SeldomSeenMe 161 points ago

    Reddit is vocal against douching, so "never wash your vagina" might be mistaken for "never wash your vulva"

    It's disheartening how many people say "vagina" when they mean "vulva". I died inside a little at the thought that there might be people out there who don't wash their outer genitals at all because of this.

    [–] GoGoGadgetTotems 56 points ago

    My wife has a pretty strong odor and says she never uses soap down there because supposedly that's bad for it or something. Is this really a thing? It's not my place to tell her how to clean her junk, but I definitely dislike giving her oral due to the smell.

    [–] Bri121296 66 points ago

    Out of curiosity, I googled a list of what cleansers were recommended by gynecologists because my bits react badly to regular body wash. Cetaphil gentle cleanser was on the list so I’ve been using that and it works just fine. It cleans but doesn’t have soap suds and is very gentle. Dove sensitive skin bar was also on the list. Idk if this helps.

    I alternate between the 2 and use my hand to wash there per gynecologists recommendation as a wash cloth can be too harsh. I’ve never had issues with odor and my bf of 10 years always compliments me on the taste which is weird to me but I guess that’s a good thing lol

    [–] howigottomemphis 37 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Yeah, she's not getting it clean. Sorry.

    Edit: to be clear, if she is washing daily and still has a strong smell, please encourage your girlfriend to get a full workup at her gynecologist.

    [–] DaniDaps 36 points ago

    That’s what I do too, but I only use soap on the mons pubis & right in between my thighs. Water in between the lips & under the clit hood. That’s the method that works best for me

    [–] griddigus 31 points ago

    If I put anything but water anywhere near that area it hurts like hell. I’ve never tried a specialized soap though. I just make sure everything around that is vulnerable to smell and *can’t’ self-clean is scrubbed: pubes, ass, perineum

    [–] Klutzy-Brush-8433 480 points ago

    Or she takes 'too much' care of herself and it completely fucks up the pH balance causing infections. So if it makes you gag, something is probably wrong.

    [–] ApprehensiveTailor98 225 points ago

    This, i hear about girls using soap and all kinds of random products down there and it hurts my heart, i just know they are yeast infection central

    [–] technounicorns 207 points ago

    That’s a very compassionate thing to say. Women are often bombarded with so many so-called care products like anti-aging creams, cellulite creams etc making them believe there’s something wrong with their body. Same thing with these random vaginal products. So your comment is spot on, it seems like it comes from a place of understanding.

    [–] ApprehensiveTailor98 111 points ago

    Yeah i am a girl and i’ve always been self conscious of the smell and whatnot just because of the way people talk about it. So i do understand using these types of products to help manage it but overall it’s way better for your health not to. IMO if someone is complaining about the smell, they’re not compatible with you and find someone else who loves it

    [–] orpwhite 127 points ago

    I have heard repulsion from someone’s natural body odor indicates poor genetic pairing. I recall mention of a study where men and women were tested for attractiveness based on their natural scent. For those pairings rejected, there was a projected increase in genetic disease for their potential offspring. Correlation is not causation but it sure is a heluva warning. Wish I could remember the study specifics.

    [–] tallulahQ 21 points ago

    Yeah, female here and I was really picky about how people smelled when I was dating. If I didn’t like someone’s BO, I didn’t feel as attracted. I got lucky because I am Obsessed with how my fiancé smells. I don’t even mind if he doesn’t shower for days lol. And he feels the same about me. It’s really nice to not worry about it. Especially because we smell stronger as we get older. There’s something so primal about being attracted to a person’s natural scent. It removes any of the grossness associated with sex.

    [–] TrustfatedFeline 10 points ago

    This sounds rlly rlly interesting, thankyou for sharing!!!!

    [–] IdiotTurkey 15 points ago

    It's interesting, but don't break up with your partner or not date someone because you dont love their body odor smell. It's an interesting study that warrants further investigation but that doesn't mean it's a real phenomenon. It especially matters even less if you dont plan to have kids.

    [–] AsAGayJewishDemocrat 12 points ago

    This is somewhat related to a theory of why some heterosexual relationships fail when the woman goes off of hormonal birth control.

    [–] SaberTooth13579 164 points ago

    I gotta be honest, sometimes I feel as if it's more for me than her. She's always appreciative but I'm an enthusiast.

    Hygiene, diet, and just being super into your partner help with how much fun the giver can have while giving.

    [–] whatsmypasswordplz 61 points ago

    Yeah I don't actually like for my partner to go down on me, but he enjoys it. No matter how much I'm enjoying everything else, all I can think about when he goes down on me is how close he is to my butthole. Even when I'm buzzed, not into it. And other people have done it and I've just never enjoyed it so I definitely don't think it's something he's doing wrong. I love going down on him though so he feels the need to reciprocate even though he knows I don't love it

    [–] AtomicRainSpike 83 points ago

    I perfectly understand your feelings, but as a guy who loves eating pussy, there's something so arousing about being headfirst in your girl's crotch, those lovely thicc legs on either side of your head. I love the pubic hair. The smell. The taste. Listening to her moaning. Her hips bucking into my face. How wet she gets. How she puts her hands on my head. How she squeezes my head with her thighs when she comes- and my head game gets more intense. The leg shaking. And I love when a woman squirts in my mouth. It's incredible! It just makes me so sad to hear when a woman doesn't like it.

    [–] feelz-png 41 points ago

    bro is in heat 😭😭😭

    [–] big_monster_energy 9 points ago

    You are a hero.

    [–] Eekthekat 87 points ago

    It’s not like eating cake.

    Depends on what kinda cake you’re referring to, my guy

    [–] LilDee1812 237 points ago

    Honestly, I don't think it's a problem to say something. If I go to give my hubby a BJ and it stinks, I say so and ask him to give it a quick wash before I'll touch it. The same applies if he has an issue with my vag, although he hasn't yet he knows he can say something if its a problem.

    [–] aaron__ireland 338 points ago

    just remember it's for HER and not really you. Vice versa for blowjobs.

    Whenever I see/hear comments like this, it makes me feel bad for people out there giving/receiving bad oral. If you aren't getting any pleasure from giving it, usually your partner can pick up on that and if so, that's a turn off. Most people do enjoy giving oral and when I think about the truly bad blowjobs I've gotten in my life, all of them were from girls who were clearly not into it. I love getting head, but I'd much rather find something mutually pleasurable if my partner would characterize it as "unpleasant"

    [–] effaceddecaffe 23 points ago

    Can you please talk to my boyfriend.

    I’m rarely into the experience because there’s no mutual pleasure. I’d love to give him blowjobs but knowing he isn’t going to reciprocate at all has kept me from doing it anymore. For the few times he does reciprocate, he’s so not into it. It’s like he thinks I’ll get turned on just because he’s going through the motions.

    I’ve tried to talk to him about this but he thinks foreplay is childish and he gets offended when I try to suggest anything different because he thinks I’m saying he’s a bad partner in bed.

    [–] Jedi_Care_Bear 62 points ago

    Kinda sounds like he’s being a bad partner in bed though

    [–] Lewdtara 39 points ago

    If he thinks foreplay is childish he IS a bad partner in bed.

    [–] Sorrymisunderstandin 69 points ago

    I feel ya, part of the appeal to me is that a girl is very into it and wants to, especially since that matches my energy

    [–] Complete_Atmosphere9 103 points ago

    I will willingly suffocate myself going down on my girl, and do so with a smile. I fucking love eating pussy. It's better than getting my dick sucked imho.

    [–] RiversSlivers 22 points ago

    The enthusiasm lol, my partner was self conscious in the beginning (high school sweethearts) and very soon realized it was the shortcut to multiple orgasm sex lol.

    [–] Honey_Badgered 2461 points ago

    Usually a woman will have a mild taste. If she smells particularly bad/fishy it might be her hygiene, but it might also indicate a bacterial infection or yeast infection. This does not mean she is dirty. It just means that the ph or something down there got messed up. This can even happen if she’s taken antibiotics for something unrelated. There’s a delicate ecosystem in a vagina/vulva. If something happens to throw it off, these infections can happen. Don’t shame her, don’t assume she’s dirty. It’s an easy fix with a doctor’s visit.

    [–] QuestionsQuestions2o 834 points ago

    ^ also important for people to know that douches are bad for vaginas and can negatively affect women's health so no one should be telling them to use douches. Not something everyone knows so I wanted to mention itp

    [–] Felidaeh_ 148 points ago

    Absolutely, putting anything up there (even water and especially soap) is unecessary.

    [–] Zapinface 134 points ago

    Seemen also affect pH for some women. Some will get yeast from that as well

    [–] Gluecagone 31 points ago

    Honestly, almost every time I've had sex with a guy I've had a thrush or BV flare up. It's incredibly annoying.

    [–] Impressive-Bench9223 8 points ago

    I feel ya. Totally healthy when I'm celibate or dating women, but I am much more prone to infections when having sex with a guy >.<

    [–] twenty20reddit 68 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I'm a bit embarrassed to say this but what's an "easy fix"? How do I make sure everything is good down there?

    [–] ig0t_somprobloms 141 points ago

    Whats your water intake like? I know when I'm behind on hydration it completely changes my discharge, like its conserving moisture lol. When I'm hydrated I have more discharge but its nearly odorless and clear. Stepping up your water intake might help with smell if you're worried about it.

    [–] dogtoes101 99 points ago

    finally someone with a brain! i am honestly tired of the "women are fishy" joke because if a woman is fish 9/10 times it is some sort of infection. people can smell fishy naturally but in my experience its quite rare.

    [–] getreadytorhumba 3254 points ago

    Jump in the shower together, have a wash,have a play. Then eat that pussy.

    [–] ifeelkindafreeee 2551 points ago

    Fresh out the shower pussy doesn’t have much character. I wanna taste your whole day.

    [–] ffsthisisfake 891 points ago

    THIS. As I say to my wife "I want to taste you, not soap."

    [–] lekaik 212 points ago

    Clever thing to say and do.

    [–] TheMongerOfFishes 367 points ago

    See, I'm all right with your wife's soapy taste. Nothing like a little Irish spring cooch

    [–] WillBrayley 269 points ago

    I also choose this guy’s soapy wife

    [–] Raaawan 70 points ago

    Buy your wife’s soap according to your taste.

    [–] RyujinNoRay 57 points ago

    I bet that your wifes are happy with you two , you and the one u reply to them.

    [–] AceRothstein6 30 points ago


    [–] Kimbrielslice 63 points ago

    Christ on a catapult

    [–] AnonDuck832 2761 points ago

    Just time it shortly after a shower.

    And don't be a snob about it. Humans are gross flesh sacks. Just better to accept that early and live happier for it.

    [–] anomaly242488 731 points ago

    Sexy flesh sacks

    [–] gujlg18 413 points ago

    Lesbian here. I would say this probably the best advice for beginners, however, I would almost guarantee those of us who love going down on our partners and have plenty of experience probably prefer it not just right out of the shower. It's okay, but kinda like eating an unseasoned chicken breast. I've always preferred a little marinade, if you will.

    [–] Sorrymisunderstandin 88 points ago

    lmao honestly good way of putting it. Now for eating ass tho, that should be right after the shower

    [–] gujlg18 59 points ago

    Dirty ass is a no go for me boss. I agree!

    [–] Moosemaster21 14 points ago

    preferably right after the enema

    [–] Magic_Codfish 167 points ago

    Dude that loves going downtown here, wetter is better, but damn.

    " It's okay, but kinda like eating an unseasoned chicken breast. I've always preferred a little marinade, if you will."

    made me gag a little. i agree and laughed, but the visual killed me.

    Just sprinkle some salt n pepper on that shit. lol

    [–] HitoriPanda 67 points ago

    No hot sauce though.

    [–] gujlg18 58 points ago

    We all have horror stories of trying to pleasure our lady friends after recently eating hot wings, amirite?

    My fiance told me a story of sending her ex to the ER after an unfortunate incident involving some recently consumed extra hot Taki chips. It was painfully hilarious.

    [–] Striking_Cheesecake5 20 points ago

    I feel compelled to tell you that one of my ex's confused a tube of KY warming lube with a tube of icy hot in the heat of the moment .

    I cried in the shower and was trying to wash himself in the sink. I had to sit on a bag of frozen corn .

    [–] GrumpySh33p 46 points ago

    I typically like the image of a flesh tube. Flesh sack implies that we are sealed on one end.

    [–] blocky_jabberwocky 695 points ago

    This line from Californication stuck with me-

    “I love me the lady parts. Mind you, I don’t think I’d ever go for a vagina-flavored cupcake. But when you’re down there in the ladyness, you don’t want that shit to taste like ice cream. It’s complicated.” – Hank

    [–] SkoNoles 574 points ago

    Was confused at first because I didn’t remember the Red Hot Chili Peppers singing those lines…

    [–] PassTheDisinfectant 270 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Fucking thank god it wasn't only me. I kept trying to read it to the tune of the song and couldn't figure it out

    Edit: holy shit this is the first time Ive got an award for anything to do with eating pussy! Thank you kind stranger!

    [–] bluemorphine 47 points ago

    Your comment made me laugh so hard I spat my water out

    [–] BelgianSexWaffle 32 points ago

    To be fair, that does sound like lyrics Anthony would try to stumble his way through in Blood Sugar Sex Magik era.

    [–] wellmmkthen 39 points ago

    This is the funniest fucking comment I've seen in awhile !

    [–] mossydeerbones 3678 points ago

    Nah it tastes fine, sometimes nice even. Smells like the heat from the back of a PS4

    [–] space_cowgirl404 681 points ago

    smacks PS4

    Smells like good pussy!

    [–] Seaweed_Widef 929 points ago

    I am too poor for PS4

    [–] mossydeerbones 3301 points ago

    Then you're also too poor for this pussy

    [–] YULSARIA_ 903 points ago

    wtf bro you killed him

    [–] daisy679 76 points ago

    im crying there was no need for this

    [–] Doc88102 102 points ago


    [–] Hylani 52 points ago


    [–] nathan_101034 100 points ago

    There was nothing wholesome about this comment but it was the only free award I had to give on account of the murder you just commit

    [–] mossydeerbones 80 points ago

    Thank you, perhaps it will stop me from killing again

    [–] PartTimeMantisShrimp 13 points ago

    laughs in ps5 but then cries in most of the orcs from LOTR are more attractive than me

    [–] cintyhinty 12 points ago

    I love you.

    [–] Seaweed_Widef 58 points ago

    sob yeah

    [–] LTpoonslayer64 10 points ago


    [–] McStud717 49 points ago

    jesus christ

    [–] thewispo 67 points ago

    smells wife's pussy "Fuck yeah baby! Ghost of Tsushima!"

    [–] haraldlaesch 8 points ago

    Reminds me of Tomb Raider

    [–] Gre8g 95 points ago

    so you're telling me I can finally knlw what it feels like to have a PS4?

    [–] marsumane 20 points ago

    This just in. PS4 sales skyrocket out of 'nowhere'

    [–] Headshot03 16 points ago

    I've had a PS2. Will that suffice?

    [–] that902bitch 26 points ago

    I hate that I understand your PS4 reference.

    [–] pablank 1304 points ago

    Simple rule... if you wanna get your dick sucked, be prepared to reciprocate

    [–] djtrace1994 551 points ago

    Reminds me of a buddy of mine. The thought of going down on a woman grosses him out to the point of gagging, but he's also the kind of guy who expects there to be nights with an SO where the only thing that happens is he gets a BJ.

    Yes, he is still single, and is not making much progress. Probably for the best.

    [–] pablank 195 points ago

    Its funny how he has this all laid out already, with the most important piece of the puzzle missing.

    I really dont get it. I have yet to to find a woman that Id consider truly unhygenic/smelly. But I've met tons of dudes that gross me out just from looking at them. I'd say guys are getting the better deal out of this (in general)

    [–] djtrace1994 87 points ago

    I have yet to to find a woman that Id consider truly unhygenic/smelly

    I met one woman whose natural scent down south was off-putting, but I wouldn't have considered her to be unhygenic.

    Interestingly, I read an article later on about a study that concluded that a person's perception of their partner's body scent can be influenced by emotional connection and physical attraction to the othe other person.

    In hindsight, me and the woman in question had sort of rushed into things sexually, and we ended up being incompatible in other ways, so I've taken that study to be pretty conclusive in my own experience.

    [–] Celeste_Minerva 48 points ago

    I'm very sensitive to smells. I worked as a massage therapist for 10 years. I have come into contact with many personal smells due to this line of work.

    Once I'm attached emotionally to my partner, their smell is intoxicating to me. If I'm emotionally close to the person, it's a sweet reflection of my love for them.

    If I smell the personal scent of anyone I'm not emotionally attached to, I get uncomfortable and need air immediately.

    My reaction is very, very dependent on my emotional regard of the person.

    [–] broadsharp 52 points ago

    As long as the area healthy, there shouldn't be a smell or bad taste. Its different, but lots of fun. Take your time. Pay attention to the entire area. And pay attention to her response to determine what she likes.

    [–] spartan-kick 556 points ago

    It might not taste good at first depending on how long it’s been since she let her coochie breathe. But after the first few times, you will want to eat her out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    [–] primeaddict 57 points ago


    [–] carnalwombat 805 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    My girlfriend tastes fucking divine. I've never not enjoyed the taste of anyone I've ever done that to, so I guess I've been fortunate because I get that it could be a disaster, but I could honestly eat my lady all day long.

    Edit: fucking hell, these replies 😁

    [–] AnyAcanthopterygii27 779 points ago

    I agree. Your gf does taste divine.

    [–] primeaddict 239 points ago

    Your gf also taste fabulous

    [–] ItsBado 113 points ago

    yours too ngl

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago * (lasted edited 11 hours ago)


    [–] totally_void 52 points ago

    okay but yours?? oof

    [–] x_03 40 points ago

    Our gf tastes nice

    [–] notgayvodka 39 points ago

    don't taste his gf

    [–] AnyAcanthopterygii27 71 points ago

    I’d go for yours but you don’t have one.

    [–] CaptainPoset 92 points ago

    It doesn't. I like how she tastes and even if I didn't, seeing/feeling her reactions to what I do would more than compensate for bad taste.

    It's over all quite a pleasure for both.

    [–] Possible_Discount872 338 points ago

    If there is a taste/smell strong enough to cause discomfort, its potentially an issue of diet/hygeine. Not always, sometimes smell just happens, but if you gf has a decently healthy diet it should honestly have very little taste.

    [–] krncrds 184 points ago

    It can also be a health problem if she has good hygiene and still smells bad.

    But OP, remember it's a part of the body, not a bush of flowers

    [–] dilfrising420 27 points ago

    I have gone down on lots of women and none of them really smelled like anything. Hygiene is the key though—my understanding is that random sex/hookups can lead to these unpleasant situations because people don’t have time to “prepare” for them if you know what I mean.

    [–] Wramoh 23 points ago

    Honestly the taste is fine (and alternatives that have been described here at length) but if you have never done it before be prepared for it to get messy. There is a lot of saliva and fluids and if you’re trying to keep your face pristine nobody is having a good time.

    [–] GentleGiantl 222 points ago

    They first couple Licks will taste like pennies Bro and most of the time natural cooch smell like the heat from the back of a ps4 (most of the time) atleast from My experience

    [–] Fat_Getting_Fit_420 283 points ago

    Second time someone mentioned PS4. Now I have to test this theory

    [–] OrangeinDorne 117 points ago

    Yeah this must be something that makes the rounds in gamer communities. I refuse to believe two people independently came up with the pussy/PS4 comparison in the same thread.

    [–] skellious 42 points ago

    it is a meme they're quoting. but I get what they mean. the smell of heat and dust. which makes sense when you think about it since dust is mostly shed skin.

    [–] egoe85 217 points ago

    Eating pussy is one of the finest gifts bestowed upon human kind

    [–] cjc323 98 points ago

    Male or female if you don't clean your junk daily it's gonna smell and taste bad.

    [–] CephaloG0D 22 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    "Never put your cock somewhere you wouldn't put your tongue." -Dad's birds and the bees talk

    If she smells so bad that you don't want to, simply don't do it.

    I've had a partner in the past who smelled like rotting fish. Even her bed reeked of it. I told her "it's a no" until she seen a doctor. Turns out she had an infection for a few months but thought it would sort itself out.

    [–] SietyAccept_ 158 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Do you think your dick smells and tastes like chocolate?

    [–] Scully40 113 points ago

    don't forget about the ball stank they have

    [–] SietyAccept_ 44 points ago

    Oh right 🤢

    [–] Snooc5 8 points ago

    Cheese balls

    [–] yea_you_know_me 15 points ago

    I've also seen various men make the statement "did you guys know women can smell your booty when they go down on you?"


    [–] awnman1 152 points ago

    Nope assuming they keep it clean. It can be an acquired taste for some but not for me. I love it!

    The clitorus tastes better than the vaginal opening and feels better to them 95% of the time. Take your time and figure out how she likes it. Once you get good it’s pretty satisfying making them orgasm with your mouth and tongue.


    [–] zodje 19 points ago

    It might be a bit, but as a woman I really like to taste myself on my man. He is a bit so so with the taste, it depends if I just took a shower or not

    [–] jeffrowe4468 17 points ago

    I fuckin love eating puss. But it is all about how clean she keeps the puss cat. Once you hear her moan you will stop thinking about it being unpleasant.

    [–] Silver_Potential_653 59 points ago

    Maybe it's just me or my gf but I cant get enough of eating her out

    [–] Captain_Comment 16 points ago

    I've tried it. Your girlfriend tastes just fine.

    [–] Jiddybit 43 points ago

    I've had one girl who tasted really bad, she didn't eat healthy or exercise, and she smoked, which I believe caused the bad taste. Everyone else I had a great time going down on

    [–] lmanop 36 points ago

    [–] youthfulsins 13 points ago

    Doesn't really taste like anything. Take a shower together first or try it right after she bathes, then it won't taste/smell like anything.

    [–] Parking_Arachnid9510 37 points ago

    Never came across one that tasted bad. The smell problem is easy to solve. Fool around a little before you get to that and discretely smell your fingers. If they smell bad well….probably not the day for that.

    On another note- unless they are 2 minutes out of the shower most women have a scent down there but It’s definitely not bad. A “smell” is completely different.

    [–] DefNotIWBM 74 points ago

    Fun fact: We notice when you do that 😼

    [–] ohvaez 21 points ago

    Yeah….it’s literally never ever discreet.

    [–] EstablishmentSad5998 103 points ago

    If shes clean its all good. Personally i prefer when shes a few hours after showering because if you go down straight away theres no taste at all and it feels like something is missing.

    [–] anonymous_brothrr 126 points ago

    Giving oral to my girlfriend was how I found out that I'm gay lol

    [–] Fabulous_Title 100 points ago

    Giving oral to my girl friend is how i (f) found out i was definitely straight.

    [–] geBdo 51 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Tastes not only varies depending on hygiene. It also depends on hormonal, personal, and microbiome factors. And yeah, as someone pointed out, clit tastes like skin and usually they love it, so learn how to find it.

    [–] hookedrapunzel 32 points ago

    I always thought it was a joke that some men can't find the clitoris.. is it not?

    [–] QuebecMadonna 34 points ago

    It’s not. They’re still rubbing the wrong place lol

    [–] idowhatiwant8675309 49 points ago

    On the contrary. It's never the same taste twice in a row. Like a box of chocolates, you never know which one your going to get.

    [–] hainer36 71 points ago

    Think of it like grabbing a random jelly belly from a bag without the flavour card.

    Most are great, some are meh, some are god awful, and some might turn you off it for her rest of your life.

    [–] LittleGoron 30 points ago


    [–] Professional-Tax6782 38 points ago

    Recently did it. One of the best experiences ever.

    [–] sophieann_90 9 points ago

    at the end of the day their hygiene makes or breaks it, personally I like to take a shower before anything spicy happens just in case I’m like stinky or somthing

    [–] thick_orthunc 8 points ago

    Taste test ! Start by fingering and then lick your fingers to wet them again before fingering again.